Two Boys in Diapers

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Two Boys in Diapers

2008-05-17 18:00:41

Chapter 1 -- Revelation

Troy and Billy were two "normal" 12 year old boys who had been friends since the 4th grade. They went to the same school, played on the same little league baseball team, and spent just about all their free time together. They did have some other friends, but it would be fair to say that each of them would call the other their best friend.

Troy lived about two blocks away from Billy, and Troy's Mom was so friendly and loving, that it was just natural that Billy spent most of the time at Troy's house. It was not that Billy's Mom was mean or anything, it was just that she was not nearly as warm and friendly as Troy's Mom.

At this time, the boys at school were starting to have sleepovers which seemed like a cool thing to do. So Billy asked Troy if he wanted to sleep over at his house one weekend. Troy sort of hemmed and hawed, and said maybe some other time. Billy said OK, but was saddened that his best friend did not want to sleep over. Billy wished that Troy might ask him to sleep over, but the invitation was never forthcoming. After repeated invites and polite but shy refusals, Billy decided it was time to find out why Troy did not want to sleep over.

"How come you don't want to sleep over at my house, Troy?" asked Billy.

"I dunno, just that....., ummm.... I dunno..." responded Troy.

"Well, there's gotta be a reason!" insisted Billy.

"But if I told you, you probably wouldn't want to play with me again...." said Troy with almost tears in his eyes.

"You're crazy, Troy," said Billy, "You are the coolest kid in school as far as I'm concerned -- You know that!"

"Let's just skip it," replied Troy.

"No, I'm not!" said Billy, as he wrestled Troy to the ground playfully -- "I'm going beat you out of it!" (both boys laughing)

They wrestled and laughed for a couple of minutes until each of them was covered with dust. Troy laughed so hard that he failed to notice that he peed his pants a little.

Billy noticed the crotch of Troy's jeans as they got up, and asked "Did you pee yourself, Troy?"

Troy looked at his pants and said "Oh, No!"

He started crying and ran home.

Billy stared in wonder as his friend ran home, not knowing what to think or do. He certainly didn't want to embarrass Troy or make him feel bad, so he went home and called Troy on the telephone.

Troy's mother told Billy that Troy wasn't feeling well and didn't want to come to the phone. Billy asked Troy's mother what was wrong and tried to explain what had happened outside, and that he was really sad that Troy was upset and asked what he could do to make it better.

Troy's Mom explained to Billy that every now and then Troy would have wetting accidents and became very embarrassed about them. She explained that in a couple of days, he would get over it and Billy and Troy would continue to be good friends if he wanted that. Billy told Troy's Mom that he wanted that more than anything else.

Troy's Mom went into his room and tried to console her son. She told him about Billy's phone call and that Billy very much wanted to make things right between them. She told Troy that she had told Billy about some wetting accidents and that he would get extremely embarrassed about them.

"Did you also tell him I wet the bed at night?" said Troy with tears in his eyes.

"No, I didn't tell him that, but I don't think that would make much of a difference with Billy, judging from the conversation I had with him. I think, though, that you should tell him. If he doesn't like it, then he isn't that great of a friend, but I think he would understand. Sometimes, with good friends, you just have to be honest".

Troy thought about it for awhile, and then called Billy on the phone. He said "I am sorry for running away today, I was just so embarrassed by peeing my pants. I want to tell you something, but I don't want to do it on the phone. Can you come over to my house?"

"Sure," replied Billy, "I'll be right over - don't worry about you wetting your pants, heck, that has happened to me especially when Dad starts tickling me". He was a little sorry he added that last part, thinking Troy might think him some kind of freak, but what the heck, it was Troy that peed his pants this time.

So off Billy trotted to Troy's house, feeling a little better now that there had been some reconciliation.

"So what's so important, Troy?" asked Billy, trying to be very cheerful.

Then Troy in very slow tones started to tell Billy the whole story. "You see, when you asked me over to your house for a sleep over, it wasn't that I didn't want to come. I like to be with you all the time. It's just that......It's just that.... Well sometimes, I sometimes have accidents in bed , and you know, like wetting accidents. And that's why I never said yes to come over to your house, and that's why I never invited you over to my house for a sleep over, too. I thought you would think that I was some kind of creep or nerd or a baby, and wouldn't want to play with me anymore." Tears once more began to come into Troy' eyes as he waited expectedly for Billy's response.

"Oh, you're just being dumb, thinking that way - heck I told you I sometimes peed myself, too. No big deal. But I gotta know -- What does your Mom think when you wet the bed at night -- Does she, you know, does she punish you or something, or make you wash the sheets ? " asked Billy now very curious about the whole thing.

"Well, I haven't been exactly totally and completely truthful to you Billy. Actually, it is a rare night that I don't wet the bed, so Mom a long time ago put an end to messy sheets and pj's. I'm going to come out with the whole truth and if you don't like it, so there -- I HAVE TO WEAR DIAPERS AND RUBBER PANTS TO BED EVERY NIGHT!" And the tears started again.

Billy didn't respond all at once. He just stared a little in amazement, but quickly composed himself and said "That's OK, I understand, that's no big deal either. I heard lots of kids wet the bed at night, that's why they have pull -ups, and disposable diapers". He started visualizing Troy in diapers and how it would look, and just blurted out "I think you would look really cute in diapers," and as he said it, he blushed crimson red and wished he had kept that thought to himself.

Troy's tears began to dry and said "You mean you don't care that I have to wear diapers at night?".

"Of course not!, Sometimes I wish I could just pee at night and not have to get up and go to the bathroom myself". Again Billy had wished he kept that thought to himself.

"Well, then, I think you would look cute in diapers yourself," laughed Troy, "and it might just be arranged .... " (teasingly).

Billy then had a picture in his mind of himself wearing diapers, and it was a nice and enjoyable thought.

"Now that we have got that out of the way," continued Billy, "How about you coming over to my house tonight for a sleep over. My folks would never know about your diapers. You can bring them in your overnight bag with your pj's and nobody would know the difference. You could put them on in the bathroom so no one would see them". Having said this he realized two things. One, he actually did want to see Troy in his diapers, and Two, he wondered whether it was possible for someone to diaper himself or did he have to have someone else do the job. So he blurted out again, "Oh, I forgot, can you diaper yourself, or does your Mom have to do it?"

Troy laughed and said, "Yeah I can do it myself, but most nights, my Mom likes to do it, and she puts me to bed like she did when I was a baby. She says it makes her feel like a proud mommy all over again, so I let her do it". Privately he thought to himself, and I like it too, but didn't want to tell Billy that fact.

"So, it's a done deal, you're coming over to my house tonight," said Billy.

"Well, that's OK with me, but really, I would like the first time to be at my house if that's OK with you. I would really feel less self conscious about that, and then next time I would go over to your house. OK?" replied Troy

"Swell, your house it is and tonight!" smiled Billy

As Billy left Troy's house, he felt very good, and was really looking forward to spending the night at Troy's house, cause he really liked Troy's Mom, and now even more, since she would diaper Troy each night and not get mad. He didn't think his own Mom would be quite that nice. He secretly hoped he could see Troy in his diapers, but if Troy didn't want that, he would understand, but hoped that maybe he could see the diapers and rubber pants that Troy used. Then he did a strange thing. He felt the need to go to the bathroom, but he stopped just in front of his house, looked around to see if anybody was around outside, and seeing no one, he starting wetting his pants. The pee ran down his legs and felt warm and wonderful. He ran into the house, ran upstairs, took off his wet clothes and put them in the washer. Then he lay down in his bed and started thinking about all that had happened that afternoon.


Chapter 2 -- Diapered


That night, Billy arrived right after dinner, and the two boys played some video games and watched TV as if nothing had happened that afternoon. Both boys wanted to discuss it some more, but neither one had the guts to bring it up. At ten o'clock Troy's Mom came into the TV room with some cake and milk and told the boys it was time to make ready for bed. They could get ready, brush their teeth, and then it would be OK if they wanted to talk in bed. Billy thought how really nice Troy's Mom was. She even took Troy aside and even though she didn't tell anyone, Billy knew that she was putting Troy into diapers and wished somehow he would have been able to see it. He also wished he could tell Troy how he peed his pants on purpose that afternoon, but decided that wasn't really a good idea.

When the boys were in their pajamas and in bed, Troy's Mom came in and said it would be alright if they wanted to talk for about an hour and she would come in later to turn out the lights if they happened to fall asleep before then. Billy couldn't wait to start the conversation.

"Troy, you got your diapers on?" , asked Billy.

"Yeah," responded Troy, still a bit shy about the whole thing.

"You know, Troy, what I did this afternoon after coming from your house?" it was going to come out, he couldn't keep it in.

"What?" inquired Troy.

"I peed my pants," said Billy.

"WHAT!?, WHY?!" a shocked Troy said, "Did you do it on purpose, or did it just happen?"

"Maybe a little of both. Somehow what happened this afternoon really excited me, I don't know why. I guess I was just relieved to know you would still be my friend," said Billy.

"Don't be silly," said Troy, "I will always be your friend, no matter what, and I can't tell you how relieved I was when you said you didn't care whether I wore diapers or not at night, and that I was a bed wetter".

"Well, to tell you the truth, I'm sort of glad you have to wear diapers, oh, I'm sorry that it causes you embarrassment and all that, but somehow it makes me feel , uh....., uh...., a lot closer to you, like we are even better friends than before." the now embarrassed Billy said.

"Me too, Billy" , replied Troy, "I got the same feeling, this is one of the best days ever for me. I hated keeping this secret from you, cause you are my bestest friend ever, but I sure hope you don't tell anybody else.".

"Don't be silly, do you think I am a fool, I would never tell anything like that about you." replied Billy.

"Thanks, I didn't think you would, but I'm glad to hear it anyway." said Troy.

"Hey Troy, it might seem very strange to you, but I would like for you to do me a favor, OK?" asked Billy.

"Sure, anything, what do you want?," asked Troy.

"I would sure like to see the diapers and rubber pants in ;your dresser. I almost peeked in there when your Mom, you know, was fixing you up." asked Billy.

Troy laughed, "You mean when she was diapering me, don't you? Of course you can look in my dresser, but that means you are a deeb like me".

At that, both boys laughed and Billy got out of bed and came over to Troy's bed and started wrestling. "You want me to wet my pants again, huh Billy?" asked Troy.

"Well, what are diapers for, anyway,?" answered Billy. As they were wrestling, Billy felt and heard the rustling of the rubber pants under Billy's pajamas, and wished for a moment that he could be diapered and pantied like his friend. "I wouldn't know if you wet your pants or not, when you have a diaper on." he continued.

"You could tell if you wanted to," said Troy.

"How?" responded Billy, "Don't the diapers keep you dry outside?"

"Yeah, but ...." started Troy, and then Troy took Billy's hand with one hand and with the other he stretched the rubber pants and put Billy's hand on the now wet diaper. "See, you did make me wet again when we wrestled and laughed".

Billy was really shocked and quickly withdrew his hand after he felt the wet diaper on Troy.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Billy. I don't know why I did that. It was stupid of me, I got caught up in the playing I guess, It won't happen again, I'm really sorry." said Troy thinking that he really messed things up.

Billy was immediately sorry that he withdrew his hand so quickly, so now he took his hand and pulled down Troy's pj's and pulled the rubber pants back and placed his other hand firmly on the wet diaper of Troy's, and kept it there. "Yep, you sure did wet the diaper, diaper boy, and I wish I had wet my pants and have your momma have to diaper me too -- there I said it," said Billy, almost immediately wishing he hadn't. This time he slowly withdrew his hand, just in time, because inside Troy's diaper, his penis started to harden, and he didn't want Billy to feel that.

Just then, Troy's mamma came in the room. "What's all this commotion about, you guys. I said you could talk, but it sounded like you are fighting. Tell me you aren't fighting, and why are you in Troy's bed, Billy?" she asked the boys.

"Shucks Mom, we was only wrestling and having some fun, I didn't mean to disturb you, I guess it got a little out of hand," said Troy to his Mom.

Troy's Mom smiled and said, "That's OK, boys, but it is time for bed now, you guys be quiet and go to sleep. I wouldn't want Billy's mother to be angry with me cause he didn't get enough sleep.".

"OK, Mom, thanks." replied Troy.

"Thank you, Mrs. O'Brien." added Billy.

With that, Billy climbed back into his own bed, Troy's mom turned out the light, and closed the door.

Nothing much was said that night, but as the boys were settling in for the night, they both thought about the strange but wonderful events of that day. As Billy drifted off to sleep, his hand cupped his underpants underneath the pj's, and he felt himself get hard. He couldn't help himself, but he continued rubbing his penis through the underpants as quietly as he could without Troy knowing, until at last, relief came, and he felt totally relaxed and sleepy, but not understanding why his underpants now felt wet and sticky. But he was too tired to worry about it, and he drifted off to sleep.


Chapter 3 - Experimenting


The next time the boys met, a strange thing happened. Neither one mentioned the happenings of the last meeting, although each could hardly think of anything else. They went to little league practice as if nothing of import had occurred, and ;they talked and played baseball just like it was any other day. But, of course, both knew, deep inside, that something of marvel had occurred, and neither would ever be quite the same as before.

The next weekend, Billy told Troy it was his turn to come over and sleep at his house. Troy say it would be OK. Billy wished his mom would be as friendly as Troy's mom, but still she allowed sleepovers and wasn't entirely too strict, although he imagined she would have a heart attack if she found both boys in the same bed as did Troy's mom. He would just have to be careful and not too noisy.

Actually, Billy's mom called Troy's mom and asked her if it would be alright if Troy came over for dinner as well as the sleep over. Billy was almost shocked but very pleased. Billy's mom had ordered out for pizza and cokes, and she was very pleasant with Troy. She was very pleased that Billy's best friend was Troy, because Troy was very polite and a good influence. It was just that she had trouble sharing her emotions with other people which sometimes made her appear cold. Troy's mom had told her about the bedwetting and that Troy had to wear a diaper to bed, but that didn't seem to upset Billy's mom especially when she heard that Billy was OK with it. Sometimes kids can be kind of vicious with somebody that was different and she was happy that Billy wasn't one of that kind. Perhaps that is why she appeared extra friendly with Troy that night. She even asked him if he needed any help getting ready for bed, and Troy said, "No thanks, Mrs. Murphy, I think I can handle everything, but thanks anyway.".

That night, as the boys were lying in bed, getting ready to go to sleep, after a heavy dose of video games and some TV, and after some small talk, Billy started to mention what had been on his mind all week. "Troy, do you mind if I tell you something that's got me worried".

"Sure, Billy, you don't need to ask anything like that," replied Troy.

Then sometimes stuttering, with lots of pauses, and uhs, Billy related what had happened last week after the lights were out. He explained how his "peepee" got very hard, and he started to rub it, and pretty soon he couldn't stop, until he let out a stream of stuff into his underpants. He told Troy it was a lot like peeing your pants, but a whole lot different. First of all, it wasn't all that much, and second of all, it felt entirely wonderful, better than any feeling he had ever had, and after wards, his peepee got soft, and he got very tired and fell asleep. The next day, he was afraid he had broken something, and he was too nervous to tell anybody about it, but he couldn't keep it inside any longer; he just had to tell somebody.

Troy laughed, "Wow!, you never hear of jerking off?" he asked.

"Jerking off, no, what's that?" remarked Billy, but already feeling reassured that nothing bad had happened from the sound of Troy's voice.

"Remember last week, when you put your hand inside my rubber pants and felt my wet diaper ?" asked Troy.

"Yeah," answered Billy, somewhat shyly.

"Well, right after you removed your hand, my pee pee got very stiff. That happens a lot when you play with yourself, too. It must happen to you." said Troy.

"Yeah, it happens a lot, but I didn't know why," answered Billy.

"It gots lots to do with sex. You know how the other guys are always talking about girls and their pussies and having sex with them, of course they're bragging and they would wet their pants if any girl volunteered sex, but that's how a lot of guys are. In fact that's why I like you so much. You're honest and don't brag a lot about things," explained Troy.

Troy continued, "I have done exactly what you did and got the same results. Mom never found out, cause usually my diapers are wet in the morning and all the evidence has been washed out" (giggles from both the boys).

"Anyway, I don't do it much, cause I'm not too sure it's a good idea, but when I get real horny, it gives me some relief," said Troy.

"What's horny?" asked Billy, starting to feel really uncomfortable.

Troy didn't really have a good explanation for that, but he tried to describe it as getting all excited, not being able to sleep and thinking about naked girls or boys, or just thinking that you got to do something or go crazy.

"In fact, this talking has got me really horny right now," said Troy.

"I think I am too," said Billy, although not too sure.

"But I think we had better get to sleep now," said Troy, "I wouldn't want your mom to catch us doing anything wrong".

"OK, Troy, but I got another favor to ask of you before we go to sleep," asked Billy.

"I told you, you don't have to ask, anything at all buddy," replied Troy.

"OK, the next time I have a sleep over at your house, could you put a diaper on me, or teach me how to put one on myself," Billy sheepishly asked Troy, then immediately regretted it, but only for a second.

"Sure thing, I would like to put you in a diaper. I told you before, I think, you would look mighty cute in a diaper, but you got to promise me one thing," replied Troy.

"What's that?" said Billy.

"You got to promise me that you will use them, that is, you got to pee in them before you get out of bed," said Troy.

"Wow, I think that would be fun," said Billy, "but what will your momma think when she sees two wet diapers and rubber pants in the laundry?" a curious Billy asked.

"She won't think anything. Heck a lot of nights I wet two diapers. If one gets too wet and uncomfortable, and I can't get back to sleep, I will change my diapers and rubber pants. So you see, you can't get out of it, you got to wear diapers the next time you sleep over at my house" said Troy, and with that both boys drifted off to dream land.

Although Billy was very tired, he couldn't help but think about next weekend and he would be getting diapered by his best friend Troy. During the next week he had trouble of thinking about anything else, and he tried very hard not to "jerk off" as Troy had said, but he was fairly sure that the next time would not be far off.


Chapter 4 -- Betrayal


While Billy spent much of the week, anticipating Troy's diapering of himself, and not thinking of much else, Troy was having some misgivings about the whole thing. He had never lied to his Mother, and although this wasn't exactly a lie, he knew his mother might not approve, heck probably wouldn't approve. He didn't like to keep secrets from his mother also, so he decided to tell her about Billy's request to be diapered.

Troy's Mom was surprised when he told her about Billy, but tried not to show any shock or disapproval. However, she told Troy that she didn't think it was a good idea, because that would be deceiving Billy's Mom. She should know what Billy wanted and suggested that she would call Billy's Mom and let her know what the boys planned to do. Troy told his Mom that if she did that, Billy would never forgive him; it was like betraying a confidence. But since Troy knew that if his mother did not call, then he would either being disobeying his mom by diapering Billy, or disappointing Billy by reneging on the promise. Troy did not know how to resolve the dilemma, so he told his mom to call Billy's mom and see if she could get permission to have Billy diapered without Billy knowing his mom knew. Their little secret was getting very complicated.

So the phone call was made, and after Billy's Mom recovered from the shock of what her son wanted to do, or rather be done to, she made inquiries of Troy's Mom of what she thought. Troy's Mom did explain about Troy's bed wetting and why he had to wear diapers to bed, the stuff that started the whole situation.

"I don't think it is a good idea for Troy to put diapers on Billy, Mrs. Murphy," she said, "but I also think that it would be wrong to dampen Billy's curiosity. I think once he tried the diapers, he might decide that it isn't that much fun, while on the other hand, if you forbid it, it might always remain on his mind, cause frustration, and even perhaps some behind the back activities and experimentation, which you wouldn't want. Why don't we both think about it, and you get back to me later."

That sounded like a good idea to Billy's Mom, but she called Billy's pediatrician to make sure that if she went along with the idea, it wouldn't have any harmful effects like producing incontinence, or inhibit natural maturity or sexuality. The pediatrician had been very helpful, explaining how kids like to experiment with various things, and he had known other kids who had diaper fetishes and attractions with no harmful side effects. However, he also disapproved of Troy being the one to put the diapers on Billy, and he suggested that either she or Troy's mom do the job. Somewhat relieved, but still confused and shocked, she called Troy's mom and told her what the doctor had said. "I would be happy to put the diapers on Billy next weekend, Mrs. Murphy. Let's not worry too much about something that could be nothing at all," Troy's Mom, trying to put Billy's mom at ease.

"OK, if that's ok with you, my how hard it is to raise kids these days and know always what the right thing to do is," sighed Billy's Mom.

All seemed to be going well, until Troy told Billy that he had told his mom about Billy's request.

"YOU WHAT?!!!!" exclaimed Billy, "I....I hate you, you betrayed me," as he slammed down the phone, ran to his room, jumped on the bed, put his face down to the pillow and cried, thinking his whole world was coming to an end. He would never forgive Troy for this betrayal.

Billy never came out of his room even when his mom called him down to dinner. So she went up to his room and knocked on the door.

"Go away," said Billy from inside.

"Billy, I just want to talk with you. I guess you know that I talked with Troy's Mom, and you are mad at Troy for telling his Mom. Well, you know he did the right thing, and I wish that you would confide in me like Troy does to his mom. I would never get mad at you, and I love you so much. I guess I don't always say that often enough, but I wish I did, and it is so true how much I love you, and what you have always meant to me. I don't pretend I understand this fascination about diapers, but I have no objection to you wanting to try it. I could even help you by teaching you how to fold and put on diapers yourself, or I would be willing to do the diapering myself, if that's what you want, or Troy's mom said she would be willing to do it when you go over there next weekend. I only want you to be happy. I would rather that Troy not diaper you like you asked, and I'm not sure exactly why, but I would rather Mrs. O'Brien do it, if you wouldn't mind." explained Billy's Mom through the closed door.

Billy got off the bed, opened the door, wrapped his arms around his mom's waist, hugging her and sobbing, put his head against her breast. She patted his back and said everything would be ok. She suggested he call Troy right away and tell him he was sorry that he got mad at him. So that is exactly what Billy did.

"Troy, I am sorry I got mad. I understand why you told your mom, and I shouldn't have tried to do it behind your and my mother's back," sobbed Billy on the phone.

"No problem, Billy. I would have gotten just as mad if the roles were reversed, I understand exactly how you felt. I was in a bit of a struggle myself wondering what was the right thing to do -- being faithful to you by deceiving my mom and your mom, or being loyal to my mom and betraying you. Sometimes it just ain't fair to put such burdens on a kid," said Troy.

With that, both kids starting laughing. "Why, you're a philosopher, too," exclaimed Billy, " although I guess a diapered philosopher is kind of rare."

Friendship restored, both boys could hardly wait for the next weekend sleep over. When the time came, Billy was both excited and nervous, and he almost backed out when it became time for the boys to be prepared for bed. He wanted to watch Troy being diapered, but his mom did it in private while he was brushing his teeth. He was just as glad that Troy wasn't going to see him diapered, because he was very self conscious about being naked in front of him, even though he had seen him naked in the showers after a baseball game, but that was different.

Troy's Mom told Troy to go brush his teeth while she was preparing Billy for bedtime. She decided to make the moment as special for Billy as she could, so she did everything very gently and slowly for Billy's benefit. She removed his clothes, folded them neatly on a chair and then asked him to remove his underpants and to lay down on the top of the bed where she had put two clean white diapers. Troy did as he was told. Then she sprinkled liberally Johnson's baby powder over the entire diaper area. She pulled the diapers through his crotch, and fitting them snugly pinned the diapers in place. Then she took a pair of rubber pants and put his feet through the holes. Not wanting Billy to feel entirely like a baby, she told him that he could pull the pants up over the diapers so that they wouldn't leak. She told him that he didn't have to use the diapers, but that it would be ok if he wanted to. Then she pulled the covers back, and tucked in bed. When Troy returned from brushing his teeth, she tucked him in also, and left the room.

"Well, how did it go?" asked Troy inquisitively.

"It was so cool, and the diapers seem so nice," replied Billy, "I feel so safe and secure, and warm and comfortable".

"I know," responded Troy, "When I first had to wear diapers, I told my mom that I was not a baby, and I hated it when she made me wear them. But gradually, I got to like them, and sometimes when I don't wet the bed in my sleep, if I wake up and my diapers are dry, I will wet them intentionally, just to make sure I can keep my diapers. And sometimes, I will wear diapers during the day, like when we are going on a trip or I'm going to the movies, just so I don't have to run to a bathroom every time I feel the urge to pee. My mom knows, and she thinks it is a good idea. The doctor once told her it is not good to hold your pee too long, and I got a confession to make to you too. It gives me a good feeling to pee into my diaper. Sometimes I wish I could wear them all the time, but I don't guess that would be too cool either."

"Troy?" said Billy.

"What?" replied Troy.

"Are your diapers wet?" asked Billy.

"No, are yours?" Troy's question.

"I dunno, why don't you find out like I did to you the other weekend," Billy said with a reddened face, hoping he hadn't pushed the friendship too far.

"OK, but we got to be real quiet." responded Troy, " I don't want my mom to hear us." as he got out of bed and went over to Billy's bed and lay down beside him. "Lets each of us check the other's diapers," he added boldly.

So each boy put his hand underneath the other's rubber pants and over the diapers.

And predictably, each boy's penis started to harden under its diaper restraint.

Billy could feel the warmth of Troy's body next to his and his excitement grew as he started to fondle the outside of Troy's diaper. Troy began to do likewise. Although the excitement and arousal were high, both boys instinctively took their time, but nature prevailed and soon each experienced climax.

Billy breathing hard but now relaxed, "Troy you were dry when I first checked, but now I think you are a little wet."

"Look who's talking, diaper buddy," laughed Troy.

Feeling a little guilty, but not knowing exactly why, Troy got out of Billy's bed and returned to his own.

Billy relaxed and then wet his diaper completely, then fell asleep.

Troy couldn't get to sleep immediately, thinking about what had happened between them, and thought that maybe it wasn't that great an idea, but was very, very confused. Eventually, however, drowsiness overtook him, and he fell asleep.

After that weekend, the boys had more sleepovers, and sometimes they would have some petting sessions that ended up in mutual masturbation, but not always. Gradually, as with happens with many 12 year old boys, their interests soon changed directions, and the sleepovers happened less frequently, until by age 13, they were non existent. Both boys remained friends for a very long time, and never discussed the diapers and petting afterwards.

Strangely as time wore on, Troy's need for diapers at night diminished until he was completely potty trained, and he never wore diapers again. Billy, on the other hand, never lost his fascination with diapers and always had some disposables on hand, and would wear them when he was sure he wouldn't be discovered.

The end.

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