To Thy Own Self Be True

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To Thy Own Self Be True

2008-05-17 18:00:41

Author: Jacabcd

The following story is a purely fictional account of a young man and his family dealing the issue of diaper wearing. The story contains explicit descriptions of a pre-adolescent boy becoming aware of his own sexually through wearing a diaper. If such a story offends you, then please don’t read it!

Author’s Note: It’s amazing how a story can come to life and take on a pulse and a heartbeat all its own! When beginning this story I never intended to deal with the sexual side of diaper wearing. But as I was writing the story it’s as if young David Carpenter came to life and I just started following him around and writing about what he was doing and how he was feeling about it. He started doing things that I never intended for him to do! I would very much appreciate feedback on this story, especially in regards to the sexual feelings that young David develops for diapers.

Chapter 1 - In The Beginning There Was Bedwetting

By all outward appearances David Carpenter appeared to be a happy and well adjusted 12 year-old. It was therefore very confusing to his parents, Edward and Sonia, when he suddenly began wetting the bed. At first these nighttime accidents were few and far between, once every two or three weeks. But then they began to happen more often with less time in between. Soon David was wetting the bed at least once a week. His parents decided to take their only child into the doctor for a checkup to see if there was anything wrong with their young son or if there was any type of medication available to help him with his “accidents”. Doctor Harris ran a series of tests and told David and his parents that it takes approximately two weeks to get the results of all the tests back. They set up an appointment to come back in two weeks. In the meantime David’s accidents became even more regular, he was now wetting the bed every 2 or 3 nights.

On the day of their appointment to review the results of David’s tests, Monday, Sonia picked David up from school and they met Edward at Doctor Harris’ office. Unbeknownst to his parents David was secretly hoping that Doctor Harris would recommend diapers to make life easier for everyone involved. He had even practiced in his mind how he would complain and protest over having to wear diapers again. He didn’t want his mother and father thinking that he was some sort of weird-o that would enjoy wearing diapers. Doctor Harris broke the news that the tests didn’t show anything wrong with David. Edward and Sonia were a little shocked and very confused; David played along and acted shocked as well. The doctor went on to explain that sometimes when young people are entering into puberty that the different parts of their bodies don’t always mature at the same rate and that this can sometimes cause nighttime wetting. The doctor talked a little more and Edward and Sonia asked a few questions as well. Doctor Harris then said that he would like to talk to Edward and Sonia alone and asked David if he could wait for them in the waiting room. As he left the doctor’s office and returned to the waiting room, David wondered if Doctor Harris might possibly suggest the use of diapers to his parents.

When they were alone, Doctor Harris said that there were a couple of other things that might be causing David’s recent nighttime accidents. He first of all mentioned that stress could cause bed-wetting. Both Edward and Sonia said that they were not aware of any problems with David and they didn’t think he was having any problems at school with any of his teachers or fellow students. Doctor Harris mentioned how that a young boy entering puberty might not want to tell his parents about his problems, that he may want to be a “man” and handle his problems himself.

Doctor Harris then took a long pause and slowly said: “There is something else that may be causing your son’s bed-wetting.” Edward and Sonia were very attentive as the doctor struggled to find the right words to use. He continued on: “There are some people who ahhh enjoy wearing diapers and being treated like a baby.”

Edward and Sonia were in shock! “Wh-What do you mean?” Edward asked in complete puzzlement.

Doctor Harris answered: “Well there are people who feel safe and secure in a diaper. I guess they want to go back to the carefree time of when they were young children or even babies when there weren’t any demands placed on them and they didn’t have to worry about disappointing anybody. Quite often this becomes manifest right at the onset of adolescence when young ones don’t know what to expect from their body and they just want things to stay the same. I guess it can be kind of an ‘Afraid to grow up’ syndrome.“

Edward and his wife were still in a complete state of shock. They were hearing the doctor’s words but they weren’t sinking in. Again Edward struggled and managed to ask: “Wh-What can we do about that?”

Doctor Harris replied: “Well first of all try to determine if David has any type of secret diaper desires. Look on the computer under the history of web sites visited and see if your son has been visiting any web sites that might deal with diapers and diaper wearing.” The doctor concluded that if David was interested in wearing a diaper, that it was not the end of the world and there were plenty of other things that were far worse.

Edward and Sonia thanked the doctor for all of his help as they left his office. They retrieved David from the waiting room and drove home. It was a long silent ride home. David was wondering what the doctor had told his parents and Edward and Sonia were trying to absorb what the doctor had told them about the possibility that their son might have a secret diaper fantasy.

As soon as they got home, Edward went to David’s room and turned on his computer and looked at the history of the web sites that his son had been visiting. Sure enough, just as Doctor Harris had said, there was a long list of diaper related web sites in the history folder. Edward flew into a rage, he turned off the computer and unplugged everything and proceeded to take the computer out of David’s room. When David asked what was going on, his father had to fight hard to restrain himself from cussing out his young son, although a few curse words did slip out. “You God D-D-Damn pervert!” his father said, “you’ve been wetting your bed and ruining your pajamas and the sheets and the blankets and the mattress just because you want to wear a God Damn diaper and act like a stinking baby. And we just spent hundreds of dollars on you, having you tested because we thought there was something wrong with you physically, only to find out that the only thing wrong with you is that you’re a doggone freakin’ PERVERT!”

David was crushed! His father’s anger cut him to the bone. Why hadn’t he erased the history file on his computer? And why did he have these stupid feelings and desires to wear a diaper any way? He didn’t want these desires and swore to himself that he would never again think about diapers. He was already in tears when his father told him that he would be grounded for a month, maybe longer. But he didn’t care about that, after all, he deserved to be punished, and he didn’t care if he was ever allowed to leave his bedroom again for the rest of his life.

Chapter 2 - A Decent Proposal

Things were very quiet and uncomfortable around the Carpenter house for the next several days. When the weekend rolled around a little voice inside Edward’s head told him that this matter of diaper wearing was not over and that he was going to have to face it and deal with it. Therefore, Friday night after David had gone to bed, Edward fixed himself a strong drink and hooked up David’s computer and began visiting the web sites in the history folder. That night Edward learned all about infantilism, adult babies, Diaper Lovers and the rest. He spent over 3 hours on the Internet that night doing research. What he was most interested in were the true personal accounts of individuals who were now adult babies and diaper lovers. There were several things that impressed him that night. The first thing was that people who have secret diaper fantasies do not even understand themselves WHY they have such a strong desire to wear diapers and most of them feel very guilty about their unusual desires. He was also surprised in the sheer number of diaper related sites that were out there on the Internet; this was something that affected thousands upon thousands of people. He also found it interesting to learn that most adult babies / diaper lovers became interested in diapers in early adolescence and even in pre-adolescence. And finally he was very impressed that almost every single diaper lover account mentioned how they were good students, got along with other people, did not get involved with drug or alcohol abuse, did not get into trouble with the law or with gangs, they were model students and citizens, they just had an overwhelming desire to wear a diaper and / or be treated like a baby.

Edward wondered to himself if it was possible to overcome infantilism, so he typed “overcoming infantilism” into the Google search engine and the second link it came up with took him to “The Infantilist’s Support Network Home Page” ( He was very surprised to learn that this web site was started by a person who himself was trying to overcome infantilism and instead of stopping his infantile behavior he was forced to come to terms with his own infantilism and had learn how to deal with it the best way he could so that it would not interfere with his life. And then under the “Balancers and Naturals” link he read about those who try to stop their infantile behavior, what the web site called “Full-Stoppers”. He stopped dead in his tracks when he read: “considering the fact that there are not yet any recorded examples of any truly successful Recovering infantilists, most Full-Stoppers today are reluctantly forced to Balance their infantilistic desires”. He began to realize that this “problem” was much bigger and more deeply rooted than he ever imagined that it could be.

By the time he was done with his “research” Edward’s head was spinning. He was more confused now then ever on how to deal with his son’s sudden interest in wearing diapers. He made himself another strong drink and set up for another two hours thinking about how he was going to handle this situation with his 12 year-old son.

The next day after Edward woke up (around noon!), he went into David’s room to talk to him. He first of all apologized to David for flying off of the handle when he first learned of his son’s secret diaper desires. David was in shock! He couldn’t believe that his father was apologizing to him, when he was the one that had the perverted desires.

Edward then explained how he had done extensive research on the Internet and how he now realizes that David had little or no control over his desires and that his unusual desires were every bit as confusing to his son as they were to him. Again David could not believe his ears. His father actually understood what he was going through!

His father went on and said how he had seen that those who are diaper lovers and adult babies were usually good students and didn’t get into any trouble and that wearing a diaper really didn’t hurt anybody else, that it was something that he would just have to get use to. David’s heart began to race. Was his father going to allow him to wear a diaper? A million thoughts raced through his mind as he imagined himself walking around the house wearing a diaper and sleeping in a nice thick, soft, warm diaper.

Edward took a long deep breath before continuing on. He then said: “What I found to be the most depressing about those who want to wear diapers is the deep guilt they feel about themselves and their diaper wearing. Most people sneak around and hide who they are and cover up their diaper desires as if they are deeply ashamed of themselves and their desires. Again he took a deep breath before continuing, “Therefore, if you want to wear a diaper, so be it. BUT, you are not just going to wear a diaper and act like a baby here at home when nobody else is around. If you are in fact a diaper lover slash pre-teen baby, then that’s what you are and there isn’t any reason to feel ashamed about that. And that means that you will wear a diaper and act like a baby around others. To Thy Own Self Be True!”

Again, Edward paused to let his words sink in. By now David’s head was spinning out of control. He very much wanted to experience what it would feel like to wear a diaper. But at the same time, the very thought of others actually SEEING him in a diaper and dressed up like a baby was overwhelming to him. He would rather die a thousand deaths then to be laughed at and ridiculed.

His father could see the confused look on his son’s face and he could only imagine the conflicts that were going on inside David’s young mind. Edward explained that his intention was not to deliberately embarrass or humiliate his son, but rather he did not want David living a lie and pretending to be something that he was not, while hiding who he really was. He also did not want David to go through life carrying a burden of guilt and shame over his unusual desires, desires that he had little or no control over.

In fact Edward had a couple of other thoughts in mind behind his offer. First of all, he was halfway hoping that “the cost of wearing a diaper” would outweigh the benefits. In other words, that David would be more concerned with other would think of him that he would opt not to wear a diaper, but the decision would be his. He was also concerned that David’s desire to wear a diaper may just be a passing fancy; that his diaper fantasies may only be caused by a mild curiosity. However, having others see him in a diaper would demonstrate that he was indeed a true infantilist, not just curious about what it would feel like to wear a diaper.

Edward again paused before continuing on. “If you do agree to my terms that you must wear diapers around others, we will go slow and gradual as far as who we will expose your deep dark secrets to. We’ll start out with just older people, people that do not have any children and we will let you pick who we invite over to the house to see you in your diaper.” Edward then summarized the offer that was on the table. He would allow David to wear a diaper and to dress up like a baby and to act like a baby, but he would have to allow others to see him that way. He concluded by telling David that he did not have to make the decision right then and there and that he should take some time to think about it and make sure that he was comfortable with his decision and that he was prepared to face the results that may come from his decision.

Edward then hugged his son and told him that he loved him very much and that he would respect his decision however he made it. After his father had left his room, David’s mind raced the rest of the day. He first of all imagined how great and wonderful it would be to be able to wear a diaper and to act like a baby. But then he also thought about how embarrassing it would be for others to find out about his unusual desires and fantasies.

Chapter 3 - The Ground Rules

David lay awake most of the night Saturday night contemplating his father’s offer to allow him to wear diapers. The thought of others seeing him in a diaper would cause immense embarrassment, but he still could not stop thinking how great and wonderful it would be to be able to wear a thick, soft diaper. In the end his desire to wear a diaper won out over the possible embarrassment that might follow. The next morning after breakfast David informed his parents of his decision.

His father first of all said that he was not surprised by his decision, that it was the decision he thought that David was going to make. And then Edward said: “Before we get started let’s lay down the ground rules. First, you may use your allowance and we will help you pay for your diapers and accessories, but YOU are the one that is going to have to go into the store and buy the diapers YOURSELF!” Edward again explained that his purpose was not to cause needless embarrassment for his son, but rather to help David to take responsibility for himself, and, to get use to others knowing about his diaper wearing.

His father continued: “There’s no reason to feel ashamed! When you buy diapers you should hold your head up high and have the attitude ‘Yeah, I like to wear diapers. So What?!? What’s it to you? I’m not hurting anyone!’” Edward also mentioned how David could possibly help the many other people out there who have secret diaper desires and fantasies to “come out of the closet” and overcome their own shame and guilt.

David’s head was still spinning when his father laid down the next ground rule. “You’re an under aged minor, if myself or your mother or anybody else changed your diaper, others might think that there was some sort of sexual abuse going on, or that somebody was gaining some sort of sexual gratification from changing your diaper. Therefore, you alone will diaper yourself, and you will change your own diaper.” This was a fair enough request and David readily agreed to this.

His father then continued on: “Next, your right to wear a diaper must not impose on my rights or your mother’s rights to live in a clean and odor free house. If you are going to mess in your diaper, Please stay in your room and do not come out until you have changed out of the dirty diaper, and please take any dirty diapers out of the house immediately and throw them away in the trashcans outside. Also, we don’t want the whole house smelling like pee either, so please be cognizant of our feelings and rights and keep yourself and your diapers clean and odor free.” Again this was a reasonable request that David agreed to.

“Last but not least” his father next said, “You need to keep up with your school work and keep your grades up. If we notice that your diaper wearing interferes with your school work or if your grades go down, then we will take the diapers and other accessories away from you.” This was also reasonable and agreeable to David.

His father then said that that would cover the ground rules “for now”, and that they would try it out and if need be they might need to lay down some additional ground rules in the future. Edward told his son to go upstairs and change and that after Sonia had cleaned up the kitchen and everybody had gotten ready that they would go shopping with him for some diapers. David quickly ran to his room and changed as fast as he could and was sitting on the couch watching TV when his parents finished getting ready.

A Shopping We Will Go

On their way to the Drug Store David could hardly contain his excitement. He couldn’t wait until he could experience first hand what it would feel like wear a diaper. At the Drug Store, David and his parents were a bit surprised by all of the different brands and styles of adult diapers. David first of all decided that he would prefer the fitted brief style since it most resembled baby diapers. Next was the decision of which brand to choose, there were the brand names, Attends and Depends, and there was the generic store brand. Sonia mentioned that she always prefers to use name brand products first and then she has something to gauge and compare the generic brand against. Therefore, they decided to go with the Depends brand. Finally there was the decision to be made as to the size. According to the package a small would fit David, but just barely, but a medium seemed to be too large. And then Edward mentioned that the bigger the diaper the more it would hold. That did it! Bigger was definitely better in this situation. David picked up the package of Depends Medium fitted briefs and Edward gave him a $20 bill to pay with. At this point David’s heart began racing a hundred miles an hour. Could he face the cashier? Was there anybody in the store that might recognize him? He wasn’t sure if he could go through with it or not. He was shaking and his knees were wobbling as he and his parents walked to the front of the store.

At the checkout there was one person ahead of them, an older woman. She turned around and looked at them and smiled when they walked up. As she was turning back around her eye caught the package of Depends. She stopped and did a double take, first looking at the package of diapers to make sure that she saw what she thought she had seen. Next she looked at David with a very puzzled look in her eye. David turned beet red with embarrassment and the woman quickly turned away. David thought he was going to die! His father patted him on the shoulder and gently rubbed his neck to assure him that everything would be all right.

When they got to the cashier, she also did a double take when she saw the package of Depends. She was dying to make a comment about the diapers, but she could see the embarrassment on David’s face, so she just rang up the sale and announced the total. David reached out with his trembling hand and gave the cashier the $20 bill. At this point Edward stepped forward and accepted the change as he could see this was turning into a very traumatic experience for his son. As the cashier put the diapers into a plastic bag, Edward became concerned how this might appear to the cashier. That she might wonder to herself if David was being punished for wetting the bed or if he and Sonia were the type of parents that would use diapers to discipline and punish their children. Therefore, when the cashier handed him the shopping bag, Edward simply stated: “I told him that if he wants to wear diapers that he would have to buy them himself.” The cashier looked a little puzzled, but she accepted Edward’s explanation, although deep down inside she had a thousand questions that she would love to ask.

David was never so relieved to leave a store. In the car his heart was still pounding inside of him and his face was flush from all of the excitement caused by the whole experience. Edward tried to console his son by telling him that the first time is always the hardest, and that the next time he would have to buy diapers that it would be much easier and that it would get easier and easier each time after that. David began to calm down, and as he did, he realized that he was now sitting next to a package of diapers and he was just minutes away from being able to experience first hand what it would feel like to have a soft, warm, bulky diaper caress his skin. His heart began to speed up, but now for a different reason. He also felt himself becoming excited sexually in anticipation of what laid ahead for him that afternoon.

David was so lost in his daydreams of diaper wearing that he did not notice that his parents did not go straight home. It wasn’t until they pulled into the Wal-Mart parking lot that he snapped out of it. He just figured that his parents had some shopping to do before they went home. However, once inside the store, David’s parents went straight to the baby section. They first grabbed some baby oil and some baby powder and put these items into the shopping basket. Then they asked David if he would like anything else while they were there, such as a pacifier, or a bottle, maybe a bib; that sort of thing. David was surprised and embarrassed by his parents question and very sheepishly nodded his head. They went to the baby bottle section and David picked out a baby bottle. They did the same thing with a bib, a pacifier and a “sippy” cup. They also picked up a couple of jars of baby food and a diaper “pail”. The diaper pail was just a basic plastic trashcan with a lid, however, in the lid there was a holder to put a deodorizer in. As they were walking past the baby clothing, David stopped for a moment to admire the many cute outfits and wondered to himself what it would be like to wear some of those outfits, if only they came in bigger sizes.

Before leaving the store, David and Sonia went by the house wares section and picked up several plug-in style deodorizers. When they got to the cashier, Edward went ahead and paid to give David a break. However, at this point David was not as embarrassed as he was at the Drug Store. He doubted that anyone would ever connect all of the baby items with him.

On the way home David could hardly contain his excitement as his diaper / baby fantasy was coming closer and closer to becoming a reality. This caused a real conflict for his parents however. On the one hand they were glad to see their son so happy and so excited, but on the other hand, they did not understand how on earth wearing a diaper could possibly be so exciting and thrilling. They also wondered to themselves if they were doing the right thing by allowing their son to live out his diaper fantasies. Were they sending him down a path that they or David would regret later on in life? Would this come back to haunt them later?

Chapter 4 - The Moment of Truth

As soon as they got home, David ran to his room with his most prized possession in the world— a bag of diapers. He ripped the bag open with so much force that most of the diapers went flying across the room and landed on the floor. David picked up one of the diapers and rubbed his hand over the smooth plastic backing. He began opening up the diaper to spread it out when the smell of the diaper overcame him. He stopped and placed the diaper up to his nose and took a big whiff. It had the sweetest aroma that he had ever smelled in his life. He briefly paused; he was completely lost in a moment of pure delight. Quickly recovering his composure, he continued on with the task at hand. The young man spread out the diaper, and after locating the plastic tapes on the back of the diaper, carefully positioned the diaper on his bed. He then hurriedly got undressed with shoes, socks, shirt and pants flying across the room and landing who knows where. He removed his underwear and laid down on the bed, on top of the diaper. He could not contain his sexual excitement as he pulled the diaper up between his legs and brought it into position. David then remembered the baby oil and baby powder that were still downstairs with his parents. That would have to wait until next time, he was far too eager to feel the soft diaper against his skin to stop now. David fumbled with the tapes at first. He taped up the diaper and then removed the tapes and refashioned them two or three times until the diaper felt right. All the while he was getting more and more excited by the second. He had never been this excited in his entire life. He was afraid that his poor little penis was going explode!

After he got all of the tapes on the diaper fastened properly, David closed his eyes. He was in complete ecstasy! He wished that this moment could last forever. As he lay on his bed enjoying wearing a diaper for the first time since he was a baby, David began to wonder to himself how he looked in a diaper. He then stood up and walked over to his mirror and examined his reflection in the mirror. At this point in time all the young man had on was a diaper and a T-Shirt. David examined himself from all angles; front, back, side, over and over again not quite sure what to make of what he saw there in the mirror. For the most part he enjoyed looking like a baby and feeling like a baby, but he couldn’t help thinking about what others might think if they saw him dressed like this.

Meet The Parents

The young adolescent knew that he was going to have to face his parents sooner or later in his diaper, but he was not prepared for that right now. Instead he first set out to clean up his now very messy room. He picked all of the diapers up off of the floor and did the best he could to put them back into the plastic bag that he had torn to shreds. He then picked up his clothes and folded them and put them away. After he had finished cleaning his room, David again walked over to the mirror and examined his appearance one more time. He then walked over to the door and taking a deep breath and slowly opened the door and very sheepishly walked through. When he got into the hallway he could hear his parents downstairs. The young boy slowly walked down the hall and down the stairs. When he was about halfway down the stairs his mother noticed him and smiled and asked him how his diaper fit. She tried to act like this was a normal everyday event. But her question still caused her young son to blush. He hung his head down and mumbled that it fit fine.

Sonia then encouraged David to come on down so they could go show his father what he looked like in a diaper. David began walking slowly down the rest of the stairs. He was wondering to himself how his father would react. Would he be disappointed that his only son was acting like some sort of big baby? When he got to the bottom of the stairs, Sonia put her arm around her timid son and told him that he looked very cute and that he didn’t have any reason to be embarrassed. The two then walked into the living room where Edward was watching Television. He looked up when they walked in and smiled at David. Edward then stood up and asked David to come over to him so he could get a closer look. The young boy reluctantly complied with his father’s wishes.

After looking him up one side and down the other, Edward was at a loss for words and could only manage to say: “Well, that’s not a look you see everyday!”

David first of all blushed and then he smiled at his father’s comment. Next David thanked his father for buying him the diapers and allowing him to wear them. Edward said that he was welcomed and then the two embraced. David hugged his father tightly as he fought to hold back tears. They were tears of joy mixed with tears of sadness because he knew that his father did not understand how important wearing a diaper was to him. David was also sad because he knew that his diaper wearing was a source of shame and humiliation for his father as well. You don’t run around telling the neighbors and all your friends: “Hey! Guess What? My son wears diapers!” And the fact that his father was willing to put himself through all of this on his son’s behalf made David love him and appreciate him all the more so.

Edward hugged his son and patted him on the back and even managed to clumsily pat him on the back of his diaper as well. After they finished hugging the two of them stood there in awkward silence, neither knowing what to say. Sonia broke the silence by asking David if he was thirsty, if he wanted anything to drink. David nodded his head and mumbled: “Yeah, I guess so.”

Sonia then held up the baby bottle and the sippy cup and asked: “Bottle or Sippy Cup?”

David smiled and then sheepishly said: “Bottle”

Sonia took the bottle and the sippy cup to the kitchen where she washed out each one. Sonia then asked David what he would like to drink: “Water, Milk, Juice?”

The diaper clad lad thought for a moment and then decided that milk would be the most “babyish” thing to have. Therefore, Sonia filled the bottle up with milk and screwed the nipple on tight and handed it to her now blushing son. David took the bottle and after thanking his mother went back into the living room to watch TV with his “Daddy”. The young boy lay down on the couch and began drinking out of his baby bottle. He was surprised how much sucking he had to do to get the milk out. But he found that drinking out of a baby bottle was something very soothing and relaxing to him. In fact it was so relaxing that on a couple of occasions he nearly fell asleep. His father would glance over at him from time to time and just shake his head in disbelief.

When she had finished in the kitchen, Sonia came into the living room and gathered up the rest of David’s baby items, including his diaper pail and the deodorizers and took them upstairs to her son’s room. She plugged in two deodorizers in his room and as she was putting the deodorizer into the lid of the diaper pail, she became concerned with keeping the diaper pail clean and sanitary. She then went back downstairs and gathered up a dozen or so plastic bags that she had gotten at the grocery store. On her way back upstairs, Sonia stopped by the living room and showed David the plastic bag that was full of plastic bags and explained to him that she was going to place these next to his diaper pail and that she wanted him to put his used diapers into a plastic bag first before putting them into the diaper pail. David acknowledged his mother’s request and agreed to use the plastic bags accordingly.

Chapter 5 - Wet and Wild

After he finished the bottle of milk, David lay on the couch for a little while longer watching television with his father. He soon found himself wondering about how it would feel to actually go pee in his diaper. Soon thereafter he got up and went back into the kitchen. He washed out his baby bottle and then wondered what it would be like to drink out of the sippy cup. David filled the sippy cup up with apple juice and took it to his bedroom. Back in his room he turned on his computer and began playing some games while he drank out of the sippy cup. After a while the bottle of milk and glass of juice took effect and the young man felt the urge to urinate. He sat there and tried to pee in his diaper, but no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t make himself go in the diaper. He had no idea that it would be that difficult to use a diaper for the first time. David thought to himself that it was now time to call in the reinforcements.

He went back downstairs to the kitchen and filled up his sippy cup with more apple juice. As he was putting the apple juice back in the refrigerator he realized that the sippy cup was designed for babies and toddlers and therefore did not hold much liquid. He then grabbed the bottle of apple juice and took it back to his room along with his sippy cup. After two more glasses of apple juice, David had to go so bad that his stomach was beginning to hurt. But he still couldn’t force his now aching bladder to release itself into the diaper. He then got an idea. Maybe the sound of running water would cause him to be able to go pee. The young lad stood up and went into the bathroom. The Carpenters lived in a 3-bedroom house. Edward and Sonia were in the master bedroom, and in between the other 2 bedrooms there was a shared bathroom that could be accessed from either bedroom. It was therefore possible for David to use the bathroom without leaving his room. Once in the bathroom, David turned on the faucet and in less then a minute he could no longer hold back his bladder. He closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh of relief as pee began flowing into his diaper. The young child had never experienced anything like this before in his life! The urine was warm as it filled up the diaper, and as it spread out around his genitals he began to get goose bumps. He reached down and felt the front of his now bulging diaper. He was amazed how warm, almost hot, the diaper now was. He very much enjoyed the warm moist feeling surrounding and encompassing his crotch. He could actually feel the pee flow down from the front of his diaper and into the crotch. He then felt the back of the diaper swelling up as it began to soak up the overflow of fluid. David very much enjoyed the increased bulkiness of the now very wet diaper.

But then disaster hit! The inexperienced diaper lover did not yet understand how the laws of physics related to diaper wearing. In diaper physics, pee equals m c halved [pee=(mc)/2], which translated means that PEE equals what the diaper MASS is CAPABLE of holding divided by 2. In other words you can’t pee faster then the diaper’s absorption rate. In addition to this, David had not fastened the leg tapes of his diaper tight enough to prevent leakage. The pee running down his legs began as a trickle, but very soon there was a very steady flow of liquid running down his legs. The horrified child quickly jumped into the bathtub to prevent the pee from going all over the floor. David at first panicked, what was he going to do? He had a mess to clean up on the bathroom floor, but he couldn’t leave the bathtub because of all the pee running down his legs. At this point in time David was not enjoying wearing a diaper! The pee running down his legs grossed him out! The first thing he did was to quickly pull off the soggy diaper. He then plopped the diaper down on the bottom of the bathtub. The young boy gathered his composure and carefully thought through the situation at hand. First of all he would take a shower to clean himself up. He first of all removed his T-Shirt and threw it across the bathroom and onto the hamper. Next he picked up the wet diaper and held it upside down inside the bathtub to let the remaining pee run out of it. “Gross!” he thought to himself. He then laid the diaper down on the bathroom floor just outside the tub. He pulled the shower curtain shut and showered. When he was finished, he reached over to the back of the bathroom door and grabbed his towel and dried himself off. Next he wrapped the towel around himself and carefully tiptoed out of the bathroom making sure to only step on the dry spots on the floor.

Back in his room he grabbed a pair of underwear and pants and another T-shirt and quickly got dressed. Now he had to tackle the mess he had just made. David grabbed one of the plastic bags his mother had put in his room and returned to the bathroom. Again he was very careful to only step on dry areas of the bathroom floor. He picked up his diaper and carefully put it into the plastic bag and tied the bag shut. He then set the diaper on top of the toilet. He grabbed the mop that his mother kept in the bathroom closet and began moping up the bathroom floor. The young child was certainly glad that this accident happened in the bathroom where there was linoleum on the floor, instead of in his bedroom on the carpet! When he had finished moping the floor, he rinsed out the mop very thoroughly and wrung out the excess water and returned it to the closet. He picked up the plastic bag with his wet diaper in it and returned to his room where he deposited the wet diaper into his brand new diaper pail. David heaved a sigh of relief that this “disaster” was now over and done with.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

David had barely finished cleaning up the mess from his first diaper when he began thinking about putting on another diaper. He grabbed another diaper and spread it out on his bed. He was not in as big of a hurry this time around and therefore went over to his dresser and picked up the baby oil and baby powder and brought them over and set them on his end table next to his bed. The young man again got undressed and lay down on top of the diaper. He first of took the baby oil and put some into the palm of his hand and began rubbing it in around his genitals. The baby oil was a little cool to his skin but he thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the oil on his skin. He rubbed the oil in for several minutes, something that was very much enjoyed by his once again enlarging testicles. Next came the baby powder. As he sprinkled the baby powder on himself, the aroma of the powder mesmerized David. It was the sweetest smell he had ever experienced in his young life. He even spread baby powder on his stomach and chest. The young man next pulled the diaper up into position and began fastening the tapes, making sure to get them as tight as he could so that he would not have a repeat performance with his diaper leaking again. Unfortunately his hands were full of baby oil and baby powder and as he fumbled with the tapes, oil and baby powder got onto the diaper and onto the tapes causing them not to stick.

“For crying out loud!” the frustrated juvenile thought to himself. Was anything going to go right for the young diaper lover today? David got up and went back to the bathroom where he washed his hands with soap and water to get off the baby oil and powder. In fact it took a couple of thorough washings to get all of the baby oil off. David then grabbed another diaper and returned to his bed leaving a trail of white baby powder behind him everywhere he walked. He spread out the new diaper (again!) and laid down on top of it. He grabbed the baby powder and gave his raging genitals another liberal dusting. The powder was cool and felt very good to him, by now he had used up almost half of the baby powder on this single diapering. He then pulled the diaper up between his legs and securely fastened the tapes as tight as he possibly could. He picked up the first diaper and folded it back up and returned it to the torn bag of diapers, maybe he could figure out some way to salvage this diaper so that he could use it again. The young boy then returned to playing games on the computer and drinking apple juice out of his sippy cup.

After a couple more rounds of apple juice, David again began to feel the urge to pee. This time however he had learned his lesson. He was not going to wait until the urge built up to an “explosion” level again. The young man got up and went into the bathroom where he turned on the water faucet. Unfortunately the sound of running water was not enough to cause his bladder to “let go” and relieve itself into the diaper. David then began rubbing his hands together in the cool water. That did it! He felt his bladder relax and he felt the warm pee flowing into his diaper. Again, he learned his lesson from before and he did not let his bladder completely empty itself all at once. After a few seconds he stopped himself and waited a couple of minutes for the diaper to soak up the pee before trying to go again. When he couldn’t resume his peeing, he once again turned on the water faucet and rubbed his hands together in the water until his bladder began releasing itself. The young adolescent had to repeat this process 3 times until his bladder had completely emptied itself. After each peeing, the diaper would swell up more and more and get heavier and heavier. David didn’t understand it, but as the diaper got bigger and bulkier, he enjoyed it more and more.

When he had finished peeing, David returned to his room stopping off at the mirror to examine his appearance. The first thing the young child noticed was how the “wetness strip” had changed color from a dull yellow color to a bright blue, thus announcing to the world that he was wearing a wet diaper. He could also see a change in color in the rest of the diaper as well as the increased bulkiness where the diaper had soaked up his urine. In fact the diaper was getting so bulky that the young boy felt the need to “waddle” as he walked. He definitely liked the feel of a bulky diaper. As he sat back down in his chair, the diaper made a swooshing sound as the excess urine flowed from one part of the diaper to another to compensate for the shift in weight that was now put on it. David quickly stood up fearing that the diaper had once again leaked. He carefully examined his chair for wetness and did not find any. The diaper had worked! It did its job! David slowly sat back down; he did this partly to make sure that his diaper did not leak and also to enjoy the damp moist feeling of urine traveling in and around his testicles and buttocks. He was completely transfixed; he had never experienced anything erotic like this before in his life. His penis was once again on the verge of exploding! And then for some unknown reason David felt the need to go lay down on the bed. He climbed onto his bed and slowly laid down on his stomach. As he put weight onto his diaper, the urine once again began moving from the front of the diaper to the back of the diaper, much to the delight of his testicles. As his full weight came down on his stomach, he experienced for the first time what if felt like to have the warm, damp, bulky mass of a diaper press up tightly against his genitals. His penis could no longer stand it and began relieving itself. The confused boy then found himself “humping” his pillow uncontrollably. When he had finished, the young boy lay there in total disbelief. “What just happened?” he asked himself. He also thought to himself that if this is what sex is like, then no wonder everybody makes such a big deal out of it!

As his poor brain scrambled to try to process the flood of information that was now pouring in to it from every cell of his body, the young man felt a wave of exhaustion sweep over him. He thought that this was unusual since he had just experienced the most intense pleasure he had ever known, and now how could he be tired? He had not pondered that question long when the second wave hit him and within seconds the young boy was fast asleep.

David only slept for about 20 minutes but he awoke very groggy and it took him a few moments to recall what had just happened a few minutes earlier. He did not fully understand what had just happened, but he definitely knew that he had enjoyed it! The youngster got up and returned to his computer. After a few minutes of playing games he remembered that his parents had bought him a pacifier at Wal-Mart. He went to his dresser where his mother had put all of his baby items and grabbed the pacifier. He returned to his computer and began sucking on the pacifier. Again he definitely enjoyed the feel of the pacifier in his mouth, although he wished that it were larger! He also found that sucking on a pacifier was very relaxing and soothing to him.

A few minutes later there was a knock on his door. David quickly spit out the pacifier and put it on his computer desk. “C-C-ome in” he managed to say. His mother entered the room and announced that lunch was ready. Sitting there in a soaking wet diaper in front of his mother made the young child feel very self-conscious. He was hoping that if he just sat there in his chair with his back semi-turned away from the door that his mother would not notice his obviously wet diaper. David acknowledged his mother’s request and said that he would be right down.

After Sonia left the room, David flew into a panic. He couldn’t go downstairs in a soaking wet diaper and he didn’t have time to shower and change into regular underwear. The only thing he could think of that he could do was to put on a fresh clean diaper. The young child quickly removed his wet diaper and put it into a plastic bag and then into the diaper pail. He then spread out another diaper on his bed and quickly taped it in place. By now he was already becoming quite proficient at diapering himself. On his way out of his room he grabbed a pair of sweat pants and hurriedly put them on. It was strange that earlier his parents had seen him wearing nothing but a T-Shirt and a diaper, but after tasting the “forbidden fruit”, David suddenly felt awkward and strange in front of his parents wearing only a diaper, and he now felt the need to cover up his diaper from plain view.

As her only son entered the dining room, Sonia’s nose caught a whiff of an odor that was out of the ordinary. She quickly realized that it was the smell of baby powder coming from her “baby” boy. She smiled and then said: “My! Don’t you smell nice.” She then patted David on the back. This caused the young boy to blush with embarrassment.

At the lunch table Edward was a bit surprised to see his son wearing his “civilian” clothes, but then heard the diaper crinkle and realized that his son was still wearing a diaper underneath his sweat pants. He had heard the shower go on earlier and had assumed that David had used the diapers for their intended purpose, and then cleaned himself up afterwards. Edward was hoping that the diaper fantasy had been better than the diaper reality, and that once his young son had actually used a diaper that he would be grossed out by the filthiness of it, and would come to his senses and would not want anything more to do with diapers. Unfortunately for Edward’s sake, the complete opposite was true.

Sonia asked her son if he wanted any of his baby food for lunch. The young boy shook his head and quietly said: “No Thanks”. A part of him wanted to continue his baby fantasy, but he was already dealing with such a rush of emotions that day that he felt that the whole “being fed like a baby” would just have to wait for another day. David didn’t say a word during lunch; he just ate his lunch as fast as he could. Both of his parents noticed his quietness and left him alone.

Nap Time

After lunch David was feeling a bit tired and decided that maybe it was “nap time” for baby. Before returning to his room, the young man stopped and filled his baby bottle up with milk and took it upstairs. Back in his room, David grabbed his pacifier and placed it on his end table next to his bed. He then laid down and began drinking his bottle. Once again, sucking on the bottle was very relaxing to him. He had just barely finished his bottle before he was on the verge of falling fast asleep. The very big baby did manage to put the empty bottle on his end table and to grab his pacifier before falling fast asleep.

About 45 minutes later the young lad awoke with an urge to go to the bathroom. He started to get up and then remembered that he was wearing a diaper. David lay back down and tried to relieve himself in the diaper. Once again he could not at first make himself go pee in the diaper. But as he lay there sucking his pacifier, he was finally able to relax enough to use the diaper for it’s intended purpose. He very much enjoyed the warm feeling that he got from the diaper. The young boy closed his eyes and was once again fast asleep.

Almost an hour later, David awoke from his nap feeling very well rested and refreshed. He returned to the computer and played a few more games. He also “used” the diaper one more time. After he got bored with the computer, David decided to go downstairs and watch some TV. But first he had to get out of his wet diaper. He still could not face his parents wearing a wet diaper. He changed into a clean diaper and as he was putting his used diaper into the diaper pail, he decided that maybe it was time to throw out his dirty diapers. He took the diaper pail downstairs and out to the trash cans outside and emptied his diapers. He returned the now empty diaper pail to his room and then went to the living room where he watched TV with his parents the rest of the evening.

When it was time for bed, David once again diapered himself and lay down in his bed, but he was not really tired since he had taken a nearly 2-hour nap earlier that day. As he lay in his bed, his mind raced with all of the events of that momentous day. He also began thinking about how neat it would be to have a pair of footed pajamas, like babies wear, to sleep in. He then got up and began looking on the Internet for footed pajamas. On Yahoo’s web site the young diaper lover found several “Groups” that dealt with footed pajamas and blanket sleepers. As he read the messages from these various groups he noticed that many of the members were talking about one-piece blanket sleepers that they had bought from Target. He thought to himself: “Does Target carry a footed sleeper for bigger boys like himself?” This was going to be tooo easy! After a while David laid back down and was finally able to fall asleep.

Chapter 6 - All I Want For Christmas Is Footed Pajamas?

The sound of the alarm awoke the youngster up at 7:00 AM. As David struggled to wake up, he noticed that his bed was nice and warm and dry. “Oh Good!” he thought to himself, “I didn’t wet the bed last night!” But then he remembered about the diaper, and as he examined his diaper he found that it was soaking wet. “Wow!” he thought to himself, “These things really do work!” He very much enjoyed the warm moist feeling that surrounded his private parts and wished he could lie there all morning in his very wet diaper, but he had to get ready for school. And now his morning routine was going to take even longer since he would have to shower before getting dressed.

At school that day, all David could think about were those footed pajamas at Target. But how could he tell his parents? How could he get them to take him to Target to buy a pair? By the end of the school day David had a plan of attack.

Shortly after he got home from school David asked his mother (very loudly): “Where’s the Phone Book?”

The puzzled mother replied that it was in the kitchen right under the telephone. She thought to herself that it was a very unusual question. Surely her son knew where they kept the phone book by now.

David went into the kitchen and retrieved the phone book along with the cordless phone and returned to the living room where his mother was. He once again asked his mother a question: “How would I find the telephone number for Target?”

Again Sonia was puzzled by the question and told her suddenly telephone ignorant son that he could either look in the yellow pages under “Department Stores” or he could look in the white pages under “Target”.

David replied with an “Oh!” As if this was some strange new revelation for him. The young boy looked up the number and dialed the store. After successfully navigating through the stores automated telephone answering system, David finally got a real live human operator to talk to. When the operator came on the line, the young lad asked for the “Boys Department”. While David was holding for the Boys Department to pick up, his heart began racing a little bit. When they finally answered, David very loudly asked: “Yes, I was wondering if you carried any footed pajamas for older boys?” The young man got very excited when the voice on the other end of the phone confirmed that they did indeed have the asked for item.

His mother was trying to pretend that she was not listening to his conversation, although she was well aware that it was being orchestrated for her benefit. When she heard her 12 year old son ask about footed pajamas she got a very big smile on her face and had to turn her head away from the youngster so that he wouldn’t see her giggling at the thought of him in a pair of footed pajamas. The idea of her son wearing a pair of footed pajamas caught her completely off guard, but as she thought about, she quickly began wondering how David might look in a pair of footed pajamas. “He would be absolutely adorable— precious!” she thought to herself.

Next David asked what sizes they carried. The lady told him that they had the footed pajamas up to size 16. “Size 16.” David repeated making sure that his mother heard. He then asked about the price. After a brief pause David answered back: “Only $11.99! Wow, that’s a great price!” David then thanked the lady and hung up.

Sonia was still smiling when David hung up to phone. She was at a lost for words but did manage to say: “Let me guess, you want me to take you to Target to buy a pair of footed pajamas?”

Her young son blushed and then sheepishly nodded his head.

“Alright then”, she said, “Let’s go!” She then gathered up her stuff and the two of them headed across town to the Target store. On the way there Sonia reminded David of his fathers wishes in regards to any “baby” items that he wanted to buy, that he would have to pay for the pajamas himself. David nodded his head in acknowledgement and figured that he would cross that bridge when he got to it. Right now he was way too excited thinking about those pajamas with feet in them to worry about what he was going to have to go through to get a pair.

When they got to Target, they went to the boy’s department and it only took a few seconds for David to spot the footed sleepers. He cautiously approached the rack, looking around to make sure nobody would see him. He looked at the size chart and determined that a Large, size 10-12, would fit him. As he looked through the large selection of pajamas he was getting excited just feeling the soft warm fleece on his fingertips. There were so many to choose from that he had a very difficult time picking out just one. Finally he picked out a red pair that was covered with very childish looking dinosaurs. He wadded the pajamas up to hide the cute little feet and re-joined his mother who was standing off to the side watching the show as he was going through the rack of footed pajamas.

Sonia handed David a $20 bill and reminded him that if he wanted those pajamas that he would have to pay for them himself. As they were waiting in the checkout line David was nervously looking around to make sure he didn’t see anybody that might recognize him. When they got to the cashier David very sheepishly placed the wadded up pajamas on the conveyer belt next to the cashier. She scanned the price tag and then she picked up the pajamas to remove the hanger and to fold them up before placing them in the bag. When she picked up pajamas, they unfolded revealing the footed bottoms. The cashier laughed and without thinking blurted out: “Oh look, Footie Pajamas!” David turned 15 shades of red, as he was sure that everybody in the store was now staring directly at him. The cashier saw the embarrassment she had caused the young boy and felt bad. As she took the $20 bill out of his hand she quietly said to him: “Don’t feel bad, I had footie pajamas when I was little and I loved them! They were my favorite pajamas.” Her words did little to console the distraught youngster, he just wanted to get his change and his pajamas and get out of that store as quickly as possible.

David mumbled “Thank-you” when the cashier handed him his change and his pajamas. He kept his head down in shame as he left the store, knowing that everybody in the store was laughing at him. Once he was in the parking lot, he ran to the car and waited for his mother to catch up with him and unlock the doors. As he stood there waiting, he fought hard to hold back the tears. He thought to himself about how something that caused him so much enjoyment could at the same time cause so much pain? When his mother arrived, she unlocked the doors and David quickly got inside. Once inside the safe confines of their car, David finally let go of his emotions and sobbed for a few minutes before regaining his composure.

Sonia was once again at a loss for words, but tried to calm down he distraught son on the long ride home. She kept telling him over and over again that there was nothing wrong with him wanting to wear footed pajamas, that he was not hurting anybody and that if that is what made him happy there was nothing wrong with that.

Her words helped to calm down her young son and by the time they made it home, David was once again excited about his newly purchased blanket sleeper. He ran upstairs to his room and quickly got undressed. He grabbed one of his diapers and taped it into place. Next he took his new pair of footed pajamas out of the bag and unzipped them. Putting his right leg into the “long” side of the sleeper, he was surprised how quickly and easily his foot slipped into position. He got goose bumps as the soft warm fleece material gently caressed his foot. Next he put his left leg into the “short” side of the sleeper and once again it slipped right into the footed bottom of the pajama. After that he put his arms into the sleeper and pulled the sleeper up around his shoulders. He then grabbed the zipper that ran down to the middle of his left leg, right above his knee, and quickly zipped the sleeper shut. The entire process took less then a minute. The young boy was very surprised at how easy it was to put on his new pajamas. He also enjoyed the feeling of being complete encased in the soft warm fleece material, it made him feel very warm and secure inside. He once again walked over to his mirror and began examining his “new look”. He was amazed how childish he looked in that red blanket sleeper with the cute little feet in them. He even picked one foot up off of the floor and rotated it around and around and examined his fleece-covered foot from all different angles. He definitely felt and looked like a great big giant baby now!

After examining himself in the mirror for several minutes, he knew that he was going to have to face his mother and show her his new footed sleeper. He took a deep breath as he opened the door and walked out into the hallway. As he walked down the hallway, the footed bottoms of his pajamas were playing tug-a-war with the top part of his sleeper, with his diaper caught happily in the middle. This fabric tug-a-war caused his diaper to crinkle and rustle with every step he made. Anybody who might see him (or hear him!) would instantly know that he was wearing a diaper underneath those cute red pajamas. The thought of getting “caught” wearing a footed blanket sleeper and a diaper greatly excited the young boy.

Once downstairs, David found his mother in the kitchen beginning to work on dinner. Sonia heard the rustling of the diaper as her son entered the kitchen, and she turned around to see what was causing that unusual noise. She was at first taken back by the appearance of her 12-year-old son standing before her wearing a red one-piece blanket sleeper with feet! But then her motherly instincts kicked in and she couldn’t help but to gush and to go on and on about how cute and adorable her young son looked in his new footed pajamas. Cute and adorable is not the look that most 12-year-old boys try to achieve. The young child at first blushed with embarrassment over his mother’s comments, but at the same time, there was a part of him that was feeling good about making his “mommy” so happy. Sonia then noticed that the tags were still attached to his sleeper. She got the scissors out of their “junk” drawer and walked over to her now very timid son. She unzipped his sleeper enough to get to the backside of the plastic stem that the tags were attached to. She then cut the stem in two making sure to hold on to both pieces. She removed the tags and set them aside. When Sonia had finished removing the tags from David’s new blanket sleeper, she zipped him back up and gave him a great big hug. He felt so soft and cuddly in his new sleeper that his mother didn’t really want to let go. She was overcome with the feeling that she had gotten her little baby boy back again. She finally let him go and reminded David that he needed to do his homework.

David went back upstairs and retrieved his schoolbooks and brought them downstairs and put them on the kitchen table. Next he went to the kitchen and took down his sippy cup and filled it with some juice. He returned to the kitchen table where he began working on his homework and drinking juice out of his sippy cup. When he had emptied his cup of juice, he went back to the kitchen and refilled his sippy cup with more juice. After about 45 minutes David finished his homework and gathered up his books and took them back upstairs to his room. After he put his books away, David grabbed his pacifier and stuck it in his mouth before going back downstairs.

David then went into the living room and pulled out his PlayStation 2 and sat down Indian style on the carpet in front of the TV and began playing video games. After a few minutes, the 2 cups of juice had worked their way through the young boy’s intestinal system and he felt the urge to pee. David continued to play his game, but at the same time he kept trying to relax his bladder and go pee in his diaper. After several minutes he was finally able to relieve himself in the diaper. This was a breakthrough! He was finally able to go in his diaper without any outside influences such as running water. As he sat there secretly congratulating himself on his most recent “accomplishment” of being able to pee in a diaper, he began to wonder if he would start to loose his urinary control and if he might start having accidents during the day. He began thinking about how embarrassing it would be to have a daytime wetting accident in front of other people, but as he tried to imagine such an event, he also found himself getting excited and turned on with by the thought of such a scene.

He also began to think about others seeing him like he was right then, in a footed red sleeper and wearing a wet diaper. This fantasy also caused embarrassment and arousal all at the same time. The young child wondered to himself why in the world could something that would cause so much pain and humiliation, at the same time be such a huge “turn on”?

David was deep into his fantasy world when he was suddenly startled back to reality with the opening of the front door. His father was home from work! The young boy panicked. He was not prepared to be seen by his father wearing those childish footed pajamas. He didn’t have time to get up and run to his room, all he could do was spit out his pacifier and hide it behind his back before his father walked into the living room. Needless to say Edward was very startled to see his 12-year-old son sitting on the floor in a red blanket sleeper with feet! That’s not exactly what a father wants to come home to after a hard day at work. Edward was at a complete loss for words. All he could manage to say was: “Hey!” and “Nice Pajamas.” Meanwhile David turned as red as his sleeper and his father quickly left the living room.

Edward found his wife in the kitchen and after their customary welcome home kiss, Sonia laughingly announced: “We went shopping today!”

“I can see that.” her husband replied, and then asked: “Where in the world did you find those things at?”

Sonia explained about their trip to Target. Edward replied that he had no idea that anybody even made footed pajamas for boys that big. Sonia said that she was also surprised to see such a large selection of blanket sleepers there at Target and that they even had an Extra-Large size, a size 14-16. “Oh wonderful!” Edward thought to himself as he tried to imagine his 16 year old son running around the house in a pair of footed pajamas.

The distraught father then said: “I hope that this is just a phase that he is going through, and that he outgrows it quickly.” But after his research on the internet about infantilism, he knew deep down that this was not just a “phase” that his son was going through.

Sonia tried to calm down her husband: “Oh, come on now, he’s not hurting anyone. If this is what makes him happy, where’s the harm in him wearing a pair of footed pajamas. Besides he looks so cute and adorable and harmless in those pajamas.”

Her words did seem to calm Edward down a bit. Sonia then set the table and called her family in for dinner. David came into the dinning room still wearing his blanket sleeper. He didn’t have time to change and besides he didn’t really want to change. As he walked pass his father, the diaper he was wearing announced itself by rustling and crinkling. His father just rolled his eyes in disbelief.

As he walked past his mother she said: “Hey sweetheart” and patted him on the back. She was starting to get into this whole “baby” thing.

After David sat down, his mother asked: “Doesn’t baby need his bib?”

David blushed and then ever so slightly nodded his head in agreement. Sonia retrieved the bib and put it on her young son and tied it in place behind his neck. Having his “mommy” put a bib on him caused David to feel slightly embarrassed. At the same time though, he was also getting a slight turn on by this. But overall, the whole bib experience made the young man feel very “babyish”, and that was the feeling that he enjoyed the most.

When he had finished his supper, Sonia asked her son if he would like a jar of baby food for desert. Again David blushed and nodded his head in agreement. His mother got up and went into the kitchen and returned with a jar of baby food. She then asked her fleece-covered son if he wanted her to feed him the baby food. Once again David nodded his head. She sat down and began spoon-feeding her great big baby boy. This was too much for Edward to watch. He got up from the table and went into the living room and turned on the evening news. Meanwhile, David was in his height of glory! He very much was enjoying feeling like a big baby and having his mommy’s undivided attention. When he finished the jar of baby food, Sonia cleaned up her little (big) boy. She teasingly wiped his face and mouth over and over again until David finally had to turn away. They were both smiling and each one of them had enjoyed the experience very much.

After dinner David went upstairs and took a bath, this was the first bath he had taken in several years. After his bath he re-diapered himself. This time he used lots of baby oil and baby powder. Smelling like a newborn baby, the young boy went downstairs and spent the rest of the evening watching Television with his parents. When it was time for bed, David went to the kitchen and filled his baby bottle full of milk and said good night to his folks. Sonia gave her young son a big hug and kiss good night. Edward also gave his son a hug and kiss good night, although his was only half hearted. Edward was beginning to have second thoughts about rather or not he had done the right thing by allowing his young son to wear a diaper and act like a baby. That night he and Sonia had a long conversation about their son. Sonia convinced her husband to give things a little more time. She reminded Edward that nobody was getting hurt and that if this was something David enjoyed there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. She also reminded her husband that as long as their son was at home acting like a baby that they didn’t have to worry about where he was, and who he was with, and what he was doing, and if he was getting into any trouble. Edward reluctantly agreed to give it a little more time.

That night as he drank his bottle, David yawned and stretched in every which direction possible. Each time he stretched out, his new blanket sleeper “fought” back, causing his toes to curl up on many occasions. But instead of feeling confined within the all-encompassing garment, David felt very safe and secure being completely surrounded by the warm soft blanket fleece material. When he had finished his bottle, David quickly fell asleep and slept like a baby all night long.

Chapter 7 - Shortalls

For the next couple of days David's routine was the same. As soon as he got home from school he changed into a diaper and his new footed blanket sleeper and spent the rest of the day lounging around the house dressed as such. But by Thursday the blanket sleeper was beginning to get old. After diapering himself he decided that he would just put on a pair of sweats. He then went downstairs to do his homework.

When Sonia saw her young son in sweats she asked: "No footed pajamas today?" She had gotten use to seeing him in his footed pajamas and thought that he looked absolutely adorable dressed up like a great big baby.

David answered back: "No, not today. Pajamas are fine for sleeping in, but it just doesn't feel right to be wearing pajamas in the middle of the day."

Sonia then asked if there were any other "baby" clothes that he would like to wear during the day.

David could not believe his ears! This was the opportunity he had been waiting for. He very much wanted to explode and tell his mother everything he had dreamed about wearing onesies, rompers, shortalls, coveralls, bib overalls, play suits, a sailor suit, short shorts, knickers, a little Lord Faun Leroy suit, and the list went on and on. But he was afraid that if he spilled all of the beans at once, that his poor mother would freak out. He tried to sound as indifferent as he could and casually said: "I dunno, maybe a pair of short overalls." He had seen many of the young girls wearing their shortalls at the mall over the summer and he had thought to himself how cute and youthful they had looked. He also figured that about the only "babyish" outfit that he had any chance at all of finding in his size would be a pair of shortalls.

"Ohhh Kay." His mother slowly said. After pausing for a second she continued: "I have never seen short overalls for older boys, I've only seen them for girls." And then with a hint of disbelief in her voice, she asked: "Are you wanting to get a girls pair?"

David shrugged his shoulders and shook his head in disagreement and then said: "No, not really. But where else can I get a pair of shortalls." At this point in time the young lad was regretting having said anything to his mother about his secret clothing desires.

Sonia was relieved to learn that her son did not want to wear girls’ clothing, she was not prepared to cross that bridge. She heaved a sigh of relief and then thought for a minute. She then began thinking out load: "Well I don't think we could find any short overalls at any of the department stores at this time of the year anyway." It was already mid November and all of the department stores had long ago gotten rid of their summer clothing. She thought for a minute more and then exclaimed: "I've got an idea!" She then instructed young David to: "Go get changed."

David quickly ran upstairs and removed his sweats and his diaper. He changed into a "big boy" outfit of blue jeans and a shirt. He met his mother downstairs and the two got into the car and left. Once in the car, David asked his mother what she had in mind. She told her son that she was thinking about trying out some of the thrift stores, that they keep all of their clothing out rather it's summer or winter. This sounded like a good idea to David. While they were in the car, Sonia told her young son that his father had called earlier that day and that he wouldn't be home that night. Edward was a sales representative for his company and even though most of his clients were less then a day's drive away, occasionally he would get caught out of town. With Thanksgiving coming up next week he needed to call on several of his clients this week and so it worked out better for him to spend the night out of town.

When they got to the first thrift store, mother and son first went to the girls section, just to see if there might be a shortall in David's size. The short overall section had been well picked over since this was such a popular style for young girls. There were only 2 pairs of shortalls on the rack and neither of them would have fit the young boy. David heaved a silent sigh of relief as he didn't really want to wear a "girl's outfit" anyway.

They went to the boy's section and didn't find any shortalls there either, or even any regular bib overalls. They did however find a very cute and juvenile looking red and white stripped shirt that they went ahead and purchased.

They proceeded on to the next thrift store where they were able to find a pair of regular bib overalls in the boy's section that would fit the young man. Sonia told her son that she would cut off the legs and turn them into short overalls for him. David wasn't too sure about this; he knew that his mother was no seamstress. But he figured that "beggars can't be choosers" so he didn't say anything. Next his mother asked her young son if he wanted any special shoes to wear with his new short overalls.

David shrugged his shoulders and quietly said that maybe a pair of sandals would be nice. They went over to the shoe section and found a pair of sandals for the young boy. The sandals were not very "babyish", but David thought that they would be just fine. They paid for the clothing and left the store. Back in the car David, with his voice rich with disbelief, asked his mother: "Are you really going to cut off these overalls and sew them back up?"

His mother responded with: "SEW?!? Yeah right!" But she said that she did have an idea and the two of them headed for a fabric store.

At the fabric store Sonia approached one of the salespeople and explained that years ago she had used this special type of "tape" to hem up some pants. That she folded up the pants over this tape and then using a hot iron was able to fuse the pants and the tape together. She then asked the salesperson if she had any idea what she was talking about and if anybody still made such a product.

The saleslady responded that in deed there was such a product available and took the two of them over the sewing notions and showed her the iron-on hem tape. Sonia picked out a roll and thanked the sales lady. As they walked back to the cashier to pay for the hem tape, David was looking around at all of the different materials and imaging the possibilities if he could only find somebody that knew how to sew. They paid for the hem tape and left the store.

On the way home Sonia suggested that they stop off and get a bite to eat for dinner. She really didn't want to go through the trouble of cooking for just the two of them. Besides that she had work to do when they got home, she had to hem up David's new shortalls. Eating out sounded very good to David. They decided that since they had just spent so much money on David's new outfit that they had better try to save some money on dinner. The two then drove to McDonalds where they dined in high style.

Back home Sonia first off put the overalls and shirt in the washing machine to give them a good cleaning before getting started. While his overalls were in the washer, David went upstairs and changed back into his diaper and sweats and did his homework. When he had finished his homework he went back downstairs and watched TV with his mom. Shortly thereafter they heard the clothes dryer buzz announcing that his new overalls were ready to go. Sonia went to the garage and retrieved the freshly laundered garments. When she returned to the living room, David took off his sweatshirt and sweat pants and put on his new shirt. He felt a little awkward standing in front of his mother wearing a diaper, but he was in a hurry to have her start working on his new outfit and he didn't want to take the time to go upstairs and change clothes in private. Next he put on the overalls. His mother helped him to adjust the straps so that the overalls would not be too tight or too loose. She then marked the overalls right above the knee with a black magic marker. David then removed the overalls and his mother cut off the legs of the once proud garment. She then pinned the legs up. While his mother cut and pinned, David sat on the living room floor in his diaper and carefully watched every move his mother made.

When she had finished pinning up the legs, Sonia handed the newly created "shortalls" to her son. David gratefully accepted the garment and quickly put it on. His mother had to warn him to go slow and to be careful not to accidentally stick himself with one of the pins. David couldn't believe how wonderful the shortalls felt. They were light and airy and made him feel very childish. His mother had him walk around the living room several times so that she could examine her handiwork from all different angles.

Next Sonia suggested that the two of them go upstairs to her room so that David could see for himself how the shortalls looked in her full-length mirror. Upstairs in his mother's room, David carefully examined his reflection in the mirror. His mother asked what he thought. The young boy nodded his head in approval and said they looked very nice. Sonia examined her son for several minutes and then said: "You know what? I bet if the legs were shorter, they would look even more childish."

David liked the sound of that very much. Sonia went to David's room and retrieved one of his unused white crayons, she wanted something that could be washed out. She lightly marked the legs of the shortalls higher up the leg, about halfway between the knee and crotch. David removed the garment and his mother repined the legs. She didn't cut off any more material just in case this experiment in shortness didn't work out. When she had finished, David once again eagerly put on his new outfit.

He couldn't believe his eyes when he looked in the mirror. His mother was right! He did look even more childish then before. But could it be possible to make it even more childish. He asked his mother to try one more time to make the legs shorter.

"Shorter?!?" Sonia asked in amazement. She then marked the legs right under the crotch. As she was marking the legs, Sonia's hands went on top of David's diaper several times. He at first blushed, but he also got a warm feeling on the inside being in front of his mother wearing a diaper and having her so carefully and softly attending to him. After she had finished marking the legs of the overall, David once again removed the garment and sat down on the bedroom floor while his mother re-pinned the legs.

When she was done, she held out the now very short shortalls. David took the garment and put it on. This time however, David did not like what he saw in the mirror. The legs were way too short. And besides that, whenever he sat down, his diaper came into plain view. He didn't like that at all! He was not ready to become a diaper exhibitionist. At least not yet, that is. He shook his head in disapproval and removed the shortalls and handed them back to his mother. As she was pinning the legs up to the old mark, David asked if maybe she could make them just a little bit shorter then before, maybe just an inch or so. His mother was beginning to tire of this try-on and retry game, but she could see how excited her son was about this project and also she had to admit that he did look awful cute in those short cut-off overalls. Therefore she agreed to her son's request and removed the pins. She then went downstairs and retrieved the ruler from their "junk" drawer in the kitchen. She measured off exactly one inch from the white crayon mark from before. She then folded the excess material back and pinned the legs into place.

She handed the garment to her eager son who quickly put them on. "Perfect!" he thought to himself as he examined himself in the mirror. Once David was happy with the height, Sonia had her son walk back and forth across the bedroom to make sure the legs were even on all sides. She did need to make a couple of minor adjustments to even everything out. She then had David remove the shortalls and the two of them went into their "extra" bedroom, the office / guest room / catch all room. Sonia took down the very dusty ironing board and set it up. Next she got down the iron and plugged it in and she let it warm up for a couple of minutes before beginning. When the iron was hot enough, she carefully ironed the legs of the shortall creating a very heavy and visible crease. After she created her crease, she let the shortalls cool down a bit before removing the pins. She first measured the hem tape (1/2"), then she turned the garment inside out and using the ruler from before, she marked the fabric 5/8" above the crease. She then cut off the excess material. Next she carefully put a piece of hem tape next to the crease on one of the legs and folded the excess material up over the hem tape. Sonia was about to start ironing when she thought that maybe this would be a case where more was better. She cut off another piece of hem tape and carefully placed it on top of the first piece. Once the two pieces of hem tape were in the proper position she began ironing the hem of her son's new shortalls. She started off by "tacking" the material together at random intervals. Next she turned up the heat of the iron and carefully ironed every part of the hem. She even held the iron in place for several seconds before moving on to the next section. When she had finished she turned the shortalls right side out and repeated the process on the outside portion of the leg. David was standing there in his diaper watching all of this in pure amazement. He had no idea that his mother could be so creative and inventive.

When she had finished the first leg, the domestically challenged mother let the shortalls cool down for a few minutes and then turned the garment inside out and examined her handiwork. She then tried to separate the hem she had just created, but with no success. The hem held tight! Sonia then proudly stated: "Just like grandma use to make." David's grandmother had grown up in a very poor family. Anytime they wanted new clothes they had to sew them themselves. David's grandmother was therefore a very good seamstress, unlike his own mother. Once she was satisfied with the first hem, Sonia immediately went to work on the second leg, repeating the entire process.

After letting the newly created shortalls cool down sufficiently, Sonia handed the garment to her young son. David eagerly and quickly put on his new short overalls. He couldn't believe that in just the matter of a few hours he had one of his "dream" outfits. He returned to his parent's bedroom where he examined his appearance from all different angles in their full-length mirror. He absolutely adored how childish and how juvenile the new outfit made him look and feel. His mother came into the bedroom and was also admiring her own handiwork. This was truly a win-win situation. David was ecstatic, his mother was greatly enjoying how cute her son looked in the shortalls, and she also had an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, having been able to do such a professional looking job at converting a pair of regular bib overalls into a pair of short overalls.

The two cleaned up the mess they had created and headed downstairs to watch TV. David continued to fiddle with his new outfit. He discovered that if he shortened the straps on his shortall that the crotch of the garment would rub against his diaper, greatly increasing the rustling and the crinkling noises of the diaper. He enjoyed hearing his diaper make noise with every step he took.

Chapter 8 - Talk Radio

When Sonia had finished "hemming" up David's new short overalls, she went into the kitchen and looked up a telephone number in the phone book. She dialed the number and when she got a busy signal she hung up and took the cordless phone with her into the living room to watch TV with her young son who was busting his buttons with pride and delight at his newest "baby" outfit. After a couple of minutes she picked up the phone and pressed the redial button. She did this over and over again every 2 or 3 minutes for over a half an hour. David was wondering what his mother was up to, with her picking up the phone every couple of minutes and dialing a number. Finally she got through! She picked up the remote control and turned off the television. David started to protest and his mother held up her index finger signaling him to wait just a minute to find out what was going on.

After a few seconds David heard his mother speak into the telephone: "Yes my name is Tanya and I've been dating a real nice guy named uhh let's call him John, for almost 3 months now."

What in the world was his mother saying?! Who's Tanya? And who in the world is this John guy? David thought that maybe his mom had sailed over the edge or something.

But then Sonia continued on: "We really get along well together and things have been progressing very steadily ever since we met. It's getting to the point where our relationship is starting to get serious. Well last night when we were saying good night, John paused and then said that before things get to serious that there's something he has to tell me. When he said that my mind started racing, I thought to myself: 'oh no he's a convicted felon, or, he's in trouble with the mob, or, he's really a married man.' I guess John could see the worried concern on my face because he kind of laughed and said that it wasn't anything that serious, but he would feel better if he just got it out in the open. He then paused and took a long deep breath and then said that his deep dark secret was that he liked to wear footed pajamas."

Ah! Now David saw where his mom was going with this.

Sonia continued: "My first reaction was that he was joking, and I busted out laughing. He laughed a little bit, too, but then said that he was not joking that he really did like to wear footed pajamas. He said he didn't know why he liked wearing them, but he just liked feeling warm and cozy when he slept. He went on to say that he knew that this might freak out some women, so that's why he wanted to get it out in the open before things went any further between the two of us. He also said that if his wearing footed pajamas freaked me out that he would understand. I thought to myself: 'So what? You like wearing pajamas with feet in them. That's no big deal.' But then I thought that there must be more to this for him to bring it up in such a somber manner. So I asked him if it was some sort of sexual thing. Did footed pajamas turn him on? He assured me that there was nothing sexual in his attraction to footed pajamas, that he just liked how warm and comfortable they were. I then asked him if he wanted me to also wear footed pajamas when we were together. Maybe he got turned on seeing young women wearing pajamas with feet. Again he assured me that he didn't care what I wore when we were together. I then told him that I could care less that he wears footed pajamas to bed. If that's what makes him happy, then more power to him. He said that he appreciated that, but that he wanted me to take some time and really think about it, and make sure that I would be comfortable with him wearing footed pajamas."

Sonia then concluded her little made-up story by saying: "I've been thinking about it all day now, and it still doesn't bother me. Other then I am really curious to now see him in a pair of his footed pajamas, I bet he'll be absolutely adorable! The only thing that worries me is if I'm already too involved with this man, and if my love and infatuation for him is blinding me to a potential problem down the road. So I would like some feedback from other women out there in regards to what they think about this situation. If your boyfriend or husband suddenly told you that he wanted to wear pajamas with cute little feet in them, how would you react? Should this send up any sort of red warning flag?"

When she had finished, Sonia stayed on the phone a few minutes longer answering questions from the Disc Jockey. As soon as she hung up the phone, she turned on the radio and tuned into the "Love Doctor's" station. They tuned in just in time to hear the DJ say: "Well what do you think ladies? Your significant other has just informed you that he wants to start wearing footed pajamas to bed. How do you react?" There was an obvious glee in her voice, it was clear to see that she was going to have fun with this topic.

A few minutes later the first caller came on the line, Judy. She started out by saying that she didn't see a thing in the world wrong with a grown man wearing a pair of footed pajamas to bed. Then she surprised everybody when she said that she only wished her boyfriend would let down his guard every now and then, instead of playing the big macho tough guy all the time. She said that she would absolutely love it if her boyfriend would be brave enough to wear a pair of footed pajamas just one time. Judy concluded by telling "Tanya" that "John" was a keeper, and that she had better do everything in her power to hold on to such a sweet adorable man.

David and Sonia just stared at each other in amazement. Sonia didn't know how the show would go, but she had a hunch that the vast majority of women would be supportive of a man and his footed pajamas. She didn't however think that anybody would actually say (not out load at least) that they wished their boyfriend or husband would also wear a pair of footed pajamas.

Most of the rest of the calls were pretty much the same. There were several of the callers that chimed in on Judy's comments and also said that they would love it if their boyfriend / husband / significant other would wear some footed pajamas from time to time. There were only two women that thought that there was something wrong with a grown man who wanted to wear footie pjs. There was also one man who called in who ranted and raved how terrible it was for a fully grown man to want to wear footed pjs. He said that he must be some sort of perverted freak and that "Tanya" should run away from this man and his footie pjs as fast as she could.

After about 30 minutes the "Love Doctor" took another call and everybody started calling in on another subject. Sonia turned off the radio and turned to her young son and asked him what he thought about the radio show.

David was still in shock at both the tenacity of his mother to call into the radio station and to make up a story like that, and also at the overwhelming support that was out there for a man who might want to wear a pair of footed pajamas. David answered his mother by saying: "I had no idea that so many women would think that it was OK for a man to wear footed pajamas. And I can't believe that there were women that said they wished their boyfriends and husbands would also wear a pair of footed pajamas from time to time."

Sonia admitted that she was also a bit shocked at the overwhelming support that was given. She had figured that there would be at least some support for a man in footie pajamas; otherwise she would not have called in. But she had no idea that the vast majority of the callers would not have a problem with their boyfriends and husbands wearing a pair of footed pajamas. Sonia then explained to her son: "What you don't understand about women is that women have a strong maternal instinct and that anytime they see a baby or anything that reminds them of a baby, they just can't help themselves in being drawn in by that. So the thought of a man or even of an older boy in pair of footed pajamas brings out their maternal instincts and most women and girls are going to gush and go on and on about how 'cute' that is."

At this point David was wondering to himself if he had accidentally stumbled across some sort of "secret weapon" that he could use to attract girls.

But his mother was far from done! She continued on: "But while women and girls are attracted to 'babyish' things, at the same time they don't want their boyfriends and husbands to be big babies. What they want in a boyfriend is somebody who is big and strong and that can protect them. So as people start to find out about your ahh 'youthful' desires, you will probably find that you will have a lot of girls who will want to be your friend. They will love to see you dressed up in a diaper, and they will think that your footed pajamas are absolutely adorable, and they will probably love to play 'dress-up' with you, putting you in one babyish outfit after another. You may become a giant life size dress up doll for them to play with. But at the same time they're not going to be attracted to you as a 'boyfriend'. Especially young girls in high school are very concerned with how their boyfriend makes them appear to others. That's why everyone wants to date football players and the most popular and the most handsome boys when they are in high school. Now as women mature many times they come to appreciate a man that is sensitive and caring, but when they are young and in high school they are very concerned how others perceive their boyfriends. So just be prepared for what might come, you may have a lot of girls who may be 'friends', but you may not have a 'girlfriend' for some time to come."

When she had finished speaking, Sonia asked David if he understood what she was saying. David nodded his head in agreement. The young boy had been listening very intently to what his mother had to say. He had imagined himself having a girlfriend 'someday', but he was obviously in no hurry to 'grow-up' any time soon. He was perfectly content to be a big baby for now. At this point in time he was more interested in wearing diapers and juvenile clothing then he was in having a girlfriend.

Sonia turned the TV back on and the two of them watched television for about another 30 minutes or so. When it was time for bed, David kissed his mother good night and thanked her again for his new outfit. Back in his room, the young boy changed into his blanket sleeper and laid down to go to sleep. He lay awake that night thinking about the events of the day. He thought about all of the different fabrics he had seen at the fabric store and what the possibilities could be if he could find somebody who could sew. He then thought about his own grandmother and began to wonder if it would be possible to get her involved with his "baby" fantasies. He also thought about the radio talk show that night and how many women would love to see a grown man in a pair of footed pajamas. He suddenly didn't feel quite so weird about wanting to dress up like a baby and to be treated like a baby. There were women and girls out there who would be "turned on" by being able to take care of a "big baby". He also thought about his conversation with his mother after the radio show, how there might be girls out there that would love to treat him like a baby and dress him up in baby outfits. His mind wandered as he imagined what it would be like to have a girl his age treat him like a baby. He even began imagining what it would be like if some of the girls at his school would be his "baby sitter" and if they had to change his diaper for him. This particular fantasy caused the young boy to become very aroused and once again he found himself uncontrollably masturbating in his diaper. After he had climaxed, the exhausted child rolled over and quickly fell asleep.

Chapter 9 - Thanksgiving

On Friday David could not wait for his father to get home so that he could show him the shortalls that he and his mother had made. As soon as he got home from school he changed into a diaper and his shortalls and went downstairs and began playing video games. It was Friday and he had all weekend to do his homework. He was still playing video games when his father came home. He jumped up and ran to meet his father at the front door. Edward was startled to have his son meet him at the door wearing a pair of very short overalls. Again, this isn't what most fathers want to come home to, nonetheless, he was glad to be home and he was happy that his son and wife were so eager to see him.

"Well what do we have here," Edward said to his very juvenile looking-son. David excitedly explained how him and his mom had gone to the thrift store and found a pair of regular overalls and then how his mom cut the legs off and hemmed them up.

Edward then asked with a very surprised sound in his voice: "Your mother hemmed up those legs?!?"

Just then Sonia came out of the kitchen to greet her husband. "Oh, don't sound so surprised.", she teasingly said. She then continued on: "There's probably a lot of things I can do that you don't know about." They both laughed and then Sonia kissed her husband to welcome him home.

Edward then asked: "What's next? A high chair or maybe a crib?"

Without thinking David responded with: "Oh! That would be so cool!" His response drew an angry glare from his father. David then realized that his father was being sarcastic and he quickly left the room and returned to playing his video game. Edward was beginning to have second doubts about the "deal" he had made with his son to allow him to wear a diaper and act like a baby. Had he done the right thing? How could he go back on his word at this point in time? Unbeknownst to the confused father, all of his doubts would be eradicated in less than a week.

The weekend and the following week went by without any other significant events or developments. On Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, David and his parents piled into the family's S.U.V. and drove to his grandparents' house, which was only about 15 minutes away. David was glad to see his aunts and uncles and was quickly off playing with his cousins. In the den the men gathered to watch football on Television while the women folk worked on Thanksgiving dinner. Edward asked his brother-in-law Don where his 14 year-old son Daniel was. Don hymn-hawed around for a minute and the said that he was at camp.

"Camp?" Edward asked, "In November?"

Don replied: "Yeah, it's kind of a special camp." He paused for a minute and then he said: "Ah Hell, it's a god damn boot camp for kids who've gotten in trouble with the law."

His answer startled Edward, prompting him to ask with genuine concern: "What happened?"

"Oh, he and a bunch of his buddies decided to borrow' somebody's car and to go for a little joy ride." Don answered back, he then continued: "But of course it wasn't Daniel's idea, it was his friends idea and Daniel was just helplessly dragged along. Of course every single one of the other kids involved said the exact same thing, that it wasn't there idea. Anyway all 5 of them got sent to a boot camp up in the mountains for the next year."

This prompted the rest of the men to relate similar stories of people they knew that either had had problems with their children or were currently having problems with their teenagers. They related accounts of neighbors, workmates, other relatives and so on. Every single person had at least one story of a teenager that they knew that was in trouble with the law. And every single one of them could trace their problems back to the kids that they were hanging around with.

As he listened to the numerous accounts of delinquent teens, Edward's head began to spin as he tried to imagine what he would do if David would ever get into serious trouble with the law. He thought to himself: "Uh, maybe wearing diapers isn't such a big deal after all. Especially if it keeps him out of trouble with the law!"

The rest of the day went like every other Thanksgiving, men watching football, women in the kitchen cooking, and kids outside running around and playing and making lots of noise. When dinner was ready everyone gathered at the table to offer thanks. At the end of the prayer, Edward thought to himself how thankful he was that his own son, David, was such a good kid and how he had never given him or Sonia the kind of grief that so many other parents had experienced with their children.

After dinner and desert everyone hung around the dinner table and visited with each other for a couple of hours. The leftovers were then divvied up, with many friendly arguments, and then one by one people gathered up their children and leftovers and whatever else they had brought and headed home.

Back home that evening Edward talked to Sonia about what had happened to young Daniel. He also shared with his wife the many other stories he had heard that day of children gone astray. They both said how much they appreciated David and what a good kid he was. Then they began discussing what they could do to keep him on the right track. Edward mentioned how every single story he had heard that day involved bad association. Edward and Sonia both thought back to their teenage days and commented how it was always the "cool" kids that were getting into trouble. They decided that the "cool" kids weren't really cool at all.

Edward then laughingly said: "Well if people start finding out about David wearing a diaper, then the cool' kids would surely want nothing to do with him."

Sonia laughed too, but then she said: "You know what? You may be on to something there. His diaper wearing may actually be a blessing in disguise!"

They talked until late into the evening about how they could help David to go public with his diaper wearing and his baby fantasies, and also how they could help him to be prepared for the fallout that would surely come from others finding out about his deep dark secret desires.

Chapter 10 - A Crib for David

The next morning when he awoke David headed down for breakfast still wearing his footed blanket sleeper and his diaper. At the table he found his father scribbling on a notepad. The two said good morning to each other and David asked his father what he was working on.

"A crib for you!" Edward answered.

David was totally shocked and asked: "Are you serious?' He wasn't sure if his father was just being sarcastic again.

Edward then turned the notepad so that his young son could see. He then said: "I figure if we use PVC pipe, we can probably build a crib for less then $100 and have it finished by the end of the weekend."

Once again David was in complete shock at what he saw and what he was hearing. He very excitedly said: "That would be Great! And sooo cool!"

Edward smiled at his son's overwhelming enthusiasm. He then said: "Now there is going to be a catch. Working with PVC cement you have to make sure that there is plenty of fresh air and good ventilation. So if we build you a crib today, we're going to have to open up the garage door and make sure we have plenty of ventilation. That means that people in the neighborhood are going see what we're doing. And if any of the kids stop and ask what we are doing, YOU are the one who is going to have to tell them that we are making a crib because YOU are wanting to sleep in a crib at night." Edward paused to let his words sink in. Edward then asked his young son if he still wanted to build a crib even if it meant that others would find out about his secret baby fantasies.

David swallowed hard. He knew the day was coming when others were going to find out about his secret desires. He was hoping to put this off as long as possible. However, the thrill of him being able to sleep in a crib far out weighed the potential embarrassment that might come from others finding out about his secret fantasies. He then thought to himself: "Aw what the heck, they're going to find out sooner or later anyway. At least this way I get a new crib out of it." After a few moments of pondering David slowly started nodding his head and then softly said: "Yes", that he still wanted to start working on a crib that day.

"Very well!" Edward said. "After breakfast we'll both get dressed and go to Home Depot and get the supplies that we will need."

David ate his breakfast as quickly as he could and then rushed upstairs and changed into his "big boy" clothes. After Edward finished his breakfast he also went upstairs and got ready to go. Before leaving the house however, Edward first retrieved the tape measure from the "junk" drawer and went up to David's room where he carefully measured David's mattress. The two of them then got into Edward's S.U.V. and headed out.

From experience Edward knew that PVC pipe would not be heavy enough to support the weight of his son, especially if it were a couple of feet off of the ground. Therefore, Edward first headed to a nearby thrift store. Once inside the store, Edward went straight over to the furniture section. He began examining the dining room tables. He didn't care how the table looked, what he was interested in were the legs and how the legs attached to the table. He was able to find a sturdy table and bought it for $25.00. Next Father and son drove to Home Depot.

When the two Carpenter men got to Home Depot they first went to the lumber section where Edward picked out a piece of plywood. They took the plywood to the cutting section and rang the bell and waited for someone to come to cut the plywood for them. When the clerk arrived, Edward gave him the dimensions from David's mattress, adding a couple of inches for the rails. After getting the plywood cut they next went to the plumbing section. Edward picked out the PVC pipes and joints that he would need along with some slow drying PVC cement. Next Edward headed over to the hardware section where he picked up several long carriage bolts and a box of wood screws. Lastly they visited the painting section where Edward picked up some sandpaper and some wood stain and varnish. At the checkout Edward was a bit surprised when the total came out to be over $100.00.

On the way home David asked his father if they could stop by the drug store. Edward asked what for, and David blushed a little and said that he was running out of diapers. Edward stopped by the drug store as requested. He pulled out his wallet and gave David a $20.00 bill and told him that he would just wait for him in the car. David went inside the store and quickly found the diapers. He grabbed the package and headed for the checkout. He once again looked around to make sure that there wasn't anybody in the store that might recognize him. He again blushed a little when he put the diapers on the counter. The sales lady smiled and rang up the diapers. David handed her the $20 dollar bill and when she handed back his change David's hand was starting to tremble. She then put the diapers into a bag and handed them to the young child with a big smile on her face. By now David's heart was once again beating a hundred miles an hour and his face was starting to get flush. He was very much relieved to get back into the car with his father. David gave his father the change and they headed home.

Back home, Edward opened the garage door and pulled out his wife's car and then unloaded his truck in the garage. The first thing Edward did was to remove the legs from the table. Each leg had two bolts that held it in place. He gave David some sandpaper and showed him how to sand down the legs. While David was busy sanding away, Edward removed the framework from underneath the table. He then moved the framework to the plywood and secured it with several wood screws.

Edward now set out on building the rails. He started with the side rails. He measured the plywood and carefully calculated the exact distance between each rail. He put 2 of the T's together with a piece of 1" pipe and measured and trimmed and measured and trimmed until he had the exact distance he wanted. He then took the pipe out and created a temporary "jig" to cut all of the connecting pieces the same. He put all of the pieces together and measured the overall length. When he came out =" too long he took apart a couple of pieces and trimmed them up. Once he had the correct distance he glued everything into place. He was glad that he had bought slow drying cement since this allowed him to move things around to line everything up. After finishing the first side rail, Edward repeated the process for the other side rail.

About the time that Edward was finishing up the second side rail, David had finished sanding down the legs. Edward examined his son's work and sanded down a few areas that David had missed. Next they hung the legs up using some twine that Edward ran over the rafters in the garage and applied the stain. By the time they were through staining the legs it was getting close to lunchtime. Edward suggested that they go ahead and stop and take a break and eat some lunch before continuing on.

During lunch Edward began talking to David about how he was going to handle the teasing that would surely come when others learned of his unusual interest in being treated like a baby. Edward encouraged his son to hold his head up high and not act ashamed of himself. That there was nothing wrong with acting like a baby, that he was not hurting anybody, and that he was not forcing anybody else to act like a baby. The concerned father counseled his young son to walk away from ridiculers and not to allow himself to be provoked by them.

Edward also told his young son during lunch that it was time for him to start going "public" with his big baby ways and that Sonia had invited her parents over for dinner that evening. Edward explained that if David wanted to continue to wear diapers and act like a baby, that he would have to let his grandfather and grandmother see him dressed up like a baby. Edward also made sure that David understood that he was not being forced to act like a baby around others, that if he so chose, he could dress and act like a regular 12 year old. But if he was unwilling to act like a baby around others that he would not be allowed to wear diapers and act like a baby around the house in private. David again agreed to his father's terms. Edward then asked David if he understood why he had laid down these ground rules. The young boy acknowledged his father's question and said that if he wanted to act like a baby that he had to be "true to himself" and not run around and hide who he really was, or, be of ashamed of who he was. His answer satisfied his father and the two of them finished eating their lunch.

After lunch Edward had David apply another coat of stain to the legs while he finished up gluing the other side rail. When he was finished gluing the bottom rail of the side rail together, Edward began working on the head rail. He pretty much repeated the same steps he had used on the side rails with the exception that the spacing between the rails on the headboard was about =" less then the side rails. Edward went ahead and set up another "jig" for these pipes as well, even though there were far fewer of them then the side rails.

After finishing up the bottom rails, Edward then began working on the top rails. These were much easier since Edward could use the bottom rail as a guide to work from. He even showed David how to piece the top rail together and glue it into place. While they were waiting for the slow drying cement to dry, Edward continued talking to his young son about different scenarios that could come up in regards to his diaper wearing and his secret baby desires. They even engaged in "practice sessions" where Edward would say things like: "What if someone calls you a freak of nature? What would you say back to them?" The concerned father carefully guided his son through what to say and how to say it and also what not to say.

By now David and his father were starting to attract attention from the neighborhood kids who were riding around on their bicycles. Different ones started coming up in the driveway and asking David and his father what they were working on. Edward made David explain things himself. David struggled to hold his head up and explain in a strong clear voice that they were making a crib for him. The reaction was almost always the same: "A CRIB?!? WHY????" David then explained that he enjoyed acting like a baby and being treated like a baby. His answers drew puzzled scowls from the neighbor kids, but nobody said anything because of Edward standing there in the garage with David. A few of the children did sing out songs teasing "Baby David" as they rode away. Edward calmly said to his young son that he had better get use to that.

One of the neighbors who stopped by to see what they were doing was a young girl named Rachel who lived down the street and was a year older then David. David had seen her around in the neighborhood but the two seldom ever talked to each other. When she found out that they were building a crib for David she also had a puzzled look on her face, but she was much more curious about the project then the other children. She asked several questions about the construction of the crib and also asked David a few questions about why he liked being treated like a baby. David was not comfortable talking about his deep dark secrets with an almost complete stranger, but there was something about the genuine interest in Rachel's voice that put the young man at ease. After a while she grew bored with watching David and his father work on the crib. As she left she said: "Let me know how your crib turns out." David blushed a little which caused Rachel to smile.

By the time they had finished gluing the top rails together it was getting dark and cold and Edward announced that he was going to call it a day. He was going to save the footboard for the next day. The footboard is where the gate would be created allowing David to enter and leave the crib. David was disappointed that they would not be able to finish the crib that day but he could see that the crib was nowhere near being finished. They did go ahead and put a coat of varnish on the legs so that they could dry overnight.

The next morning Edward began by flipping the plywood over and attaching the 4 legs. He and David then flipped the crib over onto its legs. Edward then put the 2 side rails and the headboard rail together. He then called for Sonia to give them a hand in lifting the rails onto the plywood. The rails were not very heavy; they were just flimsy. Edward got on one side, Sonia got on the other side and David grabbed a hold of the headboard rail and the three of them carefully maneuvered the rails onto the plywood. Edward then carefully lined things up and then switched places with David. He told his wife and son to hold the rails very still as he got his drill out. Starting in the middle of the headboard rail, Edward drilled a hole through the PVC pipe and through the plywood. He then took one of the long carriage bolts and ran it through the hole and tightened the nut as tight as he could with his hand. He worked his way out from the middle of the headboard until he was on the two outer edges. Next he moved to the side rail that David was holding. He realigned the rail and then drilled holes and ran carriage bolts through the holes. Last but not least, Edward moved to the side that Sonia was holding and did the same thing on her side.

David could not believe his eyes! For the first time since they had started working on the project, it now looked like an honest to goodness crib! David asked his father if he could climb inside to examine the crib from the inside out. Edward gave his son a boost up into the crib and instructed him not to touch the rails until he could tighten up the nuts. David chuckled with uncontrollable delight as he crawled around inside the crib. He even laid down on the plywood and looked out through the rails and imagined what it was going to be like to sleep in a crib every night. Edward and Sonia looked at each other in and smiled. They also shook their heads in disbelief over how excited their young son was to be able to sleep in a crib again.

Edward retrieved his wrench from the tool chest and tightened up the carriage bolts as David played on the inside of the crib. Edward had glued to top rails together and he had glued the bottom rails together. However he did not glue the 1" vertical pipes in to the T's that connected the top rail to the bottom rail. He wanted to wait until the bottom rail was bolted to the plywood, this way he could trim up any of the pipes that were too long. And sure enough there were about a half dozen pipes that needed trimming. Once every thing was trimmed up, Edward glued the 1" pipes into the top rail only. He did this on purpose so that the side rails and the headboard rail could be easily removed and this would make it much easier to set up and take down the crib. He wasn't sure if once the crib was set up if David was going to want to leave it set up all the time and sleep in it every night. That is why he designed the crib to be semi portable and easy to set up and take down.

Last but not least came the footboard. This was going to be by far the most difficult piece since this was where the gate was going to be to get into and out of the crib. Edward started with 2 toilet (closet) flanges that were turned upside down and securely bolted to the plywood. Next he cut off two very small piece of 2" pipe that came up from the closet flanges to a reducing "T". The reducing "T" created a 1 =" cross bar across the footboard of the crib. Over the 1 =" piece of pipe Edward used a 2" piece of pipe that would run up and create the rails for the footboard. Having the 1 =" piece of pipe inside of a 2" pipe is what would create the hinge that would allow the gate to open and close on the crib. Also Edward built the footboard rails to run horizontally instead of vertically so that when the gate was lowered the rails could serve like rungs on a ladder to help David climb into the crib. Realizing that the gate would also be used as a ladder, he also used 2" pipes to support David's weight. On the top of the gate Edward used reducing couplers to bring the 2" pipe back down to a 1" pipe to tie in to the rest of the crib.

The next challenge was to create a method to latch the gate into a closed position. For this Edward was going to use 2 pieces of =" pipe inside the 1" pipe to slide back and forth and when the gate was closed the =" pipes could be slid into the couplers coming off of each side of the side rails. Edward started off by drilling holes in the =" piece of pipe and running a carriage bolt through the hole. The carriage bolt was held in place by 2 nuts, one inside the pipe and another one on the outside. These 2 nuts were tightened thus creating handles to slide the =" pieces of pipe back and forth. Next Edward used a jigsaw to cut notches in each end of the top rail on the gate. These notches are where the carriage bolts would run. The =" pieces of pipes were then slid into the 1" top rail on each side and test fitted. Next a very small amount of glue was added to the each end of the 1" top rail and Edward very carefully slid on the 2 T's on each end of the top rail. He was very careful not to get any glue on =" pieces of pipes. In fact after the T's were in place Edward kept moving the =" pieces of pipes back and forth making sure that these didn't inadvertently become glued in place. Once the T's were in place on each end of the top rails, these provided a "stop" for the carriage bolts. Edward then slid the =" pieces of pipes out as far as he could until the carriage bolts hit the T's. He then cut off the excess pipe. Finally everything had to be lined up and Edward had to do several trimmings before he could glue everything together.

At last the crib was finished! Edward lowered the gate on the footboard and David climbed inside. Edward carefully watched as David stood on the 2" rail as he climbed into the crib, he wanted to make sure that it was sturdy enough to support his son's weight. Now it was time to take the crib upstairs. David climbed out of the crib and his father took his rubber mallet and removed the gate first. Next came the side rails and headboard rail. These were loosened and then removed as one piece from the plywood frame and then broken down. And last but not least the frame was turned over, upside down, and the legs were unbolted.

Father and son then grabbed a hold of the plywood frame and carried it upstairs to David's room and propped it up against the wall as they disassembled David's "big boy" bed. Edward asked David if he was going to want to use the box spring on his crib. He explained that it might be a little bit more comfortable but that it would not look like a crib. David decided that he wanted to stay with the crib look and opted to just use the mattress. The two of them then carried the box spring down to the garage and propped it up against the wall. Edward grabbed the 2 side rails and David grabbed 2 of the legs and they returned to his room. A couple more trips of going back and forth between the garage and the bedroom resulted in getting all of David's "big boy" bed into the garage and getting all of the parts for his crib into his bedroom.

Edward turned the plywood frame over and bolted the 4 legs into place. The frame was then turned over and the mattress was put on to it. Once the mattress was on the frame, Sonia pulled out a "Baby Mickey" sheet that she had bought the day before while David and Edward were busy building the crib. David adored the new sheet and agreed with his mother that it did look very "babyish". Then Father and son connected the 2 side rails to the headboard rail. They carefully lifted up all 3 rails and positioned them over the corresponding T's in the framework. Once all of the rails were lined up, Edward used his rubber mallet to tap everything securely into place. Finally the gate was put into position and tapped into place. It took several very firm hits with the rubber mallet to properly line up the top of the gate so that it would properly fasten into place. Father and son stood back and admired their handiwork. Edward was very pleased how quickly and how easy it was to put the crib together.

David quickly and excitedly climbed into the crib and closed and latched the gate behind him. He walked around inside the crib examining all four sides. He sat down and grabbed hold of a couple of the bars and gently shook them. They weren't the sturdiest bars in the world, but they would definitely do the job. David asked if he could take a nap in his new crib. Edward said that would be fine, but first he needed to eat some lunch. David agreed and told his parents that he would be down in just a minute.

After his parents left the room, David quickly changed into a diaper and then put on his blanket sleeper. As he was leaving the room he grabbed his bib and sippy cup. Sonia smiled as her "baby" boy came into the dining room. David smiled back and sat down and put on his bib as his mother brought his sandwich out to him. Sonia asked if David wanted her to fill up his sippy cup for him. David responded with a very polite "Yes Please". Sonia filled up the sippy cup with some soda and returned it to her son. David quickly ate his lunch, as he was very excited and anxious to sleep in his brand new crib. After lunch David returned to his room and retrieved his baby bottle. He filled the baby bottle up with milk and gave both of his parents a hug and a kiss "good night". David thanked his father over and over again for making the crib for him. Edward responded that he was very welcomed.

David returned to his room and climbed into the crib. He closed the gate and latched it shut and then laid down. As he laid in his crib drinking his bottle, he ran his free hand back and forth across the rails of the crib. He had barely finished his bottle before he fell fast asleep feeling safe and secure in his new crib.

Chapter 11 - Self-Defense Training

While young David took a nap in his brand new crib, his father was busy in the garage. He found an old duffle bag and asked his wife Sonia where David’s old clothes were. Sonia kept all of David’s clothes that he outgrew in garbage bags and once a year or so she would take his old clothes and donate them to a nearby thrift store. Sonia showed her husband where the clothes were and asked him what he was going to use them for. Edward explained that when the other kids found out about their son’s baby ways that David had better be prepared to defend himself. Sonia didn’t approve of fighting but she knew that many times this was the sad reality of growing up. She shook her head in disapproval as she headed back into the house.

Edward took the old clothes and stuffed them into the duffle bag as tight as he could and then tied up the duffle bag. He got out the ladder and took a piece of rope and ran it over one of the rafters in the garage. He then tied the duffle bag to the rope creating a homemade punching bag.

When David awoke from his nap he came downstairs still wearing his blanket sleeper. His father instructed him to go change into some “regular” clothes and to meet him in the garage. When David entered the garage he saw the punching bag and didn’t know what to think. His father explained that even though they had talked about how to handle the other kids teasing him for wanting to wear a diaper and wanting to be treated like a baby, that sometimes no matter what he might say to diffuse the situation, he may still be faced with having to fight to defend himself. Edward carefully explained that fighting was an absolute, positive last resort when nothing else had worked. He also told David that he should only fight to defend himself and that he should never, under any circumstance, ever be the one who starts a fight. After he had laid down the ground rules and after David accepted the ground rules the training began. The first thing Edward taught his young son was how to throw a kidney punch. David doubted that such a punch could be very effective. Edward then punched David in the kidney, he was very careful not to hit him too hard, but at the same time, he wanted to hit him hard enough so that he could see what a powerful punch it could be and how it could render his attacker helpless. David doubled over in pain after the punch and then realized that his father was absolutely correct about what an effective punch that it could be.

While David recovered from his punch his father explained how a kidney punch could catch people off guard. He said that in most fights people put their arms and hands up to defend their face and this leaves their stomach and torso wide open. Edward also told his son that if the kidney punch, or punches, were effective in disabling his attacker that he should just walk away and not continue the fight. After David was feeling better Edward demonstrated on the punching bag how to throw a good kidney punch. He then held the bag and had David practice. Edward gave his son several pointers and after David had mastered the kidney punch, he taught him a couple of other punches that he could use in combination with the kidney punch. Edward then left his son alone in the garage for him to practice on the punching bag. After about of 30 minutes of hitting the punching bag David was exhausted and went back in the house.

When Edward saw his son back in the house he told them after he rested up and caught his breath that he needed to go upstairs and take a shower and clean up because his grandparents were coming over that evening for dinner. Edward reminded his son to be sure to change into his “baby” outfit for his grandparents to see. When David heaved a heavy sigh, his father reminded him that he did not have to dress up like a baby if he didn’t want to, that he could still wear his regular “big-boy” clothes, but that if he did then their “deal” was off and that David would have to get rid of all of his diapers and other baby paraphernalia. His father then asked: “So, are you ready to call off our deal?” He was secretly hoping that maybe his son would end this foolish baby business.

David answered his father with a polite: “No sir” and then he asked: “Do I have to wear a diaper too?”

His father replied that not at first he wouldn’t. He didn’t want to freak out David’s grandparents right off the bat. But after dinner, after they had explained everything to his grandparents, that David would be instructed to go upstairs and to “get ready for bed”. At this prompting the young man was to change into his footed pajamas and put on a diaper and then come back downstairs and spend the rest of the evening in his blanket sleeper and diaper. David nodded his head in agreement and headed upstairs to shower.

After his shower David put on his youthful shirt that he and his mother had bought at the thrift store the week before along with his custom tailored shortalls and his sandals. David watched TV and played video games until his grandparents arrived. There was a large lump in his throat as he thought about how they might react to seeing him dressed in such a childish outfit.

Chapter 12 - Dinner with the Grandparents

A little before 6:00 o’clock the doorbell rang announcing the arrival of the grandparents. David’s heart began pounding when his father opened the door and invited his grandparents, George and Louise, into the house. When they entered the living room, David stood up and walked over to his grandparents and gave them both a hug and a kiss. Both George and Louise thought that it was unusual for David to be wearing an outfit with short pants in the end of November. Louise also thought to herself that David looked out of place in his outfit. She had seen young girls at the mall wear shortalls, but she couldn’t recall if she had ever seen any boys over the age of 5 or 6 wearing shortalls. She had a puzzled look on her face but she didn’t say anything, she didn’t want to hurt David’s feelings. George thought his outfit was a little unusual as well, but he didn’t give it a second thought. He thought that maybe this was the new “fad” for boys to wear these days. He didn’t understand young people at all.

Edward got George and Louise and drink and everyone sat around the living room drinking and visiting for about 20 or 30 minutes while the food finished cooking. Near the end of dinner, Edward breached the subject of young David’s unusual clothing.

He started of by asking David’s grandparents if they had noticed anything unusual about their grandson’s clothing that evening. Louise commented that she did think it a bit strange that he should be wearing shorts at this time of the year. Edward asked if they had noticed anything else unusual about David’s clothing. Louise remained silent, she didn’t know where her son-in-law was going with this conversation, and she definitely did not want to say anything to hurt David’s feelings. After a few seconds of awkward silence, George spoke up and said: “Aw hell, he looks likes a dad-gum five-year-old.” David blushed and hung down his head.

Edward then said: “Thank-you for noticing. This is actually sort of a ‘coming out’ party for David tonight. You see he’s been wearing these types of clothes around the house for a couple of weeks now.”

David again blushed and Louise’s blood began to boil as she thought that her son-in-law was trying to deliberately embarrass her grandson.

Sonia saw the look on her mother’s face and quickly jumped into the conversation: “No, no! It’s not what you think. This clothing is all of David’s idea. He’s the one that begged me to take him to the store to buy it and he’s the one that asked me to cut off a pair of regular overalls and turn them into shortalls.”

By now George and Louise were both totally confused.

Edward then took back over the conversation: “Let’s go back to how all of this began and start over at the beginning.” Edward then explained about David’s bedwetting and how they had taken him to the doctor for tests and so on and so on. Edward told the shell-shocked grandparents about the research he had done on the internet and how that there are thousands upon thousands, if not millions of people worldwide that enjoy acting like a baby and want to be treated like a baby. He also explained about the “deal” he had made with his young son to allow him to wear a diaper and act like a baby, but that he would have to let other people see him dressed up that way. He then took the time to tell them the reason why he had made this deal with his young son, that he did not want David sneaking around and living a lie and hiding who he really was.

While his father explained things, David would occasionally turn red with embarrassment as his deep dark secrets were openly discussed with others. But he was also carefully studying his grandparent’s faces as his father talked about infantilism and adult babies and diaper lovers. Of course all of this was completely new to George and Louise, they had never before heard these expressions and they had no idea that there were people out there who actually wanted to act like babies. It was more then most senior citizens could handle in a single sitting.

When Edward finished speaking there was a long and very awkward silence, David’s grandparents had no idea what to say. Sonia finally broke the silence by asking if anybody was ready for desert. Everybody responded that they were indeed ready for desert, even though in fact, everyone was still full from diner. They just wanted an opportunity to change the subject and start talking about something else.

When they had finished their desert, Edward turned to his son and announced that it was getting late and that he needed to go get ready for bed. David excused himself from the table and went upstairs to change into his pajamas, even though it was not even 8:00 o’clock yet. David first of all removed his shirt and shortalls and hung them up in his closet. Next he laid down on the floor and put on a diaper. And last but not least he stepped inside his footed blanket sleeper and zipped it up tight. David took a long hard look at himself in his mirror as he worked up the courage to leave the safe confines of his room and to have his grandparents see him dressed in a diaper and footed pajamas. Finally he heaved a heavy sigh and said to himself: “Here goes nothing.” He then opened the door and headed downstairs.

By the time David had finished changing (and mustering up his courage), everyone was back in the living room. As he hesitantly entered the living room, Louise absolutely melted when she saw how cute her grandson looked in his footed pajamas. “Oh my!” she said, “That is absolutely precious! Now come over here and give your Nana a big hug.”

David complied with his grandmother’s wishes, but as he walked tentatively across the living room his diaper rustled and cracked announcing itself to everyone. His grandfather took one look at young David and rolled his eyes, shook his head and looked away. When he got to his grandmother she reached out and gave him a great big hug. She commented how warm and soft he felt. As she was finishing up her hug, her hand moved downward and patted his diapered behind. She gushed on and on how cute and adorable and precious he was. She commented that on a “cute” scale of one to ten that he must be at least an 11 or a 12. David was glad that his grandparents didn’t “freak out” when they saw him dressed that way. He also enjoyed all of the attention that he was receiving from his grandmother, even though it did make him feel a little uncomfortable.

Louise scooted over next to her husband and then patted her hand on the couch next to her and instructed her young grandson to sit down. David squeezed into diapered behind into the small opening between his grandmother and the arm of the couch. Louise continued on about how cute and adorable David was. When she finally finished talking about her grandson, Edward said that he had rented a movie and asked if everyone was in the mood to watch a movie that evening. Everybody said that that sounded like a good idea to them and Edward put the movie in and started it.

About half way through the movie, Edward paused the DVD player to give everybody a bathroom break. While everyone else was using the restroom, David ran upstairs and grabbed his pacifier and his pillow out of his crib. When David returned to the living room sucking on his pacifier, his grandmother once again started in on how cute he was. She then instructed David to come over to her and she would show him a trick so that he wouldn’t accidentally lose his pacifier. She then asked Sonia for a large safety pin and a piece of string. Sonia retrieved the requested items and brought them to her mother. Louise first of all unzipped David’s sleeper about half way and put one hand inside of his pajamas as she carefully ran the safety pin through the chest of David’s sleeper. Next she tied the string to the pacifier and then tied the pacifier to the safety pin. She told David that this was how she had done it with his mother when she was a little girl. “Now you’ll never lose your pacifier again!” she said as she zipped up her grandson’s blanket sleeper. Once again David enjoyed the attention from his grandmother, and he enjoyed how babyish he felt with a pacifier pinned to his blanket sleeper. David took his pillow and laid down on his stomach in the middle of the living room floor. This brought the white plastic soles of his sleeper’s feet into full view. Several times through out the rest of the movie David would raise his feet up in the air. He liked how the one-piece design of the sleeper along with the attached feet would force his toes to curl up. It was a reminder of how youthful he must have looked lying there on the floor.

When the movie had finished, Edward announced to his son that it was his bedtime. He told David to give his grandparents a hug and a kiss goodnight. Sonia then asked her young diaper wearing son if he would like her to make up a baby bottle for him. David responded with a very polite “Yes please.” His mother went into the kitchen and was making up his bottle while David said goodnight to everyone. David started with his father and then moved on to his grandfather. His grandfather’s goodnight hug and kiss was very short. Last but not least he moved to his grandmother. She gave him a great big hug and told him to “sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.” As he was saying goodnight to his grandmother he got an idea. “Hey Nana,” he said, “Do you want to see the crib that me and Dad just built?”

The surprised grandparent responded with a “Sure, I’d love to see your crib.” David asked his “Nana” to wait a minute while he went and got his bottle. He went into the kitchen and retrieved his bottle from his mother and gave her a hug and a kiss goodnight. David returned to the living room and then grandson and grandmother went upstairs together to David’s room. Once inside his room, David’s grandmother commented what a nice job that David and his father had done on the crib. David then began very excitedly and very rapidly telling his grandmother how they had built the crib. All Louise got out of what David was saying was: Thrift Store, table, Home Depot and PVC pipe. She laughed at her grandson’s great enthusiasm over his new crib. She asked how he got inside. David showed her the rear gate and the latches that his father had built. He unlatched the gate and swung it down. He then used the horizontal rungs like a ladder and climbed up into his crib. He turned around and pulled the gate up and then refastened the latches. He then said: “See! Just like a real baby’s bed, but made for me!” Louise smiled and reached up and gave her young grandson another kiss goodnight. David had to lean over the railing to reach his grandmothers mouth. As she started to leave his room, David asked his grandmother if she would tell him a bedtime story.

The once again surprised grandmother said that she would love to tell him a story and grabbed his chair from his desk and brought it over next to his crib. David lay down and began drinking out of his bottle while his grandmother began telling him the story of the three little pigs. She would make her voice go real high whenever she told about what any of the 3 little pigs would say and then she made her voice go real low when she talked like the big bad wolf. This caused David to laugh while she told the story.

Meanwhile downstairs George was ranting and raving how wrong it was for a 12-year-old boy to be wearing a diaper and sucking a pacifier and drinking out of a bottle and to be sleeping in a crib. Both Edward and Sonia tried to calm him down by telling him how that David’s behavior was not hurting anybody and if acting like a baby is what made him happy where was the harm in that. George then asked: “What if he was gay? Then what? Would you invite all of his little faggot friends over and let them have sex on your living room floor while you watched and said: ‘Oh, how cute! Aren’t they adorable!’”

David then asked: “All right then, what do you propose we do? How would you handle this situation?”

George replied: “Well I sure wouldn’t let him dress up and act like some sort of big baby. I’d take away all of his diapers and baby stuff and tell him that if I ever caught him wearing a diaper or dressing up like a baby that he would get the spanking of his lifetime and that he wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week.” In George’s generation spankings were the solution for everything. Anytime a child did something that people did not understand, they got a spanking.

David then told George about the research that he had done on the Internet and how he had read the personal accounts of many people whose parents tried everything in their power to stop their infantile desires when they were children, but that nothing worked. There was no “cure” for infantilism; it was not some sort of disease.

“Bah, humbug!” was George’s response. “Give me a month with that boy and I’ll straighten him out!” Both David and Sonia rolled their eyes and shook their heads in disbelief.

By now Louise had finished her bedtime story. David and his grandmother said goodnight one more time. This time they kissed through the bars of the crib. Louise put the chair back at the desk and turned around to take one final look at her young grandson laying in his crib, wearing a footed sleeper and drinking a bottle. David took the bottle out of his mouth and thanked his Nana for telling him a bedtime story. Louise replied: “You’re welcome dear. Anytime.” She then softly said: “Goodnight sweetie” as she closed the door behind her.

When Louise got back downstairs, she asked what everyone was talking about. George started in again about how wrong it was for David to be wearing a diaper and acting like a big baby. “Oh calm down George” Louise said, “For crying out loud, he’s not hurting anyone. And if dressing up like a baby and acting like a baby makes him happy then SO WHAT! And it does make him happy. You would not have believed how excited he got when he started talking about his crib. He was talking so fast that I could barely understand a single word he said. You just leave David alone! There are a lot worse things that he could be involved with.”

Everyone agreed that it would be best if they changed the subject. They visited for a few more minutes and then George and Louise said goodnight and drove home.

As David fell asleep that night he was actually starting to feel good about others finding out about his baby ways. He could now act like himself and dress up like a baby around his grandparents and they would accept him for who he was. Especially his grandmother!

Chapter 13 - Back to School

Word of David’s crib making had spread throughout the neighborhood like wildfire during the long Thanksgiving weekend. By the time David returned to school on Monday some of the kids were already making fun of him. David was able to heed his parents advise and he held his head up and explained that yes in deed he did enjoy acting like a baby and that there was nothing wrong with that and that he wasn’t hurting anyone else so what was the big deal. When they didn’t get any reaction from their schoolmate most of the kids simply gave up and left young David alone.

But after school a group of bullies stopped David and asked him if it was true that he slept in a baby’s crib. David swallowed hard and explained that this was correct. He then asked: “What’s the big deal? I’m not hurting anybody. If I happen to enjoy acting like a baby, what’s it to you?”

The lead bully, Steve, responded: “What’s it to ME? Well it just so happens that I don’t like to see a 12-year-old boy acting like a little bitty baby, and I’m going to beat you up until you start crying like a little bitty baby?”

David came back with: “Aw come on! I’m not hurting you! I’m not forcing you to act like a baby or anything else. So why do you want to hurt me?”

Steve then said: “Cause I enjoy beating up little babies. That’s what I enjoy doing. So just deal with it!”

David could see that the situation was escalating and therefore he said: “Well do whatever you think you have to do…but be forewarned that I will defend myself!”

Steve then began mocking David: “I will defend myself.” The other boys began laughing and then Steve yelled out: “Oh yeah, well defend THIS! ” And with that he lunged forward at David and took a swing at David with his right hand. David quickly blocked the punch with his left hand and ducked down below Steve’s swing. As he came back up he countered with a right kidney punch. Steve’s eyes bulged out and David could tell by the expression on Steve’s face that the kidney punch had landed properly and had gotten the bully’s attention. Steve had never felt such intense pain before in his life and he was unable to properly defend himself. David quickly came back with a left kidney punch that caused Steve to drop both of his hands. Now David remembered what his father had said about not continuing to fight after his opponent had been disabled, but he simply could not resist the temptation to take one final punch at the now defenseless bully. David reared back his right hand and then swung it with all of his might right at Steve’s nose. The punch landed solid and Steve fell to his knees and bent over in pain and grabbed his now bleeding nose.

With that David turned and walked away. All of Steve’s friends were in complete shock. They had never seen him get beat up before. And they were completely surprised by how quickly “Baby” David had brought their friend to his knees. As he walked away, Steve tried to save at least a shred of his dignity and called out to David: “Come back here and fight like a man, you big wussie!” David ignored the threat and continued walking. Steve was greatly relieved that David did not come back, but he acted like he was ready to continue the fight in front of his friends.

Back home, David went upstairs and changed into a diaper and his shortalls. He then came back downstairs and began doing his homework on the dining room table. His mother came into the dining room and told her young son that his grandmother had called earlier that day. She told David how grandma went on and on over how cute her grandson looked in his blanket sleeper and wearing a diaper. She said that David was welcomed to spend the night anytime that he wanted to. That she would pick him up from school and take him back to school the next day if he wanted her to.

This made David feel very good, that his grandmother was so eager for him to spend the night with her. Sonia asked if David thought he would take his grandmother up on her offer. David nodded his head in the affirmative and said that this sounded real good to him. Sonia then told her son that whenever he wanted to go over to grandma’s house to just let her know and that she would work out all the details. Sonia too was pleased that her mother was so accepting of David’s new behavior. She also thought back on how her and her mother use to take David places together and how all three of them use to go shopping together and how they would pick out various outfits for David together. She wondered to herself if they might ever do that again, now that she had her “little boy” back again. Sonia left the room and David returned to doing his homework.

Chapter 14 - An Afternoon Visitor

A short while later the doorbell rang. Sonia answered the door and was surprised to see a young girl at the door. She had seen her around in the neighborhood and thought that her name might have been Rachel. Rachel sheepishly asked if David was home. This very much surprised Sonia and then called out to David that the door was for him. David very cautiously approached the door. After all he was wearing a very childish pair of shortalls along with a diaper underneath. When Rachel caught sight of David in his shortalls she smiled big and said: “Hey David!”

Her smile eased David’s inhibitions a little bit and he replied back: “Hey Rachel!” He then asked her what was up. Rachel said that she was just wondering if David and his father ever finished the crib that they were working on. When she mentioned the crib, David’s face lit up! He excitedly told his new friend: “Yeah we finished it, and it turned out GREAT! Do you want to see it?”

Rachel said that she would like to see the finished crib and David invited her in and told her that the crib was upstairs in his room. He then had Rachel follow him up the stairs. As he was going up the stairs his diaper revealed itself to Rachel by crackling and rustling. When Rachel realized that David was wearing a diaper she could not help but to giggle. David turned around and asked what was so funny. Rachel caught herself and said: “Nothing”. The young diaper lover was pretty sure why she had giggled and he had mixed feelings about it. On one hand he did not like being laughed at, but on the other hand he kind of liked the thought of how he could bring joy to someone else. He could tell that her giggle was not a mean spirited giggle but more of an amused, “isn’t that cute”, kind of giggle.

Upstairs in his room, Rachel just stared in disbelief at the very large crib. David quickly kicked the sandals off his feet and showed his new friend how the gate at the end of the crib worked. He lowered it down and then showed how the bars could be used like a ladder and then he climbed up in the crib. Next he reached down and raised the gate back up and then showed Rachel the latch system that he and his father had created to latch the gate shut. After that he sat down “Indian style” inside the crib and looked out through the bars at the young girl. Rachel smiled and said that he looked cute in his shortalls. She then asked if he was wearing a diaper. David blushed and nodded his head “Yes”. She then asked if he liked wearing a diaper. Again the young man blushed and said that he did enjoy wearing a diaper. Rachel responded with a very warm and friendly: “That’s Cool!” Of course she knew full well what the answers to both of her questions were, but she wanted it to get the subject out in the open.

About this time Sonia entered the room to check up on the two children. Sonia asked Rachel what she thought about David’s crib. She said that she thought there it was very cool! David’s mother then asked what Rachel thought about a 12-year-old boy dressing up like a baby and acting likes a baby. If she thought it was at all strange or unusual. Sonia asked this to try to determine what Rachel’s interest was in David. If she was only interested in getting a first hand look at the neighborhood “freak”, or something like that.

Rachel responded to Sonia’s question with: “Unusual? YES! It’s not every day you see a 12-year-old boy dressed up in a shortall and sitting inside of a crib.” This caused David to once again blush. Rachel then continued on: “But Strange?!? I don’t think so. I mean if this is what makes him happy, then what’s the big deal? I think it takes a tremendous amount of courage to ‘go against the grain’ and do something that other people don’t understand or approve of. I wish more people would ‘just let go’ and do what they enjoy without being so cotton-pickin’ afraid of what other people think. And besides that, he looks sooo cute dressed up that way. How can you not just fall in love with him?”

With that, Sonia determined that Rachel was not just interested in her son as some sort of “freak”, but that the young girl did have a certain amount of appreciation and respect for David’s courage to “do his own thing.” Sonia also knew that David would probably be losing a lot of his former friends and that both she and her son needed to work with anyone who wanted to befriend the young diaper lover. Sonia then made the suggestion that maybe it was time to put “Baby” David down for a nap. She then walked over to the crib and looked down at her young son and asked in a very baby tone: “Is Baby David Cee-Pee? Does baby want to go Night-Night?”

David nodded his head in approval as he could tell that this is what his mother wanted him to do. But he wasn’t sure what she had in mind. Sonia then asked Rachel if she could help David get changed into his pajamas while she went downstairs and got a bottle ready for him. Sonia walked over to the dresser and removed David’s sleeper and handed it to Rachel. She then instructed David to co-operate with Rachel and do whatever she told him to do. After that Sonia left the room.

Rachel sat the pajamas down on David’s chair and rolled the chair over next to the crib. She undid the latches on the foot of the crib and lowed the gate. She instructed David to get out of the crib. As David stood there in front of Rachel, the very pretty teenage girl undid the buttons on his shortall and pulled it down to his ankles. The young girl smiled when the shortall slid past David’s diaper. David blushed with embarrassment. He was very glad that his diaper was still “fresh”, that he hadn’t used it yet. Once again David’s sensory systems were on overload. He was very embarrassed to have someone his own age undress him and see him standing there in a diaper. But at the same time he found the experience to be very erotic and arousing. On one hand he felt totally innocent, like a baby. But on the other hand there was again the “forbidden fruit” syndrome going on. Here he was being undressed by a very pretty young girl who was just a year older then himself. He couldn’t help but feeling that they were doing something “forbidden”, something “naughty”. These feelings of naughtiness caused his young penis to once again enlarge itself. This in turn caused the front of his diaper to bulge outward and to make a crinkling noise. Rachel looked up to see what was going on. When she saw the front of his diaper bulge outward, she smiled and said: “Oooh, I think baby is enjoying this.” She then reached out and gently stroked the front of his diaper with her fingertips. This caused David’s penis to enlarge all the more so. Rachel smiled at David and winked at him. David blushed and smiled back. Rachel then instructed David to step out of the shortall. After that Rachel had David hold his arms straight up over his head as she removed his shirt. Once again David felt completely helpless and like a little baby who depended on others to do everything for him. After she removed his shirt, Rachel stepped back and looked at her new “baby” friend standing there only wearing a diaper. David blushed and tried to cover himself up. As if it would do any good. Rachel smiled at David’s obvious discomfort and embarrassment. Rachel then asked where David kept his T-Shirts. David pointed over to the dresser and said that the T-Shirts were in the top left drawer. Rachel retrieved a T-Shirt and then once again instructed David to raise his arms up over his head as she put the T-Shirt on him. Next she picked up the sleeper and unfolded it. As it unfolded she saw for the first time that it had it’s own feet attached. Rachel cooed with delight: “Oh Look! Feety pajamas! I haven’t seen feety pajamas in years!” Rachel then asked where in the world did they ever find such a pair of footed pajamas in such a large size. David told her that they had bought them at Target. He then told her that they had a large selection of other footed pajamas in his size as well and that they were only $12.00. He was half-way hinting to her that she could buy him another pair if she wanted to. Rachel unzipped the sleeper and had David sit down on the foot of the crib. She instructed David to stick out one foot out and then the other as she worked the footed garment up his legs and positioned his feet properly inside the sleeper. She then had David stand up and she helped him put his arms into the sleeves of the pajama. Finally she zipped up the garment. She started out down below his left knee and zipped it all the way up to the neck. When she had finished helping David get dressed she said: “There! Baby is all ready for beddy bye! Now let’s go downstairs and get your bottle.” With that she took his hand and led him downstairs. Once again David felt humiliated to be treated in such a way by someone who was his own age, but at the same time he truly enjoyed all of the undivided attention.

When they got downstairs Sonia was waiting for them in the living room. She had made up a bottle of milk for David and had it sitting on the coffee table. Sonia told Rachel: “Here! Why don’t you sit down here on the end of the couch and then have David lay down on the couch as you give him his bottle.” Rachel sat down where Sonia instructed. Next Sonia lead her young son over to the couch and helped him lay down and then had him put his head in Rachel’s lap. After the two youngsters were properly positioned, Sonia handed Rachel the bottle.

Rachel smiled as she accepted the bottle and then held it down near David’s mouth. She then said: “Here you go Baby David. Be a good baby and drink up your ba-ba.” David began slowly drinking out of the bottle. This was once again a very unusual situation for the young boy. If anybody would have walked in on him and would have seen him wearing his footed pajamas and drinking out of a baby bottle, he would have died a thousand deaths. But at the same time he did enjoy having the undivided attention of such a lovely young girl. For her part, treating David like a baby brought out all of Rachel’s motherly instincts. She was truly bonding with the young boy and felt very protective toward the sweet (and helpless!) young man.

As she gave him his bottle, Rachel struck up a conversation with Sonia. She asked how long had David been acting like a baby and wearing diapers. Sonia then explained the whole story to the young girl. It was very strange for David to lie there with a bottle in his mouth, unable to say a word, while his mother and Rachel spoke about him in the third person as if he wasn’t even there.

After he finished the bottle, Rachel again took David by the hand and led him back upstairs to his room. Earlier she had seen his “baby” stuff on top of his dresser, so she stopped at the dresser and picked up his pacifier and put it in David’s mouth. She then had him climb into the crib and closed the gate behind him. Rachel stopped and stared at the young man lying in the crib in his footed sleeper and with the pacifier in his mouth for several minutes. She just could not get over how cute and how peaceful he looked. Finally she softly said: “Good Night David.” And then turned to leave the room. David mumbled through his pacifier: “Good Night Rachel.”

As soon as the door closed, David rolled over onto his stomach and again began “humping” his pillow to relieve his now enraging hormones. He had barely climaxed before the exhausted child fell fast asleep. All of the emotions of the day had taken its toll on the young man.

When Rachel had gotten back downstairs, she commented to Sonia: “He is just sooo SO cute! That is absolutely the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my life! He is the kindest and most gentle person that I have ever met. There are a lot of boys that could learn an awful lot from him.”

Sonia agreed with Rachel and commented how good Rachel was with David. She then said: “It seems that you have very strong maternal instincts and you are very gentle with David. He definitely enjoys being babied and you seem to enjoy babying him. It looks like you two are a perfect combination.”

Rachel thanked Sonia for her kind words and then said: “I don’t know what it is exactly, but when I saw him dressed up like a baby and wearing a diaper, my heart just melted. All I wanted to do was to take care of him and protect him. And then when he put on his footy pajamas … I thought I was going to die! That was absolutely positively the cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life!”

The two of them talked a little bit more about the unusual young man. Sonia then invited Rachel to stay for dinner. Rachel graciously declined and said: “Maybe some other time.” Sonia then invited the young girl to come back any time she wanted, that she was always welcomed in their home. Sonia suggested that maybe David and her could do their homework together after school some time. Rachel thanked Sonia for the invitation and said that she would definitely be back again …SOON! The two said their good-byes and Rachel returned to her home.

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