Timmy into Tammy

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Timmy into Tammy

2008-05-17 18:00:41

Author: Shadow "chrissy" Jay

Chapter One

In Which Carolyn discovers Tim’s Secrets and Takes Steps

Carolyn loved her boyfriend Tim with all her heart but he seemed so secretive at times. Aloof and shy when it came to talking about the things he wanted. Oh he was a very tender Lover. Soft and delicate with is touch and his kisses made her shiver with delight but he always seemed unsatisfied in some way she could not explain. He seldom had his own orgasm and as far as she knew it was nothing she could address or "fix". It was a mystery.

They were scheduled to get married in just 2 weeks and Carolyn was cleaning the home he had just had built before she moved in. They had shared this home for just over a year and Tim was gone to a network programmers conference so she had the time and privacy to do the real "cleaning" that only females seem to comprehend.

While vacuuming the floor of the walk in closet that was on his side of the room she bumped the vacuum against the back of the closet and suddenly there was a soft but distinct "click". She turned off the vacuum and discovered a small, well oiled and equally well concealed door she never knew existed.

She bent down and moved into the hidden space, a small but highly organized closet behind the closet and found herself in a whole different world. Neatly hung on the closet rod were 6 little girl style dresses sized for an adult. The style was frilly, pre school styles with velvet and silk with ribbons and bows but the size and cut were not at all for a female. No, these, she knew immediately, would fit her fiancé, Tim.

Carolyn knew about cross dressers, she had, after all, been to college, graduate school, internship and, finally and had earned her license as a private Psychologist and of course she had watched Jerry Springer but to find that her boy friend was a closet cross dresser was a bit of a shock.

This explained why he was so reluctant to talk about his own deep sexual desires. Maybe there was more to discover. She moved the dresses aside and found that indeed there was a small dresser behind them.

The top drawer of the dresser was full of make up, cleansing masques, lip sticks in a variety of shades and colors and nail polish. This was a preteen girls play kit for a make-up party.

The second drawer almost took her breath away. It was filled with adult sized disposable diapers, thick cloth diapers, rubber diaper panties in pink and off white and some that had Rhumba frillies around the seat. Some snapped up the sides but most were tight pull- on’s. "So," she thought to herself, "My Tim is not just a cross dresser but also a baby. Interesting." If he had diapers where were the rest of the things a baby needed? She found them in the next drawer down. Baby bottles, adult and full sized nipples for the bottles, adult sized and full sized passies, even some baby spoons, plates and bowls with Barbi and My Little Ponies on them.

By now Carloyn had a pretty good idea why Tim had never let his feeling out but it was the bottom drawer that cinched her conclusions. It had a small but adequate selection of dildos, vibrators and even a paddle for spanking naughty little ones.

Carolyn thought about how much she loved Tim, thought about her taking the Dominate role in their relationship and coming marriage, thought about the idea of changing diapers and treating her 170 pound, 5 ft 9 inch husband like a sissy baby girl and decided that not only could she do it, she would enjoy it. She had always had a very strong, direct personality and now that she had the proof before her she could see that he had always preferred that she lead in almost every way. From finances to the bed room he preferred that she take control. Well, she would take control and in a very direct fashion.

The first thing she did was to empty out the hidden closet and move everything to the spare bedroom. There would be no more secrets between them. There may be secrets in this house but not between her and her new sissy baby boy. Or was it her sissy baby girl? Only time would tell.

Once she had everything put away to her satisfaction in the spare room with the dresses hung in the closet and the layette laid out and put away she proceeded to go on the Net and find everything she could about adult babies, cross dressers and sissy submissives. Some of the things she found intrigued her as a psychologist. For one thing she found that few sissy babies were actually bisexual or gay. Almost all were straight men that wanted Mommy to control them, dominate them in intimate and sexual ways and they were highly sexually aroused by coerced or even directly enforced feminization.

The next thing she found, to her relief, is that most adult babies do not want to make a dirty diaper. At least not very often and most times never. It was considered "too real" and truth to tell the idea of changing dirty diapers did not appeal to her at all but she also made up her mind that at least a few times her baby, Timmy, as she now thought of him would just have to accept her complete and total authority over him. She would hold her breath and change him like any other baby.

Wikipedia was the real authority on Adult Babies. It is written by the readers and on the subject of Infantilism it was both clear and direct, "Adult babies have no sexual desires that include children." And then it went on to say, "adult babies are not child molesters or pedophiles." The article also stated that, "Most make wonderful daddies because they are so tuned into the thoughts and needs and in most cases actually enjoy most of the same programs."

The next day, before her Timmy came home from his trip she went shopping for baby food, baby cereal, baby wipes, powder, baby oil gel and all the other little touches that make a nursery comforting and functional. Her last stop was a store that sold gym supplies where she got a full sized massage table and a thick mattress to cover it. This would be the perfect changing table for her baby. She even got a mobile of little dolls and lambs to put over the changing table.

By the time Tim got home all was in place.

Carolyn met him at the door with hugs and kisses then said, "Did my baby have a good trip?"

Tim looked puzzled. She had never talked to him in that soft, delicate voice before. "Pretty good. We got the contract."

"Good boy." She kissed his cheek and took his hand leading to their bedroom. She set him on the bed and looked right into his eyes. "Timmy, I found your little secret closet so all that hiding and all the secrets are in the past. What you have to decide, and I do mean right now, is if you are ready to accept the role you have craved for so long or do we call off the wedding and I move out tonight?"

Timmy was struck absolutely speechless and he knew that once he made this decision his whole world would change but he also knew that a lady like Carolyn he would only meet once in his life so he chose to submit. "I submit." He said.

"I thought you might, darling." She said as she took a pacifier out of her pocket and slipped it quickly into his mouth. "First, we are going to have some new rules here. You may be a man to the rest of the world but once we are together and every minute you are with me you will be my baby. Is that clear?"


"Almost. You will call me Mommy."

"Yeth, Mommy." He said around the pacifier."

For the next 45 minutes she laid out the new rules and then got him to confess about his need for diapers, dresses and all the rest. At last he got it all out but Carolyn had one more surprise in store. "Do little babies keep secrets from Mommy?" She said sternly.

"No, Mommy." He said meekly shaking his head.

"So you admit to being naughty and keeping secrets?"

"Yes, Mommy."

"Then I think you need to be punished the way a naughty baby is punished." She said as she pushed him back on the bed and reached for his belt.

In moments he was stripped from the hips to his toes and then he was commanded to roll over. Suddenly he knew what was about to happen and he started to whimper but Carolyn was a trained psychologist and not at all weak willed.

Once he was on his tummy with a pillow under his tummy raising his bottom she took out the paddle she had found in his secret closet and proceeded to start Timmy’s first real spanking.

With the first S M A C K Timmy let out a cry of shock and tried to cover his bottom but Carolyn calmly moved his hands and said. You have needed this spanking for a very long time, little one. Then she smacked his ass again and the flood gates opened and Timmy started to cry like a baby in deep uncontrollable sobs.

S M A C K ... S M A C K ... S M A C K the paddle came down on Timmy’s ass and he screamed and cried like a baby. Carolyn was delighted because she knew that he was also regressing, accepting her complete domination of him and getting rid off all his pent up emotions all at the same time. Twenty five swats later and her arm was tired, Timmy has a flaming red ass and he was sobbing and kicking just like a 2 yr. old. Perfect. Just perfect. She put the paddle away and commanded that he roll over and lay his head in her lap. Without hesitation he did exactly as he was told and she caressed his face, cuddled him and once more reminded him that Mommy was going to make all his real choices for him and if he was naughty he could expect a spanking every time.

It took a while but Timmy finally stopped sobbing, rolled over on his side and curled up with his head in her lap softly sucking his passy.

Mommy let him cuddle for a few minutes then she had him roll over on his back. In no time at all she had his pants back on him. Once his pants were on and zipped she took him by the hand and said, "Okay, darling, now let’s go watch some TV before dinner." Then she led him not to the living room but to the new nursery.

She opened the door to the nursery and Timmy was astonished at what he saw. Sucking his passy he walked into the nursery and sat down on the changing table like a good boy.

" No, darling, not there. That is for diaper changing. You belong in your play pen." And she pointed to a slightly over sized plan pen on the other side of the room. Meekly Timmy walked to the play pen and got in.

"No, darling, do you need to go potty?"

It came as a surprise to Timmy but all of a sudden he did. He started to stand up but Mommy said sternly, if you get out of your play pen with out permission Mommy will give you another spanking. Is that what you want?"

Shaking his head, No, He sat back down as Mommy said. You need to learn that I am completely in charge now and, as you are a little toddler, or almost one, I know you do not have any real control over your potty habits. That means that I expect you to have a few accidents and wet your pants.’ She pointed to the video camera that was mounted above the play pen and then to the other 5 set in the walls. Mommy will be watching your every move, darling and when I get back I better find that you have had an accident and need to be changed."

She turned on the TV, put in a tape of Little Bear, a popular TV show for 2 to 3 yr. olds then left the room to make dinner. Everything was going perfectly. Just as she had planned.

Chapter Two

In Which Timmy Wets His Pants and Has Dinner

Carolyn was just putting the salted water on to boil for the macaroni and cheese dinner that Timmy was going to have and sipping a glass of wine while watching the monitor. The cam was the one that was facing the play pen. It had only taken about 2 hours to set up the system. It was all wireless and she had a hand held remote so that her monitor, actually any TV in the house she wished to use, could watch get the view from any camera and any time.

Carloyn knew that to break Timmy of his adult behavior and to make it last it had to be a hard, fast break with no compromises on her part. What she said had to be law and she had to be willing to be Mommy in every real sense of the word.

Timmy looked be actually enjoying his pre school TV but this was not a surprise. He had always had an interest in cartoons and had even made a few car payments on money he made creating cartoon theme song compilations and music from The Doodlebops. That he could openly watch his baby shows had to be a relief for him.

After about 10 minuets the water started to boil but movement on the monitor caught her eye. Timmy had gotten on his knees, stuck his thumb in his mouth, closed his eyes and gotten a dreamy look on his face. In just another couple seconds a thick, wide wet spot started to form on the front of his pants. His eyes were closed and you could see that he was fully lost in his baby land. "Good boy," she said to herself. "Very good boy." She knew that he had just taken his first real step into giving her complete and total control. It would not be that hard to totally un-potty train him but that was not going to happen. He still had a life outside the house. There was no way he would give up his career for full time babying. In fact that thought was not at all a comfortable one for her either because she too was a busy professional with a number of patients. No, he would be a baby at home or at selected friends only.

Now that was a thought. She wondered if there were social groups for women with adult baby husbands or even older adult maybe even teen aged sons. She would have to look into it.

In the nursery Timmy had taken his thumb out of his mouth, opened his eyes and sat back down in his pay pen. He was cross legged and the wet pants were very clear on the monitor. Little Bear was over and the next show on the tape was Oobi.

She took the water off the stove and set it aside. Dinner would be a bit late but that would be fine. Now, she had to go be Mommy to her toddler in the play pen.

She entered the Nursery and went straight to the play pen. Carolyn softly clapped her hands and Timmy got on his knees so that he could hug her. She cuddled his head against her tummy and told him that when ever she came to his crib play pen he was to get on his knees and come to the side so that he could get his cuddles. If he was in his crib he was to reach for her for his cuddles but never get out of his crib till she told him to.

As she stroked his hair and softly talked to him like you talk to a 112 month old she also told him that he was no longer allowed to keep his thoughts to himself. He was to tell her what he was doing, what he had done and especially if his pee pee was hard or soft or if he felt any sexual desires. Timmy said he understood so Mommy asked, "What happened, darling?"

"I wet my pants, Mommy."

"I can see that. Now say it like a baby says it."

"I went pee pee in my pants, Mommy."

"Good boy." She encouraged him. "Very good boy."

"Does Mommy need to change your pants?"

"Yes, Mommy. I wet pee pee and need my pants changed."

"How did you feel inside when you wet potty in your pants?"

"I felt good. Safe. Warm and confused, Mommy."

"Good boy. I am sure you feel confused but that will pass quickly. Now, come with Mommy and let’s get you changed."

Timmy got out of the play pen and, with out being told, crawled to the changing table on his hands and knees then got on the table and laid back.

Mommy kissed him and tasted his tongue as he opened his mouth. "Good baby." She compliments him then kissed his nose and put an adult sized passy in his mouth. "When you are being changed you will always have a passy in your mouth. Is that clear?"

Timmy nodded his head yes and Mommy moved to the foot of the changing table and removed his socks first. Then she moved to his hips and began to unsnap his pants. She was not used to undressing an adult but she had changed her two nephews many times and they had had accidents until they were almost 5 so the wet, clammy jeans were not something that was going to be a problem for her.

"Lift, baby." She said and Timmy lifted his hips and the soaking wet pants and shorts slid off. She tossed the soggy clothes into the diaper pail she had bought and proceeded to wash his penis with a baby wipe.

Immediately Timmy started to get an erection. She stroked it softly and said, "Aren’t you supposed to be telling Mommy something?"

"My pee pee hard, Mommy."

"That’s right, darling. It is hard. But next time you better tell me before I have to ask and that goes for any time and any place you are in baby Time. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mommy."

"Such a good baby you are going to be." She said then she kissed his nose and rubbed his tummy. "Baby needs his bath."

Timmy was sitting on the bathroom floor, fully naked and waiting for the tub to fill. Mommy had started the water and added bubble bath and when it was ready she had him get in. First she washed his hair and face then she took her time and washed the rest of him. Twice Timmy had to say he had erection and both times he was kissed, fully, deeply kissed and his penis was rubbed by Mommy as a reward for being a good boy. In no time he was clean and sweet smelling so Mommy rinsed him off then toweled him dry, wrapped him in a thick robe and lead him back to the changing table.

This time Timmy took the passy immediately, laid down and spread his legs for Mommy. "You are such an obedient baby, darling." She said as she covered his penis and testicles with a coat of baby oil gel. The gel was thick, heavy and would prevent any chance of Timmy getting a diaper rash.

In no time he was diapered, kissed and dressed in a romper that had been in his closet. Mommy put him back in his play pen and started the tape of pre school television. Timmy sat quietly watching Connie The Cow while Mommy went to the kitchen to get dinner ready.

She kept an eye on him on the monitor as she prepared the macaroni and cheese dinner with wheat bread, butter, milk in a sippy cup and a bowl of tomato soup. The fact was that this was one of his favorite meals and now she really understood why that was. She added a tossed salad and set the table. When it was ready she got Timmy from his play pen and took him to the kitchen. She did not have an adult high chair yet but she would be getting one this week. Timmy was delighted when she set his plate in front of him but the real surprise came when she said, "Little babies do not use silverware, darling, so you are just going to have to eat with your fingers like a 1 yr. old does. Mommy will be feeding you your soup but everything else is to be finger food for my darling." She stood beside him, stroked his hair, kissed his ear and whispered, and, as you are not a real baby I am going to see to it that you loose that advantage." She took a soft, cloth scarf and tied it around his eyes making sure that no light could leak through. "Now, darling," she said as she stroked the side of his face, "here comes the airplane for a landing..." And Timmy obediently opened his mouth for a spoon full of soup. She fed him the first bite saying, "Timmy opened his mouth and she slid the spoon in, "Close the hanger." He closed his mouth and took a bite. "Good baby" she told him reinforcing her domination of him and he regression away from being an adult.

All through Timmy’s dinner and his first real spoon Mommy kept up a constant stream of baby talk and instructions about planes and trains and cars landing and reaching it’s station or garage. Timmy was a very good boy as he had his soup. Then the blind fold was removed and he was allowed to eat his macaroni and cheese and even his salad with just his fingers. By the time dinner was over for Timmy he was a complete mess and happy and content as he had ever been. Mommy took him to the sink and washed his hands and face thoroughly then she took him back to the nursery.

It was only about 6:45 in the evening but Timmy had been up since 4:00 AM and been on the go ever since and she knew he was getting tired. Timmy was taken first to the couch where he was cuddled into her lap and given a bottle of milk. While he took the bottle she went over the same instructions as before talking all the time in a soft Mommy voice that is used on all 9 month old babies.

After his bottle Timmy was led straight to the changing table where he was laid down and his dry diaper was taken down so that his penis was exposed.

"Pee pee hard, Mommy." Timmy said with a big grin.

"I know, darling. Mommy is going to masturbate you, we are going to call it "milking" you from now on. Mommy will milk your penis till all the sweet sticky sperm is puddled up on your tummy. If Mommy milks you in your diaper that will be called, "making a sticky diaper" or "number 3". Do you understand, baby?"

"Yes, Mommy."

"Good boy. Mommy is going to milk you so that you will sleep well tonight. Mommy will milk you where ever I want, when ever I wish. Do you understand, darling?" All the while she had been stroking his penis, rubbing just under the flair of the head and making Timmy throb and jerk in reaction to her expert touch.

"Yes, Mommy. Mommy can milk me any place and any time she wants."

"That’s right, darling." She leaned over and kissed him fully and deeply tasting the milk on his breath. "Mommy will know when you are getting close and I had better hear lots of baby babble and cooing coming from you and I want to see you drool and slobber and just as you start to orgasm your thumb had better be in your mouth. Is all that clear?"

"Yes, Mommy. I have to babble and coo and drool and suck my thumb when I am about to orgasm."

"Very good, baby. Very good, indeed." She squeezed his penis and said, "What are you thinking right now."

"Nursing and I love Mommy and I am really a baby at last and I am going to wear diapers and Ahhhhhh....." He started to squirm and buck, "gaaagaahhhgahhhgaagooooooo... Gaahhhh..." He stuck his thumb into his mouth and started to drool out of the side of his mouth.

"Come on, darling, that’s the way, ... Let go.. Don’t hold back... Let Mommy see your spermies..." And she coaxed him till he bucked his hips high and a stream of sperm shot from his penis almost to his chin. The next three pumps all shot a stream of sperm onto his tummy and then he fell back panting and drooling but Mommy was not done. She kept stroking and massaging his penis till it was completely soft in her hand. "Such a good baby you are. So much sperm and tension you had inside," she sad as she wiped the mess off his tummy with a pampers wipe.

He was still panting and completely relaxed as she pulled the diaper up between his legs and taped it tight. Timmy was barely able to lift his hips for the thick diaper panties to be pulled over his hips.

In minuets he was in bed, tucked into his regular side of the bed but this time he had a stuffed care bear tucked against his cheek and a passy on the table beside the bed.

Mommy rubbed his back and in ten minutes he was sound asleep. It was 8:15 PM and Timmy was out for the night.

Carolyn left he bedroom but left the door open a crack. She went to her home office and began to research Infantilism and gender bending. Her appointment book for the next day had 8 appointments so it was going to be a very full day. Timmy was off the next day so she would have him home as well and that was always a delight.

At 11:30 she saved her files, book marked the best sites and turned off the light and went to bed. Tomorrow was going to be fun.

Chapter Three

In Which Carolyn Is Pleasured And Tammy Makes An Appearance

The next morning she was up early and had a bottle ready for Timmy by the time his eyes started to flutter open. "Good morning, little one." She smiled at his sleepy face, "you ready for your baba?"

Timmy opened his mouth and she slipped the nipple in and he began to suck. While he nursed she told him that he only had till the baba was empty before he had better need his wet diaper changed. Timmy had just slept in diapers for the first time ever with his Mommy and he was aroused, hard as a metal post, wanting to make a sticky diaper and now had to find a way to go potty like a baby before Mommy spanked him for being naughty. He did not want another spanking. NO WAY! But he found out that it is almost impossible to wet when his penis is as hard and stiff as a solid rod. Mommy, however, was fully aware of this as it had come up many times in her training and she knew what to do.

"Lift up." She said and when Timmy lifted his hips she pulled the thick, pink diaper panties over his diapers and down to his ankles then she released the tape holding the diaper and pulled it back. One touch told her that there was a nice, thick coat of baby oil gel and her baby’s throbbing erection so she placed his hand on the head and said, Mommy’s going to watch and you, little one, are going to milk yourself for me."

With no hesitation at all Timmy began to jerk his hand up and down over and around the fully flared head of his penis. By the third stroke he was humping his hips and squirming beside his Mommy.

Carolyn put one hand inside his thigh and the other on his face and began to softly stroke and massage and caress him. Her right hand caressed his hair, petted his cheek and forehead while the left moved smoothly up and down inside his thigh but never once touched his penis or the heavy sack under it. "Good boy." She coaxed him, "Very good, nice and tight and let me see you make a big, sticky mess all over your fingers and tummy. Mommy wants to be proud of her baby and how he has learned to obey when she tells him to do something ... Babies have no shame and can not be embarrassed and you are to be no exception.. None at all.. Now hurry up and show Mommy all that thick white sperm." She petted him, talked to him, controlled him and in less then 3 minutes he opened his mouth and started to grunt and make baby sounds. Then with one last hard stroke the sperm began to flow from his erection. It shot from the head and splashed down on his tummy and hand. Timmy could only get in 3 good strokes before he could not move but it was far more then enough. His penis was already going soft.

Carolyn took his had and ran the fingers through he puddle of sperm then put them inside his open mouth. "Suck it all off, darling. Get used to it like every girl does."

Timmy choked but Carolyn had other plans. "Sperm won’t hurt you, darling. Now suck your fingers." Slowly Timmy let his lips close over his fingers and he sucked them clean. Mommy ran his hand through the rest of the sperm getting almost all of it on her babies fingers and this time Timmy did not fuss at all but took his hand back in his mouth and sucked and licked them clean. "Good sissy baby, darling. Such a good sissy baby and such a fast learner. Mommy is very proud of you."

Carolyn quickly put the diaper over his now soft penis and replaced the thick rubber panties then told Timmy to lay still, take a short nap, but to be wet by the time breakfast was ready.

Timmy went back to sleep, tired from his orgasm while Mommy made breakfast and checked the schedule for the day. She had some appointments but they were set apart so she would have time to continue to break her baby down into a total infant before she started to build him back.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs and Timmy had to eat with his fingers while Mommy used a fork and spoon then he his hands and face were washed and he was taken not to the nursery but to the bathroom. He lay on a towel and his wet Pampers were removed while the shower got nice and hot. Carolyn loved that even with the time she took his penis stayed completely soft. He was totally drained for a while but that would not last long.

The had always taken showers together when they could and even though he was now safely on the way to being her total baby he was still her Lover and she had not only her normal desires and sexual urges but now they were heightened by all the touching and control she had experienced over the last night.

The shower was part wash, part rinse and part kisses that had Carolyn absolutely vibrating by the time she had dried off and Timmy was wrapped in a towel. The one thing she had taken time to do was to shave him extra close with a triple razor so that he had no trace of his stubble. She made a mental note to see what it would take to have all his facial and chest hair permanently removed.

With the shower done she led him to the bedroom, laid on her back so that she was comfortable, slipped a spare pillow under her hips lifting them up a but then she took his face in her hands and guided him down to between her legs.

Where the legs Veed she had a soft, delicate patch of pubic hair and Timmy loved to pleasure his Mommy and Lover in this way. He laid down and settled his mouth over her vagina, sealed his lips to hers and slipped his tongue inside.

In moments she was squirming, shivering and thrusting her pelvis against his mouth as the pressure continued to build inside. "Oh, good boy," she moaned as he licked her clit. A delicate nibble and she cried out, "Sweet baby.. Ohhhhh..." She moaned slowly, Ohhh yessss, good baby pleasure Mommy." A few seconds more and she was panting, "Ahhh .. Aggghhhhh!!!" And it was a white hot ball of craving and lust that was released when Timmy nibbled on her fully extended, fully swollen clit once more. She screamed out her release in a high, sharp gasp, "LIIIIIICCCKKKKKKKKK...!!!" and held his hair in her fingers, making her hands into fists and pulling him even tighter.

Timmy licked, sucked her clit, nibbled and panted kisses into her woman’s cave of delights and Carolyn was swept away in a sea of delicious sensation.

She was still panting hard when her second orgasm followed the first. "OhhhhhhAGGGHHHHHH!!" Timmy was pulled tight to her vagina so that he was drooling and panting and breathing her own sweet release in and out with each panting breath. The orgasm took on a life of it’s own as Carolyn released her pent up desires and Love for her new baby and the pleasures of touching and controlling him. She was still shaking and panting, not done with the second when the third was exploding from her vagina, her hips and thighs and racing to the tingling nerve ends in her fingers and toes.

Her legs came up and then over his shoulders and she thrust and bucked and gave in totally to her body’s screaming desires for sexual release. Her panting had no words to it all just a heavy panting breathing as she squeezed her eyes shut and her mouth locked open.

Timmy never paused giving such pleasure to his Mommy and when the third finally ended the forth was already exploding like a white hot volcano of desire. She screamed out his name, Tii Tii Timmy, Mommy’s baby, Lick now.. Lick, licklicklick and suck deep, little one." She barely got the words out when her forth orgasm forced the words from her in a silent scream.

Never had she had such an intense release and she was not at all sure how long this could go on then the logical part of her mind shut down and she became totally a female animal in the deepest of Heat.

Her 5th orgasm swept over her and it was simply too much. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she took a stuttering gasp and passed out cold on the bed.

Timmy had never seen her that aroused and he was totally delighted that he was able to satisfy her in such a complete fashion. Getting up he get a was cloth from the bath room and with warm water he washed her face then her breasts and tummy and lastly he washed her vagina so that it was as clean as the shower had left her. Laying don he took her in his arms and held her while she recovered.

When she woke up, cuddled in his arms, being held and having her back rubbed softly she found that she had been out for 10 full minutes. It was amazing. She kissed Timmy deeply with a wonderful feeling of Love she had never known. She checked and his diaper was still dry inside. Not even a sticky diaper for her. She patted his diaper and kissed him again then had him sit on the side of the bed. "Time to see my little one’s girlie side." She told him as she pulled a dress that was cut for a 2 yr. old with frills and lace but made to fit her fully adult Lover and soon to be husband she suddenly decided. "Arms up." And Timmy lifted his arms high so that Mommy could pull the dress over them and down his tummy. Then he was told to stand that the dress slipped very nicely over the thick diaper. "I think we need a new name for you, darling, when you are being my sissy baby. I know, from now on you will be Tammy when you are in sissy time." She smiled and petted his hair softly then kissed his nose. "Yes, Tammy will be perfect for you."

She took his hand and led him to his playpen then started Noggin which was just starting it’s morning shows of Oobi, Connie The Cow and Zoo 64. She put a new passy with a soft baby pink ribbon around his neck so that he was free to suck but would not loose and would always be reminded of his baby status then left the nursery. She needed another shower and the first patient was due in 90 min. More then enough time for her to shower, get dressed and get her make up on. Make up. What an interesting idea. She had not found any make up in he dresser but maybe that was because he was not sure how to use it. She would fix that between clients. Tammy was going to be a very pretty girl indeed.

Chapter Four

In Which Tammy Wears Make Up and Mommy Puts Her Sissy In Tummy Time

The session went as well as she had expected and as she was closing out her notes she also gave a thought or two as to what was in store for her darling baby down the hall. He had easily given control of his body to her and she had dominated him in both spirit and body but now she knew that she needed to take the final step in his babyfication. It was time to Timmy to fully become Tammy. At least for a while.

When she entered the nursery he promptly got to his knees and started to suck his thumb. Carolyn knew that that meant that he was either wet or was wetting himself right now. She crossed to the playpen and as he reached her she cuddled his head in to her tummy. "Are you being a good baby boy?"

"Yes Mommy. And I went piddle in my diaper."

"Good boy. So obedient for Mommy." Then she reached between his legs and felt the heavy, thick and very warm diaper. He was soaked to the point that the diaper was about to start to leak. That was no surprise, real babies flood their diapers as well. "Such a sweet baby... Come with Mommy, darling and lets get you changed." She took his hand and led him to the changing table and had him lay down. The rubber panties came quickly off and the soaked diaper went into the trash. As she washed him she decided that maybe cloth diapers would be better and cheaper in the long run then Timmy started to get an erection and her thoughts changed back to the diapers at hand.

Timmy was stroked as he got hard but she decided not to give him the release he wanted. Instead he would have to wait.

"Mommy, milk me." Timmy whimpered.

"No, darling. Not this time."

Sucking his thumb Timmy whined, "Mommy, please."

"Does Mommy need to spank?" She said sternly.

"No, Mommy. I be good baby."

"Turn over, sweety."

Timmy rolled over and Mommy began to rub his shoulders then his back working her way to his bottom. Timmy was sucking his thumb while Mommmy rubbed sweet smelling baby powder in then she paused and put baby oil gel on his ass cheeks, Mommy stroked his ass a few times making sure that her fingers were lubricated then, with no advanced warning at all, she slid a finger deep into his rectum.

Ahhhhh....Mommmmmeeeee.!!" Timmy cried out in surprise but Carolyn leaned next to his ear and said, "Shhhhhh. I have decided you need some sissy time, Tummy Time, darling." Moving her finger in and out, in and out pressing a bit deeper with each stroke. "Mommy knows about your dresses and your dildo so it is not like this is a new idea, is it, Little One?"

"Na, Na, Na, No Mommy." Tammy stuttered. "Not new." Timmy knew he had to confess every thought he ever had to Mommy or face another spanking.

"You need Tummy Time to feel Loved, don’t you?"

"Yes, Mommy I need to be, be , be, be, Ohhhh," He moaned, "your sissy baby."

"I know you do darling and you have been very good so far. But if you fuss you do know that Mommy will spank."

"Yes, Mommy. I try to be good.

"I am sure you will, sweety. But all babies are naughty sometimes. Spankings are going to be a part of your life now. Spankings and scoldings and Corner Time. Just like a preschooler. Mommy will make all those decisions now. You understand?"

"Agh, ahg, agh," Tammy grunted as he was probed in and out with a steady, penetrating rhythm. Finally he got out a soft, "Yes Mommy."

By now Tammy’s hips were humping up and down against the table and pressing against her hand and when she pulled her fingers out and back so after a few more strokes Tammy found that it was not one but two baby oil gel coated fingers that penetrated him. Two fingers that scissored back and forth against the hot tube of his ass. This new penetration caused Tammy to cry, "Ahh, aggg, ahh, ahhhhhhh," out again is surprise and a little pain but Mommy was in complete control now as not one but two fingers slid in and out of his rectum. "Good boy," she cooed in his ear leaning down to kiss him on the cheek. "Very good sissy boy."

Timmy was in a steady rhythm of humping up and down by now. Trying to have a release but not able to yet. Carolyn did not want him to experience the pleasure of orgasm. Not yet. "Tammy. Stop!" She said sharply. "Lay still!."

"But Mommeeeeeeee." He cried as he tried to control his pulsing hips.

"Lay still," she instructed him as both fingers went all the way in and held still pressing against his ass pushing him down flat on the table. His hips went down and finally stayed still as Mommy once more began to move her fingers in and out. "I know it is hard for you, darling but Mommy will decide when you get to release and when you don’t. It is not your choice anymore."

"But Mommy..."

"Hush now, suck your thumb and hush." She told him softly.

"But Mommy I need ..."

"Last warning, Tammy. I have your paddle right here under your changing table. If you whine or complain, Mommy will spank. Do you want that?

"No, Mommy, please don’t spank.""

Carolyn slid her fingers in and out, very slowly, five more times as Tammy lay still just to reinforce her control then the fingers were slid all the way out and she washed her hands with an alcohol towelette.

"I think you need Potty Time, darling. Mommy is not going to be changing dirty diapers today."

"Will it hurt?" She whimpered.

"Not after the first few times, darling. In fact, you will very shortly start to crave this. It is good for baby, good for the sissy and very good for Mommy."

Tammy tried to lay still as she heard the water start to run. In just a few minutes she felt Mommy start to rub the back of his legs then his bottom. "Did you lay still for Mommy?"

"Yes, Mommy. Tammy was a good sissy."

She slid her hand under his tummy and felt that he was not sticky with cum and that he had lost his erection. "Very good, darling." She told him as she continued to rub Tammy's bottom with a thin coat of baby oil gel. As she talked she hooked the enema bag from the top of the post on the edge of the changing table and then, spreading the ass cheeks wide with her fingers slid the tube deep inside in one, smooth, easy motion.

Tammy cried out and whimpered in protest of such a deep penetration but he did his best to hold as still as Mommy wanted. "Please, Mommyyyyyy, please stop, pleeeeeeeeeease!" He cried.

Mommy slid the thick, penis sized dildo in a bit deeper, The dildo was 7 inches around, shaped like a penis but almost 12 inches long. Slowly she started to slide it in and out as though Tammy had a boy friend that was practicing making a baby but with out the risk of actually having one. "Precious, it looks like my Tammy has a boy friend. Mr. Penis is practicing making a baby inside you."

"Mommy, It hurts, it really hurts."

"That is because my Tammy is still a virgin, sweet heart. Soon it will get better then it will start to feel good and then, after that, it will be pure pleasure for you to be taken. My little sissy baby will soon enjoy being mounted and mated. Now, just like a real boyfriend, this one is about to orgasm and fill you with his very special sperm." With that she slid the dildo attached to the enema all the way in and released the clip. Warm, soapy water started to fill Tammy as the enema emptied into his body making him uncomfortable with the swelling.

Mommy rubbed his back and told him to lay still. Just lay still as he was her baby now, her sissy and he had no choices at all over what happened to him.

In time the enema was done and Tammy was told to hold his ass tight and not spill a drop. She made him hold it in for a full 7 minutes then she gently slid Mr. Penis out and Mommy took Tammy by the hand and led her to the potty chair.

The door was left open and Carolyn clearly heard her baby as the enema came back out. It took 20 minutes but at last Tammy cried out for Mommy saying he was done. All done.

He was allowed to stand and Tammy was surprised to find her legs were a bit shaky but then he was bent over the potty chair and his bottom was wiped with several baby wipes.

Once her hands were clean she led Tammy back to the changing table and had Tammy lay on her back. His cute, very soft penis was laying between his legs but that would not last long. Before he could start to recover she put her hands on both sides of his face, rubbing his ears and then kissed him on the lips. "Very good, Tammy. You are learning to obey and submit very well. Now lift up." She told him and he lifted his hips for her to slip a fresh Pampers under his bottom. She covered his penis and sack with a coating of baby oil gel so diaper rash would not be a problem then pulled the diaper up between his legs and over his still fully flaccid penis and taped it tight to his tummy.

"What a darling you are." She said as he sat up on the table and kissed his lips then hugged him to her. She took his hand and led him to the bedroom then sat him at her make up table. After he was sitting and sucking a passy she said, "Mommy is going to see how pretty my little Tammy can be." Then she picked up the hair brush and started to brush his hair. Tammy sat quietly as Mommy started to transform her. After her hair was brushed she put a barrette in it and then began applying make up. Her cheeks were blushed and her lips were painted and her eyes were done and in less then 30 minutes Tammy was ready to be dressed. Mommy took him to the bed and had him sit while she chose his play dress for the rest of the day. In the end she chose a delicate pink play dress with cream satin trim and a tight bodice. The skirt was just past Tammy’s diapered bottom and she looked absolutely adorable when she applied the last touch, a baby pink choker that had a snap for a leash if it was needed. Now Tammy was ready for her snack and Mommy led her to the kitchen.

Tammy was told where to sit and given a banana to eat as Mommy made her a bowl of fruit. Something she could eat with her fingers.

After he started to have his fruit Carolyn gave some thought as to who would be appropriate and safe to share her newly created baby with. Someone that she could talk to while Tammy or Timmy were in the room, just like a real baby.

Her next patient was almost due so Carolyn gave her darling a bowl of instant oatmeal to eat with his fingers as she went over her notes then Tammy was taken to the bathroom for a much needed hands and face wash. After She was clean and pretty again she was lead back to the nursery. This time after Noggin was on the TV Mommy told Tammy that she could stay out of her playpen but she was not to leave the nursery. This gave Tammy access to television, books, radio and the computer. It was how she wanted his normal environment to be. Baby girl outside, emotionally secure and deeply loved inside but an adult in all other ways. The best of all worlds for both of them. It was time so she kissed Tammy on the lips, stroked her hair and hugged her like every Mommy leaving her a 14 month old. Just before she closed the door she told Tammy, "Mommy would be back in about an hour. I will be checking your diapers, darling and I better find that you have not done number 3 or you will be spanked. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mommy." Tammy know that number 3 meant he had had an unauthorized, unsupervised orgasm in his diapers. It would be hard but he know he had to hold back his need to cream his Pampers. Another spanking he did not want. Not at all.

He was only alone for a few minutes when, much to his surprise, he felt the familiar pressure start to build and in no time he was sucking his thumb and wetting himself thoroughly. "Ummmmmm," he groaned to himself as he felt the diaper get warm and heavy. "Gooooood." He sighed as the wetting stopped and he sat on and in his soaking wet diaper.

Chapter Five

In Which Tammy Gets Her Boy Friend

After the session Carolyn came to the nursery and was delighted to see her darling sitting in the play pen with an empty bottle and an obviously wet diaper. After his hug she asked, "How many times did you wet, darling. You are totally soaked."

"Two time Mommy." Tammy said with a happy smile. "I go tinkle two time." She was delighted to hear that he was slightly regressing in his speech patterns to a more pre school level. This was a very good sign.

The diaper change was quick and soon Tammy was all dry and warm and sweet smelling with baby powder and baby oil gel. It was time for lunch and Carolyn had an idea for that. While she fixed herself a sandwich and soup Tammy sat in the play pen having a bottle and watching Little Einsteins. For the baby she baked a potato in the microwave then added some cheese topping. That would be a good start and she had every intention of changing his diet anyway. For the next course Tammy could have a bowl of soup. Both of these he would be spoon fed by Mommy. Last he would get a roast beef sandwich which Mommy would feed him by hand. All in all a good lunch and a balanced diet. Milk was for after lunch and only in her bottle.

Lunch was actually fairly easy. Not much mess for Mommy to clean up but Tammy still needed to have her hands and face washed after. That was quickly done and Mommy took her now sissy baby back to the nursery. A quick check with her fingers showed her that Tammy was dry and did not need a diaper change but she wanted to enjoy her sissy so she had Tammy stand before her and removed what she had on she dressed Tammy in an adorable Barbi onezie she had ordered from E bay. Her little sissy looked so cute and vulnerable. Mommy took her to the bed, lay her head in Mommy’s lap, opened her blouse and took her sissy to her breast for some much needed cuddle and loving. Tammy nursed on her breast for only a few short minutes and then she was put on her back with her head in Mommy’s lap and was given a large bottle of cold milk. Taking a bottle was one of her great pleasures and she wished Mommy would give her more bottles.

Tammy nursed softly as always but she was overwhelmed with new sensations, with long buried desires that were coming true. By the time she was comfortable nursing her erection had nearly taken control of her and she was humping her hip against Mommy every second or so. Mommy felt the hard penis pushing against her tummy even through the thick diaper and panties so she softly patted Tammy’s bottom as she suckled. After a few soft pats she said, "I guess my little one is ready for her boyfriend, isn’t she?

"Mommy, it hurt," Tammy murmured against the soft breast and fully hard nipple she was sucking and licking.

"Mommy told you, darling, you are still very much a virgin so of course it will hurt, but not for long, you’ll see." Then she lifted Tammy’s lips from her breast, had her stand up and led her to the changing table. The onesie was slipped off and Tammy laid down so that her diaper could be removed.

In moments Mommy had removed the diaper panties and the Pampers and now had her little sissy fully naked on the changing table. All it took was a warm kiss and a long stroke of her fingers and when she looked at her sissy he had a fully hard, pulsing erection for her to play with if she chose to. She would play with it soon but not right now. Now she had other plans.

"On your tummy, precious."

Timmy rolled over as Mommy get Mr. Penis from below the changing table. With soft, delicate fingers she probed her sissy coating his rectum with baby oil gel and preparing him for what was to come. First one finger moved in and out coating his bottom and letting him feel the pleasure of penetration. Her other hand stroked the back of his head and hair and she softly murmured baby talk and instructions to her sissy baby. In no time at all Timmy was humping his bottom up against her hand so she added a second, well greased finger and slid them both in as far as she could. "Good sissy.... Mommies little sissy baby... Mommies darling little sissy boy. This last push made her sissy groan with pleasure and she knew her sissy was ready. Slowly her fingers came all the way out and she washed her hands with baby wipes then it was time for him to be taken in full. The tip of the dildo was pressed against his rosebud and he once more let out a soft groan of, "Aggghhhhhhh .... Ohhhhhhhhhhh." As it began to penetrate. She stroked his back and petted his hair then patted his now humping bottom as she worked Mr. Penis deeper and deeper into her sissy. Once it was all the way in and she was slowly rotating it she made her sissy lay on his side with his penis facing her. She left Mr. Penis filling the inside her baby and once more washed her hands thoroughly knowing full well what was coming. With nice, clean hands she worked the plastic lover in and out over and over but did not touch her sissy till he was almost ready to orgasm with no one touching him at all. Then she wrapped her fingers around his fully controlled manhood and in less then 2 minutes Timmy let out a cry and his sperm began to flow onto the plastic sheet of the changing table. Carolyn worked the dildo in and out as she milked her sissy till he was totally soft in her hand.

Timmy lay on his side, panting softly as Mommy lay her fingers in the puddle of sperm. It coated her fingers and she quickly moved her hand to Timmy’s mouth. The sperm covered fingers touched his lips and she commanded, "suck."

Timmy opened his mouth and for the first time tasted the sperm that was to start him down the road to total sissy hood. He sucked the fingers clean and Mommy once more coated them with the sweet sperm. This time his mouth was open, tongue out and ready when the fingers touched his lips. "Good girl," Mommy praised him, "Such a good girl you are. So easy to train." Two more trips and the sperm was all gone. Timmy was totally exhausted by now so Mommy pulled Mr. Penis from his boy pussy and quickly diapered him then he was laid in his crib for a much needed nap.

After his nap Tammy was kept in the crib till she was soaked and needed a diaper change. Mommy took her to the table and had her lay down in the diaper position. Then a thoroughly washed Mr. Penis was slipped in his mouth for him to suck while Mommy completed the diaper change. Once Tammy was washed, powdered, diapered and sweet smelling Mr. Penis was taken from her hands and mouth, washed with baby sanitizer placed back under the table. This done, Tammy was dressed in a pink onesie with baby dolls on the front. Her passy was pined to the front of the onezee so that it would not get lost and she was taken to the couch for a cuddle and a bottle.

Mommy softy stroked her face and hair, praised her for being such a good sissy, such a good baby, and the bottle quickly emptied. Once her bottle was empty she was allowed to sit in her play pen and watch This is Daniel Cook and The Doodlebops while Carolyn get ready for her last session of the day.

Carolyn was sitting at her desk with her not pad open before her. The client was not due yet and Carolyn had time to think about how she was going to control and change her little sissy baby husband. Her first decision was that her sissy would need to spend far more time with Mr. Penis. It was not going to be hard to condition him so that just the sight and touch of the dildo on his lips would gave her darling an erection. This would have to be followed by both gay and adult baby videos. These would be easy to get as they are always available on E bay. The videos would be shown with Timmy in Pampers, of course and he would be masturbated during the show. Once his sexual aversions were past him and he was ready for a playmate he would be allowed some play pen time with another sissy. She had a some friends that were BI sexual and that had BI sexual husbands. Come to think of it, wasn’t Amanda’s hubby not only bisexual but submissive as well? She would get him a lot closer to the time when he acknowledged that he was bisexual, when he was emotionally ready for accepting his hidden desire to perform oral sex on another male and be kissing another male, another sissy if she had her way and then she would take the time to find him a playmate. First, however, she had a client to deal with.

The session went fine, the client was just a bit frightened by her own sexual desires and the strength of them but that could easily be handled. When she came back in to the Nursery Tammy was laying on the floor, cuddling her plushie kitten and watching TV with a passy slowly moving in and out as she sucked and released.

Mommy took her baby by the hand and led her to the changing table. Quickly and obediently Tammy lay down and let Mommy take his onezee off so that the clearly soaking wet diaper was exposed.

Mommy removed the soggy diaper and tossed it into the diaper pail then washed her darling with tender strokes. Almost at once Timmy got an erection and his thumb went into his mouth. That was the signal to Mommy that her little darling needed to be milked. Her first thought was to collect the sperm in a shot glass and let tammy drink it down but then, almost at once, her own body started to react to the feeling of her husband’s throbbing erection and her control over him and she knew that that release was going to be for her alone.

At timmy was pulsing in her hand and his hips began to thrust up and down against her tender stroking she stopped long enough to slip off her dress and peal her panties off then release and drop her bra so that in seconds she was as naked as her husband. It took no time at all to move him from the changing table to the king sized bed and even less time to get him back under her total control. Timmy was hard, almost at the point of his own release when she got on top of him, straddled him in the time honored position of domination and touched herself. Yes, she had been right, she was already more then just wet, he slid easily inside her already quivering body.

As she sat on him, driving him deeper and deeper inside, feeling his hard penis rubbing against her clit and the joys of her own sexual desires rising up, starting to bubble over .. "Oh, god yes, darling, be a good boy for Mommy,... Agggghhhh, Good Boy, deeper darling, deeper and faster..... Ahhhhhghghghg, yes, that’s the way.." As she started to ride his body.

Timmy brought his hands up as she leaned forward and began to rub the nipples of her breasts. Both at once, making the nipples hard and sensitive to his touch. "Such a good boy you are," Said Carloyn as she rode her sissy, baby husband like a rocking horse. Feeling his hips rise and fall with each stroke. Leaning further down, Carolyn kissed his forehead, then his lips parting them with her tongue and filling his mouth with her own sweet taste and kiss.

Pumping faster and harder she felt the release start to grow inside her, seeking a release se knew had to come. Her body was about to lock up in orgasm when she moaned, Now, darling, PUMP your hips NOW!!!!" And he did pump, hard and fast, in and out, over and over till she could no longer hold back. "La..la... La... LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU!" ... Gasping. Panting for air as her orgasm swept her away she screamed, Oh GOD LOVE YOUUUUUUUUU..... Ahhhhhhh, ahhhh AGGGGHghghhhhghgh..!" And as her first orgasm came to a stop a second rushed up and took her away again. Now all she could do was pant, whimper soft sounds and hold on as the second was replaced by a third.

Timmy was running with the sweat of exertion but he never stopped while his Lover was having her own, much needed, release and then the forth orgasm was gone and then Carolyn let out a soft cry and fell face first on her sissy baby nearly passed out and still twitching from her fifth release.

Through it all timmy had not been able to orgasm. He was that focused on the needs of his Wife and Mommy. Now he cradled her in his arms, stroked her back and let her fall asleep on top of him. Slowly he let her slip off, kissing her fingers and got out from under her and went to the bathroom.

Once in the bathroom he got 3 warm, wet wash clothes and a soft town and while Carolyn slept, passed out from her multiple and over powering releases, got her rolled over on her back and first washed her face then her breasts and last of all softly washed her vagina clean. Once his Mommy was clean and dry he rubbed her feet and legs till, after about 10 minutes, she started to wake up.

In no time they were cuddled together in the bed and Carolyn was back sound asleep in his arms. He held her close till after almost an hour she started to come around for good. The first thing she did was to kiss him fully and deeply then remind him of just how much she loved him and loved being his Mommy.

Once she was on her feet she fixed him a bottle and re-diapered him so that he would not have a chance to use the potty. The night was not over yet. In fact it was just beginning.

Chapter Six

In Which Timmy and Tammy Get A Baby Sitter

The first person that Carolyn told about her new baby and (she was almost certain) sissy husband was her close friend Mysti. Mysti was in a happy and successful Dominate / submissive relationship with her husband Aaron. They had been married for over 5 years now and both were happy with the relationship. Both were successful in their personal lives and few outside a couple close friends know that the hard charging owner of his own advertising firm was, in fact bisexual, delicate and feminine while at home. Carolyn had been one of the few to see him in dresses and skirts at home folding the laundry or washing dishes.

Mysti, she knew was an open and warmly loving Dominatrix that was never interested in the all too often physical side of a Dominate / submissive relationship. She did not believe in spanking or bondage or whipping unless it truly was needed to reaffirm just how much she loved and understood her husband. Then, when it was needed she brought out the paddle, took him over her lap and spared no energy spanking him till he was a crying, whimpering, runny nosed little boy again. He was then kissed, cuddled and forgiven of his misdeeds.

She also had a Masters in Business from Whorton and made almost as much money as her husband as a day trader working from home from a computer with multiple screens and a number of flowing charts that, as far as Carolyn knew, could have been in Chinese. The bottom line was that neither Mysti nor Aaron were even close to the average IQ and that made them perfect for what she had in mind. It was time for Timmy and Tammy to have his first baby sitter and maybe his first Lover. In short it was time for Timmy to learn to be a true pleasure giver and for Tammy to taste a mouthful of sperm and the penetration of a Lover.

With all that in mind, it was natural that Carolyn would choose Mysti to be the first to share her secret life at home.

"Diapers? Real diapers?"

"Yup, Attends, size small and they look just like Pampers and feel so close that he will never know the difference. I know and you will know because we have actually changed real babies but for him there is no difference. And bottles and even baby food for special snacks"

They were sitting in a Starbucks a couple miles from Carolyn’s home having Cappuccino and Carolyn was sharing.

"I have got to see this. It sounds so warm. So maturnal... SO KINKY!!!"

"I have no problem with that and Timmy has no say in the matter but, and it is a big but, I have already decided that anyone that actually sees my baby has to be ready to help with basic child care. That means that I expect you to cuddle him, kiss him like a baby, hold his head in your lap and giove him his baba and, of course, if he is wet and you are the one that is close or holding him then you will be expected to change him."

"Does he poop in his Pampers?"

"No. Never. We have Potty Time for that. He is only allowed to wet his Pampers."

"Then I very much want to see your new baby and I have no problem with helping or even baby sitting if you are not home." Mysti thought for a second then sipped her Cappuccino and said, "What about Aaron?"

"What about him?"

"Well, he is bi and we both know he is feminine inside so he may make a perfect big brother or even lover to your Tammy’s sissy side."

"I have thought about it and I really don’t have a problem with that as long as your Aaron is very delicate and loving when we choose to let them cuddle or even have Aaron mount and mate my Tammy."

"How do you think Aaron will react to changing wet diapers?"

"Are you kidding, my little Amy will love that part of being Tammy's Lover and cuddle partner.. ... Under close adult supervision, of course."

"Of course." And both women giggled at the thought.

It was three days later before all the schedules could converge and a full day off could be worked out. Timmy was told only that he was about to have his first baby sitter and maybe, if all went well, his first sexual experience with another male. In essence, he was, if all went all, about to loose his virginity and maybe more.

The day before Mysti came to visit and then again that morning Mommy had reminded timmy that today was to be a special day for him and if he was a good boy he would be rewarded but any misbehavior would be handled right on the spot. Timmy did not want another spanking so he was very submissive when Mommy got him ready for the visit.

He was freshly diapered in extra think cloth diapers with some frilly sissy diaper panties fresh from the adult baby site on E-bay. He was dressed in a pink onezee with care bares and Barbi on it and on his feet were pink laced sockies. Around his neck was his favorite passy on a pink ribbon. There was no doubt about who he was and what he was expected to be.

Mysti arrived at just a minute after 10:00 AM and it was Carolyn that opened the door and invited her in. As soon as the door closed the ladies hugged each other and kissed, sharing tongues and hot breath still sweet from coffee that morning. They hugged again and both know that today was going to be a fun play day for everyone.

Misty was taken to the Nursery where Tammy was working on a complex software problem Timmy had contracted to solve. In the background the television had Doodlebops singing and dancing.

When the door opened Tammy got up and went to his Mommy. She hugged and kissed him warmly and, still holding his hand, introduced him to his new baby sitter. Timmy had known Mysti for some time, several years but then Mommy had never told him just who was coming over and who would be his new sissy sitter.

Mysti broke the tension by reaching for the sissy baby saying, "Come here, darling, let me give you a nice hug and smooches."

Tammy came to her and she folded him into her embrace then kissed him fully, deeply letting his mouth feel the difference between the two women and to learn how to kiss his new sitter.

After the kiss she said, "Such a sweet baby you are. I can tell we are going to be great friends." Now get to a break point, darling, it is almost time for your baba and I need to know if you are wet yet."

Being a sissy, being a baby were central to Tammy and timmy both but no one, not for very long, can actually live in fantasy land and not become psychotic. Not if they have a real adult inside as well as the pre schooler in pampers.

"About, maybe, 15 minutes, aunt Mysti."

"That’s fine, darling. But no longer."

"Yes, Ma’am."

It was just 20 minutes later when Tammy came into the living room to find Mysti and Mommy chatting from comfortable and close positions. Mommy in the big chair and Mysti on the couch.

"Come to me, darling." Mysti said and Tammy cuddled up beside her. She slipped an arm around the sissy baby and held him close them laid him over so that his head was on her lap. Quickly Tammy rolled over on her back and Mysti filled his waiting lips with a baby bottle full of Boost. While Tammy took her baba Mysti and Mommy continued to chat about the newest health club and the latest Dr. Phil with out missing a beat. It was clear the Mysti was more then just comfortable with timmy or tammy depending on the mood.

While Tammy suckled Mysti casually, softly rubbed her tummy then slipped her fingers all the way down between the sissy’s legs feeling the diaper. Still dry. But then she would have to be with that erection bulging and thrusting against the diaper. The baby needed a milking as much as a bottle.

"We’re not going to be changing this one any time soon." She told Mommy.

"Is he a little excited?" Mommy giggled and Mysti just grinned. Mommy moved to sit on the other side of her friend and they kissed and Carolyn slid her fingers up and down the front of Mysti’s tight blouse. Even through the fabric of the bra she could feel that Mysti was more then just a little ready to nurse a baby. The nipples were full, hard and pressing against her fingers.

After another kiss Mommy told Mysti, "Why don’t you go take a hot shower and we will meet you in the bedroom."

"Sounds good to me." The baby was sat up and Misty moved to the shower. Tammy had her head laid back on his Mommies lap and the bottle was slipped back in his mouth.

The bottle was empty almost before they heard the shower start running and Mommy took her baby to the bedroom.

Timmy was laid on his back on the big bed and the onezee was removed and then the sock came off. All he had on was his overly thick diaper and the frilly diaper panties that would keep them from leaking.

Timmy was taken to the attached bath where the shower was running and his teeth were thoroughly brushed then he was told to sit on the bed and suck his passy like a good boy.

Mommy took the time to strip off her clothes and lay them on the laundry hamper and by then the shower had stopped and Mysti, warm, steamy, with nipples fully erect stepped from the shower and into the waiting towel that was being held by the naked Carolyn.

The kiss they shared was hot with desire and Mysti took the time to fondle her lovers bottom kneading the firm muscles and then stroke the back of her neck before letting her go. "My turn for the shower and baby is in the bedroom waiting for you."

Mysti walked into the bedroom and took hold of both timmy’s hands then asked, "Do you know what you are expected to do now, darling?"

The passy fell from his lips and he said, "Yes, Ma’am. I’m going to pleasure you."

"Verry good," Mysti said as she laid back on the bed with two pillows under her head. The baby was laid down beside her, Then he was positioned and then he started to nurse on her full, firm breasts. The breast filled his mouth and his tongue caressed the succulent nipple and the thick flesh that surrounded and protected it. "Your Mommy is right, you are a wonderful and oral baby."

Timmy started to slide his hand down her hips in the direction of her most delicate place but she caught his hand and said, "No, darling. After I have had my fill of your nursing you will lick me, suck my clit, pleasure me with the same sweet kisses my breasts are getting."

After just a couple more seconds Mysti felt the desires start to build and she slid her own hand down between her legs. Parting her female delight with expert fingers and then swiftly finding her own pleasure center. In less then a dozen slow, penetrating strokes she was wet and the tender walls were beginning to swell.

Mysti was ready.

"All right baby. Time for you to go lick me till I tell you to stop."

Timmy kissed her nipple good bye, kissed her tummy as he shifted position and, after a few seconds his mouth was over the vaginal opening and he was laying between her legs with his knees on the soft stool that Mommy had put at the foot of the bed. Timmy was comfortable, balanced and in just the perfect position to provide oral pleasures.

His lips sealed over the already wet and swollen vagina and his tongue was ready to find and lick the waiting clit when he felt fingers on the back of his neck and Mommy’s whispered, "Good boy... Mommies precious baby ... do a good job now, darling."

Mysti’s own juices were flowing freely trying to lubricate her from the licking, sucking tongue and lips of Timmy as he worked hard to pleasure her. The bed was already wet from the mix of juices and his salivating lips as they dripped from his mouth. He gasped and licked and slid his tongue in and out, back and forth until Mysti could simply not hold back any longer.

Her knees came up off the bed and she locked her ankles as the first spasm of her first orgasm shook her to her core. She grasped Carolyn in her arms, hugging her tight and screaming her release into her shoulder and she second shudder swept through and over her and then, Oh GOD Then it was coming on again, faster then the last, stronger and with no possible escape from the torturous friction of that overpowering tongue.

Mommy felt it coming too and she pressed a hand hard on Timmy’s neck and the back of his head driving his laps and mouth tight to Mysti’s dripping, throbbing, pulsing pussy.

Mysti was so lost in her body and it’s release after release that she did not even know she was calling out wordless screams and whimpers. Almost baby talk and babbling until it was over. All over and she lay spent, exhausted, totally fulfilled. She let her legs collapse on the bed and just lay still panting.

"Go give her kisses, baby boy."

Timmy slid up beside the exhausted baby sitter and kissed her full on the lips. Mysti responded with kisses of her own then she wrapped her loving arms around the good little baby and held him close until she drifted into a light doze.

Carolyn was anything but unaffected by her friends sexual pleasures. In fact she was aroused to the point of auto erotic orgasm. She was about to climax with out the need of any kind of touch. Oh she was so ready, so completely full of her own desires.

Timmy was gently turned toward her and taken into her arms. "My turn, darling. Just like you did with your baby sitter."

"Yes, Mommy." He said as she lay back, propping her head on the pillows and waiting for him to get into position.

In just seconds she felt the lips kiss her pussy, the tongue penetrate her, the teeth softly nibble and the first tug of suction and then it was far too late for her to stop even if she had wanted to.

It was her first cries of delight and complete release that actually woke Mysti and she reached over then took her friends hand. Reassuring her with touch and caress.

Timmy did not feel Mysti stir on the bed. The first time he knew she was awake was when he felt her strong fingers on his neck and heard her softly spoken words of guiding, reassurance, and coaxing. She felt so much like Mommy but completely different. In that moment he knew that she loved him for who he was, all the sides of him, just like Mommy did.

This time it was Mommy that was asleep. Totally spent and holding the baby in her arms while Mysti rubbed his back, the back of his legs and his feet whispering words of pleasure, praise and comfort while the baby was held by his Mommy.

Once more Timmy was being held with the head in a lap, taking a bottle as the women took turns holding him and taking much needed showers. This time, though, there was one small difference, Timmy felt the pressure start to build at last and in one movement the bottle was replaced by his thumb and he sucked deeply.

"Ah, how sweet. And about time, too I think. Go on darling, I have been waiting for you to need a diaper change."

Timmy sighed softly, squirmed on the couch and Mysti put her hand between his legs feeling his diaper get both warm and so very heavy. Such a soaky wet baby.

"This one needs a diaper change."

"About time. Usually I change him three or four times before lunch."

"Where do I change him?"

"Nursery has a changing table. Take your time. Go with Mysti, darling she’s going to take care of you this time."

Timmy waddled, heavy diaper drooping between his legs behind his baby sitter to the nursery then he lay down on the changing table. Mysti saw that everything she could want was on the shelves below the actual table. Diapers. Plastic panties. Powder. Baby oil. Even a couple dildos, a vibrator and a strap on to be used as a special treat.

Timmy lay on his back, legs slightly spread and with his head on a soft pillow till Mysti put a passy in his mouth, kissed his forehead and chin and said, "You are just the sweetest and most adorable baby I have ever seen. ... Now lift up." Timmy lifted his hips and the panties came off and went straight into the diaper pail. He really was completely soaked and if she did not move quickly she was going to have to mop the floor a bit.

Six over sized diaper pins were quickly removed and the thoroughly soaked, soggy diaper was tossed into the diaper pail. "I had no idea one diaper could get so wet." She said as Timmy lay still and smiling on the table.

She used baby wipes to be sure that he did not have any chance of getting a diaper rash in front then had him bring his knees to his chest and washed his bottom.

With a finger caressing his bottom she asked, "How often does Mommy use a dildo on your sissy bottom, darling?"

"Couple times a week... When she wants to remind me I am her sissy or when I have been very good."

"I think you have been very good today. Do you take it on your back or on your tummy?"

"On my tummy like if a boy friend were to Make Love to me or mount me."

Her fingers moved up to his penis and she stroked him till he was fully erect then she started to apply the creamy baby oil to the throbbing shaft. "Do you cum when Mommy lets you have your special lover?"

"Yes. Mommy makes sure I make a number three every time I am in sissy play."

"What if Mommy and I got you a real boy friend? A real male for you to cuddle and have mount you? Would you like that?"

"Would he know I am a baby too, not just a sissy?"

"Yes, of course. He would be very gentle and very patient. He would hold you and kiss you and give you your bottle but you would have to be ready to pleasure him like you did Mommy and me and then, after that, you would be put on your tummy and taken like a real sissy needs to be taken. Would you like that?"

"Would it hurt?"

"No darling. Not at all. I have someone in mind that is a bit smaller then you are," she squeezed his penis to reinforce her meaning. "Smaller around and not quite as long so it should feel wonderful for you to have him take your ass and sissyify you."

With one hand she picked up the softest of the three dildos from the shelf and laid the tip against tammy’s mouth. His tongue licked out and started to caress the pretend penis. Once it was wet and dripping she slid it deeper into his mouth, all the while slowly stroking the little boy. "You like having a penis in your mouth?"

Rather then try to talk he just smiled and nodded his head up and down. He was sucking and his cheeks were moving in and out as Mysti moved the dildo in and out in a slow, natural motion. "Is it wet enough?" Again he nodded his head, yes.

The dildo was taken out of his moth and tammy started to turn all the way over but Mysti stopped him and laid him back on his back then she raised the sissy’s knees and held them back against his chest.

She stopped stroking just long enough to put a few drops of KY on the dripping wet phallus then it was pressed against the waiting rosebud of his rectum.

Tammy felt the tip touch his ass and he shivered. Mysti moved up so that she was still in total control but now tammy could wrap an arm around her hips and be holding her for what was about to happen. What she was not ready for was how fast her little sissy had his release.

The tip of the soft, plastic boy friend was just barely starting to slide in. Maybe just past the head and she felt him start to quiver. He was almost out of control.

Rather then force it deeper she started to turn it with her wrist, sliding it back and forth over the delicate nerves of his bottom. Her other hand stroked, firm, solid strokes that never moved past the head of his quivering erection.

"You have sucked your boyfriend and you can taste him still ... He is hard again, wanting to take you, starting to mount you. ... Mommy and I are there and we are holding you. You are a natural sissy. Don’t..." And then it was past her control as the first jet of sperm was released. She pushed the dildo in a bit further and tightened her fingers on the now dripping penis.

The second throb sent a bit less sperm and more shaking, "Goooooood girrrrrrl ...... Goooood babyyyyyyy......"

The third throb brought only a few drops of cum but he was still throbbing from his release. His right arm was tight around her hips, holding her, hugging her. "Precious baby... Give me every drop little lovvvvve. Every drop."

"He stopped quivering and Mysti took the dildo out then kissed his wet, drooling lips. "Very good, darling. Mommy and I are proud of you."

Neither had noticed that Mommy was watching from inside the door so Mysti was a bit surprised when a baby bottle was put into her hand. Mommy kissed her Lover’s cheek, hugged her and let her put the bottle into Timmy’s mouth. Even though he was almost asleep from the release he started to suck the nipple. Mommy took the bottle and Mysti took time, moving slowly, to wash the sperm from the big baby. This time it was a Pampers that went under his hips, his soft penis was laid flat on his pelvis and then the Pampers was pulled tight to his tummy. Six tapes were pulled tight and Timmy was diapered again.

Both women knew that orgasm, especially in an adult baby is only half the equation so timmy, the very sleepy and weak timmy was led to the bed, laid down and cuddled, stroked, massaged by both women till he was sound asleep. By the time he woke up it was time to start lunch.

Chapter Seven

In Which Timmy and Tammy Get A Boyfriend

It took a few weeks for all the busy schedules to come together at one place and time but, with a little work and patience, they all, eventually did and the day came when Timmy woke to the usual darkness that was still outside his window. He cuddled his thick, plushy Tigger and let his diapers become soaked then, with a contented sigh of pleasure and the warm wet feeling he pulled his legs into a fetal position and went back to sleep for another hour.

At 7:00 AM Mommy came into the nursery, lowered the side of the specially made adult crib and stroked her baby’s hair till he opened his eyes, rolled onto his back and with a happy smile felt the baby bottle slip between his lips. As he sucked the cold orange juice that always cut the adult film of sleep from his mouth Mommy felt between his legs and said, "Such a good boy. All soaky wet in your sleep. Just like a real baby ... more and more like a real baby every day."

Timmy used two hands to hold the bottle and Mommy broke open the toddler style sleeper with split apart legs so that she could easily change her wet darling. Timmy lifted his hips at the right time but Mommy had other plans. She checked his wet diaper and then told him that he should finish his bottle for Mommy and then he had to be put on the changing table.

Timmy was used to being changed in the crib but did not fuss as he loved the feeling of being wet as long as it was not for too long.

When the bottle was empty Timmy was helped to sit up the led by the had to the changing table where he lay on his back and spread his legs. With the sleeper already open all Mommy had to do was break the tapes on the sides of the adult Pampers and this time when Timmy lifted his hips she quickly slid the wet diaper out, folded it quickly from years of practice and tossed it on the waiting diaper pail.

Timmy was, as he was most mornings, full hard with all eight inches of thick, mouth or hand filling baby boy pulsing and bouncing and waiting for his morning "milking" but not today. Not right now at least. Mommy had a surprise for her darling. Today, instead of milking him till he cooed and drooled and shot his thick cum all over her fingers she announced that today Tammy was going to have her very first boyfriend. Mysty’s darling sissy hubby was coming to visit and Tammy was going to be his Lover and play mate several times before his special play date was over.

"Will it hurt?"

"Not much darling and never for very long. You are still a virgin when it comes to Sissy Love so it may hurt a bit the first time he mounts and enters you but that will quickly pass and start feeling as natural as can be. And don’t forget, Mommy and Aunt Mysti will be right with you both the first time so we’ll see that little Aaron is extra careful. Now turn over, darling."

Timmy turned over on his tummy and as he sucked the passy Mommy lubricated the specially created dildo so that her sissy could be not just rectally stretched but given his enema at the same time.

The dildo was a full 10 inches long and 7 inches around, a fully formed penis that has an enema attachment in the end that let the enema flow through a hole in the tip. Mommy used her finger and thumb to spread his ass cheeks so that the rosebud was exposed then, slowly, carefully, she began to slip the dildo in. Moving it in and out, in and out, deeper and deeper with each stroke, just as Aaron would be doing later she slid the thick plastic penis into the bottom of her sissy baby.

It was only in about 4 inches when Timmy began to hump his hips up and down in a steady rhythm. "Good boy." Mommy said as she pushed the thick penis deeper in, "Good boy, Mommy’s little sissy baby."

Timmy was making little whimpering, cooing sounds as the dildo went further and further until the base, the plastic shaped testicles were resting on his butt cheeks. Mommy rubbed the small of his back and got Timmy to hold still for a moment then she released the catch and the warm, soapy water began to flow into her baby’s colon.

The enema was not quite a full quart but it was more then enough to make Timmy whimper as the first contraction hit. "Mommy stop. Mommy stop. Mommy stop." He said over and over as the enema continued to flow. But Mommy didn’t stop. She just rubbed the small of his back and kept an eye on the now, almost empty bag that had been full just a few moments before. Kissing his ear she whispered, "To you need a spanking when we are done?"

"No, Mommy."

"Then lay still and stop all that fussing. Mommy knows how much you can take and how much you need to be ready for your boy friend." She put his Tigger next to his cheek and slipped three fingers into his mouth. Timmy hugged his plushy and sucked and drooled while the last of the enema entered him.

Five minutes later he was on the potty chair and Mommy had a hot shower ready to wash his bottom. In no time at all the enema was gone and the sissy was ready for a quick wash. Mommy used the movable head on the shower to wash his bottom while he stood in the shower then, once he was totally clean she had him sit in the tub, changed the settings and began to fill the tub for her baby’s bath. Once the water was around his hips she added bubble bath, bath oil beads and baby oil to the water so that his skin would remain soft and her baby would smell sweet and fresh for his first date with Aaron.

After his bath Timmy was dried and then laid on the changing table. Mommy stroked his penis till it was hard, throbbing and pulsing in her hand but instead of letting her baby have his release she kissed his lips and told him that he would have to wait till later. As Timmy pouted Mommy diapered her darling and led him to the kitchen for a good, filling breakfast.

After breakfast Timmy had his face washed and then Mommy took her diaper clad darling to the bedroom and dressed him in a light and very short sun dress. Makeup went on his eyes and cheeks and lipstick was applied so that his lips glistened. Timmy had his hair brushed and two little girl ribbons were clipped in place. Her darling was ready.

At just after 9:00 am the door bell rang and Mommy opened the door. Mysty was, as always poised and lovely and her darling hubby was standing beside her wearing a long trench coat.

The girls kissed long and sweet then hugged and then Mommy took the coat off Aaron and found that he was dressed like a toddler in short pants with suspenders over his care bare covered shirt. "How cute." She exclaimed taking his hand and leading him back to the play room.

"Darling, your boy friend is here for his play day. Come kiss."

Timmy stood up from the big chair, crossed to Aaron and hugged him then said, "Mommy says I need to kiss." Then the two males let their lips touch and both women were delighted to see the lips part as Timmy had his mouth filled with Aaron's tongue. Soon the kiss broke but not for long as Aaron hugged the sissy and kissed him again. Hand in hand they went to the couch and sat down side by side. "Mistress says you are a sissy and a baby, is that true?" Asked Aaron

"Yes. I am baby in diapers and sissy."

"You mean you are in diapers now?"

"Yes." And Timmy lifted the dress so that Aaron could see the plastic pampers he had on.

Mommy handed Aaron a bottle and said, Darling, as you are also a sissy it is time for you to do a little baby sitting and child care. I want you to give my baby his baba while your Mistress and I have a little chat. When his baba is empty we will teach you how to check his diapers and if he is wet you will change my baby before you two are allowed to cuddle. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Ma’am." Said the sissy toddler as Timmy lay across the couch putting his head in Aaron's lap. In seconds Timmy was sucking on the bottle while Aaron stroked his hair and caressed his face. It was easy to see that this would be a good match.

The bottle was empty in no time at all and the boys were led to the changing table in the nursery. Timmy lay on his back and Aaron was taught how to first check and see if the diaper was wet or dry. For now the baby was dry but Aaron was still compelled to change the baby’s diaper as if he had been wet or even messy.

After the diaper change Aaron sweetly kissed the baby on the lips, letting Timmy fill his mouth with his tongue. The baby tasted delightful and they kissed again before Aaron felt his hand taken by Timmy's mommy. "Come with me, darling."

Aaron was led from the room and Mysty helped Timmy to sit up on the table. "Your mommy is getting my little one ready for you, darling." She said as she held both his hands in hers. "Your Mommy is taking his toddler clothes off, getting him comfy in a chair and putting a pillow by his feet. After my little amy is naked and ready I will take you to him. You will kneel on the pillow, take his penis in your mouth, use your right hand on the shaft and suck him till he has his orgasm. His sperm will fill your mouth and you will not swallow a drop of it. You will keep all that milky cum in your mouth until your Mommy or I tell you it is okay to swallow. We, your Mommy and I, both want to see you with a big, spermy smile and maybe even share a kiss or two before you take it all down into your tummy. Is all this very clear to you, darling?"

Yes, Ma’am. I am to suck and pleasure your darling until I have a mouth full of sperm but I am not too swallow until I have permission."

"Very Good, darling."

While this was happening in the nursery Aaron was with Carolyn in the bedroom. He was told to stand in the corner and stand facing his Aunt. Once he was in the right place the toddler style clothes were removed. First the suspenders, then the tee shirt and then the shorts were removed leaving the sissy in only a pair of little girl panties with, again, Care Bears on them. "What a little cutie you are," said Carolyn and she took the sissy by the hand and led him to the over sized lounge chair. Before he was allowed to sit she stripped off the panties leaving him totally naked and submissive. Auntie C took the small sack between his legs in her hand and stroked it a time or two then let her palm slide over the small, almost child like penis of the sissy boy. "My baby is going to love you and I expect you to perform you duties as his lover later on today. Do you understand that, sweety?"

"Yes, Ma’am. I will be a good boy and do what I am told."

"What a little darling you are. Now get that big pillow off the bed and put it in front of the chair then sit in the chair and spread your legs. I’m going to blindfold you, sissy boy so that you can only feel what is happening. You will not need you eyes for this part of your play time. Is that perfectly clear." Carolyn was using the kind of voice that an adult uses when giving instructions to a 5 yr. old and she saw right away that Aaron, the natural submissive was responding perfectly to her tone and commands.

Once he was in the right place and unable to see she softly opened the door to the nursery. And then it was time for the tow males to become Lovers and even more.

Timmy was taken by the hand and led bedroom where he saw that Aaron, his soon to be Lover was sitting naked in a chair. His eyes were blindfolded so that he could not see but only feel what was to come. This had been decided upon by both women as they worked out the details of this particular play date.

Timmy was wearing his sun dress and Pampers when he was brought to the room that had Aaron sitting in a chair.

He quickly crossed to the chair and dropped to his knees. "Shhhh, darling," Mommy cautioned him in a whisper. "What do you see?"

"Pee pee, Mommy." He whispered back.

"Kiss the head, baby then Mommy wants to see you do what all sissies like to do. Fingers and lips, is that clear?" She whispered directly into his ear.

Timmy nodded his head and with one hand stroked the sack before kissing it then he kissed the head of the soft phallus. Flicking his tongue around and around the head of the penis which caused Aaron to let out a soft gasp and then his cock began to enlarge.

Slowly stroking his head Mommy commanded, "suck." And Timmy took the turgid member into his mouth letting it get hard as he settled the penis against his tongue.

The hard throbbing, living small penis, like an over sized baby bottle nipple in his mouth felt so right, so natural, so very fulfilling that without thinking he covered his teeth with his lips, slid his forefinger and thumb around the shaft, and began to bob his head up and down against the shaft sucking and stroking with a smooth, slow, easy motion.

In just seconds Mommy and Mysty shared a glance and then a long kiss as all that could be heard was the soft moaning of Aaron as his release began to become something he could not hold back and the soft sucking, slurping sound as the penis, pulsing, throbbing, quivering with each touch slid in and out of first the mouth and then the fingers of sissy baby Timmy, only to be reversed as he lowered his head down on the penis.

Timmy only knew that he wanted this. He wanted a boyfriend. A Lover and he wanted to taste the sperm as it flowed from the cock in his mouth.

Without thinking his left hand circled the hips of his lover, pulling him closer as Aaron put both hands on his head, clutching the soft, long hair in his fingers.

Timmy was drooling from the corners of his mouth, slobber dripping from his chin and Aaron was starting to whimper louder and louder as he lost control to the hot, sweet mouth that was pleasuring him.

"UMMMMM.. Uaghhhmmmmmm, ... Agghhhhhhh." Aaron was whimpering, "Ahh.. Ahhh.. Agggohhhhhhhh.." He panted over and over, inarticulate, mindless sound as he was pleasured to the point where he had no choice but to release.

"Is my sissy about to cum?"

"Yeth.. Yeth.. Yeth, Mistress.. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Ohhhh. He panted and then he shoot and started to convulse.

Timmy felt the penis get even harder once, then again and then the sticky, thick white sperm was starting to fill his mouth. He gasped in surprise but did stop rubbing and sucking as the orgasm hit it’s second pulsing release.

So much sperm, so thick, so much more then he was ready for. The cum drooled from his chin, it filled his mouth, it overloaded his tongue and he was consumed by his own desires to fulfill the needs of his new boyfriend.

The penis in his mouth went soft in less the five seconds. Simply went soft and became less then limp. First Mysti slid her fingers under his sperm dripping chin and lifted it up to her gaze. Without being told he opened his mouth showing her the thick, white milk that filled it past over flowing. Mysti bent down, kissed him and tasted the one thing that made her hubby and sissy unique, his own special taste.

Mommy was next and she first hugged her darling then kissed him fully, and feelingly so that the sperm, the cum, the milk of the sissy penis was shared between them. "Good boy... Mommy is so proud of you." Then Mysti took his hand and lead him back to the Nursery leaving her sissy boy with Auntie C.

"Did that feel good, sweetheart?" Auntie C said to the sissy toddler.

He panted out a hot, sweaty, "yes" in a whisper. "You haven’t been with a sissy before, have you, sissy boy?"

"No," he panted, heart still pounding in his chest, "not before today."

"And now?"

"Sissy wants to Love his boyfriend baby sissy lover."

"We’ll see, darling. Come with me," she commanded

Sissy boy stood from the chair on shaky legs and his new controlling Aunt took him directly to the bedroom. bathroom. It was nap time for the sissy toddler. He was allowed to put on his little girl panties and then he was laid down then tucked in with a baby blanket under his chin. Auntie C rubbed his back and caressed his hair till the toddler’s breathing went to a steady rhythm and he was fast asleep. Exhausted from his first orgasm.

In the nursery the baby was anything but sleepy. Mysti laid him on the changing table and saw that the diaper was bulged like a tent. Thick and full of his pressing erection.

"What’s this, little one?"

"Pee pee need milking, Auntie Mysti. ... Milk me, please?"

"Maybe later. Is that all you need is a milking? Do you need to be changed?"

"Not wet."

"I can see that but it seems," she said as her fingers closed over his fully 8 inch erection and feeling the head and letting it fill her now closing fist, "that you may have made number 3 for Mommy and I. Did you, sweety? Did you make a sticky diaper while you were sucking my boy?"

Timmy grinned and nodded his head, yes. "My little one is taking his nap right now but when he wakes up he is going to take your diaper off and put you on your tummy. But first we need for you to be soaky wet. My toddler is sissy and I want her to get used to changing diapers. How does your Mommy tell you that you need to be wet?"

"Mommy tells me I need to be potty pants."

Letting go of the erection and making sure that the pampers covered it completely Mysti told the baby on the table, "Then make potty pants for me, darling. As soon as you can, make potty pants. Mommy and I know that you can’t go potty when you are hard but as soon as you are soft again make your potty pants "

"Milk me," he whimpered. "Please. I want milked.... Please." He begged in a whimpering cry.

"Not right now, darling. You’ll get your milking but not right now." As he was, for the most part, dry if a bit sticky Timmy was taken to the couch, laid down with his head in Mysti’s lap and given a bottle of milk while she held and caressed him. She was sure that Carolyn felt the same as she did. That they were both very proud of their submissive husbands. This day was working out perfectly. Half way through the bottle Timmy began to squirm. He wiggled his hips and then put his thumb in his mouth and closed his eyes. That was the signal that Mysti had been told to look for. "When he sucks his thumb he is wetting himself." She had been told. "Good boy, .... That’s a good baby ..... We want a soaking wet little baby for my sissy to change." Mysti cooed to him as she stroked his tummy and chest. On his back Timmy wet his diaper to almost overflowing but Mommy had been ready for that and he was in an extra thick Pampers. Once he was wet and the bottle was empty Timmy was told to go watch TV until Mommy or Auntie M came for him. Being a good boy he went to the TV set and put in a tape of the old Beetlejuice cartoon show.

Aaron only napped for about 20 min. He woke to Mistress Mommy patting him on the back. "Did our sissy have a nice nap, darling?" Mistress Mommy asked.

"Yes, Ma’am."

"Good, now come with me." Sissy was lead to the bathroom where his panties were pulled down and he was told to sit on the potty char. When he was done there he was stood in the shower and Carolyn took her time washing him completely with warm, soapy water so that his sex was clean, sweet smelling and totally under control. But, she wondered, would he be ready for the next act in the play day or was he totally drained already. She hoped he was going to be able to consummate the Coupling between him and her own, very special, sissy baby boy.

After his washing he was dressed once more in his toddler outfit and then lead by the hand to the nursery. Timmy was watching a cartoon and Mysti smiled at them as the walked in. They hugged and then kissed long and deeply, letting the taste and sensations wash over them. Then the Mommy kissed the sissy toddler and said, Amy, it is time for you to learn how to change a baby’s wet diapers."

"Tammy," Said Mysti to the now totally sissy baby, "Come to the changing table, sweety," and Timmy quickly got on the table and lay down on his back.

Aaron was given careful, slow instructions so that he experienced every part of changing a wet but cooperative baby. Soon the baby was laying on a dry diaper and all that needed to be done was to wash his now hard, throbbing, mouth filling manhood. "Mommy watched closely as Amy washed her baby clean making sure to get him completely clean then she whispered, "Does Amy want to suck my baby?"

Still fondling the 8 full inch erection he whispered, "yes, please.." As he nodded his head over the thick sack that was laying on the table. "Only for a few seconds, Amy. I do not want my baby to have his milking yet. Is that clear, little girl?"

"Uhhh Hhhhhh," he gurgled because he had already taken the fully hard member into his mouth and was slowly sucking up and down, up and down, letting the sounds of slurping and sucking be heard as the two women joined hands, then hugged and then kissed again. They were SO HOT watching their submissive toddler and baby hubbies pleasure each other. Mysti pushed her fingers tight to the crotch of her Bi Lover and let her hand move back and forth with a slow rhythm. "Not yet, .. Later, darling," she said as the slowly took the delightfully placed hand away. The boys were getting far to close to orgasm and she did not want that. Not yes.

Still controlling the other person’s darling Mommy put her fingers under Amy’s chin and lifted her face from the glistening, soaking wet, pulsing eight inch stick of desire. "Stop." She told him simply. Her fingers were between his legs and she felt the hard tent he had made inside the panties under his shorts. She cupped her hand around the bulge and said, "Come with me." Then she led the rock hard sissy to the bedroom.

Mysti stood beside the changing table and rubbed the tummy of the now slightly panting sissy baby. "Did my Amy almost milk you, honey?"

"Uh HUH!" He nodded his head. "You milk me?"

"Not right yet, little love. Not right yet. First we need to deal with one more little issue. ..." Stroking from his chest to his face she said, "One more little thing then baby can get milked. ... Let’s go, darling. Up you come." Tammy was helped to sit up and then stand and then she was taken by the hand and led to the bedroom where his Mommy was waiting.

Mommy had taken the darling Amy to the bedroom and quickly undressed him while he stood in front of her and she sat comfortably on the bed. When her baby was brought in she was lubricating the turgid, nearly quivering erection of the toddler. She had covered the thin, beautifully shaped, just over five inch teen boys sized penis with a thin coat of KY Jelly.

"Are you ready for your Lover, darling?" Mommy asked the thumb sucking baby that was her hubby.

Mysti had a firm grip on his still rock hard penis and was using it as a leash to guide the baby to the bed. A double thick, cloth diaper was laying in the middle of the bed and in no time at all he was laying on his tummy with his erection flat under him with pressing into the soft cloth.

Mysti took the KY and placed some on a finger tip then quickly, with one smooth movement, inserted the finger deep into the sissy’s bottom. "Good girl. This is going to be so easy for you, darling. ..." She turned to Mommy and said, "Is sissy ready?"

"So totally ready."

"Come to Mistress, darling."

Knowing what was expected of him sissy toddler crawled across the bed and positioned himself between the baby’s legs and over the baby’s wiggling bottom.

As was normal for this play day it was the baby’s Mommy that in control of the toddler and it was Mommy that took the slim, sensitive, fully flared, slippery, oiled sexual head in between her fingers and guided it down, and down and down till at last the head touched the rosebud of her baby’s ass.

Aaron lowered himself she guided the boy sized cock directly into the waiting rosebud.

It was so slick and Tammy was so ready that it only took three slow pulses, in, just past the head, then out to the edge of the rosebud then in almost half way and then out to the edge again and then all the way in so that the small sack that was at the base of Aaron’s cock was resting on the ass of Mommy’s baby boy.

There was no stopping them now and no one wanted to. The girls wanted to see this happen and the boys were lost in a world of physical desire.

Aaron was pumping up and down and Tammy was squirming, lifting his hips, pulsing and throbbing into the thick diaper.

Both were making soft guttural sounds and Aaron had reached out, slipped her arms around the baby and was hugging and cuddling him at the same time.

Mommy slipped her hand under her babies head and let two fingers enter his mouth. The bay, lost is deep seated sexual delight held her wrist and began to suck and drool while his hips rose and fell to the rhythm of his new Lover.

Mysti put both hands on her toddler’s hips and began to move him back and forth over and up the sissy baby’s back forcing her toddlers cock to move both in and out and up and back in different ways then her toddler could do on his own.

When it happened it was perfect. Magical. A delight for both women and their charges.

Both boys, one panting with exertion, one whimpering like a baby submitted to the heat and tension in almost the same second.

First it was Tammy, thrusting onto the diaper, how and sweaty with lust and need. "Mommy!!!! I make sticky!!!!!

Before his whimpering loss of control was completely past his lips it was Aaron that cried out, "Mistress.... I’m making baby nowwwwww!"

Both women took total control. First Mommy, leaning next to her babies ear, said, "Suck darling," as she wiggled her fingers on his tongue, "Suck like baby and pump hard into the diaper. DO IT.. DO IT .. DO IT NOWWW!

Aaron’s hips were grabbed by his Mistress so that he had no choice at all, no way to stop, he had to pump every last drop of his cum into the sissy’s ass and it was more then a little loud as the submissive males, controlled by the lady that loved them above all others, grunted, groaned, panted, cried out, nearly screamed and had their well planned, perfectly timed release.

Like all orgasms it was over in just a few seconds and both boys were panting, sweaty and now they were spent and tired as well. Such good little darlings.

It was Mysti that told her sissy to first hug her lover, then slowly pull out, roll over and lay on his back. He was, after all, the one that had done the penetrating.

Aaron hugged Tammy, kissed the baby on the ear, whispered, "I love you." Then he pulled his now soft penis out and rolled over on his back.

Carolyn did not need to coax her sissy baby. Tammy, who was still enjoying the feeling of her first ever mating, cuddled up in the arms of the toddler that had just mounted her, penetrated, mated and practiced making a baby with her. They cuddled close and then to no ones surprise, the boys kissed and then hugged each other and then kissed again. Eyes closed, bodies close and lips touching the sissy boys were very much into cuddle but Mysti, after stroking the back of her hand over the wet spot in the diaper, had one more thing in mind. "Amy," she said to her pet toddler, "Amy, you have not tasted your lover yet."

"Kissed him." Replied her toddler. "We kissed."

"And you were a good sissy when you kissed but now I want you to suck."

Mommy stroked Timmy’s hair and said, "Roll over, darling, You are about to get the milking you wanted."

Timmy rolled onto his back and the full 8 inches of penis started to get hard as Amy took first just the head and then an inch of the shaft into her mouth and began to suck.

Closing her fist around the shaft that filled her mouth completely, laying her tongue flat of the throbbing member, closing her fist around the shaft and bringing the edge of her hand tight to her expert lips Amy began to suck and lick, to bob her head and slurp and drool as she lubricated, stroked and kept a tight pressure from her hand on the head and shaft. Up and down, up and down, up and down and all that was heard was the slurping, sucking of an expert sissy doing what she was so very good at.

It was too much, too intense for Mysti who closed her eyes, pressed her right hand tight to her clit under her panties, wrapped one arm around Carolyn, kissed her and in the same instant felt her self loose control to a sweeping orgasm.

Mommy felt her friend's release and hugged her tight. She too wanted to have a hot, quick orgasm but not right now. Now she was focused on the angelic face of her baby who was rocking slightly back and forth and who was starting to suck his thumb. "Mommyyyyyy.." He cried out.

"I know and it’s okay, darling. Go ahead" She gave him permission and Timmy grunted, shook and then began to convulse with the orgasm given by the expert sissy that was sucking him.

Amy had been with other men and was not only ready for the wave, the shot of cum that filled her mouth, she was thirsty for it.. She was ready and more for the second stream and because she was ready not a single drop escaped her lips or drooled down her chin.

Watching her submissive toddler Mistress Mysti could not help feeling proud of her little sissy. So sweet and obedient to her and Carolyn’s authority. The girls watch with delight as Amy kept a steady sucking, rubbing action going until at last the penis that came out of her mouth was totally flaccid. Completely soft.

Timmy was panting, heart pounding when his Auntie M put the baby bottle of orange juice between his lips. Timmy reached to hold it but she softly pushed his hands away so she put them around and on her hip as he suckled.

Amy was taken by the hand and led to the bathroom where Mommy saw to it that he was given a through shower after having made love to her sissy baby.

Now that he was clean, soft and sweet smelling Mommy once more dressed him in toddler clothes and took him back to the nursery. There she found her baby fully diapered, wearing a romper that she had gotten for him from the adult baby store on E-bay.

The tow submissive sissy boys hugged and kissed and then it was time for Mysti to take off. All of them had real, adult world responsibilities that needed to be handled and it was already almost two in the afternoon.

Mommy put the coat on the toddler so no one would know their secret and with Timmy beside her they kissed their visitors good-bye. All of them were sure this was just the first time of many to come.

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