The trial of Timmy Walker

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The trial of Timmy Walker

2008-05-17 18:00:41


Timmy Walker was a normal eleven year old boy who liked playing sports, videogames and other things that a eleven year old boy would do. However Timmy had a problem. He had never really mastered keeping his bed dry at night. True, he had occasional dry nights, but never enough to give his parents or sisters encouragement that he was on his way to being a 'big boy'.

As his twelfth birthday approached his sisters had decided they had had enough of smelling wet sheets and dirty underpants. They came up with a plan to put Timmy in his place.

In the Walker family, they had a thing called family court. Any member could announce that they wanted to try another member of the family for a grievance, big or small. For instance, If Mrs. Walker found footsteps leading through a freshly waxed floor she would examine the footprints to see who they might belong to, then call for a trial date. The accused would then be put through a rigorous examination by his or her accuser, in this case Mrs. Walker, and tried by his 'peers', or brothers and sisters. If found guilty, then fitting punishment would be meted out, as prescribed by the jury or judge.

Now Melissa Walker, the eldest of the girls at fourteen, was smart. She knew it would be useless to call for a trial without proper evidence, and she knew there would be plenty. She got together with Seven year old Elizabeth and nine year old Molly to gather evidence.

Early one school morning, Melissa 'accidentally' bumped into Timmy on his way to the bathroom to get cleaned up from one of his bedwetting incidents. Melissa smiled sweetly.

"Good morning, Timmy," Melissa said.

"Hi Missy," Timmy replied, disappearing into the bathroom.

Melissa gave a nod to Molly who grabbed the digital camera and dashed into Timmy's bedroom. She took several pictures of Timmy's wet bed from different angles. Molly then would run the camera back to Melissa, who would upload the pictures to the family computer in a special folder which she kept secret. After Timmy came out of the bathroom with only a bath towel wrapped around his waist, Elizabeth was sent in to grab his wet underpants, which would be placed in a plastic baggie to be used as evidence.

They repeated this procedure for several days in a row. They made sure Timmy and their parents did not see them carrying out their espionage. Timmy had even wet his pants twice in the period of time that they had gathered evidence. Molly had been able to take several pictures of Timmy in his wet underpants when he was distracted by his mother berating him for another accident.

Melissa also questioned her and her sisters friends about their brothers, and whether they still wet the bed or not. She was surprised to find as many bedwetters as she did, and the age spread of the bedwetters. She made notes and carefully filed them away for evidence.

Finally the day came when Melissa was ready to charge Timmy with neglectfulness as far as being potty trained. She would argue that he would need to redo certain parts of his potty training, especially dealing with his bedwetting. She waited until the family was gathered around the TV after dinner before pleading her cause.

"Mom, Elizabeth, Molly and myself would like you to call a special session of Family court. We want to try our brother, Timmy, on charges that he failed to complete his potty training and needs to go back and redo parts of it, in particular those that deal with his bedwetting. We feel we have enough evidence to convict him," Melissa explained.

"I see. Timmy, you have just been charged with improper toilet training, a pretty serious offense. Since it is brought against you by your sisters, you will be tried by two judges, your father and I. How do you plead?" Linda asked her son.

"MOM! This is silly! Those girls just want to embarrass me!" Timmy whined.

"Defendant pleads not guilty. Trial date is set for this Saturday, three o'clock sharp. All dockets will be changed so this trial will be able to commence in a speedy manner," Linda announced.

Timmy began to cry as his sisters gave each other a knowing nod.


As the week progressed Timmy grew more nervous. He continued to wet the bed every night, which his sisters collected as further evidence. Finally Saturday rolled around. Timmy's parents went out for a little bit but came back home by one o'clock. Melissa, Molly and Elizabeth carried evidence into the living room as they prepared for the trial. Timmy tried to hide in his bedroom, but finally at two-forty-five his mother came into his room to get him. Timmy was dressed in his Sunday suit and was led out to the living room. The old high chair had been brought inside for Timmy to sit in for the trial.

"HEAR YE, HEAR YE, HEAR YE. Family court for the Walker family is now in session. The honorable Linda Walker and the Honorable James Walker presiding," James announced.

Linda pounded the gavel for silence. She looked at Timmy, looking forlorn in his high chair, already sobbing. She looked over at Melissa, the head accuser, smiling broadly. Linda was tempted to pronounce Timmy guilty now, so he would not have to go through the humiliation of a trial, but decided not to. There were rules to be followed and evidence to be displayed. She knew her son would be completely whipped by the time the trial was over.

"Now hearing the case of Melissa Ann Walker, Molly Sue Walker and Elizabeth Erin Walker, et al, against Master Timothy Paul Walker in the case of Failure to properly pass toilet training. We will now hear evidence from the plaintiff," Linda announced.

Melissa stepped forward in front of the desk her parents had set up. Her legs were wobbly, but she knew she had to prove her case. She set up a bulletin board with copies of the pictures she had taken. She put a bag of evidence with each picture and turned to face her parents.

"If it may please the court, I am going to prove that, one, Timothy Paul Walker has not now, or ever has successfully mastered the art of potty training. I would like to have all of this evidence entered into the court records. First of all I would like for you to notice the pictures of the wet beds we have before us. These pictures were taken over a two week period of time. You will notice there are ten pictures here. That is ten separate wet beds on ten separate occasions. Grouped with each picture are the soiled underpants that pertain to each infraction," Melissa announced.

"Evidence so entered," Linda agreed.

Linda and James got up and walked over to the bulletin board. They examined each picture and handled each bag of evidence. They kept a straight face as they catalogued all this information. Finally they resumed their seats behind the table.

"Also, I have sworn affidavits from some of our friends that their brothers have, for the most part, completed their potty training. However, there are incidents of loss of bladder control, similar to Timmy's. I made note of them as well and present them to you," Melissa informed.

Linda took the thick file folder and opened it. She adjusted her glasses and began reading over the pages and pages of testimony. When she was done with a page she handed them to her husband who also carefully perused the papers. When she was done she looked up at Melissa.

"Do you have further evidence or testimony?" Linda asked.

"Yes, we do, your Honor. We have separate pictures of Timmy's sheets from this week. You will notice he has not had a dry night in over a week. I think this proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that our brother, Timothy Paul Walker, is a failure when it comes to potty training and should be put into remedial classes until he shows adequate progress," Melissa ended her summation.

"Very well. Timothy Walker, have you anything to say in your defense?" Linda questioned.

"MOM! Stop this right now! You know I am properly potty trained! Everybody has accidents!" Timothy screamed.

"Timothy, you will watch your tongue, or I will hold you in contempt. In my opinion you have given a pretty flimsy defense! None of your sisters have accidents, not even Elizabeth who has not wet her panties or bed since she was three," Linda informed.

Timmy trembled, knowing he was in trouble. Melissa had given pretty strong evidence of Timmy's lack of control. He wondered what kind of punishment would be exacted against him.

"Okay James and I will retire to chambers to discuss this case. We will be back within the hour with our decision. Please remain in the courtroom until then," Linda ordered.

"Yes ma’am," Melissa agreed.

Timmy was sobbing, unable to answer. He couldn't bear to watch his parents walk back to their bedroom. His sisters talked among themselves and giggled, ignoring Timmy. Finally, twenty minutes later, Their parents returned. Neither of them were smiling.

"Melissa, could you help the defendant down from his chair? We are ready to pronounce judgment," Linda ordered, taking her seat.

Melissa helped her brother climb down from the high chair and held his arm as he was led over to the Judges bench. If it wasn't for Melissa holding him up, Timmy would have fallen down many times.

"Timothy Paul Walker, this court finds you GUILTY of failure to properly master toilet training. It is the sentence of this court that you be are to be re-potty trained. Forthwith, you will be put into diapers until such time as your mother or accusers think you are ready to proceed. Do you understand your sentence?" Linda read aloud.

"MOM, this is stupid! Surely you don't plan on putting me back in diapers? I'm almost twelve!" Timmy blubbered.

"It is understood that the defendant knows what his sentence is and that it will be carried out. A written summation of this judgment will be provided to all parties within a week," Linda announced, pounding her gavel on the table, "Court is hereby dismissed."


Timmy spent the rest of the afternoon in his bedroom, sulking. He hoped that his parents were only trying to scare him into staying dry at night. If that was their intentions, Timmy was certainly frightened. Timmy had almost fallen asleep when he heard footsteps coming into his bedroom. He looked up and saw his sister Melissa sniffing the air and making a face.

"Eww, Timmy! I don't know how you can stand to be in here with this smell! I've been in real babies’ rooms and they don't smell this bad!" Melissa commented.

"What do you want?" Timmy asked.

"Oh, mom said to tell you dinner is almost ready, and you need to clean up. I hope you are enjoying your last few hours as a 'big boy'," Melissa giggled and then walked out of the room.

Timmy got out of bed and stomped across the hall to the bathroom to wash up. His sister Elizabeth was washing her hands at the sink. She moved over to make room for Timmy. She looked over at Timmy and giggled.

"What's so funny?" Timmy wondered with a frown.

"Since you are going back to wearing diapers again, does that make you my 'baby' brother?" Elizabeth giggled some more.

"NO IT DOESN'T," Timmy answered, lathering his hands with soap.

Elizabeth giggled some more and left the bathroom. Timmy finished washing his hands and walked out to the dining room. He was the last one at the table.

Nothing was said at dinner about Timmy's diapers, other than a few whispers back and forth between the two younger sisters, and a few giggles. Timmy could hardly eat anything, as he couldn't think of anything else but the fact that he would soon be wearing diapers. He was thankful when his mother finally excused him, and he started back to his bedroom.

"Timmy, I want you to get your bath over with right now. I will be waiting in your room when you finish your bath," His mother ordered.

"yes ma’am," Timmy muttered, turning into the bathroom, and closing the door.

Timmy started the water running in the tub and began to undress. He looked at his eleven year old body in the mirror and frowned. He could not imagine it covered by diapers, like an infant or toddler. He stepped into the tub and sat down. He had just started washing himself when the bathroom door opened up and Melissa And Elizabeth entered the bathroom. Elizabeth started washing her hands and Melissa got her toothbrush out.

"GET OUT OF HERE!" Timmy screamed," I'M TAKING MY BATH!"

Melissa looked over at her brother and smiled. "Yes I know, baby brother. You don't have anything I haven't seen before. Besides, we are going to be able to watch you get your diapers changed, so we will see everything then!" Melissa giggled.

"GET OUT!!!" Timmy screeched, covering his penis with the washcloth.

"What is all the commotion in here?" Timmy's mother wondered, poking her head in the bathroom.

"Oh, Timmy is ashamed to have us see him naked. I just told him we were going to be able to see him get his diapers changed, so what’s the difference?" Melissa replied.

"Girls, come on and let Timmy have a little privacy for now. Besides, I need your help getting things ready in his bedroom," Linda ordered.

"Bye, little brother," Melissa taunted as she walked out of the bathroom.

"Yeah, bye little brother!" Elizabeth giggled, following her older sister.

Timmy finished his bath and stepped out of the tub. He didn't know if he should get dressed again or just go to his room with just a towel wrapped around his waist. He decided to put his pants back on and carry everything else. He blushed when he entered his bedroom, as his mother, father and three sisters were all standing near his bed. His mother had spread out several diapers on Timmy's bed.

"Okay Timmy, diaper time!" Linda ordered, holding out her hand.

"MOM! They don't have to be here, do they?" Timmy whined.

"Well, Timmy, you better get used to having your sisters see you get your diaper changed. Melissa will probably be changing your diapers some of the time," Linda said, taking Timmy's hand and leading him over to the bed.

Timmy started crying as his mother pulled his pants down. His body shook as he stood there, not able to move. Finally his father came over and lifted him up and laid him on the bed. Timmy started to cover his penis with his hands, but his father grabbed his hands and pulled them over his head.

"Melissa, Molly and Elizabeth, I want you to pay attention to how I diaper Timmy tonight. All of you may be given the chance to do it sometime in the future," Linda suggested.

The girls moved closer to the bed as Linda grabbed Timmy's ankles and lifted his legs over his body. Timmy bawled as his mother adjusted the diaper so it was centered under Timmy's bottom. Linda picked up the can of baby powder and sprinkled it on Timmy's bottom and rest of his diaper area as well.

"Mommy, why are you putting powder on Timmy?" Elizabeth asked.

"Well, when Timmy pees his diaper tonight, the powder will help prevent diaper rash. Besides, it smells really nice," Linda replied.

Linda tugged the thick stack of diapers up through Timmy's legs and pulled them tight. she pulled the back of the diaper up over the front and pinned them together using two blue bunny shaped diaper pins. She grasped Timmy's hands and lifted him up to a sitting position.

"Melissa could you get me a pair of plastic pants from the dresser?" Linda asked.

Melissa went over to the dresser and opened the top drawer. She took out a pair of light blue plastic pants and handed them to her mother. Timmy wondered where they had come from, since they weren't in his dresser this morning.

Linda slid the plastic pants up over Timmy's feet and legs, until she reached his thighs. She had Timmy stand up so she could cover the diapers. Timmy blushed as the plastic pants were pulled into place. He looked up and blushed even harder as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He looked like a toddler, wearing only cloth diapers and plastic pants.

"Those should hold any puddles Timmy makes tonight," Linda explained.

She got a blue pajama top and pulled it over Timmy's head and adjusted it. The pajama top barely covered the waistband of his plastic pants. Timmy looked down and frowned.

"Mom! I cant go around like this! Everyone will see I am wearing diapers!" Timmy whined.

"Timmy, you are wearing diapers as punishment. Your diapers will stay in full view as long as you are in the house. When we go out, I will decide if you can wear pants over your diapers then," Linda informed.

"Timmy, you are in diapers now until either your father or I say you can stop wearing them. Don't bother asking when that will be, as we have not determined a stopping date yet. You will have to show us you can start staying dry before we will even consider it. Oh, and don’t come to us and tell us when you are wet either. One of us, your father, myself, or your sisters, will be doing regular diaper checks, and we will be changing you when we decide you need it, and not before," Linda instructed.

"Yes ma’am," Timmy whimpered.

"Now I think you better get in bed. You have had an exhausting day, and you need your rest," Linda ordered.

Timmy climbed into bed and let his mother tuck the covers in. At least he would not have to put up with any more humiliation today. Each of his sisters came over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Timmy blushed, and started crying again.

"Goodnight, baby Timmy," Melissa said before leaving the room, followed by Molly and Elizabeth.

Timmy's mother and father gave him a hug and a kiss before shutting off the light and leaving the room as well. Timmy slipped his hand beneath his covers and felt inside his plastic pants. He ran his fingers over the diaper pins, and thick cloth diapers. He thought about taking the diapers off, but knew he would get a spanking if he tried that, so he decided just to try to sleep. It didn't take long, as Timmy was really tired from the days events and he fell asleep. sometime during the wee hours of the night, Timmy soaked his diapers.



Timmy Walker awoke the next morning to find his sisters standing over his bed. Melissa was pulling the covers down, uncovering his diapers and plastic pants. It was very evident that Timmy had wet himself during the night.

"Looks like someone is wearing a wet diaper!" Melissa exclaimed, rubbing the front of Timmy's plastic pants.

Timmy Blushed and tried to push Melissa away. Melissa swatted his hand away. Molly and Elizabeth giggled. Melissa pulled down the top of Timmy's plastic pants, exposing a few inches of his diaper so her sisters could feel how wet the diapers were.

"EWWW, He is really wet!" Molly exclaimed, running her fingers over the wet diapers.

Their mother came out of her bedroom and peeked her head in the door of TImmy's bedroom. She smiled at her daughters.

"How did he do last night?" Linda asked.

"He's wet, mom!" The girls replied at the same time.

"Well, bring him out to the dining room for breakfast. I will let Melissa change him afterwards," Linda announced.

Linda left the bedroom and walked out to the kitchen to get things set up for breakfast. Melissa and Elizabeth pulled Timmy out of bed and held his hands as he walked between them. The thick, soggy diapers sagged between Timmy's legs as he walked down the hall.

When the reached the dining room, they led Timmy over to his usual chair and let him sit down on a plastic pad that had been placed on the chair seat. The girls took their places and began to eat their breakfast. Timmy took his time and was finished after everyone else.

"Hurry up, Timmy! I'm sure Melissa has better things to do than to wait for you to finish your breakfast," Linda observed.

Timmy finally finished his breakfast and followed his mother and sisters back to his bedroom. He stood off to the side as he watched his mother instruct Melissa in the proper way to change him. Melissa got out six diapers and laid them on the bed and then came over and removed Timmy's plastic pants and wet diapers, depositing them in the diaper pail.

Melissa led Timmy over to the bed where she had him lay down on top of the diapers. She used baby wipes to clean his diaper area, making sure to clean up well around his genitals.

Molly handed her sister the can of baby powder, which was sprinkled liberally on Timmy's diaper area, and rubbed in. The thick cloth diapers were then brought up through Timmy's legs and pinned on. Linda had Melissa use four diaper pins, two on each side, so that they wouldn't have to worry if one of the pins should pop open sometime during the day.

Elizabeth got a clean pair of plastic pants out of the dresser and handed them to her sister. Timmy lifted his legs up as Melissa pulled the plastic pants up his legs and over the diapers. The diapers bulged inside the plastic pants.

"There we are!" Melissa exclaimed, as she helped Timmy sit up in bed.

"Remember Timmy, those diapers are to be fully exposed at all times in the house. You can put on a tee shirt instead of a pajama top, but I want everyone to be able to see your diapers," Linda reminded.

"Yes maam," Timmy whimpered, going to his dresser and taking out a clean tee shirt.

"Timmy, why don't you go watch TV for awhile? I want to talk to your sisters," Linda ordered.

"Yes maam," Timmy replied, hurrying from his bedroom.

"Okay girls, since this is your idea, I am leaving Melissa in charge of Timmy. you will have to check him from time to time to see if he needs to be changed. I want him changed as often as necessary so he won't get a diaper rash. If you want to assign one of your sisters to do the checking sometimes, that will be fine as well," Linda said.

"Okay, mom," Melissa agreed.

"Okay girls go get changed yourselves," Linda ordered, putting her arms around Molly, giving her a hug.

"Um, mom, I made plans for Nancy to come over and study today. Should I cancel?" Melissa wondered.

"No, its okay. Timmy will have to get used to others seeing him in his diapers. He might as well start now," Linda answered.

The girls ran to their room to change for the day into shorts and tee shirts. Melissa came out to the living room and sat down on the couch and smiled at her brother.

"Still dry, Timmy?" Melissa asked.

"YES" Timmy answered.

"Good, good," Melissa said, nodding her head. Melissa looked at her watch and noted the time.

After awhile, Timmy got up and got a can of soda from the refrigerator. He blushed as his plastic pants crinkled noisily as he walked through the house. When he returned to the living room the doorbell rang. Melissa got up and opened the door.

"Come on in, Nancy! Mom said it was okay for you to study today," Melissa informed.

Nancy stepped inside and saw Timmy standing in the living room, and her eyes grew really big. She put her hand up to her mouth and giggled.

"Oh my Goodness! What is Timmy wearing?" Nancy asked.

"Oh, he is wearing diapers and plastic pants now. We had a trial and found him guilty of failing to be potty trained right. He has to wear diapers now until mommy and daddy say otherwise," admitted Melissa.

"Aww, he is so cute!" Nancy exclaimed, walking over to Timmy and rubbing her hands over his plastic pants.

"Maybe mom will let you help me change him when he needs it again," Melissa suggested.

"NO!" Timmy shouted.

"It's not your decision to make, Timmy!" Melissa explained," It's mom's"

Timmy started to cry as he sat back down on the couch. Melissa and Nancy walked back to the girls bedroom. Nancy giggled.

"I can't believe you actually got your mom and dad to agree to put Timmy back in diapers. My parents would never put my brother back in diapers, even though he wets almost every night!" Nancy exclaimed.

"Well, maybe if they find out about Timmy, they might get the idea to put your brother into diapers," Melissa offered.

"Yeah, maybe," Nancy answered, nodding her head.



Timmy continued to watch TV as Melissa and Nancy went back to her bedroom. Timmy could hear them giggling every once in awhile.

Timmy felt the urge to pee, but knew his mother wouldn't let him use the potty. He struggled to hold it, but after awhile he wet his diapers. Timmy moved around, trying to stay comfortable. He hoped Melissa would come back and check him soon.

"I wish we had a family trial," Nancy admitted to Melissa.

"Yeah, its kinda cool sometimes. Unless you are the one being accused of something," Replied Melissa.

Linda peeked her head into Melissa's bedroom, "Have you checked Timmy recently, Melissa? He seems to be doing a lot of fidgeting."

Melissa looked at her watch and shook her head. It had been almost an hour now since she had last checked.

"Its been about an hour, mom. I guess I better check him again. If he's wet, can Nancy help change him?" Melissa asked.

"Yes, I guess it would be okay," Linda replied.

Melissa got up off her bed and walked out to the living room. Timmy looked at her and Nancy and bit his lip. Although he wanted to be changed, he wasn't sure if he wanted Nancy to see him naked.

"Stand up, Timmy," Melissa ordered.

"Oh Melissa, can I check him, Please?" Nancy pleaded.

"No problem, Nancy. I am sure Timmy won't care," Melissa answered with a giggle.

Timmy blushed as he stood up. Nancy came over and slipped her finger inside his plastic pants. She ran her finger over the outside diaper and then slipped it inside the bottom diaper.

"Well, He is a little wet, but with all the diapers he is wearing, he could last for awhile longer," Nancy stated.

"Mom said to change him as often as necessary to keep him from getting diaper rash. I think we better change him now," Melissa informed.

"Oh, I didn't know that," Nancy replied, taking Timmy's hand.

The two girls led Timmy back to his bedroom and had him lay down on his bed. Molly slipped over from her bedroom to watch.

"Is it okay if I watch?" Molly asked.

"Of course, Molly. You can even help. Why don't you get the baby powder?" Melissa answered.

Molly smiled and grabbed the baby powder from the top of the dresser, standing on her tip toes to do it. Meanwhile Nancy started pulling down the plastic pants Timmy was wearing.

"Does she have to be here?" Timmy whined.

"You mean Nancy? Mom said she could help," Melissa said," So you better just hush up."

Timmy gulped and began to cry. Nancy unpinned the four diaper pins very carefully and removed them from the thick cloth. She rolled the diaper down and pulled it out from under Timmy. Melissa lifted the top of the diaper pail and let Nancy toss the soggy bundle inside.

"How many diapers do you think he will need?" Nancy wondered.

"Well, we put six on him earlier and that seemed to hold his pee okay. I guess we should stick with six," Melissa answered.

Nancy took the six diapers and folded them carefully. Since she had babysat toddlers before she had some experience with diapering children. Timmy was just bigger than any of her charges so far.

"Okay, Molly, time for the baby powder," Melissa said, as Nancy slipped the diapers under Timmy's butt.

Molly came over and shook the powder over Timmy's tummy and diaper area. Nancy rubbed the powder in, making sure to cover every crease. She then pulled the diapers up, and pinned then on tightly, using six pins instead of four.

"Two pins for every diaper, that’s what I think," Nancy stated, as she slipped the last two pins in and closed them.

"Okay Timmy, stand up," Melissa ordered.

Melissa shook out a clean pair of plastic pants and had Timmy step into them. He whimpered as Melissa pulled the plastic pants up his legs and checked to make sure the diapers were tucked in.

"There you go, Timmy!" Melissa stated, patting his diapered bottom.

Nancy patted his bottom as well and smiled. Molly came over and gave her brother a hug.

"He is so cute in his diapers!" Nancy stated, "I wish my brother could see him!"

"Well, why don't you go get Brian and bring him over here? I am sure Timmy would like a playmate!" Melissa suggested.

"That sounds like a good idea. Maybe I could interest Brian into wearing diapers too!" Nancy said hopefully.

Nancy ran home after her brother, as Melissa led Timmy back to the living room. He plopped down on the couch with a loud crinkling noise.

"Melissa, I need to run to the store for a bit. Do you think you can keep an eye on things here?" Linda said, entering the living room with her purse in hand.

"Of course. By the way. Nancy went to get her brother, Brian, so Timmy could have someone to play with. I hope you don't mind," Informed Melissa.

"That’s a great Idea. Otherwise, Timmy will spend the day moping about by himself," Linda agreed, walking out the front door.



Melissa went to the kitchen and fixed Timmy a glass of juice to drink. She was making sure he was getting lots to drink. Timmy would be wet again before lunch time for sure. When she returned to the living room, there was a knock on the door. Nancy was standing at the door holding Brian's hand.

"Come on in!" Melissa said, opening the door.

Nancy led Brian inside the house and over to where Timmy was sitting. Brian stared at Timmy for a minute or so.

"I told you Timmy was wearing diapers, didn't I?" Nancy told her brother.

"You two can play here in the living room, Brian. You can't play video games or stuff like that, though. Those are for big boys, and as you can see, Timmy isn't a big boy anymore," Melissa stated.

Melissa motioned for Nancy to follow her back to the her bedroom, which Nancy did, leaving the two boys by themselves. Brian kept staring at Timmy, not believing his best friend was wearing diapers.

"What happened?" Brian finally said, sitting down on the couch next to Timmy.

"I've been wetting my bed and had a couple of daytime accidents, so my sisters got my parents to put me back in diapers again," Timmy pouted.

"How long do you have to wear them?" Brian asked.

"Until my mom and dad decide that I am big enough to go without diapers again," Timmy informed.

Meanwhile back in Melissa's bedroom, she and Nancy were sitting on the bed talking. They wanted to give Timmy and Brian time alone.

"Brian wet the bed again last night. Mom is so mad too. She threatened to spank him really hard after breakfast," Nancy giggled.

"Do you think she would put him back in diapers?" Melissa wondered.

"I don't know. I am going to tell her about Timmy, though. I hope she does. It would be cool to have my own baby brother," Giggled Nancy.

Melissa looked at her watch and stood up. It was time for another diaper check. She led Nancy out to the living room. Timmy groaned when he saw his sister.

"Diaper check time, Timmy," Melissa announced, coming over to where her brother was sitting.

Melissa reached down and stuck her fingers inside the plastic pants. She found the thick diapers were dry.

"Still dry. That's our big boy!" Melissa said with a smile.

Nancy sat down on the couch next to her brother and smiled at him. Brian frowned and looked away from his sister.

"I think mom might put you back in diapers, at least at bedtime,. Brian," Nancy told her brother.

"She will not!" Brian sputtered.

"Oh, I think you are wrong, baby brother. Everyone knows you pee your bed almost every night. Once Mommy finds out how dry Timmy's sheets are in the morning, she will most certainly start diapering you too!" Nancy insisted.

Brian blushed and looked away from his sister. He hated having his bedwetting talked about, especially in front of his friends.

There was another knock on the door. Melissa got up and opened the door. Nancy and Brian's mother stood at the door, holding a wooden paddle in her hand.

"Hello, Mrs. Reynolds," Melissa said, smiling.

"Hello, Melissa, I am looking for Brian or Nancy," Paula Reynolds said.

"Come in. They are both here," Melissa informed.

Paul Reynolds entered the house and walked over to the couch. She looked at Nancy and Brian for a second then spotted Timmy in his diapers. She couldn't believe her eyes.

"Why is Timmy wearing diapers?" Paula wondered.

"Because he is a bedwetter, Mrs. Reynolds. We held a trial and found him guilty of failing potty training, so mommy is making him wear diapers until she or daddy say he can wear big boy underpants again," Melissa stated.

"Really?" Paula asked.

"Yes ma’am," Melissa insisted.

"Do they seem to be helping?" Paula inquired.

"Well, He only has worn them since last night, but his sheets were dry this morning," Melissa informed, "his diapers were soaked though."

"Hmm," Paula said, almost to herself. Finally she turned her attention back to her son and daughter.

"Brian, didn't I order you to take the wet sheets off your bed and put them in the washing machine after breakfast?" Paula shouted at her son.

"Yes ma’am. I forgot," Brian answered, looking fearfully at the paddle.

"You've been forgetting a lot lately. You've even forgotten how to stay dry all night, I think," Paula said, shaking her head, " lets go home. I am going to give you a little reminder so you won't be so forgetful next time."

"Please mom, I won't forget anymore," Brian cried.

"Get your butt off that couch right now young man, unless you want your bare butt exposed to Timmy and his sisters," Paula ordered, taking Brian by the hand and pulling him off the couch.

"Um, Mom, can I talk to you for a minute?" Nancy asked with a smile.

"Okay," Paula replied, releasing Brian's hand.

Nancy led her mother back down the hall a ways before talking to her. Nancy got a wicked grin on her face.

"Mom, I think I have a better way to punish Brian for not changing his wet sheets," Nancy said.

After a few minutes they returned to the living room. Brian looked at his mother and sister with tears streaming down his cheeks. He was still expecting to receive a hard spanking with the paddle.

"Brian, I am going to let you decide on your punishment. You can come home and let me spank your bare bottom hard, or you can let your sissy put diapers on you. Either way, you are going to be wearing diapers to bed starting tonight. There is no excuse for a boy your age to still be wetting his bed almost every night," Paula said.

"NO MOMMY!" Brian cried.

"Brian, you have til the count of three to decide. If you haven't decided by then, mommy will give you a bare bottom spanking, and then sissy will put you in diapers for the rest of the day," Paula said sternly," one....Two....."

"Please let sissy put me in diapers, mommy!" Brian whimpered.

"Okay, then that will be your punishment. You will be wearing diapers for the rest of the day, just like Timmy," Paula agreed.

As they were talking, Linda arrived home with several shopping bags. She smiled when she entered the house and saw Paula and Brian.

"Well hello!" Linda said, setting the bags down on the floor.

"Hello, Linda. I'm glad you are home. Brian is still wetting his bed too, and has just agreed to let his sister put diapers on him for the rest of the day. I am planning on keeping him in diapers for awhile, especially at bedtime. Would you mind if I borrowed some of Timmy's diapers?" Paula wondered.

"Don't ask me, Ask Timmy. They are his diapers after all," Linda laughed.

Paula smiled and walked over to where Timmy was sitting. He was blushing deeply and had his head bowed down, looking at the floor. Paula tickled TImmy's shoulder and lifted his head so she could look at his face.

"How about it, Timmy? Can Brian borrow some of your diapers? I promise to return them when I buy some of his own," Paula asked, in a condescending voice.

"Yes maam," Timmy replied.

"Brian, say thank you to Timmy," Paula ordered.

"Thank you, Timmy," Brian sobbed.

"How about if we go back to my room and talk while Nancy gets Brian in his diapers?" Linda suggested.

"Good idea," Paula said," Brian, remember what I told you. I still have my paddle with me."

"Yes mommy," Brian whimpered again.

The two women walked back to the rear bedroom and closed the door, leaving the children alone. Nancy turned to her brother and smiled evilly.

"Diaper time, Brian!" Nancy announced, reaching over and unfastening the front of his pants.

Brian started crying as his sister undressed him. He was ashamed to have his friend see him be diapered, as well as ashamed of having to wear diapers again. It had been several years since he had been potty trained.

Nancy led Brian over to the couch, naked from the waist down. Timmy stood up and let Brian lay down. Brian started to cover up his nakedness, but Nancy slapped his hands.

"Baby mustn't touch!" Nancy ordered sternly.

"Timmy, why don't you go back and bring me six diapers from your drawer. Oh, and four diaper pins, plastic pants and the baby powder," Melissa ordered.

Timmy did as he was told, and was soon back with the required items. He handed them to his sister and stepped back.

Nancy took the diapers from Melissa and folded them together. She lifted Brian's legs and slid them under him, lowering his legs again. Brian slipped his fingers in his mouth, tears streaming down his cheeks. Nancy sprinkled baby powder over him and rubbed it in.

"look at his tiny pee-pee!" Nancy giggled," He really is a baby!"

Nancy finished powdering Brian and then pulled the diaper up through Brian's legs and pinned them on tight using the four diaper pins. Nancy then helped Brian up to his feet. She slipped her fingers in the leg opening of the diapers and adjusted them.

"There we are! Why don't you go show mommy how cute you look in your baby diapers, Brian?" Nancy ordered, patting Brian on his diapered butt.

Brian started crying, but remembered his mother's admonition to obey Nancy. He walked slowly down the hall to Linda's bedroom and knocked on the door.

Inside the bedroom, the two woman were discussing Timmy's recent changes. Linda had explained about the trial and family court and the resulting decision. Paula listened close.

"You know, family court sound's like something we could use at our house. Maybe the kids would be more willing to accept the punishment if they were the ones to decide their guilt or innocence," Paula said.

"Yes, it does seem to work that way. They don't have anyone to blame but their judges or juries. They can't say they didn't get their say in either. I give the accused plenty of opportunity to plead their cause," Linda agreed.

Just then, they heard the knock on the door. Linda walked over to the door and opened the door. Brian started bawling and ran over to his mother. He threw his arms around her waist and cried into her lap. Paula patted Brian on his back and rubbed his bottom. She let him cry for a few minutes.

"There, there, Brian. What seems to be the problem?" Paula said soothingly.

"Mommy, please don't make me go around in diapers! I promise I won't wet my bed anymore!" Pleaded Brian.

"Brian, I wish I could believe you, but I know that you can't live up to that promise. Your sheets would be wet again tonight, if I wasn't going to diaper you. Now let's see what our big boy looks like in his diapers," Paula said, Making Brian stand up.

Brian wiped the tears from his eyes as his mother rubbed the front of his diapers. She smiled and patted his bottom again.

"These look like they were made for you. I want you to thank your sister for doing such a good job on pinning your diapers on. You better go and have her put your plastic pants on right away, honey. We don't want a pee puddle on the floor, do we?" Paula asked.

"No mommy," Agreed Brian.

Brian walked out to the living room again. Nancy smiled at her brother and held out the blue plastic pants for Brian to wear. He stepped into them and let Nancy pull the plastic pants up over the diapers. She made sure the diapers were tucked inside.

"There! Baby's all dressed!" Nancy announced with a big smile.

Brian blushed. Nancy led him over to where Timmy was sitting and made Brian sit next to him. Melissa had brought the digital camera into the living room and took several pictures of the two boys. Timmy and Brian blushed but didn't try to interfere. They didn't want their bottoms warmed.

Nancy had Brian pose with his thumb in his mouth, and made him stand up straight to have his picture taken. Melissa promised to send copies of the pictures to Nancy's Email address.

Nancy spent several minutes teasing her brother about his diapers until their mother returned from the back bedroom. Paula was carrying a paper bag with two dozen cloth diapers and three pairs of plastic pants inside. She picked up the pants and underpants Brian had been wearing, folded them and placed them in the bag with the diapers.

"Brian, I think we better head home now. You still have some wet sheets to take care of, and you probably should take a nap," Paula informed.

"Yes ma’am," Brian sniffled.

"Can I stay here for awhile longer mom? I still have to finish a homework assignment with Melissa," Nancy asked.

"Okay. Be home by dinnertime though," Paula answered.

Paula took Brian's hand and led him out the door. Brian looked strange walking down the sidewalk, dressed only in cloth diapers, plastic pants and his tee shirt. He was so upset he didn't even realize he was just wearing diapers.

Meanwhile, Melissa was doing another diaper check on Timmy. He blushed deeply as she stuck her hand inside his now wet diapers. She made a face and pulled her hand out.

"Baby's wet! Come on, let's go get some dry diapers on, shall we?" Melissa ordered, forcing Timmy off of the couch.

Timmy followed Melissa back to his bedroom for another diaper change in front of his sisters and Nancy.

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