The Return to Diapers

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The Return to Diapers

2008-05-17 17:59:11

Summary: Story about a 12 year old boy who gets his diapers back due to bedwetting

Twelve year old Steve woke up, cold and wet as usual. He knew his dad was going to give him a hard time about wetting his bed. So he got up and stripped the sheets off his bed and headed to the laundry with them. His hope was that his dad would forgive him for his wetting if he would take care of the sheets. This was not to be. Dad was already up and noticed the boy carrying his wet sheets and P.J.'s downstairs. While the boy was loading his soggy things into the washer, his dad came up behind him. A lecture about laziness and bedwetting followed. Steve was getting really tired of being lectured over something he could not help. But......

Secretly Steve wanted his diapers back. Even though he was 12 he wanted to have the nice secure feeling of the thick cloth diapers between his legs with the smooth plastic pants over them. This would put an end to the cold wet sheets and wet P.J's. Not to mention he had noticed other kids about his age at the shopping centers who were obviously wearing diapers. Steve dreamed of never worrying about having to go to the restroom, just letting it flow into his diapers under his pants.

It did not help that Steve had a little brother, Matt, who was 7 and still wet the bed most nights. Whenever they traveled, Matt was put into diapers so there weren't so many bathroom stops. Steve remembered a trip when Matt was not like himself; he was acting scared of something. The older boy pulled his little brother up on his lap to comfort him. Just before falling asleep a faint smile crossed Matt's face as he relaxed. A soft hissing noise could be heard. Steve could feel the warmth spreading across his younger brother's bottom. The older boy knew what had happened, Matt had just wet his diaper.

Steve wanted to wear diapers at night and on the long trips as well, but he knew his parents would not ever let him have his wish. So he tried to be careful and not drink too much before going on trips in the car. Sometimes he would mess up and have to ask his parents to stop so he could use the restroom. Because he was still a nighttime wetter there was always the chance he might wet if he fell asleep in the car. Steps were taken to keep him awake on these trips. Games and conversation among them.

On the ride home from the amusement park one afternoon Steve fell asleep. It had been a wonderful day. Lots of great rides and fun. . His little brother Matt did too, but he was wearing a diaper for the trip home. All those sodas Steve drank earlier caught up with him and he wet his pants while asleep. Of course when the family arrived home and his dad saw what happened, he was very upset that the back seat of the car was soaked. His dad got him up out of the car and just stood there yelling at him. Steve's pants were soaked, and as he stood there he could feel the cold reality. Plus his bladder was full again and his dad was not making things any easier by holding him against the wall while scolding him. The pain in his bladder was too much and the 12- year-old boy lost control, wetting his pants again, the pee running down both legs and into his shoes. What didn't end up in his shoes puddled on the ground. This really angered his dad. So the lazy baby lecture followed. Finally Steve was able to make his way into the house and get cleaned up. Off to bed he went.

The next morning Steve was wet as usual. Or should I say soaked. He got up and stripped his bed and headed downstairs with the wet sheets and pj's. After starting the washer he looked up the stairs to see his dad standing there. Surprisingly his dad just asked if everything was ok, then said "good morning". To Steve this was kind of scary. Usually his dad gave him a really hard time over his bedwetting. Why not today?? The boy remembered hearing muffled conversation from his mom and dad's room down the hall as he drifted off to sleep last night, but thought nothing of it.

The day went well for both Steve and Matt. There was plenty for them to do and they had fun being with each other as well. Mom had gone out for a bit after lunch, and returned with several rather large boxes. Just a shopping trip, Steve thought. At dinner that night Matt was teasing his older brother for wetting his pants and bed. Both parents listened carefully and put an end to the teasing. After all, Matt was still in diapers at night, so what was he teasing Steve for? In the family there were two bedwetters, one still in diapers, one not. After dinner there was TV and a family game, then time for bed.

Steve made his way to his bedroom and saw both his mom and dad had followed him up. On the bed was what looked to be a diaper changing matt. His parents told him to sit down; they wanted to talk about something. Out of the corner of his eye, Steve saw a thick cloth diaper and a new pair of plastic pants on a corner of his bed. Looking around, he noticed a diaper pail in a corner of the room. Matt had a diaper pail in his room........ The boy didn't know what to think, so he just listened. His dad began by telling Steve of his own bedwetting as a kid. 12 year old Steve was somewhat amused by his father's confessions; after all wasn't this the same man who gave him a verbal spanking every day in the laundry room?? Why was he now so understanding after being so mean for so long? Could it have been the talking going on down the hallway last night? So many questions!! Finally after all the confessions, his dad said the diapers on the bed are for you if you want them.

Steve had wanted to be put back into diapers for a long time, but this was just too good to be true. He thought to himself, should I resist, or just go with it? Running his hand over the soft diaper he looked up to see his parents there looking at him for an answer. His dad told him that he understood about the nighttime wetting and the diaper would help him with that. Plus Steve was a good boy, bringing home the good grades in school and participating in after school activities. After thinking about it for a couple of minutes, Steve lay down on the changing mat on his bed so his mom could diaper him. His heart was beating so hard he thought it would come out of his chest. It felt so good to have the powder spread over his genitals just before the thick diaper was pinned on. The cotton diaper was so soft and comfortable. Then his mom pulled the plastic pants over his diaper. They were almost like regular underwear except they were very soft, smooth, and much larger so they would cover the diaper to prevent leaks. After pulling up the plastic pants his mom carefully checked around the leg openings and waistband, making sure the diaper was totally covered. His diaper was thick so his P.J's fit a bit tight over them. So he chose to wear the P.J top, the diaper and plastic pants to bed. His mom and dad were ok with that. After saying his goodnights to them, and to his little brother at his bedroom door, Steve crawled into bed, falling into a deep comfortable sleep.

The next morning he awakened and instead of going into the laundry room to wash wet sheets, he went to the rec room to watch TV before breakfast. His diaper was wet of course but it was strangely comfortable. No hurry to take it off. His younger brother always came down in his wet diapers, so what the worry? Things were laid back– after all it was the weekend so there was no hurry to get ready to go anywhere. After a while his younger brother Matt joined him, wet as usual. As they sat there watching cartoons the older boy became aware of the hissing noise coming from his younger brother's diaper. When finished, Matt looked up and smiled, saying it was easier to just go in the diaper than to get someone to help him take it off. It was about that time Matt noticed his older brother was dressed in just a diaper, plastic pants and a tee shirt. He had not noticed this last night!! Instead of making fun of his brother, Matt got up on top of him and began to wrestle and tickle. The warmth of the younger boy's freshly wet diaper excited the older boy. Soon Steve stopped playing, and Matt heard the unmistakable sound of his older brother wetting his diaper. After Steve finished both boys wrestled a bit more, then sat back down and watched TV for a bit.

All too soon their mom called them up for breakfast. As the boys sat down at the kitchen table their mom mentioned how badly their diapers were sagging. She asked if both boys wanted a diaper change before eating. Both Matt and Steve said no. Both were enjoying the soft squishy wetness, and there were no leaks as of yet.

Their mom noticed the boys enjoying the warmth of their wet diapers, and because their dad was going to play golf that day, she gave both boys the option of wearing daytime diapers. Steve and Matt both wanted to stay diapered. So after their dad left for the golf course, the boys followed their mom upstairs to get changed. Both boys were soaked with multiple wettings. It was a good thing the diapers they were wearing were very thick and thirsty.

First, Matt was changed, then Steve. The boys went out to play in the back yard in just their tee shirts and diapers. It was rather warm out so wearing the diaper as pants felt like wearing shorts! The boys stayed out there for hours– finding different things to do while having fun and playing with each other. Then the unthinkable happened. Their dad arrived home early.

Steve and Matt were in the back yard in diapers, and could not possibly get up to their rooms to get their pants on.. All that could be hoped for was their dad had to use the toilet as he usually had to when getting home after an outing. So the boys waited until the coast seemed to be clear, then proceeded to their rooms to get their pants. Matt was having problems pulling up his pants– they were way too small to go over the thick wet diaper he was wearing. Down the hall, Steve was having the same problem. Suddenly the bedroom door was opened. Steve looked up to see the stern face of his dad. The boy got under the covers of his bed really quick, but not quick enough. His dad pulled the covers off of Steve, Then in an uncanny kind of voice his dad asked: "Were you looking for these?" "Those" just happened to be oversized jeans that would pull up easily over the diaper Steve was wearing. His dad also got some wind pants and sweat pants for him. The boy didn't know what was going on. First, his dad said he didn't want to be bothered with older kids in diapers, now this!!??

Quickly pulling on the wind pants, Steve caught up with his dad as Matt's bedroom door was opened up. Matt looked to be asleep on his bed, but was only pretending. He was caught big time. His diaper was showing, and diapers were only to be worn at night. It didn't help the diaper he was wearing was already wet. Steve followed his dad into the room and stood in the doorway as the dad sat down on the bed.

Matt was asked by his dad if he wanted full time diapers. Steve almost fell out of the doorway– Was this really his dad? The one that gave him heck every time he had a wet night? It seemed so. By this time Matt was in tears. Decisions were not easy for the 7 year old.

Steve entered the room and sat down next to his brother. "Hey hey," Steve repeated, it is ok!! Dad is going to let us wear diapers all the time like we have always wanted. All we have to do is to take care of them. Wash the cloth ones and get rid of the used disposables. Not a big thing!!

On the next trip to the amusement park both boys were diapered for the trip. No more wet car seats!! Spare diapers were packed up into backpacks for both boys, complete with extra plastic pants and jeans.

Over time both Matt and Steve decided to stay in diapers full time whenever possible. Between the two of them there was a load of diapers to be washed and folded every day. The boys gladly took care of it. The nurses at their schools were notified and diaper changes if needed were no problem. While there were a few problems with bullies at school, Matt and Steve were able to overcome them. Both boys had plenty of friends, plus they found other diaper boys to hang with after school. All was good! The bedwetting did stop for Matt and Steve in time, but both of them have chosen to stay in diapers...........Why? We all know the answer!

Only good boys get to wear diapers!!

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