The Reform School

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The Reform School

2008-05-17 17:59:11

By Cathy

Melanie arrived at the school fifteen minutes late. As she drove up to the main entrance, she saw Peter Andrews waiting for her.

Melanie smirked. She and Peter had met three years earlier, in graduate school. They had taken an instant dislike to each other. He constantly made lewd advances, despite her incessant rejection. Once, he even patted her on the derriere, and she had responded by slapping him furiously across the face.

Now they were both teachers at the same reform school for girls. Though she was intelligent and well educated, her condescending attitude annoyed Peter. In truth, he was offended by her rejection and secretly anxious to avenge his wounded pride.

Brushing a strand of her long blonde hair from her face, she stepped out of her car.

"Hello, Mr. Andews," Melanie said curtly.

Peter nodded. "Welcome," he replied, insincerely, letting his wander over her body.

"Thank you," Melanie replied.

As she went inside, she saw Peter's reflection in the glass door. Standing directly behind her, he was studying the visible contour of her panties through her white pants, training his eyes on the spot where the garments converged between her shapely buttocks.

Margaret Powers, the headmistress, greeted them in the lobby. The headmistress was dressed in a white outfit, similar to a nurse's uniform, with a pale blue sweater that buttoned up the front. Her blue eyes were accentuated by her jet-black hair, which was cut short on the sides.

"We've been waiting for you," she said. "You're late."

"Yes," Melanie said, apologetically, "Sorry. Cross-town traffic." Then she added jokingly: "You aren't going to discipline me, I hope."

"What exactly do you mean?" Ms. Powers asked.

"I've read some strange stories about this place."

"Oh? What kind of stories?"

"About--shall we say, unorthodox--disciplinary measures."

"Well," Peter interjected, "you can't believe everything you read."

"Why don't we show you around?"

Melanie nodded. "Fair enough."

Ms. Powers handed her a cup. "Would you care for some juice?"

"Thank you," Melanie replied courteously. After finishing off the juice, she was escorted through the classroom area to the dormitory. There, Ms. Powers led her down the hall and into a spacious bedroom. To her surprise, it was furnished as a nursery, with an adult-sized crib and a padded table.

"What is this place?" she asked, thinking it might be a day care center.

"It's your room," Ms. Powers replied calmly.

Suddenly, Melanie felt dizzy. To keep from falling, she thrust out her hands and leaned on the table.

Ms. Powers, of course, had not told her about the fast- acting sedative she had mixed in Melanie's juice. With workmanlike efficiency, the headmistress deftly unbottoned the girl's blouse and slipped it off.

"What..." Melanie tried to say, producing instead a weak- sounding moan. "What are you doing...?"

Ignoring her protests, the headmistress unzipped Melanie's pants and pulled them down to her ankles.

You can't do this, Melanie tried to say, but she was too weak to form the words. When her bra and panties were removed, she groaned in humiliation, feeling exposed and vulnerable.

Peter put his arm around the naked girl and lifted her onto the padded table. He held her while Ms. Powers shaved Melanie's public hair, leaving her vaginal lips as smooth and exposed as a baby's.

Too weak to resist, Melanie was barely aware of the headmistress rubbing her limbs and loins with baby oil. She smelled talcum powder and saw Peter lift her ankles high in the air and part them. A white cotton diaper appeared between her thighs. She tried to struggle, but her arms and legs failed to obey her.

"Not that," she whimpered. "Please don't..." Inexplicably, she felt a surge of arousal. What was happening to her, she wondered.

Ignoring the drugged girl's pleas, Ms. Powers slid the diaper under Melanie's hips and secured it with three-inch steel pins. Melanie moaned in humiliation.

With a smirk, the headmistress inserted a pacifier in Melanie's mouth. Then she placed a cotton gown, fashioned like a little girl's pajama, on the semi-conscious girl.

To Melanie's dismay, the diminutive gown barely reached to the edge of her diaper. Lifting her to a sitting position, Peter secured her wrists behind her back with adhesive tape, depriving her of the use of her hands.

"That's better," Ms. Powers said. "Since you behave like a baby, you are to be treated like one from now on." The headmistress smiled superciliously, gazing down into the crib at the diapered captive.

"I'm not..." Melanie tried to say. "Not a baby."

"Oh no?" Ms. Powers said. "Just look at you."

Melanie looked down at her body, clad in the babydoll gown and white cotton diaper, and gasped. Peter placed her on the floor. Removing a syringe from his coat pocket, he plunged the needle into her shoulder.

"You can't do this to me," Melanie protested weakly. "This is sexual harassment."

"Yes, we can, little girl," Ms. Powers countered. "When you signed your employment contract, you agreed to abide by any dress standard the school might set for you. You also agreed to accept any disciplinary measures we might institute and waived all rights to criminal or civil action. By the way, you also agreed to submit to periodic health examinations and medical treatment. All for you own good, of course."

As the diuretic began its work, Melanie felt an intense pressure build in her bladder. To her horror, hot urine began streaming into her diaper.

With a triumphant smile, the headmistress turned out the light and closed the door.

Melanie squirmed on the floor in her wet diaper. What was this strange sensation she was experiencing? She had never felt such an intense arousal before. What happened to the fear and anger she had felt just minutes earlier?

For some reason, she recalled a neighbor boy named Tommy, who had once tied her a tree when she was twelve years old. He had pulled her panties down and left her alone to be rescued by passing strangers. Ever since, she had felt guilty, secretly having enjoyed it. Now, the humiliation fantasy that had been buried deep within her all those years was turning into a reality. But was that good or bad?

Hours seemed to pass before the light finally came on again and Ms. Powers reappeared. Melanie gasped and pinched her legs together as Peter entered the nursery room. She blushed.

When Melanie tried to stand, Peter injected her with a hypodermic. She felt dizzy again, and, unable to maintain her balance, she collapsed on the floor. Almost at once, she felt her bladder release. She cried tears of shame as her urine soaked the cotton fabric and seeped onto the floor, forming a pool where she lay.

"It will be so much easier for you," Ms. Powers said, "when you learn to cooperate."

Melanie was led to the changing table, and her soaked pajama was removed, leaving her naked except for her wet diaper. Her wrists were drawn up over her head and secured to the table with surgical tubing. Her feet were lifted up and her ankles were also bound, securing her in the most humiliating position conceivable.

Her diaper was unfastened. Melanie moaned in despair as the flimsy garment came off, exposing her lower orifices. She blushed furiously as Peter washed her naked body with a wet towel and then massaged her thighs with baby oil.

"Peter," she cried, tearfully, "no."

Peter smiled, delighted at Melanie's transformation. "Like Margaret said, it will be easier for you when you learn to cooperate."

"Baby needs to have her temperature taken," Ms. Powers said. "Unfortunately, we don't have any rectal thermometers handy. Perhaps, Mr. Andrews, you could assist us by inserting a finger in baby's rectum and telling us whether baby has a fever."

Moaning, Melanie struggled vainly to break free. Standing between her parted legs, Peter pressed a finger to her anus and gently forced it into the humiliated girl's sphincter. Savoring her shame, he slid the finger as far as it would go into her rectum. He left it there for some time, "accidentally" letting his thumb stray into her opened vagina. As he did so, an unimaginable feeling of excitement surged through her nervous system.

Melanie moaned and sobbed simultaneously.

"If baby has a fever," the headmistress remarked, "she will, of course, require an enema."

"Yes, I think she definitely requires one," Peter said with a smirk. He extracted his finger with maddening slowness, leaving Melanie gulping in dismay.

With despair, she saw Ms. Powell appear with a rubber enema bag. Melanie shut her eyes tightly, as if to blot out the world. Soon, the headmistress's cold hands pried open Melanie's cheeks, and the enema tube penetrated her anus. She heard Peter chuckling to himself.

For several minutes, Ms. Powers worked the tube back and forth in Melanie's rectum, as if to stretch the miserable girl's sphincter. Finally, the headmistress slid the nozzle in as far as it would go, and held it in place. Warm water surged into Melanie from the tube, filling her abdomen. Melanie moaned softly, as the blood rushed to her face.

She lay with the enema tube in her sphincter for a long time, as Peter and Ms. Powers conversed casually. Finally the tube was withdrawn. Melanie needed deparately to expel the water.

Raising her head, she opened her eyes. To her horror, the headmistress pulled Melanie's diaper up and refastened it around her waist.

"Please don't", she pleaded desparately.

"Please don't what, baby?" the headmistress asked, smiling superciliously.

"Please don't make me go in my diaper like a baby," she begged. She looked as if she would burst into tears at any moment.

The humiliated girl turned desparately to Peter and begged him: "Please may use the restroom! Please!"

"No," the headmistress interjected. "Use your diaper."

Fresh tears streamed down Melanie's face.

Ms. Powers remained silent, torturing the miserable girl with her reticence.

"The sooner you do it," she said, "the sooner you'll get cleaned up. If you insist on waiting another second, we will leave you here alone, and you'll have to sit in your own mess overnight."

Sobbing, Melanie emptied her bowels. For a seeming eternity, the humiliating stream flowed into the diaper, seeping between her thighs. Tears flowed freely down her face, as she released the degrading water before the gaze of Peter and Ms. Powers.

At last, the flow stopped. A rose scent permeated the room.

"Perfumed water for baby's delicate insides," the headmistress said. "Peter, would you be so kind as to take the baby girl to the restroom and clean her up?"

"Of course," he replied. Taking Melanie by the arm, he led her to the restroom.

Melanie was stripped naked, wiped, and bathed by the man she had once slapped for fondling her bottom. He meticulously parted and cleaned her anus and vagina, using only a soapy finger. He then dried her with a fluffy white towel and returned her to the nursery room.

To Melanie's dismay, a fresh diaper lay across the padded table. The sight of the humiliating garment renewed her secret sexual excitement.

"Lie down on the diaper," Ms. Powers ordered.

Still weak from the injection, Melanie obediently crawled onto the table and lay on her back. She groaned as the diaper was fastened. Oblivious to her protests, Peter raised her to a sitting position and securely taped her hands behind her back.

"This so politically incorrect," Melanie moaned. Secretly, her willful submission made her all the more excited.

"Climb into your crib," the headmistress ordered, ignoring the remark.

Peter held her as she clambored into the oversize baby crib. When she was inside, he forced her to lie down.

She squirmed in the humiliating crib, trying to find a comfortable position. The light went out and Melanie was left alone in her crib, sobbing quietly in her diaper. How long, she wondered with despair, before she wet her diaper again? More than anything, she wanted her hands to be free. She was in such a fervent state of sexual arousal, she could barely contain herself.

She badly needed to masturbate. Getting up on her knees in the dark, she stumbled around until she found the changing table. Parting her thighs, she pressed her diapered loins against one of the heavy wooden legs and began rubbing against it. Excitement rushed to her clitoris as she massaged herself against the table leg, thrusting faster and faster.

"Oh!" she moaned aloud, driven by her frenzied desire.

Just then, the light went on. Ms. Powers and Peter stood in the doorway, leering at the diapered girl pressing her diapered vagina against the wooden leg of her changing table.

"Oh, no..." she groaned, feeling the blood rush to her face.

"It seems our little baby likes to make love to inanimate objects," Ms. Powell said with a laugh.

Before she could protest, Peter lifted her up and forced her onto the padded table. In seconds, she was tightly bound with her legs apart. With a tug, Peter pulled her diaper open, exposing her tender, pink orifices.

Ms. Powell, who had left momentarily, returned with a shiny, cylindrical-shaped object. Melanie gasped as the headmistress handed it to Peter. With despair, she recognized it as a steel case used to hold and store cotton swabs. Over an inch in diameter, with a smooth rounded cap, it made a perfect phallus.

With a smirk, Peter pressed the rounded tip of the case against her vaginal opening and, rubbing it against her clitoris, inserted it into her. A moan escaped from Melanie's lips.

"Make love to this," he ordered.

Unable to control herself, Melanie thrust out her pelvis, taking the humiliating object into herself. Closing her eyes, she made love to the makeshift phallus with shameless passion, sobbing and gasping at the same time.

Her humiliating orgasm, with Peter and Ms. Powers watching every gasp and cry, was the most intense she had ever experienced.

When Melanie awoke the following morning, Ms. Powers and Peter were standing over the crib, staring at her with an air of self-satisfaction. Motioning for him to check Melanie's diaper, the headmistress watched as he attempted to feel between the humiliated girl's legs. Revived by a full night's sleep, Melanie rolled onto her stomach and pinched her thighs together. She did not see him remove the syringe from his pocket and gave her an injection.

Melanie felt dizzy, but did not lose consciousness. She could barely move her arms and legs. When she tried to protest, she succeeded only in making an incomprehensible gurgling noise. Saliva drooled down her chin.

"If you don't cooperate, your wrists and ankles will have to be restrained," Ms. Powers admonished her. "As they were yesterday. And you will get an enema and sit in your mess for the entire day."

"No, please," Melanie tried to beg, drooling. "I'll be good." In her drugged condition, the words came out sounding like "I be goo."

Peter released her bound wrists and rolled her onto her back. Drawing her wrists over her head, he removed her babydoll gown. He then lifted her knees and spread her legs widely. He placed a hand on her crotch and felt the soft diaper.

"Nothing," he said.

"Give her the diuretic," Ms. Powers said.

Peter gave Melanie a second injection. Almost immediately, she felt her bladder release, filling her diaper with hot urine.

Waiting until the flow stopped, Peter lifted the mortified girl from her oversized crib and placed her on the examination table. Without bothering to unfasten the pins, he pulled off her diaper, leaving her totally naked.

When she tried instinctively to cover her nakedness with her hands, he grabbed her wrists and drew them back again.

"She'll have to be taught," Ms. Powers said. "Restrain her."

"No," Melanie protested through her drool. Ignoring her, Peter bound her wrists, thighs, and ankles to the table, with her legs spread widely.

"Clean her up," the headmistress said. "Then give her an enema. Put her in a diaper and give her an I.V."

Peter took his time washing the blushing captive, before inserting an enema tube in her anus and filling her rectum with a solution of water and salt. To her discomfort and alarm, he inserted an inflated rubber bulb in her sphincter to prevent her from releasing the enema. He then placed a diaper under her hips and loosely pinned it around her waist.

Releasing her wrists and ankles, he lifted the humiliated girl and placed her on a plastic sheet that had been spread out on the floor. Rolling her onto her back, he drew her wrists and ankles together behind her back and tightly bound all four extremities together with surgical tubing. Hogtied and naked except for her flimsy diaper, Melanie lay helplessly with her face on the plastic sheet.

Ms. Powers had brought in two I.V. bottles on a stand, which were placed next to the diapered girl. One needle was inserted into the artery of each arm and then taped in place.

The I.V. solutions worked rapidly, one filling her arteries with fluid, the other keeping her bladder in a permanent state of release. Within seconds, the fresh diaper began filling with Melanie's urine. Admiring his handiwork, the orderly deflated the rubber bulb and extracted it from her anus, pulling it through one of the openings in her diaper.

Melanie moaned as the solution flowed unobstructed from her rectum. In seconds, her diaper was completely soaked with urine and enema water, forming a pool on the plastic sheet. Hearing the door close, she let out a sigh. So this was one of the unspecified medical treatments she had unwittingly agreed to when she had signed her employment contract. Involuntarily, like a madwoman, she began to laugh.

Three hours later, the nurse returned to remove the I.V.s and release Melanie from her bonds. Her will had been completely shattered, and her only wishes were to cooperate, obey, and please. She was led into the bathroom where she was placed in the tub and bathed. With a soapy finger, he thoroughly washed her anus and sphincter, and then turned his attention to her vagina. When she was taken back to her nursery room, she noticed with relief that the plastic sheet and I.V. stands had been taken away.

Going limp like a rag doll, she let Peter place her on the changing table and part her thighs. He opened first her vagina, then her anus, expecting each orifice at great length.

"Now, baby," Ms. Powers said. "Are you going to start behaving yourself?"

"Yes, oh, yes!" Melanie exclaimed, terrified of displeasing her guardian. "I will, I promise!"

"Good," the headmistress replied with a self-satisfied smirk. "However, because of your previous behavior, your apparel privileges have been revoked until further notice. You will wear only a diaper from now on, and nothing else. No pajama, no plastic panties. You may eventually earn the right to wear these garments again some day. However, you will never, ever again be allowed to wear grown-up clothes."

Tears formed in the humiliated girl's eyes. Yet, at the same time, she was immensely excited.

"You will always be what you are now, a little tiny baby, totally dependent on others. You will not dress yourself, or undress yourself. You are not allowed to touch your diaper at any time. Only someone else can put it on you or take it off. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Melanie whispered, blushing in shame.

"Yes what?" the headmistress prompted her.

"Yes, I understand."

"From now on, you will address me as Mommy," Ms. Powers said.

Melanie blushed, horrified. "Yes, Mommy, I understand," she said submissively.

"If you fail to behave, we will be forced to take more-- irreversible--measures. I am sure you would not want to be physically incapacitated."

Melanie gasped in horror. "I'll behave, I promise, Mommy. I'll be good."

Ms. Powers gestured to the nurse, who gave Melanie another injection. The diapered girl immediately became dizzy again.

"Come here, baby," she ordered.

With difficulty, Melanie stood up and staggered toward the headmistress. As she did so, the loosely fastened diaper slipped down over her waist. Melanie started to grab at the flimsy garment as it descended to her knees, but then remembered she was forbidden from touching it herself. The drug made her lose her balance, and as the diaper dropped to her ankles, she went sprawling on the padded floor.

"Poor baby," Ms. Powers said with a laugh, as if addressing an infant. "Little tiny babies like you can't walk. Come, you must crawl."

"My--my--" Melanie sputtered, trying to speak through the saliva drooling down her chin. "My diaper."

The headmistress grasped Melanie's face by the chin and gazed into her eyes. "We will have to teach you how to speak. This is your di-di," she said, pointing to the diaper clinging to her ankles. "Say it."

"My di-di," Melanie replied obediently, blushing in shame.

"Yes. But we just changed you, so your di-di will just have to stay where it is. Now come, baby, it's time for your exercise. Crawl with Mommy."

Turning, she held the door open and waited for Melanie to crawl out into the corridor. Naked except for the diaper wrapped around her ankles, the mortified girl crept on her hands and knees like a baby at the headmistress's ankles, trying vainly to ignore the delighted stares of the pupils and staff.

Melanie was led down every corridor in the facility. When they returned to her nursery room, she let Peter pull up her diaper and lay her in her crib. She no longer protested or resisted in any way, even when he methodically stroked her clitoris through the flimsy diaper until she had a humiliating orgasm as Ms. Powers looked on.

The headmistress then showed her a baby bottle filled with a milky liquid. "This is your ba-ba," she said with a laugh. "Say it."

"Ba-ba," Melanie replied, blushing.

"Whenever you are hungry, that's what you will say: ba-ba. Understand, little baby?"

"Yes," Melanie said.

The bottle went into her mouth, and she obediently suckled the nipple, genuinely hungry. The milky tasted strange, sweet and bitter at the same time, but she drank it greedily. She was also fed mashed carrots with a spoon. When Melanie had finished two jars, the headmistress wiped Melanie's mouth with a baby towel and left the room.

Peter once again bound Melanie's wrists behind her back, and the pacifier went into her mouth. She was left alone again, wearing only her white cotton diaper with its three-inch pins. Now, even the degrading pajama and pink plastic panties seemed like an unattainable luxury. Ms. Powers had seemed ambiguous as to whether Melanie would ever again be able to wear even those. One thing, however, was perfectly plain: Melanie was to be a permanent, full-time baby for as long as Peter and Ms. Powers wanted her to.

Inexplicably, that thought filled her with a feeling of unimaginable pleasure.

That afternoon, the door opened and a gurney was wheeled into the nursery room by two men in white uniforms. Melanie was lifted from her crib and placed on the gurney. She was then wheeled down a corridor and into the school medical facility. She saw a man wearing a pale green uniform. A rubber mask was placed over her face and she immediately tasted ether. Within seconds, she was asleep.

She awoke in her crib, naked, with her wrists bound again. She had an odd, tingling sensation in her abdomen. In addition, there was an uncomfortable feeling in her sphincter, as if she needed urgently to go to the bathroom. As she became fully conscious, she realized an object of some kind was lodged in her rectum. Glancing between her legs, she saw a strip of adhesive tape stuck to her delicate skin, holding the unknown object in place. She sobbed softly to herself, feeling as helpless as a real baby.

After a while, Ms. Powers came in, again accompanied by Peter and the school nurse. Melanie was lifted from the crib and placed on her changing table. Immediately, she obediently lifted her knees and parted her thighs to be diapered. To her surprise, the nurse peeled off the adhesive tape and removed a tampon from Melanie's rectum. The embarrassed girl moaned with relief. She stared at the ceiling as Peter diapered her.

"As you will discover," Ms. Powers was saying, as the man Melanie had once so abhorred fastened her diaper pins, "you are now permanently dependent on diapers. You have had a very simple and relatively painless procedure, which, in effect, has permanently removed all voluntary control over your bladder and sphincter. Anything you eat or drink will flow immediately from your urinary and digestive tracks into your diaper."

Melanie gapsed in horror and burst into sobs.

"Assuming, of course," the headmistress continued, with a malicious smirk, "you can manage to keep it on."

Melanie was given another injection and placed back in her crib, which was now lined with a plastic sheet. The headmistress immediately stuffed the baby bottle in her mouth and began feeding her.

"Drink it all," Ms. Powers said, with a laugh. "Or would you rather we feed you intravenously from now on?"

Sobbing and suckling at the same time, Melanie gulped down the strange-tasting milk. Ms. Powers had told the truth; before Melanie had even finished the bottle, urine began flowing into her diaper through her now-useless bladder. She even felt fluid trickling out through her weakened sphincter.

When the feeding was over, she lay whimpering like a baby in her crib, in her soiled diaper.

"Now, listen to me carefully, baby," Ms. Powers told her. "It is no longer necessary for your wrists to be restrained. You will find that your arms and hands are now extremely weak and uncoordinated. In fact, as weak as a baby's. Some of your nerves have been disabled by means of an ultrasonic device."

Melanie gasped in horror. She began sobbing hysterically.

"From now on, you would find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, even to dress or feed yourself. Nevertheless, I expect you to be an obedient little girl. If I allow the nurse to free your hands, are you going to behave yourself and not touch your diaper or try to cover yourself up?"

"Yes, Mommy," Melanie replied, tearfully. "I promise."

"And you will behave exactly like a baby, not interfering in any way, or trying to prevent anyone from touching you, or batheing you, or diapering you, or feeding you, or anything else that is done to you?"

"I promise, Mommy."

"Good. Because otherwise we will have to snip a few more nerves, and then you wouldn't be able even to masturbate or suck your thumb."

Melanie blushed, feeling humiliated and horrified at the same time. "I'll be good, Mommy."

The headmistress gestured to the nurse, who removed a pair of scissors from her pocket and snipped the adhesive tape, freeing Melanie's hands.

"Now, sit up on your knees. I'm going to show you where to keep your hands," Ms. Powers said. "Put one thumb in your mouth and suck it."

Melanie obeyed, blushing. She found that what Ms. Powers had said was true. Her arm was incredibly weak, and it was only with great difficulty that she managed to stick her thumb in her mouth.

"Now, reach behind you with the other arm and stick your hand down your diaper."

Melanie did as she was told.

"Insert the middle finger into your anus as far as it will go."

With a sob, Melanie obeyed. She was now completely humiliated, wearing nothing but a loose diaper, sucking her thumb and holding her own finger in her rectum.

"That's the only way," Ms. Powers said, "you will be able to control your bowels." Smiling at her total control over the diapered, once-proud schooltear, she turned and walked out of the room, leaving Melanie crying and sucking her thumb.

Her transformation was complete. Even if, somehow, in the distant future, she did manage to get released from the institution, Melanie would be forever dependent on diapers. She would never be able to dress or feed herself. She would live in a permanent state of maximum humiliation, a helpless baby the rest of her entire life.

The intense arousal Melanie felt was nothing less than exquisite. She was now hopelessly addicted to the thrill of humiliation. Never before had she felt such an acute subliminal excitement. She realized suddenly that she had not just submitted to this endlessly degrading discipline; in her heart, she had wanted it. The more severely she was humiliated, the more intensely excited she became.

Her new position in life filled her with feelings of fulfillment and ecstasy she had never thought possible. Since she was destined to be a baby, she would be the best baby she could.

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