The Baby School

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The Baby School

2008-05-17 17:59:11

Author: Anonymous

Teresa Green was at wits end by the time she put down the phone. Her next door neighbour, Chris P. Bacon, sat at the table cradling a mug of coffee and could not help over- hearing part of the conversation.

"God, that bloody boy has done it again," said Teresa as she stormed into the kitchen. "That was the School, Ian's wet his pant's again, he's like a bloody baby. I ask you, how many 7 year olds do you know that still wet the bed every night and their pants at school? That boy is putting me through hell."

Tears welled up in her eyes and her face turned rather hot as the tears began tracing her cheeks. "He was right in front of the whole School being told off for not listening to the Headmaster and he pissed himself." Chris beckoned Teresa to sit down, which she did and, taking hold of Teresa's hand, said, "All little boy's have accidents. When my brother was 12, he went to a Special School because he quite often used his pants to go to toilet in. All the kids wore diapers at the School. In fact, the School made very little effort to hide the Diapers. In Paul's School photo some kids are dressed in just diapers."

Teresa calmed down a little on hearing that, and it was not long when she said, "Diapers." Her brain began working overtime, but at last the look of hope faded just as fast as it appeared.

"I can't put him back into Diapers, all the other kids would pick on him." The room fell silent for a moment or two. "Let me go and look for the School Photo. I won't be long."

Speaking as she got up from the table, Chris gave a quick look at Teresa and left the house, wiping the tears from her face. Teresa also got up and she put the kettle on. By the time the coffee was made Chris was back at the table. Soon both women were looking at pictures of Paul and his School friends. The photo album was jam packed with pictures of diapered children between the ages of 4 and 18.

"This is Paul with Leslie, Robert and I think the girl's name is Lisa." Chris pointed a photo which showed a group of kids in bulky cloth diapers and clear plastic pant's on a very busy beach.

"Don't they look happy, I think because they got used to wandering around in just diapers and t-shirts. The kids soon learnt not to worry about being seen in their diapers."

Both women were oohing and aahing as each photo was turned. Teresa pointed at a picture of diapered kids on the beach and spoke with a puzzled look.

" Why are some of those kids sucking pacifiers and drinking from baby bottles?" Chris looked up at her friend and replied, "In a way the kids were still babies. I mean look at them." She pointed at the picture. "They look very happy,.When I first went to the school to visit Paul with Mum, I too, was surprised to see other kids wandering around in diapers and clutching soft toys with either pacifiers or baby bottles in their mouths.

Teresa stopped her friend in mid-sentence. "How did your mother feel seeing Paul being treated like a baby?" Chris took a swig of her coffee and answered, " Mum seemed very happy for this treatment to continue, after all, Paul was still shitting and pissing himself. He could not help it. Mum felt that the staff at the School knew what was best. I think the School called it regression therapy. Before the children went to the School they were all very withdrawn and often had accidents in their pants. In normal Schools they were picked on and often fell behind in their work, but as soon as they came to this School they perked up. Every child was taken back to being a baby, with the diapers the other things just followed."

Teresa was thinking hard about what she had just heard. "I know Ian can't help wetting himself, and how you described those children before they went to that School is just how my Ian is now," she said. "I really feel that I should be putting him in diapers. It's just that I can't help feeling that it is wrong for a boy of his age to be wearing diapers to School. If I can find a place which sells night-time diapers for older kids maybe I can get him to wear diapers to bed." Chris drank up her coffee and looked at the time.

"I'm going to town, why don't you come with me?. I know a place that sells diapers in all size's. There's bound to be some in Ian's sizes."

Teresa smiled at her friend and agreed that would be a good idea and with that. Both women left the house and got into Chris's car to start the journey into town.

The Town centre was very busy. People were rushing here and there in a bid to carry out their business. The two women got out of the parked car at the front of some stores. Chris led the way into the store that had "The Baby Store" sign above it and Teresa was amazed by what she saw. The well-lit store had rows of shelves which seemed at first glance to be another typical baby store. The only thing missing were babies. Chris smiled. "Look over there," she said, pointing to where a teenage boy was standing. Teresa did as her friend had asked and saw the boy who had a pacifier in his mouth. He was wearing just a cloth diaper and was being fitted into a pair of plastic baby pants by a girl not much older then himself. The two women looked on as another teenaged boy dressed in just a bulky diaper crawled on the floor playing with his toy train, and sitting on some benches were about 12 other diapered teenage boys and girls. Some hugged their favourite cuddly toy's and others sucked happily on their baby bottles and pacifiers. Looking back at Chris she said, "These children look very happy, don't they? But it's kind of weird seeing kids their age acting like babies."

Chris was looking at the neat stacks of baby pants that were on the shelves nearby. "They must be from the baby school, you know the one Paul used to go to. We used to come here with Paul. Come and look at all these different style baby pants."

The women went over to the shelve , which was full of plastic and rubber pants. Chris picked up a pair of yellow pants which had poppers down the sides and holding them up to her nose gave them a long sniff.

"Smell these," she said, passing them to Teresa

"I just love the smell of baby pants. I was always opening up new packs of plastic panties just for the smell."

Teresa took a little sniff and frowned. "I am not sure about this. I don't think it's fair putting Ian back into diapers. After all, he is not a baby." Just then the young girl who the women had seen fitting the teenager with plastic pants earlier walked over to them.

"Good morning Ladies, my name is Emma, how can I help you?"

Teresa did not say anything but Chris did.

"Hello Emma, my friend's looking for diapers for her little boy. I would like you to explain how busy this store is to her." Teresa went bright red and the young store girl gave a little giggle and then replied, "I take it it's your little boy, is it?" she said to Teresa "We are a very busy store, we cater for children from one day old right up to young adults. Incontinence in children is our business. Is it night time diapers or day time diapers you want? I'm sure you will find what ever you are looking for here. Please feel free to ask my what ever you want."

Of course Chris did want to ask more questions "Do you supply diapers to Schools at all?" The young girl gave a smile and replied, "there are pupils from one such School in the store at the moment. I tell you what, why don't you go and have a good look around and when you think that you have found what you need come and get me. I've got my hands full with these little tykes," she said picking up a pacifier off the floor and popping it into a boy's mouth.

Teresa looked at the boy. He must of been the same age as Ian, and he looked more then happy she thought.

"What's up?" asked Chris. When she saw her friend was studying the little boy, who was now waddling back to his School friends.

"I think that I've made my mind up. I have seen these children with my own eyes," Teresa explained. "Ian needs friends who are more or less in the same boat as him. There's no point expecting him to compete with others. We all know that he will never be able keep up with normal kids." Chris listened to what her friend was trying to tell her.

"Chris, I want you to take me to the Baby School so I can see it for myself, can you help me?" Chris nodded her head. "Of course I will help you. Let's get some diapers for Ian and then we will follow the School bus." The two friends gathered up 12 cloth diapers, diaper pins and several pairs of plastic pants. They reached the check out and they were greeted by the young girl who they had talked to earlier.

"Hello, looks like you're going to be busy," she smiled " There's a special offer on this week. You can have two pacifiers and three baby bottles, free," she said as she finished entering the shopping through the till and she passed the two women all the items. Chris took the bags whilst Teresa paid the girl.

Chris and Teresa piled the shopping into the back of the car and sat in their seats waiting for the school party to leave the shop. Whilst they were waiting a brightly coloured bus pulled up along side their car. It was painted with diaper clad bunnies and teddy bears and written on the side's of the bus was "Baby School." A young woman dressed in a nursery uniform got off the bus. She was no older then 20 and her long blond hair shone in the bright sunshine. As she stood outside the store she called, "Come on, my babies. It's nearly Din Dins time." She held the store's door open and out came the diapered school children. The two women in the car watched the children as they got on the bus. Teresa giggled as two of the children aged around 9 and 12 fought over a baby bottle just in front of their car. Another young woman dressed identical to the first ran to the two fighting youngsters, pulling out a spare bottle from her pocket she passed it to the 12 year old who instantly plopped it into his mouth. On seeing the two women in the car she smiled and continued loading the children onto the bus.

Chris decided that she would go and ask the young woman if they could follow the bus. Getting out of the car, she said, "I won't be long." It seemed to take her ages to come back to the car and when she did, it was not alone. Chris got back into the car and a young nursery nurse stuck her head through Teresa's open window.

"Hi, I understand that you would like to visit our school," she said. Teresa replied that was true "Fine," said the young girl. "I see that you have been busy buying diapers for your baby. how old is he?" she asked, pointing at the bundle of diapers.

Teresa looked at her and answered "Seven." The nurse nodded her head. "I can't see any problem with you coming to the school. You have had a taste of what to expect, but I must ask you not to make any comments that may upset the babies. Who knows, we may ask you to help feed one or two. If you would like to follow us we will be on our way." The woman got on the bus and it pulled away followed by the two women in the car.

The School was in the middle of 6 acres of land, a perfect place to bring up baby. Signs lined the school drive , such as "GO SLOW - BABIES AT PLAY." The bus and the car pulled up outside the school building and soon an older woman came out to great the two waiting women.

"Hello, welcome to Baby School, my name is Ms. Jenkins." The women smiled and greeted each other before entering the building." We have 45 little darlings at our school to feed. I am sure you would not mind feeding one or two for us would you?" Chris and Teresa looked at each other, but before they could answer the older woman said, "the dinner hall is through that door on the left , and make sure you put a bib on the baby and a pinny on yourself, unless you want to leave here covered in mashed food." And with that she left the wide-mouthed women to carry out their tasks.

The hall was just as big as Chris remembered it to be. The same big high chairs were still there and so too was the big kids' tables. This is where the 15 and 18 yr. olds were spoon-fed. Some of the babies were already being fed.

A nursery nurse who was busily trying to feed three babies at once called Teresa over and asked if she could help "Sure I can, which one do I have?" Teresa sat down and a boy of 15 sat on her lap. Teresa wisely tied a bib around the youngster and began to spoon-feed him. Her hand brushed against his diaper , it felt soft and warm.

Once all the children had been fed Ms Jenkins thanked the two ladies and took them to her office. "Tea as been ordered , now tell me why you are here."

Teresa spoke. "My little boy's been having trouble fitting in with other kids his age. He wets the bed every night and he often wets in the day, too. I feel that he would really benefit from coming to your school, Ms. Jenkins." Ms. Jenkins was about to say some thing when someone knocked at the door. It was the tea. Ms. Jenkins poured three cups and replied ," Your son's name is Ian, he is 7 years old and he goes to a local school. The Headmaster, Mr. Hughes, has been in touch with me about young Ian and I was going to send for you." She took a sip from her tea when Chris spoke.

"We were wondering how soon Ian could start." Ms. Jenkins gave Chris the look of don't speak before you're spoken to look. "Ms. Bacon, you have not changed very much over the years have you. If I remember correctly you used to chirp in when your Mother and I were talking. Please remember that this is my office and it is I - who does the interviewing." Chris went bright red and went instantly quiet, fearing Ms Jenkins would summon a nursery nurse to take her away for diapering. This allowed Ms. Jenkins to continue "We will be picking Ian up from the bus stop outside the Deeker Brothers Food Mall at 9.30am Monday morning. There is no need to pack anything as we supply all clothing. He can bring his favourite cuddly toy. We do however expect Baby Ian to be diapered on our arrival at the bus stop. Now if you will please excuse me I have 45 , no , I have 46 babies to look after.

The two women stood and left the building. "Bloody old battle-axe," whispered Chris. Teresa spoke, " I'm sure she's not like that all the time. Besides, she adores those kid's."

Chris answered, "It's a well know fact that she loves those kids, it's also well known - for her staff to land up getting diapered ,did you notice that all the staff apart from her were under 30. There's a photo of Paul and a member of staff wearing diapers on the beach."

Teresa informed her friend that she did not know that, and as their car pulled out of the school gate she said, "My Ian is going to be well cared for there though isn't he."

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