The Baby Hotel - The Regression of a Dominant Wife

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The Baby Hotel - The Regression of a Dominant Wife

2008-05-17 17:59:11

Author: Robert

NOTE: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either a product of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Part 1

John and Janice Krain had been married for 5 years. She was nicely built, approximately 5’5” tall, with short blonde hair with the bluest of blue eyes. She was a year older than her husband. John was 5’8” tall, medium build with brown hair and brown eyes.

Janice was a very dominant wife having John bend to her will. Though she was shorter than he was, Janice would wear 5” heels, making her 2” taller than John, towering over him. When she wore these heels, he felt small and completely under her control. If she thought he did wrong, he was quickly punished. Usually being put to bed early, like a naughty child. Then she started having him wear diapers, feeding him baby foods and having him drink from a baby bottle. This was too much for John. He was a grown man and he did not like being treated this way. Especially when Janice brought in her girlfriends and their girl children to “fuss” over him.

Through the Internet, John heard about a special place called the Baby Hotel. Going through different channels, he was able to contact the administrator at this unique hotel. For a few weeks, John communicated with them setting up to give his wife a very special vacation.

One Saturday in late May, John convinced Janice to come with him for a ride. They left their house right after breakfast. Normally, Janice would drive, but this time with John insisting, and Janice’s permission, he drove. They drove for two hours, with Janice asking where they were going. John refused, saying it was a surprise. She was getting annoyed, she like to be in control. He was starting to sweat as time passed, thinking that she make him turn back. Her glaring at him bothered him. John thought any minute now she’ll order him to pull over and let her drive home. Sweat began to appear on his forehead at this thought and the punishment that she would give him. But she did not, she just gazed at the road and would ask when they would get there. Finally they arrived. Janice surveyed the surroundings. There was a brick wall, at least 10 feet tall surrounding the grounds. From the car, she saw a ten-story brick building. There seemed to be only one entrance, with a iron gate and a guardhouse.

Driving up to the gate, John gave their names to the guard. After checking their names on a clipboard, the guard gave instructions to where to park and the entrance to use, stating that they were to go to the 10th floor.

John drove and parked in his designated spot. Getting out of the car, he rushed over and opened the door for Janice. She always insisted that he open the door for her whether she drove or not.

Getting out, Janice looked up and said, “This better be good after this long drive. If it’s not, you know you be bed punished.”

Janice took John wrist, like he was a little boy, and together walked into the lobby of the building. Finding the elevator, Janice pushed the button for the 10th floor. The panels closed and they could feel the elevator rise. The doors opened and the facility administrator, Stephanie Falborn, greeted John and Janice. Stephanie was in her mid-twenties. She was tall with shoulder length blonde hair. She was dressed in a dark blue jacket and skirt with a white blouse. Smiling, she escorted the couple to Robert Charleson’s office.

Opening the double wooden doors, they walked into his office. Robert Charleson was seated behind his desk, reviewing some paperwork. After a few seconds, he looked up, smiled, greeting his guests. He stood and walked around his desk. Janice noticed that he was about 6’1” tall, medium build. His dark brown hair was staring to gray at the temples. Robert wore a three-piece dark blue pinstriped suit, white shirt and a dark red tie. He had them sit in the chairs facing his desk. He returned to his chair behind the desk. Stephanie brought in coffee, giving a cup to Janice.

Janice sat there sipping her coffee. It was sweet and she became thirsty as she drank it. She had finished her coffee quickly.

“Janice,” Robert asked, “do you have any idea why you are here?”

Sitting ramrod straight, Janice looked him in the eye and stated, “No. John told me it was a surprise.”

Smiling, Robert replied, “It is.” Facing John, he said, “John, do you wish to tell Janice why she is here.” It was not a question.

Janice turned to face John. John could see in her eyes that she was getting annoyed. She started to tap her long fingernails on the arm of the chair. He swallowed, thinking that this was a mistake. Janice was going to be very angry with him. A million thoughts were running through his head, mostly what would happen to him if Janice was able to leave here with him today. What punishment would he receive?

Lowering his eyes, he said almost in a whisper, “Er Janice, I um, you see, I er, what I mean to say….”

Getting annoyed, Janice said angrily, “John, spit it out. You know how much I hate it when you mumble. Don’t slouch, sit up straight. And look at me when you speak, young man.”

This criticism gave John the courage he needed it. Looking directly at her, John said, “Janice I am tired of you treating me like a child just like you just did. You do that to me in private and in public.”

Janice said nothing. She just glared at him, with her arms folded across her chest. John could feel her anger going right through him. He kept saying to himself, “Be strong. It is Janice that’s going to be punished, not me.”

Giving a little cough, John continued, “This place is called the Baby Hotel. And what they do is regress women back to early childhood or infancy. You are to experience your babyhood again. You Janice are going to be the one that gets punished.”

At this statement, Janice’s hand went to her mouth. This was the last thing she expected from John. Of all of the things, to be regressed back to being a helpless baby again was the last thing in the world she expected.

Janice was abut to get up, but was quickly pushed down in her chair. Looking up, there stood 2 large nurses on both sides of her. They had silently come in while Bob and John were talking to her. Their hands were on her shoulders, pinning her in place.

Now it was her turn to studder, “You can’t be serious.”

John smiled back at his pinned wife. He was starting to enjoy this. For the first time in their marriage, he was in control and she was the helpless one.

Janice started to plead with John, “Please John, I promise I’ll never punish you again. No more bedtime punishments. I promise. Don’t let them turn me into a baby!”. Tears began to run down her cheeks, her mascara leaving dark trails on her face.

John felt sorry for his wife as she struggle. He was about to give in and refuse to allow her the treatment when all of a sudden she lased out, “John, you better stop this right now! If you don’t, I’ll punish you so badly. You won’t just get bedtime punishment, but you won’t be able to sleep on you back for a week! Do you hear me?”

John stood up, facing her. “Janice, you don’t know when to keep you mouth shut. I was about to call it off, you your tantrum just sealed your fate.”

Stephanie walked in carrying a nipple baby bottle. Sitting in the chair John just vacated, she said, “Let’s see how much of a baby she is now.”

Grabbing Janice’s arms, the nurses lifted her off the chair and carried her over to Stephanie. The nurses’ lifted so high, Janice’s feet did not even touch the carpet. Before Janice knew it, they deposited her on Stephanie’s lap. Holding Janice tightly around her waist, Stephanie shoved the nipple into the squirming woman’s mouth. The bottle was design to let the liquid flow out if the recipient suck on the nipple or not. Twin trails of formula trickled out the corners of her mouth.

Janice was squirming and flaying her legs, causing her designer shoes to fly off her feet. Holding the bottle in her mouth Stephanie said, “If you don’t stop this squirm, young lady, Auntie Stephie is goin’ to spank you”.

Janice saw how serious Stephanie was. Reluctantly, she settled back in her arms swallowing the warm formula. She knew exactly what she was drinking, it was Enfamil Nutramigen formula that was used for colicky and whiney babies. It was the baby formula the she forced fed John. It tasted horrible, tasting like sour milk. She started to regret treating him like a naughty child, giving him bedtime punishments and baby formula. Right now, all she wanted to do was go home and take care of John. Be his loving wife. But she knew that this was not going to happen.

Stephanie removed the bottle, examining the contents. “Such a good baby Janice is. She almost finished her bottle. Baby’s tummy must be awful full.”

And it was. Janice felt so bloated. She sat on Stephanie’s lap, but she did not expect what happened next. Stephanie took a cloth and folded over her shoulder. Forcing Janice’s head over the shoulder and pressing her hand on her head, Stephanie started patting Janice’s back – hard. It took a second or two before Janice realized what was going on – Stephanie was trying to burp her!

“I’m a grown woman,” cried out Janice. “I don’t need to be burped!” just as she was finishing her sentence, Janice let out a very loud burp. Janice was shock while the others in the room were pleased.

Bob slid a piece of paper across his desk to John. “If you sign this, giving us permission to care for your wife, we can begin”

John looked over at Janice. Tears were running down her cheeks, begging him not to sign. He thought about it for a minute, picked up the pen and signed his name. Janice lowered her head in defeat. Her fate for God knows how long was to become a helpless baby again. She would be at the mercy of her husband, her new Daddy.

Taking her wrists, the nurses led a tired out Janice out of the office. She was half carried, half drag out of the office. Stephanie bent over, picking up Janice’s discarded shoes. Before leaving Mr. Charleson’s office, she turned to John and said, “Mr. Krain, you may see Janice in the nursery section in about three hours. She should be process by then.”

Janice was taken into another office. As they pass through the entrance, Janice saw the nameplate, “STEPHANIE FALBORN”. In her office was a gurney. One of the nurses lifted Janice up as if she was a baby and deposited her on top of the gurney. Taking straps, the nurses pulled them over Janice’s chest, waist, and her ankles. She was unable to move.

Stephanie walked in. “Well baby, how do you like being so helpless?” but before she could respond, Stephanie shoved a large baby’s pacifier into her mouth. Straps where on the pacifier so they could be locked behind the user’s head. Janice was now speechless, she could only mumble a response.

Tears began to flow freely down her cheeks. Seeing this, one of the nurses said, “She’s starting to react like a baby by her crying. We better go get diapers on her before she pees her pants too.” Stephanie and the nurses started giggling at the remark, causing Janice to cry even more.

Pushing the gurney, they wheeled Janice out of the office and down the hall. Several other women, dressed as adults, nurses and nannies looked at Janice as she was wheeled by. So cooed stating what a cute baby girl she was going to make. They stopped at the elevator. Using a series of numbers on the keypad, the elevator descended to the 7th floor. Once again, Janice was being pushed down the hall, this time only nurses were visible. As they gazed at Janice they were smiling at her predicament. It was then that her stomach started to grumble. And she could feel pressure on her bladder. Janice had to pee! And very soon.

Squeezing her legs together did not help. Sweat started to form on her forehead. The pressure was building and Janice knew that she could not hold much longer. She tried to tell her captors of her problem, but it was mumbled. Finally it happen. As she was being wheeled into a room, she could not longer hold it. A dark spot appeared in the crotch of her light tan slacks.

One of the nurses saw the spot, pointing to it said, “Looks like we’re to late with the diaper. We’ll just have to clean her up now.”

Janice fought but to no avail. The nurses pulled her wet slacks off. Then her pantyhose and pink panties were pulled off together. These, along with the slacks were given to what looked like a candy-stripper. She couldn’t be more than 18, thought Janice. The candy-stripper placed the wet clothes into a plastic bag.

Janice could feel the plastic sheet on her damp bare bottom. She was thankful that her blouse covered her “private areas”. But that was not to be. A nurse came over and started to unbutton her blouse, removing it. It too was thrown into the plastic bag. Reaching behind her back, the nurse unclipped the strap to her bra. That too found its way into the bag. Janice was totally naked, held down on a gurney by straps. She felt so vulnerable.

“What more can happen to me?” thought a tearful Janice.

Removing the Velcro straps, the nurses turned Janice over onto her stomach. Then the straps were reapplied. Looking over her shoulder, Janice could see what they were now doing. She could see a large enema bag hanging from a I.V. stand, it was connected to a tube and nozzle. Greasing the end of the nozzle, the candy-stripper inserted it into Janice’s bottom. She felt the warm solution flow into her. Laying on the gurney, she could feel her stomach expand. Finally, it was over and she was laid on her back again.

While she laid on her stomach, a nurse came over with a syringe in her hand. Squeezing one of her cheek bottom, she stuck the needle. Janice let out a little cry through her pacifier.

Smiling, the nurse said, “That was a relaxant. It will relax your bowels and bladder so you’ll have no control. It also weakens your leg muscles so you won’t be able to walk, crawl just like a baby.”

Tears started flowing down her cheeks once more. It was so humiliating being treated this way by someone almost half her age. A mere child!

The candy-stripper came over and started to pull up her pubic hairs in a clump. In her other hand was a pair of scissors. The girl started clipping away all of Janice’s pubic hair until a stubble remain. Taking shaving cream, she smeared the warm foam all over the stubble. Using a straight razor, she stroked away at the cream, leaving a clean path. Shortly the foam was shaved away leaving Janice’s pubic area as hairless as a newborn baby.

Lifting her bottom up off the gurney, the candy-stripper slid four thick white terry cloth diapers under her. Spreading her legs apart, the candy-stripper pulled the cloth up and using baby diaper pins, pinned the ends together. The thickness was so great that Janice had trouble closing her legs and had to keep them spread apart. Taking a pair of white plastic pants, she pulled them up Janice’s legs and over the diapers making sure the pants covered the diapers completely. Next was a long sleeve diaper shirt. The end of the arms were sewed mittens. Sitting Janice up, the candy-stripper pulled it over her head.

She found that her hands were now encased in the mittens and she had trouble picking anything up. An incubator was wheeled in. two of the nurses picked Janice up and laid her on a soft pink baby blanket. Taking the ends, the blanket was tucked around her.

The candy-stripper pushed her out of the room and down the corridor. She was wheeled into a large room with a large picture window. The incubator was put in front of the glass with several other incubators. Janice realized that she was in an adult-size hospital’s nursery! Looking around, Janice could see that she was surrounded by other baby-women, crying and kicking the legs. They were behaving just like newborns. Some of them were being bottle-fed, others were being diaper changed. This was so humiliating.

A nurse in dark green scrubs came over to her incubator holding a baby bottle. She shoved it into Janice’s mouth, forcing her drink the formula. Once again she was being forced to drink Nutramigen formula. It tasted horrible. Shaking her head back and forth did not deter the nurse from the force-feeding. Janice found herself gagging and the only way to stop it was to swallow the formula. With the formula dribbling from the corners of her mouth, Janice drank the formula.

When she finished the bottle, the nurse gently wiped her mouth. She did not return the pacifier.

“Since baby just arrived, nursie won’t check baby’s diapers yet.” Leaning closer to Janice, the nurse said in almost a whisper, “Get use to drinking that baby formula. You’re going to be fed every 2 hours and that’s all you’re going to be fed.” Then she was gone, leaving Janice hearing the baby-cries of the baby-women.

As she laid there, she could feel the pressure of the enema. Without her consent, the enema erupted into her diapers! Janice was moridified. She had messed herself like a little baby. She found herself starting to wail like a baby, just like the other baby-women. She could not stop, she was wailing and kicking her legs.

After an hour or so, Janice looked up at the large picture window. Standing on the other side was John and Stephanie. They were looking at her, smiling. This caused her to start to cry again. She felt so uncomfortable in her wet and messy diapers.

A nurse came over with a bottle again. Janice thought, “Not again. I’m still so full.” Before she could say anything, the nipple was shoved into her mouth again. She started swallowing the horrible tasting formula. Janice knew that she could not refuse it, she was going to drink it if she wanted to or not.

When she had finished the bottle, the nurse unwrapped the blanket and removed the tee-shirt. Using a diaper pad, she laid it under Janice. Pulling off the damp plastic pants, the nurse unpinned the diapers. They were deposited into a diaper pail. Taking a warm cloth, the nurse cleaned Janice up. After that she was dried, diaperine was rubbed all over her diaper area and her bottom followed by a good amount of baby powder. Janice felt and smelled like a baby. Once again, diapers were pinned on her, covered with by a pair of plastic pants. A diaper shirt was put on her and then she was secured in the blanket. During this entire time, John and Stephanie stood there watching Janice’s diaper change and her feeding. Janice started to yawn and found herself growing sleepy. She could not believe that she was tired, she figured it was only around 12:30 1:00 o’clock at the latest. Soon, she was fast asleep in her incubator.

Janice woke with a start. At first she did not know where she was. Then it accord to her where and what had happened to her. Her husband, John, had taken her to a terrible place that was going to make her into a baby again. She started to squirm in her incubator. There was a cold dampness around her waist. She had wet herself during her nap! Tears developed and started running down her cheeks. Janice did not know why she was so susceptible to crying. She never behaved like this. Janice was a strong women, but now the lease little thing caused her to cry. It was not just tears, but she was wailing like a baby. She wanted her diapers changed now. Through her tears and wailing, Janice could see the nurse speaking into an intercom. She was to far away to hear what she was saying, but she had the feeling the nurse was talking about her.

A few minutes later, Janice saw John come through the doors. He was dressed in green scrubs, just like the nurses. He and a nurse came over to her incubator. She stopped her wailing, laid there sniffling.

“Your Daddy’s here to learn how to take care of a big baby like you.” Cooed the nurse. Janice hated being talk down to. Tears started flowing down her cheeks again. She used to be John’s Mommy, now he was her Daddy and she did not like it.

The nurse unwrapped the blanket. Then she began telling him how to remove her baby clothes. John started unpinning her diaper pins and she began hitting him with her mitten fists.

“She’s having a tantrum,” stated the nurse, “What do you do?” John looked at her. “You spank her.” Replied the nurse.

John turned Janice onto her stomach and began spanking her diapered bottom. This was so embarrassing to her. John never spanked Janice. When he stopped, John said to her, “Behave or else Daddy’s going to spank you again.”

Janice laid there as he removed the wet diapers. He cleaned her up, put diapewrine on her along with baby powder. Once more she was encased in diapers and plastic pants, this time she was diapered by her husband. Once she was wrapped up in her soft pink blanket, John bottle-fed her.

This process continued for several days. Every day John would come and learn to take “bay-care” of Janice. Every day that John saw his wife, she seemed to regress. It was easier for her to have wet diapers, suck on her bottle, and cry. She even smiled and drooled when she saw John.

Finally, on the seventh day Janice was released from the nursery and taken to a nursery room. Janice dressed only in diapers and plastic pants crawled while John and a nurse slowly walked next to her. In her room, she shared it with three other baby-women. In the room were four cribs, four dressers, and a changing table. The nurse lifted Janice up and laid her on the changing table. Taking a Velcro strap, she strapped Janice down around the waist. Janice laid there sucking her thumb.

The nurse removed an adult size baby dress from the closet. It was pink and white check, with a white peter pan collar and white puffed sleeves. The nurse helped John dress Janice. The hem of the dress barely passed her diapers. Pink panties with ruffled lace across the seat covered the plastic pants. White anklets along with white patent Mary-Janes shoes covered Janice’s feet. Since Janice’s hair was so short, the nurse pulled the center of her hair up, clipping it with a large pink, plastic baby bow.

“She looks adorable!” exclaimed the nurse.

Looking in the mirror, Janice had to admit to herself that she did look cute.

Lifting her off the table, they had her crawl out of the room, down the corridor to the elevator. Using the coded keypad, the doors opened. They entered the elevator, pressing the 1st floor button. Janice could feel the elevator descend and stop at the 1st floor. The trio went through the playroom and outside. They were not worried about Janice scrapping her knees. The exit let out onto the grass. Other baby-women were out in the playground, playing. Janice, with her binkie in her mouth, crawled over to the sandbox.

“Jannie,” cooed John, “Daddy got a surprise for his baby.”

Janice looked up at her daddy. Drool shone on her chin. She grin, she liked it when John gave her surprises. Walking over to her was a girl about 12 years old. It was Janice’s niece, Denise, the little girl she use to babysit. Her gladness turned to fear.

“Doesn’t she look sweet.” Cooed the 12 year old, as she tickled Janice under her chin.

Janice started to cry. Standing up, she tried to run away, but due to the shots she received everyday, her leg muscles were weak. She found that she could not run, only wobble like a baby just learning to walk. Janice managed to wobble away only about three feet before she fell backwards onto her diapered bottom. She began to wail, bringing her fists up to her face, while kicking her feet.

Denise came over to her, kneeling next to her. Cradling her head and rocking her aunt, Denise talked softly to her. “No worry Baby Jannie, Auntie Dee-Dee’s here to take care of baby.”

Janice started to simmer down a little, until she heard what Denise had to say next. “When baby goes home next week, Auntie Dee-Dee goin’ take care of baby while daddy’s at work. Won’t that be fun!” Janice looked at her niece in horror. “I’m goin’ to be your babysitter. Uncle John can’t leave a baby alone.”

That’s when Janice made a grave mistake, she spoke like an adult, “I can take care of myself.” She declared.

Denise quickly pulled her infantile aunt over her knee. The nurse came over and handed the child a wooden paddle. Using the paddle, Denise spanked Janice’s diapered bottom at least 20 times before stopping. Janice was crying, waving her arms and kicking her legs, begging her niece to stop her spanking.

Sitting her on the grass, Denise pointing her finger at Janice said, “Babies do not talk like big girls. Baby Jannie you will speak like the baby you are.”

Rubbing her sore bottom, Janice said through her tears, “Me am a big girl. Me no need no sitter.”

“Yes you are.” Exclaimed Denise. “But you still need a babysitter.”

She had her aunt crawl back to the sandbox. For the next hour, while John and the nurse watched, Denise played with her babified aunt. She took her aunt over to the baby-sized sliding board. Helping her climb the little ladder, Denise sat her down at the top. Then she slid down into Denise’s waiting arms.

It was so cute, thought the nurse, seeing a child who came no higher than Janice’s chest, babying the full-grown woman.

Denise continued playing with her aunt. After the sliding board, she took Janice over to the baby swings. Sitting her in the box-like seat, Denise pulled the bar down across Janice’s lap, securing her in. When she got tired of this, Denise took Janice back to the sandbox. Removing her Mary-Jane’s and socks, she sat Janice in the sand.

Janice followed her niece like a little child. Denise held her aunt’s wrist. She did not want to be spanked again, especially by someone more than half her age. It was so embarrassing.

Denise laid Janice down in the grass. Before Janice knew it, the 12 year old had removed her baby dress, so all that she was wearing was her plastic pants that covered her bulky diapers and a tee shirt. She grabbed for the baby dress to cover herself up. Even though she was treated like a baby, she was very embarrassed about being seen dressed only in diapers.

Denise slapped Janice’s hand away. “No touch, Baby Jannie,” she scolded, “It’s warm out that’s why Auntie Dee-Dee took baby’s dress off.”

Janice hated being dressed only in he diapers and tee shirt, even though there were other baby-women wearing only diapers. The muscle relaxants were still being given to her so Janice crawled, trying desperately to hide behind her niece. As she hid behind Denise, Janice felt herself wetting her diaper. She had no control of her bladder any longer and would wet herself.

Denise looked down at her infantile aunt and cooed, “Did baby go pee-pee in her didees?”

Janice could not believe what was happening to her, Michele laid her on her back. Taking a diaper pad from her diaper bag put it under her. John and the nurse watched as Denise continued her treatment on her aunt. Slowly, Denise pulled the damp plastic pants down Janice’s legs and laid them on the grass. After removing the diaper pin on one side of the diaper, she started unpinning the other one. Janice grabbed the front of the cloth, holding it tight in her hands.

Slapping Janice’s hands away, Denise said, “Babykins, let auntie change your wet didees.”

Janice’s hands did not move. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she shook her head. Denise pulled and finally got the cloth away from her naughty aunt. In seconds, Janice laid naked out in the open. She quickly used both hands to cover-up her pubic area. It was so embarrassing.

Denise giggled as she pointed at Janice trying in vain to cover herself up. “Isn’t that cute.” She cooed. “She’s trying to over herself like she was a big girl and not a baby.”

Crying, Janice said, “I am a big girl, I mean an adult!”

This display of “adulthood” angered the nurse. She quickly knelt next to Janice, rolled her onto her stomach and just using her bare hand, spanked Janice’s bare defenseless bottom. Her bottom turned bright red in seconds and she found herself kicking her legs, begging like a child that she would be good. After the spanking, the nurse told Denise to resume with the diapering. Denise rubbed baby lotion and diaperine all over Janice’s pubic area and her bottom, along with a healthy coating of baby powder. This time, Denise put on her aunt four thick cloth diapers. The thickness was so great, Janice found that she was unable to close her legs shuts.

Out of the building came a nurse ringing a hand held bell. It’s lunchtime. Denise, with John, prodded Janice into the building and to the dining room. Janice crawled down the carpeted hallway. A few times, leaning up against the wall, she tried to stand. But like most babies just learning to walk Janice only managed to walk a few steps before stumbling backwards, falling on her diapered bottom. She was tried of crawling around like a baby and wanted to walk again. Thanks to the relaxant, this was impossibility, she would be crawling like a baby as long as John wanted her to.

John watched his infantile wife crawl down the hall. Thinking that just a week ago, she was a domineering woman, now she was a helpless baby. He liked it. Now she would be treated like a baby, like she treated him. Revenge was so sweet.

In the dining room, every other chair was a high chair. Denise sat Janice in a high chair, securing the feeding tray in place. After tying a plastic bib on her babified aunt, Denise took the chair next to her. Janice in her high chair, sat between John and Denise. John allowed Denise to take care of Janice. When dinner came, a large baby tri-bowl was placed on her feeding tray. Janice looked own at the mush. There was creamed chicken, strained peas, applesauce, and strained prunes. This was the first meal Janice had in a week. She was fed only baby bottles of warm formula. Janice thought she would not have a drink, but the thought was quickly wiped away when a nurse placed a large nipple baby bottle of Simulac on the tray. Picking up the tiny baby spoon, Janice dipped it into the chicken mush.

“No.” said Denise harshly, slapping Janice’s hand. “Auntie Dee-Dee feeds baby. Baby much to young to be able to feed herself.”

Janice sat in the high chair as Denise spoon-fed her, tears began to roll down her cheeks again, and she was feeling so babyish, being fed. Not only was she being fed, but spoon-fed. Every once in a while, Denise would stick the nipple of the baby bottle into Janice mouth and tell her to drink. The formula still tasted like sour milk, but Janice was getting use to it. After all, that’s all she had for the past week. Once the bowl was empty, Denise had a hard time feeding the strain prunes to Janice, Denise removed the feeding tray. Taking her aunt from the high chair, she sat Janice on her lap. Janice felt so foolish sitting there, Janice was at least a head taller than Denise. Bending her back, Denise took the baby bottle and started bottle-feeding her the rest of the bottle. Sucking on the nipple, Janice managed to finish off the awful baby formula. As she drank it, so of the formula would dribble out the corner of her mouth, which Denise wiped away with a cloth. Finishing the bottle, Denise took a cloth, laid it over her shoulder. Then she laid Janice’s head over her clothed shoulder holding the back of her head. Denise began patting her back hard. Janice started crying again, her niece was burping her.

John watched as Denise burped Janice. He was happy about the results of the treatment, it was worth the money spent. Never again would he be the object of his wife’s abusive nature, never again would he be treat like a baby. He could not wait to get Janice home. Their bedroom was now his bedroom. He had made the smallest bedroom in their house her room, a nursery. There was now a hospital baby crib in there. The crib could fit a grown woman easily. There was a locking lid to it too. He had bought a triple dresser as a changing table for her. John had attached a plastic pad across the top. In the center he attached a Velcro strap so when he or a babysitter was changing her, she could be strapped down and could not fall off. Above the “changing table” was a shelf filled with baby powder, baby lotion, diaperine, Vaseline, even a rectal the monitor. Everything a baby’s body would need for a diaper change. The drawers were filled with cloth diapers, plastic pants, tee shirts, baby style tops, and disposable diapers. A pink diaper pail stood next to the dresser, it had written on it, ‘JANNIE’S DIAPER PAIL”.

Sitting her aunt on the carpet, Denise cooed, “Time for Baby Jannie nappy-poo.”

Janice shook her head. Not wanted to be punished, she regressed to baby-talk, “NOOO.” She cried. “Jannie no wanta take nap. Jannie wanta pway.”

“No.” replied Denise. “Baby Jannie gonna take nap.”

Denise, John, and the nurse followed as Janice crawled down the hallway to the elevators. Taking the elevator to her floor, the went down the hall to her nursery room. Lifting her aunt onto the changing table, Denise pulled out a pair of dr. Denton pajamas, complete with feet. Lifting her legs up, she put the pj’s under her. Then, Denise took one leg at a time, inserting them into the pajamas’ legs, finally pulling them up over the diapers and putting her arms into the sleeves. Helping her off the table, John led her to her crib. Laying her in the crib, John covered her, pulled the side rail up and closed the locking lid. Janice was secured in a baby crib.

Reaching through the rails, Denise inserted a pacifier into Janice’s mouth and handed her a teddy bear. Cooing to Janice, Michele said, “Take you nappy-poo, Baby Jannie and Auntie Dee-Dee will see baby later.” Denise, John and the nurse left the room, closing the door. Janice laid there, sucking on her pacifier, thinking of how much of a baby she had become. She did not want to be a baby, she wanted to be treated like an adult, to dress like an adult, to eat like an adult, to use the bathroom like an adult, she wanted to be an adult again. Janice fell asleep with these thoughts, wishing she never treated John like a baby, punishing him like a baby. What they say about “What goes around comes around” Is so true.

Janice woke because someone was shaking her. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she saw that the nurse was standing over her, shaking her awake. The lid was opened and the side rail was down. She was holding a baby bottle full of a dark liquid. It was not the usual baby formula that they normally fed her. The nurse inserted the nipple into Janice’s mouth, letting the liquid flow into her mouth. Janice wanted to gag, it was warm prune juice! She found that she could not push the bottle away, the nurse held it tight. Shaking her head back and forth did not shake the nipple loose either. She was forced to lie there and swallow the awful drink. Janice could see the slowly getting smaller in the bottle and to her relief, the bottle was finally emptied. Her happiness was short lived, for the nurse produced another bottle, forcing to drink too. Again, she watched as the prune juice slowly disappeared from the bottle and finally emptied. Once again the nurse shoved another bottle into her mouth. Janice did not think she could drink all of it, but soon the third and last bottle was emptied. Gazing at her stomach, Janice could swear it was sticking out, bloated!

The nurse pulled the zipper of her Dr. Dentons down and pulled off the cotton pajamas. Janice was wearing only her diapers and plastic pants. Lifting her out of her crib, the nurse had crawl Janice over to the changing table. The changing table was exact copy of a baby’s changing table except it was made for an adult. Picking Janice up under her arms, the nurse laid her on the table. Turning her over onto her stomach, she pulled the plastic pants off, depositing them into the diaper pail. Removing the diaper pin, the nurse pulled the diaper flaps back, exposing Janice’s bare bottom. Taking Velcro straps taping them across her waist, she secured Janice down. The nurse knew that Janice would object severely at this next step in her treatment.

Looking over her shoulder, Janice watched want the nurse was doing. She had attached an IV pole to the table. Janice wondered what was going on. Next, she hung a clear plastic bag with a tube running out the bottom. The bag was full and bloated. Following the tubing, it ran down and then up to the nurse’s hand. The end of the tube had a nozzle to it, which the nurse was applying Vaseline to. She was going to Janice an enema! Trying to g3t was fruitless. Janice was pinned down.

Crying, Janice wailed, “Noooo! I don’t want an enema! Pleeze!”

The said nothing as she inserted the greased nozzle into Janice’s bare, defenseless bottom. Janice could feel the warm solution starting to flow in her. It kept coming. There seem no stopping the flow. It was so uncomfortable. The enema solution fixing with the 3 bottles of prune juice in her stomach. The nurse stood next to Janice, patting her bottom and ignoring her crying.

Janice continued crying and begging to have the enema stopped. “Pleeze stop it. I don’t need an enema.”

“Babies don’t know what they need. Nursie knows what Baby Jannie need.” Cooed the nurse.

Finally, the enema was over. The nurse removed the nozzle and using diaperine, rubbed the ointment all over Janice’s bottom. She had applied a very heavy coating of the ointment. Turning the baby-women onto her backs, the nurse applied the ointment to her pubic area too. Then she rubbed baby lotion on her pubic area and her bottom, followed by a heavy sprinkling of baby powder. When the nurse sprinkled the fine baby powder on Janice, Janice sneezed. The nurse smiled at that. Janice was pinned into 4 very thick cloth diapers and a pair of pink plastic pants pulled up and over her diapers. Janice was placed into a baby harness, keeping her held down to the mattress. After giving the baby-woman a pacifier, the nurse pulled the side rail up, securing it.

Janice laid in her crib, sucking the pacifier trying in vain to hold the enema. She could feel the prune juice and the enema bubbling in her stomach and she knew that the enema would be erupting into her diapers very soon. She did not have to wait long.

No matter how hard Janice tried, she could not stop the enviable. Squeezing her cheek muscles did not help and shortly, the results of the prune juice and enema erupted into her diapers. Janice started to bawl, for it kept coming and coming. She thought that it would never stop. Finally, it stopped. Janice laid in her crib, crying her eyes out, banging her fists on the mattress. She felt so babyish. And she hated that feeling. As she cried, her nurse came over to the crib and looked down at the crying baby-woman.

“Ah,” she cooed, “did Baby Jannie go poo-poo in her didees?” looking up at this person, the tears fell down her cheeks and onto the mattress. Janice could not believe she did this to John all this time. Smiling, the tall nurse cooed, “Now Baby Jannie, nursie not gonna change baby for a while. Maybe when nursie changes baby, baby will have a nasty didee rash.” Smiling, the nurse continued, “Now won’t you feel like a helpless baby?”

This caused Janice to cry loudly. She did not want to have a diaper rash. She did not want to be helpless, but she wanted to be changed, now. The nurse left, only to have the door open a few minutes later. It was her niece, Denise. Quietly, she walked over to the baby crib where her aunt laid.

Holding her nose, Denise cooed, “Augh, Baby Jannie poo-stinky!”

Tears running down her cheeks, Janice cried, “Please, Denise, can you change me? I don’t care anymore if you treat me like a baby, I just want out of these horrible diapers.”

Smiling, Denise cooed, “OK Baby Jannie, Auntie Dee-Dee will change baby.”

In minutes, Denise had removed the damp plastic pants and the smelly diapers. She had her clean up of the messy and using Baby Wipes, had Janice smelling fresh and clean again.

Taking diaperine, Denise cooed, “Auntie Dee-Dee no wants baby to get a didee rash, so Auntie Dee-Dee goin’ to put this nice cream on baby. Won’t that feel good?”

Janice laid on her stomach as Denise rubbed the white ointment all over her bare bottom. Janice had to admit that it felt wonderful. Denise was rubbed with baby lotion all over her body. Denise gently rubbed the lotion over Janice’s chest, arms, legs and her back. Soon, Janice soon was smelling of sweet baby powder.

Janice had to admit, Denise was taking good care of her. Very gently and carefully, Denise pined 6three thick cloth diapers on her aunt, followed by a pair of pink plastic pants. Taking a romper suit, she put that on Janice. A pair of white anklets completed her ensemble.

Taking her aunt out of the crib, Denise had her crawl out of the room to the elevators. Going down in the elevator to the first floor, Denise led Janice to the playroom and placed her in a vacant playpen. Surrounding Janice was a load of stuffed baby toy animals and toys. Giving Janice a pacifier, Denise went over and sat down while watching her aunt. Denise made sure that her aunt was taken care of and happy.

By the time dinner was ready, Denise had taken Janice out of her playpen and had her crawl to the dining area. She was supervised by a nurse as all “babysitters” of the baby-women were. The nurse allowed Denise to care for Janice, but was there only if she had trouble.

Once again, Denise sat her aunt at a round table, every other chair was an adult size high chair. Janice was put into one, with the feeding tray secured and a large plastic bib tied on her. A large baby tri-bowl was put on the tray. Before Denise could start feeding Janice, Janice picked the bowl up and threw on the floor. Then she started to giggle. She thought it was funny. She did not think so after Denise slapped her hand. Janice quickly pulled it back, her bottom lip started to quiver and she started crying – loudly.

“You naughty baby.” Scolded Denise shaking her finger at Janice. Janice sat in her chair, wailing. A waitress put another bowl of baby food mush on the tray and Denise, picking up the ting baby spoon, began to feed her. There was creamed chicken, strained string beans, applesauce, and to Janice’s horror, strained prunes! Janice ate the chicken and applesauce, had a little trouble eating the string beans, they tasted yucky. But Denise had to hold Janice’s nose to fed her the hated prunes. Scraping the bottom of the bowl, Denise fed Janice every drop of the strained prunes.

Removing the feeding tray, Denise said, “Since baby Janice was bad by throwing her bowl, Auntie Dee-Dee goin’ to put baby to bed an hour early.”

Janice looked at her niece shocked. It was bad enough that she was being put to bed at 8, but 7! She was a grown woman and she did not want to be treated this way. Which she voice her objection. Denise grabbed Janice’s ear and dragged her over to a chair. Sitting down, Denise pulled her disobedient aunt over her lap and began spanking her.

“That’s it, young lady.” Announced Denise. “You are going to have your bath, and then put into you crib. You will learn to listen to auntie.”

After finishing spanking Janice, Denise took her to her nursery room and into the bathroom. Running the water into the tub, Denise removed the romper suit, socks, plastic pants and finally the diapers. Taking her hands, Denise sat Janice in the warm soapy water and using Ivory soap, began washing her. Janice did not have anyone bath her since she was a baby and it felt great. Denise washed her arms, her chest, going down to her virgina, then her legs and last her feet. Laying her on her side, dense washed her back and her bottom, making sure every inch of her aunt was scrubbed. Rubbing soap on the washcloth, dense scrubbed Janice’s face. Lastly, using Johnson’s baby shampoo, washed Janice’s hair. Taking a large fluffy towel, Denise helped Janice out of the tub and vigorously rubbed her dry. Slapping her bare bottom, dense had Janice crawl to her crib, where she lifted her up and onto the mattress. Janice quickly found herself having diaperine, baby lotion and baby powder put all over her diaper area. Janice thought how much of a baby she smelled like. Four thick diapers and plastic pants were put on her, followed by a pair of cotton Dr. Denton’s. Denise then pulled the sheet up. Tucking it under her aunt’s chin. Giving Janice a pacifier, she pulled the side rail up and closed the lid, locking it.

“I don’t wanta go to bed yet.” Cried Janice.

Putting her finger to her lips, Denise whispered, “Hush now. You were very naughty and you’re going to bed early.” She handed her aunt a bottle filled with Nutramigen baby formula. It tasted horrible, but after drinking it for the past few days, at least she could tolerate it. And she knew that if she did not drink the formula, Denise would force-fed it to her and probably give her a spanking too.

Dense left the room and Janice started crying uncontrollably. As the tears rolled down her cheeks, Janice found her eyelids growing heavy, soon she was fast asleep.

The next morning, Janice woke finding Denise standing over her crib. For the rest of the week, Denise was with her aunt every waking minute. Denise fed her, dressed her, bathed her, and changed her. When Denise thought that Janice was naughty, Denise ended up punishing her. By now, Janice found it easier to cry when she was hungry, or wet. Janice was now use to Denise taking care of her.

Friday morning, Janice woke to find a nurse standing over her instead of Denise. The first words she wailed, “Me want Auntie Dee-Dee.”

Smiling, the nurse cooed, “No, sweetie. Nursie gonna take baby for awhile.”

She handed Janice a nipple baby bottle filled with the yucky baby formula she hated. She sucked on the nipple hungrily. When she finished the bottle, the laid Janice on her stomach and began patting her back until she let out a burp. As she was patting Janice, another nurse brought in a gurney. Lowering the rail, the nurses pulled Janice out of her crib and onto the gurney. Janice found herself strapped down.

The nurse looked down at Janice and cooed, “Sweetie, to help you look more like a baby, nursie gonna take all that nasty hair offa baby. You’ll never gonna worry about gwon-up hair no more.”

The nurse pushed the gurney to another room. On the doorplate was ‘ELECTRO-DIALYSIS ROOM’. Janice started shaking her head. “Nooo.” She cried, “Please don’t do this to me.”

The nurses ignored her as they started the treatment. Giving her a sedative, the nurses did the treatment as Janice fell into the blackness of sleep. When she woke up an hour and half later, her body tingled. The treatment was over and the nurse was pushing her into another room. Sitting the gurney into a sitting position, the nurse took scissor and started trimming her hair. Locks of blonde hair fell on the floor. Even though her hair was short, the nurse trimmed it even shorter. By the time the nurse finished, Janice’s hair had been curled, giving it a SHIRLEY TEMPLE / baby look. For a finishing touch, the nurse pulled the center of Janice’s hair up and clipped it with a plastic baby bow. The nurses cooed, saying how sweet Janice looked.

Janice looked in the mirror and started to cry. Dressed only in diapers and plastic pants and her hair curled, she no longer looked like a mature woman she did a little while ago. Now she looked like n overgrown baby.

The nurses took Janice back to her nursery room where they lid her in her crib. The experience overcame her and she fell into a deep sleep. Janice slept all day and did not wake until after 5. Because of her babying treatment, Janice was hungry. She let out a loud Waaaaa! And continued until a nurse appeared with a bottle and a bowl of baby foods.

When Janice was finished with her bottle and the baby foods, the nurse changed her and put her Dr. Dentons on. Janice was soon fast asleep, sucking her thumb while she slept.

Janice woke to someone stroking her hair. Opening her eyes, Janice saw denise standing there smiling. John stood behind his niece.

“time to go bye-byes, sweetie.” Cooed denise. “Auntie dee-dee goin’ dress baby and take her home.”

Denise changed janice’s diaper, while Janice nursed on a bottle of Nutramigen baby formula. Denise dressed Janice in a very short baby dress. Pink, with white puffed sleeves and a white a Peter Pan collar. Pink cotton panties with white ruffles covered the seat of the panties. A white pinafore covered the front of the baby dress. White anklets and black patent Mary-Janes finished her out fit. Janice in all her bay finery was raedy to leave the Baby Hotel. Leaving the hotel, john sat his infantile wife in the back seat while denise hande her a rattle to play with. Then they were off.

Denise looked back at her aunt in the back seat. Densie was sure that Baby jannie was not going to enjoy being abied while she was around. And she had the whole summer to take care of her aunt.

Part 2

Denise sat her baby aunt, Janice, in the adult size baby stroller and followed the nurse outside. The nurses and the administrators came over to say their good byes to Janice. She was patted, tickled under her chin, her cheek squeezed or her forehead was kissed.

John stood besides the stroller as they walked towards his car. It was a 2002 Cadillac Seville. His other car was a 1965 Corvette. John may drive it now, but when they purchased it, Janice insisted that it be put in her name only. Since she was in charge of everything, including his life, she got her way. Before John took Janice to the hotel, Janice drove 99 percent of the time. He was not allowed to drive without her permission.

Denise stopped at the car. Opening up the back seat, Denise unstrapped the restrains on the stroller. Lifting her out of the baby stroller, Denise helped her aunt into the back seat. The curls waved in front of Janice’s face making Janice giggle. Denise strapped Janice in, then gave her a “binkie” and a stuff Elmo. Then they were off.

Janice sat in the back, sucking on her pacifier and hugging the stuffed animal, trying to be invisible. People past her on the highway gave her looks. When Janice tried to remove the pacifier from her mouth, Denise slapped her hand away.

Shaking her finger in her infantile aunt’s face, Denise said in a very authoritive voice, “Listen to me young lady. I’m in charge of you now. You’ll do as I say or you’ll be punished.” Smiling, Denise continued. “Do you remember when I was 6 or 7 and you would babysit me for the entire summer cause mom and dad were working night and day?” Janice started to quake. Denise said, “And you would punish me. Making me go to bed at 5 at night. Remember how you said you wanted to make sure that I didn’t wet the bed and put me in diapers? I was 7 years old!” as she was speaking, Janice could see that Denise was getting angrier and angrier. “How you embarrassed me in front of all your friends, by pulling down my pajama bottoms to see if I was properly diapered.” Shoving the pacifier back into Janice’s mouth, Denise said, “That’s nothing for what I have in mind for you. You misbehave one little bit and you’ll be sorry that you were ever born.”

“Me am big giwl!” cried Janice. “You no treat me dis way. Mw am no ba-bee!” Janice did not notice that she was speaking more like a 2 year old than a grown woman. That was part of the treatment, hypnotical learning. Same was done with her walking, she be walking more like a 2 year old in that department too. Though she won’t know or understand why.

John just sat, driving and listening to the one side conversation. He’ll have his turn.

Pulling up to his house, John parked the car in the street. Denise got out of the car and opening the rear door, grabbed both of Janice’s wrists. When Janice hesitated on coming out, her niece not to gently, yanked her out and onto the sidewalk. Janice stood on the sidewalk, pigeon-toed. She was dressed in a in a very short pink baby dress, with white puffed sleeves and a white a Peter Pan collar. A white pinafore covered the front of the baby dress. She had on white anklets and black patent Mary-Janes, pink cotton panties with white ruffles covered the seat of the panties. A large pink baby bow was center in her head amongst a mass of Shirley Temple curls. Denise retrieved the pacifier and her stuffed Elmo from the back seat and shoved them at her. Janice turned to walk to the house, or actually run towards it, but she could not. As she started to move, Janice discovered that she was wobbling! She made it across the cement sidewalk to the front lawn only to stumble and fall on her diapered bottom. She looked up at her husband and niece with a look of incomprehension on her face. Janice could not understand why she could not walk. Like most babies that fall, Janice’s bottom lip began to quiver, then she stated to cry softly, growing louder in volume.

Smiling, John cooed, “Baby Jannie,” taking her wrist in both his strong hands and helping her up on her feet. “You’re a baby and babies have trouble walking. Especially at you age.”

Denise took one wrist, while John held onto the other. Together, they walked slowly up the lawn to the front door. They had to, for Janice could only take “baby-steps”. Unhurriedly, the small group reached the front porch. Taking out his keys, John unlocked the door. Throwing open the wooden door, Denise escorted her aunt in. once in the foyer, she let go and Janice fell once more on her diapered bottom.

“Baby must be hungry.” Stated John. Turning to Denise, he said, “Why don’t you give the baby her bottle.”

Gleaming, Denise replied, “Sure Uncle John. I’ll give the baby her bottle.” Swatting Janice’s diapered bottom, Denise had her crawl to the kitchen where she got a bottle of Nutramigen baby formula out of the refrigerator. Before giving the bottle to Janice, Denise obtained another bottle from the cabinet. Taking a large serving spoon, she poured the liquid onto the spoon.

“No little brat that I take of is going to get sick while I in charge.” Denise said as she knelt next to Janice. Holding Janice’s nose, Janice quickly opened her mouth, which Denise shoved the spoon into. “That should do it. A large spoonful of Castor Oil.”

Janice swallowed the horrible tasting liquid and almost threw-up. Her niece handed her the nipple bottle, which she stuck into her mouth and began to suck on. Even the sour-milk tasted of the Nutramigen baby formula tasted better than the Castor Oil. Janice laid on her back, holding the baby bottle with both hands, sucking noisily on the nipple.

When she finished her bottle, Denise knelt next to Janice and stuck her finger into the diapers. “Wet.” She announced. “Can’t you stay dry? You are a grown woman, aren’t you.”

Janice shook her head, “Yeth, me am big giwl, Auntie Dee-Dee.” As she stuck her thumb into her mouth.

“Well, sweetie,” Denise said coldly, “Auntie Dee-Dee is not goin’ to change your wet didees till tonight.’ Janice looked up at her niece in shock. She wanted to be changed now. “Maybe then you’ll have a nasty didee rash.” She cooed. “Then you see that you are only a baby, a baby who needs a 12 year to take care of her.”

Slapping her damp diapered bottom, Denise led her to the front and outside. When Janice started fussing about going out front, Denise pulled her over her knee and using a wooden paddle, spanked her hard. Janice quickly found herself crying with her arms waving around and kicking her legs. Denise knew how to spank.

“We’re going for a ride around the block.” She announced.

John had taken the stroller out of the trunk and was pushing it up the front yard. Before Janice knew it, she was strapped into the stroller with Denise pushing her down the block. Janice was scared. She still had the memories and the intelligence of an adult, but she also had the response of a baby. Janice sat in the stroller with tears streaming down her cheeks as she balled her fisted hands into her face. Continuing her babyish responses, she found herself kicking her feet on the foot rail of the stroller.

Denise pushed the stroller around the block, to her amusement and to Janice’s horror. The neighborhood wives emerged from their homes to make sure of what they saw. They all knew Janice and they all agreed, she was the neighborhood BITCH. Janice was a real pain in everyone’s backsides. At any type of community meetings, everyone had to do as she said.

The women came from both sides of the street and quickly surrounded the stroller. One woman announced that she had called a few others and told them what she saw and they were coming. Janice felt so humiliated, but Denise was grinning from ear to ear.

The women began talking to Janice and the other women.

“Doesn’t she look adorable?”

Another women felt her arm, saying, “Her skin is so smooth. And no body hair, just like a baby’s.”

Feeling the top of Janice’s thigh, another neighbor related, “So’s her legs, they are baby smooth.”

“Don’t you love her widdle baby dress!”

“I love her hair, a mass of baby curls.”

“Aren’t her Mary-Jane’s cute.”

Denise beamed with pride like the mother of a newborn baby. “I treat her just like a little baby.”

“Me am no ba-bee. Me am big giwl!” cried Janice.

The women laughed. They were enjoying seeing the bitch of the neighborhood being treated this way.

“And since she acts like a baby, we must treat her like one. Like checking her diapers.” Said Denise.

Janice started shaking her head, “Nooooo!” Denise pushed her forward, lifted up her baby dress skirt and pulled on her plastic pants/diapers. Smiling Denise cooed, “Ahh, da poor widdle baby went pee-pee in hers didees.”

The women laughed and Janice turned bright red.

Then one of the women began to chant, “Janice wet her diapers. Janice wet her diapers>” then another chimed in, Janice wet her diapers.” Then another and then another until all were chanting, “Janice wet her diapers.”

Janice started crying, “Stop it! Stop it!” she was so embarrassed.

Denise stood there laughing so hard at her aunt’s predicament, that she was crying. “well,” she said, “I have to get the big baby home so I give her a diaper change.” Looking around at the women she continued. “Does anyone want to come over and watch?” several of the women quickly said yes through their giggles. They were really enjoying this.

They walked slowly back to John and Janice house. Stopping at the porch, Denise unstrapped Janice and got her out of the stroller. “Watch her,” she said. “The baby walks like a 2 year old.”

Janice found herself wobbling and stumbling and she finally fell back onto her diaper bottom. One of the women cried out, “Ah, isn’t she adorable!” which the rest of the women quickly agreed.

Janice let out a loud, “Waaaaa!”

The women followed Janice as she crawled to her new nursery room. “This looks perfect for Jan, it suits her. A baby’s nursery room for such a big baby.”

Denise sat her infantile aunt up onto the changing table and strapped her down. The women gathered around watching as Denise prepared for the diaper changing. Janice laid on the table banging her fists and kicking her feet.

Denise worked quickly, removing all of Janice’s baby clothes, until she was lying on the table dressed only in her wet diapers. Removing the diaper pins, Denise stripped Janice of the diapers, she laid in front of the neighborhood women stark naked! Janice was bawling her eyes out until one of the women said, “What a little brat.” And stuck a baby’s pacifier in her mouth.

Bending over her aunt, Denise said, “Since you were such a bad baby, Jannie, Auntie Dee-Dee is putting you to bed now. You can lay there thinking what a naughty baby you were.”

Turning Janice onto her stomach, Denise gave her a Fleet’s baby enema. Then she was diapered and put into a pair of yellow Dr. Denton’s, complete with feet.

Removing the Velcro strap, Denise grabbed Janice’s ear and dragged her over to the large baby crib. Laying her in it, Denise took a serving spoon and filled it with Caster Oil. Pinching Janice’s nose until she opened up, she shoved the spoonful of oil into her mouth. This caused Janice to gag. Denise pulled the side rail up and closed the lid, locking.

“You’ll stay in your crib until I decide to get you out.” Said Denise.

Denise turned on the baby monitor, closed the shades and curtain. The only light emitted from the Winnie the Pooh night-light. Shooing out the women, Denise closed the door leaving Janice complete alone.

Janice laid in her crib sobbing. She wished that she was not so nasty to Denise when she was younger and how she wished that she was not known as the Neighborhood Bitch. Maybe then, one of the women would have come to her rescue.

Janice laid in her oversized crib, sobbing. She could feel the enema and the castor oil starting to work on her system. Her stomach was rumbling. As she laid there, the door opened and in walked Denise. Smiling, she cooed, ‘Baby Jannie, Daddy went bye-byes and left you in my care.”

This was her chance. Janice thought. She could easily overpower Denise, get dressed in her regular clothes and then when John gets home, punish him.

Denise held a baby bottle of that yucky, warm formula. Opening the lid and lowering the side rail, Denise was about to shove the nipple into Janice’s mouth. But before she could, Janice quickly grabbed Denise’s wrist, taking the bottle away. Denise was completely taken by surprise. Janice was able to roll off the crib’s mattress and throw Denise down into the crib.

“This is where you belong, not me.” Yelled Janice. That’s how far Janice got. She had forgotten that she had been hypnotically trained for the past few weeks that she could only behave like a 2 year old. Janice could only walk like a 2 year old, as well as talk. She may think, “I am not a baby. I’m a grown woman.” But it would come out as “Me no ba-bee. Me big giwl.” And she would think that this was perfectly normal for her. The mentality was that of a 2 year old too. Looking at the bottle of baby powder, she knew what it was, but was unable to read the label. She was unable to read. If she was given a pencil, she was unable to write. That is why she was unable to get out of her crib, she could not understand the simple mechanics of a latch. It was also the reason she could not change her own diapers, she did not know how to unclasps the diaper pins.

Janice quickly found that her leg could not stay stable and she found herself falling onto the carpet. She looked up to see Denise smiling. Fear struck and she was unable to stop her infantile reaction – Waaaaa! Turning on all fours, she tried in vain to crawl to the door to escape the punishment she knew that Denise would give. She never made it, for Denise leaped off the mattress and quickly reached Janice. Garbing her ear, Denise dragged her aunt back to the crib. No sooner was she thrown back into the crib, the enema erupted into her diapers.

Picking up the bottle, Denise shoved it into Janice’s mouth and ordered, “Drink, you naughty baby.”

Tears racing down her cheeks, Janice did as her niece ordered. She felt so uncomfortable sitting in her messy diapers. Janice knew her only course of action to cry, “Waaaaa! Waaaaa!” she cried and cried. She could not stop.

Denise pulled up the side rail and closed the lid. Latching it. Pointing her finger at her naughty aunt, Denise ordered, “You’re staying in your crib like a naughty baby. When I decide that you have been crib bound long enough, you and I are going to all of the neighbors and you are going to give an apology to all of them. You are going to tell them that you were a very naughty baby. AND,” she suddenly increased the tone in her voice, “You will call them ‘Auntie’. Do you hear me Baby Jannie.”

“Yeth, Auntie Dee-Dee. Sniffed Janice, “Me be good baby. Me no be bad no more.”

Smiling, Denise said, “We’ll see. Now you think of what a bad baby you’ve been. I’ll be back.” She left the room, closing the door.

Janice laid back down on the mattress. She could feel the effects of the enema as well as the smell. She could hardly wait until Denise returned to change her as she laid there, she tried to think of how she could change herself and clean herself up. She did not know how. Janice knew she use to be able to dress herself and wash herself too. But now she could not remember how.

She laid in her crib for 2 ½ hours before Denise returned. She was so happy to see her niece. Going over to Janice’s crib, Denise unlatched the lid, and lowered the side rail. Not saying a word, she grabbed Janice’s wrist and took her over to the changing table. Picking her up under her arms, Denise laid Janice on the table, securing her down with the Velcro strap. Working quickly and methodically, Denise removed the messy diapers and cleaned her aunt up. In about 5 minutes, Janice smelled of sweet baby powder again, just as a baby should. Janice laid on the table naked as Denise retrieved the baby items she needed. Denise already put diaperine and baby potion all over Janice, as well as baby powder. Laying 4 thick diapers under her bottom, Denise spread her aunt’s legs apart pulling the cloth up, pinning them. A pair of pink plastic pants were pulled up her legs and over the bulky diapers. A tee shirt with a little pink bow on the chest was next. Denise took an adult size baby romper suit and put that on her aunt. Taking a brush, Denise fluffed up the curls and replaced the plastic baby bow in her hair.

Helping her walk, Denise took Janice to the front porch where she strapped her aunt into the baby seat. She locked the tray in place, securing Janice. Janice started banging her bare feet on the footrest, crying, “Me no wanta go.”

Denise looked at her aunt saying, “I told you that you were going to apology to everyone. Now you have 2 choices, you can do I now or be crib bound again and do it later. Either way, YOU WILL DO IT.”

Swallowing, Janice looked up at her niece and said in a whispered voice, “Me do it Auntie. Me be good for you.”

Denise smiled at her aunt’s transformation. She was really enjoying babying her bitchy aunt.

Denise pushed the baby stroller to the first house, Marie Phillips. Denise knock and her daughter, Robin, answered. At first the 10 year old was surprised and then she started laughing. Janice felt so foolish that she started to cry. Denise asked if her mother was home. A few minutes later, Marie came to the door.

Through her tears and sniffling, Janice said in a whispered voice, “Me sow-wee Wie. Me was bad giwl.”

Folding her arms in front of the once adult women, Marie replied, “You know I always hated that name, but you insisted on calling me that. Call me by my right name or I’ll make sure that Denise spanks you right here, or let my little daughter spank you.”

Swallowing, Janice said, “No. Me sow-wee Mawie.”

“What did I tell you to call them?” ordered Denise.

Sniffling, Janice cried out, “ME sow-wee Auntie Mawie.”

Denise said in a commanding voice, “I think that you should say you’re sorry to Robin also. And she is older than you so you KNOW what to call her.”

Robin stood in front of the stroller. Janice looked at the child and said, “Me sow-wee Auntie Wobin for being mean to you. Me Wery sow-wee.”

Then they were off to the next house. Denise was beaming while Janice was cringing and sobbing and apologing to her neighbors. Finally, they arrived at the last house. It was the home that Janice was dreading, the home of her rival, Lauren Greene.

In her stroller as they were walking up the walkway, Janice looked up at Denise and cried, Pleeze, De, er…Auntie Dee. No make me do dis. Me no wanta!”

But it was too late, the front door opened and there stood Lauren, smiling.

Arms folded, Denise ordered her aunt to apologize. Tears starting to roll down her cheeks, Janice said. “Me sow-wee, Law-wen.”

“What did you call me?” inquired Lauren.

This was killing her as she replied, “Me sow-wee, er…Auntie Law-wen.”

“That’s better.” Said Lauren. Touching Janice’s curly hair, “Ah, she looks just like an overgrown Shirley Temple! Now let’s see how good Baby Jannie walks.”

Janice started saying, “You no help. Me walk goodly. Me big giwl.”

“Yes you are!” exclaimed Lauren like one would to a baby. Taking both her hands in her own, Lauren pulled the overgrown baby out of the stroller and pulled her towards herself. Like a 2-year-old baby, Janice moved slowly and was waddling. But she did not fall, thanks to Lauren holding onto her hands. Janice was so embarrassed being treated like a baby by her rival.

Lauren letting Janice fall back gently, Lauren let her sit. Janice sat with a splat. A cruel smile appeared on Lauren’s face, she knew that sound. Janice had wet diapers, very wet diapers. “I think your baby needs a diaper change. If you want, you can change her here.”

Denise was beaming. She knew her aunt was being humiliated. “That’s great. I have all her changing needs here in my bag.” Said Denise as she lifted the large diaper bag.

Janice started crying, “Nooooo!” she did not to be diapered changed especially in from of Lauren. Denise ignored her aunt’s pleads and sitting her up, removed her romper suit. Next she pulled off the tee shirt. Laying her down on the diaper pad, Denise pulled the plastic pants down her legs and unpinned the diapers. With a yank, she pulled the cloth diapers off and put them into a plastic bag along with the damp plastic pants. Janice tried to cover her nakedness with her hands. She turned red from embarrassment, being naked in front of Lauren.

Lauren gazed at Janice’s naked body. “She has no body hair. None at all.” She said shocked.

Denise smiled. “Jannie is a baby, babies have on body hair. Before we left the hotel facilities, Jannie had electro-dialysis. They removed every hair on her body.”

Lauren watched as Denise rubbed diaperine and baby lotion all over Janice’s pubic area, then turned her onto her stomach and did the same to her bottom. This was followed by a heavy coating of baby powder. Using 4 thick cloth diapers, she was amazed at how docile Janice was as she was pinned into them with the plastic pants covering them. Removing from the diaper bag, Denise withdrew a nipple baby bottle of formula and handed it to Lauren.

Lauren took Janice to the sofa and sat her on her lap. Sitting the baby-woman close to her, Lauren stuck the nipple into Janice’s mouth. “What else could Denise do to me?” thought Janice. “This was the worst thing that could happened to me. Being bottle-fed by that bitch, Lauren!” Lauren held the bottle on an angle, making the formula flow faster. Janice found herself sucking and swallowing the horrible tasting baby formula quickly. Twin trail of formula dribbled from the corners of her mouth, which Lauren “motherly” wiped away. Janice was bloated by the time Lauren finished feeding her. Taking a cloth diaper and laying on her shoulder, Lauren laid Janice’s head over her shoulder holding it down wither hand. With her other hand, she began patting Janice’s back hard. Janice knew the routine all to well. It was done to her at the hotel and Denise did it to her as well. She was being burped. And she was in no position to complain. She would let the patting do its “thing” to her body, the reaction would be a burp. Occasionally, the burp would generate bubbles, just like a baby does. Janice was starting to respond like a baby, if she wanted to or not. After a dew minutes of patting her back, Janice opened her mouth a let out a loud BURP! Not only did she burp, but spit up a little of the formula too.

Then it was time to go. Lauren helped Denise strapped Janice into the stroller and secured the tray. Tickling Janice under her chin, Lauren cooed, “You’re such a cute widdle baby. Now you come back and see Auntie Lauren real soon, OK.”

Denise promised that they would and they started back home. “It’s time for dinner. And right afterwards, you being out to bed.” Denise in an authoritive voice. “You were very naughty today and must be punished.”

Janice face scrunched up ready to cry. “Why? Me say me sow-wee. Me no wanta go sleep.”

“That will make sure you behave.” Stated Denise.

They got home and John was just putting dinner on the table. They ate in the dinning room. Seated between John and Denise was the high chair which John sat his infantile wife into. After tying a large plastic bib on her, John started feeding er with a tiny baby spoon.

Smiling, John cooed to Janice laughing, “This is a switch, me feeding you baby food instead of the other way around.”

Janice gazed down at what she was eating. She recognized all of the baby food John was feeding her. There was a large amount of strained chicken, strained string beans, mashed potatoes, and a large heaping of strained prunes. Plus there was 2 large baby bottles of Simulac baby formula. John would shove a heaping amount of chicken on the spoon into Janice’s mouth, followed b a heaping spoonful of strained string beans, followed by the nipple of a bottle. When he tried to feed her the prunes, Janice would not open her mouth. He and Denise tried “Here Comes The Choo-Choo” or Here Comes The Plane”, but Janice would not open her mouth. Finally, John tried his last resort, he pinched her nose. When she opened her moth to breath, he shoved the spoonful of prunes in, quickly shutting her mouth shut and holding it. John tilted her head up, forcing the prunes to be swallowed. Janice gagged on it.

Pointing his finger in her face, he said in a very commanding voice, “If you don’t want that to happen again, you’ll open you mouth when Daddy feeds you.”

Lowering her head, Janice began to sob. She did not want to eat the nasty tasting prunes, but she did not want to go through that ordeal again. Janice decided that she would do as John asked or actually commanded.

Janice slowly ate all of the strained prunes, much to her horror. She practically gagged on each spoonful that John fed her. She would rather eat what John and Denise were eating, but she reached for a chicken leg, Denise slapped her hand away.

“Babies like you are to young to eat grown-up food. That’s why Daddy’s feeding you strained baby food.” She laughed.

Janice hated being treated this way. It was so humiliating. When dinner was done, John and Denise cleared the table and cleaned-up the dishes while Janice sat in her high chair watching. John gave her a baby’s rattle to play with. When everything was done, John removed the metal feeding tray. Lifting her under the arms, John lifted her off the high chair’s seat and sat her on the floor. Denise picked up her hands, lifting her to her feet.

Janice could not understand why she had trouble walking. She did not realize that she, while at the Baby Hotel had been programmed to respond like a 2 year old. Throughout her stay, as she slept, she had been sleep learning to be a baby once again, forget adult tings to do such as walking and talking. Even reading and writing now does not enter her thoughts now.

Holding her aunt, Denise led her to a chair, sitting down and helping her aunt sit on her lap. John looked at the couple. He smiled. It was quite a sight seeing a grown woman, dressed as a baby-sitting on the lap of a girl a foot smaller. Denise held onto her aunt tight.

Standing in front of his infantile wife, John said, “Janice, Dee and I have been talking. What you need is not an aunt, but a mommy.” Smiling, he continued, “So from now on, Dee is no longer your ‘Auntie’, she going to be your Mommy.”

Janice was horrified. Denise was going to be her mommy? A child of 12 mothering a woman in her 30’s? This was so humiliating, the worst yet.

“Nooooo,” cried Janice, “No Ma-Ma. Me no want Ma-Ma, Da-da!” she had been conditioned to call john Da-da.

Squeezing Janice’s cheeks hard, Denise cooed, “That’s right, little baby. From now on, I’m your mommy.” Sitting Janice on the floor, “Daddy’s goin’ to take baby to the nursery and put her in her crib.” Swatting her diaper bottom, Denise sent her on her way. Janice looked at the kitchen clock, it was only 5:47.

Janice crawled, for she was to unstable to walk, following john to her nursery room. Once there, john lowered the side rail, lifted her up under the arms and laid her in her crib.

Looking at her husband, Janice cried, “Me no wanta go bed, Da-da. To eaw-wee.”

“It’s not to early, Janice. Remember how you use t put me to bed at 10 in the morning?” questioned john. “This is for being a naughty baby. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be better behaved.”

Sitting her up, he removed her tee shirt. Grabbing the waistband of the plastic pants, john felt her diapers. “You’re wet,” he said, “but I think I won’t change you until maybe your 2 o’clock feeding.”

Janice started to wail, “Waaaaa, me wanta be changed Da-da!”

John ignored her and laid out her cotton dr. Denton’s. Slowly and carefully, he inserted her feet into the footie section, pulling the pajamas up her legs, over her diapers. Then he inserted her arms into the sleeves, pulling them up her arms. Finally, he pulled the zipper up from the crotch all the way up to her neck. Now if Janice thought she could simply unzip the pajamas, she was wrong. Attached to the sleeves were mittens, thick so that she was unable to grab anything. She was helpless. Turning her onto her stomach, john strapped her down using a Velcro strap. She was unable to turn over. Taking the large serving spoon, he poured out a large amount of Castor Oil, pinching Janice’s nose, shoved it into her mouth.

“I’ve decide that with ever meal, so baby o gets a tummy ache, Jannie gonna get a spoonful of Caster Oil.”

Tars rolled down her cheeks. She did not want Caster Oil, she hated it. Sniffling, she thought to herself she never cried so much in one day as she had today. As a matter of fact, she never cried this much ever. She was becoming such a crybaby.

John pulled up the side rail and secured the lid. Janice was now incased in her infantile prison. Turning on the baby monitor and the night-light, he closed the door as he left Janice alone.

Janice laid in her crib sniffling. For some strange reason, she wanted very much to suck her thumb, but because of the mittens, she was unable to. But relief was there. By her head was a pacifier. “My binkie!” she thought happily as she grabbed it with her mitten hands. She shoved the nipple into her mouth and sucked blissfully on it.

Thinking Janice thought, “I don’t want Denise to be my mother, pretend or otherwise.” Even though Janice spoke like a 2 year old and did not realize it, her thoughts still were arranged in an adult pattern.

“Well, I will worry about it tomorrow. I’m tired and need some sleep.” Janice thought to herself. In a little while, Janice was sound asleep, sucking contently on her pacifier.

- T o B e C o n t I n u e d -

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