Tales of a fifth grade diapering

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Tales of a fifth grade diapering

2008-05-17 17:59:11

Author: Kolby

November 15 – December 6

“Mom, we can’t find our Lakers shirts,” I said. We were going to my brothers’ basketball game and Kregg and I wanted to wear our Lakers sweatshirts. We aren’t really Lakers fans or anything. We just like the shirts. One’s black with purple and yellow writing and the other one is yellow with purple and yellow writing.

“Look in the laundry room,” my mom told me. “You guys have a whole bunch of shirts down there. I hope you didn’t take all of your shirts out of your drawers and unfold them.” We did, but we weren’t going to tell her that. She’d find out soon enough. We can never fold them right to fit in the drawers.

“Come on,” I said to Kregg. “Let’s check the laundry room.” We went down in the basement where the laundry room is. Just like Mom said, there were a whole bunch of our shirts down there. We started to go through the pile, looking for the Lakers shirts. We finally found them at the bottom of the pile. The shirts we went through all came unfolded. That was not going to make Mom any happier than the way we left the shirts in our room. We put the Lakers shirts on and started looking around the laundry room. I spotted a brand new box of laundry soap. “Hey Kregg,” I said.


“What do you think would happen if we put a whole box of laundry soap in the washing machine without any clothes?” Kregg and I like to experiment with things. This sounded like it could be real interesting.

“I don’t know. It would probably make a whole bunch of bubbles.”

“I wonder how many bubbles?”

“Wanna try it?” I did. But I couldn’t believe Kregg did. We aren’t really supposed to touch any of the appliances. But this was too good to pass up. Kregg opened the box of soap. Since there are six kids in my family, my mom buys the biggest box of soap she can find. We lifted it up on top of the washer and Kregg dumped it inside. I got the stool from my mom’s sewing area and dragged it over to the washer. It was the only way I could reach the buttons to turn the washer on.

“Should we use hot water or cold water?” I asked Kregg.

“Use cold water. I think it would be cheaper.”

“But hot water might make the bubbles bubblier,” I argued. “You know, like when Kami uses bubbles to take a bath.”

“Then use hot water.” I set the dial for hot. Then I looked at the dial for the size of the load.

“What size should I put it on?”

“The biggest. That way the washer will fill all the way up.” I put the dial on extra large. Then I pulled the dial out just like I had seen Mom do before. We watched the washer fill up. It made lots of bubbles. We stood on the stool for a few minutes just watching the bubbles grow. Then we had to close the lid because the washer wouldn’t run after it filled up if the lid was open. It was kind of disappointing not to be able to see the bubbles anymore. After the washer ran for a few minutes we decided to open up the top to see what it looked like.

“Whoa!” I said to Kregg. “Look at all the bubbles.” Kregg got up on the stool and looked into the top of the washer.

“Cool! I wonder how long it’ll take for them to go away.” I shut the lid again. Kregg put the empty soap box back where it was when it was full, and we searched the laundry room for something to do while the washer was running. All of a sudden the washer started making some really funny noises and the top started jumping up and down all by itself. I looked over at it. What I saw was not good. It was pretty neat, but it was definitely going to get Kregg and me into a lot of trouble. This is the kind of thing that would get us put in diapers.

“Kregg, look.” I’m sure I sounded very worried. Kregg looked over and saw the top of the washer jumping up and down and bubbles coming out every time it opened itself. The bubbles were starting to go down the sides of the washer.

“Let’s get outta here,” Kregg said in a panic. I put the stool back in Mom’s sewing area. Why I didn’t think to turn the washer off first I will never know. Kregg and I went back upstairs.

“You guys were down there for an awfully long time,” Mom said. “But I see you found your shirts. Don’t get them dirty before we leave.” I was really glad Mom didn’t ask us what we were doing down there. I didn’t want to have to tell her, and if she had asked we would have had to. We went up to our room and shut the door.

“That was close,” I said. Kregg and I knew we would be in very big trouble if Mom and Dad figured out we made the bubbles come out of the washer. We would be in very big trouble if they figured out we even touched the washer. “I hope the bubbles just disappear.” But I didn’t think they would. I had the feeling it was going to cause a big mess.

“Let’s try to fold our shirts,” Kregg said. His voice sounded scared. “Maybe if we fold our shirts Mom will know we were trying to help.” I knew we wouldn’t be in trouble about the shirts, but he had a point. If we tried to make the shirts nice and neat again maybe the soap in the laundry room wouldn’t look so bad. So we started folding the shirts.

“What do you think the washer is doing right now?” I asked Kregg.

“I don’t know and I’m not about to go find out. That’ll give us away for sure.” We kept folding the shirts.

“How long before we leave?” Kregg looked at the clock. It was 11:15. The game started at 1. Dad had already taken Kolt and Kourt.

“About a half an hour,” Kregg said. “Mom will want to get there a little early so she can watch Kolt and Kourt warm up. At least if Mom sees the washer before we leave she won’t have time to spank us.” Now I knew Kregg was worried. I was too. I had been so good for almost three weeks. Only one spanking and no diapers. This was going to change that. There was no way Mom was not going to know we had been playing with the washer.

“We’ll get spanked with the spoon before the game,” I reminded Kregg. I hate spankings with the spoon. I hate spankings with anything, but with the spoon it isn’t really a spanking, it’s just a reminder that a spanking is coming. “Maybe we should go down and try to keep Mom busy until it’s time to go.”

“Good idea,” Kregg agreed. We got up, leaving the rest of the shirts unfolded. We hadn’t done a very good job folding the ones we folded. Just when I opened the bedroom door I heard Mom’s voice.

“Kregg Kamron and Kolby Kristofer come down to the laundry room right now.” Mom doesn’t yell, she just talks very firmly. And when she uses two names in her firm voice we know we are in trouble. Kregg and I walked very slowly down to the laundry room. Maybe if we took our time Mom wouldn’t have time to spank us with the spoon. If we were lucky she would not have time to put diapers on us either. When we got down there I could not believe what I saw. There were soap bubbles everywhere. And I mean everywhere. They were all over the floor and climbing up the walls. We wouldn’t have even been able to walk in the laundry room because we would have gotten lost in the bubbles.

“I want to know what you did, and I want the truth.” Mom was not happy. I knew that right after Kolt and Kourt’s game Kregg and I would be spanked and put in diapers. There was no way out of it.

“How do you know it was us?” Kregg asked. “Maybe it was Kelsey.” Maybe there was a way out of it.

“I know it was you because you were the ones in the laundry room. I know it wasn’t Kelsey because Kelsey has been outside with Kami all morning. Now, I want to know what you did.”

Kregg and I never rat each other out, so we weren’t going to tell her who did what. We were both in big trouble anyway, so it didn’t really matter who did what. I started to cry. “We were just trying an experiment,” I said through my tears. “We just wanted to see how many bubbles a box of soap would make.”

“Yeah,” agreed Kregg. “So we put a whole box of soap in the washer and turned it on. We even tried to figure out if it would be best to use hot water or cold water. You know, which one would make the most bubbles. Then we decided that it would work best if we put the size on the biggest size.” Leave it to Kregg to tell the whole story. I was hoping that saying we were trying an experiment would make Mom think this was an educational thing and that would keep us out of diapers. We’d still get a spanking for touching the washer, but it might have kept us out of diapers. He made it sound like we had planned the whole thing out to see if we could flood the basement with bubbles.

“Upstairs, in the kitchen, now,” Mom instructed. That meant we were getting spanked with the spoon. We went up to the kitchen and I looked at the clock. We would be leaving pretty soon, so the spanking would be real fast. It would hurt just enough to make us uncomfortable sitting on the benches at the game. Mom got the spoon off the top of the refrigerator where it is kept. “Pull down your pants,” she said. We did, just as Kelsey and Kami walked in. “We’re leaving soon, girls. I want you to go get ready.” Kelsey probably would have liked to stick around to watch us get spanked. Kami was already on her way out of the kitchen when Mom told them to get ready to go. She doesn’t like to watch spankings. I’m sure Kelsey wanted to know what we did. Mom spanked Kregg first. He pulled his pants back up while Mom was putting me over her knee. I think she spanked me harder than she did Kregg, but it is always kind of hard to tell that kind of thing. She spanked hard and she spanked fast. I would probably feel it during the whole game. Both Kregg and I were crying. It was partly because the spankings hurt, but it was also because we knew what was going to happen when we got home from the game. “That will give you something to think about until we get home from the game. You two are in very big trouble. I wish I had time to put diapers on you right now, but I promised Kolt and Kourt we would be there early enough to watch their warm-ups. But you can both look forward to a good spanking and being put in diapers when we get home. Now go wash your hands and faces so we can go.”

Kregg and I took our stinging butts up to the bathroom. I couldn’t believe it. Diapers again. It was Kregg’s first time since we started fifth grade, and since we turned twelve years old. This would be my third. I was not happy. “I can’t believe we have to wear stupid diapers because of this,” I complained while we washed our faces.

“Quit griping,” Kregg said. “We knew what we were doing was wrong. I wish I hadn’t listened to your idea.” So now it was my fault.

“Hey,” I objected. “You’re the one who poured the soap in the washer.”

“Yeah, but you’re the one who turned it on.” Kregg and I don’t fight much, and I don’t like it when we do.

“It was both our faults,” I tried to smooth things over. “I wish we could get out of this somehow.”

“Maybe Dad won’t think it’s so bad,” Kregg said. “Maybe he can talk Mom out of giving us diapers. I mean we got the spanking with the spoon. I don’t know about you but I learned my lesson.” Actually, I had learned mine too, but I don’t know if it was because I got spanked with the spoon or if it was because I knew I was going to have to wear diapers again. We went back downstairs, and Mom inspected our hands and faces. She gave us a hug and told us to go get in the van. Kelsey and Kami were already in the van. I sat next to Kami. She sat right up against me.

“What did you guys do this time?” Kelsey asked Kregg. Kregg told her. I would have told her to mind her own business. “How do you guys think of doing those things? You’re so immature!” Kelsey likes to call us immature.

“Shut-up Kelsey,” I said as Mom got in the car.

“That’s enough, Kolby. If I were you I would watch how I talk. I’m not going to warn you again.” I knew that meant I would get another spanking. Mom probably had the spoon with her. It’s one of those things we never leave home without. I decided to be quiet, but I wasn’t going to apologize to Kelsey. She started it, after all.

We got to the game just as Kolt and Kourt’s team came out to warm up. We took our spots on the bench. Sitting was pretty uncomfortable, so I got up to walk around. “Sit down, Kolby,” instructed my mom.


“Because I want you to feel your spanking.” Nothing like a little honesty. I sat down so she wouldn’t have a reason to make me feel another spanking. I sat through the whole game, trying to find a comfortable position. It just wasn’t possible. It also was a constant reminder of what I had to look forward to when we got home. Diapers. I just couldn’t believe it. Even during half time Mom and Dad would not let Kregg and me walk around very much. We were allowed to go get a hot dog and a drink, then we had to come right back and sit down. Mom, of course, filled Dad in on what had happened as soon as she could. I guess I don’t have to say that Dad was not too happy. “What got into you guys?” he asked. “Why on earth would you want to put a whole box of soap in the washing machine?” There was no real answer.

“It was an experiment, Dad,” I said, repeating what I told Mom earlier and hoping that Kregg would not go into his lengthy confession. “We just wanted to see how many bubbles it would make.”

“Well, according to your mom it made too many bubbles. You know better than to touch the washer.” Yes, I did. But sometimes knowing better doesn’t seem to stop me. It usually stops Kregg though.

“Don’t you want to know how we did it, Dad?” Kregg asked. I could have slugged him. Yup, Dad wanted to know. And Kregg told him, without leaving out a single detail. If we were Catholic I would say he would be a great one to go to confession. Fortunately the game started before we got to talk any more about it. My stomach felt funny, and I knew it was because I was going to be punished when we got home. I wondered how long Kregg and I would have to wear diapers. I couldn’t think of much else during the whole game.

To me my brothers’ basketball games are kind of boring. So in a way I was kind of glad when the game ended. I decided to ride home with Dad. So did Kregg. I had hoped Dad would not say anything about the laundry room. I should have gone with Mom. “Would you guys explain to me what you were thinking when you decided to put a whole box of laundry soap in the washer?” Maybe he didn’t buy the experiment explanation.

“Well,” Kregg began. Oh no, I thought. This is going to make things much, much worse. “We just wondered what would happen if we put a whole box in with no clothes. You know, how many bubbles would it make and how fast would they go away.” Like I said, it was an experiment. Why did he feel he had to go into the details? I decided to keep my mouth shut.

“Did you think about the fact that you are not supposed to touch any of the appliances?” Now we were going to be interrogated. I hate that. I didn’t say anything. Kregg, however, had plenty to say.

“Actually, Dad, we didn’t talk about that. We were just really interested to know how many bubbles it would make, and I guess we just didn’t think about the fact that we aren’t allowed to touch the appliances.” That was not going to help me at all. One thing my parents have been trying to do for a very long time is make me think about what I do before I do it. Why couldn’t Kregg just plead the Fifth Amendment? I looked over at him. He really thought he was helping us out of trouble. “You see, Dad, it was one of those things that we were just so curious about we couldn’t help ourselves.” Talk about making things worse. I could see Dad adding week after week of diaper time every time Kregg said something. I tried to send a message to him to shut his mouth before he got us in deeper than we already were. The twin thing was not working too well.

“And did you watch the machine make the bubbles?” Dad asked.

“Yeah!” said Kregg, with just a little too much happiness in his voice. “Dad, it was so cool. You should have seen the bubbles when the machine was filling up. There were more bubbles than when Kami takes a bubble bath. Do you think it was because we were using hot water?” I could tell I was going to have to have a talk with Kregg about how to handle Dad’s interrogations. He was making things much worse for us. We would probably have to wear diapers for a year.

“And when did you decide to leave the laundry room?”

“Well, when the washer lid started jumping up and down by itself and the bubbles started coming out of the top. It was like a volcano, Dad!” We were definitely hung by this time. And we were pulling in the driveway. I expected the next words out of Dad’s mouth to be “Go get your paddles.” But they weren’t.

“I want you two to go down to the laundry room with me so I can see for myself what it looks like.” Dad parked his car in the garage and we went inside, and went right to the laundry room. There were still bubbles everywhere. Dad shook his head. “You realize how difficult this is going to be to clean up, don’t you?” Another question with no answer. Not that he really wanted an answer. But Kregg decided it deserved a try.

“Won’t the bubbles just go away, Dad?” he asked. “I mean if you give it time.”

“It would take too much time, Kregg,” Dad said in his very serious voice. “Also the soap is on the walls and the floor and we will have to clean both of them off.”

“At least it’s soap,” I said, deciding that may be helpful. Better soap than something like glue. Dad said that was not going to be of any help, as it would still have to come out of the walls.

“And,” he continued, “It may be impossible to get out of the floor.” The floor had mosaic tile on it. I never knew soap could cause so much trouble.

“We’re sorry, Dad,” I said, hoping that apologizing would make the diaper time less.

“I’m sorry, too, boys. You made a very poor decision. You know better than to play with the washing machine. I want you both to go get your paddles and wait for you mom and me in the living room.” Kregg and I left the laundry room to go get our paddles. I hoped we did not have to wait too long. I wasn’t feeling so great. We went up to our rooms and got the paddles off the wall. Neither of us said anything. Then we went down to the living room to wait. We sat right next to each other, holding our paddles. Mom got home with the other kids right after we went in the living room.

“What happened?” Kourt asked Kregg and me. We told him what we did. “You guys are in big trouble.” I felt like telling him thank you for his commentary. Kourt has a big mouth sometimes. I heard Dad coming up the stairs. Kourt and Kolt left the living room. We are allowed to see each other get spanked, but we don’t really like to. Mom and Dad talked in the den for a few minutes. They were probably talking about how hard to punish us. Mom punishes harder than Dad, and sometimes they don’t always agree right away on how long we should be in diapers. Mom always thinks is should be longer than Dad does. Finally they came in the living room. I could tell that they were pretty unhappy. They started the lecture.

“You two know you are not to touch the appliances. You could have broken something, or worse you could have gotten hurt. How did you reach the dials to set the washer?” They wanted an answer for that one. That meant I had to tell that I was the one who turned it on. They seemed determined to get to the bottom of it.

“I got the stool from Mom’s sewing area,” I said. I hoped that being honest would count for something.

“Kolby, you could have been hurt. Don’t you ever do anything like that again. That stool is not made to be stood on. You have been told that before.” Mom was right, I had been. It only has three legs, and I think it is just for decoration. I started to cry.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I just wasn’t thinking.” Then the lecture continued. You’re right, you weren’t thinking. You have to learn to use your head. It is very possible the walls and the floor may be damaged because the two of you didn’t think. You have got to learn to make better choices. It went on and on and on, just like it always does. Finally they had us go over to them. Kregg was closest to Mom, so he went over to her. I went over to Dad. They took our pants and underwear off of us and Dad took them to the basement. That meant we were definitely getting diapers. I don’t think he put them in the laundry room. Then Dad came back and he and Mom started to give us our spankings. Within the first hard spanks we were both bawling. They kept spanking and spanking and spanking. We don’t get a certain number of spanks when we are spanked. In fact, it is impossible to count how many spanks we get because Mom and Dad spank very fast and for a long time. I could feel my butt getting redder and redder. I tried to look at Kregg’s, but I was crying too hard and couldn’t see it through my tears. Mom stopped spanking Kregg first. I could tell because the only paddle I heard hitting a butt was mine. Finally Dad stopped spanking me. We were put in the corner, red butts for the entire world to see. My butt stung like crazy. I wanted to rub away the sting, but I know better than to do that.

“I’ll get the shop-vac and see if I can get some of those bubbles cleaned up,” I heard my dad say. Mom, I guess, was going to stay in the living room to make sure we didn’t do anything like rub our sore butts or turn around or talk to each other. Both Kregg and I cried for a very long time. I heard Dad running the shop-vac downstairs, and I hoped that he would be able to get the bubbles up and that there was not going to be any kind of bad damage. Not that it was going to affect our punishment any. We would have to wear diapers no matter what. But it had not been that long since my actions caused my dad to have to buy a new TV. I really didn’t want to cost him anything more. I finally heard the shop-vac turn off. I heard Dad’s footsteps coming up from the basement. Then I heard them going to the upstairs. I knew he was going to get diapers and plastic pants for Kregg and me out of his and Mom’s room. Ever since I cut up the diapers they were stored in Mom’s closet on the top shelf. My stomach was turned inside out. I hate being diapered. I wondered to myself why I didn’t turn off the washer to stop the bubbles. I wondered why I keep getting myself into this mess. I wondered if my life would ever be diaper free. I heard Dad coming back down the stairs. He came into the living room. By now our crying was not as hard. Kregg may have even stopped.

“OK, boys,” my dad said. “Over on the couch.” Dad came and got me while Mom got Kregg. They led us over to the couch where there was a stack of diapers and another stack of plastic pants. Dad put me on one end of the couch and Mom put Kregg on the other. Neither of them said a word as they layered on the diapers and plastic pants. Two diapers then a pair of plastic pants. Then two more diapers and another pair of plastic pants. It had been a great three weeks of wearing underwear. Now it was over and I had to get used to the bulk and the noise of my diapers and my plastic pants. And I had to get used to using the diapers. I was not happy. Tears started streaming down my face as Dad stood me up. Mom stood Kregg up at the same time. I looked over at Kregg and saw that he did not look happy, but he wasn’t crying anymore. Kregg has always been able to accept being punished with diapers. Not me. I wasn’t about to accept it. We stood in front of Mom and Dad, looking like convicted felons in diapers. I waited for the announcement of how long we would be wearing them. “Two weeks.” It was all my dad needed to say. I started crying harder. Kregg hung his head.

“Please, Dad,” I cried. “Not two weeks. Please make it shorter.” I did not want to spend two weeks in diapers. My last punishment lasted a month. I didn’t think it would ever end.

“Kolby, you have been warned about arguing about your punishments.” Dad was angry. I shouldn’t have said anything. And I thought it was Kregg who had the big mouth. I flinched.

“I’m sorry Dad. I won’t do it again.” I hoped this would work as well this time as it had in the past.

“I think you need a reminder that we will not tolerate you questioning your punishment. You will wear the diapers for three weeks. Kregg, you will wear them for two.” I started to cry harder. It just didn’t seem fair.

“Yes, sir,” said Kregg. I couldn’t say that. Not yet. I wanted some time to feel sorry for myself. I finally came to my senses.

“I’m sorry, Dad,” I said through my tears. “Really I am.” Dad pulled me up to him and held me tight. I was getting too upset and he didn’t want me to get sick.

“OK, Kolby,” Dad said softly. “Calm down, now. You’ll be fine.” Dad pulled me up on his lap and held me very tightly. I cried for a while then began to calm down. While Dad was holding me, Kregg sat on the couch. We had not been excused yet, so he had to sit and wait. I finally calmed down enough for Dad to put me down. Kregg got up and once again we were standing in front of Mom and Dad. I was still sniffling a little bit. Kregg was looking at the floor. “I want you two to spend the next two weeks thinking about what a mess you made,” said Dad. “You may wear pants to church and to school. Unless it is cold outside, you will not wear them anywhere else.” No pants. I hate that. Wearing just diapers isn’t so bad at home, but when we go somewhere everyone stares and it is very embarrassing.

“I’m sorry about the bubbles,” Kregg said. “I won’t ever touch an appliance again.” That was going to make an apology out of me seem pretty pointless. But I figured I’d better say something.

“Me too.” Not exactly the greatest apology ever offered, but it was better than nothing.

“All right. You may go play now. Take your paddles back to your room first.” Kregg and I got our paddles and took them back upstairs to hang them back up on the wall.

“Sorry Kregg,” I said.

“Yeah,” Kregg agreed. “I shoulda known better. I shouldn’t’ve let you talk me into doing that and I shouldn’t’ve let you do it. I’m sorry too.” Kregg and I hugged each other. We were in it together, at least for two weeks. “Whaddya wanna do?” Kregg asked. We decided to play Battleship. I went down to the rec room in the basement to get it. Mom and Dad were in the laundry room. They were already starting to clean up the walls. I watched for a few minutes, then decided I really didn’t want to see the laundry room for a while.

“Do you really think two weeks in diapers is long enough?” I heard my mom ask as I went up the stairs. She obviously thought Kregg and I should be punished longer. I didn’t stick around for that debate. I didn’t want to hear how long she thought we should be in diapers. I took the game up to our room and Kregg and I set it up. Kami came in just when we got ready to play.

“Can I watch?” she asked.

”Sure,” I told her. She got on the floor next to me and snuggled up beside me.

“You ok, Kolby?” Kami is always very sympathetic when I have to be punished. I leaned over and gave her a kiss.

“My butt hurts and I’m not happy, but I’m fine,” I said. Kregg and I played three games of battleship. Kami watched the first one and part of the second one then decided to leave. Part way through the third game I had to pee. “I gotta go find Mom or Dad,” I told Kregg. “I wish we didn’t have to tell them when we have to use these stupid things.” It would make life so much easier if I could just pee when I needed to pee. But that is not allowed. We have to let them know before we use the diapers. Kregg wouldn’t go with me. Mom and Dad were still in the laundry room. I really did not want to go down there alone. “Please just come with me?” I begged.

“I’m staying away from them for as long as I can,” Kregg said. “I want to make sure they aren’t mad anymore.” I went down to the basement and stood in the doorway to the laundry room. I could see the soap caked on the walls and on the floor. It didn’t look good.

“Dad?” Dad looked up and waited for me to say more. “Um, I have to pee.” I felt like I was going to cry again. Watching them try to clean the walls was making me feel very guilty. Dad said ok. I didn’t leave while I wet my diaper. When I was done, I started to cry. “I’m sorry we did this,” I said in sobs. Dad came over and knelt down next to me. He pulled me into his arms and gave me a big hug.

“Thank you Kolby. We know you’re sorry.” Dad held me while I cried.

“Is it real bad?” I finally asked. I was pretty worried about that.

“It’s pretty bad, Kolby.” Mom came over to get in on the hugging. She pulled me away from my dad. “But it means a lot that you gave us a sincere apology.” That helped, because I really was sorry that I made such a mess with the bubbles. “It will probably take us a long time to get the soap out of the walls. I’m sure you will never do anything like this again.” I shook my head. I will never touch another appliance as long as I live, I thought to myself. Even though I was still not happy to be back in diapers, I felt a little better since I told Mom and Dad I was sorry. Suddenly I realized I was hungry.

“What’s for dinner?” I asked.

“I hadn’t really thought about it,” Mom said. She looked over at Dad. “Why don’t we go out for Chinese tonight?” Usually I like that idea. If I did not have diapers on I would have jumped up and down. “What do you think, Kolby?” I had to ask one question before I decided what I thought.

“Can Kregg and I wear our sweats?”

“Since it is cold outside, yes, you may wear your sweats,” Dad answered. Then I started jumping up and down. Mom laughed and grabbed me and blew raspberries in my neck.

“Go find your brothers and sisters and tell them that we’ll leave in 45 minutes,” said Mom. “One of us will come up to change your diaper before we leave.” I went back upstairs. Kelsey was in the den talking to a friend on the phone, so I told her first. She didn’t believe me, so I just shrugged my shoulders and she kept talking on the phone. I went to find my brothers, and was sure I would find Kami with Kolt or Kourt. I was right. I gave them the news then went into Kregg’s and my room. Kregg had started playing a video game.

“Well?” he said.

“We’re going out for Chinese. They aren’t mad anymore.” Kregg didn’t believe me. “It’s true!” I told him. I told him about my apology.

“Did you pee?” he asked.

“Yup. And I’m getting my diaper changed before we go. We get to wear our sweats, too. Dad said. ‘Cause it’s cold out.”

“You sure they aren’t mad anymore?” I tried to convince him. He was looking a little uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I gotta pee.”

“So go tell Mom and Dad.” Kregg got up and ran out of the room and down the stairs. I picked up the video game where he left off and waited for Mom or Dad to come up to change my wet diaper. I didn’t have to wait long. Both of them came in with a bunch of diapers and Kregg. I guessed Kregg used his diaper, too. Dad picked me up and put me on my bed while Kregg went and lay down on his bed. It was weird getting changed with Kregg. We had not been in diapers together for a few months. Mom and Dad took off our diapers and passed the baby wipes and the baby powder back and forth between them. Dad got me all cleaned up and powdered and started putting the diapers on me again.

“Lift your butt, Kolby,” Dad told me. My butt was still pretty sore from the spanking. Lifting it made me feel the spanking all over again. Dad slipped two diapers under me and taped them snug around me. He covered them with plastic pants, instructing me to lift my butt again. Then he repeated the whole thing, putting another two diapers on, and finally another pair of plastic pants. Mom was doing the same thing with Kregg. They finished diapering us at about the same time. Dad picked me up and patted my butt. “There,” he said. “You’re all set.” Kregg got up off his bed and Mom gave him a hug.

“You guys wash your hands and faces,” Mom said. “We’ll give you your sweats when we are ready to go. Kregg and I went into the bathroom that we share with Kolt and Kourt. I was having second thoughts about going out.

“I hate going out in diapers,” I complained. I wish we could just wear them at home.” Kregg shook his head.

“I thought you wanted to go. At least we get to wear our sweats.”

“I thought I wanted to go, too,” I said. “But even if we have sweats on the whole world is going to know that we have diapers on under them. Why do we have to wear them in public?”

“Gee.” Kregg’s voice was sarcastic. “Maybe because we were bad and we are getting punished.” Like I said, he has always been able to accept that we are punished with diapers.

“But the whole world doesn’t have to know about it,” I argued. “Kids who get grounded don’t wear a sign that says ‘I’m grounded’ when they go out to eat.”

“Don’t start on the getting grounded thing again. You are not going to get Mom and Dad to change the way they punish us, Kolby.” I’m not sure how he knew where I was going with that, but he always seems to know where I’m going when I say stuff. I sighed.

“I just wish we didn’t have to wear the stupid things in public,” I said. “It’s so embarrassing.”

“At least we get to wear sweats,” Kregg repeated. We were going around in circles, so I decided to drop it. At least for now. Mom and Dad called us to come get ready to go. We went down to the living room where they had our sweats waiting for us. I couldn’t get mine on fast enough. I pulled them up over the diapers. They were really tight.

“Mom?” I said very carefully. Mom waited. “Next time you go shopping will you buy us some bigger sweats?”

“Those fit you just fine, Kolby. We are not going to hide the fact that you are wearing diapers.”

“But they are so tight,” I complained. “Why can’t I have a bigger pair?”

“I just told you why. Come over here.” I went over to where Mom was sitting. She put her hands on my shoulders. “I don’t want to hear any complaining about this, or you will go without your sweats even though it is cold outside.” She was speaking very softly, but very firmly at the same time. “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I sighed. “I understand.” I started to put my shoes on. “But I still don’t think it is fair.” I thought I said it quietly enough that no one heard me.

“Final warning, Kolby Kristofer,” my Dad said, not quite as softly as my mom had talked, but not yelling either.

“Yes sir.” I decided I had better not say any more. Pants that were too tight were better than no pants at all. Mom picked up the green bag that she uses as a diaper bag. On our way out to the car she put the wooden spoon in it. Yup, I’d better quit complaining. We all got into the van for the half hour ride to the Chinese restaurant.

I was glad to see when we got to the restaurant that it was not crowded. We got a table right away. Since there are so many of us they put us at a table right in the middle of the restaurant. I hate that because it gives everyone full view of my big diapered butt. I tried to pull my sweatshirt down over my butt.

“Don’t do that Kolby,” my mom said. She does not like it when I pull on my shirts. I stopped and tried to think of some other way I could hide my butt. There was no way to do it, so I looked at the menu with Kregg. We decided to share orders of Pepper Steak and Sweet and Sour Pork. After the food came I kind of forgot about the diapers, but Chinese food always makes me real thirsty and I was drinking lots and lots of water while we ate. By the time the fortune cookies came I had to pee really bad. I got up and went over to my dad.

“Dad,” I whispered. “I have to pee again.”

“OK,” he whispered back. “Use your diaper.” I don’t really like peeing in a restaurant. Since I wear so many diapers no one can probably tell, but I still don’t like it.

“Can I go outside?”

“No,” Dad answered. He wasn’t whispering anymore. “Sit down in your chair until we are ready to leave.” I decided to try to hold it. I was getting real uncomfortable, though. The waitress took Dad’s money, then took her time coming back with the change. Finally I decided I had no choice and I wet my diaper. I think Kregg knew, but I’m not sure anyone else but Dad did. Right after I wet the waitress came back with the change. Perfect timing, I thought. I was soaked. I really wanted to get changed, but I did not want to get a spanking in the parking lot so I decided not to ask. Then Dad said he wanted to go to Wal-Mart since we were so close.

“Dad,” I whined. “I’m wet.” I was hoping this information would change his mind about going to Wal-Mart. It is always so crowded on Saturday nights. I didn’t want all those people to see my wet, diapered butt. I knew there was no way Mom and Dad would let me stay in the car. Mom looked over at me.

“Are you asking to be changed, Kolby?” Nope, I wasn’t asking to be changed.

“No, Mom, I just don’t want to go to Wal-Mart when I’m wet.”

“You have two choices,” my dad said. “You may ask to have your diaper changed or you will go to Wal-Mart as you are. You have 10 seconds to make up your mind.” Not that he would time me, but I knew that meant that I could not take a real long time deciding. I was real uncomfortable in the wet diaper. It felt like it was sagging. It was really wet. And since I drank so much water I probably was going to have to pee again before we got home. I finally decided.

“Will you change me?” Dad took me to the back of the van. Everyone else sat in the van and waited. Dad got the green bag and had me lie down on the floor to have my wet diapers taken off. When he got to the bottom diapers he saw that I had soaked through to the second diaper. He took the wet diapers off and put them in a plastic bag. Then he took the baby wipes and cleaned me up. After I was cleaned up he sat down in the floor of the van and pulled me over his knee. He took the spoon and spanked my bare butt just enough that it would sting. It hurt more because my butt still hurt from the spankings I had gotten earlier that day. I cried as Dad put me back down on my back and put fresh diapers on me. He finally got me diapered and told me to go sit in my seat and put my seat belt on. I did what I was told, still sniffling a little but glad to be in dry diapers again. Kregg came back and sat with me.

“Why do you ask to be changed?” he asked. It’s something Kregg has never done.

“I just hate being wet,” I sniffed.

“You’re weird.” Maybe so, but I was dry. Dad drove into the parking lot at Wal-Mart.

“You are all to stay with us,” he instructed. “And before you ask, no you may not go look at toys and no, you may not buy anything. I only need to pick up a few things.” We trailed after Mom and Dad. I thought Kregg and I probably looked like a couple of baby ducks waddling behind them. I just knew everyone was looking at us. Our family is enough to draw attention all by itself. Add two boys in diapers and the chances of attention are even bigger.

“Do you feel like everyone is looking at us?” I asked Kregg.

“It’s your imagination,” Kregg said. I tried to get between Mom and Dad. I was hoping I could hide from everyone if I did. Mom and Dad stopped walking. Mom got down so she could look in my face.

“Kolby, stop that,” she said. “I know you want to try to hide, but it won’t work. You stay with Kregg.” She got back up and I went back and walked with Kregg.

“I hate this,” I complained to him.

“Yeah, you’ve said so like a gazillion times,” Kregg answered. “Why don’t you just forget that you have diapers on? You’ll be a lot happier if you do.” I will never understand how he can just accept the diaper punishment. He acts like it is the most normal thing in the world. I decided not to say anything else. I just hoped Dad didn’t decide to parade us all over the store. We went back to the electronics part of the store. Dad started looking at stuff for the computer. It seemed like everyone in the store decided to follow us back there. I was going to say something to Kregg about that, but he would have told me it was my imagination, or to stop complaining, or both. I was getting tired. And I had to pee again. Right before I said something to Mom Kregg pulled on her shirt. She bent down and he whispered in her ear. She nodded her head and whispered back to him. I was beginning to wish I had not had so much water with dinner.

“Mom?” Mom looked over at me. “I have to pee again.”

“OK, Kolby.” For the second time in less than an hour I wet my diaper in front of a bunch of total strangers. I could tell that Kregg had wet too. I hoped Dad would hurry up.

“Mom, I’m really tired,” I said. It wasn’t really that late, but I was starting to feel worn out. Mom pulled me up next to her so I could lean on her. That made me feel more secure. I kind of wished she would pick me up, but I knew she wouldn’t do that. Dad finally chose what he wanted to get and went to pay for everything. At last we got to go home. When we got home Dad said we could watch a movie. I decided I wanted to go to bed. Not only was I tired, but I was soaked again and I wanted to get my diaper changed. But I didn’t want to ask. I’d had enough spankings for one day.

“Can I just go to bed?” I asked.

“Don’t you feel well?” Mom felt my forehead. She’s always checking for a fever.

“I feel fine,” I said, moving my head away. “I’m just real tired.” Dad looked at me with his suspicious eyes.

“If you go to bed now Kolby you stay there. You are not going to use this as an excuse to get a diaper change and then decide you want to stay up. You know what to expect if you try that.” I did. I had done that before. My butt didn’t like the results.

“I know. I want to go to bed.” Mom followed me to my bedroom. Everyone else went in the living room to decide on a movie. I could hear them debating about which one to watch. Kelsey wanted to watch one of her girl movies. Kami wanted to watch a Mary Kate and Ashley movie, and my brothers wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Dad wrote a number on a piece of paper and had Kregg, Kelsey, and Kami choose a number. Kami won, so they all watched one of her Mary Kate and Ashley movies. I was glad I had decided to go to bed.

“Up on your bed, sweetie.” Mom went in her room to get fresh diapers for me. She came back and went through the whole changing routine, talking to me the whole time. As she took off my wet diapers she asked me if I learned anything that day.

“Um, don’t put a whole box of soap in the washer?” I wasn’t sure if that is what she meant. I felt like adding don’t drink 10 glasses of water with dinner when you are wearing diapers, too, but I decided against that.

“Good lesson,” my Mom said. “What else.” She was cleaning my butt at this point.

“Um, don’t touch the appliances?”

“Another good lesson.” I hoped that was all, but then she said she hoped I had learned one more thing.

“Um,” I paused, trying to think back on everything that had happened. Then I remembered. “Don’t question the punishment?”

“That’s the one I was looking for,” Mom answered as she taped the fourth diaper around me. “You have to stop doing that, Kolby. We are going to get a lot tougher on you if you keep arguing about your punishments. You are lucky the length of time you wear diapers this time was not my decision.” I had already figured that out. I was a little curious, but decided not to ask how long she wanted to give Kregg and me. She put my feet through the plastic pants and pulled them up. “Lift your butt again,” she said, and pulled the plastic pants up over the diapers. When she was done she sat down on my bed and pulled me into her lap, cuddling me. “You know we love you very much,” she said as she gave me a kiss.

“I know. I’m sorry I was bad and made you and Dad punish me.”

“You aren’t bad, Kolby. You just make very bad decisions. I hope next time you want to experiment you will think through it before you do.” She gave me another kiss and put me back on my bed. “I’ll have Dad come up to say good night. Would you like him to tuck you in?” I nodded. I like it when Dad tucks me in. She left and I got my favorite bear to sleep with.

“All ready for bed, little guy?” My dad came in my room and sat down next to me on my bed. I nodded. He picked me up and put me in his lap, holding me tight for a few minutes. “I love you Kolby Kristofer,” he said. I nodded my head again.

“I know. I love you too.” I get mad at my parents for making me wear diapers but I do love them.

“Get under the covers,” Dad said as he patted my big butt. I got under the covers and he tucked them in around me. “You only get up if you need something, ok?”

“OK,” I said. “Dad?” Dad looked at me. “I’m sorry I made you spank me.” Dad bent down and gave me a kiss.

“I don’t like spanking you Kolby. But the spanking is over and the only thing I am asking is that you learn from it.”

“I have,” I promised. “I won’t ever touch the washer again.”

“Good boy. You go to sleep now. I love you.” Dad turned out my light and shut the door half way. I could hear Mary Kate or Ashley talking in French. I hugged my bear and fell asleep.

The next morning Mom got Kregg and me up early to take a shower before we went to church. After she took off our diapers she warned us not to take too long in the shower. We made it fast. Neither of us wanted to get in more trouble, especially before church. We dried off and went back in our room. Mom and Dad came in to put clean diapers on us. This time Dad diapered Kregg while Mom diapered me. “What pants do we get to wear?” I asked Mom. It didn’t really matter. None of them were going to fit very well anyway.

“Your khakis,” Mom answered. I want you both to wear a good shirt, too.

“Can we wear a jacket?” I asked. I already knew the answer. A jacket would hide our big butts, so the answer was going to be no. I still figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

“No,” my dad said. “No jacket. Kolby, why do you ask those questions? You know the answer is going to be ‘no’.” I wasn’t sure if Dad really wanted an answer, so I decided to drop it. I didn’t really have an answer anyway. I really wanted to argue about it. But I decided it would be better not to say any more right now. Mom got the last diaper and the plastic pants over my butt and stood me up.

“Get your shirt on and come down for breakfast,” she told me.

“What are we having?” Kregg asked. Talk about dumb questions. Mom never fixes stuff like pancakes and eggs. Not unless there is company or it is a special day.

“Cereal and toast,” Mom said in her patient voice. Dad finished putting Kregg’s diapers on him and stood him up and patted his butt.

“Get dressed,” Dad told Kregg. Kregg and I went to our closet to look for a good shirt to wear.

“Which one do you want?” Kregg asked me.

“Which one is the longest?”

“What difference does it make? We have to tuck them in anyway.” I wasn’t going to tell Kregg what I planned to do. “If you think you can get away with trying to make Mom and Dad think your shirt keeps coming untucked accidentally you might as well forget,” Kregg said. I don’t know how he knows those things. It is like his brain gets inside mine and hears what mine is thinking. “It won’t work, Kolby, and you’ll get in bigger trouble for trying to hide your butt. Then you won’t be allowed to wear pants at all.” He took a shirt off a hanger and gave it to me. “Here, this will keep you out of trouble.” I took the shirt. There was no use arguing with him.

After we got our shirts on and got them buttoned up we went downstairs. Kolt and Kourt were already down there. Kelsey was probably upstairs in her bathroom doing her hair. She probably had Kami up there too so she could do her hair. Kregg and I sat our diapered butts in our chairs.

“You guys have to go to church in just diapers?” Kourt asked. He gets pretty nosey.

“No,” I said. “We get to wear our khakis.”

“Won’t hide them,” Kolt said as though this was big news. Kregg and I ignored him. I got the Fruit Loops and poured them into my bowl. Well, most of them went in my bowl. A lot of them went on the table.

“You’re such a slob.” It was Kelsey. She had done something really weird with Kami’s hair. She had it in about a hundred different ponytails. “Why do you always spill the cereal all over the table?” I ignored her. I kept staring at Kami. Between the way her hair looked and Kregg’s and my big butts we were going to be the center of attention at church. I just shook my head and reached for the milk. “Let me do it,” Kelsey said, taking the milk. “You’ll spill it all over the place.” She covered my Fruit Loops with milk. “How come you don’t have any pants on? You guys gotta go to church in just diapers?”

“No, Mom just hasn’t given us our khakis yet,” Kregg said. When we get diapers all our pants are taken out of our bedroom and locked in Mom’s little closet. Mom was fixing Kami a bowl of cereal.

“Kelsey, I want you to take Kami’s hair down before we go to church,” Mom said. Even though Kami’s hair looked ridiculous, I was kind of disappointed that Kelsey was going to have to fix it right. The more I thought about her hair being up in all those ponytails the more I decided people would look at that more than they would look at Kregg’s and my diapered butts. We all finished breakfast and Kelsey took Kami upstairs. I had to pee. I think I was still getting rid of all the water I drank the night before.

“Um, Mom,” I said. “I have to pee.” Mom looked at the clock. I knew she was figuring out if she would have time to change my diaper before we went to church. If she didn’t she would change me in the lady’s room at the church. It had a little sofa that she could put me on.

“OK, Kolby. Go upstairs and I’ll come change you.” I wet my diaper and went up to my room to wait for Mom. Usually I have to wait to have my diaper changed, but since we were going to church Mom probably wanted me to be dry. It wasn’t long before she came up with Kregg.

“You need to be changed too?” I asked.

“Yup, Dad’s coming up.” We got on our beds and waited. I pulled on my shirt to see if it would go any lower over my diaper. “Won’t work, Kolby,” Kregg said. “You might as well give up. Everyone is going to know we got diapers again.” Kregg’s always been the sensible one. I sighed. I knew he was right.

After we got changed Mom gave us our pants. I pulled them up over the diapers. Like the sweats they barely fit. “Mom,” I complained. I need bigger pants.” Dad swatted my leg with his hand.

“No more or I’ll spank,” he warned. I closed my mouth. I knew Dad wasn’t just giving me a warning. He really meant it. We went down to get in the van. Mom grabbed the green bag. I knew it would have the spoon in it. I decided I better be good. Another spanking would probably mean another week in diapers too.

The rest of the day I managed to stay out of trouble. I didn’t even ask to have my diaper change so except for the swat with Dad’s hand that morning, I didn’t even get one spanking. After Kregg and I took our shower that night Mom and Dad came in to put our diapers back on us. I started to think about going to school the next day. I didn’t want to go.

“Dad, can I stay home tomorrow?” I asked. I knew the answer was no, but I had to ask.

“Are you sick?” Dad asked.


“Then what do you think?”

“But Taylor will bother me.”

”Kolby, you are wearing diapers for three weeks. You can’t stay out of school that long. You know what to do if Taylor or anyone else bothers you. You may not stay home from school.” I sighed. I hate going to school in my diapers. Even though Kregg was wearing them too, I still did not want to go. Dad was putting powder on me and getting ready to tape up the diapers.

“Please, Dad,” I begged. “Just tomorrow.” Dad must have had enough of my complaining. He got my paddle off the wall and turned me over his knee and gave me a quick spanking. That hardly ever happens. We usually have lots of warning before a spanking.

“Any more complaining at all and your diaper time will be extended another week and I will give you a good, hard spanking. Do you understand?” Dad put me back down on my bed and taped the diapers around me. I nodded my head, crying. The spanking wasn’t hard, but it was still a spanking. Dad finished diapering me and picked me up and put me in his lap. He cuddled me for a few minutes and then started talking. “I’m sorry I had to do that Kolby, but you have not been paying attention. I hope that spanking got your attention.” It did. So did the threat of more diaper time. I knew he was very serious. I nodded my head again and cuddled up against my dad.

“I’m sorry,” I said, still crying, more because of the situation than the spanking I just got. “I won’t complain any more.” Dad gave me a hug and held me for a few more minutes until I calmed down. Then he put me down and got up.

“You guys have 45 minutes before bedtime,” Dad said. “I want you to play quietly.” He left the bedroom. Mom had already gone downstairs. I tried to rub my butt. I couldn’t make the sting from the spanking go away through all the diapers Dad put on me.

“Boy did you get lucky,” Kregg told me. I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear what he had to say. It sounded like he was going to get all old on me again. “Dad could have really busted your butt and given you more diaper time without warning you about your complaining again.” Yup, Kregg was going into him mature mode again.

“I know,” I said. I thought for a minute then decided I wanted to tell him how I felt about the whole thing, one more time. Complaining to Kregg wouldn’t get me in trouble. “I just don’t think we should have to wear stupid diapers to school,” I complained. “I don’t see what the point is. It’s so embarrassing.”

“I think that’s the point, Kolby. To make us embarrassed so we don’t do bad things.” I hate it went he has answers that make sense. “You know if you would just accept it and quit making such a big deal out of it you wouldn’t be so miserable.” He just didn’t get it.

“I don’t want to accept it,” I told him. “I think it’s stupid.”

“Yeah, I know you do, but that isn’t going to change anything. Mom and Dad are going to keep punishing us with diapers whether you think it’s stupid or not. So all the complaining you do is only going to make things worse for you. Dad meant what he said, Kolby. Your butt’s going to be in diapers for a lot longer than three weeks if you don’t keep quiet. And it’ll hurt a lot more than it does now. You might as well just get used to having diapers and quit complaining about it.” I really hate it when Kregg turns big brother on me. I sighed. I decided to give it one more shot.

“I just don’t see why they can’t punish us the normal way.” I was determined to make him see things my way.

“Well they aren’t going to change anything. Wanna play Battleship?” I guess that meant the conversation was over. I looked at the clock. We didn’t have time to play Battleship.

“Let’s play checkers,” I said, getting the game off the shelf. We set up the checkers and started playing. I was feeling really tired now. We played one game and I told Kregg I didn’t want to play anymore. I went to find Mom and Dad. Dad was in the office.


“Um-hmm.” I could tell he was getting ready for his work tomorrow.

“I want to go to bed now.” Dad looked at the clock and looked at me.

“You’re not sick are you?” Dad felt my forehead.

“No, just real tired.”

“OK, Kolby. Go say good night to your mom. She’s down in the laundry room. I’ll come up in a few minutes to tuck you in.” I went to find Mom. I really didn’t want to go to the laundry room, but I wanted to say good night. Mom was scrubbing the wall.

“Is it going to come out?” I asked. Mom must not have heard me come downstairs because she jumped when I talked.

“You startled me, Kolby!” Mom said laughing. She held out her arms and I went over to her. “It’s going to take some work but I think we can get it out of the walls. Did you need something?”

“I just came to say good night. Dad’s going to tuck me in.” Mom had me in her arms and I leaned into her. She patted my diapered butt.

“You aren’t sick, are you?”

“No, I’m just real tired,” I told her. I get tired real easy. Especially after I get in trouble.

“OK. You go on up and let Dad tuck you in. I’ll be up in a little while to check and make sure you are ok. I love you Kolby.” Mom gave me a big hug and a kiss. I hugged her back.

“I love you too Mom.” I waddled back up the stairs and then up to my bedroom. I could hear Dad putting things away in the office. I got into bed.

“You OK?” Kregg asked.

“Just tired,” I said for the third time. I pulled the covers up over my diapered butt. At least at bedtime I got to cover the stupid things up and I didn’t have to look at them. Kelsey came in our room.

“Hey squirt, how come you’re in bed already? You sick or something?”

“Just tired,” I repeated. Maybe I should make a recording. Kelsey came over and sat on my bed.

“You know, Kolby, it’s not the end of the world that you have to wear diapers. You’re kind of cute when you have them on.” Great, I thought. Now I’m going to have to listen to Kelsey get all old on me too. I didn’t say anything. Kelsey gave my forehead a kiss. “Night, Squirt. I love you.” She got up to leave.

“Love you too, Kelsey,” I answered. I got back up out of bed to get my bear. I can’t sleep without my bear. I was just ready to get back in bed when my dad came in my room. He picked me up and patted my diapered butt then gave me a big hug and put me on my bed. I scooted under the covers and Dad pulled them up over me. He sat down on the bed and put his hand on my shoulder.

“You know I love you very much,” Dad said.

“Yeah,” I answered. “I love you too.” I sat up and gave Dad a hug. “I’m sorry I complained.” Dad bent down and gave me a kiss.

“You have a good night, son. Kregg, no talking now.” Kregg told Dad ok. He got a book off the shelf and started to read.

“Night diaper butt,” he said. I giggled.

“Night diaper twin,” I said. I turned over on my stomach and hugged my bear and fell asleep.

The next day Mom took Kregg and me into our classroom. Miss Schumacher wasn’t there, so Mom just left her a note. I took the diaper bag back to the closet and hung it up where my coat goes. Since Miss Schumacher wasn’t there we had to go outside until the bell rang. Mom took a supply of diapers to nurse Jenna in case Kregg or I needed to be changed and didn’t have the diaper bag. We went out on the playground. Our jackets did not cover our butts, so it did not take everyone long to realize that we were in diapers. Taylor was the first to say something.

“Hey look everyone,” he yelled. “The diaper twins are dressed exactly alike.” I got real tense.

“Ignore him,” Kregg said. “Just don’t pay attention to him.” But that is really hard for me to do. Taylor started coming toward us. I got behind Kregg.

“What’s the matter baby boy? Why are you hiding behind your diaper twin?” Taylor reached around Kregg and grabbed my sweats. “How come you have pants on? Babies don’t wear pants.” I moved back, but Taylor had his grasp on me.

“Let go,” I said. I was about to cry. He was scaring me.

“Let go,” Taylor repeated in a baby voice. “Or what? You know Miss Schumacher isn’t here today. I’m going to have lots of fun making you cry you little cry baby.” I could tell today was not going to be a good day. If Miss Schumacher wasn’t here we had to have a sub. I hoped it was someone who already knew about the diapers.

“Leave him alone, Taylor,” Kregg said. That never really does any good, and the fact that Kregg had on diapers too made it sound even less threatening. Taylor just laughed at Kregg. I started to cry.

“Taylor!” It was Mr. Phillips, the art teacher. Mr. Phillips is a big man, and no one likes to be in trouble with him. Taylor let go of me.

“I was just joking,” he whined. He knew he was in trouble. Mr. Phillips grabbed Taylor’s arm.

“Kolby, maybe you should go see Nurse Jenna,” he said. “Kregg, you may go with him if you want to.” Kregg and I walked in the building behind Mr. Phillips and Taylor. “You are getting 10 spanks,” Mr. Phillips told Taylor. “You have been told over and over not to tease the boys for wearing diapers.” Ten spanks from Mr. Phillips would really hurt. But it wouldn’t stop Taylor for very long. He would leave me alone for the rest of the day, but the next three weeks he would keep bothering me. Kregg and I went into Nurse Jenna’s office. I was crying pretty hard by now. I didn’t think I could stand three weeks of Taylor bothering me about the diapers.

“What happened boys?” Nurse Jenna picked me up and held me tight. Kregg told her about Taylor. “How did the two of you wind up in diapers again?” she asked. Kregg told her the story while she held me and got me calmed down. After I was calmed down, Nurse Jenna talked to me real softly. I told her I didn’t think I could do this again. “You can, Kolby,” she told me. You are going to be just fine.” Finally I was calmed down enough to ask about the substitute teacher. I found out it was someone who has never been there before. Mrs. Sayers.

“Does she know about the diapers?” I asked. I didn’t want to have to explain it to her.

“I’m sure she will read the note your mom left,” Nurse Jenna assured me. “You just be sure you follow the rules and don’t do anything to get yourself into trouble. That goes for you too, Kregg.”

“We’ll be good,” Kregg promised. I was calmed down enough I could go to my classroom. I hugged Nurse Jenna and Kregg and I left. I was nervous, so I stayed right by Kregg all morning. We did our math lesson and then the projects that Miss Schumacher had left. Then we had our social studies lesson. While we were working on our projects for that I had to poop.

“Kregg,” I whispered.


“I have to poop.”

“So go tell Mrs. Sayers.” I was afraid of her and told Kregg. She did not seem like she was very nice. I wasn’t sure if she would let me just come up to her desk like Miss Schumacher does. I told this to Kregg. “So raise your hand and tell her you need to talk to her in private. I did this.

“Yes?” said Mrs. Sayers. “Tell me which one you are, first.”

“Kolby,” I said softly.

“What is it Kolby.”

“I need to tell you something in private.”

“Whatever it is you can do it from there.” No way was I going to announce to the whole class that I had to poop in my diaper. I looked at Kregg. He shrugged his shoulders. “Well?” Mrs. Sayers said. I felt like I was going to cry. I didn’t know what to do.

“Never mind,” I said. I looked at Kregg. “Now what do I do?” I asked him.

“Just go up to her desk,” Kregg told me. “You have to tell her.”

“She’ll get mad and have Mr. Anderson spank me,” I said. The last thing I wanted was a spanking. I had enough of those over the weekend.

“You don’t follow the rules you’ll get spanked anyway.” I started to cry. It didn’t take long for me to be sobbing. Mrs. Sayers came up to the workstation Kregg and I were at.

“What is your problem?” she asked in a very mad voice. I’m not used to people talking to me like that and it made me cry harder.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” I said in as much of a whisper as I could.

“So go. Obviously you don’t have to leave the room in order to do it.” I couldn’t believe she said that. I decided I didn’t care if I got my butt paddled. I ran out of the room into Nurse Jenna’s office. I don’t think I ever cried so hard in my life. I ran into her arms and I pooped and I peed in my diaper. I felt so bad because I never ever break the ‘don’t use your diaper until you tell someone’ rule.

“Hey little man,” Nurse Jenna said. “What happened?” I couldn’t talk. She held me, stinky poopy diaper and everything, until I calmed down enough to talk. I told her what Mrs. Sayers did.

“She did WHAT?” Nurse Jenna was mad. She cuddled me and told me it was going to be all right, that she and Mr. Anderson would make sure nothing like that would happen again.

“But now I have to get a spanking,” I sobbed.

“Why do you think you have to get a spanking?” asked Nurse Jenna.

“Because I left the room without permission.”

“Don’t worry Kolby. You had a very good reason for leaving the room. No one is going to paddle you.”


“I promise. Let’s get your diapers changed, ok?” Nurse Jenna took me over to the cot and put me down on my back. She went to the cabinet where she put the diapers Mom left for me and Kregg.

“Are you going to spank me for using my diaper without saying I had to?” I was very worried about this, too. I knew even if she spanked me she would not spank me very hard, but I really didn’t want a spanking. It wasn’t really my fault.

“No, Kolby, I’m not going to spank you. You did try to tell Mrs. Sayers that you had to use your diaper. It would not be fair to give you a spanking just because she did not listen to you.” I was relieved to hear that. Probably if my butt could talk it would say it was relieved, too. Nurse Jenna took off all my diapers. She got me all cleaned up and powdered, then started putting the fresh diapers on me. I started to cry again. “What’s wrong, Kolby? You never cry when I change your diaper.”

“I don’t want to go back to my class,” I said through my sobs.

“I won’t let you go back,” she assured me. She finished putting the last diaper on and pulled the plastic pants up over the bulk, telling me to lift my butt while she did. Then she did the same with my sweats. She lifted me up so I was sitting on the cot. She sat down next to me. “I’m going to talk to Mr. Anderson. You’ll have to come over to the office with me. Why don’t you pick out a few toys and some books to look at while you are in there?” I went over to the shelf where Nurse Jenna kept a few toys for kids who had to stay in her office. I picked out a car, a Rubik’s cube, and an action figure doll to play with. I also chose a couple of books. I followed Nurse Jenna to the main office. Mrs. Lansing, the secretary set me up by her desk so it did not look like I was there to be punished. Nurse Jenna went in to talk to Mr. Anderson. Pretty soon I heard the other kids going outside for recess.

“Do you want to go outside to play, Kolby?” Mrs. Lansing asked. I shook my head. The last place I wanted to be was where Drake or Taylor could make fun of me for what happened earlier. All I needed was for Taylor to start walking around imitating me saying I needed to use my diaper. I liked being safe inside the office. Mr. Anderson stuck his head out of his door.

“Do you want to go outside, Kolby?” he asked. I shook my head again.

“No sir. I want to stay here.” Mr. Anderson told me that was fine and went back in his office. He and Nurse Jenna sure were having a long conversation. I hoped Mr. Anderson didn’t decide I needed to be spanked for leaving the classroom without permission. I started to worry about this all over again. Tears started rolling down my face.

“What’s wrong, Kolby?” Mrs. Lansing asked.

“I don’t want a spanking,” I cried.

“No one is going to give you a spanking. What happened was not your fault.” Mrs. Lansing came over and knelt down next to me. “No one is going to spank you,” she repeated, trying to be sure I understood. I wondered how she could be so sure, but since she was an adult I figured she must know. Pretty soon Mr. Anderson came out to the outer office.

“Come on in here Kolby. I want to talk to you.” I looked at Mrs. Lansing. She nodded her head, saying it would be all right. I followed Mr. Anderson into his office and sat down. I expected to see his paddle waiting for me, but it was not on his desk.

“Nurse Jenna told me what happened. Can you tell me about it?” I wasn’t sure what he wanted to hear.

“About me and Kregg getting diapers or about Mrs. Sayers?” I asked. Mr. Anderson chuckled.

“If you want to start with you and Kregg getting diapers I would really like to hear that. But I also want to hear about Mrs. Sayers.” I told him about the laundry room and the bubbles and the walls and the floor and the spankings I got over the weekend. I told him how Kregg and I got diapers for two weeks and then I got one more week because I questioned the punishment. He sat and listened very patiently. Then I told him about Mom leaving a note for Miss Schumacher since she wasn’t in the classroom.

“I don’t think Mrs. Sayers read the note,” I said. “She was so mean.” I told him everything about her not letting me talk to her in private and telling me I could use the bathroom without leaving the room. “I’m sorry I left the room without permission,” I cried. “I was so embarrassed. I couldn’t stay there. I don’t want a spanking. If you give me a spanking I will get in more trouble at home and get diapers for longer.”

“I’m not going to give you a spanking, Kolby. Sometimes it is ok to break rules, and this is one of those times.” I was crying really hard now. “Come here, son,” Mr. Anderson held out his arms. I went over and let him hold me. He got me calmed down pretty fast and told me again no one was going to give me a spanking. He talked to me for a while longer. Finally he put me down. “I want you to stay here in the office or with Nurse Jenna for the rest of the morning. We tried to call your mom but we got the answering machine. We got your dad on the cell phone and he said your mom will be home by lunch time. Since your dad is at his office he can’t come and get you. And Abi is in a class right now so she can’t get away either. Will you be ok to stay here until we can get your mom to come talk to you?” I nodded my head. It was very unusual that no one could come to get me. Mom must have had to run an errand or something. Dad’s office is two hours away so there was no point in him leaving since Mom would be back by then. As long as I did not have to go back to that classroom I would be fine.

“I’ll be ok. Who should I tell if I have to use my diaper?” I always worry about stuff like that.

“Either me, or Nurse Jenna, or Mrs. Lansing,” Mr. Anderson answered. He patted my thick butt. “I have to make some calls. I think maybe Nurse Jenna can use some help in her office if you feel up to it.” I went back over to Nurse Jenna’s office, leaving my toys with Mrs. Lansing in case I had to come back.

“Are you feeling better?” Nurse Jenna asked. I nodded.

“I wish Mom or Abi could come and get me though,” I said. “I really want to go home.”

“Well, don’t get your hopes up about that Kolby. It isn’t likely your mom is going to let you go home. Mr. Anderson is going to get a different sub for the afternoon and your mom will probably want you to stay.” I sighed. I knew she was right. Mom probably would want me to stay. I helped Nurse Jenna unpack some supplies. It wasn’t long before I had to pee again.

“Nurse Jenna?” She looked over at me. “I have to pee again.” I really hate making that announcement. It’s one of the most embarrassing things about my diaper punishment. She told me ok, and I wet my diaper. Almost as soon as I was done, Kregg came to the door with the diaper bag and my lunch. I giggled. It was really good timing.

“You ok, Kolby?” Kregg asked.

“I guess. I get to stay here until they get a hold of Mom. Abi is in class so she can’t come get me.” Kregg handed Nurse Jenna the diaper bag and got up on the cot. I wondered if Nurse Jenna would change me, too, or if she would make me wait. Usually I have to wait until I’ve peed twice before I get changed. Nurse Jenna picked me up and put me on the cot.

“Might as well change both of you at the same time,” she said. She took care of Kregg first.

“What did Mrs. Sayers say when you told her you had to use your diaper?” I asked Kregg. I was real curious how he did that.

“Pretty much the same thing she said to you, only she wasn’t as mean about it.” Nurse Jenna was cleaning Kregg up and putting powder on him. “I don’t think she read the note Mom left.”

“She still shouldn’t have yelled at me. Especially since I told her I wanted to talk to her in private.” I was past being upset. Now I was mad. I was still embarrassed, too. “It’s not my fault I have to wear the stupid diapers. It’s not my fault I have to have permission to use them either.”

“Actually it is your fault you have to wear them,” Kregg informed me. “Remember you got in trouble?” I sighed again. He just didn’t see it my way. Nurse Jenna was almost done with him. She was taping the last of the four diapers on him.

“Mom and Dad don’t have to punish us with diapers. They can find another way.” I had to say that, just in case he forgot that is how I feel.

“Cut it out Kolby. They aren’t going to stop making us wear diapers.” Kregg was going to turn big brother on me. I wasn’t going to let it drop though.

“It’s still stupid,” I said.

“Enough, boys,” Nurse Jenna said very quietly. “Kolby, lie down.” I did what she said. Kregg got up.

“You coming to eat lunch?” he asked me.

“Uh-uh. I don’t want to see anyone.”

“Want me to leave your lunch here?”

“Yeah.” Kregg left the lunch and took his diapered butt into the lunchroom. Nurse Jenna got me changed and sat me up.

“You know Kolby, like I have told you before the sooner you accept the way you are punished the happier you are going to be. I’m not saying you have to like it, but you really do need to stop fighting it.” Nurse Jenna has told me this several times. So has everyone else. I looked at the floor. I didn’t want to accept it. Because I hate it so much. Nurse Jenna put her arm around me. “Just think about it, ok?” I nodded my head. I was tired of arguing. I opened my lunch bag. Mom had packed a peanut butter and banana sandwich for me. My favorite. She always seems to know when I am going to need my favorite lunch. Nurse Jenna got her lunch out and we ate together.

“Nurse Jenna?” I had a question.

“Yes, little man?” I love it when she calls me little man.

“Would you punish your kids with diapers?” Nurse Jenna doesn’t have kids yet. But I know she wants to.

“I really don’t know Kolby. I can see that it works on you and your brothers, but I can’t say if I would use it because I don’t have any children. I might. But even though not everyone does it does not mean that it is a bad way to punish a child.” I should have figured there would be a lecture. I was not going to get anyone to see it my way. I decided to stop trying, at least for right now. I finished my sandwich and ate my pretzels and my apple and drank my Sunny Delight. I felt very tired. I asked Nurse Jenna if I could lie down. “You aren’t sick are you?” she asked. Everyone always worries about that.

“No, just real tired,” I answered. She told me to go ahead and lie down. Before I got a chance Mr. Anderson came in.

“Do you feel like going back to class?” he asked me.

“Uh-uh. I want to go home.” I was not going back where that woman was.

“Mrs. Sayers left, Kolby. Does that change your mind?”

“No,” I answered. I was still feeling pretty embarrassed. I was afraid everyone would laugh. I knew Drake and Taylor would be mean too.

“OK, I’ll try to call your mom again. If I can’t get her I will call Abi’s cell phone and see if she is done with class.” Mr. Anderson left Nurse Jenna’s office. I hoped he got Abi. It would be easier to convince her to take me home. Nurse Jenna and I started unpacking more supplies. We worked for about 15 minutes.

“Hi Kolby,” I heard my mom’s voice. I ran over to her. She held me and patted me on my thick butt. “I hear you had a rough morning.”

“I want to go home,” I said. I felt like I was going to cry again. Mom sat down on the cot and picked me up.

“That’s what I hear. But I would rather you stay at school. You are going to have to face everyone pretty soon anyway. You already know you can’t stay home the whole three weeks you are in diapers.” Mom was talking softly. I knew that I was not going to be allowed to go home.

“Please, Mom,” I begged. “Everyone will make fun of me.” Mom didn’t say anything for a few minutes.

“Kolby, you really need to stay here. They sent the other teacher home and Mrs. Reynolds is here now. She knows your situation. She is not going to let anyone make fun of you.” Mrs. Reynolds did know my situation. She has seen me in diapers lots. “I’ll tell you what,” Mom said. “If anyone makes fun of you, you may come home. Does that sound like a fair deal?”

“I guess.” I really couldn’t argue with that since I knew that either Drake or Taylor would make fun of me. “You promise?”

“I promise.” Mom gave me a hug and a swat on my diapers. She never breaks her promises, so I knew that she would not break this one. She had Mrs. Lansing call Kregg to come and get me. Kregg came right away.

“Everyone feels sorry for you Kolby,” he said. “Even Drake and Taylor.” I found that hard to believe and told Kregg that. “Really,” he told me. Taylor said that Mrs. Sayers was really meant to talk to you like that.” Maybe there was human life under that skin after all. Mom gave both of us a hug and Kregg and I waddled to our classroom. I stuck by him like glue the whole afternoon. No one made fun of me, so I didn’t get to go home. Right before dismissal I had to pee again. I knew I could tell Mrs. Reynolds. I went up to her desk and whispered in her ear. She nodded her head. I wet my diaper. Right when I got done Mrs. Lansing’s voice came over the intercom.

“Mrs. Reynolds, would you have Kregg and Kolby come to the office please?” Kregg went back to the closet and got the diaper bag and our coats. We went to the office. Mrs. Lansing told Kregg to have a seat and told me that Mr. Anderson wanted to talk to me. I hoped Mom didn’t talk him into spanking me for leaving the classroom. Mom doesn’t believe in breaking rules. I went into the inner office. Mom was in there.

“Have a seat, Kolby.” I sat down. “I want to tell you I am very sorry that Mrs. Sayers was not more sensitive. I want you to know that she will never teach here again. I also want you to know that I am sorry I did not explain your situation to her. That was my fault. I hope you can forgive me. From now on if you or one of your brothers is in diapers and there is a substitute, I promise I will explain the situation and the rules so you will never have to go through this again.”

“OK,” I said. “Thanks Mr. Anderson.” He gave me a hug and patted my butt. I guess there is something about a diapered butt that makes people like to pat it.

“Let’s go home, Kolby,” Mom said. I was not going to argue with that. We got Kregg and went out to the van to wait for the other kids to get out of school. I made it through the first day of my third fifth grade diaper punishment. The next two weeks were filled with Drake and Taylor making fun of Kregg and me, calling us names like diaper twins and baby boy. After Kregg was out of diapers I had to go through it alone. But somehow I lived through it. December 6 was the last day of my punishment. On December 7 my mom and dad gave me back my underwear and my pants. I decided I would never wear diapers again. I was very wrong. It would not be long before diapers found their way back onto my butt.

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