Summer Joys

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Summer Joys

2008-05-17 17:59:11

Being fifteen years old I wanted to be independent of Mother yet I had to depend upon her a lot. My mother was very strict with me and would tolerate nothing but instant obedience, utter truthfulness, and dry pants. Any infraction of her code was met with at least two cloth diapers that I had to wear until the crime had been paid for in her eyes.

This was usually for a morning or an afternoon. Mother punished me with diapers so frequently that I became sexually oriented toward them.

I was more than happy and overjoyed at the prospect of going to the farm for the summer to be with my grandparents. My cousins Billy, sixteen years old and his brother Roger would be there as well as Steven, our ten year old cousin and his mother, our Aunt Ruth, who would directly supervise us. Billy and Roger had come the furthest distance to make the visit and Billy had wet his pants early on into the trip.

We could smell the pee-pee smell around him but figured he had just sat in something on the plane. We had a great lunch and played around in the barns that first afternoon. It was going to be a wonderful summer for sure. Nothing could possibly go wrong! Suppertime came and again we all had a great meal. It seemed no time at all it was time for bed. Aunt Ruth, really not our aunt but widow of an older first cousin of ours, was in her late twenties and very pretty and fun to be around, came in and told Steven, "it is time." He started softly crying and the rest of us then went with him to the bedroom as a show of support. He may have to go to bed but all of us do, too.

We were surprised to find that going to bed was not what he was unhappy about. Aunt Ruth told us that we would find out any way so she told us that Steven always wore diapers to bed and frequently during the day as well. We boys looked at each other and decided on the spot that if we would all promise not to tell - ever - we would wear diapers, too. Being way out on the farm we thought that no one would come around to see us. Aunt Ruth said that she would tell our grandparents that we were just being nice to Steven.

Aunt Ruth was an R.N. and surprisingly took us up on our offer. She took Billy, Roger, and me into the big bed room and announce to Steven that we wanted to wear diapers, too.

Steven was very relieved and happy at this news and I was secretly thrilled at this happy turn of events and had a hard time hiding my hard penis. Aunt Ruth told us all to get naked and come get our diapers. I was first and was able - I thought - to keep my "stiffy" from being noticed. As the second diaper pin was closed I was told to go on so another could get diapered-up. She gave me a pat on the back of my diapers and it felt like heaven. I had to go sit down and try to let my penis relax. Soon every one was diapered and Steven was happy not to be considered a "baby" or such.

Before we turned out the lights Aunt Ruth told us that if we had to go to the bathroom later that night to come to her bed room and she would take our diapers off so we could potty.

I had to go late that night so I did as told rather than just pulling my diapers down I went to aunt Ruth's room for her help. She asked me in and turned on her night- light. She had me stand beside her bed and she undid my diaper pins. I was told to go to the bathroom and then come back to be diapered. I did my pee-pee and relieved my "stiffy" and went back to Aunt Ruth. She talked baby talk to me and I loved it. She had my diapers laid out and had me lie down on them. I noticed she had put a "doubler" diaper inside. This extra diaper made my diapers much thicker and sexy. She explained that she would not have plastic panties for us boys until she was able to go shopping later in the day. She told me she was going to buy a big supply of diapers because she thought big boys in diapers were "just so cute." She said that she also needed more baby supplies and things. She said, "You will enjoy all I have planned for you boys." She told me that her plan was that we all use our diapers freely all summer. The uniform of the day was to be diapers and diapers only except for trips to town. This was a dream come true for me. I didn't realize how happy the others would be, too.

In the morning Billy woke up wet and so did Steven. Billy said that he hadn't wet in years but his diapers were soaked. Aunt Ruth just changed him and told him not to worry about it but to enjoy it. She then announced the orders to live by for our summer. The bathrooms were now closed and we were to do everything in our diapers. And the other law was that she would always change us. We were not to touch our own diapers. There would come an exception to that rule, but we didn't know about the neighbor girl at that time.

Sally lived at the next farm down the road and liked to fish at grandpa's pond. She was a good girl and never got in trouble. We boys didn't know about her until we were out playing and Billy spotted her down at the pond. We went running back to Aunt Ruth asking for our clothes so this girl wouldn't see us in our baby diapers. Aunt Ruth was curious as to who she was but said she would go down to the pond and meet her. Meanwhile, we were to stay in our diapers. After a few minutes Aunt Ruth returned to the house and came into our room where we were waiting. She announced that Sally would be helping her with taking care of us that summer. She was going to be our babysitter and there was no better time for her to begin than right now and into the room popped Sally.

It turned out that she was my age, fifteen and real pretty. Aunt Ruth announced that she had to go to Rocky Mount to get some things for us and that Sally would take care of us until she returned. We were in shock. We four boys in diapers were embarrassed and now facing a girl who would be changing us. Two of us were already wet and so she started with us. Steven was not as shy as I was and went over to her to get changed. She was very kind to him and gentle. Soon his diapers were all changed and Sally motioned for me to come over to the bed and lie down on the changing towel. When she removed my diapers I was so embarrassed I couldn't look. Then I felt my erection starting. Sally just laughed and said that her brothers did that, too. She noticed the "doubler" and asked me if I was a heavy wetter. I told her that I didn't have any waterproof pants yet and Aunt Ruth had put the thick diapers on me. Soon I was changed and outside again with the group. As the only girl, Sally soon became very popular. She seemed to think that it was perfectly normal for boys to be in diapers. At lunch she made sure we all ate well and then put us down for naps. We protested but to no avail.

Aunt Ruth returned from town and had lots of big packages. There were dozens of new diapers, new diaper pins, baby oil, ointments for diaper rash, and baby powder. There were two packages she kept unopened in her room. She said they were for later.

Sally had to go so we said our goodbyes and she assured us that she would be back tomorrow. With Sally gone we boys set about devising new games to play all the time becoming more and more comfortable in our new status as babies in diapers. We made no protest when Aunt Ruth gave us our warm baths that night and baby bottles when she tucked us in.

We slept well and early in the morning I heard Aunt Ruth getting Billy up for a bath. This was strange but no problem. Soon I heard, "Jimmy, wake up and come with me."

I went, wet diapers and all, with Aunt Ruth into the bathroom. She pulled my plastic panties down and had me step out of them and then she unpinned my diapers and put them in the diaper pail. I stepped into the warm bath water and was told to lie back. I did and Aunt Ruth quickly shaved my pubic hair telling me hair would make me get diaper rash. She also shaved the few hairs on my chest telling me that little ones shouldn't have hair there. She then took me out of the tub, dried me off and told me to get up on the table so she could diaper me for morning. She rubbed a lot of baby oil on me and used lots of powder. I got the hardest I had ever been and then she asked if I wanted help with it. I told her "Yes I do." Aunt Ruth took a diaper and folded it in half and gripped me and in a moment I was in deep ecstasy in orgasm. She tossed the diaper into the pail and said to me that we would have to do that more. Soon I was diapered and back in bed. This summer was the greatest.

Sally was back about two o'clock and we were all happy to see her. I was wet and so she took me to the table for a change and again I produced a big "stiffy." Sally said that she could fix it for me and putting baby oil on her hand she gripped me and slid up and down a time or so and orgasm came again into a diaper she held for the purpose. She promised me that she would never pin a diaper up over a stiff penis unless I wanted her to do it.

Every diaper change with Sally became a sexual event. Becoming a baby was never so good.

Many times during that summer she would just touch the front of my diapers and I would need to be changed. Once we all were down at the pond and she thought that we could all go for a swim. Our diapers were taken off and we all went in. Soon Sally decided to come in, too. She stripped and came in with us to swim. She came up to me and asked how I was doing and all and quickly had her hand on my penis. She asked if "I wanted to spit-up" which was her baby way of asking if I wanted to have a climax. I very soon "spit-up" and it was grand.

We boys were to go home in three weeks so the "potty training" began and within four days we were all back in control of our bodily functions. We continued in diapers 24/7 but tried to keep them clean except when given permission to do "a bad job" or pee-pee in them.

The next three weeks sped by and we had a lot of adventures and close calls in our diapers but I think my grandparents were sad to see us go. I know Sally was sad because she said that she was really looking for to next summer. Aunt Ruth was happy because her boy was also now able to not wet at night or day. Diapers would be recreational from now on... til next summer...

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