Nothing Ever Happens - Part 1

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Nothing Ever Happens - Part 1

2008-05-17 17:53:38

Author: Donnie

Copyright © 2001 by Donnie

This is a work of fiction about young people who wear diapers. If you don’t like the subject, don’t read the story.

Part 1 - My Brother, me, and Bill

“OK, I’m leaving now. You boys know what to do. Keep the doors locked and if you go outside you stay on the property.”

“Aw gee, mom,” I complained, “we’re not babies. Can’t we go cross country skiing?”

“We’ve already gone over that. No, and that’s final. Finish the chores I gave you and then you can do whatever you want at home,” my mother emphasized. “I’ve got to leave or I’ll be late. Call me if anything happens.”

My mom always says that, but nothing ever happens out in the country where we live.

I’m getting ahead of myself, though. Let me tell you who we all are. My name is Kyle Kadra and my brother is Kevin. I’m 13 1/2 and Kevin just turned 12. My parents are Peter and Sandra. The last thing I have to say about my family is that my brother and I get along real well. I don’t know why, we just do.

My friend Bill Lankster is spending the day with us. He lives about 3/4 of a mile down the road with his parents, Armand and Cecilia, and his sister, Cathy. Bill is my age and we go to school together.

Anyway, my mother has left for work. It’s two days after Christmas.. We have about 2 1/2 weeks of vacation left. It snowed last night and I just know that the cross country ski run behind our house will be in perfect condition. What a waste that my mom won’t let us use it. I know that she means well, but sometimes she is way too protective of us. It’s true that there have been some daytime home robberies recently but that doesn’t mean that a maniac is running loose. Besides, there are three of us, we can take care of ourselves.

“Did your mom give you a lot of stuff to do?” Bill asked.

“Nah, we just have to clean up the kitchen and finish taking our gifts up to our room,” I answered.

“Do you want to do your chores first, or we could maybe…?” Bill started asking.

I cut him off. I knew exactly what his question was.

“I don’t want to wait, let’s do it now. How about you Kev?” I asked.

“Yes! now,” he said, running upstairs ahead of us.

The “it” that we are all talking about is diapers. We’re hooked on them. We always will be, I hope. Let me explain.

Kevin and I had a lot of trouble as little kids with bedwetting. Our parents went through all the hoops with us: limited fluid intake, restricted diets, physical therapy, medication, sprays, alarms, middle-of-the-night trips to the bathroom- everything. None of it worked. I was 6 and he was 4 1/2 with no end in sight. During all this time our parents had tried pull ups (too much leakage), disposable diapers (still too much leakage), and, finally, cloth diapers and plastic pants. I don’t know about Kevin, but when I woke up in a dry bed for the first time in memory I was in love with them.. I was so happy to wake up in a warm dry bed, and not in a puddle of cold pee.

By the time I was ten, our bedwetting started to decrease. Our parents started talking about taking our diapers away and trying lighter protection. I was appalled. No way were they going to get my diapers away from me. I didn’t want to go back to cold puddles in my bed. Neither did Kevin. This is when we started deliberately wetting our diapers. We were clever enough not to do it every night and not always together on the same night, but enough times so that our parents would get the idea that our diapers were still necessary. I guess it worked because they have never pushed us toward anything else again. Every once in a while my dad will ask us how we feel about having to wear diapers. I think he is concerned about our self-esteem- we’re not. We like things just the way they are. In fact, we would wear diapers all the time if we could figure out how to get away with it.

So, how does Bill fit into all of this? He and his family moved here 3 1/2 years ago, during the summer. This was at the same time that Kevin and I started our “wetting campaign” to keep our diapers. Bill and I became instant friends. I invited him over for a sleepover just a few weeks after his family moved in. Before I let him say yes or no to my invitation, I told him that my brother and I had a bedwetting problem and that we wore thick cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed. I said that I trusted him not to tell anyone about it and that I hoped that he would accept the invitation. He accepted. I could tell that he wouldn’t let my diapers get in the way of our friendship. After a few more sleepovers, I could tell that he was becoming fascinated by them.

Kevin and I had noticed how Bill would try to sneak glances at our diaper areas during sleepovers. He also seemed to do a lot of “accidental” bumping into us or sitting close to us when we were diapered.

It was about a year after Bill had moved to our area when Kevin and I decided to test him. We invited him for a summer campout in our backyard. We left a diaper and a pair of plastic pants lying on my bed. When he arrived I told him to take his stuff up to our bedroom. We would take our stuff out later when we set up the tent. I said that I had to help Kevin with something. The “something” was to bring laundry up to our room. We gave Bill a one-minute head start and then we very quietly brought the laundry upstairs. When we entered the room we caught him red-handed. He was holding the plastic pants in front of himself, looking intently into the mirror. As soon as he noticed our presence he froze.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I was wondering what they looked like.”

“You’ve seen me and Kevin wearing them loads of time. You know what they look like,” I said.

“Well, I mean…”

“Don’t you mean that you wondered what they would look like if you wore them?” I asked gently.

He blushed.

“I guess so. I’m sorry,” he repeated.

“It’s OK. We know how you feel,” Kevin said.

“What do you mean?” he asked defensively, “I don’t want to wear them.”

“Maybe. Maybe not,” I said. “We have a secret to tell you. When you moved here last summer our parents were talking about taking us out of diapers. We didn’t want to give them up so we started wetting on purpose. Half of the time, I can’t remember if I’m wet on purpose or by accident.”

“Me, too,” Kevin proudly announced.

“You mean you guys want to stay in diapers? You like them?”

“We sure do,” I said. “Do you want to try them out tonight?”

“Can I?” he asked excitedly. “But what about your parents?”

“They won’t know. All we have to do is make sure that we stay quiet so that they won’t come out to yell at us.”

I think that time dragged for Bill that night. He could hardly wait to get put into diapers. After dinner, we set up the tent. Kevin and I got ready inside the house. We walked out to the yard dressed in our diapers, plastic pants, shoes and socks. Bill was eyeing us enviously as we made several more trips to and from the house dressed this way. Finally, we had said good night to our parents.

“Can we do it now?” he whispered.

“OK,” I answered, “ Kevin get the stuff.”

Kevin assembled the things we would need from the sleeping bag where they were hidden: the thick flannel diaper, plastic pants, powder, and pins.

“Take off your underwear and lie down on your diaper,” I told Bill.

He positioned himself and I sprinkled powder on his diaper area and rubbed it in. We hadn’t reached puberty yet but his excitement was evident. His penis was bigger than mine. I was impressed. I pulled the diaper over his stomach and pinned it on. I slid the pants up his legs and over the diaper. I told him to stand. He stood up. He moaned with pleasure as he ran his hands over the plastic pants and the diaper.

“You like them, huh?” I asked unnecessarily.

“Oh yeah,” he squeaked.

He spent the next few minutes parading around the backyard enjoying the rustling sounds of the plastic pants.

Our parents’ room was on the other side of the house. As long as we kept our voices down they wouldn’t hear us. We spent several more hours talking. Mostly, Bill asked us to tell him stories about our diapers.

How did we feel about them? (He knew most of that already.)

Did we ever have embarrassing moments? (Yes, on vacation last year. There was this girl about my age at our hotel. We had met and I had talked to her by the pool. That night, Kevin and I [wearing only diapers and plastic pants] were out on the balcony looking at the city lights when she suddenly came out onto the balcony next to ours. There was a wall separating the balconies but it wasn’t high enough to cover our diapers. The next day, as we were checking out, she came over and whispered in my ear that she thought that Kevin and I looked cute in our diapers. [Bill had to bury his face into his pillow he was laughing so hard.])

All in all, Bill was thrilled with his introduction to diapers.

Now that Bill was a confirmed diaper lover, Kevin and I decided to set him up with his own supply. At first, Bill was afraid that he would get caught by his parents. We visited his room and discovered some great places to hide diapers. For one thing, he has a very large closet with built in shelves and cabinets. Some of the lower cabinets at the back of the closet are perfect. They can be easily accessed yet they aren’t really obvious. In a relatively short period of time, we funneled eight diapers and plastic pants to him. Getting them laundered is the trickiest part. Obviously, he can’t put them in with his own dirty clothes. On school days, he brings them to us before his parents get home from work or we go to his house to pick them up. Luckily, Kevin and I are now in charge of keeping our diapers in order. We do the laundry twice a week and, so far, our parents haven’t noticed the extra three or four diapers in each load. Because Bill is often here with his sports bag he can ferry the clean diapers home in it. So far, the system works great.

Anyway, you get the idea. For the last 2 years or so Bill has enjoyed his diapers immensely.

Getting back to Bill’s suggestion that we change into our diapers in the middle of the morning. This isn’t something that we get to do very often. The conditions have to be just right. Our parents have to be gone for a guaranteed length of time and we have to be pretty sure that no one will come over unexpectedly. Today is just right. Our parents will be at work all day and Bill’s sister Cathy is spending the day at one of her friends.

We had just gotten new diapers and plastic pants, larger and fuller than our old ones. We got each other diapered and inspected our handiwork. These diapers rise higher up our stomachs and backs, but, most importantly to us, they are very thick. We were satisfied at how nicely rounded our behinds looked and how the material between our legs felt soft and full. When you get put into these new diapers you know that you’re diapered, but good.

We went back downstairs without putting our pants back on. Bill helped us with our chores and we were done before ten o’clock.

“What do you want to do now?” he asked.

Since he was at our house I guess he figured that we should come up with the ideas first.

“I think we should go skiing,” I stubbornly said, returning to the disagreement I had had with my mother.

“Get real,” Bill answered, “Your mother would kill us if we got caught.”

“How could she know? She and my dad are at work all day, just like your mom and dad. We could leave now and have plenty of fun and still be back by two o’clock. No one would ever know.”

“I don’t know,” Bill hedged.

I looked over to Kevin for his opinion. He seemed intrigued by the idea.

“Yeah, let’s do it. We won’t be gone that long. I think we can get away with it.”

Bill was convinced and we ran upstairs to dress. I put my pants on and tried to get them buttoned and zipped. They wouldn’t fit. I was really disappointed. Wearing diapers under our clothes while we’re outside is a rare treat that we all enjoy.

“I’m going to have to take my diaper off. My pants won’t fit,” I said.

“Me too,” Bill agreed.

“No way,” Kevin said. “There must be something we can do.”

“Got any ideas, genius?” I teased.

He thought for a few seconds before his face lit up.

“Ski pants!” he shouted.

“Yeah,” I agreed, “Our ski pants will probably fit over our diapers.”

“But I don’t have any,” Bill pointed out.

“You can wear my mom’s,” I said. “She about our size.”

“No way,” Bill objected. “I’m not doing that.”

“Then I’ll wear them,” I said. “They look just like Kevin’s and mine anyways. We can even save time if I use her skis. We won’t have to go to your house to pick up yours. You can use mine.”

We packed ourselves a lunch with plenty of juice boxes. (What good is it to be in diapers if you can’t wet them real good?) Everything was set. We left through the back porch to cut across the back of our property. In about 100 yards we reached the cross country run that the county maintains. Everything was as good as I had predicted. The snow was perfect, the weather was perfect, and being out in diapers was perfect. We met up with some school friends and stayed out longer that we thought we would. We headed back a little late (about 2:30) but we still had plenty of extra time.

We had taken our skis off and were plodding back to our house when Bill laughed all of a sudden.

“What’s so funny?” Kevin asked.

“Imagine what Jim and Raymond would say if they found out that they had hung around with us while we were in diapers.”

“Not to mention wet diapers,” I added.

We all laughed. Bill got serious all of a sudden.

“What’s going on at your house?” he said pointing to our driveway.

“Oh no,” I said, “mom’s home.”

“But why are all those police cars there, too?”

I had a sinking feeling. My mom must have come home early and overreacted to our being gone. I could understand that she would be mad but why did she call the police?

An officer surprised us from behind.

“Excuse me,” she said, “but who are you and what are you doing here?”

“I’m Kyle Kadra and this is my brother Kevin,” I stammered. “And this is our friend Bill Lankster.”

She nodded and said, “Please come with me.”

We headed for the back porch.

“Sarge, here are the boys,” she told her supervisor. “Shall I tell the others to leave now?”

The sergeant looked us over and decided that nothing bad had happened to us.

“Yes, thank you,” he said. “Let’s save the county some overtime. Would you please ask Mrs. Kadra to join us, too.”

My mom arrived a few seconds later, relief written on her face. Until she saw our skis, that is.

“Boys, didn’t I specifically forbid you to go skiing? When I think how worried I was…”

“Yes, ma’am,” the sergeant cut in. “Boys, there’s been a lot of activity around here because of you. Your mama’s been sick with worry. When she got home today she found the back door broken in. Someone robbed your house. When you mama couldn’t find you anywhere she didn’t know what to think. Now, you could have saved the county a lot of money by just writing your mama a note to tell her where you were.”

I could tell that my mom’s earlier worry had now turned into anger.

“They couldn’t very well write a note to tell me that they had deliberately disobeyed my instructions, now could they?” she asked sarcastically.

“Yes ma’am,” the sergeant agreed. “I don’t suppose they could. I’m going to have to take their statements to finish my report. Could we go inside?”

“Certainly,” my mom agreed. “Guys, leave your jackets, boots and ski pants on the porch. You can brush the snow off of them later.”

We removed our jackets and boots and brushed as much snow from our ski pants as we could. We started walking into the kitchen.

“I said to take off your ski pants, too,” my mom said sternly.

“We can’t, mom,” I explained. “We aren’t wearing any pants underneath.”

“I’m sure the officer has seen boys in boxers before. Take the ski pants off and then run up to your room to put your pants on.”

“”We’re not wearing our boxers,” I whispered.

“Then what?” she asked.

I hesitated. My mom didn’t know anything about our daytime diaper wearing experiences.

“Our diapers,” Kevin admitted. “We wanted to stay out longer without having to use a bathroom.”

I thought that Kevin had invented a great explanation.

“And your pants wouldn’t fit over your diapers?”

“That’s right,” I admitted.

I thought that our explanation would settle the matter. I started walking into the house.

“Hold it. I said no ski pants. Take them off. This is the last time I’m telling you.”

I knew that Kevin and I had lost. I tried to negotiate a partial reprieve for Bill.

“OK,” I said. “But does Bill have to take his ski pants off, too?

“Do you mean he’s wearing a diaper, too?” she said in surprise.

“I… well…,” I stammered.

Bill was blushing brightly. I guess my mom figured that we all deserved the same treatment.

“Sorry,” she said, “snow is snow. I don’t want it dripping all over the house. We’ve wasted enough of the officers’ time. Hurry up and get undressed. I think that appearing before the sergeant in your diapers is an appropriate part of your punishment for disobeying me. Well? What are you waiting for?”

I really felt sorry for Bill. My mom had seen us in our diapers practically every day of our lives. This would be the first time for Bill to be seen by anyone but ourselves- and it would include being seen by a stranger. One more horrible thought- our diapers were wet. Would the sergeant notice?

Pants off, we marched into the kitchen in our stocking feet. I felt like I was in a dream. You know, when someone is chasing you and you can’t run because your legs are too heavy to lift? Could things get worse? Of course they could. I heard the sergeant talking to someone in our living room. When she answered, I recognized the voice of the lady officer.

“Mom,” I whispered desperately, “ the lady officer is there, too.”

“I was talking to her earlier. She also has two boys- a four-year old and a two-year old. She knows all about diapers. Now quit stalling.”

My mom practically pushed us into the living room. The officers’ conversation abruptly stopped. None of us guys dared to look up.

“The boys have a bedwetting problem” my mother explained. “Today, they decided that they could stay out longer if they didn’t need to use the bathroom.”

“I guess their idea worked,” the lady officer answered. “It sure looks like they used their diapers well.”

Why can’t the world stop when you want it to? The three of us stood there shuffling our feet waiting for them to get this over with.

“OK, boys, you’d better sit down,” the sergeant said. “I have to get a statement from you. That is, ma’am, if you think that the boys’ diapers won’t leak on your fine furniture.”

I got the courage to look up and I saw the lady officer with her hand over her mouth, trying not to laugh. The sergeant also looked amused. My mom played along with them.

“Let me check,” she said.

She proceeded to run her hand over the front of our diapers and to feel inside the leg bands of our plastic pants. We were mortified. I thought that Bill would start to cry at any moment.

“It’s OK,” she said. “They’re wearing brand new diapers. They can hold a lot more. Go ahead, boys, you can sit down. I’m going to call my husband,” my mom said to the police officers, “I’ll be back shortly.”

We sat down on the couch opposite the sergeant. He had his laptop open, ready to take our statements. I was conscious of how much our plastic pants ballooned out as we sat down.

“Will you boys please tell me what happened here this afternoon?”

Bill had recovered his composure so he decided to answer first.

“We left at around 10:30 this morning. We weren’t here at all this afternoon, that is, until now.”

“I see. So when you were here this morning you didn’t see anyone hanging around and you didn’t see anything suspicious.”

“No, sir,” we answered together.

“That’s too bad. Maybe if you had obeyed your mama you’d now be able to help us solve these daytime robberies.”

None of us knew what to say to that. The doorbell rang. Fear ran across Bill’s face. My mom came back to answer it. Sure enough, it was Bill’s parents. Even though his mind knew that he couldn’t hide his wet diaper, his hands instinctively moved to cover up the shameful evidence of what he was wearing.

“What in the world?” his father asked.

“We wanted to go skiing,” Bill lamely said.

“I’ll let you folks sort out the rest of this,” the sergeant said. “Linda, (the lady officer) I think we’ve done all we can here. Thank you ma’am; thank you, boys. Our report will be finished tomorrow. I’ll e-mail it to the address you gave me. If your insurance company has any problem with anything, just let me know. I’d be happy to talk to them about it,” the sergeant said to my mom.

The police left. We knew that we were in for it now. The door had barely closed when our parents started in on us. My mom shot off the first volley.

“I can’t tell you how angry I am. Didn’t I specifically forbid you to leave the property today?”

The answer was obvious but I figured she wanted an answer, so I answered.

“Yes,” I mumbled.

“And you did it anyway?” she said in a louder voice.

“Yes,” I mumbled again. “We’re sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t cut it, Kyle. Do you know how worried I was when I got home and the back door was kicked in and none of you could be found anywhere? Do you?” she said raising her voice at the end.

She had a point there. We really screwed up. A thought came to me. Did I dare ask it?

“Wasn’t it better that we weren’t here when the guy broke in?”

“Yes … No … I don’t know… The police think that the robber selects his houses carefully. He only breaks in after he’s sure the house is empty. He probably saw you guys leave. When the police first showed up they told me that they doubted that you were in danger. They said that the three of you would certainly have put up a fight. There wasn’t any evidence that you had. But, still…”

My mother ran out of gas, I thought. That wasn’t it exactly. She was crying. Boy, I really felt like trash now. My eyes started to water and so did Kevin’s and Bill’s.

“You’re absolutely right to be angry and upset,” Bill’s dad said to my mom. And, turning to us, he added, “You gave all of us a very big scare. When I think what might have been…”

Mr. Lankster’s eyes were watery now. I hoped that this mood would carry the day. It wouldn’t.

“Can we go upstairs to get changed?” I asked.

“Not yet, if you please,” Mr. Lankster said. “Bill, why are you diapered?”

Now it was Bill who got upset. He started crying.

“It was just a game,” he sobbed. “When we decided to go skiing we wore them so that we wouldn’t have to use any bathrooms,” he lied.

“Why were you sitting here talking to the police without your pants on?” his dad asked next.

My mom explained that she was really mad when we got home and she saw that we had gone skiing. Along with everything else, she didn’t want melted snow all over the house so she made us take off our ski pants even though we had told her that we only had diapers on underneath.

“I thought that appearing before the police in their diapers and plastic pants would be an appropriate punishment. I was probably wrong. I’m sorry, Bill for embarrassing you,” my mom apologized.

Mrs. Lankster joined the conversation.

“Don’t apologize, Sandra,” she said. “I would have done the same thing. What really upsets me is that it appears that we can’t trust Bill when we leave him alone. He knows that he has to obey you when he’s in your house. His behavior is inexcusable.”

“I know what you mean,” my mom agreed. “My boys are now grounded for the rest of the Christmas break, but I can’t stay home from work to watch them. I wonder if I can hire a babysitter on such short notice?”

“A babysitter!” I objected.

“Not another word out of you, mister,” my mother fired back at me.

“Mrs. Simpson used to do it when they were younger. I wonder if she’s available?”

“No, she isn’t,” Mrs. Lankster answered. “I ran into her at the grocery store on Christmas Eve. She told me that she was going to be busy with the Quinter children.”

“Is there anyone else you can think of?” my mom asked.

“No, not really. But, I wonder….” Mrs. Lankster’s voice trailed off.

“You have an idea?” my mom asked.

“I was just thinking that maybe the answer is staring us in the face, so to speak.”

A little smirk on Mrs. Lankster’s face sent a chill through me. She was plotting something we wouldn’t like, I could tell. From the look on Bill’s face, he was afraid of what his mother was thinking, too.

“How so, Cecilia?” my mom continued.

“How far do you think the boys would stray if all they had to wear were diapers and plastic pants?” she asked.

“Cecilia, you’re a genius,” my mother laughed. “That’s perfect. There would be no reason to worry about them. I think it’s a perfect solution.” she repeated.

My heart sank. There were still 19 days left before we went back to school. We would be like hermits, isolated from all our other friends.

“Come on, boys,” my mom said, “it’s not that bad. After all, you’re the ones who decided to wear them during the day.”

We were led upstairs to our room. My mom and Mrs. Lankster changed us into fresh diapers. Bill was trying to look upset about it, but I could tell that he really was thrilled to have his mom change him. It’s funny that his mom didn’t sense it, too.

While our moms were diapering us, they discussed the rules that would apply to our grounding. We weren’t invited to give our opinions.

The final rules were: no leaving the house unless accompanied by one of our parents; our video games and TV watching would be severely limited; each of us would have to read two books before school started again (we would get quizzed on them); when our parents went out in the evening they would decide whether we would have to accompany them or not; we would alternate staying at each other’s house during the day; we could invite our friends over to stay with us (our moms chuckled at this one); and, most importantly, no pants. Period.

Before going back downstairs my mom gave Mrs. Lankster a big pile of diapers.

“Don’t worry, the boys have plenty.”

Our moms discussed the rules with Mr. Lankster who agreed with them.

“Alright, I think we’d better leave. Where are you pants, Bill?” his dad asked.


“Go get them and give them to your mother. She’ll take care of them for you.”

Just before leaving our house Mrs. Lankster drove the final nail into Bill’s punishment.

“By the way, Bill,” she said, “I expect to see evidence every day that you have used your diaper.”

Bill glumly left the house. His jacket barely covering the top third of his plastic pants. It must have been cold walking to the car bare-legged.

“OK, guys, time to collect your stuff,” my mom announced.

“Huh?” I asked stupidly.

“Your pants, your underwear, anything that you won’t be needing for the duration of your punishment.”

All our pants and underwear were removed and placed in a padlocked trunk in the basement. My mom didn’t forget about our ski pants or dirty clothes, either.

“And don’t even think about picking that lock. If I see even one scratch mark on it, you’re both going to be in big trouble,” my mom warned.

We dragged ourselves back up to our room and waited for our dad to get home.

“I wonder why mom came home early?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah, I wonder, too,” I agreed. “But I don’t think now is the time to find out.”

The insurance company was fast. A guy showed up to fix the door frame and to install a new lock shortly after the police left. It would need painting but that could wait. At least the house was secure again.

A couple of hours later our dad got home. We figured that we had better stay in our room until our mom and he had finished talking. We didn’t want to do anything that would make them madder at us. Also, I have to admit, I was a little shy about having dad know that I had worn diapers out in public during the day.

Our dad was rarely the enforcer in our house. Most of the time it was our mom who did the yelling at us. Today was no exception. He called us down to talk to him shortly after he got home.

“I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in you,” he began. “You put your mother and me through the worst experience we ever had as parents. I was two hundred miles away and I couldn’t do a thing to help my family. Your mother has set the rules and that’s that. Don’t even think that you can ask for exceptions.”

That was it. He let us go back upstairs.

At dinner we got more bad news.

“Do the boys know about our guest tomorrow?” my dad asked.

“Guest? Who?” I asked fearfully.

“No,” my mom answered, “with everything else I forgot to tell them.”

“Who?” Kevin repeated.

“Darren Hickock,” my mother said.

“Who?” Kevin and I asked in unison.

“Darren Hickock, my boss’s son. You met him at last summer’s company picnic.” my dad informed us.

“Why is he coming and how long is he staying?” I asked.

“Darren’s dad is a single parent. Mr. Hickock is leaving tomorrow on a trip with his fiancée. Darren’s grandparents were supposed to arrive today to spend the next week with him. Unfortunately, they got stranded by a big snowstorm in Canada where they live. They should be able to fly out tomorrow morning. He’ll only have to spend the day with you. I’m sure you’ll get along well.”

“But we don’t know him!” Kevin complained. “Can we at least have our pants tomorrow?”

“No,” my mother stated firmly, “your punishment doesn’t end until you go back to school. You’re certainly not going to get an exception made on the first full day.”

“Can we at least keep our pajamas on?” I whined.

“No, and stop asking for exceptions,” my mom said. “End of discussion.”

We stayed quiet for the rest of dinner. Since we weren’t going to be allowed any TV Kevin and I went up to our room.

“Where does Mr. Hickock live?” I wondered.

“Why?” Kevin asked.

“I just wondered if this Darren kid knows any of the same kids we do. You gotta figure that once he sees us in diapers tomorrow, he’s going to repeat the story all over the place. I don’t think our diapers are going to stay a secret much longer,” I said.

“Even if word doesn’t spread to our friends right away, he’s bound to say something at next summer’s company picnic,” Kevin said.

I was even more depressed as I thought about that. Kevin was right. Next summer he and I were doomed. I wonder how we can get out of going to it?

The next morning Bill came over. He looked really sad.

“Did your parents spend a lot of time yelling at you last night?” I asked.

“No, but Cathy wouldn’t quit. I tried complaining but my parents told me that I had to take care of myself. Eventually she stopped but she’s sure to tell all her friends today. In no time their brothers are going to know about it. We’re gonna get killed when we go back to school.”

Kevin and I had forgotten all about Bill’s sister. He was right that she would blab all over the place about our punishment. This was a lot worse problem than Darren spending the day with us.

“There’s something else you need to know, Bill.” I said.

I told him about Darren. He took it a lot better than I thought he would.

“At least we don’t know him,” he said. “What’s he going to do all day?”

“I don’t know,” I answered. “He knows about the skiing around here. Maybe he’ll bring his skis and we’ll hardly see him.”

“Let’s hope so,” Bill agreed.

My dad hadn’t gone into the office yet because he wanted to make sure that Darren arrived and that we got settled. Darren showed up with his dad just after 9:00. We were upstairs in our room. We hoped that we wouldn’t have to go downstairs until Mr. Hickock left.

We could hear them talking. Mr. Hickock and Darren seemed to know all about our punishment. Darren (I guessed) asked my dad if it was true that Kevin and I wore diapers because of bedwetting. My dad answered him and we heard Darren say something unintelligible.

“Now, Darren, you be nice while you’re here. You are not to pick on the boys. They are probably embarrassed enough about their punishment without you making their life more miserable,” he said.

Darren said something unintelligible again and his dad got a little agitated.

“Look, Darren, I’m leaving today with Sherryl. If I have to change my plans or cancel this trip because you can’t get along with these boys, you’re going to be very sorry.”

We had gotten curious about the conversation going on in the living room so we snuck down the hall to hear better.

“But, dad, this is so funny. How can I possibly keep a straight face when I see them in their diapers? I won’t tease them much, I promise,” Darren answered.

“You will not tease them at all,” Mr. Hickock said. “You know the rules. You behave and do as you’re told when you’re a guest in someone’s house. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir,” Darren answered softly.

“Where are your boys?” Mr. Hickock asked.

“They’re upstairs along with the other boy who is being punished. I’ll call them down in a minute,” my dad said.

“I’d better get on the road. I have just enough time to pick up Sherryl and get to the airport. By the way, I took the liberty of giving my parents this number in case they need to reach you. I hope you don’t mind.”

Mr. Hickock left and my dad called us down. After what we had overheard we weren’t sure about what kind of a day this would be. We didn’t want to get into more trouble by fighting with a guest. We walked into the living room. My dad asked us if we were all set for the day. The look on Darren’s face was hard to read. At least he wasn’t laughing at us or making rude comments right away.

My dad left for work and the four of us were alone in the house. I tried to act like a good host.

“I’m sorry we can’t do anything outside today. Our parents have grounded us for the rest of vacation. Did you bring your skis and stuff? You can borrow ours if you didn’t.”

“Uh, no thanks,” he answered.

There was another uncomfortable pause.

“Can I ask something?” Darren asked.

“Yeah, sure. What?” I answered.

“When my dad told me about you guy’s punishment I thought that you would be wearing baby diapers, you know the kind you throw away. What kind of diapers are those?”

“These are our cloth diapers and plastic pants,” Kevin answered. “These are what my brother and I wear at night.”

“Oh,” he said. “I’ve never seen any like those before. Are they uncomfortable?”

“We’re used to them,” I said.

“Oh, yeah, I guess so. How do they…? Never mind, I shouldn’t ask.”

I was intrigued to find out what he wanted to know.

“It’s OK, you can ask whatever you want,” I said.

“What do they feel like when they’re wet?”

I laughed to put him at ease.

“They feel wet,” I answered smiling. “It’s hard to describe.”

I thought that Darren was turning out to be a pretty nice kid. He could have said anything he wanted while we were alone and then deny it later on. I started to feel that today wouldn’t be so bad after all.

“Can I ask another question?”.

I looked at Kevin and Bill.

“OK,” they agreed.

“My dad said that you were being punished for something you did. What did you do?”

“That’s a long story,” I answered.

We got comfortable and between Kevin, Bill, and me, we told the story of what happened yesterday. He laughed real hard sometimes, but not in an impolite of taunting way.

“You had to talk to the police dressed like you are now?” he marveled.

“Yeah,” Kevin said, “and they even noticed that our diapers were wet!”

We only left out two parts of the story: that Bill had been wearing diapers a lot longer than just since yesterday and that we really liked wearing diapers and plastic pants.

By now we were ready for some juice boxes. We went into the kitchen to pick out what we wanted.

“Look, it’s snowing,” Kevin said.

“Yeah, it’s really coming down. I wonder if my dad’s plane will take off?” Darren added.

We went back to the living room and put “Air Force One” into the DVD player. We hadn’t seen it in a while and we liked all the action that took place. We paused halfway through to heat up the soup that my mom had made for our lunch. Once it was over we cleaned up our mess.

“You guys sure are trained well. My dad would love it if I cleaned up my messes so fast,” Darren teased.

“We’re not always so good,” Bill said. “For myself, I don’t even want to think what my parents might do to me if I get into more trouble.”

“Good point,” Darren agreed. “I would be real careful too if I were in your place.”

“Speaking of cleaning up,” I said eyeing Bill and Kevin significantly.

“Yeah, I need to,” Kevin answered.

“Me, too,” Bill said.

We headed for the stairs. I don’t think any of us knew what to say to Darren.

“Where are you guys going?” he asked.

“Um, to get changed,” Kevin said.

“Changed, how come? Are you going somewhere?”

“Not that kind of change,” I said.

I guess we couldn’t blame Darren for not getting it. This diaper thing was brand new to him.

“We have to change into dry diapers and plastic pants,” Bill explained.

Darren blushed.

“Oh. I’m sorry,” he said.

“That’s OK, we understand.”

As we were changing each other we talked about Darren. We all agreed that he was a nice kid. He seemed to have accepted us, even in diapers. We went back downstairs about fifteen minutes later. Darren had turned on the television and was surfing through the channels.

“There’s nothing good to watch. Can’t we go outside and play in the snow for just a little while?”

“Oh no, not again,” Bill said, getting agitated. “You guys can do what you want but I’m not going to get into more trouble.”

“You’re right,” Kevin and I agreed.

We told Darren that we would love to go out with him but that we couldn’t. Besides, it was cold outside and we didn’t have any kind of pants to wear.

“I guess you’re right,” he sighed.

Just then the phone rang. It was my mom. She said that she had just talked to my dad and that Darren’s grandparents had been snowed in again. When she got home she would take him to his house to pick up some stuff for the next couple of days.

“When are you coming home?” I asked. “It’s snowing awfully hard.”

“Yes, I know. I just heard a weather report that says it’s probably only going to snow until about 4:00. Dad is out on the road today. He won’t get home until after 6:30. I’m stuck in the office until at least 5:00. I probably won’t be home until 5:30. How is everything going?”

I told her that we were getting along fine. She told us to behave and we hung up.

I gave Darren the message about his grandparents. He said he was kind of glad. His liked his grandparents but that it was more fun to be with us. Even if we couldn’t go outside.

“Did mom say when she and dad were coming home today?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah, she’ll be home around 5:30 and dad won’t come back until 6:30. Why?”

“Well, since we’re sure that mom and dad won’t surprise us, we could go outside to play for a little while.”

“Look, Kevin,” I said a little impatiently, “I’d like to go outside, too. But we don’t have anything to wear. Sorry, Darren, but I don’t want to freeze my butt off.”

“That’s OK, I understand,” Darren said.

“But I have a great idea!” Kevin insisted.

“Yeah, and yesterday’s great idea landed us in diapers,” Bill pointed out.

“But this is much less risky,” Kevin persisted. “Kyle and I have lots of pajama bottoms. We can each wear two and play outside for a little while, anyway. We’ll stay in the yard and the new snow will cover up our tracks.”

This actually sounded good. It was really low risk.

“OK, I’m in,” I said.

“Me, too,” Bill said shaking his head. “I must be nuts. But if anything goes wrong, Kevin, I’ll… Ill… I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’ll make sure you don’t like it. And that’s a promise.”

For emphasis, he swatted Kevin’s bottom. Darren laughed at the funny ‘thunking’ sound the plastic pants made,

We all went up to the bedroom, including Darren. I think he was curious about what our room looks like. He got an eyeful, with our diapers and plastic pants in evidence everywhere.

We went outside and had a great snowball fight. It was Kevin and me against Bill and Darren. After about forty-five minutes we started feeling the cold, especially since we were covered in snow. We went into the back porch only after we had brushed off as much snow as possible. We were very careful not to leave any evidence.

“I think we’d better put our pajama bottoms into the dryer,” Kevin said. “We’d better get them dry before mom comes home.”

Darren’s pants were also very wet.

“You’d better put your pants into the dryer, too,” I suggested.

Darren resisted. I think he was embarrassed about walking around in his underwear.

“You’re pants are really wet,” Bill pointed out. “You don’t want to catch a cold during vacation, do you? Besides, don’t be shy. I mean, if we’re wearing diapers you can go around in your underwear for a little while.”

Darren agreed. He took off his pants. Maybe he was self-conscious because he was wearing “Grinch” boxer shorts.

We went up to our bedroom and talked “guy stuff.” Suddenly, we heard the back door open. After yesterday’s break-in, we were all a little nervous. We decided to stay together as we crept downstairs. It was our mom.

“Mom, you’re home early. We didn’t know who it was…” I said letting my voice trail off.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you guys. I should have called. The weather report now says that we’re in for a big storm. I went to the supermarket to stock up on supplies and now I need to drive Darren to his house to pick up his clothes.”

Darren was standing behind us. I guess he was afraid of what my mom would say if she saw that he didn’t have his pants on. She noticed this a few seconds later.

“Darren, where are your pants?” she asked.

“We…, I mean, I went to play outside in the snow and they got wet. They’re in the dryer,” he answered meekly.

“Oh, is that why it’s running. I guess it was too much for me to expect that you would have done some extra laundry for me,” my mom teased.

This was a good sign. I hoped that it meant that she wasn’t as mad at us as she was yesterday.

“Do you think they’re dry yet?” she wondered.

“We only put them in a little while ago,” I answered.

I was beginning to sweat. I think that everybody there (except my mom, of course) knew that we had to keep her away from the dryer.

“OK,” she said, “start putting this stuff away while I get the rest of the groceries out of the car.”

We started putting the stuff away. She brought in two more loads, walking from the garage through the laundry room into the kitchen. We were all getting more and more nervous. Finally, she put the last bags down on the kitchen counter and started helping us put stuff away. She took out a box of laundry powder from a bag and started walking to the laundry room. I couldn’t think of a reason to stop her. I prayed that she wouldn’t look inside the dryer. The door closed behind her. She opened the cupboard where we keep the supplies. I heard the box slide into the cabinet. The laundry room door started opening. She was coming back. But, the door closed again, the dryer stopped running. Busted. We looked at each other across the kitchen. Nothing happened. My mom didn’t come back, or call for us to go out there, either. What was she doing? We were finished putting the stuff away. We were afraid to talk. We just looked at each wondering what to do.

“Here, Darren,” my mom said, “your pants are dry. I think we should go get your clothes right away before the roads get worse. You guys stay here. We’ll be back shortly.”

My mom and Darren left. We ran to the laundry room. Our pajama bottoms were neatly stacked on top of the dryer. Should we take them upstairs? No, we decided, better to leave them there.

“She’s got to know,” I said. “There’s no logical reason for our pajama bottoms to have been in the dryer. I think we’re in for it when she gets back.”

Bill and Kevin had to agree.

“Why did I ever listen to you, Kevin. I knew that we’d get into trouble. I knew it. I am so stupid,” Bill chastised himself.

“If it makes you fell better,” Kevin teased, “you can swat me on my bottom again.”

Bill did and we all laughed.

Darren and my mom came back forty minutes later. Darren was carrying a suitcase.

“Your mom made me take enough stuff for a week. It guess she thinks that between our weather here and the weather in Canada my grandparents might not be able to come at all. Would that OK with you guys?”

“Yeah, that’s cool,” we agreed. “It’s just too bad that we can’t go anywhere.”

My mom asked me to show Darren up to the guest room. He got settled in and came back downstairs. My mom still hadn’t asked us about our pajama bottoms. I think she was playing a game of nerves with us.

“Guys, I want you to go up to your room now. Bill would you go with them, please? Darren and I have something to discuss.”

This was it. We went upstairs certain that our situation would be getting worse in a very short time.

Twenty minutes later Darren came upstairs to join us.

“My mom is talking to my dad right now. She made me tell her about what we did this afternoon. I tried to put as much blame on myself as possible. I kind of exaggerated how much pressure I put on you to go outside to play in the snow. Then she made me call my dad on his cell phone and tell him what I had done. He was really angry that I caused you to disobey your parents.”

We were impressed. We hardly knew each other and he was willing to shift a big part of the blame onto himself.

“How mad was your dad?” Kevin asked.

“Really mad.”

“How badly will you get punished when he gets home?” Bill asked.

“I don’t know about that. He says that I really embarrassed him and that I should be punished by your parents right now. He told me that he’s going to ask your mom to punish me just like you’re being punished.”

His voice cracked and tears started streaming down his cheeks.

“You mean, ground you.” I asked.

“Yes, and take my pants away and put me into diapers, too,” he sobbed.

I really felt sorry for the guy. We were being punished in diapers, but we were enjoying a big part of it. Not being able to go outside sucked, but we loved our diapers. We could handle it. Darren had never even seen cloth diapers and plastic pants until this morning. Now he was facing the prospect of spending the next week in them.

“I’ll tell my mom that you really didn’t force us to go outside. That it is was my idea to wear our pajama bottoms. Maybe she’ll just ground you and not do anything else” Kevin offered.

“Do you think so?” Darren asked hopefully.

Nobody answered because nobody knew how things would turn out. My mom came into the room.

“Darren, your father tells me that he discussed your punishment with you. I agreed to do what he asked.”

Darren began crying again.

“Mom,” Kevin said, “Darren didn’t do as much wrong as he said he did. He didn’t force us to go outside. I’m the one who thought up the pajama idea. Kyle and Bill didn’t want to do it, either. I’m the one who’s most to blame.”

“That’s very interesting,” my mom answered. “I’ll deal with you later. But Mr. Hickock was firm. He wants this punishment to begin now. Darren, is it true that you’ve become very defiant at home and that you have been talking back to your dad a lot?”

“Not a lot,” Darren defended himself, “maybe… a little bit.”

“Whatever,” my mom said. “What you need to know is that your dad is going to continue with this punishment once you’re back home. Now, let’s get you ready. I think the rest of you should go downstairs.”

I could tell that he was in shock. I have to say that I was a little curious about his defiance at home.

We went downstairs. Even at that distance we could hear Darren crying. I tried to imagine what was going on. How would he feel as my mom powdered his diaper area? Would he notice how soft the diaper material felt once it was pinned on? Would he enjoy the rustling and crackling sounds of his plastic pants? Probably not. He would probably feel like a total retard. He would probably be worried about other people seeing him dressed this way. He would feel awful. He might even hate us.

My mom came downstairs. She was carrying Darren’s pants, underwear and pajama bottoms. They had gone through his suitcase together.

“Darren’s in the guestroom. He needs time to relax before he comes downstairs. I told him that we wouldn’t disturb him.”

We went to watch TV. It was beginning to get dark and the snow was still falling heavily. I wondered if my dad would come home early, too. I also wondered if he would be worried about my mom putting his boss’s son into diapers. I guess it would be OK. It was Mr. Hickock who had insisted on it.

Darren came downstairs quicker than I thought he would. I guess he figured that the rest of us were already dressed like him so we couldn’t give him a hard time. His eyes were red from crying.

“Hi,” I greeted him. “Are you OK?”

“I guess so,” he answered. “I don’t want to talk about it now. Can I just sit with you?”

“Sure,” we answered.

We didn’t hear my dad pull up. He just suddenly appeared in the front entrance. Darren looked like he wanted to run and hide but there was no time. Instead he scrunched himself into the corner of the chair. All this accomplished was to make his plastic pants squeak and to puff out even more.

“Now what?” my dad asked in surprise.

Darren got upset again and silent tears ran down his face.

“Darren and the boys have been thinking up even more ways to defy us,” my mom answered.

She then summarized the outing that we had taken in the backyard.

“We’ll discuss this later,” my dad sighed. “Right now I need some help.”

“What wrong?,” my mother asked.

“My car is stuck in a snowdrift just south of the driveway. I need these guys to help me get it out.”

“Really?” I said delighted. “We can go outside?”

“You can come outside to help me get the car into the garage and to clean some of the snow off the driveway, that’s all,” he said sternly.

It didn’t seem like dad was going to let us have any fun. But, we were getting a chance to do something.

“Where did mom go?” my dad asked.

She came back into the room with an assortment of pants. Kevin, Bill, and I wore the same ski pants as the other day and Darren wore a pair of my long johns under a pair of my jeans (his own pants wouldn’t fit over his diaper and plastic pants.).

“I’ll call Cecilia to tell her not to try picking up Bill,” my mother said as we walked out the door.

My dad started up the snow blower. He told Kevin and Darren to begin clearing the driveway as much as they could. Bill and I, armed with shovels and sand, went with him to get the car out of the snowdrift. It took about twenty-five minutes; Kevin and Darren were almost finished clearing the driveway. My dad drove the car into the garage. He then sent Bill and me to clear the front steps and the porch while he finished clearing the driveway and the walkway leading to the porch.

The four of us didn’t have anything left to do. We started fooling around, tentatively at first. As we got more raucous, I thought that my dad would send us back into the house. He could plainly see that we were playing around in the snow, throwing it and chasing each other. He didn’t stop us until he had put the snow blower away.

“Thanks for your help guys. It’s time to go back inside,” he announced.

Darren benefited the most from the time outside. His eyes weren’t red from crying anymore and his mood was back to normal.

“Maybe if this storm lasts long enough we’ll be able to go outside again,” he said hopefully.

“Yeah, that would be cool,” Kevin agreed.

We undressed down to our plastic pants except for Darren who still had on my long johns.

“You have to take those off, too, you know,” I said.

“Yeah, I know,” he blushed. “I guess there’s no point in trying to hide my wet diaper.”

“You wet yourself while we were playing outside?” I asked.

He shook his head up and down, a slight smile creasing his face.

“It felt good, didn’t it?”

Another, bigger smile, spread on his face. He giggled.

“At first it felt funny. Then it felt all warm. I was afraid I might start leaking. And then I was afraid that they might fall off because they got so heavy.”

He had just pulled the long johns off and I looked closely at his diaper. He must have been holding back for a long time. His diaper was soaked and it looked as if it was on the verge of sliding off. He tugged at it but it slid back as soon as he let go.

“Mom, Darren needs a change,” I called to her.

Darren blushed again.

“Not so loud,” he begged.

“Sorry,” I apologized, “I forget that you’re new at this. Around here, needing a diaper change is no big deal.”

“I guess I’d better get used to it, too.”

He must have been thinking about his dad’s threat to keep the diaper punishment going even after Darren went back home.

My mom announced that dinner would be ready in a few minutes. She and Darren went upstairs. Unlike earlier, Darren didn’t throw a fit. He came bouncing down the stairs, his mood still upbeat. I decided to offer him a word of advice.

“You know, next time, don’t wait so long. Pee a little at a time, when you begin to feel the urge. It’s a bad idea to flood your diaper all at once. That’s a sure way of having your plastic pants leak.”

“Thanks,” he said.

We had dinner and spent a quiet night. The four of us slept in sleeping bags in front of the fireplace. It snowed all night and it was still snowing when we woke up in the morning.

Bill and I woke up first. Our teenage hormones were raging so we went quietly up to my bedroom. A few months earlier, we had shared our secret passion for masturbating in wet diapers. Doing it together was even more fun.

The rest of the day was quiet. Bill went home in mid-afternoon after the snow stopped and the roads were clear. Mr. Hickock called to see if everything was alright. He confirmed that Darren’s grandparents wouldn’t be coming at all and that he would spend the whole week with us. Darren was pleased about this. He was happy staying with people his own age and he had been worried about his grandparents seeing him in diapers. (On the other hand, maybe they would have let him out of his punishment although he didn’t thinks so.) Mr. Hickock reminded Darren to behave or else things would get worse for him. Lastly, he informed Darren that an express delivery package would arrive in two days. He had ordered a supply of diapers and plastic pants for him.

“But, why? Doesn’t my punishment end in two weeks?” Darren asked in a shaky voice.

“Two weeks is a long time to be using somebody else’s supplies. Besides, I think that having your own diapers and plastic pants around the house will be a good reminder to you. Your behavior at home has got to improve. If it doesn’t, we’ll have the diapers handy to use again. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, dad.”

He gave the phone back to my dad who spoke business for a few minutes.

We could tell that something had happened while Darren was talking to his dad.

“Is everything OK?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah, I guess so. I get to stay here all week,” Darren answered with a sigh.

“Well, don’t look so excited,” I teased.

“It’s not that. I’m happy to stay here with you guys,” he said smiling weakly. “It’s just that my dad bought me my own supply of diapers and plastic pants. They’re supposed to be here the day after tomorrow.”

“Why did he do that? You could have shared ours until the end of your punishment. We’ve got lots,” I said.

“He says that having my own diapers will be a reminder that I have to behave better at home. If I don’t, I’ll be back in them again.”

“Would he really do that?” Kevin wondered.

“Oh, yeah,” Darren said. “Absolutely. He never says things that he doesn’t mean and he always carries his punishments through to the end.

“Oh,” we answered.

We spent the next day at Bill’s. We were slow getting up and our mom was annoyed that we were making her late for work.

“Come one guys, I don’t have all day,” she called to us.

We were almost ready. I was in the middle of pinning a fresh diaper onto Darren. I then handed him his plastic pants.

“Will Bill’s sister be there?” he asked.

“I don’t know. I hope not,” I said.

“Has she ever seen you in your diapers before?” he continued.

“No,” I answered. “It will be new for all of us. As far as I know she hadn’t ever seen Bill wearing his diapers until a couple of days ago.”

Kevin gave me a warning look. I thought about what I had just said. Darren didn’t know about Bill’s sneaking diapers from us for the last two years. He didn’t react. I guess I got away with it.

My mom stopped at the top of the Lankster’s driveway.

“I’m late. I don’t have time to drop you off at the door.”

“But somebody might see us,” I complained.

The Lankster’s have an even bigger piece of property than we do. Their house sits back about five hundred feet from the road. There are only small bushes and shrubs in the front. If a car goes by, there’s no protection to hide behind. Not even the snow banks on each side of the driveway looked high enough.

“Out. I’m losing patience.”

We got out and hurried down the driveway. Kevin carried our big diaper bag which gave him something to hide behind. Darren and I weren’t so lucky. We made it to the front door without incident. It opened right away. Bill must have seen us coming. He looked terribly unhappy.

“Is Cathy home?” I asked before saying hello.

“Yes,” he answered. “And my mom is letting her have some friends over, too. She’s doing it on purpose to embarrass us.”

“Friends? Who?” I asked in a panic.

“Three girls from her swimming club.”

Cathy is two years older than Bill and me. She mostly hangs around with people we don’t know. Maybe it won’t be so bad.

“But that’s not the worst,” he added. “Take your jackets off and I’ll explain. When I got home yesterday my parents made me go through my room with them to make sure that they had collected everything that I could wear as a substitute for pants. They found my secret diaper and plastic pants supply.”

“Oh, no,” I gasped. “What are they going to do about it?”

“I don’t know. They said that they wanted to talk to your parents first.”

“That doesn’t sound good,” Kevin chimed in.

Darren was looking at us funny.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

“I guess I’d better tell Darren everything,” Bill said.

Bill told his story. Kevin and I decided to tell him the truth about us, too.

“So, you did make a mistake earlier when you talked about Bill’s sister never seeing him in his diapers before.”

I explained my slip of the tongue that morning. Darren really was a smart kid; not much escaped his notice.

Cathy came into the room.

“I’ve been looking forward to today. It’s not often that I get to baby sit four little ones all at once,” she teased.

“Just remember what mom and dad said,” Kevin said, fuming. “You’re not in charge of us. We’re in charge of ourselves.

“OK, OK, can’t I make a little joke? Besides, you all look so cute,” she said smiling.

I felt a stirring inside my diaper. There was something exciting about a girl seeing me in diapers. I felt myself blushing, but then again so were Kevin and Darren.

“And you’re even cuter when you blush,” she gushed.

“Stop it,” Bill shouted. “Let’s go up to my room.”

We spent the morning watching Darren’s TV and listening to music. Cathy’s friends came over but they stayed downstairs. By lunchtime we were really hungry. We were too shy to go downstairs to get anything, though. We tried to coax Bill into getting something for all of us but he wouldn’t do it. (I wouldn’t have done it either.) We waited and discussed what to do. We were on the verge of giving in to our hunger when Cathy came to Bill’s room to say that she and her friends were going over to another house for the afternoon. What a relief. We could get something to eat and watch some DVDs in the den. They left. We went downstairs to the kitchen to make ourselves sandwiches. We were heading to the den when the girls suddenly surprised us. They had been hiding in the living room.

“See, I didn’t lie,” Cathy cackled, “Aren’t they just adorable?”

“Cathy! You bitch!” Bill shouted at his sister.

A big fight was about to start. It would have to wait, though. Darren and one of Cathy’s friends took center stage.

“Darren!” the girl exclaimed and then started laughing uncontrollably.

Darren looked at her and the color drained from his face. The girl started laughing even more. Darren stopped looking scared and started looking mad.

“Just shut up, Samantha,” he shouted.

She turned to Cathy.

“Ohmigod,” she said, “Darren lives right next door to me. This little creep has a habit of being mean to my brother. He’s always picking on him because he’s smaller and Darren knows that John won’t fight back. I can’t wait to tell him that his tormentor is finally getting what he deserves. Someone should have put him back in diapers years ago.”

The sarcasm and venom were dripping from her lips. Everyone was serious. Bill was fuming with rage.

“Now see what your stupid trick has done?”

“How was I supposed to know that Samantha and Darren know each other?” Cathy defended herself. “Besides, if he’s really done that to her brother, he deserves what he’s getting. It’s not my fault that you guys are in diapers. I didn’t have anything to do with that. None of this would have happened if you guys had behaved in the first place.”

Darren couldn’t stand it anymore. He ran up to Bill’s room.

“You can run but you can’t hide forever,” Samantha yelled after him. “I know all about your new diapers and baby pants, too. And about how your father is going to make you wear them until you go back to school.”

Kevin and I went up to Bill’s room to try to console Darren.

“Samantha will tell everybody,” he cried. “What am I going to do? Everybody in my neighborhood will laugh at me. My whole life will be wrecked.”

It was hard to argue with that.

I was really confused about him, though. Was Darren really like Samantha said? Around us, he had never been mean. Come to think of it, though, when his dad first dropped him off at our house it had sounded like he wanted to be mean. I was confused about his apparent dual personality.

“Hiding up here isn’t going to do any good,” Kevin pointed out.

“I can’t go back down there,” Darren pleaded.

“She’s already seen you,” Kevin reminded him. “If you hide up here she’ll have one more thing to use against you. If you go downstairs you can at least show her that you aren’t afraid of her.”

“So?,” Darren said. “She’s still going to tell everybody about it. I bet once I get back home she’ll even call up my friends to tell them to visit me.”

Despite his arguments, Daren eventually agreed to come back downstairs.

Bill and Cathy were arguing. Cathy’s friends, including Samantha, were in the kitchen. We went into the den to watch TV. Bill and Cathy finally stopped.

Cathy went into the kitchen.

“Come on, let’s go. Let’s leave the diaper boys to themselves.”

On the way out Samantha asked one of the other girls if she could use her phone.

“I’ve got a really important call to make to my brother.”

That did it. Darren began to silently cry to himself. We left him alone until he stopped.

The next day was to be spent at our house; it was New Year’s Eve. Things were beginning to drag. The full effect of our grounding was beginning to set in.

Darren mostly sulked in the guest room by himself. Two big packages arrived for him. He came down to open them and discovered that his dad had ordered three dozen thick flannel diapers and plastic pants. Mr. Hickock must have talked to our mom. These were exactly like the new ones we had just gotten. These weren’t diapers that you could wear underneath pants. Even if you could get your pants zipped up, you’d look like your were trying to hide a basketball.

“Why did he get so many?” Kevin asked. “Even if you wear them twenty-fours a day, you’ll still be able to go almost a week without using the same one twice.”

“I think my dad wants me to know how serious he is about this,” Darren sighed.

“These cost a lot of money,” I agreed, “He must be serious. You’d better be very careful how you behave at home.”

“You’ve got that right,” Bill agreed.

“I guess I won’t have to borrow any more of your stuff,” Darren said.

“But you can’t use yours right away, either,” Kevin said to Darren.

“Why not?”

“Because the flannel has a coating on it that makes it hard for water to soak in. You have to wash them once before using them or your pee won’t soak in,” Kevin gleefully announced.

Darren wasn’t very cheered up by any of this. Kevin and I began washing his diapers to get them ready for use. This proves how bored we were getting.

We were laying around trying to do some of the reading that our parents had forced on us.

“Did your parents talk to you yet?” Bill asked.

“About what?”

“Remember I told you yesterday that my parents found the secret supply of diapers and plastic pants that you guys let me borrow? Well, they’re going to make me wear diapers all the time at home for at least six months ‘to see how much I like diapers then’.”

“Wow, six months,” I marveled.

I wasn’t sure if I was jealous or not. If my parents said that I had to wear diapers at home, but that I could still go out and do my normal stuff without my friends knowing about them, I think that I would be OK with it. As usual, Kevin spoke my thoughts out loud.

“If I could still do my all the other stuff and my friends didn’t find out, it sounds pretty cool to me. I’d like six months in diapers at home, I think.”

“I feel that way, too.” Bill agreed. “I’m just afraid that one of my friends will come by unannounced. My dad and mom made it clear that I can’t hide from anyone. I’ll just have to tell my friends that I’m not allowed to have visitors at home for the time being. I hope they won’t forget.”

The buzzer sounded on the dryer. Another load of Darren’s diapers were dry. We folded them and brought them up to the guestroom

“Good,” he said. “I could use a dry diaper.”

We had been teaching Darren how to put on his own diapers but I thought I would take this opportunity to have him experience something new. I hoped that he would like it.

“Darren, do you want to do something really neat?” I asked.

“What?” he asked hesitantly.

“Nothing bad, I promise. I know that you’ll like this. Can I put you into your new diaper?”

Kevin and Bill had figured out what I was suggesting. They encouraged Darren to trust me. Still a little hesitant, he agreed. I removed his wet diaper and cleaned him up. The cold air hitting his diaper area made him shiver. I selected one of his new diapers and placed it under him.

“This feels nice,” he said.

I sprinkled powder over him and rubbed it in. He was reacting just like the rest of us, the evidence of his excitement was growing by the second. I pulled the diaper up between his legs to begin pinning it on.

“Wow, this is great!” Darren marveled. “It’s so warm.”

“Warm diapers are the greatest,” I agreed. “Are you sorry that you let me do this?”

“No. Thanks for showing it to me.”

“When it’s cold, Kevin and I put our diapers into the dryer all the time. Now that your parents know about your diapers, Bill, you’ll be able to do this, too.”

Everybody was a little bit cheered up.

New Year’s Day was pretty typical. We sat around and watched bowl games all day. That night, as Darren was going to bed, my mom helped him get his stuff organized. His dad would be flying home tomorrow afternoon and he was supposed to pick Darren up at 7:00.

Darren was really sullen all day, January 2nd. He was touchy about everything. We were seeing a new side of him that was not very pretty. By lunchtime all of us we were at each other’s throats. I blamed Darren’s mood for it.

“You know, Darren,” I said, “things would be a lot better if you didn’t complain all the time.”

“Fine,” he said, “I’ll leave.”

He stormed up to the guestroom and slammed the door.

“Boy, has he changed,” Bill said.

“Yeah, I guess he isn’t the nice guy we thought he was. Maybe his neighbor Samantha was right- he can be a real jerk,” I added.

“I don’t know,” Kevin said. “I think it’s because he’s scared of his dad.”

“How do figure that?” Bill and I asked.

“Well, we’ve gotten along fine until today. His dad is coming back today. There has to be a connection,” Kevin speculated.

“Maybe,” I said. “But what if it’s because he’s mad at his dad for his punishment?”

“Whatever,” Kevin said. “I just wish that he would stop acting this way.”

Darren came down for dinner. He barely said a word. He was polite (probably because our parents were there) but he sure looked unhappy. Maybe he was thinking about his neighbors and how they would treat him. Or the kids at school, and what he was likely to get from them. Or maybe he was scared of the way his dad would treat him.

Darren was ready to go. We had helped him bring his stuff to the front door. Mr. Hickock arrived right at 7:00.

“I want to thank you both for taking care of Darren, even though it was under unusual circumstances,” he said to our parents. “I hope he didn’t give you any trouble about his punishment.”

“No trouble at all, we’d enjoy having him anytime,” my mom said.

“Thank you, that’s very kind. OK, Darren, let’s get your stuff out to the car.”

“I’ve got my suitcase,” Darren answered, “You sent the rest of the stuff here, I don’t see why I have to take it out.”

There was a collective gasp in the room. My parents looked at each other in amazement. Mr. Hickock looked as if he was going to explode. Kevin must be more depressed than I thought. Or more stupid. How could he think that he could get away with talking to his father that way?

“Darren, put that suitcase down. Now take those boxes of diapers and plastic pants out to the car.”

“Make me,” Darren challenged.

My family was getting really embarrassed and so was Mr. Hickock.

“Darren, do I have to make your punishment longer?”

Darren kicked the boxes of diapers and plastic pants.

“I don’t care what you do.”

“One month more,” Mr. Hickock seethed.

Darren didn’t move.

“Two months more.”

Still no reaction from Darren.

“Four months.”

Darren snorted defiantly. Mr. Hickock tensed up even more.

“Six months,” he said through clenched teeth.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to stop Darren from self-destructing.

“Uh, Darren,” I said, “didn’t you tell us that your dad never backs down on punishments? Haven’t you earned enough? Six months is a long time.”

Darren’s impassive façade cracked. A look of dread spread over his face.

“I’m sorry, dad. I’ll take the stuff to the car.”

“Your apology is accepted. But your punishment won’t change.”

“I know,” he said meekly.

He turned to pick up the boxes. His back was to his dad. He looked directly at Kevin and me and smiled the biggest smile I have ever seen.

“I guess I’ll be seeing you… a lot, I hope.”

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