New Year Baby

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New Year Baby

2008-05-17 17:53:38

Author: MikeyA

The following story is a "I wish it would have happened to me" Story. It is not intended to promote/recommend the idea of putting a child back in diapers. It should not be taken as anything more, than this writers attempt to imagine things the way he wished they had been.

If you are offended by the idea of a child being put in diapers, wetting those diapers, and having those diapers changed by a loving parent. Do not read this story.

If you feel you might like this story and agree that it is mighty pathetic that such disclaimers are necessary in this day and age, Please read on:

"But mommy! I'm 10 years old, I'm a big boy! Big Boys don't wear diapers!" I protested loudly as mom pulled at my pants. "Tommy I have explained this a hundred times. There is only one bathroom in this house and with all the guests we are going to have tonight, we can't have you tying up the bathroom with your hourly need to pee" She explained to me as she pulled my jeans down. I grabbed the waistband of my Underoos and held them firmly in place. "But Mommy, I don't want to wear a diaper." I complained as I hopped up and down.

"You are not acting like a big boy" She scolded as she slapped my bottom hard with her hand, causing me to release my grip on my briefs. With no further resistance she pulled them down to my ankles and I stepped out of them quietly. "Take your bath" Mom told me gently as she pushed me toward the bathroom door. I stomped off into the bathroom and got in the tub. I sat in the warm water and crossed my arms and just sat there sulking (like a baby).

"Get washed up!" Mom said firmer this time. I didn't move. "Fine!" Mom said as she stormed into the bathroom and kneeled down next to the tub. I kept my arms folded tight across my chest as my mother soaped up a washcloth and started washing me while she scolded " A Big boy would do as his mother asked, I really wish you would cooperate a little more, it's only one night Thomas" She said as she washed my hair with no help from me. "Okay get out" She said flatly as she stood up. I got out of the tub and stood in the center of the bathroom on the bath mat, water dripping down my naked body. Mom started to cry me off, and as she did so slowly worked herself so that she was sitting on the edge of the sink.

Suddenly she grabbed me by the waist and pulled me up over her knee. "No mommy, Please, I'll be good!" I promised as she positioned me over her knee. "I'm not going to spank you, you just seem to listen better in this position" She said as she held me over her knee. She lectured me on being a big boy and about how I was to stay in my room once the grownups got there for the party. When she was done she gave me one sharp slap on my left cheek and stood me back up.

I followed her to my room, rubbing my bottom with my hand gently. Having resigned myself to being diapered I laid down in my bed and waited for mom as she read the back of a bag of Youth Size attends. "Just like the baby ones" She commented as she pulled one from the bag. "I thought it might go on different, but it doesn't" She continued as she unfolded the diaper in front of me. "Can I see?" I asked curiously. Mom handed me the diaper and I gave it a full inspection. The outer plastic was soft and smooth, and the inner padding thick and sweet smelling. A soft waistband flexed and crinkled as I pulled on it, and the leg bands felt gentle and I too concurred that it was very much like a baby diaper. I handed the diaper back to mom and laid back down.

Trying to be the big boy I promised to be I lifted my but helpfully as mom slid the diaper under me. it was soft under my bottom and felt warm and fuzzy. Mom sprinkled baby powder on my penis and diaper area as the sweet smell filled the room. I watched with fascination as she pulled the diaper up, through my legs and over my genitals. She held it firm against my waist as she taped the top tape on the left side, and then the right side. Then she did the middle and bottom tapes on both sides. She rubbed the tapes with her fingers to make sure they were sticking good. "Perfect" she commented as I sat up in bed and explored my diaper with my hands. Stretched over my body it felt even smoother to the touch. "I guess this isn't too bad, but I'm still a big boy!" I said looking to mom for her assurance that this did not make me a baby. "Of course" Mom assured me as she helped me to my feet. She handed me my "Space Jam" One piece pajamas and I stepped in it and zipped myself up. "You can't even tell" Mom said as she positioned me in front of the mirror. "Except for the noise" I said referring to the crinkling sound. "Well, I'll take care of that later" Mom said in a strange way. "Can I watch TV till they get here?" I asked sweetly. Mom said I could so I went and sat on the couch downstairs and laid down with my head in my dad's lap. "Hi daddy" I smiled as he stroked my hair gently. We talked a bit and watched TV until the first of the guests arrived. "Niter mommy, Night Daddy" I said as I kissed them both and went up to my room. It' wasn't bedtime, so I played Legos on the floor in my room trying to stay out of the way.

It wasn't long later I had to go pee. I tried to pee, but couldn't seem to make it come out. I pushed hard and almost peed. I got up and tried again, still couldn't pee. I stood in the center of my room and closed my eyes. I imagined I was standing in front of a potty with my pants pulled down and relaxed my bladder enough to make the pee start coming out slowly. Then it started coming out faster until I couldn't have stopped it if I had wanted too. By the time I was done my diaper felt really warm and squishy. Not really a bad feeling, just kind of weird.

I tip toed to my door and opened it a couple inches "Mommy?" I called not loud enough for anyone to hear. I heard music and voices downstairs and decided not to bother Mom. I shut the door and went back to playing quietly.

An hour later there was a knock on my door, and Mom walked in. "Time for bed" She said as she knelt down to help me pick up my Legos. "Okay" I said disappointed to have to stop playing. "How's the diaper feel?" She asked as she set the box of Legos on the bookshelf where it belonged. "I...uh....It's.....Not dry" I stuttered nervously. "You need to be changed?" She asked obviously wanting me to say it. "Yes mom" I said as I looked down at the floor shamefully. "Don't be embarrassed That's why you have it on. You should see the line to the bathroom!" She commented as she directed me to the edge of my bed. Mom unzipped my jammies and I pulled them off and got back on my bed. I could see the yellowish tint around the front of my diaper, and the blue stripe telling mom the diaper was wet.

Mom untaped all six tabs of my diaper and pulled the front down, leaving the back of the diaper under my bum. "Where are the wipes I bought yesterday?" She asked as she got up to find them. Nervously I told her they were in the trash can. "That's right, someone was upset yesterday" She said as she pulled the tub of wipes from my trash can. I blushed thinking back to the tantrum I had thrown the day before.

Mom wiped me clean as I shivered from the feel of the cold wet wipe on my most sensitive parts. Mom pulled the diaper out from under me, and wrapped it up into itself and threw it in the trash can. "Okay Spread em!" Mom joked referring to my legs as she slid another diaper under me. she powdered me and got the diaper on nice and snug again and then went into my closet. She pulled out a paper bag labeled "Main Street Medical" And from the bag pulled out an amber colored pair of plastic looking underpants. "What's them?" I asked pointing at the brief. "It's a rubber panty, It will keep you dry overnight tonight, and also get rid of that crinkle, so you can sleep." Mom explained as she shook out the panty and threaded my legs through the holes. She pulled them up to the bottom of my diaper "Raise up" She requested as she pulled the panty over my diaper. "It's a little warm, you think you need the sleeper?" Mom asked as she rubbed my tummy. "No, I hot" I replied as I dramatically rubbed my forehead.

Mom just snickered at me as she tucked me in and kissed me gently. "Good Night Sweetheart" She whispered softly in my ear. "Night mommy" I said as I gave her a wet sloppy kiss. I rolled over onto my side and put my thumb in my mouth to suck on it Like I always do at night, and closed my eyes. I went to sleep not knowing that this would be only the first night of being diapered. Little did I know I would be

wearing them for a long time.

The end?

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