My Diapers, how did it start

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My Diapers, how did it start

2008-05-17 17:49:24

It was the year that I was in 5th grade that I found myself back in diapers and it all started at my friend Peter's house.

It was a day that I really can't ever forget, because it was so embarrassing and it was also the time that I began to seriously wet the bed again.

It was a Friday sometime during my fifth grade year - I was 9 years old. School had just finished for the day and I had asked my mom if it was okay for me to go over to my friend Peter's house to play. Peter was new to our school that year and he was also 9 years old, just like me. Peter and I walked back to his house. He didn't live far from the school. My mom told me that I should call to let her know when we would be all done and she could come pick me up.

We had a great afternoon playing outside. While we were playing Peter asked me if I wanted to stay the night and watch a movie because we didn't have school the next day. I had gone over to Peter's many times to play, but never stayed to have a sleepover. So we went inside to call my mom and ask her if I could sleep over - Peter's mom wanted to talk to mine and so we left them to chat not knowing a word of what went on between them - but Peters mom came back in a bit and said no problem, my mom said it was ok.

Dinner was great, and after we just finishing dinner it was time to get into our PJ's before going into the playroom where we had laid out a bunch of mattresses in front of the TV to watch a movie - and where we would probably end up falling asleep.

Now Peter had a younger brother Thomas who was 6 years old. He was playing around with us most of the day but unfortunately he would not be able to stay up and watch the movie with us - he was too young and Peter and I wanted to hang out together. So Thomas was going to sleep in the bedroom that he shared with Peter.

So Peter's mom told all three of us to go upstairs and get into our PJ's and brush our teeth - she told me that I could just borrow a pair of Peters pajamas and that I had nothing to worry about. As the three of us were in Peter's room getting changed, Peters mom call out to Thomas - she wanted to see him in the bathroom which was right across the hall from Peter and Thomas's room. Thomas went into the bathroom and the door was shut. Just as Peter and I were about to go back down to the play room - Thomas came out and Peter's mom said "Peter can you come in here for a minute, it's your turn". I didn't know what was going on - Peter told me to just wait in his room - he said would be back in just a minute. As I was waiting in Peter's room Thomas came back in and he was just wearing his PJ bottoms, but could see something sticking out from his pants. It was a diaper - this white plastic waistband was just poking above his pants. I also heard a crinkling noise. I then figured he must be still wetting the bed so a diaper makes sense.

I had no idea what was going on, but after Peter came out of the bathroom his mom called for me to come see her.

"Nicholas, can you please come in here for a moment"

I had no idea what was going on, and being polite and obedient, I went in. Peter and I crossed each other and he said, "Nick, I'll wait for you in my room."

So off to the bathroom I went. When I got into the bathroom it was really long with a really long counter top. I could see a big cupboard was open and right in the middle was a big box of diapers. There was a soft mat on the counter and a bunch of other diaper stuff like powder and cream was on it too. I figured this was all for Thomas until Peter's mom said -

"Nick can you hop up on the counter here for me."

I didn't know what was going on, but again I just did what I was told. Peter's mom said to me

"Nicholas, I know this may be a little different than what you are used to, but because this is your first time staying the night here, you will have to wear a diaper. Peter and Thomas are still having accidents at night, and I just don't want you to have one as well."

I said to her, "I haven't wet the bed in a long time and I promise I won't."

Peter's mom said "Nicholas I asked your mom if you ever have night time accidents and she told me that you do every once in a while. So I asked her if it was ok if I could diaper you tonight, she said to go ahead. So please just lay down, it will be all over in just a minute"

And with those words she gently pushed me down on the mat. She pulled the PJ pants I was wearing down to my ankles and then my underwear as well. I was lying there totally naked, and to my surprise my penis was really hard.

Peter's mom then said, "Lets see Nicholas, are you a 5 or a 6. Thomas is a 5 and Peter is a 6, but you're a little smaller than Peter."

Being small for my age, she decided to go with the size 6. She took the diaper out and pulled it open, she lifted up my legs and slid it under my bum. I was so confused and scared; I hadn't worn a diaper in a long, long time. With the diaper lying under my bum, she wiped me down with a wipe and then poured some powered all over my groin and bum. Pulling the diaper up, she fastened the tapes on the front and said

"Perfect fit, you're all done - you can pull up your pants." With that, she said, "Now Nicholas, if you do have to go to the bathroom before you fall asleep tonight, go right ahead and use your diaper, I don't want it falling off and you not getting it back on properly. I will be here to change you if you need it just let me know. Otherwise I will come wake you boys in the morning and help you take it off." I thought to myself - I hope I don't have to use the bathroom, if I could just make through to the morning.

As I got down from the counter I was still really confused - it felt really weird. As I walked back into Peter's room, I could hear the crinkling noise my diaper was making. Peter looked at me and said "I'm really sorry you have to wear a diaper tonight - I had no idea you were going to have to, I'm really sorry." Peter was about to cry, but I just looked at him and said, hey it's no biggy. It's actually kind of fun" I knew he was really embarrassed - man I was too standing there in his PJ's wearing a Pampers diaper. I was even shocked that it fit me so well.

It was around 9pm - we both went downstairs to the TV room where we had all our stuff laid out. We turned on the TV and started watching our movie. 1/2 way through I really had to go pee. I didn't know what to do. I remember Peter's mom telling me that I was to just use the diaper, but I would be mortified if I had to go ask her to change me. So I thought maybe I could just pee a little bit and then wait till the morning. As I started to let it out it began to flow unstoppably. My diaper was wet. Still, nobody knew, it was under my PJ's so I just lay there figuring I would just fall asleep and it would be morning.

Just before the movie was over, Peter's mom came in to the den and said "Boys, I'm just about to go to bed, do either of you need a change?" Peter said no and then as I said no, she bent down to check Peter, and then she checked me. As she put her hand on the PJ's at my groin she said "Nicholas, you have really wet your diaper, we better get you changed, you don't want to get a rash now". Now totally embarrassed in from of Peter, she took me back up to the bathroom and pulled out the wipes, powder and a fresh diaper. As she was changing me she said, you didn't need to lie, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

After my change, I went back down to the playroom. I was really tired and as the movie finished Peter and I both fell asleep.

I was woken up to Peter's mom shaking me saying, "Good morning Nicholas, how did you sleep?" as her hand moved to my crotch she could feel the thick heaviness of the wet diaper I was wearing. As I was wiping the sand out of my eyes, I felt this funny sensation - my diaper was wet!!! How did I wet the bed last night? I was shocked! I hadn't wet the bed in a long, long time - except for one or two times. Peter's mom said to us "boy's you best be getting out of those wet diapers and into the shower." Peter had a soaking diaper too. He said to me - you go first.

Oh my goodness this was a really crazy night. I hadn't wet my bed in a long time and here I was having had a diaper change the night before and now waking up to a wet diaper. After Peter and I showered, we played some Play Station. We never really talked about what had happened last night. We pretended like it was just normal.

When my mom came to pick me up she asked if I had a good time - I told her ya... I had a great time. She never asked me about the Diaper change, but when I got home, after a couple hours I noticed a bag of Pampers 6 sitting in my room. Peter's mom had told my mom that morning that I had wet the bed last night and suggested that I might need some protection.

For the next 3 years I was diapered every night. There were a number of times that I wet the bed - but some time I did it just for fun - this is how I really started to love wearing diapers.

Dee - How Came To Be

I never suffered abuse, sexually or any other kind like many who post, so I thought I would share some of my diaper history, or where I think my AB/DL feelings developed from in an otherwise ‘normal’ environment.

When I was 5, I had a 7 yr old tyrant brother, a 2 year old adoring brother, and a brand new baby sister.  My parents got a kick out of me being "little mommy" taking as much control over the whole diapering process as I could.  It was encouraged and appreciated, until one night, I tried to diaper myself.  My mother caught me, and spanked me very angrily, and humiliated me, and I was in disgrace.  I can still recall partial images of her ridicule as she pulled my pjs and diapers off.  Diapers were shameful. Actually, she was probably at her wits end with the 2 in diapers she already had. (No disposables in 1957).

The incident of course was never mentioned.  Then, at about age 12, we had houseguests.  Two boys around 8 and 10, whose mother put them in big thick diapers and plastic pants to sleep in.  Bedwetters, I suppose.  I was mortified for them, yet riveted by their apparent nonchalance at this set of circumstances.  Did big kids wear diapers?

Well, move ahead to about age 17...  in one of my earliest petting sessions -- you know where the panties finally come down to the knees, the boy teased me with his fingers and brought me to my first orgasm.  I left a wet spot the size of Montana on his mothers brocade divan.  Again!  Out of glory comes disgrace.  The boy never looked at me again. For years afterwards, I could never consider sex or orgasm without a towel firmly beneath me. 

At age 24 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter.  During the weeks immediately following delivery I was flowing so heavily, that unless I set the alarm clock for every hour to change pads, I could guarantee stained bedding in the morning.  In desperation I grabbed one of the baby's pampers, and had my first decent sleep in weeks.  Suddenly diapers, meant security, peace of mind, as well as wet, horny, and sexy.

A couple of years later the baby and I moved into my great Aunt's house after she went into a nursing home, and I rummaged through her stuff to help my Dad make sense of what to keep and what to get rid of.  Imagine finding adult size plastic pants!  The fantasy took on new feelings when I indulged in the diapers for real now.  Alone of course, but I could be as wet as I wanted to, feel the "kick' of the naughtiness of it all, feel the fear of discovery, and yet experience orgasms that nothing else ever came close to. I’d crossed a line permanently in ‘what makes me tick”.

Since I was a teenager, I volunteered with a teen theatre company, and stayed involved til I was in my 30's.  I was music director, costume designer, set designer etc., and later performed as a singer in local professional productions.  I've always loved role play and drama and ritual.  An early original play required an adult baby... not as a fetish, but symbolic of a man who had never grown up.  I made him a footed sleeper, and bonnet, and it was a constant running joke backstage by everyone about "I'm so nervous I'm gonna pee my diapers".  I of course never let on how erotic the thought was or still is.

One day, one of the actors in the company asked if I'd make a "custom" baby outfit for his boyfriend.  He'd been paralyzed due to a car accident, and although beginning to walk again, was incontinent for life.  They had made a game of his diapers to facilitate their lovemaking, and so I found my entre into the fetish community via real Adult Babies. 

Over the years I never got into the goo-goo gah-gah stuff.  I realize most adults look completely ridiculous with the bonnets, mittens, baby gear etc., but as my kink experience expanded, I found myself in exclusive demand among other femdommes for being able to handle the AB clientele.   I can easily do the Mommy/Nanny thing and have enjoyed it to a certain extent, but was sometimes jealous of the ‘Baby’.  Again, my diapers were/are a secret.  My ex husband was military and on the road a lot, so I would enjoy a few days of “stress relief” alone in diapers, but face it -- The Ultimate Bitch Goddess Dominatrix in diapers? It would just never fly. 

So things coming full circle as they do, I have several AB clients now for clothing which is part of a fetish line I design.  It seems I'm the only person in my area making the stuff at the moment.  Still, I remain in the closet on this particular fetish.  Until now.  Thanks to DailyDiapers I got the courage to answer an ad, and have found the most simpatico, kind, adoring, intelligent “Daddy” in the planet.  He actually “gets me”… all of me, the kink, the business woman, the community leader, and most of all – the little girl inside who needs to come out once in awhile to stay sane and be sexually satisfied this way.  I can curl up in Daddy’s arms for a few hours, and be wet and warm and loved, and then be well and truly fucked, and completely renewed to take on the world again. It’s an experience of a lifetime.

As a child I was very late in gaining any degree of bladder control and consequently remained in nappies (diapers) both day and night until I was 4½ years old. My mother found this very tiresome, especially as my sister, who is a year younger, was completely toilet trained and out of nappies long before I even started to become dry during the day!

The main problem during my school days was constant bedwetting. Almost every night I would wake up with soaked bedclothes. I was scolded, punished and of course threatened with being put back into nappies. On more than one occasion I was made to wear one of my sister's night dresses as I had run out of dry pajamas. This humiliation perhaps inevitably led to stress related incontinence and on several occcasions I was sent home from school having wet myself in class.

I was of course paraded in front of a succession of doctors, specialists, paediatricians and child psychologists who suggested pads, buzzers, pills, potions, diuretics and reduction of liquid intake all to no avail. Things came to a head at age 7, I was finally admitted to the paediatric ward of the local hospital for tests. After nearly a week they diagnosed chronic enuresis, although nothing specifically was found to be wrong. It was suggested to my parents that it might be better all round if I was put back into nappies and plastic pants at night and let nature take it's course, as it was possible that I would grow out of it in time. The hospital even offered a loan of some large size terry nappies and plastic baby pants until my mother had the opportunity of getting me some of my own. I still rember cringing with embarrasment when my parents readily accepted their offer.

I will never forget that first night home. I remember crying with abject misery when at bedtime mother told me to lay on the bed and after a liberal dusting with baby powder proceeded to pin me into one of the nappies. This was followed up with a pair of the clear plastic baby pants being pulled over the top. The final humiliation came when my pajama trousers would not fit over the bulk of the nappy and mother told me I would have to wear one of my sisters nighties until she could get around to buying me some new ones in a more suitable size.

As I lay in med that night my mind was in turmoil. I felt a mixture of embarrasment and humiliation at being dressed and treated as a baby but yet..., I also felt safe, secure, as though the responsibilities for my actions had been taken out of my hands. I slept soundly that night for the first time for as long as I can remember. The next morning I awoke to a dry bed and nightclothes. It was only when I slipped my hand inside the waistband of the plastic pants and realised that my nappy was soaked, that I knew I had wet myself as usual during the night. Shortly afterwards, when my mother came in with my morning tea and realised that the constant daily changing and washing of wet bedclothes was now to be a thing of the past, she put her arms around me and cuddled me to her. It was then I think the die was cast...

It was almost inevitable that relatives, neighbours and school friends found out that I had to wear nappies at night, despite my mothers best efforts at being discreet. Often my sister or I would bring friends round to the house and it was not long before they discovered that nappies and large size baby were sometimes hanging on the washing line to dry. Not surprisingly, my sister denied that they were anything to do with her! It wasn't long before the news was all round the school. Of course I had to suffer the taunts and catcalls of the local children and some of the neighbours were openly disscussing my "problem" with a sympathetic " does he take sugar" sort of attitude. I even found a babies dummy (pacifier) inside my desk at school one morning! However, after a short time the novelty wore off and everbody just seemed to accept it.

By the time I was about 12, I think my mother realised that not only was I unlikely to grow out of my enuretic condition, I believe she thought I was actually begining to enjoy it. I was told that I was to be responsible for dealing with my own nappies from then on, although of course she continued to look after the washing and drying of them. However, I do remember one exeption. A couple of years later I was off school with a virus infection for 10 days or so. As I was spending most of the time in bed, my mother thought it would sensible to keep me in nappies full time. The doctor had prescribed plenty of fluids which ensured she had to change me on a fairly regular basis. This would probably have been one of the most enjoyable times of my life, had I not been feeling so poorly at the time!

I can remember being interested in diapers as far back as the age of five. I was sitting on the toilet and looking into the bathroom closet directly across from me when I saw some of my youngest brothers now unused diapers and a pair of his old plastic pants. I had been a chronic bed-wetter as long as I can remember. It was just my life I thought at that age. Out of the four boys in my family I was the one who woke-up wet every morning. This particular day, I decided to do something about it. I knew I couldn't just stop it like my parents kept encouraging me to do. I had gone to bed with too many headaches from "thinking hard; I will not wet the bed, I will not wet the bed." But that never worked. This time I would use something more practical. If diapers could keep everything around a baby dry, why couldn't they keep my bed dry. So I sneaked them under my shirt, into my bed room and under my pillow with my pajamas. That day at nap time, I couldn't wait any longer, when my mother told me to get ready for my nap, I went into my bed room, took off my pants and slip the plastic pants over my underwear.(I didn't know how to pin a diaper on me yet.) All went well and I soon fell asleep. The next thing I knew, my mother was shaking me to wake me and then she reached for the blanket. Just then, I remembered I had on my brother's plastic pants, so I tugged on the blanket to keep it on. This made my mother suspicious so she yanked the blanket off me and saw the plastic pants. I thought she would be mad, but instead she asked me if I wanted to wear at night when they would help me more. [even though I wet the bed at night, I never wet the bed during my naps. Go figure!] I said sure! so she told me it would be hers and my secret. This went on for about a week until my mother was hosting her social club's meeting, my brothers and I was told to stay in our rooms that night and not to bother my mother. We was wrestling around on the beds when my older brother saw my plastic pants. Like all 6 yr. olds. with a secret, the first words out of his mouth was I'm telling mom! I tried to tell him that mom already knew but he was already in the living room where my mother's meeting was going on yelling mom, Darryl's wearing diapers! for all the other ladies to hear. Some of them were my friend's mothers. I was so embarrassed. Well, one of the ladies there, was my mother's best friend, and she was also a registered nurse. She told my mother that putting me back in diapers wasn't such a good idea because it might cause me to regress. I still haven't forgiven her for that. So the next night the diapers were put away, but I never forgot how they felt, or how much better I felt every morning I didn't have to crawl out of a soaked bed. Through the years, I tried using every scrap piece of material I could find to make a diaper out of. I just couldn't find any plastic pants. There was no such thing as disposable diapers back then. When I turned 10, I got a paper route. The newspaper office was in an alley next to the Five & Dime store. They're gone now, but these were stores like our modern day dollar stores, where most of the stuff in there cost either a nickel, or a dime. Anyway, They carried Super size plastic pants that fit me. They cost 55›. So I saved up my money from my paydays, and I bought me two packs of diapers, and two pairs of Super size plastic pants. I took a short cut through a wooded lot on my way home every day so I built a lean-to and hid my diapers there. From then on I was load myself up with pop during my paper route and then stop off at the lean-to on the way home and pin on my diapers and wet them. Then I would wear them home under my jeans and to bed that night. I would wash them in the bath tub the next morning when I took my daily bath. This went on until I finally stopped wetting the bed some where between my fourteenth, and fifteenth birthdays.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Several years ago my parents decided to take a vacation to see some of their old friends in another state. So my sister who was 9 and I who was 8 and our parents left on vacation for 2 weeks. On the 2nd day we arrived shortly afternoon and we spent the afternoon getting acquainted with the family. They had to boys Kevin age 7 and Steven age 5. Though younger than my sister and I we made friends and spent the afternoon playing games and riding bikes. We broke for supper and after supper my parents took my sister and I outside and told us that both Steven and Kevin needed to have diapers on for bed and we were told under no circumstances were we to say anything about their diapers or we would be spanked in front of them with our pants pulled down. We both promised not to tease. After supper dishes were done we played for awhile longer until the boys mother called them in the house. My sister came over to me and said it must be time for them to get their diapers on. We went into the house and went into the TV room and were sitting watching TV with the boys. After a while their mother came into the room and called Steven to get ready for bed. In a few minutes Steven came back into the room and said good night to us and under his pj's there was an obvious diaper bulge. He left the TV room and went to where the parents were, good-nights were said and Steven followed by his mom walked down the hall by the TV room to his bedroom and Kevin started to get anxious probably because he knew he was next and was afraid we would say something. His mom came back from the bedroom and said to Kevin You can get ready for bed now and sit and watch TV or wait awhile if you want. Kevin said he would wait awhile. We watched TV and talked for a bit and His mom came to the door and said Kevin time to get ready for bed. With that Kevin got up and left the room. My sister and I looked at each other and wondered what we would see. After a few minutes Kevin came back into the room with his pj's on and he to had the very obvious diaper bulge beneath his pj's. When he came into the room and sat down on the couch next to me the tops of his pj's rode up a little and both my sister and I could see a little of the elastic waistband of his plastic pants. He sat and watched TV with us for a few more minutes and then his mom said time for bed. He said good night to everyone and went to bed. Soon it was time for me to go to bed and I was sleeping in the boys' room in my sleeping bag, which I had unrolled on the floor. I got ready for bed and went into the room and there was a smell of baby powder, which I would find out later the boys' mom put on their diaper area and dusted the plastic pants just before she would put them on over the boys' diapers. I crawled into my sleeping bag and lay there feeling very strange about being in the same room with a 5 and 7 year olds who both were wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants. The next morning I woke up and the boys were awake and got out of their beds and left the room. I pretended to be asleep and as they walked by it was easy to tell they both had wet diapers.

I think I was potty trained to early so I wet my pants and bed constantly. One day when I was 5 I went to watch T.V. I fell asleep and above me was my mom. She said I had wet myself again. So she went to the store for like 30 minutes. She came back and asked me to wait in my room, so I did. When she came in she had a bag of Pull-Ups. I had not expected this. She said, "I am not trying to punish you, but if you keep wetting yourself during the day and at night I am going to have to ask you to wear Pull-Ups."

So she asked me to put it on. I pulled down my pants and slipped the Pull-Up on. I said it felt soft and stretchy. So she pulled my pants back up and she said if you feel your self wet come and get me and I will give you another Pull-Up. So I went to play some Nintendo and in about 2 hours I went outside to play with my friends. When they saw me they thought I had snuck something out of the house. I realized that I had wet my Pull-Up. I told my friends I had to go to the bathroom. So I ran inside and my mom got me another Pull-Up. When school came along this was not a good thing to be in kindergarten with a Pull-Up. My mom talked to the teacher and instructed her to keep my extra Pull-Ups with her. When I wet I would tell her and I would go in the bathroom and change. One day when I was 7 we were in P.E. class. I was running and I tripped and fell on the ground. My pants had some how slipped off. My whole Pull-Up with the Mickey designs were showing. I ran to the office and called my mom to come take me home. School and Pull-Ups or diapers don't mix. This continued on until I was 9. Then I stopped wetting for now.

One day when I woke up during the night again my mom was standing over me. She said, "Is there something you want to tell me?" Once again I had wet my bed. She said she has had it. She went to the closet where she had bought me the night before some adult diapers and she watched me as I put them on. In the morning my diaper was wet. My mom got me out of bed and she said we were going to go to the doctor. She gave me another diaper and we went for the doctor. She took a few extra diapers with her. We went into the room and the nurses said, "Take all of your clothes off." So I did and the nurse stared at me. She acted like I was a baby or something. She said, "You can leave the diaper on so you don't wet anything." So I put the little apron thing they had me put on and waited. The doctor said, "So what is the problem?" My mom explained that I had been wetting my pants and bed during the day and it wouldn't stop. She had me run a few tests. As we finished I was putting my clothes on and I wet my diaper. I once again changed and we went home. The doctor prescribed me some pills that would help. But until I stopped wetting the diapers would have to be in place. It finally ended when I was 14.

All of the text below are "true facts" (not a fictional story): 

After recent surgery, I have had unexpected complications which include permanent incurable incontinence, due to nerve damage. My wife has always been domineering (ruling the roost"); in our household; which I also like, as long as I get what I want (going camping, fishing, & so on; frequently; as well as a variety of sexual adventures with her). Since I need to wear a diaper, & have found that I prefer the comfort of cloth; I also wear plastic pants. We have good senses of humor about many things, & we both enjoy her kidding & teasing me, about many things, including my being in diapers & plastic pants. I also have ABDL feelings (having been a chronic bedwetter, & diaper & plastic pants wearer - in the 1960's & 1950's, before disposable diapers were available; as a child & teen); and I enjoy "clowning around" & being light-hearted (instead of being sad or depressed about being incontinent). She has bought me a couple of pacifiers & baby bottles, as well as a few infant toys (a yellow bathtub duck, plastic toy keys, & so on); & she enjoys taking pictures & videos of me clowning around (acting like a baby). She enjoys having me do the house chores while I wear nothing but a cloth diaper & plastic panties. 

Getting "ideas" from internet sites, she bought a couple of the "locking plastic panties"; & enjoys locking me into them, whenever she decides to. As I was about to get into bed (having removed my clothes, & wearing only my cloth diaper & plastic panties), she teasingly gave me a pacifier & told me to suck on it; then had me remove my "regular" plastic panties, & put a pair of the locking ones on me (locking it securely)! This is often a prelude to sex & foreplay; as she likes to "baby me", & be in control, teasing me & having me act like a baby (if I am a "good baby", she just might let me have intercourse, later on). We have also talked about getting a large dog, so I was not surprised one evening, as I was about to get into bed (in only my cloth diaper & plastic panties); & she said that she found & bought a jumbo - sized doghouse cage (made of strong metal wires); & it was in the den (I had not gone into the den that evening, thus had not seen it).  As  we went into the den & she showed it to me, she said "go ahead & crawl into it; it's big enough for you to get into" (she had also bought a jumbo sized dog pillow & put it into the dog cage). With my pacifier in my mouth, I crawled in (clowning around - making a barking noise, as I crawled in). As I was turning around, inside (it is about 5 ft long X 3 ft wide X 3 ft high), I heard her shut the metal wire door, then I second "click" noise. After laying on the jumbo dog pillow for a minute or so, I said: "ok, now open the door, so I can get out". She just laughed & replied: "no way, you are spending the night in there; and any other time that I want you to go in there, you will do it; or I will show the pictures & videos of you, in your diaper & plastic panties, & pacifier; to all of our friends; & perhaps to all the relatives, also!" I stuck my fingers thru the wire, to reach the metal door latch; & unlock it; then discovered that the 2nd "click" noise was when she locked a padlock around the latch, so it would not open! She had locked me into the dog cage! 

I spent the night in there (the first of many such sessions; whenever she decides that I should be "in the dog cage:, as she puts it)! Since a couple of her close girlfriends tell "everything' to each other; they already knew about my surgery & incontinence, & wearing diapers & plastic panties; & had suddenly came into our place several times, when I was in the kitchen, wearing only my diaper & plastic panties! Thus, they not only knew about it, but had also seen me wearing it (much to their amusement, as well as to my wife's amusement)! On a recent Saturday morning, after she had locked me into the dog cage, I heard a knock on the door, & my wife let her 2 close friends in! I overheard giggles & laughter, then all 3 women suddenly appeared in the den; amid much laughter; as they saw me locked in the dog cage; wearing only my diaper & plastic panties, & with my pacifier!  Of course, I was very embarrassed; even though they had already seen me several times, in the kitchen or living room (on previous occasions); wearing only my diaper & plastic panties!  My wife pointed out the fact that she had padlocked the cage door shut, & had the padlock key dangling from her necklace, showing it to her friends, to prove that she was in total control over me! She then told me that she "might" unlock it, & let me out, later that morning; but only if "I was a good baby"! Then she ordered me to start sucking on my pacifier, as all 3 women had a big laugh, watching me suck on it! 

I am the middle child of two brothers and two sisters. My experience with diapers (after age 4) began when I was 5 years old. I was in Kindergarten at the time. I was a chronic bedwetter. I was also a very deep sleeper. Needless to say I was wet night after night.

My dad was not a morning person (come to think of it he wasn't much of an afternoon or evening person either). This particular morning I woke up wet as usual. I removed the wet clothes and then took a bath. When I was done with the bath I began looking for clothes. I found underwear but nothing else. So what do you suppose a five year old does in this situation? Of course, start hollering for mommy. I walked downstairs looking for her. I found grumpy dad in the kitchen having his morning smoke and caffeine. He asked what I wanted mom for. I told him I couldn't find any clothes.

He said "you are really a baby. You piss the bed at night, can't find your own clothes, and walk the house yelling for your mommy. You are nothing but a big baby." Well that didn't set too well for a five year old. So I stuck out my chest and said strongly, "I am not a baby, you are !!". That was one of those comments you wish you could grab mid air and stick it back into you mouth before getting to the other person. No such luck this time. Dad didn't like my rebuttal at all. I felt his response physically and emotionally.

When he was done he told the baby to go to his room and wait for his mommy to dress the baby properly. So I went to my room sobbing heavily. While waiting I found some clothes (dirty) and started putting them on. In walked mom. She asked what I was doing and them told me to take my clothes off. I did (except my underwear). She said underwear too. So off came the underwear. I felt so shamed. She then told me to climb up onto the bed. And she diapered me and dressed my in my pants and shirt for the day. She told me to come home for lunch.

I went to school and feared lunchtime. Lunchtime came anyway. I went home and found mom in the kitchen preparing lunch for my younger sister and brother who were at the table waiting for their lunch. My mom asked if I was wet, I said no. She asked if I was still wearing the diaper. I said no. She asked me to drop my pants so she could be sure. I did and my brother and sister howled. This made my humiliation worse. Mom asked if I had to go pee and I said yes. she removed the diaper and I did my business. When I returned the diaper was put back on. I had lunch and went back to school. The day was uneventful. I hated going back home.

Once at home the house was in a state of confusion. My mom was cookie chairman for my older sister's girl scout troop. For a little while I wasn't reminded of my diapers. Eventually, mom started preparing dinner and I was pre-occupied with some game. My dad got home from work and went into the kitchen. He called me in and asked how the baby was doing. I said ok. He said babies don't need to wear pants because they are were ok showing the world they were a baby. I was then told to remove my shirt, pants, shoes, and socks. There I stood in my undershirt and diapers. My dad said that was better. Now I looked just like the baby I was.

Dinner time came and another surprise greeted me. My brother usually ate in the high chair. My dad stated that only babies ate in a high chair so that is where I would have my dinner. I was put in the high chair and a bib was put on. Then my dad said that babies don't eat big boy's food, they eat baby food. My mom place a bowl of pabulum and a bottle of milk on the tray. I cried as I started to eat. Much to the amusement of all present.

I went to bed in my diapers and woke the next morning with a wet bed and diaper. This incident was the last until we moved. But this experience created a craving for diapers. So I looked and looked for the diapers and did not find them till after we had moved.

Well I will write again with another chapter in the adventures of Baby Jim.

Growing up in rural southern Ohio our family was poor. We lived in the country and most of the families that lived around us were poor, also. No one ever would come around much so mom would just dress us boys in diapers and underpants, especially during the summer. It was common for us boys during grade school to come home and be around the house with just underpants being we didn't really have many clothes to wear. There were times when we didn't even have any clean underpants to wear and during the summer even when I was older really some would probably say too old that I would be outside in only a pair of briefs. Mom really didn't care as long as we were out of her hair and at times I would wear a diaper when there wasn't anything else to wear. I wore diapers at a late age anyhow because I probably wasn't properly potty trained and I don't think mom really worried about it. In addition my brother was a serious bedwetter even as a teen. We both slept in the same little room in our old run-down house on mattresses. I found as I was older that I had developed a new fondness of diapers. No one really cared. It was the kind of home where just about anything-goes attitude.

It so happened that a friend of mine who lived a few miles away around the corner was pretty much in the same boat that I was. His father worked as a farmhand and they were really poor. As a early teen I would stay overnight at his house and he would with me. He would use any excuse to run around almost naked as he would sometimes have to wash out his jeans for school the next day and have no choice but just wear underpants. Any clothing either one of us had was handed down and it wasn't uncommon to have only one pair of jeans that were decent enough for us to wear. Many times our jeans were old worn out things that were too short for us and I think that because we were both the same that we had developed a bond. In the summer as a kid it wasn't too uncommon for him to drive by with his father in his old pickup and I would be out in the yard in nothing but a pair of old briefs. I confided to him that sometimes when I had nothing else to wear I would wear a diaper. One night in junior high school he stayed over and I confided in him that sometimes I told him I would just wear a diaper around the house using the excuse that all my clothing was soiled and mom would wash everything by hand and hang it outside anyway and sometimes if it would rain I would get stuck with little to wear anyhow. He wanted to see me in my diaper I put one on he called in a rag I always had to wear old cloth ones. He wanted to jerk off, we did this often he was really turned on. I still have a thing for diapers today. I even wore them to school in high school even though I didn't want anyone to know. I think growing up poor not having many clothes made me more aware of my roots and desires sexually with other guys.

First let me give you some background on myself. I am 21 years old, and have been interested in diapers since I was around 13, when I found some Depends that my mom had bought a while back when she got diarrhea. I'd put them on when my mom was gone and pretend to be a baby. It was fun for a while, but I quickly used them up, and had no way to get more. Since that time, I've always wanted to be a baby again and wear diapers. My interest has only grown in recent years.

A few months ago, I finally worked up the guts to go buy some diapers. I live with my parents, so hiding them is an issue. I used them for a while, and peed in them, and even pooped once, but it just wasn't the same. I just didn't "feel" like a baby. I wanted to pee uncontrollably, have trouble walking, be clumsy, etc. I had been reading for a while about hypnosis tapes to make you think and act like a baby. After looking at a lot of them, I finally found one that had the options I wanted, and ordered it off eBay. It arrived discretely packaged and I was able to get it hidden away without my parents finding out. I tried it, and liked the results, but they just weren't "intense" enough. I have pretty bad Attention Deficit Disorder, so I figured I just wasn't a good candidate for hypnosis.

Eventually, I got an idea: alcohol calms you down, makes you clumsy, etc., so I decided to try combining the two. I went out and bought some vodka. That night, after my parents went to sleep, I diapered myself. Then I got myself quite drunk, and started the tape. I could tell right away that I had hit on something, as I felt the suggestions just sinking into my mind. Anyway, when the tape ended, it felt so real. I just knew I was a baby. I sucked my thumb. I tried to get out of bed but immediately stumbled and fell to the floor. I crawled around for a bit. Eventually I went to bed. When I woke up a few hours later, I discovered that I had absolutely soaked my diapers and not realized it. I had no control, just like a baby! It actually worked! I intend to use this method to regress to babyhood again in the future.


This is my second true account. I first discovered I liked diapers when I was 13. All through my teen years I fantasized about them, but I wasn't really able to get any until I was 21. My parents caught me a couple times, and I basically had to get rid of all my diapers and tell them I'd stopped so I went through a long dry spell. I really did try to stop thinking about them, but just couldn't. I'm 24 now, and my parents went on a trip this last week. Of course, this was too good to pass up.

Once they were safely out of town, and I knew they were settled in their hotel room (and thus would not be returning unexpectedly), I went to the local Walgreen's. I didn't take too much time to make my selection, but I got some Depend Adjustable Underwear Super Plus. There was fortunately no line, and I walked up to the cashier. I told her, in a tired-sounding voice, "My poor father's home sick." That way she'd figure I was just being a good son. She rung me up, and I put them in my car and drove home as fast as I could.

Once home, I wasted no time in getting into one. After all this time, they felt so good. These diapers were cheap (only $13 for a 16-pack), but they worked quite well. The fit was tight and the tapes held without any problems. I wet in them and it felt so good. They hold a fair amount of urine. I don't crap my diapers, though. That's just gross and requires a lot of cleanup.

Well, after a day or so of this, I decided to try some baby hypnosis. I got the 24 Hour Baby file from As I stated in my previous account, I'm just not a very good candidate for hypnosis. Previously, I'd been able to get some solid effects by getting a bit drunk first. This time I decided I wasn't going to do that, although in retrospect I wish I had (why, oh why did I chicken out on buying it?). Well, long story short, the hypnosis didn't really work, even after several listenings. I managed to get some minor effects, but these were quickly overcome. That said, I believe the files would work for another person.

Long story short, I used them for the rest of the week, trying to enjoy as many as I could before my parents came home on Saturday. I knew if I kept them, I'd get caught. I tried double diapering and couple other things. I enjoyed just peeing in my diaper and feeling it expand and the bulk between my legs. I walked around the whole house in just a diaper and peed nearly everywhere. Finally, on Saturday morning at 1 AM, I placed all the used diapers in a double garbage bag, along with the remaining diapers, and drove to a nearby dumpster. I hated to do it, but I knew I had to. It may be a long time before I get to enjoy diapers again, but I will always think of them. I hope I get another chance to do something like this in the future.

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