Mommy's diaper boy

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Mommy's diaper boy

2008-05-17 17:49:24

By Mommy Lauren and Baby Stevie

Chapter 1

It all began with an innocent comment on a warm spring day as Lauren and Steve sipped coffee on the sun-drenched patio of their favorite Starbucks.

“You know, Lauren,” he said, “I don’t think there is anything I wouldn’t do to make you happy.”  She thought for a moment, then a smile crept across her face and she said, “Well, I would love for you to be my baby.”  Thinking that Lauren used the term “baby” to mean “sweetheart” or “boy friend”, he quickly replied, “I thought I already am!”

“I’m not sure you understand what I mean,” said Lauren. “I mean my infant or toddler baby; wearing diapers and eating baby food; sleeping in a crib and being fed in a high chair; and, of course, obeying your Mommy – me!”  Steve hesitated. “Well,” he began, but she cut him off.  “Do you want our friends to hear about what happened a few weeks ago on our way home from the Dawson ’s?”

Steve blushed; he had had a couple of beers while watching a football game at the Dawson’s and thought he could make it home before going to the bathroom, but traffic was snarled and before they got home he had wet his pants.

“You know that was just an accident,” he said sheepishly.  “Yes it was,” she acknowledged;  “the kind of accident little babies have. It proves that you belong in diapers. If you don’t agree I will just have to tell our friends and ask what they think!”  Reluctantly, Steve said,  “OK, Lauren; I guess it won’t hurt to give it a try.”

“Good!” Lauren exclaimed; “Now finish your coffee; we have some shopping to do at Babies R Us; and, by the way, I think it would be better if you start getting used to calling me ‘Mommy” instead of my name.” Steve swallowed the last of his latte and said, “OK, L… uh, Mommy”. And Lauren beamed with delight as they got on the car and headed over to Babies R Us.

As they walked into the Baby Superstore, Lauren marveled at the array of baby items available.  As far as the eye could see in every direction the store was stocked with a huge variety of baby clothing, cribs, car seats, playthings, bottles and breast pumps, highchairs and playpens, an endless selection of disposable diapers and shelves full of cloth diapers and plastics baby pants. 

Lauren knew exactly where she wanted to start.  She took Steve by the hand and walked up to the first person she saw, a store associate at the customer service desk near the entrance.  “Where can I find diapers for a big baby,” she asked.  The young women said, “Well there are disposables at the back of the store, but for a bigger baby you might do better with cloth diapers – and they are just over there,” she said pointing to her right.

Without hesitation Lauren said, “Oh he is a big baby alright, aren’t you Stevie?”  The store associate just shook her head and stared after them as Lauren led Stevie over to the shelves of cloth diapers and plastic baby pants.  Steve – now known as “Stevie” – stood quietly while Lauren studied the array of Gerber cloth diapers.  She quickly realized that they would need the larger flat diapers to fit Stevie, but reasoned that the prefolded “Diaper Service Quality” diapers would be more absorbent and require fewer changes.  Finding plastic baby pants to fit her big baby might be a problem, she thought, but he was fairly slim and she decided to try the largest pair she could find.

Lauren picked out a package of flat birdseye diapers and a package of the Diaper Service prefolds as well as a three pack of the largest size baby pants and a package of baby blue diaper pins.  Then, with Stevie in tow, she headed back over to the helpful store associate.  “I need to try these on my baby before I buy them, “she said with a glance at Stevie, who stood blushing by her side.  The associate looked at Stevie and asked, “Is he the one who is going to wear the diapers?”  Lauren laughed and said, “Well, I’m not going to!”  The associate smothered a chuckle and said, “Of course. There is a changing room at the back of the store, but he is too heavy for the changing table; please take a changing pad and diaper him on the floor.”

Lauren took Stevie by the hand a started to the back of the store, stopping to pick out a changing pad.  “We’ll be needing one of these anyway, won’t we baby,” she said laughing.  In the changing room, Lauren spread out the changing pad and opened the packages of diapers and baby pants.  After studying the diapers for a few minutes, she lay out two flat diapers, the put two of the prefolds down the middle and put two more flat diapers on top, making a stack of diapers big enough to go around Stevie’s waist and thick enough to do what diapers are supposed to do. “OK, Stevie,” she said; “time to put you back in diapers.”  Stevie fidgeted and started to undo his belt.

“Oh, no, baby,” Lauren said, slapping his hand; “Mommy does that!”  Then she undid Stevie’s  belt and unzipped his fly and pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles.  “Just lie down now baby, and Mommy will take care of everything.”  She eased Stevie down onto the changing pad, slid off his shoes, socks, underwear and pants.  “Lift up for Mommy,” she instructed, and slid the diapers under Stevie’s bottom.  “First Mommy puts her baby on the diapers,” she said as she lowered him onto the soft white stack; “then she puts the diapers on the baby, “she laughed as she pinned the diapers tightly in place, first over Stevie’s left hip, then over the right hip. 

Next she lifted his ankles and slid a fresh pair of baby pants over his feet and up his legs to his diapers.  Standing Stevie up and tugging the baby pants up over his diapers, Lauren noticed that they were a tight fit and didn’t quite cover Stevie’s diapers in back.  “Well,” she said,  “ I guess that will do for now.  Lets see what the lady out front thinks!”

Lauren packed up the remaining diapers, baby pants and pins, then folded Stevie’s pants and underwear together.  “I want to see what the expert thinks of the fit of your diapers and baby pants,” she explained to the blushing baby, so there is no sense putting these back on.  Now sit down in that chair over there while I put your socks and shoes back on.

As Mommy and baby left the changing room they both realized that Stevie’s t-shirt barely came down to the top of his diapers.  As they walked through the store, Lauren beamed happily, but Stevie just blushed.

Up at the front of the store, by the checkout area, Lauren found the store associate who had assisted them.  “What do you think?” she asked.  The young woman could barely hide her surprise – or her smirk.  “I really though you were just joking,” she said, “and never dreamed you could get him into baby diapers, but you’ve done a wonderful job; I think that they will work just fine for you.” Then she added with a little giggle, “And your baby.”

“Good!” exclaimed Lauren.  “We’ll just leave these here for now.  We’ll need to pick up some more diapers and baby pants, a diaper bag, and a few other baby necessities.”  Then she took Stevie by the hand and Mommy and baby headed back over to the diapers section.

Chapter 2

(At the conclusion of Chapter 1 Mommy Lauren and put her big baby Stevie in diapers at the Babies R Us Baby Superstore. She had determined what kind of diapers she needed for her big baby and was ready to continue shopping.)

"I think we'll need that shopping cart, baby", Lauren said; "bring that one along for Mommy." Stevie flushed but didn't say a word as he pushed the cart along beside Lauren as they headed down the diapers aisle at Babies R Us. Lauren loaded several packages of Gerber flat 24.5" by 27" diapers into the cart, the picked up an equal number of extra thick prefolded diapers and added them to the cart as well.

"Look, baby," she said, "the package says these are the same diapers used by diaper services." Then she added with a laugh, "Should Mommy get baby a diaper service? Just imagine having the diaper service delivery van pulling up in front of our house once a week - a reminder to the neighbors that a little diaperboy lives there!"

Next Lauren selected half a dozen packages of toddler size vinyl baby pants. "Mommy is going to have to figure out a way to get these baby pants up over the back of your diapers, Stevie; we can't have your diapers sticking out from under your baby pants can we?"

The next stop was a huge array of diaper bags. Lauren searched for the most babyish looking one she could find. "There is no sense pretending baby's diaper bag is Mommy's gym bag or travel tote; Mommy wants everyone to see that its for you - maybe we can even get baby's name put on it!"

While Lauren shopped, Stevie began fidget and finally whispered, "I need to go to the bathroom". Lauren just look at him and said, "Well, go ahead and use your diapers!" The she added with a chuckle, "Did baby forget that he wears his bathroom wherever he goes?" And so as Mommy examined the diaper bags, Stevie soaked his diapers like a little baby. Finally, Lauren found an adorable diaper bag adorned with pictures teddy bears and other baby toys. "This will be perfect," she said and added it to the cart.

"Next stop - baby bottles!" Lauren announced and Stevie's face turned redder. On the way to the display of baby bottles on the front wall of the store, Mommy spotted bibs and said, "Oh, we will need some of these, too." And before Stevie knew it the cart contained three baby bibs. Two of them said "I love my Mommy"; and the third read "Mommy's little angel".

AS Lauren surveyed the huge variety of baby bottles, Stevie fidgeted then said, "Look, Lauren, really … ". Lauren whirled and took Stevie by the chin. "Look, who?" she asked sharply. "Mommy has explained this before, baby. Baby's don't call their mommies by name."

"Alright," Stevie whispered, "but I don't want to drink from baby bottles."

"I see," said Lauren. "Tell Mommy what you are wearing."

Stevie looked down at his diapers, turned deeper red in the face and whispered, "Diapers."

"That's right - baby diapers … WET baby diapers" Lauren replied in a slightly louder than normal voice. "And what else?"

"Um, er, ah, baby pants," Stevie muttered

"Right again, diaperboy," said Lauren; "and what do we call people who wet their diapers and wear baby pants?"

"Babies," Stevie sighed softly.

"Very good," said Mommy Lauren. "Now then, since you agree that you are a baby you will need to be fed like one. Babies nurse from their mommies or from their baby bottles. Since I am not lactating, you will get a bottle or nothing at all. Now let Mommy pick out some bottles."

When she had selected several baby bottles Lauren decided that they had accumulated enough for one shopping trip. "We'll stop for baby food at the grocery store on the way home, baby," Mommy noted as they started to the checkout counter.

At the checkout counter Mommy said to the helpful sales associate "Just look at what a big baby my Stevie! Is; he just couldn't wait until we got home and he has soaked his diapers." Then she further shamed the big baby by pulling down his baby pants and saying to the lady, "Just feel those diapers; they are sopping wet. Now you can see why I have him diapered! Can I change him here?"

"Of course," said the clerk as she rang up Lauren's purchases. "Actually, I think there is a diapering demonstration going on in the changing room. Maybe you would like to see it - and show them how to diaper a bigger baby!"

"Excellent idea," Mommy exclaimed as she signed the credit slip, put her card back in her purse and turned the cart toward the back of the store.

In the changing room, half a dozen expectant mothers were watching as a store associate finished diapering a doll the size of an 18 to 20 month old baby. Snapping baby pants over the diaper and tucking them in around the diaper's edges she said, "And that's all there is too it!

Lauren cleared her throat and said, "And now let me give you a demonstration on a real live baby! He's bigger than most, but you never know how long your baby will be in diapers!" The ladies all turned and laughed to see Stevie standing there in his soggy didees.

Lauren opened a package of flat diapers and a package of the Diaper Service prefolds and began laying them out on the table used for the demonstration. She showed them how to lay out one flat diaper then put two prefolds down the middle and add a flat diaper on top. "When I get baby down for his nap I will lay out his diapers like this, secure them in place with straight pins then just sew around the edges and down the sides of the middle panel formed by the prefolds," she explained.

Then she laid out a second set of diapers and set it on top of the first, folding in the sides, "Stevie needs double diapers," she observed, then said too Stevie, "Hop up here on the table - its diaper time."

Stevie was speechless with embarrassment as he lay on the table and Lauren slid down his baby pants and unpinned his soggy diapers. One of the ladies watching whispered to another "Just look at those diapers - he drenched them!" Her friend nodded in agreement and said, "I bet he goes through a lot of diapers!"

Lauren lifted Stevie by the ankles and slid his diapers under him, took some baby powder that has been used in the earlier demonstration and powdered Stevie and pinned his diapers securely on him. "Stand up, baby," she order and Stevie stood up on the table, wearing nothing but his diapers and little t-shirt. Lauren helped him step into his baby pants and pulled them up as far over his diapers as they would go.

One of the ladies watching her diaper her big baby said, "You know, if you cut one pair of baby pants from one leg hole to the other, you could put it inside the second pair and it would slide up over the back of his diapers."

Lauren thought for a moment then reached for a second pair of baby pants and said, "Lets give it a try!" She slid Stevie's baby pants down off his diapers. The associate who had done the demonstration produced a pair of scissors and Lauren cut from one leg hole to the other toward the front of the crotch of the second pair of baby pants. Then she slipped the cut baby pants inside the whole pair and slid them up Stevie's legs.

When Lauren stood her baby up again she could pull the whole pair of baby pants up over his diapers, then slide the inside pair on up over the back of the diapers. "Just look at my big baby;" she exclaimed, "he's wearing exactly the same diapers and baby pants your babies will wear!"

Then she helped Stevie off the table where she had diapered him and said, "Come along now diaperboy; we still have to stop at the grocery store and get you some yummy baby food!"

Chapter 3

(At the conclusion of Chapter 2 Mommy Lauren had just changed Baby Stevie's diapers at the Babies R Us Baby Superstore. She and baby are about to leave for the grocery store to shop for baby food and formula.)

"Thank you for your help," Lauren said to the nice lady at the check out counter as she packed baby's new diapers, baby pants, bottles and bibs into his new diaper bag, took baby by the hand and headed for the door..

"Don't forget these," the clerk called, holding up the blue jeans Mommy had taken off Stevie to diaper him. Lauren hesitated and looked at Stevie with his double diapers and new baby pants bulging below his little t-shirt. "Ohhhh, he looks so cute like this!" she exclaimed. "Just put those in a bag for me and I'll carry them; this way everyone can see for sure that my baby is still in diapers!"

Lauren put the bag with Stevie's pants in it in the car, but kept the diaper bag on her shoulder as she and baby walked to the grocery store conveniently located in the same shopping plaza as Babies R Us. On the way, Mommy and baby passed a crafts store and Lauren noticed a display of colorful stick-on letters in the window. "Let's make a quick stop here, Stevie," she said, and turned into the store.

"I'd like to see those decorative letters - the brightly colored ones - she told the associate who stepped up to help her, staring only briefly at Stevie's double diapers. "Of course, m'am; right over here." He took out several packages and put them on the counter. "How many packages will you need?"

Lauren paused and thought out loud. "I want to put 'Baby Stevie's Diapers' on his diaper bag and need enough letters to decorate his baby pants with sayings like 'Diaperbutt' and 'Mommy's Diaperboy' and 'Stevie Wets His Diapers' and 'Still in Diapers' - you get the idea."

"Ahhh, yes I do," said the salesman, with another bemused glance at Stevie's diapers. "There should be enough letters in a half dozen packages to do that and more."

Lauren saw that there were eight packages left on the shelf and that they weren't very expensive, so she said, "Why don't we just take all of these to be sure! Maybe you can show me how to apply them."

"Certainly, m'am", said the salesman; "right over here." He led Mommy and baby over to a fabric cutting table that was not in use and opened a package of letters. "Ummmm do you want to do his diaper bag first?"

"That would be fine,' Lauren replied and started sorting through the letters to find the ones that would spell "Baby Stevie's Diapers". With the salesman's help she soon found all the letters she needed in a variety of colors. The salesman showed her how to peel the back off the letters and press them onto Stevie's new diaper bag and in no time the job was done.

The salesman accompanied Mommy and baby to the checkout counter where the sale was quickly completed and Mommy and baby were on their way again, now with a diaper bag that declared Stevie's babyhood in bright red blue, green and yellow letters. "You are going to have the world's cutest baby pants when I get done with them," Mommy told her baby. Stevie just blushed.

At the supermarket, Lauren got a grocery cart, took Stevie by the hand and looked for the baby food aisle. Mommy smiled or nodded at the people who paused to stare at her and her big baby as he waddled beside her in his thick cloth diapers. She paused briefly to chat with an acquaintance while her baby stood meekly by her side. He heard Mommy say, "Well, yes, he is big, but he is still just a baby. He even wet his diapers at Babies R Us!"

Finished with her conversation, Lauren and baby started down the baby aisle, but before they got to the baby food Mommy spotted big boxes of baby wipes and stopped to take a package off the shelf. "We'll be needing these when Mommy changes your diapers, won't we baby?"

Stevie just blushed and shuffled his feet. "Won't we. Baby," Lauren said in a louder voice. "Yes, Lau … uh, Mommy," Stevie whispered. "That's better, baby!" Lauren laughed, and put the baby wipes in the cart.

"Hmmmmm," Mommy Lauren said as she paused by the Baby Oil and Baby powder, "I should have remembered these at the diaper store; these will keep baby all comfy and sweet smelling. Ohhhhh, can't forget this!" she added, putting ointment for diaper rash in the cart along with the other items. "As wet as you get, Stevie, we don't want you getting a rash!" When she noticed a woman staring at her and baby, Lauren quickly observed, "Well, you know how babies are! Stevie's diapers are almost always wet!"

When the woman looked skeptical, Lauren said, "Well, lets just see." Before Stevie knew it she had slipped her fingers under his baby pants to check his diapers. He blushed deep red as Mommy straightened up and said, "Mommy knew it! Baby tell the nice lady what you have done!"

Stevie fidgeted and whispered, "I wetted my diaper."

"You can do better than that, Stevie; no one can hear you!"

"I wetted my diaper," Stevie mumbled.

"That's a little better, baby; but you seem to have forgotten that you are too big a baby to wear just one diaper. Did you forget that Mommy double diapered you?"

Squirming with shame and blushing red as a traffic light, Stevie finally said clearly, "I wetted my diapers!"

"Good for you, baby!" Mommy exclaimed and clapped her hands. "Now lets find you some yummy baby food and get you home where Mommy can change those soggy didees!"

At the baby food display Mommy said, "Oh, don't these look tasty for my baby," and "Ummmm yum - strained peaches," and "Mashed peas and carrots - baby's favorite," as she loaded our cart with jars and jars of Gerber baby food. She picked out fruits and vegetables and even meats pureed just for babies. Then Lauren spotted one more thing and said "Now there is just the thing for Mommy's Diaperboy - and reached for a package of Enfamil baby formula. "Mommy will make you a nice warm bottle when we get home. You will eat what babies eat and drink what babies drink and wear what babies wear!"

At the check out counter, the teen age girl who lived down the block was trying not to stare at Stevie's diapers while she rang up Lauren's purchases. Mommy saw what was happening and said, "That's right - he's still in diapers; maybe you would like to babysit him sometime!" She looked at Lauren then at Stevie then back at Lauren, then she laughed and said "I bet that would be fun, but I might need a friend or two to help me!"

"That would be fine," Lauren said; "the more the merrier! Besides, he's just a baby and babies don't mind being seen in their diapers. I'll have him set up with a high chair and playpen and changing table. But I have to warn you - keeping this big baby fed and dry is a full time job! He is always hungry and almost always wet!"

"Stop by and see us when you get off work," Mommy Lauren told the girl; "I'll show you Stevie's nursery. We can discuss your babysitting fee and you can leave me your phone number."

"Great, I'll see you later," called the girl as Mommy and baby started out to the car.

"OK, Diaperboy; off we go," exclaimed Lauren as Mommy and baby headed for home and Stevie sat quietly in the corner in his soggy diapers - and sucked his thumb.

Chapter 4

(At the conclusion of Chapter 3 Mommy Lauren and her big Baby Stevie had just finished shopping for diapering supplies and baby food. Mommy is driving while Stevie sits quietly in his soggy diapers and sucks his thumb.)

"I think we should take a little walk when we get home, baby, announced Mommy Lauren; “so everyone in the neighborhood can see what a big baby you are. Won’t that be fun?”

Stevie blushed and fidgeted. Mommy asked again, in a rather stern tone pf voice, “Won’t that be fun, diaperbutt?” Stevie finally whispered, “Yes, mommy.” Then he added, “Can I wear my new blue jeans and blue and yellow polo shirt, Mommy?” finally getting used to the idea he would no longer call Lauren by her name. She was clearly in charge of him now and he was already used to the idea that she was the Mommy.

“Oh, Stevie, it is such a lovely warm spring morning; baby will be much too warm dressed like that, Lauren replied. “You can wear your diapers and a pair of sandals to walk in. You look so cute waddling along in those thick diapers! And I think its adorable the way you blush when people see that you have wet your diapers!”

At home, Mommy scooped the packages of baby supplies into one arm and took the bag of baby food in the other and told Stevie, “Hop out of the car and wait for Mommy on the front porch while I put these in the house.” Obediently, Stevie got out of the car and waddled up to the front porch, glancing around to see if anyone was watching. Mr Peterson, next door was out trimming the hedge, but didn’t seem to have seen them.

That changed abruptly when Mommy called out, “Hey there, Mr. P”, her nickname for our older neighbor. “Why, hello, Lauren,” he replied looking up and waving. He paused and his hand stopped in mid-wave when he spotted Stevie on the porch. “Er, ah, Lauren, is he in diapers?” he asked.

“Yes he is, Lauren exclaimed with a laugh; “double diapers as a matter of fact. Stevie is really just a big baby and he will be my little diaperboy from now on.”

“I see,” said Mr. Peterson and returned to his work, but Mommy wasn’t going to let it go at that. “He really does belong in diapers, Mr. P; in fact his diapers are wet as we speak. Come with Mommy, Stevie, and let’s show Mr. Peterson why Mommy has to diaper you.”

Stevie blushed deep crimson, but knew better than to argue with Mommy, so he took her hand and waddled beside her down to the sidewalk, around the hedge and up to Mr. Peterson. “Go ahead,” Lauren told the neighbor; “feel his soggy diapers and you’ll see what a baby he is.” Mr. Peterson said that he didn’t really need to do that. “The missus and I raised three boys, you know,” he said; “I know wet diapers when I see them!”

“Well then, Stevie, I want you to tell Mr. Peterson what you have done,” Lauren instructed. Stevie fidgeted and blushed and whimpered, please no Mommy,” but Lauren remained adamant. “Come on, now, Diaperbutt; you are clearly just a baby so there is nothing to be ashamed of. Tell Mr. Peterson what you have done and tell him NOW.”

“I wet my diapers,” Stevie mumbled.

“You can do better than that,” Mommy scolded.

“I wet my diapers,” Stevie said clearly, giving in to the inevitable.

“And who wets their diapers?” Lauren asked.

“Babies,” sighed Stevie.

“That’s right, Stevie; babies wet their diapers. Now then since you wet your diapers, what does that make you?

“A baby”, Stevie said with resignation.

“Very good,” Lauren exclaimed, clapping her hands. “its been nice chatting with you Mr. P, but now baby and I are off for stroll around the block so Diaperboy can show everyone what a baby he is!”

With that, Mommy and baby set off for a leisurely walk. It was a glorious morning and almost everyone was out doing chores, or sunning themselves or just chatting with the friends and enjoying the day.

Mommy and baby stopped to chat with every single person they met. If the neighbors didn’t ask about Stevie’s diapers, Lauren made it a point to bring up the subject of babies and diapers and always insisted that Stevie tell them why he was in diapers. By the time they got home, Stevie had confessed “I wet my diapers” and “I am a baby” to about 30 friends, neighbors and total strangers. And for much of the time Stevie’s diapers were so sopping wet they had begun to drip!

Back home, in the front yard, Mommy Lauren finally relented and said, “OK Stevie, lets get some dry diapers on you.” Stevie started for the front door, but Mommy caught him by the hand and laughed, oh lets just change your diapers right here in the nice warm sunshine”. With that she spread out Stevie’s changing pad and laid him down on his back right there in the front yard.

“I’ve got your diaper bag right here, baby; so we have everything we need to get you out of those soggy diapers and into nice dry ones,” Mommy Lauren explained as she unpinned Stevie’s diapers and slid them out from under him. She got baby wipes out of the diaperbag and dried her big baby them spread fresh smelling baby powder on him. Next she folded three fresh, dry diapers together and slid them under Stevie. “Diaper time!” she exclaimed as she pinned Stevie’s diapers on.

“Tell you what, baby, you can play out here in the yard while Mommy decorates your new baby pants! We want them ready when you new babysitter gets here!” While Lauren carefully and skillfully applied the colorful letters to Stevie’s new baby pants he sat quietly on the changing pad. Soon he became bored, though and started looking for bugs in the grass, and finally got up and started to wander around the yard, almost forgetting he was wearing nothing but his diapers. He found some dandelions growing in the yard and picked them to make a little bouquet for Mommy.

“Come over here, baby; Mommy has something for you,” Lauren called, and Stevie waddled over to her and proudly held out the little bunch of yellow flowers. “Oh, Stevie, that is so sweet!” Mommy exclaimed and gave baby a big hug and kiss on his forehead. As she did, she realized that Sevie had already wet his diapers again. “Oh, well, “ she thought to herself, “he doesn’t mind being wet and its nice and warm; I guess we’ll just leave those diapers on for awhile longer.”

“Look what Mommy made for you,” she said holding up several pairs of decorated baby pants. “Lets see how they look! Lift up your foot, baby,” she said steadying Stevie as he stepped into a pair of pull-on baby pants that said “Diapered by Lauren” across the back and “Wet by Stevie” across the front.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh, that is soooooooo cute!” came a voice from behind Lauren and Mommy and baby looked up to see Melissa, the checkout girl from the grocery store and two of her friends coming up the walk. “These are my friends Heather and Jill; they would like to help me babysit, if that’s OK.”

“That would be fine with me,” Mommy agreed. “Let’s take baby in the house and I will show you how to make up his bottle and where to find his baby food – and of course where we keep his diapers and other baby things. And baby is wet so I can show you how to change his diapers, too.

“Oh, we all have baby brothers,” said Heather; “we’ve changed diapers before.” Mommy laughed and said, “Experienced babysitters – looks like I’ll have to pay you a little extra! Just remember a baby as big as Stevie is a heavy wetter so you need to keep him double diapered at the least and in triple diapers for naps. Now, who wants to show me how well she can change my baby?”

Melissa spoke up first and Lauren said “OK, you’re on” and boosted Stevie onto the changing table. Eager to show that she would keep baby adequately diapered, Melissa got out three diapers and with little difficulty folded then together and set them aside. Then she laid Stevie back on his changing table and unpinned his sodden didees. “My Mom always used a corner of a dry diaper to dry my baby brother,” she said. “That’s fine with me,” Lauren commented, “or you can use his baby wipes, whichever works best for you.”

Heather and Jill joined Lauren in watching Melissa dry Stevie and slide his fresh diapers under his bottom. Then she rubbed some baby oil on him and asked “Do you put rash ointment on every time you change his diapers?” Lauren replied, “Oh, no, only if it looks like he is getting rash; he’ll be fine without it for now.”

“OK then,” said Melissa; and she pulled Stevie’s diapers up between his legs and pinned then securely over his hips.

“Very well done!” exclaimed Lauren surveying Mellisa’s handiwork. “If you are all that good Stevie will be in very good hands! Now, do we leave him in just his diapers or get him into his baby pants as well? We have snap-on and pull-on baby pants to go over his diapers – which would you use?”

Mellisa, Heather and Jill conferred for a moment then Mellisa said, “We think he’d look cute in snap-on baby pants. “Good choice!” Mommy Lauren exclaimed; “here’s a special pair made just for Stevie.” She handed the girls one of baby’s new snap-on plastic baby pants, inscribed “Mommy’s Diaperboy” in colorful letters across the front and “Still In Diapers” across the back.

“Now let baby and me demonstrate a special game we play when Stevie wears his snap-on baby pants!” Lauren lifted Stevie’s legs and slid the baby pants under his bottom and pulled them up and spread them over the front of his soft, thick triple diapers. Mommy asked “Ready, baby?” Stevie whispered, “Yes, Mommy.”

“OK, then – nice and clearly so your babysitters can hear you!” And as Lauren snapped his brightly lettered baby pants over his left hip, baby and Mommy chanted together, “Snap! Snap! Snap!” As Lauren snapped Stevie’s baby pants over his right hip, the three babysitters joined the chant, gleefully exclaiming “Snap! Snap! Snap!” with Mommy and her Diaperboy.

Chapter 5

(At the conclusion of Chapter 4 Mommy Lauren is just putting her big Baby Stevie into a brand new pair of snap-on baby pants , inscribed "Mommy's Diaperboy" in colorful letters across the front and "Still In Diapers" across the back, and getting ready to leave him with his new babysitters. Stevie's babysitters are younger than he is. How embarrassing to be diapered by three girls younger than the big baby!)

"OK, then - nice and clearly so your babysitters can hear you!" And as Lauren snapped his brightly lettered baby pants over his left hip, baby and Mommy chanted together, "Snap! Snap! Snap!" As Lauren snapped Stevie's baby pants over his right hip, the three babysitters joined the chant, gleefully exclaiming "Snap! Snap! Snap!" with Mommy and her Diaperboy.

"All right, girls, this big baby is all yours for the next several hours," said Mommy Lauren, picking up her purse and looking forward to an afternoon of relaxation. "We will take good care of him," Melissa promised. "You bet," chimed in Jill and Heather.

"Come with us, baby," the sitters instructed Stevie as Mommy Lauren pulled out of the driveway. "You can play in your playpen while we call our friends and tell them about our big baby!" Placed in the playpen in the living room, Stevis sat and sucked his thumb and idly played with the big soft sided blocks that Mommy had found for him.

Mellissa, Jill and Heather lost no time getting out the phone and calling their friends, and before long had even invited several over to see the Diaperboy for themselves. By this time Stevie had wet his diapers and needed to use the potty to poop. Although he wet his diapers, Stevie was sufficiently trained not to mess them anymore.

Heather drew the first potty duty with Stevie and as they finished she heard some of the sitter's friends arriving. "I don't have time to change you right now, baby," she said; "besides, your diapers aren't all that wet yet anyway - we'll just put them back on you." And she lay Stevie down on the floor and, remembering what Mommy said, exclaimed , 'First we put the baby on the diapers!" Then as she pinned Stevie into his soggy diapers she added, "Then we put the diapers on the baby!"

Taking Stevie by the hand she said, "This is great; you are already wet soour friends will see that you really do belong in diapers." Stevie just blushed and waddled along beside his babysitter.

"Oh, isn't he cute," exclaimed one of the girls. "Such a big baby to still be in diapers," giggled another. "Oh just look at his baby pants - 'Mommy's Diaperboy' - that is soooooooooo cute," laughed a third; "what do they say on the back?" A fourth girl, from behind Stevie read "Still in Diapers" and added "Just in case nobody noticed!"

Then Melissa appeared with a bottle of baby formula so all the girls took turns putting baby on their lap and bottle feeding him. One of the girls wondered what it would be like to breast feed him and was starting to unbutton her blouse, when Jill said, "Maybe we should check with his Mommy first - she didn't say anything about that."

"Oh come on" said the girl who now had her blouse open and was about to raise her bra off her left breast, "let's see if he's a real baby!"

"Please, no, not this time," pleaded Jill. "This our first time babysitting him; I promise I'll ask his Mom and if she says its OK you can do it next time … promise!"

"Oh, all right," said the girl, whose name was Angela.

When the girls had finished feeding and burping Stevie, they decided to take him outside and moved the playpen to the big shady front porch. They plopped baby down in his playpen and went back inside to see if they could find something cold to drink.

Soon they came back outside with icy cold Cokes and started to chat happily among themselves. From baby Sevie the conversation drifted to their own brothers and other boys they knew, school, the latest music and fashions and soon they had all but forgotten Stevie who had lay down and drifted off to sleep in his playpen.

It wasn't until one of the girls noticed a small puddle at the leg of Stevie's baby pants that anyone realized that baby had by now soaked his diapers. "Uh, oh," said Heather; "I'll go get the diapers while some wakes up the baby."

"I'll come with," says Angela; "I want to see his nursery." As Heather and Angela go in to fetch diapers, baby pants, powder and pins, Melissa and Jill lean over the rail of the playpen and gently rouse the sleeping baby.

"C'mon, baby", coaxes Jill; "Time to get those soggy didees changed", says Melissa.

"I brought three diapers," says Heather. "Good thing," laughs Jill, "just look how wet he is!" Jill is pointing to the trickle down Stevie's leg at the bottom of his bulging baby pants.

"Awwwww poor wittle babykins," coos Melissa. "We'll get you into nice dry diapers; won't that feel good," she says as she lays Stevie down and unsnaps his baby pants. She unpins the sopping wet diapers and slides them our from under baby. Then Jill, who has folded three diapers together, slides the dry stack under baby. Heather has a baby wipe handy and dries Stevie, then Angela, eager to get into the act asks, "Can I pin them on him?"

"Just a minute," says Melissa as she reaches for the Baby Powder. Soon the girls and the big baby are nearly engulfed in a cloud of sweet smelling powder. "Ooooops, that might be a little too much," laughs Melissa spreading powder liberally onto baby. "Now he's ready," she tells Angela.

Angela bends down over Stevie and pulls his diapers extra tight over his left hip. "My Mom always says we need to put my baby brother's diapers on good and tight or he will wiggle out of them". Then she pulls Stevie's diapers good and tight over his right hip and pins them in place.

"Here are the baby pants - I brought the pull-on ones since the snap-ons leaked, said Heather holding up a pair of extra large baby pants lettered "I Wet My Diapers" across the front, and "Diapered by Lauren" across the back. "Maybe we should each give Stevie a pair of baby pants with our names on them - you know Diapered by us," suggested Jill.

Angela held Stevie by the shoulder as Heather helped him step into the baby pants and Melissa pulled them up over his diapers and tucked them in around the edges. "There you go, Stevie; all dry!" she exclaimed. Then whispered to her friends, "How long do you think he can stay that way?"

After awhile, the friends began to drift off; it was getting to be dinner time and there was no sign of Lauren yet. Heather was the first to go. "Bye, bye baby," she said to Stevie giving him a pat on his thickly diapered bottom. "Don't forget to ask his Mommy about the feeding thing," she reminded the others.

Soon Melissa and Jill said, "Gee, Angela, we need to go, too; will you keep an eye on him."

"Sure," said Angela, nervous that she would be left alone and didn't know for how long.

About a half hour later Mommy was not yet home and Angela's Mom came driving by.

"Come on," she called, "did you forget you have a soccer practice this evening?"

"Omigosh," exclaimed Angela; "we were baby-sitting Stevie and his Mommy isn't home yet. I can't just leave him here - and it looks like he needs his diapers changed again."

"Alright," said Angela's mother; I'll leave his Mom a note with our address and phone numbers. Can you find his diaper bag? We'll bring him with us. I already have your baby brother in the car. I guess I can cope with having two in diapers. I'll change his diapers while I wait for you at soccer practice.

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