Lesbian diaper story

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Lesbian diaper story

2008-05-17 17:49:24

Although I had been an disciplinary top for many years, I had never considered using diapers as part of play until I met Jessie. Jessie brought out parts of me that I didn't know existed. She took our lovemaking to a higher level of pleasure than I had thought was possible.

But let me start back at the beginning. I knew without looking at the calendar that there was a full moon that night. I felt it, just as sure as I was that I was in the middle of PMS. The last time these two incidents had coincided, was the first time I spanked a lover. I came so fast and hard, that I knew it wasn't going to the last.

Six years and many lovers since, I had developed my newly acquired taste for discipline to an art. I had a acquired a full wardrobe full of accessories, and with each lover discovered a new form of play. My last lover, Karen, had been the best. We were together for more than a year, and had she not been transferred out of the country, we would have still been together. Karen had a passion to be treated like a little girl when she was bad. I had made her dresses with lace ruffles, barely long enough to cover the ruffled panties underneath. We had a school uniform for playing mistress and student. We even had doctor/patient outfits for a hospital scene.

I had had a couple of sex partners since, but none could play the role of naughty little girl like she could. I was ready to give up on finding someone again. I was even considering accepting Karen's offer to move to Sweden with her, even though I knew finding a job would be difficult. That night of the full moon/pms combination, I was so sexually charged that my panties were dripping. I had watched the home movie Karen and I had made; I had looked through our pictures, and various magazines. I tried masturbating. But nothing worked. I only succeeded in getting myself more charged up.

I finally gave up fighting it and headed down to the gay district. Like most cities, there were only a couple of lesbian bars, and like most lesbian bars, there was only a very small leather scene. I didn't have much hopes for finding a sub, but maybe at least, I could get sex.

It was early, and the bar was about half full. I walked to the back where the pool tables were, saying high to those I knew on the way. I added my name to the board and then headed over to the bar to get a beer. As I turned back around, a woman banged into me, causing my beer to go flying out of the glass.

I was about to tell her to watch where she was going, when she spoke. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going. Please don't be mad." She was practically pouting as she said this. She was looking up at me with these soulful eyes and twirling her hair with her finger. I almost melted on the spot!

"Of course I forgive, sweetie. Just be careful next time. Little girls who aren't careful, can get hurt." I barely got this out, my chest was so tight.

"Yes... thank you.... I just have to go to the bathroom really really bad.....I didn't mean it." She was hopping back and forth as she said it. Then she slipped by me. It was my turn at pool, or I might have followed.

Well, needless to say, my pool game was lacking in concentration, and I sunk the 8 ball only four shots into the game. I went back to the bar to replace my spilt beer. I was just about to pay, when the sweet thing came up beside me. "Please let me pay. I was the bad one" and proceeded to order a drink for each of us.

"I'm Jessica," she offered, slipping her hand into mine.

"Sarah," I said, holding on to it. "Big girls like you should know how to hold it, and not have to make emergency stops."

"I know. But I always seem to wait until its almost too late. I'm bad that way."

"Maybe you need to be punished." I offered, holding my breath.

"Maybe," she pouted, "If I was your little girl, would you punish me?"

Well, that did it. I knew I was going to bring this one home with me. I just hoped she wasn't teasing me, only to back out at the last moment. "Come home with me, and you'll find out."

On the way home, I found out that she was 22, and had just finished college. She had started a job at the local paper. She hoped to be a columnist someday, but was just a research assistant for now. She had only been in the city for a few weeks and knew almost no one.

As we approached my place, I noticed she was squirming in her seat. "Do you have to go to the bathroom?" I asked. She shook her head. "Now don't lie, or I'll have to punish you more" I offered.

"No, really, I'm okay." She knew I could tell she was lying. I was looking forward to this.

We got out of the car, and walked up the walkway. While I was putting the keys in the door, she whimpered slightly. I looked over, and she had actually wet herself! I had never seen an adult do that before.

I let her into the entranceway, then ordered her to strip. She stopped after she had taken off her jeans and wet panties. "All of it, " I ordered. Her eyes widened, but she obeyed. I then picked her up and carried her into the bathroom, and laid her on the floor. "You have been a very naughty girl. Not only did you wet your pants, but you lied to me. Once I get you cleaned up, I will have to punish you very severely." She started to cry softly. "I'm sorry Mommy, I didn't mean to. I'll be a good girl." I was so turned on, that it was all I could do not to have sex with her there on the bathroom floor. But I held off, knowing that it would be worth the wait. "Now you lie there and let mommy clean you up."

I gently washed her pussy and bottom off. She arched up to meet me when I brought the cloth close to her lips. Then, on a sudden urge, I shaved her pubic hair off. She seemed slightly surprised, but didn't resist. She looked so sweet lying there with her naked pussy and her tear stained face. We broke off play to discuss a safe word for her to end the scene if it became to much. I hoped she wouldn't use it.

Then I carried her into my bedroom. I sat on the bed, and stood her in front of me. "Do you know why you're being punished?" I asked. She nodded. "Tell me."

"Because I was a bad girl. I wet my pants. " I waited. She started crying again. "And I lied to mommy."

"That's right. Now bend over my knee." She did so reluctantly. I stroked her smooth bum. It was so soft and so white. I raised my hand, she flinched and moved her hand to cover herself. "Move your hand right now" I commanded. I was wetter than I had ever been by this time, and through her slightly parted legs, I could see that she was in the same state. With great care, I brought my hand down hard over her bottom. She flinched and screamed slightly. I spanked her again. Between spanks, she promised to be good, her sobbing getting louder, and her squirming more insistent. I had already come once, and went on longer than I would normally on a first spank, but she didn't use the safe word. Finally, I stopped. She lay there sobbing, her bottom now a dark pink.

"Are you going to be a good girl now?" I asked, rubbing her bottom, my fingers slipping down to her wet pussy. "Yes, mommy" she sobbed breathlessly, pushing up to reach my hand. Within seconds she came, convulsing much the same way she had while I was spanking her. I had come again, almost at the same time she did.

She stood up, and put her arms around me. "I love you mommy," she said, as she kissed me long and hard on the mouth. I gathered her into my arms and laid her gently on the bed. I laid down next to her, and she curled into my arms. We were asleep within minutes, exhausted.

I woke up in the morning to a strange sensation. It took me a minute to realize that I was lying in pee. She had actually wet the bed without even waking up! This was something new for me. But it gave me an idea. I got out of bed without waking her up.

After I showered and changed into dry clothes, I grabbed a stack of magazines and started looking through them. After a while I found what I wanted. A store that sold adult size cloth diapers and plastic pants. They were clients of the law firm, and I had gone there a couple of times to get Karen little girl dresses, and some of the leather supplies, but had forgotten about the baby stuff. This would be perfect. I was fairly certain she would go along with it, but still thought it would be better as a surprise.

A little while later she woke up. I was waiting in the kitchen. She came in dressed in my bathroom and looking quite apprehensive. She wasn't sure if she had wet the bed when I was still in it or not. I quickly removed all doubt. "Well young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?"

"I didn't mean to, I just, I mean I," she started crying again. "I'm really sorry mommy. I must have been really tired. I promise I'll be good." I was glad to see that the rising or the sun hadn't ended the scene.

"Well, you promised the same thing last night, but it doesn't seem to matter. Do you think you need to be punished?" She nodded slowly. "Good. Now go to the drawer over there, and bring me the wooden spoon." Her eyes widened. She started to hesitate, and then obeyed. "Take off the bathrobe and bend over." I said, taking the spoon. She did as was asked. Her bottom was still slightly pink from the night before. I moved her slightly so that the area just above the thighs was higher, and proceeded to give her ten had smacks with the spoon. She cried and squirmed as she had the night before, but still didn't use the safe word.

Once it was done, I laid her on her back on the kitchen table. I spread her legs and started rubbing her gently. She was still crying, but at the same time started begging. "Please take me. I cant stand it any longer. Take me!" I lowered my mouth, more than happy to oblige.

After breakfast, I told that mommy had several things to do, and she was being sent to her room for the day. Jessica then used the word I hadn't wanted to hear. The safe word. My heart fell. It had been a one night deal. I couldn't loose this one! Although it had only been one night, I knew I was in love. I started to ask her if I would see her again when she spoke.

"I want to see you again. I felt things with you I've never felt before. No one has spanked me since I was 12. It was incredible. I just cant stay here all day. I have to go to the office to do some research. If you would let me, I'd like to come back later today. I hope I'm not being to forward, but I think I'm in love with you."

I wanted to scream with joy! She wanted to come back! She loved me! She loved me? Holy shit! "I love you too Jessie. Yes of course you can come back. How about 5 or so, then I can make you dinner?"

We did the usual mundane things, exchanging phone numbers and the like. I had to lend her some of my clothes, since hers were still lying wet in the hallway. The sleeves and legs were too long. She looked adorable. I kissed her gently as she left, caressing her still throbbing bottom.

As soon as she left, I hopped in the car and drove to Wet,. the only fetish store in the area. I knew Bob, the owner. In fact, I had helped him out when the store had some legal problems.

"I was wondering if you girls were into that. So far the only women clients we've had are mothers of baby boys and sissies, and the occasional wife wanting to please her husband."

"Well, this is a first for me. I'm not sure where to start, just with the diapers or the whole thing?"

"Well, it's different for everyone. Some people only where the diapers for sex, some to sleep, or others, like myself, wear them all the time."

"You, wear, I mean, I didn't know, I. Are you wearing them now?"

"Yes" and he pulled down the band of his shorts to show me. "I usually wear thin diapers when out. But at home I like to wear several layers of cloth diapers. It makes it more real for me."

"How did you, I mean if its not too personal, get into diapers?" I asked genuinely curious.

"Well, I actually started at a really young age. When I was about 6, my little sister was born. I loved the feel of her diapers and the sound of the plastic pants. I just knew I had to try them. I would steal them, and put the dirty ones in the diaper pail with hers. Somewhere along the line, my parents figured it out. I was spanked and told to grow up. For a while, I didn't wear them, and tried to put them out of my mind. When I was about 14, a boy about my age was punished for bed wetting by his parents. This particular punishment involved him wearing a diaper to school. It was the disposable kind. I made friends with him, and he let me try a couple of them out. Once again, I was hooked. My friends parents made him buy his own diapers as a way of punishing him. I gave him enough money to get some for me too. Soon we were both wearing diapers all the time. His parents never did figure out that he liked wearing diapers." Bill finished.

"Wow, and what became of your friend? Does he still wear diapers now?" I asked.

"Yup, and we have been together for ever since!"

"You mean, Karl and you met because you both liked diapers?"

"Yes, and we opened this store, because the diapers in the stores are designed to hide the fact that their diapers. We wanted the real thing. The layers of soft cotton, the crinkle of plastic pants, the bottles, the soothers, the works. We even have a nursery with full sized furniture in the house."

The concept was pleasing to me, and I was getting wet at the thought of watching a well diapered Jessica into a crib sucking on a pacifier.

"Now this woman of yours, do you think she's worn diapers before?" I shook my head. "Does she know you're planning this?" I shook my head again. "Okay, then I wouldn't go for the full nursery just yet. She may not like it." I knew he was right, but something told me that Jessica would make a happily little baby. "So, I'd suggest starting with the 6-ply cloth diaper. Since you mean this as punishment, I'd use these locking pins. That way she cant get out of them. You'll need plastic pants. Maybe a couple of sleepers and of course a soother and bottle." He piled everything on the counter as he spoke. "There, that should be good for a start."

Before he rung it up, I selected 2 little girls dresses with matching panties for the start of the evening. He rung it all up, and I paid, not even blinking at the total.

"If you don't have baby powder and lotion at home, stop off at the drugstore and pick it up. I know it sounds strange, but diaper rash is quite painful. And call if you have any questions."

I thanked him and left the store. On the way home, I stopped off and picked up what he suggested. I also picked up some pasta for dinner along with a couple of bottles of wine.

When I got home, I unpacked the baby stuff into a drawer. I hung one of the dresses up, and laid the other on the bed. Then I started on dinner.

Jessica arrived shortly after, letting herself in with the key I had given her. "I'm home mommy," she called out. "Dinner smells great. I'm starved."

"First you have to get dressed for dinner. If you look in the bedroom, you'll see that mommy brought you a surprise to day." She skipped into the bedroom. I followed along slowly, and arrived at the door in time to hear her squeal with delight.

"Is this for me? Oh mommy I love it. Will you help me put it on?" I went over to her and helped her take her clothes off. First, I had her step into the little white panties. They were of an older style, with ruffles at the legs. Then, with her arms over her head, I pulled the dress on. It was a small blue and white sailor dress, and it ended just below the edge of the panties, so that if she raised her arms, they would show. She looked terrific and hugged me fiercely.

"Okay, lets go down for dinner." I led her down the stairs to the dinning room.

I put the plate of pasta in front of her. "Now make sure you keep your dress clean." I warned. She looked up at me. "Do you want to wear a bib?" I asked. She nodded slowly.

The bib made the outfit. As we ate dinner, we got to know each other better. We swapped school and family stories, all the while laughing and eating. I made sure Jessica got plenty of water and wine with her meal. I wanted to be sure she would have to go to the bathroom.

After dinner, I gave her crayons and paper, and let her colour at the kitchen table while I did the dishes. I let the water run as much as possible, hoping for a reaction. None came. I was starting to get disappointed. Maybe she was telling the truth when she said she never wet her pants.

We then went into the living room to watch a movie. It was comedy and both of us were laughing hysterically shortly after it started. This did it. Jessica was sitting on the floor, and I noticed a small puddle forming under her.

"Did you wet your pants?" She shook her head. "Jessie?"

"Yes mommy. I was just laughing so hard, it all came out."

"This is the third time in two days that you wet your pants." I warned.

She hung her head, then looked up at me shyly. "Are you going to punish me?" I nodded. "Spank me?"

"Yes, and then I'm going to make sure you don't wet your pants again." She stared at me wide-eyed, not sure what I meant. I picked her up, wet and all, and put her over my knee. Then I lowered her wet panties to her knees and proceeded to spank her wet little bottom. She was crying immediately. I was in heaven.

Then, her panties still down, I carried her up to the spare bedroom. I laid her own the bed, and told her not to move. After getting a wet cloth, I came back. I pulled her panties completely off, and cleaned her pussy, bottom and legs. Then I went to the dresser and got out a diaper, plastic pants and the lotion and powder. Her eyes grew wider as she saw what I had, but she didn't stop me.

"Now, you have tried to tell me you are a big girl, but you are acting like a little baby. So I'm going to treat you like one. For the next week, while you are at home, you will wear a diaper. You can wet and mess it to your hearts content, without being punished. At the end of the week, you can have your panties back. If you wet them, you will be punished and put back into diapers, this time for 2 weeks."

"I'm not a baby, I'm a big girl," Jessica insisted, resisting my advances. I lifted her legs and gave her already sore bottom a swat. She settled down. I was uncertain how she really felt, but since the safe word hadn't been used, proceeded. I squeezed lotion on my hand and started rubbing it into her. All doubts I had disappeared as I touched her pussy to find it dripping. She was enjoying this as much as I was. I slipped the diaper under her, and then sprinkled powder on. I rubbed it in, all the time stroking her clitoris. Once she came, I pulled the diaper up between her legs and fastened it with the locking pins. Then to complete the picture, I slipped the plastic pants on. She looked so adorable there that I came on the spot.

I carried her downstairs and held her as she drank from the bottle. Shortly later, she peed again. Once again, I brought her to orgasm after sprinkling on powder. Then I dressed her in the sleepers and put her into the spare bed with the pacifier.

As promised, whenever she was over that week, which was every night, I kept her in diapers, and didn't punish her when she peed. At the end of the week, I started dressing her in the little girls outfit. After a few days she had an accident. It was another spanking, and back in diapers. After a couple of months, Jessie moved in with me. A few months after that, we completed the nursery. Jessie has been my baby now for 2 years. Like all mothers, I don't want my baby to grow up. Fortunately, Jessie doesn't seem to want to either.

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