Lady Felicity, Potty Trained

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Lady Felicity, Potty Trained

2008-05-17 17:49:24

By 4Nick8

Synopsis: The young benefactress of a boys only private school is fooled and trapped, by a scheming matron, to lewdly exhibit herself in front of the whole school. There, she is beaten and degraded in a most unladylike way, having everything divested from her, including her pride, dignity and all her clothes.

The following fiction is intended for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. Please do read only if you are legally considered of adult age, are not offended by extreme content and your community's standards permit such material.


Chapter One

Lady Felicity Milford-Green was a rich, spoilt young woman of nineteen and of inherited means, and also inherited perversions. Unfortunately, as it turned out for Felicity, she'd developed a close relationship with Chief Matron Bridges at nearby Sutton College, indulging in her fantasies.

Lady Felicity, was a classical English beauty. Inheriting a small fortune when she was just fifteen years old, (due to a terrible plane crash that killed her parents). The fortune she'd come into had been put into a trust fund that had been administered by her solicitors till her eighteenth birthday, but when she came into the money, she'd become a very well heeled benefactress of Sutton College, (a charity started by her belated parents).

The day, that she finally succumbed to her deepest and most depraved secret desire, she was at the College on one of her many visits. Unknown to the beautiful girl, the Matron was using Lady Felicity's innocent appearing sexual appeal to further punish and humiliate the boys in her charge.

She looked ravishing that day, the very picture of innocent English beauty. Young Felicity was the very epitome of every heterosexual male's sexual fantasy.

Felicity was dressed in a simple but expensive lilac costume with very little jewellery, flesh toned nylon stockings and dainty, strap over high-heeled sandals. Her light coloured auburn hair was held back off her beautiful face with a lilac, chiffon scarf. Her make-up had been expertly, and tastefully applied, the foundation cream and powder merely served to accentuate her youthful beauty, subtly underlined by her expensive perfume. Felicity's ravishing face was surrounded by a halo of yielding, light brown hair, gently waved and tastefully arranged. She wickedly knew she gave all the boys an erection, and it secretly delighted her, being the innocent little teaser that she was.

Sutton College was a school for young men, fifteen to eighteen years of age. It had an unusually small enrolment, with eight to ten scholars in attendance at any one time. They were assisted to qualify for university, paid for in huge sums by their aristocratic patents. Matron Bridges, and five other female professors made up the entire faculty.

Besides a unique one-on-one academic approach, the institution had a special disciplinary bent, and it was the school's special brand of discipline that young Lady Felicity was particularly interested in.

Matron Bridges was the disciplinarian. All the young men were subject to her complete authority. Lady Felicity found a vicarious fascination that Matron took such a particular interest in the young men's toilet habits, and condition of their buttocks. This habit was the reason she had agreed to carry on her parents largess, and become one of the chief benefactors of the College, her secret interest and desires having been piqued.

Bottom and bathroom discipline was routine. For certain, particular acts of misbehaviour, special chores were assigned, but all students, regardless, of their deportment, were subject to regular bare-bottomed discipline sessions with Matron.

Matron Bridges had developed her own theory about young men. She believed that their natural male aggression and insensitivity, was directly related to their separation from feminine control. She had also noted that the prime example of the extreme of womanly control, viz.-a viz, the male's struggle to free himself, was demonstrated in the nursery... particularly when the boy of two or three is being potty-trained by his nanny. Moreover, she noted that it was the bare behind, which lay at the centre of this struggle. As she had so often shared with the fascinated Lady Felicity, Matron believed that young men needed to be shocked back into the realm of feminine control, and the best means of achieving this, she had found, was through a judicious combination of forced toilet activity and conventional corporal discipline.

Matron had devised a methodology whereby the men under her control would routinely be subject to being, in her words, 'spanked and pottied'.

Lady Felicity found that nothing pleased and excited her more than witnessing a healthy, well-formed young gentleman, stripped naked to have his bare bottom thoroughly thrashed, until he had no choice but to make an unrestricted exhibition of himself by submissively, and contritely, 'doing his duty' in front of all the ladies who took a secret delight in their humiliation.

The rear ends of her male charges were at the centre of Matron's concern. She knew that proper lessons were always instilled there... on the bare bottom. Moreover, she believed that boys and young men in particular, needed to be more conscious, more aware of their behinds... the earthy, natural, more feminine aspect of their beings. Thus, at the College, the young men wore specially designed trousers, tight fitting, and with the seat cut out. The result was that at all times their bare bottoms were on full display and they were at the mercy of being humiliated and made to feel ashamed in front of the totally female staff.

As always, Matron saw to it that the young men had their behinds well scrubbed and, if necessary, shaved baby-smooth. Even the sensitive anal area was to be devoid of hair.

Lady Felicity, being a great patron of the college, was frequently invited to witness bare-behind disciplinary sessions. This surreptitiously thrilled and suited both her, and the Matron, who had the aforementioned, hidden agenda. The only people this didn't suit were the embarrassed boys themselves.

On this ill fated day, Lady Felicity had had an invitation to witness such an event involving the most senior of the 'boys', a handsome youth called Kendall Williamson...

Kendall Williamson was eighteen, a fully-grown, tall healthy specimen. Matron, of course, had required him to strip totally naked. Now, as Lady Felicity entered, she viewed to her secret delight, what could only be described as the most magnificent set of 'bad-boy' buttocks she ever had the pleasure of viewing. Kendall had been placed in the following position...

First, he had been seated at the end of an oblong stool; He faced the length of the stool and his legs straddled its sides. The stool or bench was just over two feet high. Kendall's torso was then stretched out along the surface of this padded bench in such position. His knees were bent, while his feet still rested on the floor; his thighs hugged the outer sides of the stool. His arms were fastened to the legs at the far side and cloth fasteners also secured his legs and his waist. Thus situated, the young man's sturdy and well-defined buttocks projected outward and upward over the end of the stool, perfectly positioned for Matron's corrective attentions.

Lady Felicity was thrilled to see that Kendall's rump cheeks were nicely spread, thereby giving her a clear view of his crinkled, puckered anus that was shaved completely clean.

As was customary, Matron intended to see that this young gentleman would be compelled to 'do his duty' as he was spanked. To that end, she had placed a smaller, shorter stool just below his behind and on that stool she had placed a porcelain bowl.

The delightful and faintly flushed Lady Felicity seated herself and watched with great pleasure as Matron prepared.

Kendall was lectured on his misbehaviour, as he glared with undisguised hatred at the pretty Lady Felicity, and then he was read to from the scriptures. Matron then gently patted his splendid, naked rump, telling him that she would purge the naughtiness from his behind.

First, a brisk and somewhat prolonged hand spanking was administered to prepare his rear. Every inch of his proud male rump was smacked and smacked repeatedly. This spanking left Kendall's backside brightly suffused with a healthy pink flush.

The next step in preparing Kendall's behind involved Matron inserting into his bottom-vent a large Gina suppository that she'd prepared. This 'figured', Kendall's bottom cheeks would remain opened as he was chastised and, of course, Mother Nature would be spurred to accelerate her more earthy, fundamental demands on his bottom.

Matron announced to Kendall that she wanted him to receive a good, old-fashioned licking. She would use a supple leather strap to tan his rump.

She began to administer his licking. Firm, wholesome wallops of smarting leather burnished Kendall's helpless, wiggling posterior.

Lady Felicity, her pretty face flushed with excitement, giggled in delight and nodded knowingly as the young man howled and begged, as Matron treated his bottom in a manner more befitting a boy of eight or ten. This fully-grown young man was having his bottom smacked. Matron, indeed, gave him a proper licking.

Kendall couldn't help himself, he wept aloud in shame, as his painful bare-bottom strapping reduced him to the state of a naughty little boy, begging for his Mummy's mercy. To compound his misery the gorgeous Lady Felicity, a sweet little thing that Kendall should be suavely asking out to the Hunt Ball, was there at his shaming disgrace, clapping her little hands in sheer delight.

GOD... He hated her...

Lady Felicity was really pleased to hear Kendall bawl. Nothing was as sweet to her ears as the piteous, woebegone sobbing of a fully-grown boy, responding, as he must, to a blazing, stinging behind. Nothing seemed so wholesome or so appropriate as this kind of bare-behind castigation. Lady Felicity, as young and pretty as she was, agreed with Matron. She too felt that young men benefited greatly from being returned to a youthful condition wherein their behinds were totally under feminine control.

As for Kendall. She knew that Matron had set no limit on the number of licks to be applied to this young stallion's haughty rump. From experience, Lady Felicity knew that Matron would continue to wallop Kendall's bad-boy behind until he made 'a number two'. Yes... Oh so innocent Lady Felicity would watch Kendall shit and derive an inexplicable thrill from it.

She sat and stared, bemused, excited, stirred and pleased in some strange way, as a large, brown cylindrical offering slowly and ceremoniously emerged from between the young man's crimson bottom cheeks. Felicity could hear him moan in mortification as he 'made' for Matron. Copiously, he would fill the porcelain bowl. With Kendall thus reduced to being a 're-bottomed' boy with a stinky, brown-stained behind, he would endure even more licks over his soiled buttocks.

Finally, weeping and exhausted, the youth was helped to rise, and then forced to kneel and bend over to display his behind to the flushed and excited Lady Felicity, who herself wiped his rump clean and slapped him soundly on his purged behind. He was then required to thank Matron for taking the time to teach him proper discipline and then, before he dressed, he was made to bow to Lady Felicity and allow her to stroke and further inspect his radiant, glowing behind.

Being too young for a pretty young debutant to have yet started a family of her own, Lady Felicity felt lucky to be even a small part of Matron's novel bare-behind disciplinary regime for the young men under Matron's care. Lady Felicity was always so pleased to note that even after one of the young men had suffered the age-regression of being spanked and 'pottied' by Matron, he would invariably display a throbbing erection. This indicated to Lady Felicity that, notwithstanding his sobs and tears, that the young man himself had enjoyed the seemingly humiliating, bare-behind exhibitionism of which he had partaken. Or perhaps it was the intimate ministrations of the fragrant Lady Felicity herself, who was always sure to give the boys just the slightest, tantalising glimpse of her lower thighs. In fact, the head of the youth's erect penis was often topped with the foamy, frosting which indicated that he had climaxed while his bottom was being attended to.

After the punished youth was dismissed, the pot emptied and the room tidied and cleaned, Lady Felicity found herself asking Matron if she thought that some of the same bare-behind techniques used on males would be beneficial for females as well.

Matron smiled inwardly...

She had wondered when Lady Felicity would broach this subject...

The Matron, after putting up a sham show of reluctance, finally agreed to 'show M'lady if she so wished' the dubious pleasure of a loving bottom smacking. Felicity was secretly thrilled and delighted.

Lady Felicity was discretely led to an adjoining room, the Matron making her usual fawning, obsequious gestures to her patron. There she found prepared, a padded spanking bench, a smaller stool supporting a porcelain pot, and a strop made of the finest, tooled leather along with other canes and leather straps, some of which completely confused and excited the pretty girl.

Also, on a table was a gigantic, ginger suppository...

Lady Felicity now dimpled a lovely smile at Matron as she felt her guts churn and her bottom tingle with a fearful excitement and anticipation.

Matron softly, but firmly spoke, suggesting that her young benefactress might wish to pull her panties down, that is, if she really desired to experience the benefits of being properly 'spanked and pottied'. Lady Felicity, with the arrogance of the English upper classes, never though that of any of the middle or lower class 'oik's' had any moral opinions worth regarding, and was now trembling with the desire to experience a little bit of sophisticated decadence.

Lady Felicity quickly took the hem of her tight skirt in her trembling fingers and pulled it up her lovely, nylon covered legs to her waist.

What a delectable sight she made, her smart, lilac skirt up to her waist revealing her transparent, lilac French knickers, suspender belt and sheer nylon stockings.

"If you're really serious about the ultimate benefits and rewards of my training M'lady, then perhaps you'd like to try a weeks trial training. You'd have to sign a release, but I'm sure we could do that now. It would mean that you'd have to be punished in front of the boys mind, just as they've been punished in front of you."

Lady Felicity was privately thrilled. That's just what she secretly wanted. My God... wouldn't the little horrors get off on seeing that... It would demonstrate her power to enslave them all to her beauty... She couldn't wait to sign the fateful form that Matron placed in front of her.

Returning to the centre of the large room at the command of a suddenly more confidant Matron. There was a rustling of skirts as Lady Felicity again hauled her tight skirt up her beautiful legs and the Matron rung the bell, summonsing all the boys and staff to the main hall.

She felt her cheeks go hot and red with the desired shame and excitement as the whole school gathered around her, looking with amazed curiosity and lust at Lady Felicity standing there with her skirt around her waist. The thin, transparent knickers outlined her cunt and profuse, pubic hair.

"Lady Felicity is now a part of the program." Matron announced, pacing up and down in front of the delightful girl and looking her up and down critically.

"She's not to be afforded any special privileges or treatment as she wishes to experience to the full, the beneficial effects of the regime. Now Lady Felicity.... No.... I'll call you baby or baby Felicity from now on, we'll have to shave you as the boys have been shaved."

Thrilled, and still unsuspecting, Lady Felicity uncertainly slipped her fingers under the waistband of her knickers, and slid them down to her knees at the command of Matron. There was an audible intake of breath as the boys took in her stark, naked display. She blushed to the very roots of her hair as she displayed her hairy cunt to them.

"Now Baby. Down on your back so Mummy can take away all those horrid hairs you've got down there." Matron ordered.

Lady Felicity lay on her back on the bench and felt her smooth, nylon covered knees being forced open by two of the female staff as Matron lathered up a brush in a shaving bowl.

The boys couldn't believe it. Lady Felicity Milford-Green was on her back in front of them, legs wide open and her knickers around her calves, being shaved clean by Matron.

Matron didn't just restrict herself to Lady Felicity's pubic area however. She had the two assistants pull the lovely girl's legs even wider, and up and to her shoulders as she shaved her bottom and the crack around her anus completely bare.

Lady Felicity was secretly thrilled once again, knowing that she was giving these vigorous young boys a sexual delight. It turned her on knowing they were all hard, viewing what they could never have. If she could only have known... Lady Felicity shivered a little as the next step took her somewhat by surprise.

Still holding her legs wide apart, Matron had one of the smaller boys bring a pole that was about three feet wide with leather straps on each end. This she affixed to each of Lady Felicity's shapely, nylon covered ankles, effectively holding her legs wide apart and stretching her knickers to the seams, showing off her newly shining, bare cunt for them all to admire.

"Now the boys have to undergo this humiliation, but I doubt that will be sufficient for you baby Felicity, so I've decided to treat you as a proper baby. That means the rest of your hair will have to come off also."

Lady Felicity was horrified. She hadn't bought in to this had she?.

"Ooooh no!" she cried. "No one is going to cut off my beautiful hair."

She was shocked as a cane was suddenly brought viciously down on her raw, exposed slit.

"Ooooowwww" she screamed, in stunned terror, as it was brought down several more times.

When Matron had finished, Lady Felicity was sobbing and heartbroken as she lay weeping in front of the delighted boys and staff, her legs still spread wide apart by the bar and her bare cunt bright red from the beating.

"You will address me as Mummy from now on" commanded Matron. "Now get onto your knees in front of the school and me and bow your head so I can get rid of your silly, grown-up hair. For all your back-chat, I now want you to beg me to shave your head bald."

Too frightened to do anything other than to obey, the straddle legged Lady Felicity was helped to her knees and, sobbing, she began to sniffle out the required words.

"WHAT?" shouted the Matron. "We can't hear you."

"Please Mummy" sobbed the cowed girl. "Please shave off all my hair so I can be your little baby. You don't see any babies with hair, so I don't want any hair on my head at all. Please render me bald." Lady Felicity then bowed her head in submission as she was commanded.

There was a full length mirror on the wall opposite her, and Lady Felicity looked at it in despair as Matron first ran an electric hair clipper over her scalp, savagely cutting away all her gorgeous, auburn tresses, leaving her with an ugly stubble.

Matron then worked up a lather in the shaving bowl again, coating Lady Felicity's head with shaving cream and then removing it with a cut throat razor, leaving the poor girl's head completely bald and shining.

Through a mist of tears, Lady Felicity watched as Matron applied a thick green ointment to her bald head, causing Lady Felicity to suffer a painful burning feeling in her scalp.

"Can't have that ugly stubble growing back now can we baby?." Matron said, briskly rubbing in the stinging ointment and polishing Lady Felicity's bald pate.

Then, all her pride stripped away, Lady Felicity was made to hold her face still in front of Matron, as her eyebrows were neatly shaved off.

"Now you've seen it so many time baby Felicity" said Matron sternly. "Assume the position on the bench.

"Yes Mummy" snivelled the conquered girl as she was helped over the bench by the two ladies, her legs awkwardly straddled apart by the device.

The boys had a perfect view of Lady Felicity's hairless anus and cunt as the spreader bar forced her nylon covered legs wide and the bench forced her bare bottom up for them to snigger suggestively at. They watched with bated breath as Matron inserted the huge, ginger suppository into Lady Felicity's tight, pink rose-bud, the girl snuffling and gasping as the immense bullet was forced inside her.

Lady Felicity's wrists were secured below the bench as Matron prepared to administer the punishment.

'Thwack.' The first of many terrible blows cut into Lady Felicity's tender, white bottom, administered with the cane and not the strap.

'Crack.' 'Whap.' 'Smash.' 'Thwapp.'

The dreadful beating went on and on as Lady Felicity begged, cried and screamed for mercy.


"You know what you have to do now, don't you baby Felicity?" demanded the merciless Matron.

"Ooooh... Uh... Uh... Uh... Pu... Pleeeease Noooo... Y... you w... want me to p... p... p... poo in front of the boys?" gasped Lady Felicity.

'Smash.' 'Crash.'

"What?... What was that word you used?."

"You want me to sh... shit right here in front of all the boys" Lady Felicity moaned, tears streaming down her lovely cheeks.

'Swish.' 'Slash."

"Go on then. DO IT!!!..."

The wailing Lady Felicity suddenly felt her bowels involuntarily relax, and the first of many large brown logs started to squeeze out of her tight, tortured sphincter. The boys watched with a kind of fascinated lust as the beautiful Lady Felicity's arsehole slowly expanded and a massive brown turd started to force its way out.

"Uh... Ooogh... Uh... Uh... Ooooh." Lady Felicity panted and groaned as she felt the turd start to protrude out of her tortured hole. It was gigantic and it caused her a lot of pain as her anus was a mass of fresh scars through the savage beating.

They watched as the beautiful girl continued to shit profusely in front of them all, her trembling bottom twitching and writhing as one after another giant, hot brown turd emerged out of her arsehole, accompanied by a hissing sound from her now spraying cunt as she peed copiously.

'Thwack.' 'Swish.'

"You disobedient child" snapped Matron, laying into Lady Felicity's tender flesh once more and smashing the latest turd all over Lady Felicity's bare backside. "I never gave you permission to pee."

The screaming girl continued to piss and shit in front of the boys as she had completely lost control of all her functions by now.

On and on it went. Lady Felicity collapsed into a trembling heap in front of her Mistress as she voided her bowels and bladder, her bald, gleaming white head adding the final touch of surrealism to the scene.

When it was over, Matron had Lady Felicity hauled to her feet and stood up in front of the leering boys.

"Take all your clothes off" she ordered the trembling girl.

Teetering on her high heels, and with the spreader bar still forcing her legs wide, Lady Felicity started to unzip her skirt with trembling fingers. As she pushed the tight garment down over her rump, she could feel the sticky, disgusting mess all over the stinging cheeks of her bottom, and she went bright red with mortification. She managed to get the skirt down to mid-thigh before one of the assistants had to cut it away with a pair of scissors.

The other assistant went to work on her garter belt with a Stanley Knife, slicing through the elastic waistband, freeing it from Lady Felicity's waist and skinning it down her legs, pulling, laddering and finally ripping away her stockings with a loud hissing, popping sound.

Lady Felicity shivered as she hesitantly un-buttoned her smart, lilac jacket and slipped it off her shoulders. The white blouse followed leaving only a white, lacy brassiere covering her small breasts.

Unhooking this final flimsy garment, Lady Felicity revealed herself totally bare before the whole school, her legs forced wide apart and her naked cunt now spurting out one small jet of nervous piss after another. She looked so small, vulnerable and diminutive now that she was revealed in her nude state.

The boys all laughed and jeered at her, and even Matron had to smile at this sophisticated and privileged Lady of the Manor type, bald, naked and pissing in fear as she cried her eyes out in front of them all.

When Matron released the spreader bar, Lady Felicity almost collapsed sobbing, and had to be held up by two of the older boys who furtively copped a feel at her small, trembling bare tits as they steadied her.

Lady Felicity didn't see where Matron produced them from, but she brought out a pile of adult baby clothes and adult diapers for Lady Felicity to dress up in.

"While you're here you are the most junior of anyone. You'll dress as a baby, talk as a baby eat as a baby and defecate and urinate into your diapers as a baby. You'll suck your little thumb or a pacifier at all times and when you're fed, you'll lie on your back with your legs bent and wide apart, and you'll coo and gurgle like a baby. In fact I think we'll hire a wet nurse for you. I want to see a complete baby by the end of today."

"W... Why are you doing this to me...? M.. Mummy?" enquired the sobbing girl tremulously. "I've always provided generously for the College."

She then got the shock of her young and privileged life.

'Thwack.' 'Crack.'

"You'll talk in baby talk" roared the Matron, bringing the hated cane down on Lady Felicity's shit smeared bottom and sending the poor girl into wails of tears again. "There's nothing you can do about it now. If your tiny, aristocratic mind had thought to check what you were signing, you'd have discovered that you've given me the power of attorney and signed yourself into this establishment voluntarily."

Lady Felicity heard this through her own wailing and her heart sank. This was going to be her fate... her final humiliation.

"Goo, goo" she managed to gurgle...

Later, in Matron's office, the formidable woman realised she was going to have to work fast. She contacted an eminent Harley Street surgeon and outlined the work on Lady Felicity she required him to perform.

The surgeon, one Mr John Silversmith, was a regular visitor at Sutton College. He'd carried out work of a somewhat dubious nature before for Matron Bridges. He'd also met the delectable Lady Felicity Milford-Green. He promised he would be over immediately. Satisfied, she returned the phone back to the receiver rest.

Within the hour John Silversmith was at the college and getting scrubbed up in preparation to carrying out the work on the now unconscious Lady Felicity. The makeshift operating-theatre had been prepared by the Matron who would be acting as his anaesthetist.

The work was completed seven long hours later...

As Lady Felicity slowly came round from the anaesthesia, she blinked her big blue eyes around the sterile room. There were two large figures looming over her. Matron Bridges and the surgeon, Mr John Silversmith.

Her recollection of the horrible recent events came flooding back to her and in panic, she tried to sit up. She wasn't secured to the bed, but discovered that she was far too weak to do anything but just lie there.

"Well, well..." gloated Matron Bridges... "The little baby has woken up doctor. Doesn't she look soooo pretty then? There, there little one. Just lie back darling while Mummy puts your little mindy-windy at rest."

Lady Felicity looked around her quite bewildered. She seemed to have trouble focusing her mind on anything and she felt a sudden urge to cry and cry. She was hungry...

"There, there little one. Don't you cry now. Mummy will look after you. You'll find that the doctor has got rid of them nasty, horrible things on your chest and has given you some pretty little girly ones instead. He's also weakened all your muscles so you'll only be able to totter about from now on. That includes the muscles in your bladder and bowels, so you'll be relying on Mummy to clean you up all the time. You'll probably find you have difficulty concentrating on things now, as he's taken away some of the lymph nodes in your brain. That'll make you think and talk more like a baby. Don't worry sweetheart, he's done all this with microsurgery so there aren't any nasty-wasty scars."

Numbly. Lady Felicity moved her hands up to her chest.

Where before she had two small but perfect breasts, there were just two slightly plump mounds. The naked, bald little thing looked around desperately, and then for no apparent reason, she started to sob and wail like a frightened baby.

Lady Felicity held out her arms for the adult figure of the Matron, and was gratified to sob and snuffle in the woman's soothing embrace...

"Bring Lady Felicity in" Matron Bridge's barked over the intercom.

The door opened and a female nurse led in the transformed Lady Felicity. The Matron herself couldn't believe the change that had been wrought on the sophisticated and smart young, aristocrat.

Stood before her, with her thumb firmly jammed into her pretty mouth, was a frightened, beautiful, overgrown baby girl.

Lady Felicity trembled, wobbling on her now weakened legs, as the Matron walked approvingly around her, eyeing her up and down.

She'd been made to wear a pair of pink, knitted bootie's that gathered around her trembling ankles with satin tapes that were both secured in big bows. The nurse had made sure she was well and truly diapered, using four adult, terry cloth diapers that were pinned on each hip with large safety pins. Over these, the nurse had drawn up a pair of plastic, adult incontinence knickers with small cartoon pictures of teddy bears and dolls printed on them.

Her surgically reduced tiny, little girly titties were savagely confined inside a thick, pink rubber brassier that completely flattened what little there were of her chest and was causing her to wince in pain and sweat into the garment in discomfort.

On top of this, Lady Felicity was wearing a flounced, ruffled baby dress that was overlaid in pink lace, the dress not even falling down to the waistband of her plastic knickers and leaving Lady Felicity's little pot belly, and her now protruding little belly button bared. A large pacifier had been placed around her neck, secured with the inevitable pink tape.

Over Lady Felicity's bald head, had been placed a baby's sun bonnet, again in pink that haloed her flawless complexion that the nurse had enhanced with discrete make-up that brought out Lady Felicity's babyish features. Because Lady Felicity no longer had eyebrows, the nurse had painted in two subtle and exaggerated arches that climbed high over the baby girl's bare forehead, giving her a very babyish, guileless look.

"Beautiful!!." Matron clapped her hands. "Come along baby Felicity. We'll take you to your dormitory.

Holding Matron's hand, and having to waddle because of the thickness of the diapers, and wobble because of her weakened muscles, the thumb sucking girl allowed herself to be led to a six bed dorm the was already inhabited by five, subservient boys.

One of the boys was the head boy, Kendall Williamson, whom Lady Felicity had delightedly observed being punished before her own debasement. Because of this punishment, Kendall had missed Lady Felicity's humiliation.

"I'm leaving baby Felicity in your care Kendall" said the Matron briskly. "I trust you'll see that she conforms to all our rules and is a 'good girl' for you." So saying she swept out of the room leaving the trembling baby to eye her room-mates up and down with apprehension.

"Well, well, well" Kendall said with ominous satisfaction when Matron had gone. "Look what fate's delivered into my hands."

He walked around the frightened girl menacingly, unable to believe his good fortune, his sudden erection threatening to burst out of his tight trousers...

"Oup, Goo, Ooooooooh" wailed Lady Felicity in despair...

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