Janet's Story

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Janet's Story

2008-07-09 14:17:26

By Diaperlock

Part One: Initiation

Janet had almost finished packing for her trip to visit her cousin Barb when her mother came into her room wearing an odd expression. "I just finished a long chat with your Aunt Mary. There's been some strange developments she wants you to know about." Her tone was strange enough to make Janet stop packing. She sat on her vanity table's bench and gave her mother all her attention. Karen continued, "Last week Barb was caught by the police in the back seat of her boy friend's car in a very unladylike situation. It seems it was the straw that broke the camel's back for Mary. She's grounded Barb for the summer and taken some other disciplinary measures that you'll encounter when you see her."

Janet's curiosity was peaked. "Mom, what are you talking about?"

Her mother blushed and played with her skirt for a moment. Her voice betrayed some discomfort or embarrassment as she said quietly "It's bizarre, really, I'm not sure how to put it. Well, here goes: Mary has decided that Barb will wear diapers 24 hours a day and use them for all her bathroom needs."

Janet was incredulous. "What? That's weird!"

"I know. But Mary is quite firm about it. Apparently she got the idea from the hospital where she works. It's a program called ASEC - Adolescent Sexual Energy Containment and as the theory goes it's supposed to be very effective at behavior modification especially when it comes to sexuality. Anyway, she wanted me to warn you in case the whole thing was too upsetting for you to handle."

"It's not upsetting, just weird," Janet said with a genuine sense of awe, "Poor Barb!"

Her mother seemed glad to have gotten over the hard part. She looked into her daughter's eyes with a sense of calm conviction, "I can think of worse punishments, like summer school or boarding school. Barb was getting out of hand. You know how 'proper' Mary is, especially about clothes. Barb had really gotten into the Goth and counter culture scene. I gather she's thrown all that stuff out. Now if Barb leaves the house she wears a dress and heels. Which reminds me to remind you to pack only your nicest things."

Janet thought about the tight shorts and halter-top she had planned to wear and decided to make some changes. "Uh, sure, Mom. I'll wear a dress on the train."

"I suggest you plan on hosiery and heels if you want to keep on the good side of my sister" her mother added.

Janet sighed and nodded. Lately her mother was on her case about dressing in a more ladylike fashion. Every time they went shopping her mother bought a new pair of pumps or a skirt for Janet. It wouldn't be hard to find things to wear that would please Aunt Mary. She just wished she could go in shorts, a halter-top and sneakers, like she planned.

After her mother went downstairs she put on a pair of pantyhose and then began to sort through her limited supply of dresses. There wasn't much to choose from because she rarely wore fancy clothes. Few of the girls at school wore anything but jeans.

Finally she chose a tight fitting dress that featured a short A-line skirt. She put it on and looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror. At 5' 6" she was tall and very slender. She had long shapely legs that the dress showed nicely. It supported her modest bosom nicely and framed her tight bottom perfectly. Her long blonde hair framed a face that was fresh and innocent without make-up but when she used eye shadow to darkened her eyes, chose a dark lipstick and used just a hint of blush she became a temptress. She sat down at her vanity table and took extra care to create a balanced look.

She packed a dress that had a full skirt, added a casual skirt, a blouse and some underwear. She tossed in a pair of cut-off shorts and a well-worn tee shirt as an afterthought and lugged her suitcase downstairs. It seemed like a lot of clothes for a four-day trip but she wanted to be prepared for anything.

Through all of her preparations Janet's mind toyed with the idea of Barb being forced to wear diapers. It was a bizarre thing - to be sure - but in a way it was an appropriate punishment for her rebellious cousin who clearly was heading toward the dark side. When Janet had last visited a few months ago she'd been surprised at how obsessed Barb had become with gothic themes, vampires, blood and horror in general. It had been hard for them to find things to do together because all Barb wanted to do was hang out with her black cloaked friends and smoke pot.

Janet had wanted little to do with that scene. She knew she was good looking and she had little interest in making herself less attractive. Her instincts told her that her looks, figure and naturally blonde hair were going to take her a lot farther than Goth rebelliousness. So if Barb had finally earned her mother's wrath she probably deserved it and Janet was in no small way looking forward to seeing her cousin get her just desserts. And she was relieved because if Barb really was under her mother's thumb then it was more than likely they'd have an easier time finding something to do.

When her mother saw Janet's short dress with its tight skirt she almost suggested that she pick something more modest. But the girl's new white pumps and sheer pantyhose set off her legs so nicely and she had taken a lot of time with her make-up and hair. Mary might not approve of the hemline but she couldn't complain about the overall image of an attractive girl in her late teens. "I suppose that's acceptable," she mused as she looked for her car keys, "but the skirt could be a little demure."

"Oh Mom!" Janet whined, "I don't want to look like Anne of Green Gables." She plucked at the hem of her skirt, "Hell, I see girls on the bus going to work in shorter skirts than this."

"I'd mind my cursing, if I were you," her mother scolded lightly, "and you might want to consider where you're going. My sister can be very strict."

They were walking out to the car. "Oh yeah?" Janet said sarcastically, "She's not the boss of me."

Karen stopped at the car and turned to face her daughter, "The truth of the matter is that she is indeed in charge of you. She won't hesitate to do what she thinks best and if you think she'll call me for permission then you're sadly mistaken."

Janet's sarcastic expression faded quickly. She understood what her mother was hinting at and for the time being it was better to leave some things unspoken.

On the way to the train station the subject of Barbara's diaper punishment came up again. "I still can't believe it!" Janet exclaimed. "It's too bizarre to get used-to."

"Mary is quite adamant about it. I tried to talk her out of it but she's committed to this. She even forbids Barb to wear anything that covers her diapers when she's around the house. She's decided to exert total control over the girl."

Suddenly and quite strangely something inside of Janet responded to the concept of 'total control'. And while she continued to claim to be dumbfounded by the whole thing she was finding it hard to not think about Barb and her confinement in diapers. Far from being repulsed, she was intrigued. Maybe that was why she ignored her own best instincts about what sort of dress would please Aunt Mary and chose the short tight skirt instead.

Her mother went with her onto the platform. Far off down the track a bright yellow light signaled the imminent arrival of the train. Karen turned to her daughter, "Be on your best behavior and try and keep an open mind. You're doing Barb a big favor. I'm sure she's lonely and doesn't want any of her friends seeing her in diapers."

"Sure, Mom! I'll be a good girl." It sounded silly but it seemed to be what her mother wanted to hear.

Karen's face became more serious, "I really mean it, Janet. Mary will not hesitate to do whatever she thinks is best. Like I said earlier, she won't be calling me for permission because I've already given it."

Janet felt a pang of tension, "You've what?"

Karen seemed to struggle to find words, "She insisted that she have a clear hand to deal with anything that comes up. Well, at least that's the way she described it."

The tension in Janet's chest got worse, "You mean she might..."

Her mother blushed as she nodded. "That's why it would be a really good idea for you to be very polite and obedient. It's only for a weekend. Surely you can handle that."

Janet gulped, "Uh, sure."

By the time Janet settled into her seat on the train the tension in her chest had morphed into a curious blend of curiosity, apprehension and fascination. She couldn't stop thinking about her cousin being made to wear diapers. Barb would be mortified. The last time she'd visited her the girl's room had been all Goth. Barb had been using as much black makeup, black clothes and anything else she could find to annoy her mother. That had been only a few months ago. Now Barb had gone too far and there was little doubt her mother was exacting revenge. But being forced to wear and use diapers? It would be completely humiliating. Janet wondered how it would feel? Even the thinnest diaper would mean the end of tight jeans. A full skirt might help but and Barb hadn't worn anything like that in years.

She wondered why fascination had supplanted revulsion when it came to her thinking about Barb being made to wear diapers. She couldn't put her finger on it but something inside of her was responding in a very unexpected way. She tried to picture what Barb would look like wearing diapers and plastic pants but nothing came to her except the realization that making someone wear diapers was a very effective way of controlling them.

As the train pulled in she saw her aunt and cousin waiting for her on the platform. Aunt Mary was wearing her customary tailored suit and spike heel pumps. Her cousin Barbara was wearing a below the knee cotton print dress that wouldn't have been out of place in Sunday school. Her cousin's hair was done up nicely and she wore more make-up than Janet had ever seen her wear - at least more normal makeup. She was perched on a pair of three-inch pastel pink pumps that looked new. The outfit was exactly opposite of what Barb would have chosen before all this happened. She teetered in her high heels a little awkwardly and her tight, almost forced smile betrayed more than a little stress.

They kissed and embraced and exchanged pleasantries. "Thanks for coming." Barb said as they walked toward Aunt Mary's car.

Janet squeezed her hand, "It's ok. It's great to see you again."

Aunt Mary interrupted, "I take it your mother briefed you on how and why Barbara is being punished?"

"Yes, ma'am." Janet replied.

"Very well then. I'll expect no editorializing or complaining. I'm in no mood for antics. I expect your best behavior and I have your mother's explicit permission to deal with anything other than best behavior. Is that clear?"

A shiver ran down Janet's spine. She almost trembled as she nodded her head. By then they were at the car and she caught a stern look from Aunt Mary when her tight skirt rode up as she got into the back seat but tried not to let it bother her. All the way home they got caught up on the news - except the one topic that Janet was dying to know more about.

As soon as the front door was closed behind them Aunt Mary announced, "Put your bags in Barb's room and then join us in the living room. There are a few things we need to cover off right away." Barb gave Janet an anxious look as she followed her mother into the living room while Janet continued down the hallway.

When she dropped her bags in Barbara's bedroom everything she saw confirmed what her mother had said. There were stacks of cloth and disposable diapers on the dresser and a couple of pairs of plastic pants were drying on hangers inside the closet. She crossed the room and fingered them gently, amazed at how large they were and how soft was the plastic. The other clothes in the closet were indeed 'ladylike' and the shoes all had high heels. She caught faint traces of plastic, baby powder and urine and was surprised when the strange blend didn't repulse her at all.

She slowly walked around the room. It had been completely transformed from the dark, untidy and repulsive Goth chamber to a feminine enclave painted in soft pink; the furniture refinished in white. The Goth and acid rock posters had been replaced by pastel prints. Everything she saw bore the heavy hand of Aunt Mary and it stirred something within her.

She went back to the living room. Barb was standing in front of the fireplace facing the room with her hands clasped demurely in front of her. Aunt Mary was perched on the edge of the sofa, her tight suit skirt taut enough to show the tops of her stockings that she favored over pantyhose.

Aunt Mary motioned for Janet to sit opposite her and then began to speak. "I gather your mother told you about Barb's unfortunate incident last week and the measures I've been forced to institute in response. I'll go over the rules and then you girls can start your holiday."

To her daughter she said, "You may undress now, dear."

She returned her attention to Janet and began to speak while a crimson-faced Barbara fumbled with the buttons at the front of her dress. Janet watched her cousin while she listened to her aunt. "I have confined Barbara to diapers for the remainder of the summer. This is part of a behavior modification therapy program that has proven very successful. As you can see she is quite affected by it."

Indeed, the girl was fighting to keep her composure as the buttons on her dress came open. Her face was red and her hands trembled as she tried to undress. Clearly she was humiliated at having her cousin and best friend see her shame.

"Whenever she is in the house Barb must keep her plastic panty exposed for all to see. In fact the only other clothing I allow her to wear is a modest bra and a tee shirt that is short enough to keep her diapers completely exposed."

Barb had removed her dress and draped it over a chair. She was slowly pulling her slip up by the hem, her eyes cast away, not wanting to meet Janet's. The hem rose higher, past her knees, until Janet could see the reinforced bands near the tops of her stockings, then the garter tabs and finally the high waist girdle. The slip was pulled over her head, folded and added to the dress. She stepped out of her pumps and began to release her garters.

"When she does leave the house she must dress like a proper young lady and with due attention to her modesty. That means no tight or short skirts and tasteful makeup." These last words were clearly directed at Janet and she flinched at the implication that her aunt found her appearance unacceptable. Her mother's warnings came back to haunt her.

Barb had both stockings off and was peeling the girdle down. Janet stared at the semi- transparent plastic panty as it came into view and the thick diaper it barely concealed. As Barb turned to reach for the tee shirt draped over a nearby chair Janet was struck by how thick and efficient the diaper appeared. Strangely to her, it looked comforting, reassuring. She tried not to reveal her interest, pretending to be the dutiful niece who listens to her elders carefully.

"Barbara is forbidden to put her hands inside her diapers or to interfere with them in any way. She must use her diapers for all her bodily eliminations unless I grant specific permission otherwise." There was a long pause. Both women stared at Barb who suddenly seemed small and pitiful wearing only her diaper, plastic panty and a bra. Then Aunt Mary continued, "Do you have any questions?" Janet shook her head. "Then I'll leave you girls to get caught up." She made a point of staring at Janet's short skirt and muttered, "I suggest you change your clothes." She rose to her feet majestically and strode down the hall toward her room.

Janet was left to stare at her cousin who now stood before her barefoot, her plastic pants ballooning out around her waist and tears of shame and humiliation streaming down her face. She got up and went to her cousin, hugging her while saying. "Hey cousin, it's ok with me, really." Barb buried her face in Janet's shoulder and allowed her cousin to comfort her. Meanwhile Janet was overcome with the urge to touch the girl's taut plastic panty. She patted Barb's back, sending her hand lower and lower until her fingertips brushed the top of the plastic. It was warm and soft. She caught a faint trace of baby powder. Janet trembled with delight. Deep inside she knew she was playing with fire but she just couldn't help herself.

Barb's tears had left wet marks on Janet's dress. "Hey" she said, "we'd better get that seen to." They went to Barb's room and Janet began to undress while her cousin put on a plain white tee shirt whose hem had been shortened. Then she watched Janet while sitting on the double bed.

Janet slipped off her dress and pantyhose. She stole long stares at her cousin. The tee shirt had obviously been hemmed up to keep the girl's diaper in full view. The bulge at her crotch seemed to strain the plastic panty. The waist and leg elastics looked tight and efficient. The bulges made it seem as if the slim girl had been inserted into a marshmallow. She was surprised when she realized that to her it looked secure, comforting and safe.

"Where am I sleeping? The guest room?" she asked Barb but her cousin shook her head and patted the mattress under her.

"Mom says we're sharing. I think it's to bug me more. The guest room's full of stuff Mom brought home from the hospital. I'm not allowed in there anymore. She keeps it locked most of the time."

"That's ok" Janet said as cheerfully as she could manage while she opened her suitcase. "You can use almost any drawer you want," Barb intoned wearily, "Mom threw out most of my stuff." As Janet put her things away she discovered that the drawers were indeed mostly empty, except for one that had plastic pants and other diaper-related things. She took out a pair of cutoffs and a halter-top and began to put them on.

"I really don't think Mom's going to go for that outfit" Barb said anxiously, "she's not in the best of moods lately. Don't you have a casual skirt and blouse?"

Janet smiled back. "Thanks but I'm my own woman." But even as she said the words she knew her cousin was right and that she was provoking her aunt but somehow she couldn't help herself.

"Suit yourself but I've heard her on your mom's case about how she lets you get away with murder."

To deflect the situation Janet suggested that they do their nails. Barb agreed and got a bottle of a soft pink shade of nail polish from her nightstand. Janet produced the blood red shade she had bought yesterday. Barb eyed it suspiciously. "Mom's going to freak for sure. Better use my stuff, she picked it."

Janet again refused and they got on with doing their hands. Then Janet did Barb's toes before Barb did Janet's. While they waited for the second coat to dry Janet raised the topic of Barb's diapers.

"Do you mind talking about it?" she asked. Barb blushed but shook her head. Janet felt the blood pulse through her, "So what's it like?"

Barb sounded defensive and embarrassed, "How do you mean?"

Janet shrugged and tried to seem nonchalant. "What's it feel like to wear diapers?"

Barb blushed furiously. "Its wet and awful and I can't forget for a minute what I'm wearing. I hate being exposed like this and I want to die whenever someone sees me. Peeing is one thing but the other thing is enough to make me sick. I'm in the middle of my period and she won't letme use a tampon so all that gets mixed in too. I have to do all the housework and wash all the diapers. It's hell."

Janet didn't know what to say. She was filled with conflicting feelings connected with her strange attraction to the sight of Barb in diapers. Seeing that it was almost time for dinner, she took a pair of high-heeled white sandals from her bag and began put them on. With a dress the spaghetti strap sandals would have added a touch of elegance but with the halter-top and cut-offs they looked sluttish. Barb looked anxious. "Look. I'm really sure you're going to get Mom mad. She's on a power trip. Forget the sandals and get rid of the red nail polish. There's still time before dinner." Janet just smiled and shook her head. She knew she was hearing good advice but somehow she just couldn't bring herself to heed it. She felt drawn toward something dangerous and yet she just couldn't turn away.

Mary eyed Janet from head to toe when they went in to dinner. She scowled for a moment but made no comment about her niece's appearance. Nonetheless Janet sensed that she might have gone too far and during dinner she slipped the sandals off her feet, hoping that small change might appease her aunt.

The dinner conversation was light and animated. When it was time to do the dishes Janet and Barb retired to the kitchen. Barb noticed Janet's bare feet right away. "Where are your fancy shoes?"

"I left them under the table. I was getting some hard looks from your mom."

"Yeah, I caught that."

They tried to chat as normally as possible but with Barb wearing nothing more than a tee shirt, thick diapers and plastic pants it was hard for Janet not indulge her need to stare. Her cousin was the very picture of someone being controlled and as she watched her waddle around the kitchen, bringing dirty pots and dishes to the sink and taking clean things to the cupboards Janet used every chance she could to study the girl's bulging plastic panty, especially when Barb's back was to her. She couldn't fathom why she was so drawn to something that should repulse her.

The next time Barb was close to her, Janet caught a trace of baby powder mixed with warm pee. It fanned the flames of curiosity that were consuming her and shortly after that she took advantage of every chance to get close enough to her cousin to get another whiff of the intoxicating scent.

When they were about finished, Barb was talking to Janet when she ran her hands over her tight plastic panty and commented, "I'm sure looking forward to being changed. I'm awash."

Janet controlled her interest as she asked levelly. "How long have you been in that set of diapers?"

Barb grinned ruefully, "Since just before we left to meet your train."

"But that's five hours ago!" Janet exclaimed spontaneously.

Barb patted the front of her panty, "Actually that's far from the longest I've been in the same set of diapers."

"How long was the longest?" Janet asked, no longer able to hide her interest.

Barb blushed a shade deeper, "Well Mom uses a certain combination of cloth and disposable diapers on me that are good for up to 18 hours."

Janet gasped dramatically to hide her true reaction, "That must be awful!"

"You can say that again," Barb sighed, "Thankfully I'm not left in the same diaper that long very often."

Janet took a deep breath and prayed that her interest wouldn't be too obvious, "How often are you allowed to change your diapers?" She knew her cheeks were flushed but it didn't seem that Barb had any sense of the intense emotions that were coursing through her mind.

"It varies," Barb answered matter-of-factly, "I'm not allowed to ask for a diaper change. I have to wait for Mom to decide to do it."

"Oh wow!" Janet said and then bit her tongue as she realized that if someone was being made to wear diapers as a punishment then there was no point in letting them have fresh ones whenever they wanted. But to wear wet and uncomfortable diapers without knowing how long it would be before they were changed - her mind reeled.

After the dishes were done the girls went back out to the living room to watch television together with Aunt Mary. Janet settled into an easy chair. Barb was about to sit on the carpet infront of the sofa when her mother said casually, "You'd better get a pad. You've been in that set of diapers long enough to risk leaking."

"Okay." Barb said quietly as she disappeared down the hallway toward her room. She was back in a moment with a washable quilted absorbent pad that she carefully placed on the floor before settling her well-padded bottom onto it.

The simple exchange caught Janet off guard. It was as if there was nothing special at all about a teenage girl being forced to wear wet diapers for hours at a time. The normalcy of the transaction touched that same strange nerve that was becoming very distracting. She watched Barb surreptitiously for the next few minutes. Her cousin couldn't seem to find a comfortable position. She squirmed constantly and seemed quietly agitated. If Aunt Mary noticed she gave no sign of it but soon Janet couldn't take her eyes off her cousin. She figured it was now about six hours since Barb had been put into that set of diapers and anyone who even glanced at her could tell she was long past needing to have them changed. Occasionally she glanced at her mother as if hoping against hope that she might decide to change her diapers sooner than later but Aunt Mary's attention to the television seemed unshakeable.

A little after nine, Mary announced "I do believe it is time to get you girls ready for bed." Barb got to her feet wearing a look of complete relief. Janet felt sorry for her - the girls' diaper hung heavily from their pins and a pungent waft of warm pee filled the room.

Aunt Mary led the way out of the room, followed by Barb. Janet continued down the to the bathroom. Glad to be alone for a few moments she took her time using the toilet and then washing her hands and face. She sensed she should be outraged by Barb's diaper punishment but instead it was intriguing her. The poor girl was obviously suffering but all Janet could think about was what it might feel like to be controlled so absolutely.

When she returned to Barb's room she was surprised to see two sets of diapers laid out ready and waiting on the bed. It could only mean one thing. Barb was looking very stressed. Janet felt her heart leap into her mouth.

Aunt Mary turned to her and asked. "Did you use the toilet?" Janet nodded. Already her cheeks were feeling flushed and her throat was dry. No matter what her aunt said next the outcome was already known. "Good. As you can see I've laid out a set of diapers for you to wear. I will be locking the bathroom on my way to bed. I'm a light sleeper and one of the unexpected benefits of making Barbara wear diapers is that creaking floors and toilet flushing do not wake me in the night anymore. You probably won't need to use these diapers but even if you do I would ask that you not take them off." She paused and stared pointedly at Janet's feet. "I would've apologized for any inconvenience or embarrassment but it's clear to me that you are in need some behavior modification too. Quite frankly, you dress like a tramp and show no consideration for your mother's feelings or mine. Barbara will show you how the diapers go on. Come and see me when you're ready."

Janet tried hard to look stressed, disappointed, anything to hide the thrill she felt as she watched Aunt Mary stride out of the room. Barb dissolved into tears. "I'm sorry!" she sobbed, "I guessed this was coming when she told me you'd be sleeping with me. She locks the bathroom at night so I can't use it."

Janet fought to hide her sudden sense of arousal. So she was going to get a chance to see what it felt like to wear diapers? She might even pee in them! She hugged her cousin and said simply "It's OK, just show me what to do."

Barbara peeled down her plastic panty. Janet could see from the dark yellow stains that it was soaked and her nose caught the pungent scent of warm urine. There were two pins at each hip and Barb released them carefully. Then she parted her thighs and let the whole mass of soaked diapers and the plastic panty that encased them slide down her legs to land on the floor with a heavy sounding thud. Janet saw that baby disposable diapers had been used as an inner liner and had absorbed most of the urine and menstrual flow.

Barb gave Janet a disgusted look and then put the disposable parts in a covered garbage pail before dropping the cloth diapers in a diaper pail filled with soaking solution. Janet was surprised that her cousin had no pubic hair. As she cleaned up her diaper area with baby wipes Barb said "She made me shave myself so I'd look like a little girl. The itching as it grows back is awful and she freaks whenever she sees me trying to scratch at it."

Janet kept looking at the second pile of diapers on the bed with anticipation. Her heart was pounding with tension. She watched as Barb positioned her hips on the first pile of diapers, sprinkle her loins with baby powder and then grasp the two toddled size diapers that had been taped together lengthwise. "The first layer is the disposable one; you just pull it up between your legs." Then, after grabbing the cloth diapers she added, "You twist the cloth ones a half turn to bunch up the material. Use two pins per side at the waist and hips and you're done. It's easier to put on the plastic pants when you're standing."

She watched Barb for a few seconds and then got on the bed and put her bottom on the stack of diapers. The paper lining of the disposable diapers felt warm and the softness of the cloth diapers under them was sensual. Barb passed her the baby powder and she massaged it into her pubic area, charmed by the innocent fragrance and wishing she could touch herself because her pussy was throbbing with arousal. She tried to repeat what her cousin had shown her but she fumbled badly and Barb took over, expertly pulling the diapers into place and pinning them snugly. "They have to be tight at first because they'll loosen up when wet."

Janet felt swallowed up in thick padding. Her cheeks were hot from excitement and deep inside her diapers the soft warm padding caressed her sex. Lying passively while Barb had pinned the diapers so expertly snug had unleashed a wave of emotions driven by the strange and unexpectedly pleasant sensations. Most of it had to do with the bulk of the diapers that forced her thighs apart. The fact that she was now wearing thick diapers was a part of every thought, an omnipresent intrusion into every second that passed. It couldn't possibly be ignored and she could now appreciate just how effective diaper confinement could be. She knew her face was flushed. She just hoped that Barb would think it was embarrassment at being made to wear diapers. When she stood up her legs were forced apart by the diapers, a sensation that fuelled her growing arousal.

The plastic panty was seductively soft in her hands. Traces of baby powder and stale urine came to her and she imagined Barb being forced to wear this very same plastic panty. She stepped into it and eased it up her smooth bare legs slowly, glad for the chance to caress the smooth plastic. It seemed to engulf her thick diapers, sealing them closed, making the diapers complete. Seconds after the plastic panty was in place she noticed a growing, gentle warmth. She felt so comfortable, so secure. How could this be a punishment? She let her hands roam over the tight, smooth plastic, marveling at the feeling. She tried hard not to look so happy.

Barb looked at Janet strangely but said nothing before passing her a white tee shirt that Janet put on. She noticed it had been hemmed up so as not to hide any of her diapers and the plastic panty that encased them. Barb put on an identical shirt before they padded down the hall to find Aunt Mary.

Janet's arousal grew with each step she took. The thick padding between her legs rubbed against her vulva deliciously, aided by the baby powder, and the warm plastic pants made her feel so controlled and yet so secure. The vinyl rustled gently as she moved and she was overwhelmed with a sense of confinement and encasement. Her cheeks were hot with excitement, a symptom she continued to hope Aunt Mary and Barbara would take for embarrassment.

Aunt Mary was in her room, sitting at her vanity table in a dressing gown while brushing her hair. She greeted the girls more warmly than Janet expected. She rose and circled her daughter, running a couple of fingers under the waist of her diaper and plastic panty and saying, "Nice. Well done. Very secure, I'm sure. That will hold you until morning."

When she looked at Janet the girl sensed that everything that had happened in the past few minutes had been planned. There was a look of quiet satisfaction in her aunt's eyes as she said quietly, "Are you comfortable?" Janet nodded. "Well as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. I must emphasize again that you are not to remove your diapers until I give you permission in the morning. The bathroom is locked so if you need to pee you will have to use your diapers to take care of that need. Please don't leave Barbara's room. I will come and get you both in the morning once I've decided to get up for the day. Do you have any questions?"

The question was clearly intended for Janet who had taken to staring at the floor, mostly because she was terrified that her aunt might sense her true reaction to wearing diapers. "No, Aunt Mary, I understand."

Mary sat down on the vanity stool again and looked up at the girls. "Barbara, I want you to drink four glasses of water right now. Janet you may have whatever you want. Girls, this will be your last time out of the bedroom for the night. Good night to you."

Janet was relieved as she followed Barb down the hall toward the kitchen. The diapers still felt so strange. She stared at Barb's padded bottom. She seemed to waddle and the plastic panty rustled loudly. Did she look like that? The four glasses of water captured her imagination. Obviously Barb would have to wet her diapers. Soft, dry, warm diapers were one thing but after drinking that much fluid she knew she'd have to use them by morning. She remembered the sight and smell of Barb's wet diapers and wondered how she'd feel when her own were that way. A shudder of delicious anticipation passed over her. The excitement she had felt ever since she first saw Barb's diapers burned a little more brightly.

Barb was surprised when Janet reached for a glass. "You don't have to drink anything if you don't want to."

"I'm really thirsty," Janet lied, "I guess I used too much salt at dinner."

"But you might have to wet your diapers," Barb said as she filled her glass from the tap.

"I've bladder of a camel," Janet replied as she filled her glass. She drained it quickly and watched Barb refill hers. She wanted to drink as much as she could but Barb was watching her and she knew if she drank too much water her cousin might guess that she was actually looking forward to wetting her diapers. Finally she asked, "Are we allowed a snack?"

Barb was just finishing her second glass of water. She looked grateful for the distraction. "Sure!" she said as she moved toward the refrigerator. "Let's see what I can find."

Janet noticed that Barb had left the tap running. She filled her glass and drained it two more times while her cousin's back was to her and she had her fourth glass almost empty when Barb finally looked at her again. She pretended to sip disinterestedly while Barb said, "There's some cold cuts and cheese."

"Sure!" Janet said, "If you join me."

"Okay. I'm a little peckish." Barb turned around again and began gathering things into her hands. Janet used those few seconds to drink two more full glasses of water. Her stomach felt full and she didn't want food anymore but she also didn't want Barb to become suspicious. Both girls made up small plates of snacks and refilled their water glasses before heading to their bedroom.

As Janet followed Barb's padded bottom back down the hall to her room, she kept thinking You've got what you wanted. You're in diapers and plastic panties and there's four glasses of water on their way. There's no possible way you can keep dry. She actually shivered with anticipation. It seemed so naughty a thing to do and yet she seemed powerless to resist. Poor Barb had no choice about wearing and wetting her diapers. It was obvious she hated being punished that way. But somehow for Janet it didn't seem like much of a punishment.

Yet. She reminded herself as she followed her cousin into the bedroom and closed the door. Every moment now brought her closer to wetting her diapers. Even if she didn't like how it felt she had no choice but to endure it until tomorrow morning. Maybe that was the sweet spot - having no choice. She watched Barb sit cross-legged on the bed; her bulging crotch drew Janet's attention and when Barb realized Janet was staring she reacted, "What are you looking at?" Janet's cheeks burned with renewed energy. "Oh I was just wondering if you'd wet your diapers yet."

"I don't want to talk about that." Barb said, sounding cross.

Janet sat on the bed and set her glass on the nightstand. She began to eat, trying not to stare at her cousin's well-stuffed plastic panty but it was so hard not to gaze at the intriguing sight of a young woman wearing punishment diapers.

Not much was said for the next few moments. Janet sensed she had pushed things as far as she could and now her mind raced to find something - anything - that she might have missed. She looked down at her own bulging crotch. Deep inside the many layers of diapers there was softness pressed up against her swollen nether lips and if she wiggled her hips even slightly she could make the soft diapers stroke her labia deliciously. She knew Barb was watching her with ill- disguised pique. She really needed to behave herself for the next few minutes.

A moment later it came to her - the fact that she hadn't once protested about being made to wear diapers. She'd accepted it far too quietly and now she feared Barb was getting wise toher. She cursed silently. Of course! Any normal girl would've been outraged at the prospect of being put back into diapers. Any normal girl would've been mortified and completely humiliated but Janet hadn't shown any of that. Well perhaps there was still time.

When Barb suggested that they change Janet's nail polish she agreed. With every second that passed her diapers were feeling warmer, the elastic pants tighter and the bulk between her thighs more intrusive. She thought it prudent to seem to be heeding Aunt Mary's advice. As Barb worked on her nails and made small talk Janet realized that her bladder was filling quickly and she'd soon have to wet her diapers. She squirmed awkwardly and Barb smiled knowingly. "I warned you about drinking all that water. If you have to pee its better to stand up or squat."

Janet was taken aback. "Oh, sure. Don't you have to pee?"

Her cousin looked up at her with a strange expression, "I don't bother trying to control my pee anymore. I just let it out when it wants out. Far more comfortable that way." Seeing the surprised look on her cousin's face she continued, "Like you I tried to delay wetting but it's inevitable. The big dam bursts often cause leaking. Look, I haven't sat on a toilet seat in ten days and probably won't for a couple of months so I just let nature take its course. I can even sleep the night without waking to wet."

"You mean you wet the bed?"

"No, I wet my diapers."

"Doesn't it bug you, not having control?"

Barb smacked her diaper-covered crotch. "My mother has taken away my control. I've just tried to keep comfortable."

They didn't talk much for a while. The growing pressure in her bladder consumed Janet. She paced the room and rubbed the outside of her plastic panty, as if to soothe the storm that grew within it. She marveled at how cool Barb looked. She made it seem as if wearing diapers was the most natural thing in the world.

Finally she was in acute distress and Barb intervened. "Look, Jan, there's no getting around it. You're going to have to wet that diaper, like it or not. Want a tip? Do this." She then put her feet on the floor while supporting her torso by her elbows on the mattress. Her bottom was suspended in mid-air. There was a gentle hissing sound and Barb looked relieved. She held the position for a minute as she said, "It's easy to let the pee go and it will run down into the seat of the diaper in this position. Helps stop leaking and keeps things a little more comfortable for a while, anyway."

Janet took up the same position and resolved to let out only a tiny amount of pee, just enough to take the pressure off her aching bladder. But the minute she relaxed her vigil she lost control and the intended trickle became a hot raging torrent. She heard herself gasp with surprise and relief while looking up into the knowing face of her cousin.

The hot flood spread throughout the tight cloth pads. Janet imagined what it would look like, the cloth turning darker, perhaps a little yellow. She realized she was so mesmerized that she was holding her breath and when she relaxed it came out as a big sigh. She reached down and gently stroked the front of her plastic pants, feeling the blossom of warmth. She looked up at Barbara and tried not to smile with delight.

Her cousin wore a hangdog look. "First wetting isn't so bad. Wait until you've been in that diaper overnight. You won't be smiling then."

And indeed she was right. As the evening wore on with the girls killing time by chatting and reading magazines, Janet's diaper became hot, itchy and clammy. Soon she was shifting about in discomfort, trying to find some relief from the heavy wet bulkiness. She had to wet a couple of more times and noticed that Barb was wetting too. By the time they turned out the light and snuggled into bed Janet would have given anything to be out of the diaper.

Still, though, as she cuddled up to her cousin, their padded plastic pants rubbing gently, she felt a thrill from the sense of being controlled. The sensations from the diaper were hard to ignore. She was confined to it, committed to its embrace until Aunt Mary decided otherwise.

Janet's bladder woke her deep in the night and as she became conscious a twinge of apprehension gripped her. She'd wet twice before falling asleep and her diapers felt damp but the pressure in her bladder foretold a flood and in the lonely silent room she regretted drinking somuch water. Remembering what Barb had told her she swung her legs to the floor and took her weight on her elbows. With her diapered bottom hovering over the carpet she released her flow and gasped with surprise as the hot flood escaped into the crotch of her diapers before draining into their seat. She could feel it being absorbed and the increased weight of the thick pads that had been pinned so tightly into place between her legs. She thought of stopping the flow but there was nothing to be gained. She'd have to pee sooner or later.

Finally she was empty. When she settled her bottom onto the mattress again she could feel warm liquid ooze out of the diapers and pool around her bottom before being absorbed again by the thirsty padding. Once again part of her wanted to be disgusted while another part of her took pleasure in the knowledge that she had no choice but to wear these wet diapers until morning.

As she lay quietly in the darkness she flexed her thighs a few times and was surprised at how good it felt when the wet diapers caressed her swollen labia. She did it a few more times and then realized she had best stop while she still could because Barb was sleeping beside her and if her cousin caught her masturbating the jig would be up.

In the morning Barb woke first and immediately got out of bed. The movement woke Janet who watched bleary-eyed as her cousin pulled her diapers higher up on her hips, looking completely disgusted. Finally she looked at Janet. "Are you wet? I felt you moving around in the night."

"Yeah. I woke up having to pee. I'm soaked."

"Me too - except I didn't wake up."

Janet's strange little nerve - the one that was fascinated with the whole diaper thing - suddenly twitched as she realized what her cousin was saying. "You mean you wet while asleep?"

Barb looked embarrassed. "Yeah. Losing control isn't fun."

Janet needed a distraction to hide her interest. When she stood up her diaper hung from her hips and bulged between her legs. She felt pressure from her bladder and this time did nothing to prevent her flow. The sound of her pee draining into her diapers was loud in the room. Her arrangement of diapers had reached its limit. She dared not sit down and even taking a step made her worry about leaking. Instantly she was consumed by desperation to be out of the diapers, to be free of the hot wet clammy feeling but almost as if she knew what Janet was experiencing Barb reminded her, "We have to wait for her to come and inspect us."

"But I might have to go #2!" Janet blurted out and then blushed with modesty.

Barb's expression didn't change much. "Actually it sounds more disgusting than it really is. Anyway I don't get a choice when it comes to that. Best I can hope for is a change right after it happens."

Janet realized she hadn't thought much about that aspect of being made to wear diapers. "You can't be serious," she murmured, "Surely you don't have to.."

"Oh yes!" Barb interjected. "I sure do. And you will too if it comes to that." Janet flopped onto the bed, facedown. Her diaper was so sodden she could feel its weight pressing on her bottom. The thought of messing in it was almost more than her imagination could bear. She looked back over her shoulder at her cousin, seeing her own padded, plastic panty-covered bottom as if for the first time.

That sight, coupled with her sensory perception of what had been fastened around her waist and between her legs, drilled home the reality that she really was under Aunt Mary's control. It would have been so easy to just slip her fingers into the waist of the diaper and plastic panty and push them down her legs. Janet wondered why she didn't do just that? Why did she lie there so passively while the pressure in her bottom grew?

She blushed to think she found some comfort in being controlled. Was that why she found the thought of being kept in diapers so interesting? Was that why she liked the sight of Barb in her thick diapers and efficient plastic panties? She thought about her easy-going mother. Perversely she wanted to be controlled, wanted someone to exercise authority over her. It made her tremble in a bittersweet sense of dread and pleasure.

Barb stood and ran her fingers lightly over the taunt shell of her plastic panty. Janet could see how the thick, saturated diaper beneath strained the thin veneer. "Not long now" shemuttered and took a few careful steps toward the center of the room. There was a far away look in her eye. She seemed lost inside herself.

Janet couldn't tear her eyes away. Much as the thought of messing disgusted her, the thought of having no choice in the matter was something else altogether. Barb's hands came together over her pelvis while her legs parted slightly. She let out a soft little gasp and blushed furiously when she saw Janet staring at her.

The two girls stared at one another for a long minute, each unable or unwilling to break the spell. The unspeakable, unthinkable had just happened: Barb had filled her diaper while her cousin watched. For Barb it was relief but for Janet it was a mixed brew of feelings, some erotic, some terrified. Suddenly she was aware of her own need to move her bowels and she wasn't sure if she could do it.

Suddenly there was nothing erotic about the hot wet clammy diaper that hung from its pins. Janet became obsessed with the fear of having to mess herself. She got up and paced, unable to meet her cousin's eyes.

Sensing her distress, Barb remained silent but with her diaper full of hot mush she dared not sit down.

The seconds became minutes and the minutes dragged. After what seemed an eternity they heard Aunt Mary coming along the hall. The door opened and her eagle eye quickly assessed the girls. Without prompting Barb volunteered: "I'm wet and messy but I think Janet's just wet."

"Fine." Came the answer in a measured tone. "You will remain in that diaper for exactly one hour from now." She turned her attention to Janet. "I'm sure you're anxious to be out of those wet diapers. Go the bathroom and shower. There's a diaper pail there you can use. Please rinse your plastic panty and leave it to dry on the shower bar. I see you've changed your nail polish to something more appropriate. Dress in something decent and then come help me prepare breakfast. Your cousin can occupy her hour of discomfort by putting a few loads of diapers through the wash and straightening her room."

Janet happily padded down the hallway to the bathroom. She closed the door, removed both pins from the right side of her diapers and pushed them and her plastic panty down her legs. The room filled with the fragrance of warm pee mixed with baby powder and the cool air felt nice against her sex. She leaned against the door for a moment, grateful to be free of the wet, clammy and itchy diapers but also a little sorry for losing them. The thick wad of padding over her sex had been erotic and the caress of soft diapers against her labia had been sweetly arousing. She wanted more, much more of those sensations. The hot shower spray was truly sweet. The sodden, pungent cloth pads that had bound her up all night were safely in the diaper pail and the plastic panty had already been passed under the spray a few times. The terror of almost having to mess the diaper was fading.

She tried to understand her feelings. Even now there was something undeniably erotic about being made to wear and use a diaper - at least for pee, she reminded herself.

She fingered the nest of curls over her vulva. What would if feel like to be bare there? She remembered the warm softness of the diaper just after she had put in on and the silky softness of the plastic panty and the growing heat and soon her finger was rubbing her love button. She leaned back against the wall and let her other hand find a rock hard nipple. She tried to stifle the moan but the orgasm was so intense that she became lost in it and her low- pitched growl of erotic joy soon eclipsed the sound of running water. She could not know that the bathroom shared a common wall with the kitchen and that Aunt Mary's hearing was very good.

A few minutes later she appeared in the kitchen wearing a pair of pastel pink shorts, a white blouse and new white sneakers. Aunt Mary nodded her approval and sent her to work cracking eggs for an omelet.

The two worked together in silence until Aunt Mary started in on the questions. "You seem to be taking Barb's diaper therapy in stride. Were you uncomfortable last night?"

Janet felt her face flush. How much did she know? How much had she guessed? "Uh, yeah. I mean, it's supposed to be, isn't it? Isn't that what it's all about?"

"In a word, yes." Aunt Mary said, "The diapers and enforced dependency on them are intended to be a constant reminder that certain behaviors will not be tolerated.""Uh, sure." Was all Janet could think of to say.

"I simply had to intervene. She was heading toward self-destruction. Before long it would have been too late. I know she was having sex, using drugs and drinking with her boy friends. Heavens! The sound of her masturbating in the shower was disgusting." Janet froze. Was there a hidden meaning there?

Just then Aunt Mary glanced at her watch. "She's been in that foul diaper long enough. I suppose it won't do her any harm to be let out a few minutes early."

"That's kind of you, Aunt Mary."

The older woman glanced at Janet strangely for a moment and then said, "I suppose it is. Well Barbara doesn't think me very kind at all, making her wear diapers all the time. What do you think, Janet? What would you do if your daughter was acting so badly?"

Janet took a deep breath. She turned to her Aunt and tried to control her voice as she said quietly, "I don't think you had any other choices." A long moment passed and then for some unknown reason she added, "She's losing bladder control, you know. She wets in the night."

A slight smile creased the edges of Aunt Mary's mouth. "I know dear. That's an expected side effect. Don't worry. It is reversible. In the meantime it is very useful for my purposes." She waited another moment while her eyes burned into Janet's and then strolled out of the room on her high heels.

Left alone in the silence of the kitchen, Janet couldn't help but imagine the scene in the bedroom as her cousin was helped out of her wet and messy diapers. She could even hear their voices faintly. Then the floor creaked as Barb moved down the hall to the bathroom. She heard the door close and then the shower curtain being pulled into position before the taps creaked and the water started.

Every acoustic detail of Barb's shower came into the kitchen as if carried by loudspeaker -even when she dropped the soap and cursed softly. Janet knew then, with a rising sense of panic, that Aunt Mary must have heard every groan, sigh and whimper of her masturbation session. That must be what was behind her comment. She sighed and shook her head slowly. What had she done? There was going to be some reaction - that was for certain - why else had she made the comment about Barb masturbating?

A few minutes after the shower ended Barb and her mother reappeared. Barb was in a fresh diaper, plastic panty and tee shirt. Aunt Mary glanced at Janet and smiled sweetly as she commented, "Glad for a few moments of peace and quiet?"

"Uh, sure." Janet said guardedly.

"Sound travels well in this house," Aunt Mary commented lightly, "That's why I prefer that no one be up and about when I'm sleeping. I'm sure you understand."

"Completely." Janet said with manufactured sincerity.

"Good." The older woman said as she made eye contact with her niece. "I'm glad we've an understanding about that."

Breakfast was soon on the table and they ate mostly in silence. Afterwards Aunt Mary detailed off some chores for each girl and then disappeared into her den to make some phone calls. Janet wondered what she and Barb could do to have some fun but her cousin wasn't very conversational. Instead Janet stole long glances at her cousin's well-padded plastic panty and began to wish again that she too could feel the softness and gentle warmth of thick diapers sealed up inside plastic panties. Even the wetting, she reminded herself, had been fun in a perverse way but having to endure it all night had been a bit of a strain and she'd been glad to get out of her wet diapers in the morning.

She'd little doubt she'd be back in diapers that night and she was looking forward to it, especially the way the baby powder helped the diaper caress her nether lips. She was definitely horny and this time she wanted to get off while wearing diapers but that would take a few moments of privacy and she wasn't at all sure that could be arranged.

As she watched the other girl Janet realized that keeping the diaper in view like that told the world you were under someone else's control. That, she suddenly realized, was the erotic element - surrendering control. As she thought about what Barb's diaper would feel like about now, warm without being wet, she felt her own pussy moisten. That reminded her about Aunt Mary's remark about masturbating and again she felt intimidated.

It was late morning when Aunt Mary called the girls into the living room. One look at her told them she was on a rampage about something. After Barb kneeled on the floor (being banned from the furniture while wearing diapers) and Janet took a seat, the older woman locked her cool grey eyes on Janet and began to speak.

"It appears my instincts are correct and your Mother's trust has been misplaced." Janet began to wonder what she could be talking about. She had nothing to confess, nonetheless a shiver of fear coursed through her.

"This morning I heard you abusing yourself in the shower. After an entire night in wet diapers you were so horny you couldn't control yourself? That made me wonder what else you might be getting into so I called your mother and had her search your room. She discovered cigarettes, several marijuana roaches and a package of condoms in your purse. It would appear you are in as much need of some diaper discipline as is Barbara!"

"No! Its not true...." Janet protested but already she sensed there was nothing she could do about what was about to happen.

Aunt Mary held up her hand. "Your mother found these things in your school purse." "My school purse......" Janet's mind raced. She had never even seen a condom, let alone bought them. Then it hit her! Cheryl! The stupid girl was always forgetting her purse. Janet kidded her about it because she often took it home with her to keep it safe. So her mother thought THAT was her purse?

"It's not my purse. It's Cheryl's. She keeps forgetting it. So I bring it home with me sometimes. Since I'm always carting it back and forth to school Mom likely thinks its mine." Aunt Mary dismissed the explanation, "Don't lie. It will just make things worse. I've convinced your mother to commence an ASEC program for you immediately. As of this moment you will be confined to diapers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will not be permitted to use the toilet under any circumstances. Masturbation is strictly forbidden and will be punished severely."

Janet felt her head begin to spin. This was going all wrong. She knew it was all Cheryl's stuff - why didn't they believe her? "No!" She pleaded. "It's all a mistake! You don't understand!" Aunt Mary turned her attention to Barbara. "Take her to your room and prepare a set of punishment diapers for her. You know what I expect to see."

"Yes, mother." Barb said quietly, "Should I diaper her?"

"Not yet. A few other things have to happen first. Starting with a pelvic shave. I'll handle the rest."

"I understand." Barb said and then turned to Janet. "Come with me." Aunt Mary continued, "I want you both ready for travel in 30 minutes - and that means dressed and made up appropriately - or you'll be very sorry indeed."

Janet felt her mouth opening and closing but no words would come out. Aunt Mary rose and strode out of the room. There was a long awkward moment of silence before Barbara got up and took her by the hand. "Come on," she said softly, "there's no talking to her when she's like that. Let's get to work. We can worry about the truth afterwards."

Janet's eyes once again focused on the puffy seat of Barb's plastic panty as she followed her cousin down the hallway toward her room. She was completely confused. She couldn't imagine her mother thinking she was into drugs and sex. Something must be horribly wrong. Part of her wanted to break down and weep with despair while another part of her, that strange nerve that was attracted to being made to wear diapers, was responding quite differently. She wasn't going to have to wait for bedtime to get back into diapers - it was only minutes away - and from what Aunt Mary had said she was going to have no choice about using them. She did her best to look sullen, upset or anxious - anything to hide the excitement she felt deep inside. Barb had tidied the bedroom during her hour in a messy diaper. The room looked deceptively calm and in stark contrast to the storm of emotions that engulfed Janet. Even though she wasn't the one in trouble, Barb looked intimidated when she turned to her cousin, "Is that stuff your mom found yours?" Janet shook her head. "What about the shower?"

"I didn't know anyone could hear me." Janet said timidly.

Barb shrugged, "What's done is done. You'll just have to take it as it comes but she's been looking for an excuse to make things worse so don't expect anything nice.""What's going to happen?" Janet asked, trying to sound as frightened as she could manage.

"I don't know for sure," Barb said wearily, "but I'm guessing she's taking us to some place connected to the ASEC program. She's been talking about it all week - looking for an excuse I suppose. Well, now she's got one." There was a long awkward moment. Janet realized that Barb found nothing pleasurable about being forced to wear diapers and she was obviously intimidated by her mother's mood. Finally Barb looked at Janet as if seeing her for the first time that day. "You need to get naked. I'll just be a minute."

As she removed her clothes Janet tried to sort out her thoughts. Until a few minutes ago she'd been playing a little game but now she'd lost control and the worst part of it was trying to figure out if that was a good thing or a bad thing. One thing was certain, she was about to get a taste of Aunt Mary's diaper discipline - whether she liked it or not!

She was nude and sitting on the edge of Barb's bed when her cousin came back carrying a bowl of warm water, shaving foam and a razor. "Be glad she's letting me do this," Barb said, "because if she thinks you're getting turned on she'll find ways to turn you off right smartly. Lie back on the bed, spread your legs and try to keep still. I'm going to shave your pussy." Janet did as she was told and tried to relax while Barb shaved her nether regions. It did in fact turn her on, both the touch of a stranger down there and wondering how much nicer the diapers were going to feel against smooth female lips but thankfully Barb didn't notice - or if she did notice she didn't comment.

Afterwards she sat quietly and watched Barbara prepare the diapers that would soon encase her damp and chilled loins. Her cousin was apologetic, "I tried to pick the thinnest pads but double is double. You're going to waddle for sure - but that's what she wants anyway." She sat on the bed next to the diapers.

After a few seconds Janet asked innocently, "What are we waiting for?" Barb blushed a little, "I think you're about to get a strapping."

Janet startled. Part of her might actually enjoy being made to wear diapers but there was nothing sexy about having her bottom smacked. "What? Why?" Barb gave her a sympathetic look, "Remember the name of the program? Adolescent Sexual Energy Containment? Mom heard you masturbating in the shower. That drives her completely crazy. She hates the thought of a girl touching herself down there. That's why she loves using diapers on us. You got pleasure in the shower and now you get a sore bottom to pay for it."

"Are you sure?" The panic in Janet's voice was sincere.

Barb nodded. "Uh huh. Anytime she thinks I've been getting off I get a strapping and I got an especially long one the first day she put me into diapers."

Just then Aunt Mary strode into the room carrying a two-foot long length of thick leather that had been coated in rubber. She towered over Janet, "Masturbation is a filthy habit. You should be ashamed of yourself."

"I'm sorry, Auntie!" Janet said softly. She was sincere. Feeling very scared and more naked than ever before she was willing to do and say anything to avoid the unpleasantness that now seemed inevitable.

"You are very shortly going to be a lot sorrier. Kneel on the floor with your chest on the bed."

Janet did as she was told, presenting her smooth backside toward the middle of the room. The next thing she knew a band of white-hot pain exploded across her bottom. She cried out but that was cut short by another stroke from the strap and then another and another and another until she was bawling out her pain, her face buried in the bedspread and her fists gripping it with white knuckles.

Suddenly it stopped. The room was silent but for Janet's pitiful sniffles and the raspy sounds of Aunt Mary breathing heavily.

"Don't you ever again touch yourself in my house!" she panted. To Barbara she added, "Diaper her. Get her dressed and made up. You have twenty minutes or you'll both get another dose of this!" She waved the strap in the air as she left the room.

Janet stayed in place. Her bottom was burning but that wasn't the most significant source of sensation. She dared not turn over lest Barbara see how her labia were engorged andglistening with arousal. The strapping had indeed hurt - and quite a lot - but in the middle of it she'd felt the pain morph into pleasure. The part of her that hungered to be controlled had almost delivered an orgasm.

After a few minutes, Barb asked softly, "Are you okay?"

Janet sniffled loudly to buy time. She couldn't let Barb discover she was aroused. "I think so," she murmured into the bedspread. Then she saw the bowl of water and washcloth Barb had used to when she'd shaved her. "Could I have that wet cloth? I need something cool."

Barb reached for the washcloth, "Sure!" She wrung it out and handed it Janet who pressed it against her throbbing and bright red bottom. "You poor thing!" she said with genuine sympathy. "Would you like some ointment for it?"

Janet lifted her head and looked at her cousin for the first time since the strapping. Her face was flushed and her cheeks were wet with tears. "Yeah. Sure. That would be nice."

Barb disappeared down the hallway to the bathroom. The moment she was alone, Janet stood up and pressed the damp cool cloth against her vulva. After a few seconds she rinsed it in the bowl of water and held it over her sex again. It had the desired effect. She was still horny but her labia no longer looked engorged and her sex juices were gone.

When Barb got back to the room she found Janet standing next to the bed, holding the wet washcloth over her bottom and looking very contrite. "Here we go," she said as she squeezed some ointment onto her hand, "Take the cloth away and I'll rub this in for you."

The sensation of Barb massaging ointment into her burning bottom cheeks was almost enough to arouse Janet but she managed to control her reaction. She watched her cousin wipe her hands clean and then pull the stack of diapers into position. She meekly settled her bottom on the diapers and watched while Barb powdered her diaper area. She had to spread her legs wider when it came time to pin the diapers closed. Barbara made sure they were tight and then handed her a pair of pink plastic panties to put on. As soon as she stood up Janet knew what her cousin meant by waddling. Her thighs were forced wide apart even while standing and her plastic panty barely contained the extra thick diapers. Deep inside the padded folds the ointment on her bottom made the diapers stick to her in a very sensual way. It all felt wonderful but the prospect of going out in public wearing diapers as thick as these was scaring her.

Barb was sorting through her dresser. She tossed a girdle and a new package of stockings onto the bed. "Welcome to the world of garters, cousin. Just be grateful she didn't mention seams."

Janet pulled the constricting garment up her legs with some difficulty. It was so tight. Barb had to help her position it correctly and then she had to manage bending over to put on the stockings. By the time she had fought with six garter tabs she had never been so grateful for pantyhose in her life.

A few moments later she was ready for her dress. She had to admire the genius of what Aunt Mary had prescribed. Between the tightness of the girdle, the pull on her stockings, the padded warmth of her diaper and the fear that anyone might guess she was wearing such things any girl would have no time to worry about boys, drinking or cigarettes. And that, she realized suddenly, was the point.

It was hard to put on make-up, to look pretty and attractive, while struggling with diapers, plastic panties and girdles but somehow Janet managed. Her cousin seemed less concerned with the distraction of what lay beneath her girdle. As she stepped into her pumps she began to wonder again where Aunt Mary might be taking them.

She watched Barb pack a diaper bag for each of them. "Your diapers won't get changed very often so always be sure you've got the supplies whenever Mom decides to be nice." They met Aunt Mary by the front door. She eyed them carefully, had them twirl and then ordered each girl to raise her skirts so her girdle and all it contained could be inspected. Satisfied, she led them to the car.

It was a silent trip, made longer by the uncertainty of the destination. Janet sat beside her cousin in the back seat, trying to make some sense of it all while trying to cope with the tightness of the girdle the pull of the garters on her old fashioned stockings, not to forget the discomfort of sitting on garter tabs. The residual soreness in her bottom and the three-inch heels on her white pumps each added their own subtle torments. Nonetheless some small part of her reveled in what was happening. She knew she shouldn't be enjoying any part of Aunt Mary'sdiscipline but deep in the background of it all she found a small spark of comfort in having been relieved of all choice, of having no responsibility any more, not even control of her bladder and bowels. She squeezed her thighs against the thick wad of diapers and wondered why being relieved of all control was so appealing.

Barb seemed to have some idea of where they were going but she wasn't saying much. In fact the atmosphere in the car was stony cold, thanks mostly to Aunt Mary's mood. Janet tried to imagine how this could be happening but there were few plausible explanations. The course of things seemed to be predetermined and she wondered just how much of what was happening had been pre-planned? Aunt Mary had always been a bully. She treated Karen, Janet's mother, as if she were stupid. She was often critical of the way Karen raised Janet, usually calling for stricter discipline. But as fate would have it, Aunt Mary's strict discipline had backfired. It had been Barbara, not Janet, who'd been drawn toward the dark side. While Barbara had dyed her hair black and taken to wearing ripped clothes, black lipstick and black nail polish, Janet had grown into a presentable young woman, albeit with a very active sexual appetite that so far had been satiated only with masturbation.

After half an hour she felt pressure from her bladder and decided to take Barb's advice. She concentrated on relaxing and was rewarded with a blossom of warmth in her diaper. Much as it brought her some relief it also reminded her of Barb's comment about not trying to control her bladder anymore. Was that where she was headed?

The silence made the trip seem longer and it also focused Janet's attention on what she had been made to wear. Aunt Mary eyed her carefully in the rear view mirror each time she shifted position or rearranged her skirt. She was dying to know where they were headed, especially since Barb seemed to have guessed but wasn't in the mood to talk about it.

Finally they pulled into the parking lot of a nondescript industrial building just outside of the city limits. There was only one other car present. A small sign near the front door said "ASEC Appliance Depot". It took Janet a few seconds to remember what those letters stood for and when she next glanced at Barbara she saw her cousin looking scared but there was no time to talk. Aunt Mary was already out of the car and waiting for them, teetering in her high heels and scowling.

The three of them went toward the door. Aunt Mary pressed the intercom button, gave her name and mentioned that she had called earlier that morning. A few seconds later the door was opened by a wizened little man who looked like the perfect caricature of a mad scientist. "Come in! Yes, do come in!" he said eagerly and as the women passed him his eyes scanned the girls expertly. "Lovely! I must say they are very lovely!" he commented to Aunt Mary.

She looked at the girls as if seeing them for the first time. "Lovely - yes, but also badly behaved. I heard the blonde one masturbating in the shower this morning." Janet had never been so embarrassed. She wanted to be anywhere but there. She was standing in the small outer office of some kind of plant or warehouse. The furniture dated from the 1950s. The floor was dirty and the room smelled of stale cigar smoke.

The man's eyes sparkled as they scanned her yet again. "I see. I see. Not very hard to fix that problem." He turned his attention to Barbara. "And what about you, my dear? What sort of trouble have you been up to?"

Barbara seemed to shrink under his gaze. Janet realized his habit of repeating words and tossing out platitudes was camouflage. There was nothing fuzzyheaded or quaint about the way he was looking at her cousin.

"Drugs, casual sex, counter culture and alcohol," Aunt Mary commented dryly.

"Ah yes, of course. Very common these days. When did they start ASEC?"

"The shorter one is my daughter. She's been in diapers for the past ten days. Her cousin wore them to bed last night purely out of practical reasons but after her disgusting behavior this morning I tanned her bottom. She's now in the program too."

He turned to her for a moment, "I would like them to lift their dresses."

She nodded toward the girls who with cheeks blushing lifted their skirts. The man came over to them and cupped the crotch of Janet's diaper before checking the thickness of the diapers over her bottom. "Very good. Yes, I imagine she's quite uncomfortable in this arrangement." He moved on to Barbara who also had to endure an intimate inspection of her diaper and the plastic panty than encased it. "She's been in this set of diapers much longer, hasn't she?"

"About two hours. I'm surprised you can tell."

He went back to standing closer to Aunt Mary. "What can I do for you?"

Aunt Mary nodded toward the girls as a signal that they were to lower their skirts. "I want to prevent tampering with the diapers, both during the day and overnight. But preventing self- abuse is the most important factor of all."

The man massaged his chin idly, studying the girls as he murmured, "Yes, I see. Most important. I understand." He glanced at Aunt Mary, "Something ambulatory for during the day? So they can do their chores?" She nodded. "And at night something that will let them sleep - but in complete safety as far as their diapers go?" She nodded again.

"Best we get started then?" He didn't wait for a reply before going over to the desk near the door. He opened the top drawer and took out two pairs of handcuffs. He glanced at Aunt Mary, got a nod of approval and crossed the room toward the girls. "Hands behind your backs please!" Barbara's hands twitched nervously while Janet stared wide-eyed at the handcuffs. "Let's not be difficult about it," the man narrated as he went behind Barbara, gently reached around and pulled her hands into the small of her back and then snapped the cuffs closed on her wrists. As soon as his hands moved away she tugged at the cuffs tentatively and gasped softly.

Janet didn't want him to touch her so she put her hands behind her back and turned her back to him at the right time. "That's a good dear," he sighed happily. "It's always better when there's cooperation."

The cuffs felt cold, hard and tight around Janet's wrists and like her cousin she pulled at them the moment the man stepped away. She hated being helpless but at the same time the awkwardness and discomfort of the cuffs was connecting with the strange nerve inside her and in a strange way she was grateful to have been relieved of the obligation to resist. Whatever happened next was beyond her control.

He motioned toward a couple of worn looking chrome stools along the far wall, "Have a seat, if you please, girls. I've lots of lovely things to help keep you on the straight and narrow." Janet and Barbara settled onto the stools nervously. He looked at them almost reverently for a moment and then spoke to Aunt Mary. "Now that we've got things squared away we can have a look at the options available for keeping them safe."

She actually looked relieved as she said, "Thank you, Ian. And thank you again for coming in on a Saturday."

"You're very welcome, Mary. As I said on the phone it's always a pleasure to work with parents who are willing to let me do my job the way I like to do it! Now come with me to the warehouse. We'll start with the daytime things, if you please."

Left alone the two girls stared at each other nervously. Janet pulled at her cuffs for the third time in as many minutes as she half whispered, "I don't have a good feeling about this, cousin."

Barb kept still. "Neither do it but try not to pull on those cuffs or you'll end up with some pretty nasty bruising."

"How would you know?" Janet asked innocently as she tried to resist the urge to struggle. "The night I got busted at a bush party. Cops had me in cuffs for 8 hours straight and they were a lot tighter than these so be grateful."

"I'm not feeling particularly grateful at the moment but I'll work on it." There wasn't much said between them for a while. Janet's arms began to ache from their enforced position. The only distraction was the burst of pee that arrived in her diapers unexpectedly. She flexed her thighs against the damp wad of diapers lodged over her sex and was taken by complete surprise when the pee soaked cotton stroked her tender labia just as if it were a big warm wet tongue. She gasped and flexed her legs again, just so see if she could make it happen again and this time she controlled her reaction.

"Are you okay?" Barb asked.

"Yeah. Sure. Just some twinges from inside my diapers."

"Your period?"

"Not sure. Not expecting it for a week yet."

Barb sighed. "I'm almost done mine."

Janet decided to keep her discovery a secret. She wasn't sure if Barb had discovered that wet cotton could feel so good and given the circumstances she wasn't going to mention it. The longer she sat there with her arms cuffed behind her back the more she felt helpless and controlled. The residual discomfort from her strapping blended in with the feeling of the ointment making the bulky diapers stick to her skin and the heat from inside the plastic panty to create a very sensual space and time that defied even her apprehension about what Aunt Mary and the man she'd called Ian were going to bring back from the warehouse.

Several long minutes later the door to the warehouse opened again and Aunt Mary and Ian came through it. Both were wearing white lab coats and Ian was carrying a large square plastic bin that had nylon strapping for handles. He set the bin down on the desk at the far end of the room before taking from it two square boxes, each about an inch deep and about 9 inches across. He glanced at Aunt Mary and then addressed the girls, "We're going to start at the top and work our way down." He handed one of the boxes to Aunt Mary and then crossed the room.

He stopped in front of the bound girls and smiled, feigning sympathy. "Are you uncomfortable in your diapers and girdles, girls?" Without waiting for a reply he continued, "I'm certain you are. The problem is, my dears, is that you're suffering anonymously." He reached between Janet's thighs and caressed the crotch of her plastic panty until she squirmed. "No one could possibly tell that you're being punished and that's a true shame." He withdrew his hand only to cup her breast lightly. Barb flinched and tried to pull away but with her arms bound and a wall behind her there was nothing she could do to evade his touch. "Well I am going to fix that for you."

Both girls stared speechless as they watched him pull a strange D-shaped metallic object out of the box. He began to work a key that was embedded in the base of the straight shaft of the D and a second later it opened. Janet gasped when she realized she was looking at metal collar. "This should fit you." Ian said casually as she approached Janet. "Mary, would you please hold up her hair?"

"No! Please no!" Janet whined Aunt Mary came toward her.

"Don't be silly!" he aunt chided. "There's absolutely nothing you can do to stop us. However you very likely could annoy us enough to make us want to make you uncomfortable." Janet's nostrils flared with panic as her aunt gathered her long blonde hair and held it out of the way while Ian fitted the collar into position. Even when opened fully the collar was only barely large enough to accommodate her neck and for a brief moment she felt choked, then there seemed to be just enough room. The straight part of the D ran along the back of her neck and she felt Ian close it and then began to turn the key.

"This is a Darby collar," he narrated calmly as if there was nothing at all special about what he was doing. "Its lock is spring loaded. Only this key will open it. These are very sturdy appliances - there's not much that will cut metal this thick."

Janet scarcely heard him. The thick, heavy and cold steel that now circled her neck obsessed her. It was a perfect fit, not choking her but tight enough to remind her of its presence with every breath and each time she swallowed. She knew instantly that the collar was going to insert itself into her every thought and every action. It could not be ignored, or forgotten - it was omni present.

As soon as the key came loose Ian slipped one finger through the loop attached to a small post at the front of the collar and pulled until Janet's face was drawn close to his. "See how useful it can be? I hope you find it comfortable because you will be wearing this most of the time."

He released her collar and let her lean back against the wall while he accepted the second box from Aunt Mary. Knowing what was to be done to her, Barbara didn't struggle while her mother held her hair aside so she too could be fitted with the collar but her panic showed in her flushed cheeks and labored breathing.

It was only when Ian finally stepped away from Barbara that Janet understood the more subtle effect of the collar - it was a stark visual mark of submission. The gleaming steel proclaimed that the tender flesh it encircled was under the control of a third party - person or persons that wanted the world to know that the wearer was not her own person. She'd seen teenagers wearing spiked dog collars or pretend S/M collars but none of them had looked so stark or so serious. This was no fashion item - it was hard heavy metal locked in place to ensure obedience.

The longer she stared at Barbara's collar the more she welcomed the weight of her own. The metal was warming now and despite her initial apprehension the discomfort it offered was tolerable. Fear of it being too irritating dissolved as she appreciated the prospect of someone seeing her wearing such a thing. Her pulse quickened as she looked at it as a stranger might, not knowing the girl's secrets. It was bright and obvious but still inside the believability curve of a fashion statement. She shuddered when she realized that she could pass in public wearing the collar and as she imagined people trying not to stare, some confused while others intrigued, she felt her special nerve respond at the prospect of being displayed.

"Excellent!" Aunt Mary beamed when Ian finished locking Barbara's collar and stepped back.

He dropped both keys into the palm of her hand. "I'm charmed that you're pleased, Mary. Darby collars can be left in place as long as you like. They're not affected by water and with even a small amount of effort they can be worn out in public. Sometimes a bit of scarf helps get past the odd inquisitive constable." He turned his attention back to the girls and grinned with satisfaction as he added, "I'm told it's impossible to forget you're wearing one."

Barbara kept turning her head and moving her shoulders, desperately trying to make the collar more comfortable but Janet already knew it was hopeless. Better to try and get accustomed to the tightness and the weight. Her cousin hadn't seemed to catch on to what Ian was saying about wearing the collars in public.

Ian was speaking to Aunt Mary, "I'll fit them with the brass rings now and we'll be able to let them out of those handcuffs. Not very comfortable, I'm afraid but quite necessary." He took two loops of brass from the plastic box and showed them to Mary. "Solid brass, made in India. See the recessed screw? Only this special tool will fit its head. Once fitted to the wrist or ankle they can be left in place indefinitely and along with the collar they make it so very easy to keep a girl restrained."

He turned to Janet; "I'll have your right ankle, if you please, my dear." Janet reluctantly extended her ankle. Ian pulled up a chair and settled her foot in his lap. With her shoe on she couldn't tell if he was erect but she had little doubt he was. He was clearly enjoying his work. She watched him remove the locking screw and then open the band. It was then she noticed it was oval, not perfectly circular, as she might have expected. He settled her nylon sheathed ankle into half the ring and then closed it before replacing the screw. It was only when he allowed her to put her foot down that she realized not only that the band was heavy but also that it pinched the tendons at the back of her ankle.

Ian made short work of her left foot and then returned to the plastic box on the far side of the room. He took two more rings from it and moved toward Barbara, "Is she wearing stockings as well?"

Mary nodded, "Why do you ask?"

"Simply because if she's wearing pantyhose they'd have come off or be cut off once the rings are installed. There isn't enough space between the band and the girl's leg for the panty part of the pantyhose."

"I see," Mary said thoughtfully, "then that would mean the bands prevent a girl from wearing pantyhose at all. She has to wear stockings."

"That's right, my dear, and many of my customers love that feature. The girl doesn't have to wear both bands to get that effect. A single band will prevent her from wearing pantyhose." "I'll keep that in mind," Aunt Mary said thoughtfully.

Janet gazed down at the brass bands that surrounded each of her ankles. They felt heavy and she wasn't looking forward to walking with them in place but the worst part of all was that they too were passable in public. She shivered at the thought of it, walking down the street so obviously in bondage, while no one noticed. The hardness of the metal around her neck seemed to join with the hardness of the metal around her ankles and she took a little perverse comfort in how unyielding it felt.

Her reverie ended when Ian began to fit smaller versions of the brass rings around her wrists. She could only feel what he was doing but it was enough to feed her imagination as she listened to his patter with her aunt.

"Once these wrist bands are in place I'll rig up a bit of chain and show you how flexible all this can be. You'll be amazed, my dear."

"I'm already amazed, Ian."

He went over to the plastic bin and came back with a length of chain and a handful of padlocks. "First, run the chain through the loop on her collar" he said as he pulled the chain through the ring on Janet's collar. "Then lock it to the wrist band." He went behind her, attached the chain and then unlocked her handcuffs. Before she could react he had brought both of her hands around in front of her and attached the other end of the chain to the band on her left wrist. "See?" Ian beamed, "One hand can't go down without the other one coming up and it is very easy to make sure the downward travel isn't long enough to tamper with her diaper or get inside it.

Janet's sense of imprisonment was now complete. Her hands were suspended at about the level of her breasts. She didn't have to test the length of chain to know that Ian was right. "Marvelous!" her aunt exclaimed. She's completely prevented from getting into trouble but her hands have enough movement for cooking, cleaning or whatever else needs doing."

Clearly impressed with himself Ian pointed to Janet's ankle bands. "That's right, dear! And if you run longer lengths down to her ankles you can control the length of her stride. You know, I've one customer who puts his girl to bed at night with wrists chained to her ankles. Swears by it for simplicity! Keeps her on her back, you know, and that can be handy. Very easy to diaper her after he's had his way, if you know what I mean."

"That's not part of ASEC!" Mary protested with a laugh.

"I didn't say it was, now did I?" Ian replied with a wink. "Now I'll just get your daughter into her rings and we'll move on to the overnight arrangements."

Janet sat quietly and watched while brass rings were fitted to Barbara's wrists and ankles - to the girl's obvious distress. She was lost in the sensations from the metal appliances that bound her neck and limbs. They were hard, so very completely and perfectly hard and in that unyielding hardness she found, ironically, some comfort. She was held fast, completely controlled and it felt right, so very wonderfully right. Her bondage relieved her of all responsibility. If she attracted attention in public it would be Aunt Mary who would answer for it, not her. The diapers pinned so tightly around her waist and between her legs removed all responsibility for personal hygiene and once again it was up to Aunt Mary to make sure she was not left in a diaper so long that it leaked.

She looked at her manicured fingers now suspended mere inches from her face. They looked pretty but deliciously helpless, held captive in the shiny brass wristbands. The weight of her arms pulled her collar forward, easing its pressure against her windpipe but at the expense of the muscles at the back of her neck that now had to resist the tendency of leaning forward. She could not see her ankles at that moment but she could feel the brass bands that circled them. Even while sitting they exerted a subtle pressure against the Achilles tendon. It was obvious that Barbara had found nothing comforting about being fitted with the collar and bracelets. She squirmed constantly, her distress and disgust written large across her face.

Janet took a big breath and made a conscious effort to relax and welcome the things that bound her. She dwelled on the fact that everything was locked in place and that there was absolutely nothing she could do to alter her condition. Just then some more pee dribbled into her diapers. She'd had no warning of it and she mused that perhaps her subconscious knew she was helpless and in diapers - that there was no longer any need to control her bladder and so her urine drained freely.

Freely - the word struck her as ironic since she was essentially a prisoner. But the greater irony was that she doubted any prisoner had ever accepted her bonds so happily. She had few words to explain it but now that she was completely under Aunt Mary's control she felt free. The hardness of the metal that bound her was emblematic of the depth of her aunt's resolve to control her and the more she thought about that the more aroused she became. Only this wasn't the beginning of the quick rush to breathless release; it was a new, quieter, more sensual arousal that promised a slower, more delicate build-up to what promised to be a whole new level of bliss.

Ian snapped the last padlock shut and stepped away from a red-faced Barbara who couldn't seem to accept what had been done to her. His voice was sincere, "Lovely, my dear, you look quite lovely!"

"Yes, I'm very pleased, Ian." Aunt Mary beamed, "This is a very flexible system." "It's awful!" Barbara complained as she pulled against the chains that held her wrists near her breasts. She complained to her mother, "Why are you doing this to us? Chains? Collars? These rings? Why are you being so mean to us?"

"Oh but I'm not being mean at all," her mother purred, "I'm rescuing you from sexually transmitted disease, illegal drugs and a life wasted." She got up and went over to her daughter and slipped one hand under her hair to feel the collar at the back of her neck. "I like the collar best of all. It defines you. It really does. The ring at the front is the best part of all. It begs for a leash or lead and it tells everyone who looks at you that you're being controlled." She turned to Ian, "Can she really pass in public while wearing all this metal?"

Ian smiled, "I would suppose that depends on where you might be taking her. The little café down the road from here is quite accustomed to seeing young ladies wearing my creations but I would suspect the reaction would be somewhat different if you took her downtown." Aunt Mary cocked one eyebrow, "So what's acceptable?" She looked at Barbara and then and Janet briefly before adding, "I meant to say what's the most that's acceptable?" Ian went over to Janet and touched her collar almost reverently, "A bit of scarf to hide the collar - the chains have to go, of course - the bracelets on her wrists can stay and so can one of the anklets."

"Yes, I can imagine that passing. The collar's the tricky part. I do love the look of it so perhaps something can be arranged."

Ian rested his chin on one hand thoughtfully, "It all depends on what else she's wearing. The collar looks quite out of place with a dress but could be considered only a bit daring with denim."

"I'm no fan of denim," she commented dryly as she checked her watch, "Let's have a look at what you have in mind to keep them out of trouble overnight and then I suggest we check out that little café you mentioned."

Clearly charmed, Ian beamed, "Oh that would be lovely indeed." He glanced at the trussed up girls whose arms were immobilized over their bosoms, "Just give me a moment and I'll make certain our little birds here don't try to fly away." He took four more locks and two lengths of chain from the plastic bin and used them to join Janet's right ankle to Barbara's left and vice versa. He wiped his hands with obvious glee. "There we are. Much better. I suggest you ladies stay seated. It will be much safer that way."

The girls watched Mary and Ian disappear into the warehouse, and then there was a long quiet moment while they looked at each other. Janet sat patiently while Barbara fussed, tugging at her bound wrists and continually craning her neck as if somehow that simple gesture might help loosen the shiny steel collar that held her so firmly. Finally Janet smiled sympathetically and said quietly, "Nothing you can do will change anything."

Barb struggled violently for another moment and then went limp in frustration. "I hate this! It's bizarre!"

"Yes, it is bizarre," Janet said as calmly as she could manage, "but right now there's nothing you or I can do about it."

Barb looked up from studying the brass bands that circled her ankles. Her voice was a bit shaky, betraying her angst, "It's so humiliating. All that talk about what they can get away with making us wear in public!"

"Try and remember that if anyone objects to what we're wearing it won't be up to us to explain it."

"What do you mean?" Barb sounded edgy but also curious.

"You didn't put that collar on. You didn't fasten the brass bands closed. You don't have keys to the padlocks - only your mom and that Ian guy do - so it will be up to them to defend it." She treated herself to a few seconds of lifting her arms to take the weight off the collar and then added, "We're not responsible for any of this stuff, Barb. We're victims, not offenders."

Barb moved her legs. The chain pulled Janet's ankle but she didn't react instead she said quietly, "I would've thought the collar would've appealed to you based on your interest in Goth."

Clearly uncomfortable at being reminded of the reason why she was being treated so dramatically Barb looked away with a scowl. "Maybe if it was made of black leather and had spikes but this chrome metal is so - institutional!" She looked at Janet for a moment and then added sarcastically, "You seem to be taking it remarkably well."

"I'm trying to make peace with it and I suggest you do the same. I have no idea what they're cooking up back there but I'm pretty sure we're not going to like it. Save some energy, girl! You're going to need it!"

The girls were sitting quietly when Ian and Mary returned through the door to the warehouse. Ian was carrying an opaque garbage bag that he set down near the front door. He took his keys from his pocket as he approached the girls. He mumbled "Shame to have to release you, really" as he first removed the chains that connected the girls' ankles and then began to work on the chain that joined Janet's wrists.

"Oh thank you!" she gushed the moment her wrists were free. She rubbed the places where the bands had created dark grooves in her skin. Her neck and shoulders were glad to be free of the constant pull from the weight of her arms. The sudden sense of comfort made her appreciate the effectiveness of Ian's 'system'. How long had she been chained like that? Perhaps half an hour? As she watched Ian remove Barbara's chain she shuddered at the prospect of being trussed up like that for hours at a time and yet from the steely cold look in Aunt Mary's eyes she'd little doubt that the next time a chain was passed through the loop in her collar to connect her wrists it was going to stay in place a lot longer than 30 minutes.

Ian deposited the lengths of chain into a cardboard box and then emptied the plastic bin into it. He assessed the girls as they sat on their schools and said thoughtfully to Mary, "I shouldn't think we will need to worry about removing one ankle band just for the café. I wouldn't advise going most other places with four bands in place - it's a bit eye-catching - but I think we'll be fine. You'll want them locked up again for the car ride home?" Mary nodded. "Very well. Less trouble all around if we just take them out they way they are."

Aunt Mary folded closed the cardboard box and took it over to Barbara who accepted it with a scowl. "Let's get going, girls." She began to stride toward the door while calling over her shoulder, "Janet, bring this bag out to the car."

Janet smiled encouragingly at Barbara as she slipped off her stool, "It's show time, cousin. Let's see how the world reacts to all our new finery." She kept the smile but the minute she took her weight on her feet there wasn't much to smile about: the brass band around each of her ankles pressed against her Achilles tendon annoyingly with each step. She also realized that her diapers had become quite wet and now wished Barb had brought the diaper bags because without them there was absolutely no chance of being changed.

She picked up the garbage bag with her left hand. It was lighter than she had expected and seemed to have some kind of clothing inside. Despite dreading what it contained she was curious. After what had happened over the past few hours she wondered if she could possibly be surprised but then again, it seemed that Ian had a very creative mind.

The minute she stepped through the doorway and into the sunshine she felt different. The collar especially felt glaringly obvious and her fingers explored it anxiously as she moved toward the car, teetering slightly in her high heels because of the uneven pavement. There was something about being outside and so completely exposed that seized her mind and as she played with the ring at the front of the collar she began to dread anyone noticing that she had been collared and that slave bands had been affixed to her wrists and ankles. It displaced her fear of someone finding out she was wearing diapers and plastic pants. Perhaps, she realized suddenly, because there was a slim plausible reason for a young woman to be incontinent but how could she possibly explain the metal bands that were locked closed around her neck and limbs? How could anyone see them and not come to the conclusion that she was a prisoner and by inference, guilty of some horrible thing that justified the way she was being treated. She couldn't stop looking around. She felt so obvious, so obtuse - but cars weren't screeching to a halt on the road and there was no one else close enough to get a good look at her. Nonetheless, by the time she got to the car she was taking deep breaths to fight back thepanic that seemed to be tightening around her chest a bit more with every breath she took. Aunt Mary had the trunk open and she deposited the garbage bag. It was then she realized that she'd outpaced her cousin.

Barbara was walking more slowly than usual. Janet could tell that her cousin's ankle bands too were pinching her. An expression of discomfort and disgust creased her face and she held the cardboard box awkwardly as if it contained something that smelled foul. Her dress had a low neck, leaving her shiny chrome collar completely exposed. The sun glinted off it, attracting eyes that soon noticed the shiny brass anklets and bracelets.

Janet's throat had gone dry. She gulped hard and clasped her hands in front of her. The simple gesture made her bracelets clink and she glanced down at them, dreading the prospect of some stranger seeing her badges of shame. All her brave words about being a victim seemed hollow now. How could anyone glance at her and not wonder Whatever did you do to deserve THAT?

Barb put the box in the trunk and then everyone got into the car, Ian taking the passenger's seat. She and Janet glanced at each other nervously while Ian and Mary chatted as if there was nothing special going on. It was completely unnerving for the girls who fidgeted with their skirts while their brass bands clinked softly.

Janet's sense of panic peaked again when the car turned into the parking lot of a small restaurant about two miles down the road from the warehouse. Now there were plenty of people around she was dreading the first puzzled look from a stranger. It took most of her strength to open the car door and step out into the bright sunshine. A moment later Barb was beside her and they followed Aunt Mary and Ian toward the patio area. As they neared the first of the few tables that were occupied she waited for the turning of heads, the staring and then the reaction but miraculously no one even glanced at her! She realized she'd been holding her breath and she exhaled softly as they made their way toward a vacant table, weaving between occupied tables whose occupants gave them scant notice.

She settled into her chair and immediately folded her hands in her lap. Now that the brass bands were hidden she felt she'd done what she could to hide what she could but as she glanced at Barb there was no denying the obviousness of the girl's gleaming silver chrome collar. It was what you noticed first about her, mostly because it was so incongruous against her otherwise feminine dress and make-up. Like her cousin, Barb folded her hands under the table but that did nothing to hide her collar.

When the waitress arrived she initially gave all her attention to Ian, whom she seemed to know. "Hi Ian!" she said as she set out drink napkins and menus, "Glad to see you again!" "Hello, Cindy!" Ian replied while looking genuinely glad to see her. "Bit of a celebration today."

It was then that Janet and Cindy made eye contact, triggering a thousand colliding thoughts. The waitress was in her early thirties. More pleasant looking than pretty, her brown hair was cropped short enough at her shoulders so that it didn't need to be tied back. She wore a little too much eye makeup and her lipstick needed to be refreshed. Her tight fitting black spandex top revealed a modest bosom and thin black bra straps. She wore a maroon colored tight cotton mini skirt and a pair of well worn mid heel black pumps. Her legs were bare of hosiery and her nails sported a fresh coat of polish. Janet was surprised that she didn't stare at her collar. Instead, Cindy's blue-grey eyes burned into hers while bearing a single penetrating message: I know exactly what's going on here. Cindy's eyes flitted to Barb for a split second then settled onto Janet's once again. "So I can see." She said in a slightly less enthusiastic tone.

Janet wanted to be anywhere but in that chair at that moment. Cindy's oblique reference to her and Barb's collars had made her want to die of shame. Her cheeks burned and under the edge of the table her hands fidgeted until the bracelets made a sound - then she forced them apart and stared at the middle of the table, unable to meet the gaze of this stranger who, it seemed, knew all of her secrets.

"The usual?" Cindy asked Ian.

"Most certainly, my dear." He replied with more graciousness than was needed. "A bottle of Australian chardonnay for my companion and me. The girls will share a pitcher of draft." Everyone watched Cindy disappear into the bar. Then Aunt Mary asked quietly, "Is the beer all that good an idea?"

"Of course it is!" Ian said with a laugh. "Look at them, tense as terriers! A couple of glasses of suds are exactly what they need to loosen up, not to forget making sure they use their diapers." He turned his attention to his menu while he continued to talk, "I highly recommend it! Works particularly well on the girls who get their first set of diapers in my lab. Has them squirming right proper in less than an hour." He lowered the menu and looked at the two girls with not a hint of humor in his eyes as he added levelly, "They will be quite wet and ready for a change by the time you get them home. I'm sure that will make them very cooperative indeed."

Janet looked away, forcing her eyes onto the menu even though she wasn't at all hungry. One look at Ian's face and she knew that whatever airs and accents this strange man put on he was very serious about what he was doing and that included parading his newly imprisoned girls in public. She quietly looked around, wondering if anyone had noticed the collars and to her great distress found herself making eye contact with a middle aged woman at the next table. She was staring at Janet's collar and whispering to her husband. Janet dropped her chin in a futile attempt to hide the collar. She could feel the loop of metal at the front of the collar and hoped that her hair was long enough to hide its sides. At the same time Barb followed her line of sight and turned, presenting her own collar to the woman's view. Worst of all, one of Barb's brass bracelets was also now completely in the woman's view. "Barb! Face the table!" she hissed in a stage whisper.

Barb suddenly realized what was happening and quickly twisted in her seat, facing the table again. Her cheeks were deep crimson and her chest heaved with embarrassment. She thrust her hands under the table again.

"You see," Ian, said thoughtfully, "this is why I like to bring the girls here. It is delightful to watch them squirm." He turned to Mary, "Thank you for having them dress up. It contrasts with the metal appliances so very nicely."

"It is no trouble," she replied idly, "it is what they'd be wearing anyway." When Cindy returned she set a pitcher of beer in the middle of the table, gave large frosty mugs to the girls and set wine glasses down in front of Aunt Mary and then Ian. She uncorked the wine and let Ian taste it before filling both glasses.

Janet couldn't bear to look at the waitress; she just wanted her to go away but Ian insisted on a toast and without thinking she lifted her glass, as did Barbara. It was only when the shiny brass bands on two slender female wrists came into view that she realized what he'd intended. Cindy stared at the gleaming metal bracelets and then her eyes moved to each girl's collar.

This time Janet couldn't help but look at the waitress. There was a strange expression on her face, part sympathy and part intrigue, all mixed up with a bit of confusion and embarrassment. It was clear that Ian had brought other girls here - this was not the first time Cindy had seen collars and bracelets - but the waitress wasn't entirely comfortable with what she was seeing. Both Janet and Barbara ordered salads and then sat back in their chairs with their hands kept under the table. More people had noticed their collars and were stealing sidelong glances. Janet wanted to run and hide but there was nowhere to go and even a dash back to the car would give the people staring at her even more to look at. She moved her feet and felt the bands around her ankles shift. It was bad enough that they'd noticed her collar and likely Barb's bracelet but what would happen if and when the girls stood up and all four brass bands came into view? She shuddered with dread.

The only time she or Barbara took their hands out from under the table was to take a drink. Janet realized she was thirsty and drained the first mug full of beer quickly. Only after Ian refilled her mug with obvious delight did she remember that beer was a natural diuretic; he wanted her to have to wet her diapers. She cursed his plan but at the same time it occurred to her that she was being forced to wear diapers and if they were left in place so long that they leaked then she couldn't be blamed for it.

When Cindy brought her food she also set down a large tumbler of ice water in front of each girl. Ian thanked her, "Excellent, my love! I'm charmed you remembered!" The waitress only nodded by way of acknowledgement but this time when her eyes met Janet's there was sympathy and at the same time Janet knew that Cindy knew why the girls were being made to drink so much fluid.

Barb had seen Cindy's face too and as soon as the waitress left she looked at her cousin quizzically. Janet's crimson cheeks were her answer: Cindy knew about their diapers. Barb sighed out loud in frustration and it attracted Ian's attention. "What's wrong, my dear?" "The waitress," Barb gasped hoarsely, "she seems to know about..." her voice trailed off.

Ian finished the sentence in a casual tone as if nothing unusual was happening, "That you're wearing punishment diapers? I'm certain she does, dear. She also knows that your collar and the bands around your limbs are to make sure you stay out of trouble. She's not entirely comfortable with ASEC's approach to discipline but she's certainly no stranger to it." Barb turned to her mother and whispered anxiously, "Mom, people are staring!"

Mary took her cue from Ian's pretension of normalcy, "Why, yes, I think they are. I doubt very many of them have seen a collar like that. Why would that bother you? Not very long ago you were sporting black cosmetics, ripped clothing and bizarre accessories because you wanted everyone to notice you. Now you've got what you wanted, haven't you?"

"Mom!" Barbara protested but her mother cut her off.

"Save your breath! You're going to need it. You have no idea what I have planned for you so I suggest you mind your manners and accept your punishment gracefully. Your cousin seems to know her place."

"Janet's going home in a couple of days" Barbara pouted.

Mary glanced at Janet, "I wouldn't count on that," she commented dryly.

A bolt of fear flashed through Janet's mind as she suddenly realized that she really was a prisoner. The bands of metal that held her so securely effectively stopped her from going home unless Aunt Mary agreed to release her and given all that had happened in the past few hours her return home Sunday afternoon was no longer certain. Just thinking about it made her collar feel tighter and the brass bands look even more ominous.

She picked at her food, no longer hungry. The beer offered some small comfort and she dutifully finished her half of the pitcher before starting on the large tumbler of ice water. Pee flowed regularly into her many layers of diapers. Already she could feel it pooling around her bottom cheeks. Only the tight leg openings of her plastic panty prevented leaking and she began to look forward to being changed into fresh soft diapers.

The slight tightness of the collar around her neck, the weight of the brass bands around her wrists and the subtle pressure of the ankle bands were constant points of stimulation. They nagged at every thought, tugged distractingly whenever she tried to ignore them and they joined with the sensations from inside her plastic panty to form a chorus of confinement. There was no longer anything in her world that she could control: her limbs were clasped in hard metal and her nether regions were swathed in absorbent cotton, sealed closed by a plastic panty.

She acknowledged that she was being controlled completely and in that moment she was surprised to feel liberated - as if some great weight of responsibility had suddenly been lifted from her shoulders. She fingered the bracelets on her wrists, finding the thick brass smooth, unyielding and yet somehow comforting. She crossed her ankles just to feel the brass bands that circled them connect and make a soft clinking sound and the next time she took a drink she used the chance to feel the thick smooth metal that was locked around her neck - the most visible sign of all that she was indeed a prisoner.

When she next looked around the patio she met strangers' eyes willingly, daring them to stare because she was no longer ashamed or humiliated. What she'd said to Barb only a few minutes ago rang true: she had not chosen these things - they were forced upon her - and if there was anything to explain it would be up to Mary and Ian to find the words.

The meal was over and Cindy had already begun to clear the table when Mary turned to Ian with a satisfied smile and said, "Ian, it has been a charming morning." She glanced at the girls before continuing, "I must say you are very inventive."

"Thank you very much, Mary!" he gushed while also eyeing the two girls opposite him. "I do enjoy my work. There's so much versatility in this arrangement. It truly is remarkable." Mary drained the last of her wine. "I know we've only scratched the surface and I would like to learn more. If you're available perhaps you'd care to join us at the house? We could have a nice barbeque later on."

"Oh that does sound marvelous!" Ian said with obvious delight. "I can't imagine a more perfect way to spend the afternoon."

Mary wrote her address on a corner of the paper placemat and tore it away. She handed it to Ian with a conspiratorial grin. "Why don't you pack an overnight bag? We've lots of room, there's a pool and it would be a shame to cut the fun short because you had to drive home." "Why that's very kind of you, Mary. I shall be glad to accept." He glanced at his watch, "I should be along in an hour or so."

Mary stood. "That works out well," she commented while watching as the two girls anxiously got to their feet, clearly not wanting to attract attention. "I'm sure these two need fresh diapers after all that beer and water."

Janet cringed. Mary had spoken loudly enough for nearby tables to hear and from the corner of her eye she saw that people had turned to stare at them. She resolved to pretend there was nothing unusual happening and so when she followed her aunt out of the restaurant she held her head up proudly, not caring that her gleaming chrome collar was exposed for all to see. The same could not be said for her cousin. Barbara was clearly humiliated. She walked with her head down, staring at the ground as she made her way through the maze of tables. Perhaps it was her submissive demeanor that initially attracted attention but once a stranger's eyes noticed her collar or the bright shiny brass bands curiosity kept them there and by the time the girls reached Mary's car their cheeks were deep crimson.

"If you like I could show you an ambulatory restraint arrangement," Ian offered gleefully. "By all means!" Mary replied with obvious delight. "I'll open the trunk so you can get that box of chains."

It didn't take Ian long to apply his 'ambulatory restraint arrangement'. It consisted of a 12- inch chain used to join each girl's ankle bands. A second, slightly longer chain was used to connect the wrists and then a much longer chain ran from the girl's collar down the length of her body to meet the middle of the ankle chain. Then he grasped the chain that joined Janet's wrists and started to lock it to the vertical chain at about the level of her waist. "The beauty of this arrangement," he boasted, "is that the arms can be kept high enough to be neutralized or left low enough to perform whatever work has been assigned." After the small padlock snapped shut he turned his attention to Barbara while continuing his narration. "The girl has no access to her diaper and she cannot dress or undress but she can be put to work."

Aunt Mary was clearly impressed, "Once again, Ian, I'm charmed by your thoroughness."

He dropped the keys into her outstretched palm, "Thank you, my lady. Here are the keys - you'll need them when you change their diapers. I shall be along right smartly."

Janet closed her eyes as the car pulled onto the highway for the trip home. Her hands were held in her lap by the chain that kept a gentle pressure on her collar. Her high heels kept her knees up and in turn this forced the saturated crotch of her diaper firmly against her vulva. Within seconds of getting into the back seat she'd discovered that if she clenched her thighs just the right way she could make her diaper rub against the most sensitive place in her body and thanks to the full skirt of her dress the slight movement this required was undetectable. She let her mind inventory all the sensations of being bound while confined to thick wet diapers. She imagined the scene as she'd crossed the patio, head held up, her collar and bracelets on display, almost proud of them and then she felt the orgasm begin in her pelvis. She clenched her thighs even harder, checking though half-closed eyes that her dress continued to hide what she was doing and a few moments later she came.

It wasn't the usual starburst of ecstasy but it was wonderful and comforting nonetheless. She clenched her mouth closed to prevent any telltale gasping or cries and allowed herself only a couple of shudders before she went limp, drifting in the delicious aftermath while pulling her wrists as far apart as possible just so she could feel the chain that joined them.

When she finally opened her eyes she saw that Aunt Mary was watching her in the rear view mirror. She asked if Janet was all right.

"Sure." Janet replied softly, "Just a bit of cramping."

"I'll change your diaper as soon as we get home."

"That will be nice," Janet replied in as normal tone as she could manage. Then she looked across the seat at her cousin. Barbara was slumped against the car door, her hands forced up in an unnatural position because Ian had wanted to demonstrate it to her aunt. The girl's skirt wasn't arranged properly and both of her ankle bands were in plain sight, as was her collar. She presented an image of complete bondage, immobilized and rendered helpless by metal appliances.

Janet felt sorry for her but how could she possibly ever reveal that had fallen in love with those very same bonds and deep inside her plastic panty her sex hungered for the caress of wet cotton diapers.

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