I Couldn't help it

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I Couldn't help it

2008-05-17 17:45:04

Lane was slightly small for his age and acted more like a seven-year-old than a ten-year-old. He was potty trained at the late age of four and a half because he refused to cooperate. He wet the bed occasionally until age eight. He was starting the fourth grade this year and was nervous because a known bully had been held back.

Chapter 1

The night before his first day he was so nervous that he wet the bed. His mother was furious. "I just took the plastic cover off a few months ago." "But mom, it was an accident, I was nervous." He whined. "Lane, there's nothing to be nervous about, you've been going to school for four years now, so get used to it," she scolded as she removed the wet bedclothes. She then turned to him and began removing his clothes. Lane jumped back. "You know the drill, now get back over here." "But mom, I'm ten." Lane said. "Well, I'm your mother and I can take your clothes off if I want to. Now get over here!" Lane slowly walked back over and his mother resumed taking off his clothing. She then started wiping him off with a baby wipe. His mother always kept a tub of baby wipes on his dresser, even though he hated it. After she finished, she began dressing him. "You know, I should do this more often, don't you think?" Lane didn't answer.

Later at school his fears were confirmed. The bully named Scott teased and harassed him all day. Later that night Lane once again wet the bed and once again was undressed, cleaned up, and dressed for school. That day Scott took his lunch money and shoved him to the ground. Later he threatened Lane not to tell on him. Lane came home crying that day and his mother was there to greet him. She picked him up and laid him in her lap. "What's wrong, honey? You can tell me." Lane shook his head. "Are you doing this to get attention?" He didn't answer. "Okay, from now on I'm going to dress you. That way we can have some quality time together." They sat there until Lane stopped crying. She then carried him up to his room, something she had not done in a long time, and laid him on his bed. Lane was beginning to enjoy this. His mother began by removing his shoes then his socks. She stood him up and unbuttoned his pants she slid them down his legs, but before he could step out of them his mother grabbed his ankle and pulled his foot out of his pants. He almost fell but she caught him, she pulled his other foot out and took his shirt off.

What happened next surprised Lane his mother slipped off his underwear and picked him up and carried him on her hip to the bathroom. She set him up on the counter and started the water flowing. When it was warm enough she picked Lane up and set him in the water and began bathing him. "Hey this is fun!" Lane thought to himself. When his mom finished, she wrapped a big towel around him and carried him back to his room and laid him on the bed. Lane heard the familiar sound of his old plastic sheet under the covers. His mom dried every square inch of his body then she produced a bottle of baby powder. "Hey, what's that for?" Lane demanded. "It's so you'll smell fresh after I dress you." "But I thought that was only for babies." "Nope, in fact, this is the one I use after I take a shower, besides you'll always be my baby," she replied as she sprinkled the powder all over him and gently massaged it in. Lane was hooked. He didn't care how old he was, that felt so good. Next his mom slipped a pair of underwear over his feet, stood him up and slipped them into place. Next came his shirt, then his shorts. His mom picked him up and carried him downstairs for dinner.

That night went by quickly and Lane had forgotten about the bully until that night when his mother got him ready for bed. He lay awake for awhile thinking about how Scott took his money and shoved him. He finally fell asleep but had nightmares all night.

Lane awoke that morning in a soaked bed for the third night in a row. That morning went the same as the last two mornings, and Lane was soon dressed and off to school. He sulked in his seat the whole way to school. He was the last one off the bus and avoided other boys. He went straight to his class but found the door locked. He panicked and tried to hide but Scott found him first. "Hey wimp, get over here!" Lane ran as fast as he could but Scott sent two of his buddies to fetch him. They soon carried Lane back over to Scott. "Since you ran away from me, you'll have to be punished." As Scott raised his fist Lane started peeing his pants, he couldn't help it. The other boys noticed and laughed, "What a baby!" "What's going on here?" Lane's teacher demanded. "Lane peed his pants, Mrs. Johnson." Scott said. "Alright you three, go to class I'll take it from here."

Lane was so humiliated he could not get up or even stand. Mrs. Johnson carefully picked Lane up and carried him to the nurse’s office. She called Lane's mom, and she rushed over with a change of clothes. "What happened?" "Three boys found him sitting in a puddle of his own pee outside his classroom door," the nurse explained. "Lane what happened?" Lane didn't answer. "He's in no condition to attend school today." Lane's mom undressed him and cleaned him up with one of the nurses large flushable wipes. She then dressed him in clean clothes and led him out into the hall. They passed Scott and he stared at Lane. Then gave him the quiet sign. Lane almost peed his pants again. In the car Lane's mom asked him what was wrong, but Lane could not tell her.

When they got home, she carried him upstairs and laid him on his bed. She stripped him down to his underwear and covered him up. He laid there thinking about what happened that day and about having to go back the next day. He kept replaying getting carried back to Scott, Scott almost punching him, and him wetting himself. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice that he wet himself again. Lane noticed that he was getting cold and looked down to see that he wet the bed while he was awake. He started to get up to tell his mom but couldn't. He didn't want her to know, but to his horror she walked into his room and saw the huge wet spot on his sheet. "What's going on, Lane? That's twice you've wet yourself today." "But mom, I couldn't help it," he cried. "I think I'd better make an appointment with the doctor." She left the room for a few minutes then came back, she pulled Lane's underwear off and carried him to the bathroom. This time the bath was ready, Lane was set into the water and bathed. The doctor said he could see you this afternoon so you can take a nap before we go. She once again carried Lane wrapped in a towel to his room, laid him on his bed and dried him off. But this time she left him naked on the towel, she folded the sides of the towel over his front and covered him up.

Chapter 2

When he woke up, the towel was soaked along with part of the bed. He pulled the soaked towel off himself and climbed out of bed. He walked out of his room in a daze, not really paying attention to the fact that he was naked. He found his mom in the living room, "Mommy, can you clean me up?" "Sure, honey," she said as she picked him up and carried him back to his room. She stood him up and began wiping him off with the baby wipes. Next she rubbed baby lotion all over his body, taking her time around his crotch, butt, and between his legs. She then sprinkled baby powder on her hands and massaged it in over the lotion. Lane was in heaven. His mom then put a pair of underwear over his ankles and slid them into place, then she put his feet into a pair of shorts and slipped them up over his underwear. She put a shirt on him and sat him on a dry part of the bed. She slipped a pair of socks over his feet and shoes over them and tied them. She carried her son downstairs and sat him in a chair in the kitchen.

After he ate his mom led him out to the car and buckled him into the front seat. The drive to the doctor's office was short as far a Lane was concerned. When they arrived, Lane's mother unbuckled him and carried him into the waiting room. He blushed because he didn't have to be carried. He was set into a chair and his mom went to check in. She walked back over, picked him up again, and carried him back into an examination room. She laid him on the table and stripped him down to his underwear. After a few minutes the doctor walked in, "So, how are we doing today?" He asked. "Not so good, he's been wetting the bed for the past few nights and has peed his pants twice today," his mom explained. "I see, okay, let's get started."

They went through the normal examination procedure and Lane blushed the whole time. But when the doctor wanted him to take his underwear off, he just froze. His mom finally walked over and slipped them off. Lane was humiliated, being naked in front of his mom was ok but being naked in front of stranger was more than he could handle. When the doctor started moving his dick and balls out of the way and feeling under them, he started to pee. He couldn't stop, but he was too humiliated. The doctor grabbed a towel off the counter and threw it over the boy's crotch. "This may be more serious than I thought." The doctor led Lane's mom out into his office to talk. Meanwhile, a nurse came in to clean up Lane. Lane just laid there as he was wiped down by a total stranger.

Chapter 3

When his mom's conference with the doctor was finished, she came back into the room. She then produced a Pampers size 6, lotion, and powder. "I thought you might need this, so I bought them while you were taking your nap. Lane tried to jump off the table but his mom held him down. "It's alright, it's for your protection." "I'm sorry, mommy. I couldn't help it. I'm not a baby, please don't put that on me. I won't do it again." Lane cried. "I know you couldn't help it, that's why you need this." His mom explained. "Now just lie still, and we can get this over with." "No mommy, I don't want to be a baby." Lane whined. "Why not, What's wrong with being a baby?" she asked as she began rubbing baby lotion on his diaper area. "Everyone will make fun of me," he replied. "Not if they don't know," She explained. "Now roll over."

Lane hesitantly rolled over and stared at the wall as she rubbed baby lotion on his bottom. "Besides, there's nothing wrong with wearing diapers. A lot of people wear diapers because they need them. And some people wear diapers because they like them," she added. "How many people, mommy?" He asked as his mom rubbed baby powder into his butt. "Quite a few," she answered. He rolled over and his mother rubbed baby powder in over the baby lotion. Next came the diaper. He was feeling more relaxed than before. He raised up and the diaper was slid underneath him, when he lowered his bottom onto the diaper a rush of feelings came over him. The diaper felt soft and pleasantly thick, but he felt that he was doing something wrong. His legs instinctively spread apart as soon as he lay on the diaper. Lane wasn't sure if he should accept it or jump off the table and run. But before he could decide his mom was picking him up and standing him up on the floor. She dressed her son and stuck his underwear into her purse. She picked him up and carried him out to the car.

On the way home he asked how long he would have to be in diapers. "Until you don't have anymore accidents," she replied. "That won't be long," he thought to himself. When they arrived home, Lane was allowed to walk into the house. He noticed that the diaper felt pretty good between his legs, maybe he could get used to this. He plopped down on the couch and watched cartoons. While he was watching he had to pee. He didn't want to get up and use the bathroom. So he just let go in the diaper. He was amazed at how easy it was, but got nervous when he couldn't stop. When he did stop, he inspected the diaper. It looked fine and felt dry on the inside. About an hour later he had to pee again; this time he let go right away. He figured he had better get changed. When he got up, he felt the full weight of the diaper and hoped it didn't leak. Lane found his mom in the kitchen making a snack. "Mommy I...uh," he stuttered. His mom looked at his shorts and knew exactly what he needed. "Okay baby," she said as she led him upstairs and laid him on his bed. "Why didn't you ask to use the bathroom?" "I don't know," he mumbled. "Honey, if you want to use diapers then that's fine with me." Lane was shocked at his mother's statement and didn't respond.

After he was changed, he was brought to the kitchen for a snack. During the snack Lane was offered a bottle. "NO, I'm not a baby!" he declared. "That's not the point, do you want it or not?" "No," he said. "Fine, suit yourself, but it's here anytime if you want it." He ate his snack, but his mind kept going back to the bottle. Later while walking through the house he felt the urge to pee so he let go on purpose, or at least he thought. But he didn't pay attention. When it was time bed, his mom changed him and tucked him into bed. That night he slept peacefully.

The next morning he woke up and checked his diaper. "Alright, I didn't wet the bed," he thought as he began stretching. He moaned and stretched some more, but then he noticed that he was wetting himself. He tried to stop but it was no use. It seemed like forever but he finally stopped. He lay there and cried himself back to sleep. His mom came in a while later to wake him up and found him in his usual pose, his thumb in his mouth and his other hand clutching his blanket. As she changed his diaper, she proposed, "I have an idea, honey, if you can keep your diaper dry for two straight days. You won't have to wear diapers during the day." "OK!" he said excitedly. "This will be easy," he thought. After being changed he ran downstairs for breakfast wearing only a t-shirt and a diaper. During breakfast he asked, "What about school?" "Oh, don't worry about that. Your principal gave you the rest of the week off."

Later when he was watching T.V. he felt the urge to pee. "Mommy I have to go pee." "Okay, baby," she said as she led him to the bathroom. Lane was walking so fast that he didn't notice his diaper becoming heavier. When they reached the bathroom Lane's mom turned to him and checked his diaper. "Are you sure you have to pee, baby?" He suddenly noticed the weight in his diaper, "I'm sorry, mommy, I couldn't help it," he said as he started to cry. "It's alright baby, there's nothing wrong with that." She picked him up, carried him into the living room, and held him in her lap on the couch. Then after a few minutes she had an idea, she got up and went into the kitchen for a few minutes.

She returned a few moments later with a baby bottle of formula. She laid her son back on her lap, waited a minute and gently stuck the bottle in his mouth. He instinctively began sucking on the bottle. Lane really didn't care that he was sucking on a bottle, but after awhile he felt better. He relaxed and stopped crying. He soon felt so relaxed it caused him to begin pooping, the poop stopped when it reached the diaper. "Oh, who cares," Lane thought and pushed it the rest of the way out. "It smells like my baby needs his diaper changed," his mom stated. "You're not mad at me, are you mommy?" Lane asked nervously. "No, of course not, baby," she said as she got up with him in her arms.

By the time they reached his room Lane had finished his bottle. His mom laid him on the table and gently pulled the nipple from his mouth. She then produced a pacifier on a ribbon, she pinned the end of the ribbon to his shirt but didn't put it in his mouth. Instead she left it lying on his chest. She changed his diaper and noticed that he had put the pacifier in his mouth. She picked him up, stood him on the floor and gave him a pat on the butt. "Now go play," she instructed.

Lane waddled downstairs and played on the computer. He decided to look up some sites on the internet. He typed in "diapers" and pressed enter. He was surprised when hundreds of sites popped up. He especially liked Deeker’s Diaper Page, Leif's TB and PTB Home Page, teenbaby.com, DPF.com, and he applied to TbyBoy. About halfway through his mom took his pacifier out of his mouth and replaced it with a bottle. "Thanks, mommy," he replied. He was so mesmerized by the web sites that he ended up sucking on an empty bottle for over an hour until he noticed and replaced it with his pacifier.

After he had been on the computer for four and a half hours his mom came in. "Okay baby it's time for bed," she said. She picked him up and carried him upstairs to his room. He was laid on his dresser which had been cleared off to serve as a changing table. She untaped his diaper and pulled it from under him. "My, you absolutely soaked this. I hope you didn't leak on the chair." "I don't remember peeing, mommy," he stated. "Well, the way you were staring at that screen I'm surprised you didn't mess yourself, too." His mom replied as she removed his shirt. She picked him up and carried him into the bathroom. She sat him on the toilet and began the water running. After a minute Lane felt funny, he looked down and saw that he was peeing into the toilet! And he hadn't even realized it!

When the water reached the right temperature his mom picked him up and set him in the tub. She washed him, picked him up out of the tub and carried him back to his dresser. She dried him off and once again rubbed baby lotion and baby powder all over his body. He raised his bottom as his mom slid a fresh diaper under it. He lay there sucking his thumb while his mom sprinkled more powder on his crotch. She tapped the diaper around his waist, picked him up and laid him in his bed. She left briefly and returned shortly with a bottle of warm formula. Lane sucked on the bottle all night long.

Chapter 4

When he woke up the next morning and found an empty bottle in his mouth. He immediately took it out and tossed it on the floor. He barely remembered the events of last night but certainly did not remember sucking on a bottle. He started to get up but felt his soaked diaper. He fell back onto his bed, "What's happening to me?" he thought long and hard about it. His thumb slipped into his mouth without him noticing, he just lay there trying to figure what was going on. His mom walked into the room in the middle of this. "How's my widdle baby doing?" Lane tried to respond but his thumb stopped him. He yanked his thumb out of his mouth. "Oh, don't be shy," his mother teased.

She hoisted him onto the dresser and changed him into a fresh diaper. "Why do I have to wear a diaper during the day?" he asked. "Don't you remember our little agreement? You will year diaper all the time until you can keep them dry for two straight days." she reminded him as she slipped the shirt with the pacifier pinned to it down over his head. She picked him up and carried him downstairs. On the way down Lane asked, "What about pants?" "Oh, I'm pretty sure I'll be changing you soon and that just makes it easier," she stated bluntly. She took him into the kitchen, sat him in a chair, and gave him his breakfast. Lane noticed that a bottle came with it instead of a glass.

When he finished his mom sent him to the living room with his bottle. He just sat on the couch looking at the bottle and wondering why his mom gave it to him. Eventually he decided to try it. He stuck the nipple in his mouth and started sucking. He was surprised at how good he was at it and at how good it made him feel. He decided that he liked bottles. When he finished the bottle, he took it out of his mouth and set it on the couch beside him. He soon got really into the show he was watching, his thumb found its way into his mouth. His mom came to check on him a little while later. When she saw his thumb in his mouth she walked over, pulled it out and replaced it with his pacifier. “You shouldn't suck on your thumb, it's dirty and you could get sick.” Lane was in shock. He didn't even know he had his thumb in his mouth. "I'm sorry, mommy," he said, "What? Did I say 'mommy'? I haven't said that in four years!" he thought in horror. He surprised himself again when he put the pacifier back in his mouth automatically and sucked on it. His mom then stuck her finger into the crotch of his diaper to see if he was wet. "Okay baby, let's get your diaper changed," she said as she picked him up. Lane didn't remember having to pee or wetting his diaper. "What's happening to me?" He worried as his mom laid him on his dresser. She untaped the diaper and pulled it from under him. "My, you soaked yourself today," she remarked. When she produced a fresh diaper Lane's butt seemed to raise itself almost automatically. After he was changed, his mom proceeded to dress him right there on the dresser. She put him in a clean shirt, shorts, socks and shoes. She also pinned the pacifier onto his shirt and gently pushed the nipple back into his mouth.

She carried him to the car and buckled him into the seat. They drove to a department store and his mom led him in by the hand. They went straight to the baby department and picked up plenty of diapering supplies. She then grabbed several large packs of cloth diapers and a six-pack of extra-large plastic pants. Lane suddenly realized that he was going to be in diapers for a long time. Just then he noticed warmth between his legs. Now he knew why he was going to be in diapers for a long time. They left the baby department and headed for the boy’s department. He kept seeing people look at him and snicker and some kids giggled when they saw him. "What's wrong with them?" he thought. Then it dawned on him, "THE PACIFIER!" He quickly removed it from his mouth and stuck it in his shirt pocket.

As he followed his mom picking out clothes for him, he started feeling uneasy and nervous for no reason. He didn't pay much attention to his mother oohing and aahing over cute clothing. He put his thumb in his mouth and immediately felt better. He then realized that he needed his pacifier. He started, but couldn't bring himself to put it in. After awhile he couldn't take it anymore and stuck it back in his mouth. He once again felt his diaper become warm between his legs. He walked a few more steps and felt poop coming out. "OH NO!" he tried to hold it, but his bowels just let go. "Mommy I need a new diaper," Lane announced sheepishly. "Okay baby," his mom said as she led him to the bathrooms. They dropped off the cart and headed straight for the women's bathroom.

He was a little embarrassed at going into the women's bathroom but not as embarrassed as when his mom laid him down and removed his shorts. While she was changing Lane, a woman came up and asked, "Why is he still in diapers?" "Well he has developed a little problem and these help take care of it," his mom replied. "Oh, I see," the lady said and left. She pulled the diaper up between his legs and tapped it snugly in place. Lane's shorts were pulled back up and he was led out of the restroom. They returned to the boy’s department and picked up some clothing. "These will do good, once I alter them," his mom said "But mommy they’re too big," Lane replied. "Don't worry baby, they're fine." Lane and his mom went from there to the food department and bought a bunch of baby food. They then checked out and went home.

As soon as they got home Lane's mom pulled his shorts off him and checked his diaper. "Not too wet," she commented. Lane helped his mom unpack the stuff they bought. By the time they finished Lane's diaper was sagging pretty badly. "Okay baby, let's get you changed." With that she picked up Lane and carried him to his room. She laid him on his dresser on a brand new changing pad. She changed his diaper then put him into a pair of red sleepers they bought. "Time for a nap, baby, you must be exhausted." She then tucked him into bed and left the room.

Lane woke up a couple of hours later to his mom changing him. He had messed his diaper while he slept so his change took longer. This time his mother changed him into two freshly washed cloth diapers. A pair of semi-transparent plastic pants were slid up over the diapers. He was put back into his sleeper and stood up on the floor.

Later his friend Bobby called, "Hey can I come over?" "Sure, let me ask my mom," Lane replied completely forgetting about his babyish behavior. He toddled into the kitchen where his mom was. "Can Bobby come over?" "It's fine with me," his mom said. Lane went back over to the phone and told Bobby to come over. As Lane hung up the phone, he felt his legs getting warm. "Oh no! My diaper!" he thought and ran to his room. He took off his sleeper to examine his diaper. He decided to have his mom change him. "But I just changed you an hour ago," she replied. "Yeah, but Bobby is coming over," he said as his mom checked him. "You're not very wet. Those diapers will last for a couple hours. Just let me know if you really need a change, otherwise I'll have to check you myself. Lane ran to his room and put normal clothes over his diapers. He was glad he was wearing quiet plastic pants. He looked at himself in the mirror. He could see a bulge in his baggy pants, but not much. While looking at himself in the mirror, he saw that he was sucking on his pacifier. He couldn't believe that he didn't notice it earlier. He took it out and shoved it in his pocket. As he left his room, he was met by Bobby coming up the hall. "Just in time," Lane thought to himself. "Hey Laney boy," Bobby joked. They both walked back into the living room. They watched got on the internet and looked up some Pokemon sites. Lane felt himself flooding his diaper, "I gotta go to the bathroom." "Smells like you already did," Bobby laughed. "Very funny," Lane snapped nervously. He found his mom and told her he needed to be changed. She took him to her room and laid him on her bed. He stuck the pacifier in his mouth and sighed in relief. It felt like he had gone forever without it. He was diapered and dressed, he jumped off the bed still sucking his pacifier. He almost got to the computer before he realized it, he stuck it back in his pocket and sat back down beside Bobby. After an hour they got tired of the computer and went up to Lane's room, Lane was relieved when he saw that none of his diaper supplies were laying out. They bummed around in his room until Bobby suggested they play Nintendo. In the middle of the game Bobby rolled onto his side and let out a loud fart. "Bet you can't do better than that," Bobby claimed. Lane then paused the game and rolled onto his side, and attempted to top Bobby. But instead of farting he pooped into his diaper and as usual soaked his diaper as well. He sat there red-faced for a minute. "Don't strain yourself," Bobby remarked. "Oh no!" Bobby said sniffing the air. "I'm going to have to borrow some of your underwear," Bobby said as he walked over to Lane's dresser. He opened up his underwear drawer, but found diapers and plastic pants. "Hey what's this?" Bobby said holding up a diaper then some plastic pants. He checked himself and sniffed the air then asked Lane if he was wearing diapers. Lane couldn't help but cry. "Hey it's alright, I don't mind," Bobby comforted. Bobby put his arm around Lane. He cried into Bobby's shoulder and sucked on his thumb. After awhile Lane stopped crying and Bobby asked if he could see Lane's diapers. "Only if you promise not to laugh," Lane demanded. "Hey, I haven't laughed yet, have I?" Bobby replied. Lane stood up, slowly took his pants off and stood there modeling his diapers. He held his shirt up and turned around. "Hey, you're cute," Bobby said with a big smile on his face. Bobby went over and examined his diapers more closely. "You need to be changed bad. I'll go get your mom," he said as he exited the room. Bobby found Lane's mom in the living room. "Lane needs his diaper changed." Bobby said bluntly. "Oh, did he tell you already?" "Well I kinda found out on accident," Bobby explained as they made their way back to Lane's room. Lane was already up on his dresser so his mom began changing him right away while Bobby sat on the bed and watched. When they were finished Lane jumped down off the dresser. "Maybe I could change you sometime, that looked like fun," Bobby remarked. "That would be fine with me, I'll show you next time I change him," Lane's mom replied. "Hey, let me show you some of the diaper sites I found," Lane said as he toddled into the living room. Lane showed Bobby his favorite sites and they looked up some new sites as well. Every now and then Bobby would stick his finger under Lane's plastic pants to see if he was wet. Lane didn't seem to mind. When Lane was finally wet enough Bobby went and got Lane's mom and they all went up to Lane's room. Lane wasn't quite sure what to think of all the attention he was getting from his mom and best friend. Lane's mom carefully showed Bobby how to properly change Lane's diaper. Lane was put into three diapers and then dressed in his red sleepers.

"It's almost Lane's bedtime, so you two can stay up here," Lane's mom said. "Hey, are you going to spend the night?" Lane asked Bobby. "I can call my mom and ask," Bobby replied. "OK." They ran downstairs and Bobby called his mom. "She said yes!" Bobby exclaimed. He and Lane went back up to Lane's room and Lane jumped in bed. Bobby sat on the bed next to Lane and They talked for awhile. Bobby left the room for a few minutes, then returned with a bottle of warm formula. He offered the bottle to Lane. Lane blushed as he accepted it. Bobby held the bottle while Lane sucked on it. When Lane was finished Bobby pulled the bottle out of Lane's mouth and pushed his pacifier between his lips. Bobby then lay down next to Lane and waited for him to fall asleep. After Lane quickly fell asleep, Bobby carefully got out of bed and went downstairs. "Lane's sleeping now." Bobby reported to Lane's mom. "Well that's good. Would you like to watch T.V. until it's time for you to go to bed?" she offered. "Sure." Bobby sat on the couch and watched T.V. for an hour and a half before it was announced he should start getting ready for bed. He found Lane sleeping peacefully, clutching his baby blanket and sucking his pacifier. Bobby was careful not to wake Lane up as he climbed into bed.

Chapter 5

The next morning Bobby woke up and found Lane snuggled up to him. Bobby woke Lane up, "Hey, it's time to get up." Bobby said. "Mmm." Lane mumbled around his pacifier. Bobby helped Lane onto his dresser and pulled down his plastic pants. He looked at lane's diaper and found it to be soaked and a little messy. "I can handle this." Bobby thought to himself as he wiped the poop off Lane like he saw Lane's mom do before. Bobby wiped Lane down then picked Lane up the best he could and carried him to the bathroom. He sat Lane on the toilet and got a bath ready for him. Lane once again found himself helplessly peeing into the toilet. Bobby then helped Lane into the water and began to wash him. "I've always wanted to do this," Bobby remarked. When Lane finished, he started the water draining and dried Lane off. Bobby once again carried Lane piggyback style to his room. He laid lane back on the dresser and rubbed lotion and powder all over Lane’s body. "How did you know to do this?" Lane asked. "Your mom told me last night. She's glad I can help take care of you." Bobby proceeded to diaper Lane into three diapers, Lane raised his bottom as they were slid under him. Then his plastic pants were slid over them and Lane as stood up. Bobby dressed Lane in a pair of blue footed rompers. "You've been such a good boy," Bobby said as he gave Lane a quick hug. Bobby then pinned Lane's pacifier to his rompers and stuck it in his mouth. Bobby hoisted Lane onto his hip and carried him downstairs.

"Careful Bobby, don't hurt yourself," Lane's mom said. "Oh, he's not too heavy," Bobby replied as he sat Lane on a chair in the kitchen. Bobby sat down beside Lane and cut up his food. He gave Lane some scrambled eggs, a spoonful of baby food, then gave him his bottle to suck on while he ate some off his plate. They did that until they ran out of food. Then Bobby led Lane who was still sucking on his half-empty bottle to the living room. He sat down on the couch and turned Lane facing him. He pulled Lane onto his lap so that Lane was straddling Bobby's legs and his head was on Bobby's shoulder. When Lane finished his bottle, Bobby took it out of his mouth and began firmly patting Lane's back. Lane wondered what Bobby was doing until he let out a loud burp. Lane was stunned as Bobby shifted him over next to him, put his arm around him and pulled him close. Lane snuggled into Bobby as they watched TV.

When they got tired of doing that they decided to play. After awhile Bobby started tickling Lane squealed as Bobby grabbed him and rolled around with him then tickled him some more. Lane jumped up then stopped, "Uh oh." Lane said. "What?" Bobby asked. "I need to be changed," he replied. Bobby got up and checked Lane's diaper finding it messy. Then he picked him up and carried him up to his room. He laid lane on his changing pad and pulled his plastic pants off. He unpinned the diapers. "Man, you're a mess," Bobby remarked. The poop had spread all the way around Lane's crotch. Bobby began by using the front of the diaper to wipe as much of the poop off that he could. He then pulled the diaper out as Lane raised his bottom. "Don't move until I get you cleaned up." Bobby wiped off Lane's bottom and crotch very carefully. Bobby took so long that Lane started trembling. "Ok, ok. I'm done," Bobby said as Lane dropped onto two fresh diapers. Lane sighed with relief, he was so relieved that pee shot out from his dick. Bobby saw it and pulled one of the diapers up and let Lane empty his bladder. "I'm sorry." Lane said, red-faced. "Don't worry about it," Bobby replied as he pulled the wet diaper out and replaced it. Bobby smeared diaper rash cream on Lane's butt and between his legs. Lane was lotioned, powdered and rediapered. Bobby put him back into his footed rompers and laid him in his bed. He left the room for a minute and returned with a bottle of formula. Bobby held it as Lane sucked on it and fell asleep. When Lane finished his bottle Bobby removed it and quickly replaced it with his pacifier.

When lane woke up he found that he was alone. He crawled out of bed and went downstairs. His diaper was soaked and needed to be changed. "Bobby, can you change me?" Lane asked. "Sure," Bobby said as he led Lane back up to his room. Bobby helped Lane onto his changing pad and changed his diapers. Bobby put a shirt on Lane then slipped shoes and sock on his feet. Bobby picked Lane, "Hey, what about shorts?" Lane asked. "They won't fit over your diapers." Bobby answered. "Where are we going?" Lane inquired. "Outside." Bobby said bluntly. "NO! I can't go out like this." Lane whined. "We'll be in the back yard," Bobby said as he opened the back door. Lane was happy that they had big privacy fences around his yard. Bobby stood Lane up and gave him a pat on his diapered butt. He then led Lane over to his old sandbox which he hadn't played in for quite a while. Bobby played a little with Lane but got bored with it. Lane however was really enjoying himself. He had forgotten how much fun the sandbox was. After about and hour Bobby went over and checked Lane's diaper. "OK, time to get changed," Bobby said as he picked Lane up. "Aw, I wanna play some more." Lane whined. "You can play later," Bobby replied. When they got to Lane's room, Bobby changed Lane into a disposable diaper then looked in his dresser drawers and located a pair of pants that Lane's mom had modified for him. He put the pants on Lane and led him downstairs. "Is it alright if me and Lane go ride our bikes?" "Sure." was the reply from Lanes mom. "I don't think you want to be seen with this." Bobby said as he pulled Lane's pacifier from his mouth.

Bobby and Lane were soon riding their bikes down their street. "Where are we going?" Lane inquired. "I think it's time you do some big-boy stuff." Bobby replied. They rode over to the local arcade and parked their bikes out front. Bobby led Lane over to his favorite racing game. They played there for hours until Bobby discovered that Lane really needed to be changed. Bobby led Lane into the boy's room and locked the door he set the Lane's backpack on the floor and pulled a small blanket out of it. He spread the blanket on the floor then laid Lane down on it. Bobby produced changing supplies out of the backpack changed Lane's diaper. He put the soiled diaper in a plastic bag along to be disposed of later. Bobby redressed Lane and led him outside to their waiting bikes. They unlocked them and were on their way. They rode around for a while then decided to go home.

When they arrived home, the first thing Lane did was, put his pacifier back in his mouth. Lane's mother told them that Bobby's mom called and said he had to come home. Bobby got his stuff together and gave Lane a hug before he left. "Maybe you can come over to my house sometime," Bobby suggested as he walked out the door. Lane's mom picked Lane up and carried him to his room. She laid him down on his dresser and checked his diaper. It wasn't very wet so she picked him up and stood him on the floor. She pulled a baby bottle out of her pocket, gave it to Lane then sent him downstairs. Lane went over to their computer and looked up some of his favorite sites. After a little while his mom picked him up and told him it was time for bed. "Can't I stay up a little longer?" Lane whined. "No, it's time for bed." his mom replied. She carried him up to his room and laid him on his dresser. After changing him out of the disposable into three cloth diapers, she put him into one of his footed sleepers and tucked him in bed. After an hour Lane woke up to find himself pooping his diaper. He climbed out of bed and found his mom. "I pooped in my diaper, can you change me?" Lane asked. His mom stuck her finger into his crotch, "You're not wet enough, let's wait till tomorrow." She said then led Lane back to his room and tucked him in bed.

Chapter 6

Lane woke up to find he wasn't in his room anymore. He sat up and saw that he was in his playpen in the living room and in a fresh diaper. He climbed out of the playpen and waddled into the kitchen. "Good morning baby. You're just in time for breakfast." His mom said. Lane sat in a chair and waited for her to feed him. His mom walked over, switched his pacifier with a baby bottle then continued fixing his food. A few minutes later she walked over with a couple bowls of baby food for him. She pulled the bottle from his mouth then began spoon feeding him the baby food. When she was done, she led Lane to the living room, laid him over her lap, and stuck the bottle back in his mouth. She held it while he sucked on it. As soon as he finished the bottle, his mom picked him up, leaned him over her shoulder and firmly patted him on the back. Lane wasn't surprised this time when he let out a loud burp. His mom then got up with Lane in her arms and carried him to his room. She laid him on his changing table and checked his diaper. "Not wet enough." she remarked. She stood Lane up on the floor and dressed him in his normal clothes. Then she packed his big diaper bag. "Where are we going?" Lane asked around his pacifier. "You're going over to Bobby's house, And I have some personal things to do. You know, I think Bobby might be your regular babysitter from now on." His mom commented. She led Lane out to the car and buckled him into the back seat.

When they got to Bobby's house Lane's mom got him out of the car and gave him his diaper bag to carry. Bobby heard them pull up and came, outside to meet them, "Hey Laney, how ya doin!'" Bobby said taking his diaper bag. They went into the house as Lane's mom pulled away. As soon they closed the door Bobby set the diaper bag on the couch, pulled Lane's pants down, and checked his diaper. "I think you need a change," Bobby announced. Bobby's dad overheard them and said, "I'm not going to have to change him, am I?" "No dad, I'll take care of it." Bobby said as he prepared to change Lane right there. He laid Lane on the changing pad, untied his shoes, pulled them off and put them the bag. He pulled his pants down to his ankles followed by his plastic pants. Lane hoped no one came in as Bobby pulled the front of his diaper down. Bobby cleaned up Lane and rediapered him. Just as Bobby was pulling the plastic pants back up Bobby's dad walked in. "Darn, I missed it." He said jokingly. Lane blushed while Bobby pulled his pants over his diapers and stood him up. Bobby's dad looked at the bulge in Lane's pants and said. "Man those must be big pants to fit over all that." "They're four sizes bigger than what he used to wear." Bobby said. He gathered up Lane's stuff and put it back in the bag.

He then led Lane to his room. Lane watched as Bobby picked up something and walked back over to him. "I made this yesterday when I got home. When you have this on, I can make sure you don't get lost. Wanna put it on." Bobby asked. "Um, I don't know." Lane said. "Oh, come on it will be fun, besides it's for you're own good." Bobby insisted as he turned Lane around and began putting him in the harness. Bobby finished by securing the back with clips that lane would not be able to undo by himself. Then he threaded the leash through the front of the harness and secured it. Bobby stepped back and tugged on the leash pulling lane over to him. "Alright, it works!" Bobby said. Bobby led Lane out of his room and into the kitchen. "Look dad, I put Lane in the safety leash I made him." Bobby announced. "Lane isn't going to get hurt with that, is he?" Bobby's dad asked. "No, this is to keep him from getting hurt and to keep him out of trouble." Bobby replied. "Okay Bobby, but take him to the living room." Bobby led Lane into the living room. He sat on the couch and had Lane sit on the floor in front of him. Lane played with some toys that were put out for him.

A little while later Lane felt someone tugging on his leash, but before he could turn around he was pulled onto his back and pulled across the living room. "NO REX, DROP IT! BAD DOG!" Bobby yelled, Rex dropped the leash then walk back into the kitchen ashamedly. "I'm sorry about that, he gets playful sometimes. Are you okay?" Bobby asked as he picked Lane up, guided him to the couch, and laid him over his lap. Lane managed to nod yes but was too shocked to talk. "I think you should tuck the leash in the harness when you're not using it." Bobby's dad said as he handed Bobby a baby bottle for lane. Bobby removed Lane's pacifier then stuck the nipple in Lane's mouth while his dad folded the leash up and slid it under Lane's harness. "Well, you're a tough little guy, you're not even crying." Bobby remarked as he held the bottle for Lane. He could smell that Lane had soiled his diaper. Bobby watched as Lane slowly started to fall asleep, "You're tired already? I'll change you later." Bobby whispered. He sat there and watched t.v. with Lane sleeping in his lap. Every now and then he would look down at Lane sleeping peacefully. Bobby wished Lane was his brother so he could do this all the time.

Lane woke up to find he was still lying on Bobby's lap. He looked around then looked up at Bobby. "Hi Lane, did you sleep good?" Bobby asked. Lane nodded then asked "How long have I been asleep?" "About an hour and a half." Bobby replied. He undid Lane's pants and stuck his finger into the crotch of Lane's diaper. "Time for a change." Bobby said as he moved Lane off his lap. Bobby again prepared to change Lane on the living room floor. He sat Lane up on the couch and removed his shirt. He then picked Lane up off the couch, laid him on his changing pad, then removed his pants. Bobby pulled Lane's plastic pants down and completely off him. Bobby unpinned Lane's diapers then pulled them out from under him when he lifted his bottom. What Bobby did next surprised Lane, he took a disposable diaper and placed it over Lane's crotch. He then picked Lane up, being careful that the diaper did not slip off Lane's crotch. Bobby carried Lane to the bathroom, closed the toilet lid, and sat Lane on it with the disposable diaper still between his legs. Bobby ran the water in the tub and waited for the right temperature. When the tub was full Bobby lifted Lane off the wet diaper and set him in the water. Bobby washed Lane from head to toe taking his time while washing his diaper area.

After he was done washing Lane, Bobby picked him up and stood him up on the floor. Bobby dried Lane off then led him out into the living room. There he spread baby lotion all over Lane's body followed by baby powder. Lane was once again in heaven, Bobby laid another disposable diaper out on the floor and laid Lane on it. He pulled the diaper up between Lane's legs, tapped it up, then left the room. Bobby returned with a large bowl of warm water. He set the bowl next to Lane and put Lane's hand in it. "Hey! What are you do..." Lane stopped when he felt warmth in his diaper. Bobby waited a minute then stuck his finger in the crotch of Lane's diaper. He pulled Lane's hand out of the water and dried it off. "What was that all about?" Lane asked while Bobby untapped the diaper. He stood Lane up and wiped his diaper area off with a baby wipe. Bobby started putting the changing supplies away, "Don't I get another diaper?" Lane inquired. "I'm going to let you dry out, you got a slight rash on your bottom. I made you pee so you can go longer." Bobby explained. "Why don't you take Lane outside to dry out, that way he doesn't accidentally pee on our floor." Bobby's dad suggested. Lane turned red as soon as his incontinence was mentioned. Bobby picked up the harness and walked back over to Lane. He put the harness on Lane then led Lane outside with it.

Lane wasn't sure why, but he was starting to enjoy being led around in the harness. He would run off and Bobby would pull him back. Every time Bobby caught Lane he would give him a good dose of tickling, from the back of course. Lane emptied his bladder several times while they were out there. Lane didn’t mind being naked as long as no one saw him. After awhile Bobby decided to take Lane back inside and diaper him. Bobby laid him on the changing pad then wiped him off with a baby wipe. Lane raised up and Bobby slid three diapers under him. Bobby rubbed baby lotion all over Lane's diaper area followed by baby powder. Bobby motioned for Lane to put his butt on the diaper, then pinned Lane up. He poked Lane's feet through a pair of plastic pants, stood Lane up and pulled the plastic pants up over Lane's diaper. He then led Lane over in front of the couch and sat him on the floor. Bobby sat down by Lane and played games with him. A few minutes later Lane's mom called. "Hey dad, Lane's mom wants to talk to you." Bobby announced. Bobby's dad spoke to her for a few minutes then hung up. "Bobby, do you think you could handle Lane by yourself for a couple hours?" He asked. Lane began blushing. "Sure dad, but where are you going?" He asked. "Over to Lane's house. But it's a surprise." He said with a grin. Bobby sat back down by Lane and noticed Lane's red face. He stuck his finger in Lane's diaper and found him wet and messy. "Did Laney boy poo poo his dydee?" Bobby asked in baby talk making Lane turn even redder.

Bobby picked Lane up and laid him on the changing pad. He finished changing Lane's diaper just as his dad was about to leave. "Oh by the way, Lane will be sleeping here tonight." he said as he walked out the door. Lane was starting to feel strange, it seemed like he never made any of his own decisions any more. He mentioned this to Bobby. "It's kinda cool, isn't it?" Bobby replied as he laid Lane across his lap. "Yeah, well, I guess so," Lane said. "Okay then what's the problem?" Bobby replied. "Well, I haven't even been in diapers a week and I already can't control myself." Lane whined. "Oh, is that what's wrong? Don't worry about your diapers, lots of kids need diapers." Bobby explained. "But I don't want to need diapers." Lane said. "Some kids like their diapers, remember?" Bobby reminded him. Lane thought about it for awhile. Bobby saw the concentration on Lane's face and stuck his pacifier back in his mouth. Bobby looked at his watch and said "It's almost your bedtime." Bobby stood with Lane in his arms and lugged him into his room. He sat Lane on the edge of the bottom bunk of his bunk beds, then undid Lane's harness. Bobby went and got a pair of Lane's sleepers out of his bag and came back with it. He stuck Lane's feet into the legs of the sleepers then pushed his arms into the sleeves. Bobby rolled Lane onto his stomach and zipped up the back of the sleepers. Lane laid there as Bobby put the harness back on Lane securing the leash in the back then laid him down on the bed. Bobby threaded the leash up behind the top bunk then climbed up and tied it off. He jumped down and went to make Lane a bottle. He came back, pulled up a chair next to the bed, and handed Lane the bottle. "Would you like me to read you a story?" Bobby asked. Lane nodded his head and smiled around the bottle. "OK here are some stories I found on the internet, this one is called 'My Mother's Sixth Sense'." Bobby started. Lane listened as Bobby read the story to him. When Bobby finished he saw that Lane was still awake. "Did you like that story?" Bobby asked. Lane said yes but didn't like when the kids made fun of Tommy. "What will the kids do to me?" Lane asked fearfully. "Don't worry about that you're won't going to school anymore." Bobby declared. "Oh, OK." Lane responded. "Now, go to sleep. I’ll be back later." Bobby said as he left the room. Lane found his pacifier and put it in his mouth then drifted off to sleep.

Lane woke up after a bad dream and decided to find Bobby. He crawled toward the edge of the bed but just as he was about to put his foot on the floor he was pulled back onto the bed. He remembered that he was in his harness started trying to take it off. After a few minutes Lane gave up. He pulled his pacifier out of his mouth and called for Bobby. When Bobby didn't come for a few minutes Lane got really worried and started crying. He once again tried to take the harness off, but when he couldn't he cried even harder. He called for Bobby again and this time Bobby came in. "Are you okay Lane? Hey what's wrong?" Bobby asked when he saw Lane's condition. Lane tried to jump into Bobby's arms but was yanked back by the harness. Bobby quickly unfastened the leash and pulled Lane into his lap. "Hey, what happened Laney? What's wrong?" Lane tried to answer but he was too upset. Bobby held Lane as he calmed down and asked him again what happened. "I had a bad dream and...and I wanted to find you." Lane started. "But I couldn't get out of the bed so I called for you but you didn't come." Lane said and started to cry again. "I'm sorry Laney I was in the bathroom." Bobby apologized. "I...I couldn't get the harness off." Lane added. "I only put it on you so you didn't fall out of bed in your sleep." Bobby explained. He put Lanes pacifier back in his mouth and held him a little bit longer. After a few minutes Bobby laid Lane back on the bed and took his harness off, then stood up. "I'm going to get ready for bed now, okay? But don't worry I won't even leave the room." Bobby stripped naked then located his pajamas and put them on. "Bobby?" Lane asked, "Can you sleep with me tonight?" "Okay Laney if it makes you feel better." Bobby responded. Bobby climbed into bed with Lane and put his arm over him. Lane fell quickly asleep. Bobby couldn't be happier.

Chapter 7

The next morning Lane woke up to see Bobby standing naked and drying himself off with a towel. He heard Lane moving in bed, "Hey kid, how'd ya sleep?" he asked as he got dressed. Lane sat up in bed and felt poop squish up between his legs. "I bet you could use a change," Bobby said. As he turned Lane around and unzipped his sleepers. Bobby picked Lane up off of his sleepers. "Man you must have really messed yourself to weigh this much," Bobby commented as he laid Lane down on his changing pad. He pulled Lane's plastic pants off him and unpinned his diapers. "I think you're going to need a bath," Bobby said when he saw Lane's condition. Bobby wiped most of the poop off then stood Lane up. He grabbed a disposable diaper and stuffed it over Lane's crotch. "Hold that there," Bobby told Lane as he led him to the bathroom. Bobby ran the water until it was warm enough while Lane stood there wetting the disposable. Bobby pulled the disposable away from Lane's crotch to see if he was still peeing then pulled it all the way off and threw it in the trash. Bobby helped Lane into the tub and started washing him.

After the bath was done, Bobby wrapped Lane in a towel and carried him back to his room. Bobby laid him on the floor and dried him off. When Lane was dry enough, Bobby rubbed baby lotion and baby powder all over Lane's body. He then had Lane raise his bottom off the towel and slid three fresh diapers under his butt. He sprinkled extra powder on the back of the diapers and then had Lane put his butt on the diapers. Bobby sprinkled more powder on Lane's crotch and between his legs, then pulled the diapers up between his legs. Bobby put a pair of plastic pants on Lane and stood him up. He put a shirt on Lane then led him to the kitchen. Bobby sat him in a chair and got some baby food out of the pantry for him. "When did you get those?" Lane asked. "Yesterday, and they’re just for you," Bobby replied. He set a few jars down by Lane then opened a couple jars of baby juice and poured them in a bottle. Bobby sat down in front of Lane, handed him the bottle, then opened the jars of baby food. He pulled the bottle from Lane's mouth and spoon fed him some of the baby food. He even airplaned some of them. Bobby paused every now and then to let Lane suck on his bottle.

When Bobby finished feeding Lane he threw the empty jars away and rinsed Lane's bottle out. He wet a washrag and wiped Lane's face off with it which made Lane wet his diaper. Bobby picked Lane up out of the chair. Then carried Lane into the living room, sat him on the couch, then sat next to him. They watched t.v. together until the phone rang. Bobby answered it, "Yes . . . OK, I'll get him ready." Bobby said. "Who wuth dat?" Lane asked around his pacifier. "That was your mommy. She's going to pick us up in a few minutes," Bobby explained as he took Lane up to his room to get him dressed. He sat Lane on the bed and put his pants on him. They were followed by his sock then his shoes. Bobby then packed up all of Lane's stuff back into the diaper bag. Lane wondered when he would be changed since his diaper was soaked and he wasn't sure, but he thought it might be a little messy, too. Bobby picked up the diaper bag and led Lane downstairs. When they got there, Lane's mom was waiting for them in the driveway. Bobby led Lane out to the car and buckled him into a large carseat that was waiting for him in the back seat. Bobby hopped in the front seat and they were off.

They arrived at Lane's house just a few minutes later. Bobby unbuckled Lane from his carseat and helped him out of the car. Bobby grabbed Lane's bag while Lane's mom picked him up and they all went into the house. Lane was stood on the floor and he was stripped to his diaper. His mom then checked his diaper, "I see my little guy needs his diaper changed," she announced. "I figured he could use his new stuff right away," Bobby said. "That's right, we have a surprise for you up in your room. She picked Lane up again and carried him up to his room. When they got there, it didn't look like his room anymore. There was a large crib on one wall with stuffed animals and a changing table next to it with lots of diapers, plastic pants, and changing supplies underneath. Lane was laid on the changing table and strapped in. His mom pulled his plastic pants down and off his legs. She then unpinned his diapers, grabbed his ankles and lifted bottom off the diaper. It was a little messy so she wiped the poop off with the front of the diaper and pulled it out from under him. It went into the diaper pail along with the plastic pants. She wiped him down with a couple baby wipes. Then a stack of three brand-new diapers was slid under him. Baby oil gel and baby powder was rubbed on him and he was lowered onto the diaper. Extra powder was sprinkled on him and the diapers were pinned on. A brand-new pair of plastic pants were slid up over the diapers. His mom unstrapped him and sat him up on the table. She opened a drawer of his dresser and pulled out a dark blue onesie. She walked back over to Lane and slid it over his arms and down past his head. His mom stood Lane up on the table and fastened the bottom over his diaper. "What is this?" He said in surprise. "It's a onesie, what did you think it was?" his mom inquired. "I thought it was a T-shirt." Lane responded. Bobby giggled at his reaction. "No, no, this is MUCH better. It helps hold up your diaper." Lane's mom said as she lifted him off the table and stood him on the floor. "Plus you’re pretty cute in it." she added making Lane turn red. "Bud what . . . " Lane stopped when his mom pulled the pacifier out of his mouth. "Let's talk without the pacifier, shall we." She interjected. "But what about my stuff? Where's it at?" Lane asked. "Here we'll show you." His mom said then picked him up.

She carried him out of the room and headed for the guest room. Bobby opened the door and Lane saw toy, games, and a t.v. with an N64 hooked up to it. "What do you think?" Lane's mom asked. "It's perfect!" Lane said. He then jumped down from his mother's arms and looked at his old and new toys. While he examined his stuff, he noticed a table with school supplies on it and two chairs pushed up to it. "What's that for?" Lane said pointing to the table. "That's where you'll be going to school from now on," his mom replied. "But there's two chairs," Lane stated. "Yes, there is. Because Bobby will be going to school with you. That way you don't get lonely. Now, I kept the bed in here for guests and in case you get tired and need a nap. I also left your old bed in your nursery for Bobby to sleep on when he stays the night," his mom explained. "We don't have to have school now, do we?" Lane asked hopefully. "No, I haven't got the school books in yet. So you two play for now, let me know if you need anything," she said pointing to the baby monitor. She closed the door behind her and they heard a latch go into place. Lane looked at Bobby who seemed to expect all of this and wasn't bothered at all.

After a few hours of playing Lane was in need of a change. Bobby walked over to the baby monitor and paged Lane's mom. Almost immediately they heard the latch and the door opened. "Lane needs to be changed," Bobby announced. "I'll take care of it." Lane's mom said as she picked Lane up and carried him to his room. Bobby went straight to the bathroom then to the kitchen for a soda. Meanwhile Lane's mom was almost done changing her son's diaper. She pinned three fresh diapers on him and slid the plastic pants up over them. She lifted Lane up by the ankles again, grabbed the back flap of the onesie and laid his bottom back down. His mom fastened the flaps together and put his pacifier in his mouth. "Thought I forgot about that, didn't you?" She said lovingly as she unstrapped him and picked pick him up cradle style. She carried him back to his playroom. As they passed the door, Lane saw the lock it was a simple slide bolt attached to the door, he also noticed that the doorknob was on backwards. His mom held him tight as she dropped his feet to the floor. Lane sat down next to Bobby and they continued with their game. "Would either of you like something to drink?" Lane's mom inquired. "ME," Lane blurted and dropped his pacifier. "How about you, Bobby?" She asked. "I already got a soda," he replied. "Okay," she said and left the room. Bobby saw the pacifier lying on the floor and picked it up. He pinned the cord to Lane's shirt. Lane's mom came back in and handed a bottle to Lane and left locking the door behind her. Bobby and Lane played the game while Lane sucked on his bottle. Lane soon finished the bottle and replaced it with his pacifier.

Chapter 8

After awhile Lane was getting sleepy. Bobby decided to have Lane take a nap. He stood Lane up and checked his diaper, it wasn't too wet. He tucked Lane into the bed and put in a movie. About halfway through the movie Bobby fell asleep. Lane's mom, not hearing any noise from the baby monitor but the movie for an hour, decided to check on them. She saw Bobby asleep on the floor and Lane in the bed. She gently picked Bobby up and laid him down next to Lane. She then reached over and checked Lane's diaper. It was pretty wet but not messy, she knew that Lane would mess his diaper before he woke up so she decided not to change him yet. She looked at Bobby lying next to Lane, he looked so cute lying there. She thought that it might be neat if Bobby wore diapers, too.

An hour later Bobby woke up to find himself lying in the bed, he immediately found that Lane was not in the room. He got out of bed and tried to leave but found the door locked. He paged Lane's mom. She took about ten minutes to respond, but she soon unlocked the door and came in. "Well hello Bobby, did you sleep well?" she asked. "Yeah," he answered. "Did you need something, or did you just get lonely?" she inquired. "Well, I need to go to the bathroom," he stated. "Okay, you know where it is," she said and walked out of the room with him. She stopped and turned to him, "Have you ever thought about wearing diapers, they're much easier than having to go to the bathroom all the time. And it wouldn't be any more trouble," she said. "I don't know...I'll have to think about it," Bobby responded in surprise. "Okay, you do that," Lane's mom said as she turned him toward the bathroom. As Bobby walked to the bathroom, he wondered what it would be like to wear diapers. When he sat on the toilet, he wondered what it would be like not to have to go to the bathroom all the time. He finished in the bathroom and headed to the kitchen.

When he arrived, he found Lane's mom feeding him his usual baby food lunch. "Your food is right there," she said pointing to a plate of french fries and a grilled cheese. "What can I drink?" Bobby asked when he didn't see a glass. "Oh I'm sorry, you can have some milk, juice, or a soda. And drink it from whatever you want," she hinted. Bobby blushed when he figured out what she meant, but reached for a glass anyway. Lane didn't even seem to realize anything out of the ordinary. "He oughta drink it from a bottle, just like me," Lane said not knowing any better. Bobby blushed even more and sat down with his glass of milk. While he ate all he could think about was the diapers. He couldn't remember what it was like as a baby, and could not even remember ever wetting the bed. He was engrossed in thought that he didn't even hear Lane calling him. "Bobby, Bobby, c'mon we're going to the store." "Oh, I'm sorry Lane. What did you say again?" Bobby asked. "I said were going to the store, c'mon." Lane said and waddled toward his room. Bobby finished his milk and joined Lane and his mom in the nursery. Lane was in the middle of being changed. Bobby opened his bag and picked out an outfit then stripped to his underwear. Lane's mom walked past him to get Lane his pacifier and remarked, "Your underwear's a little dirty, don't you think?" Bobby blushed and pulled them off. Lane's mom turned around when she found the pacifier and looked at Bobby. She smiled as she walked by making Bobby turn even redder. "Bobby's not embarrassed about much, is he?" she said to Lane as she put the pacifier in his mouth. Lane shook his head and smiled around his pacifier. His mom pulled the plastic pants up over his diapers, picked him up and stood him up on the floor. "Lane could you go to your play room for a minute, I have to talk with Bobby," she said. Bobby stopped getting dressed and turned around. Lane's mom led Lane to his playroom and locked him in.

She came back in to see Bobby standing in a clean pair underwear. "Before you get dressed, I need to talk to you," she stated. "About what?" He asked. "Have you been thinking about the offer I made to you about the diapers?" she inquired. "Well yes, but do I have to decide now?" he whined. "Well no, but I'm not sure Lane's diapers or plastic pants will fit you," she stated. "Do you want me to try them on now?" Bobby asked. "If that's all right with you," she said. "I guess," Bobby replied. With that. Lane's mom picked him up and laid him on the table. She pulled his underwear off and pulled a diaper out from under the table. "Lift up," she said. Bobby lifted up and the diaper was slid under him. "Oh I almost forgot," Lane’s mom said and left the room. Bobby just lay there naked with his legs spread out and a diaper sticking out from between them. Bobby was glad that there was no one else to see him like this. Finally Lane's mom came back, she had with her a cloth measuring tape. She had Bobby lift his bottom and took measurements of his waist, stomach, and hips. She wrote the measurements down and put them in her pocket "Just in case," she said then continued diapering Bobby.

When she began sprinkling powder on him, Bobby got alarmed. "What are you doing?" He said in shock. "I thought I was just trying them on." "Well if they fit, I was going to let you try them out for a while," she explained as she pulled the diaper up over his well-powdered crotch. Lane’s mom pinned each side and produced a pair of plastic pants. She slid them up over the diapers. They were both surprised at how much room was still left. "I think we could fit another diaper over that don't you?" she stated. Bobby half nodded as she pulled the plastic pant down to his ankles. He raised up as another diaper was slid into place under his bottom. She pinned them right over the other diapers without taking the pins out. This troubled Bobby. "Aren't you going to take the other pins out?" Bobby said as the plastic pants were slid up over the diapers. "Well I could but I think Lane's probably getting lonely, so we should hurry," she added. "I guess their all right." Bobby said as he knew he would not be able to take them off. She examined the plastic pants again. "We could stuff another diaper in these, but then you run the risk of leaking." she noted. "Yeah, that's true. So now what?" Bobby asked. "I'll let you get dressed." She said and stood him on the floor. Bobby looked at himself in the mirror. "These are pretty thick." Bobby noted. "They’re not that thick, I think you'll need thicker, maybe four or even five at a time." she stated bluntly. Bobby looked at her in surprise. "That many!" "Yes, unless you want to be changed ten times a day," she said.

Bobby began looking for the right clothes to wear as Lane's mom explained some things to him. "Now here's the game plan. When we all get home, I'm going to treat you just like I do Lane. This way you can experience what it's like to be a baby." "But what if I don't like some of the things?" Bobby asked. "Then you won't have to do them when we’re done. "How long will I be a baby?" Bobby inquired. "How's a week sound?" she offered. Bobby was uneasy about being a baby for a week, but hesitantly agreed. "Okay finish getting dressed and I'll go get Lane. Bobby put on the baggiest pants he brought and the longest shirt as well. He was putting on his socks when Lane's mom came in carrying Lane. She sat him on the changing table and began dressing him. "What did you two talk about?" Lane asked. "Now Lane, if I could tell you why did I have you leave?" his mom questioned him. "I don't know." He replied. "Okay then." She laughed. "We'll tell you when we get back from the mall." She said as she slipped the socks on his feet. Bobby just sat there on the bed not wanting Lane to find out about his diapers yet. Lane's mom finished dressing Lane and picked him up. "Okay everybody to the car." Bobby walked behind them so they wouldn't see him waddle. He didn't waddle very much but to him it was embarrassing. Lane was strapped into his carseat then Lane's mom buckled Bobby in.

Chapter 9

The drive took about twenty minutes, and it took them about the same amount of time to find a parking spot. She got out and unbuckled Lane from his carseat. Bobby had already got out so she took each one by the hand and they walked into the mall. Bobby was a little self-conscious about having his hand held, but knew Lane looked even more odd since he was still sucking on his pacifier. They went to a few toy stores, then to some clothes stores. Suddenly Bobby had to pee, he started heading for the bathroom. "Bobby where are you going?" she asked. "To the bathroom." he responded. "Why?" she said pointing to her waist. Then Bobby remembered his diapers. He walked back over to them and stood behind Lane's stroller. Bobby tried to wet his diaper but it was harder than he thought. But once he started he couldn't stop. All he could do was slow it down a little. He hoped the plastic pants held it all. When he finished, he examined his pants, they were dry for now but he didn't think they could take any more. They looked at clothes for another hour then went to an electronics store. There she said they could look for a video game. They looked and finally they both decided on a game. They bought it and headed out. "Where to now mommy?" Lane asked. "We need to go to the pharmacy." She said as she led them to the mall pharmacy. There she sat Bobby in a chair beside Lane and told them to be good. Bobby felt the wetness of his diapers as he sat in the chair. She went up to the desk and asked the woman about some plastic pants and gave her the measurements. The woman walked out from behind the desk and over to where the diaper stuff was located. She showed her the best pants for the measurements. Lane's mom asked how many diapers she might be able to fit in them. The woman said about three or four. Lane's mom asked to have a size where she could fit four to five in them. The woman pointed out a size. Lane's mom thanked her and picked out four pairs. She paid for them and led the boys out. Lane took his pacifier out and asked. "Don't I have enough plastic pants, mommy?" "We'll talk about that when we get home." She responded and put his pacifier back in his mouth.

From there they went back to the car Lane and Bobby were strapped into their seats. She drove them to a grocery store and parked. "Okay I'll only be a few minutes so I'll leave you two out here," she said. She hit the auto door lock and closed the door. Lane and Bobby sat in the car as Lane’s mom hurried into the store and bought plenty of formula and baby food. She also grabbed a few other things. Meanwhile Bobby wasn't doing too well, he had to pee pretty badly and knew the diaper wouldn't take it. He held it and hoped Lane's mom got out quick. A few minutes later she came out of the store carrying several bags she unlocked the side door and put the stuff next to Lane. Lane looked at the stuff but didn't give it a second thought. Bobby, however, knew that most of it would be for him. The ride home took way too long as far as Bobby was concerned. He didn't know how much longer he could hold it. They made it home and Lane's mom let Bobby out first. As soon as he hit the ground Bobby knew he couldn't hold it anymore. His bladder let loose and he was wetting his diaper. Bobby had to go so bad he couldn't even slow it down. The diaper didn't leak for a few seconds and Bobby felt a little relief. Then suddenly he felt pee running down his legs. Lane's mom turned to hand Bobby a bag and saw the growing wet spot in his pants and the puddle forming on the ground. Bobby was in tears, he had never been so embarrassed. Lane's mom set the bags down and held Bobby the best she could without getting wet. Lane was dumbfounded, he just stood there with his mouth hanging open. When Bobby finished peeing, Lane's mom held him a little longer then turned to Lane. "Honey could you grab the bag from the pharmacy. And pick your pacifier up off the ground." "What about the other bags, mommy?" Lane questioned. "Just put them in the car, we'll get them later. I need to get Bobby inside," she said then picked Bobby up cradle style and carried him into the house.

Once inside Lane's mom carried Bobby upstairs to the nursery. She laid him on the changing table then found one of Lane's larger pacifiers. She gently pushed it into Bobby's mouth, Bobby began sucking on it immediately. The pacifier made Bobby feel much better and soon stopped crying. Lane's mom pulled Bobby's shoes and socks off his feet. Then she undid Bobby's wet pants and pulled them down revealing his diapers to Lane. "Mommy, why's Bobby wearing diapers?" Lane asked. "He's trying them out for a week," She replied. "But why?" Lane persisted. "Lane, why don't you help mommy, by putting these in the hamper. We'll explain everything once I get Bobby cleaned up and rediapered," she suggested. "OK mommy," Lane said, then grabbed the clothes from the end of the table and put them in the hamper. "Here take this, too," his mom said as she removed Bobby's shirt and handed it to Lane. Lane waddled back over to the hamper and dropped it in. He walked back over in time to see his mom unpin Bobby's wet diapers. She turned to Lane and said, "could you go fill the bathtub with warm water, honey?" "Sure mommy." Lane said and waddled of to the bathroom. Lane's mom had Bobby lift his bottom up then pulled the soaked diapers out from under it. She threw them in the diaper bin and wiped Bobby down a couple times with a baby wipe. Then she picked Bobby up and placed him on her hip. She carried him to the bathroom to find Lane filling the bathtub. She leaned forward slightly and stuck her hand in the water. After adjusting the water a bit the sat Bobby in it. "I'll be right back as soon as I finish changing Lane's diaper. Now, you stay put, sweetie," she said as she carried Lane out of the room. Bobby lay back in the tub, and began thinking. He wasn't sure what he had gotten himself into. A whole week in diapers and being treated like a baby. He was starting to reconsider his agreement.

Chapter 10

Lane's mom came walking in after putting Lane in his playroom. She grabbed a washrag and a bottle of baby wash. She let some of the water out then sat Bobby up in the tub. Lane’s mom lathered up the washrag and began washing Bobby. He realized how good it felt. She finished with his upper body and stood him up. She washed his stomach then moved onto his crotch. Lane’s mom ran the washrag over the top then lifted his dick and washed the other side along with his balls. She then cradled his dick and balls in one hand as she washed between his legs. Bobby just stood there blushing like he never had before. She moved on down his legs to his feet. Tickling him when she washed his inner thighs and the soles of his feet. She turned him around and washed his bottom. Bobby was a little surprised when she bent him forward and spread his legs. She washed the crack on his butt then sat him back down in the tub. She wet his hair then lathered baby shampoo in.

After his hair was washed and rinsed Bobby was stood up in the tub and the water was drained. Lane's mom wrapped a towel around him and in the same motion she picked him up. He was carried to the nursery and laid on the changing table. He was dried off and the towel was pulled out from under him. Bobby was tense expecting to get diapered next. He was planning to back out on wearing diapers. But instead of diapering Bobby, Lane's mom began rubbing baby lotion then baby powder all over his body. She took her time seeing that Bobby was a little tense. Bobby enjoyed it so much that he relaxed, lost track of everything around him and eventually fell asleep. Lane's mom told him to lift up, but when he didn't respond she lifted him herself. She lifted him up enough by one leg to get the four diapers under him. Lane's mom pushed his knees up to his chest and adjusted the diapers. She put his legs back down on the table, then she powdered him up and pinned the diapers in place. She slipped each of his feet into a pair of plastic pants. Next she gently rolled Bobby onto his stomach and went to the closet. She found a sleeper that she had bought for Lane to use later and brought it over to Bobby. She lifted Bobby's legs one at a time and gently slid them into the legs of the sleepers. Lane’s mom repeated these steps with his arms and rolled Bobby onto his back. She zipped the sleepers up and picked Bobby up.

Lane's mom carried Bobby to the playroom and laid him in the bed. "Bobby's tired already?" Lane asked. "I guess so, he fell asleep while I was rubbing baby powder on him." His mom replied as she moved the baby monitor closer to the bed. "Well let's get you something to eat." She said as she picked Lane up and carried him to the kitchen. She fixed him a dinner of baby food and a bottle of formula. About halfway through dinner Lane and his mom heard movement on the baby monitor.

Bobby woke up confused, the last thing he remembered was lying on the changing table having baby lotion rubbed all over his body. He wasn't sure where he was but when he looked around he saw that he was in the bed of the playroom. He already knew he had to pee. Bobby sat up and immediately noticed his diaper. He stood up and felt them, they were at least twice as thick as the last diaper. He took a step towards the door, but the diaper was so thick that Bobby fell. He got up and tried it again and fell down just the same. Bobby stood up and spread his legs. He took a step keeping his legs spread out. He nearly fell down a few times but soon got the hang of it. He tried to leave but found the door locked. He figured he could hold it till Lane's mom came in so he sat on the bed to wait. While he was sitting there he noticed that he was still sucking on the pacifier that Lane's mom had put in his mouth when they got home. He wasn't sure why, but ever since he was little he liked having stuff in his mouth. Bobby seemed to enjoy sucking on the pacifier.

Just then the door opened and Lane's mom walked in. She picked Bobby up and carried him to the kitchen before he could react. She sat him in the highchair and locked the tray in place. Bobby began to say something but as soon as he opened his mouth the pacifier fell out. He expected it to fall on the floor. Instead he found it hanging from his sleepers by a ribbon. "I have to go to the bathroom," Bobby announced. "Don't worry, you don't have to wash your hands. I'll be feeding you." Lane's mom responded. "No I mean I have to pee," he explained. "Then pee." She stated bluntly. "But I don't want to." Bobby whined. "You agreed to be a baby for a week and diapers are the biggest part of it. Besides, Lane's really excited about this," she said. "He is?" Bobby asked. "Yes, you're the only friend Lane has right now. This means a whole lot to him. So you can stick it out for a week," she said as she started feeding him. Bobby decided that he would do it for Lane, and see if any more of it was fun. Bobby liked some of the baby food but some of it didn't taste too good. Yet Bobby ate it anyway.

After Bobby was fed he was carried to the nursery and tucked in next to Lane. Lane's mom gave Bobby a kiss on the forehead and raised the side of the crib into place and left the room. Bobby looked at the crib and saw that the sides of the crib nearly touched the ceiling. Lane who was pretending to be asleep, rolled over to face Bobby. Bobby was so startled that he peed into his diaper after holding it for a half hour. Once again he couldn't stop and started to cry a little bit. "What's wrong Bobby?" Lane asked. "I can't stop peeing," Bobby replied. "It’s ok, you gotta diapa on." Lane said. "I guess. But why do I keep crying, I haven't cried since I was a little kid," Bobby stated." "I cry all da time, dare's nothing wrong with it," Lane declared. Bobby had stopped crying and calmed down. "So, how do you like your diapers?" Bobby asked. "They’re kinda cool," Lane said, "How do you like your diapers, Bobby?" "Well, not as much as you do. They're alright, but I wouldn't want to wear them all the time," Bobby explained. "That’s how I used to feel, but now I love my diapers," Lane explained. "I don't know. I don't like not being in control of my pee." Bobby stated. "I like peeing in my diaper, it feels good. How bout you?" Lane asked. "No, it always hurt cause I'm trying to hold it," Bobby said. "You're not supposed to hold it," Lane replied. "I know, I guess I just wasn't ready to pee," Bobby explained. "You don't get ready, you just pee." Lane said. Bobby saw that he was being outsmarted by Lane so he decided to change the subject. "Do you like it when your mom washes you?" he inquired. "Yeah, it feels really good. But it feels even better when she rubs the baby lotion and baby powder all over me," Lane replied. "I know, I fell asleep when she was rubbing the baby lotion on me," Bobby said. "Do you like being fed?" Lane asked. "Uh huh, it's fun, I like sucking on bottles, too," Bobby told Lane. Just then Lane's mom poked her head in the door, "All right you two, that's enough talking, go to sleep," she said and closed the door slightly. Bobby and Lane turned red when they found out they were caught. Bobby stuck his pacifier back in his mouth after it had fallen out when he began talking. Lane rolled over to face away from Bobby then scooted closer to him. Bobby put his arm over Lane and pulled him even closer. Lane hugged onto Bobby's arm as they both drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 11

The next morning Bobby woke up to find he was still in the crib. He sat up and discovered his diaper was wet. "OH NO! I wet while I was asleep," he thought. But then he remembered when he wet it last night. Bobby soon felt the need to pee. This time he just let go, but he was surprised that he didn't pee right away. He lay back and relaxed. It took a minute, but the pee began to come out. It was only a trickle at first, then erupted into his diaper. Bobby knew he could not stop it and made no attempt to. He lay there and felt the warm pee flood his diaper. Lane woke up after a few minutes and turned toward Bobby. "How'd ya sleep?" Lane asked. "Pretty good, how bout you?" Bobby replied dropping his pacifier from his mouth. He still hadn't figured out how to talk and hold his pacifier at the same time. "I swept great," Lane replied. "When do you think your mom will come and get us up?" Bobby inquired. "She's not up yet, so it’ll be awhile," Lane said. Bobby saw that it was barely light out. "I guess we'll just go back to sleep then," Bobby suggested. "Ya, I'm still sleepy," Lane replied and got comfortable while Bobby found his pacifier and stuck it back in his mouth. Bobby rolled over and Lane put his arm around Bobby. Bobby held it as they fell asleep again.

Bobby woke up to find himself being laid on the changing table. Lane was already lying on it and Bobby was laid next to him. He saw that Lane was only wearing a diaper, then found that he was as well. Lane's mom removed Lane's plastic pants and unpinned his diapers. She cleaned him up then folded a cloth diaper up and stuck it between Lane's legs and up over his crotch. Next she moved over to Bobby. She pulled his plastic pants off then unpinned his diapers. She wiped him down then stuck a folded cloth diaper between his legs just like Lane. Lane’s mom picked them up, placing each on the opposite hip and carried them to the bathroom. There was a bath waiting for them when they got there. Lane's mom squatted down so that Lane and Bobby could stand up. She tested the water then turned to the boys. She pulled the diaper that Lane was holding between his legs. Bobby pulled the diaper out from between his legs. "Put that back, Bobby. I don't want you having an accident all over my floor," Lane's mom said. She laid the diaper from Lane in the sink so it wouldn't get anything wet then picked Lane up. Lane brought his legs up as he was carried over to the tub and sat in it. Lane's mom turned to Bobby and pulled the dry diaper from Bobby's crotch. She picked him up and sat him in the tub opposite Lane. She wet Lane's hair then lathered it up with baby shampoo. She rinsed it out then squirted some baby wash on a washrag.

As she washed Lane, Bobby watched him. Lane seemed totally calm and not embarrassed, not even when his mom washed his dick and balls. After washing Lane, she turned to Bobby. "Your turn," she said as she grabbed the baby shampoo. She washed him the same way as Lane while Lane watched. Bobby was still embarrassed when she washed his crotch and that Lane was watching. She drained the water then stood Lane up. She wrapped a towel around him, carried him to the nursery and laid him on the changing table. Lane’s mom returned to the bathroom and retrieved Bobby and laid him next to Lane. She dried Lane off first then Bobby. Next she rubbed baby lotion on Lane then Bobby and repeated it with the baby powder. She sprinkled extra powder on Lane, slid three diapers under him and pinned them up. She pinned four diapers on Bobby then put plastic pants over both boys' diapers. Next she picked them up and carried them to the kitchen. She sat Bobby in the highchair and sat Lane in a chair with a booster seat.

Lane's mom gave Lane and Bobby each a bottle of formula to suck on. She prepared their breakfast, then set it in front of them. She pulled the pacifier out of Bobby's mouth and replaced it with a bottle. Lane’s mom placed one of Bobby's hands on the bottle for him to hold it with. Next she took Lane's pacifier out and stuck it in her pocket with Bobby's. She picked up a spoon and with it scooped up some baby food then fed it to Lane. She fed Lane about half of his baby food then gave him his bottle. Now she turned to Bobby, who was still sucking on his bottle, and gently pulled it from his mouth. “Time for some food,” she said. Bobby ate what he was fed, though some of it didn't taste so good. The bottle was reinserted into his mouth and Bobby sucked on it while Lane was fed the rest of his meal. Lane again sucked on his bottle as Bobby was fed the rest of his baby food. Lane's mom handed Bobby his bottle then began to clean up the mess. She wiped off Lane and Bobby's faces with a wet rag then washed the dirty dishes and put them in the drying rack. She then walked over to the boys and picked them up then carried them up to the nursery. Bobby again felt the need to pee. He relaxed to let the pee flow. It took a few seconds but he was soon flooding his diaper with warm urine.

Lane's mom picked out clothes for the boys to wear. She slipped a solid dark blue onesie over Lane's arms as he held them up for her. She laid him back on the table, lifted his bottom off the table, and fastened the two flaps together. Next Lane's mom picked up a solid dark green onesie and walked up to Bobby. "Lift your arms, sweetie," she directed. Bobby was hesitant about wearing a onesie but raised his arms anyway. Lane's mom then gently pushed Bobby onto his back and fastened the onesie around his diaper as he held it off the table for her. She then grabbed two pairs of nylon snap pants. Walking over to Lane, she slipped them over his feet then up to his diapers. Lane raised up and she slid them over his diapers. When she finished with Lane, his mom proceeded to put the other pair of pants on Bobby. He didn't mind these pants, as he had worn similar ones before. After putting the pants on them she sat them both up and grabbed two pairs of white socks then slipped them over their feet. Next she picked out a pair of shoes for each boy and placed them on their feet.

When she had the boys completely dressed with their pacifiers pinned to their onesies she picked them up and carried them downstairs to the living room. There she sat them on the couch and told them to stay put. Leaving them on the couch she went and prepared a diaper bag with all the necessary changing supplies. She carried it down to the kitchen, there she stocked it with baby food, formula, and sterilized water. She walked out to the living room where the boys were now watching television. Lane’s mom sat the bag down then checked the temperature outside. "I don't think you two will need jackets yet," she said as she pulled them from the hall closet. She carried the coats out to the van along with the diaper bag then returned for the boys. Lane’s mom turned off the TV then led Lane and Bobby out to the car. Bobby was having a hard time not falling down, the diapers made him waddle so much that he could hardly keep up with himself. Lane's mom strapped Lane into his car seat. Then she buckled Bobby into the seat next to Lane with the regular seatbelt, then to his surprise brought another strap down over his left shoulder to his right side and attached it to the side of the seat. Bobby would have leaned over to see what she buckled the second strap to, but he was held in place. Lane's mom hopped into the driver’s seat and they were on their way. Bobby looked down at his crotch. His diaper was so obvious that he knew anyone would be able to see it. Bobby wondered where they were going, he didn’t want anyone to see him like that. Bobby decided it would be better if he didn’t know.

After an hour and a half of driving they reached their destination. Bobby and Lane saw that it was the state fair. Lane was excited about going to the fair while Bobby didn’t know what to do. Eventually they claimed a parking spot then got out. She opened the side door and released the boys from their seats. She picked Bobby up and stood him next to the van. Next she reached in, grabbed Lane from his car seat then stood him next to Bobby. Bobby was examining himself and his diaper. The diaper didn’t show nearly as much as it did when he was sitting down. Bobby realized that he would have to make a bowel movement quite soon. He decided to hold it since a messy diaper would mean a change and would probably be uncomfortable. Lane’s mom took both boys by the hand and led them toward the carnival. Bobby was still finding it difficult to walk. After awhile Lane’s mom stopped and picked Bobby up. She carried him while still holding Lane’s hand. Bobby was embarrassed to be carried around like a little kid in public. Bobby felt the need to pee and relaxed to let it come out. But the pee didn’t come out right away due to the fact that Bobby’s crotch was propped up on Lane’s mom’s hip. After awhile the pressure built and some pee began to flow out. Bobby turned red at the dilemma of being in public in a wet diaper. What was worse, Bobby realized there would be no any restrooms besides port-a-pottys. Finally they reached the gate. Lane’s mom stood Bobby on the ground as they stepped in front of the ticket booth. Suddenly Bobby’s bladder cut loose and he was wetting his diaper big time. Bobby did his best to act as if nothing was wrong, but couldn’t keep from blushing. Lane’s mom bought a couple sheets of tickets for the rides. She then asked where they could rent a stroller. Bobby’s face went white. He didn’t want to be seen in a stroller with all these people around. They were directed to a relations building where they could get a stroller. Lane’s mom took the boys by the hand and led them over to get a stroller. She picked out a large two seat stroller, big enough for both Lane and Bobby. She helped Bobby into the back seat then Lane into the front seat. Lane’s mom made sure that they were properly strapped in, then proceeded to push them out to the fair.

Chapter 12

They made their way around to the rides. “I wanna ride that Ferris wheel!” Lane said pointing to the star-shaped wheel. “That’s fine, how about you, Bobby?” Lane’s mom asked. “I guess, but I’ve never seen that one before.” Bobby explained. Lane’s mom wheeled them up to the line and helped them out of the stroller. They received quite a few strange looks from people around them. Bobby tried not to care, but couldn’t help being embarrassed. Lane, on the other hand, seemed oblivious to everyone else. They took their place at the end of the line to wait their turn. When it came their turn, the ride operator looked at them and grumbled, but still let them ride. Bobby noticed the suspicious grin on Lane’s face as they were strapped in. The ride moved up so that more people could be let on. Lane began leaning back and forth in the seat causing the cage to rock. “Why do we need to be in this cage for?” Bobby inquired. “You’ll see.” Lane returned. Finally the ride began. The wheel turned faster and faster. After a couple revolutions Lane pulled back on the big ring on the bar in front of them. The cage stopped rotating and as the ride kept going they were slowly turned upside down. Bobby wasn’t expecting this, he hung on as the cage slowly turned upside down. Just after they got completely upside down, Lane couldn’t pull on the ring anymore. The cage remained upside down for a few seconds then spun forward rapidly.

Bobby quickly grabbed onto his side of the cage. Bobby was truly surprised and at first didn’t feel poop pushing its way out of his butt. Bobby suddenly realized what he was doing. He was going to stop himself but he was halfway done so it didn’t make any difference if he did. Other than messing himself Bobby was really enjoying the ride and was disappointed when it was over. As they were released from the ride, the operator smelled their poopy diapers, and again grumbled to himself. Lane and Bobby walked over to Lane’s mom after the ride. “Well, it smells like I’ve got some dirty boys to change,” she said. She led them over to a small building with three doors. Lane’s mom led them into the door marked 3 and locked it.

Once they were inside, they could see a toilet, sink, a couple chairs, and a long changing table. Lane’s mom sat Bobby in one of the chairs causing the poop to spread even further in his diaper. Meanwhile Lane was already up on the table with his pants pulled down to his ankles. His mom unsnapped the onesie and pushed it up out of the way. She pulled Lane’s plastic pants down and unpinned his diapers. She grabbed Lane’s pants bunched up on his ankles and lifted his bottom off the table with them. She cleaned up Lane’s diaper area and slid three fresh diapers under him. The spread diaper rash cream all over his diaper area then sprinkled powder over it. She pinned the diapers around his waist, then slipped the plastic pants up over them. She redressed Lane then sat him down next to Bobby. Lane’s mom picked up Bobby and laid him on the table. It took her a little longer to change Bobby’s diaper than Lane’s because he still had hard poop. She redressed him and sat him in the chair next to Lane. She quickly went into a stall and relieved herself.

Meanwhile, Lane and Bobby were enjoying their fresh diapers. “I don’t like poopy diapers, they don’t feel very good,” Bobby said. “I think they feel kinda good,” Lane replied. “Okay, if you say so,” Bobby responded. Lane’s mom came out of the stall, then led the boys back out for some more fun. Bobby began to feel comfortable in his diapers, even if others noticed. Both Lane and Bobby were having lots of fun and Bobby was able to completely relax his bladder.

After a couple hours of rides Lane and Bobby were getting hungry. Plus they were both wet. Lane’s mom gave Lane and Bobby each a bottle of juice. She pushed them to a nearby park and laid out a blanket on the ground. Then she picked the boys from the stroller and sat them on the blanket. She undid the snaps on the outside of Lane’s pants then Bobby’s pants and checked their diapers. Lane’s mom decided that both of them would need a change after being fed. She pulled all the jars baby food from the diaper bag and opened them. She proceeded to feed the baby food to the boys pausing to let them suck on their bottles. They finished their food quickly. “Mommy I’m still thirsty.” Lane said. “Okay honey, are you thirsty, Bobby?” She asked. Bobby nodded. Lane’s mom filled their bottle with the water from the diaper bag then gave them to the boys.

“Okay, time for your changes,” she announced. She had the boys lay back on the blanket then pulled Lane’s pants and plastic pants down. Then she unpinned Lane’s wet diapers and pulled them out from under him. His mom cleaned his diaper area with baby wipes as Lane hoped no one came around. Bobby watched, knowing that his turn would be next. Lane’s mom quickly finished changing Lane’s diaper. “Okay your turn. Don’t worry wet changes are a lot easier than dirty ones,” She said. Bobby nodded nervously as Lane’s mom pulled his pants down exposing his soaked diaper. She began unpinning his diapers. Bobby looked around to see if anyone was nearby, not even realizing that he was still sucking on his bottle.

“I’m sorry if it takes so long to unpin your diapers, but I have to use four sets of pins to hold all these diapers.” Lane’s mom explained. She quickly cleaned his diaper area then rediapered him with three diapers. “I’ll put you in three diapers for now, but that means I’ll have to change you sooner.” She said. “That’s OK.” Bobby replied. She pulled his pants back up and put the changing supplies back. She waited for them to finish their bottles then hoisted them back into the stroller. “You boys ready to play some games?” she inquired. “Yeah!” both boys said in response. She pushed them back over to the carnival and into the game area. “You boys wanna get out and walk?” Lane’s mom asked. Both boys nodded. Lane’s mom unstrapped them and lifted them out of the stroller. It was easier for Bobby to walk in three diapers but he still waddled.

Lane and Bobby had lots of fun playing the carnival games, but Lane’s mom was getting low on money so they had to quit. “Okay, I have one sheet of tickets left, enough for two more rides. What rides would you like?” Lane’s mom asked. Lane and Bobby looked at each other then Bobby said, “We wanna ride that Ferris wheel!” “Okay then, let’s go.” Lane’s mom answered. Lane and Bobby led the way while Lane’s mom pushed the stroller, filled with their prizes, behind them. When the got there, they noticed that it was a different man running the ride than before. When it was their turn, the ride operator helped them into the cage without saying a word. Both boys had a ball this time. They even managed to hold the ring back, making the cage turn upside-down, for two rotations. The ride was over too soon, and they were let off. “Okay, I don’t have enough tickets for this ride but there might be enough for a smaller one.” Lane’s mom announced.

They started walking and soon came to the kiddie rides. “There, that one only takes three tickets, I have just enough. Wanna ride it?” She asked pointing to the airplanes ride. Lane and Bobby just shrugged their shoulders. Wanting to use up the tickets, Lane’s mom led them over to the short line. The current ride soon finished and the boys were let on. Lane and Bobby got into one airplane while a few littler kids were loaded into another. The ride started as Lane and Bobby sat back to relax. Lane was enjoying the ride, especially the ups and downs part. Bobby thought it was better than just walking around. The ride was extra long since there was no one in the line, but a few people eventually showed up and the ride had to stop. The boys got out of the airplane and found Lane’s mom waiting for them at the exit. “You boys ready to go home?” She asked. They just shrugged their shoulders. Lane’s mom sat them in the stroller and handed them each a bottle. She pushed them back over to the relations building to return the stroller. Neither Lane nor Bobby had finished their bottles. Lane continued sucking on his bottle but Bobby was too embarrassed to walk around sucking on a baby bottle. They walked the back towards the parking field. With no one else around Bobby gathered up the courage to continue sucking on his bottle. By the time they reached the car both Lane and Bobby had finished their bottles. Lane’s mom hoisted them into their seats and buckled them in. Lane and Bobby were asleep before they even got out of the parking field.

When they arrived home, Lane’s mom carried Bobby then Lane into the house and laid them on the changing table. She stripped them both completely nude, being careful not to wake them up. Lane’s mom marveled at the adorable sight of the two boys lying there unaware that they were completely naked. She gently stuck a pacifier into each boy’s mouth and watched as they both unconsciously sucked on them. She was pleased at how well Bobby was regressing; she wondered what he would do when the week was up. She proceeded to diaper the boys for the night then carefully slipped them into their footed sleepers. She laid the boys in the crib and raised the side as quietly as she could. She stood back and watched as Lane and Bobby cuddled with each other in their sleep. She just knew they would be friends forever.

Chapter 13

Lane and Bobby woke up at the same time and discovered that they had their arms around each other. They hugged each other tight as they noticed they were sucking on pacifiers. “What happened last night? The last thing I remember was sitting in the car.” Bobby asked. “I don’t know, I guess my mommy changed us. She’s good at not waking us up.” Lane said. Lane and Bobby separated and sat up in the crib. Bobby felt that his diaper was wet, but wasn’t sure if he had wet it overnight. Lane felt that his diaper was poopy; except he knew that he did it overnight. Lane’s mom heard them on the baby monitor, but decided to leave them in the crib a little while longer. Lane and Bobby talked about the day before and how much fun they had.

Lane’s mom entered the nursery five minutes later, right after Bobby finished wetting his diaper. “How are you two this morning?” She said lowering the crib rail. She lifted Lane then Bobby onto the changing table. She stripped them both then placed a folded cloth diaper over their crotches. She carefully picked up both boys and placed them on her hips. She carried them to the bathroom where a bath was waiting for them. Lane’s mom stood them both on the floor then retested the water. She pulled the diaper from Lane’s crotch then sat him in the tub. Bobby knew better than to move his diaper unless told to. Lane’s mom turned to Bobby and gently pulled the diaper from Bobby’s crotch. She lifted him up and sat him across from Lane in the bathtub. She washed Lane thoroughly, then Bobby just as thoroughly.

After she had the boys washed, Lane’s mom allowed then to play in the tub for ten minutes before carrying them in a towel to the nursery. She gave each boy a bottle of formula to keep them occupied. She carefully dried them off then gave each their rubdown with the baby lotion and baby powder. Bobby was becoming more comfortable being naked. Bobby watched as Lane was diapered with three diapers and light blue plastic pants. She then moved on to diaper Bobby. He was diapered in four diapers and light green plastic pants. Lane’s mom dressed the boys in identical yellow footed romper suits. She zipped the rompers up in the back and secured a safety lock at the top of the zipper.

Lane’s mom carried the boys to Lane’s playroom. She stood them on the floor then left the room she returned with two bottles. She sat them on the table, “These are here in case you get thirsty. Now be good in here, I have some work to do. But don’t worry I’ll be listening.” She said then left the room locking the door behind her. The boys focused on having some fun. They turned on the Super Nintendo and played a few of the games. A couple of hours passed by while they played and soon Lane’s mom came in to check the condition of their diapers. Lane’s diaper was soaked and Bobby’s was fairly wet. She decided that it would be easier to change them both at the same time. She led the boys by the hand to the nursery. She laid them on the changing table and strapped them in. She gave both of them a bottle of formula to suck on. She undid the snaps in Lane’s crotch then unsnapped his plastic pants. She quickly unpinned his diapers and cleaned him up. She pinned three diapers extra snugly around his waist then buttoned up his plastic pants. She refastened the romper’s crotch then moved over to change Bobby. Bobby’s diaper change was a little quicker since his diaper wasn’t messy. She unstrapped them and led them back to the playroom. “Just put the bottles on the table when you finish them.” She instructed.

Lane and Bobby finished their bottles quickly, then Bobby set them on the table next to the other two bottles. They continued their game on the Super Nintendo. They played for another hour then tired of the Nintendo. It was then that Bobby started a tickle fight. Bobby chased Lane to the bed where it turned into a wrestling match with tickling. They were both glad they were wearing diapers since they each got a few accidental knees in the groin. They were also glad because each was considerably wetter than before they started. The tickle/wrestling match was paused when Bobby noticed that the top of Lane’s zipper had a weird flap with a keyhole in it. “Hey what’s this?” Bobby said feeling the flap. “What’s what?” Lane asked. “I think we’ve been locked in our rompers.” Bobby said. “What’s wrong with that?” Lane responded. “Uh, I guess nothing, really.” Bobby said not wanting to upset Lane. “Let me check your zipper.” Lane said. Bobby turned around as Lane inspected Bobby’s zipper flap. “You got one too.” Lane announced, happy that it wasn’t just him. Bobby however, felt a pit forming in his stomach, he didn’t like that he was trapped in the romper suit.

Bobby decided that complaining about it would only upset Lane. He attempted to put it out of his mind and forget about it. He tried to think about something else but being confined in the rompers kept coming back. He felt helpless and didn’t like it. Then Lane, still in a playful mood, started tickling Bobby. Bobby tackled Lane and pinned him to the bed. He tickled Lane on the stomach and his sides. Lane fought back by reaching into the flap at Bobby’s crotch and tickled his bare legs. That was enough to get Bobby off Lane. As Bobby pulled back, Lane’s arm snagged in his crotch opening and ripped open the snaps. Bobby didn’t have time to worry about it as Lane jumped on top of him. Lane sat his diapered butt on Bobby’s stomach facing Bobby’s legs. He reached into the open flap and tickled Bobby’s thigh. This caused Bobby to squirm. He reached up and grabbed Lane just below the armpits. Lane jumped and tried to get away as Bobby pulled him back. Lane pushed himself off Bobby with his legs but Bobby still had him by the armpits.

Lane continued pushing until he slid off the side of the bed. Bobby lost his grip and couldn’t catch Lane in time. He landed with a subtle thump. Lane sat on the floor still giggling. Bobby wasn’t sure if Lane was laughing or crying. “Are you okay?” Bobby asked putting his feet over the edge. “Uh huh, I landed on my diaper.” Lane said patting his crotch. “Good.” Bobby said pushing Lane backward with his foot. Lane jumped back up and instead of jumping on top of Bobby, went for Bobby’s open crotch. “Hey.” Bobby said as Lane crawled into Bobby’s Romper suit. It was becoming a tight fit but that didn’t stop Lane. He reached up and grabbed Bobby’s shoulders and pulled himself farther inside. Lane’s head would have popped out of the collar had it been big enough. Lane pulled his legs up to straddle Bobby then straightened them out again. But instead of feeling the edge of the bed, Lane felt his legs going into the legs of Bobby’s rompers.

Lane was able to stretch out due to the fact that Bobby was almost a foot taller than Lane. Bobby decided to tickle Lane until he got out. But that proved to be a bad idea, the tickling only made Lane squirm around. Bobby then rolled over on top of Lane. Lane let out a groan and tried to get Bobby off him but all he could manage was little bit of squirming. Lane could hardly move with Bobby on top of him. Bobby rolled back over so not to suffocate Lane. That’s when Lane began tickling Bobby under his arms. Bobby tried to stop Lane but there was really nothing he could do. Bobby couldn’t help laughing as Lane continued tickling Bobby anywhere his hands could reach. Bobby again rolled over on top of Lane, but that only slowed Lane’s tickling. After a few minutes of like that, Bobby managed to stand up. He felt Lane slide down a little in his rompers. Lane stopped tickling when he felt himself sliding. “Okay I think it’s time for you to get out.” Bobby said. “Alright.” Lane said disappointed. Bobby grabbed the back of Lane’s diaper and lifted him up a little while Lane tried to pull his legs out. “I think I’m stuck.” Lane said to Bobby’s dismay.

He laid back down on the bed and again pulled Lane up. “Now try it.” Bobby instructed. Lane squirmed around inside Bobby’s rompers but still couldn’t get his legs out. “I’m still stuck.” Lane said giving up. “C’mon you need to get out.” Bobby said. “I’m tired.” Lane replied. “Don’t give up on me now.” Bobby said but Lane didn’t care. Bobby decided that he might as well rest too if Lane wasn’t going to help. After a few minutes, Lane started squirming again. “What’s wrong?” Bobby asked. “I’m hot, I want out.” Lane said continuing to squirm. After about another minute of squirming, Lane began to cry. “It’s okay you’ll get out, calm down.” Bobby said rubbing Lane on the back. That calmed Lane enough to stop his crying. “Mommy!” Lane called. “Shhh!” Bobby said, not wanting her to find out about it. Bobby tried to get Lane out before his mom came in. But it was too late, Lane’s mom opened the door and saw them. She stood with her mouth open for a minute then started laughing. Bobby just lay there red-faced. “How did this happen?” Lane’s mom asked. “He climbed inside and before we knew it his feet were in too.” Bobby tried to explain. “This was the last thing I expected.” She said as she pulled each of Lane’s legs out of Bobby’s rompers. She pulled him out by the ankles then held him upside down. “Alright you, what’s the deal?” she asked raising him up. “I just saw it and jumped in, I didn’t mean to get stuck.” Lane said. “Alright but let’s not have anymore of this, okay?” Lane’s mom said. Both boys nodded. She flipped Lane onto the bed next to Bobby. “I think you two need to be changed, go ahead I’ll be there in a minute.” She instructed. Lane and Bobby waddled to the nursery while Lane’s mom tidied up the mess they had made.

Meanwhile Lane and Bobby had gotten up on his changing table and were waiting for Lane’s mom to come and change them. After a minute she came in and proceeded to change their diapers. “Boy you two sure are messy.” She said while cleaning Bobby. Bobby blushed at this statement, while Lane smiled. Lane’s mom finished cleaning Bobby and rediapered him in four diapers. “Okay you two need a nap.” She declared then placed them in Lane’s crib. She left briefly, returning with two bottles for them. She gently placed a bottle in each boys mouth and waited for him to take it then raised the side of the crib.

Chapter 14

Lane nursed on his bottle for a few minutes before falling asleep. Bobby attempted to fall asleep while sucking on his bottle, but ended up finishing it before he did. He set it beside him and put his pacifier in his mouth. Bobby then noticed that Lane was sucking on his empty bottle and pulled it from his mouth. Lane started moaning in his sleep until Bobby put his pacifier in his mouth. Bobby felt his bladder filling and immediately released it into his diaper. He rolled over and went to sleep.

Four days later...

Bobby woke up to a soaked diaper. He rolled over to face Lane, who was still asleep. He wasn't sure what time it was, and when he thought about it, he didn't know what day it was, either. Bobby lay there for a few minutes before Lane's mom came in. "Good morning Bobby, do you know what day it is?" She asked. "No." Bobby responded. "It's the last day of your baby week. Tomorrow's the day you go back to being a big boy." Lane's mom explained. "I do want to be a big boy, but do I have to give up everything?" Bobby asked. "Well, I never thought about that, but no, I guess you don't." She said. Bobby felt relieved as he hugged Lane's mom. He felt his diaper warming and knew that he was wetting it. "You have all day to decide, but I need to know by tomorrow morning or you'll spend the whole day as a baby just like the past week." she said lifting Bobby from the crib and lay him on the changing table. “But what will I tell Lane?” He asked. “Don’t worry about that now we’ll explain it to him later.” She said. She went back to the crib and woke Lane up. "Good morning baby." She said lifting him out of the crib. She laid him next to Bobby and proceeded to change their diapers. She gave Lane his usual three diapers and Bobby his usual four diapers. She then carried them downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. She sat Bobby in the highchair and sat Lane in their improvised highchair. Bobby could tell that Lane was a little upset about not being able to sit in the real highchair. Lane's mom fed them both a baby food breakfast then gave them each a bottle of juice. She led them into the playroom then locked them in. They sat on the floor and nursed on their bottles. Bobby continued to ponder what he wanted to give up and what he wanted to keep. Bobby thought about the past week and realized that he had spent the whole week at Lane's house. He also realized that his dad had not seen him in diapers, or so he hoped. He knew that he had to give up his diapers because they would be just too much trouble for him and his dad, even if he changed his own diapers.

“Whatcha thinkin’ about?” Lane asked after watching Bobby stare into space for the last ten minutes. “Hmm?” Bobby answered. “Whatcha thinkin’ about?” Lane repeated. “Oh nothing really, I guess I’m just tired.” Bobby responded not wanting to tell Lane what he was really thinking about. Lane quickly convinced Bobby to play some video games with him. After about an hour Bobby noticed that his diaper was wet, but didn’t remember wetting it. He was becoming concerned, he hoped that his re-potty training wouldn’t be too hard. “What’s wrong?” Lane asked noticing obvious lack of attention to the game. “My diaper’s wet.” Bobby said. “Cool!” Lane responded. “But I don’t remember wetting it.” Bobby complained. “Yeah it’s really neat isn’t it.” Lane said excitedly. “I guess.” Bobby answered less than enthusiastically. Lane noticed the lack of enthusiasm in Bobby’s voice, but didn’t know what to make of it.

After another two hours Lane’s mom came into check on the boys. She found them still playing video games. She watched them for a little while noting how happy they both looked. She walked over to Bobby and attempted to stick her finger into the crotch of his diaper. Bobby jumped as soon as she touched him. “OH, I’m sorry, did startle you?” she asked. “Yeah.” Bobby answered. Meanwhile rolling on the floor laughing. “Oh you think that’s funny, huh?” Bobby said. Lane nodded his head. “Well I’ll show you funny.” Bobby said then jumped on Lane and started tickling him. Lane squealed started tickling back.

Lane’s mom just stood back and watched. But eventually she had to stop them to check their diapers. She pronounced them both soaked and Lane messy. She directed them to the nursery and laid them on the changing table. “I think you two need some fresh air you’ve been in that room for the last three and a half hours. And I suppose you played video games to whole time, too,” she said while changing Lane’s diaper. Both boys nodded. “I thought so, you two need some exercise, so I’m going to send you out back to play for awhile.” She explained. She finished changing Lane’s diaper then removed the rest of his clothing. “Okay baby why don’t you go pick out some toys to take with you outside.” She said patting him on the butt. “OK mommy.” He said and waddled off to the playroom leaving his mom and Bobby alone.

“So have you decided on anything yet?” she asked as she began changing his wet diaper. “I know I want to give up the diapers.” He said. “Alright but that means we’ll have to get you some training pants.” She said causing Bobby to blush. “Anything you’d like to keep doing?” she asked. “I really like sucking on these pacifiers and bottles.” Bobby said. “Okay anything else? “I like being fed, but not baby food. I’d also start wearing big boy clothing again, but I do like the footed sleepers. They’re comfy.” Bobby explained. “Maybe we should write this down.” She joked as she pinned four diapers on Bobby. She pulled the plastic pants over his diaper then removed the rest of Bobby’s clothing just like Lane.

She grabbed a bottle of sun block then led Bobby to the playroom. There they found a pile of toys and Lane still digging in his toy box. “You can’t take all this outside.” His mom declared. “Awww.” Lane whined. “Each of you pick out two toys to take with you.” She instructed. Bobby picked up a Frisbee and rubber ball. Lane took a little longer to pick but finally decided on the shovel and pail set and a toy truck.

Lane’s mom led them downstairs and outside. “Okay put your toys on the table while I put your sunscreen on.” She ordered. She squeezed some onto her hand then began rubbing it on Lane’s chest working her way out. Meanwhile Bobby was looking around to make sure no one could see them in just their diapers. The privacy fence blocked the view, so he knew they would be fine. “Okay your turn.” Lane’s mom announced motioning Bobby over to her. She applied the sun block to Bobby the same way she did to Lane. “All done. You two play nice, don’t get too rough.” She instructed. She went back into the house leaving the two boys outside by themselves in just their diapers. “Whatcha wanna do first?” Lane asked. “We could play Frisbee,” Bobby suggested. “OK.” Lane responded. Bobby grabbed the Frisbee from the table and waited for Lane to waddle to the other side of the yard. He still felt awkward wearing only diapers outside. When Lane was ready, Bobby threw the Frisbee. Lane caught it and threw it back. Bobby managed to catch it even though it was off a little.

A few minutes into the game, Bobby felt the need to poop. He was going to hold it but instead it started coming out. Bobby stopped as he felt the poop forcing it’s way into his diaper. “What’s wrong, Bobby?” Lane asked seeing Bobby staring at his diaper. “I’m pooping in my diaper.” Bobby stated. “Oh, OK.” Lane said nonchalantly. When Bobby finished he realized that he would now have to play in his messy diapers. Bobby soon snapped out of it and threw the Frisbee back to Lane. He caught it and flung it high in the air. Instead of going toward Bobby it came back and landed at Lane’s feet. He jumped back just in time to keep his foot from getting nailed. Lane picked it up and threw it correctly toward Bobby.

After awhile Lane and Bobby tired of Frisbee. Lane wanted to play with the ball so Bobby retrieved it. “Let’s play a game where I try to kick the ball past you then you try to kick the ball past me.” Bobby suggested. “OK!” Lane said excitedly. Bobby dropped the ball onto the ground and kicked it towards Lane. He stepped up and kicked it back to Bobby. The ball went wide and Bobby had to waddle after it. He barely stopped it and kicked it back. About a half hour into the game Lane decided that he didn’t want to play anymore. “What’s wrong?” Bobby asked. “I’m tired.” Lane answered. “Me too.” Lets go sit down. When they reached the table they found two baby bottles. They sat down and began sucking on them. Bobby felt the poop smearing around in his diaper. Even after a week in diapers, Bobby still wasn’t used to sitting around in poopy diapers.

Lane and Bobby sat there enjoying the sweet formula. They finished their bottles at almost the same time. Lane set his bottle on the table followed by Bobby. “You wanna play with the ball some more?” Bobby asked. “I wanna play in the sandbox.” Lane said grabbing the shovel, pail, and truck off the table. “Alright.” Bobby said wanting to give Lane a choice of activities. Bobby followed Lane into the sandbox and carefully sat down. Lane immediately began digging with the shovel. Lane began carving roads out with the truck and loaded it up with sand. Bobby was content to just sit there and watch Lane. He wasn’t particularly having fun but he could tell that Lane was really enjoying himself. Eventually Lane roped Bobby into loading the truck as he brought it back from dumping it. After a while Lane’s enthusiasm began rubbing off on Bobby and he wasn’t bored anymore.

Chapter 15

An hour later Bobby realized that they were still playing in the sandbox and he was enjoying it. He also noticed that his diaper was wet but didn't remember wetting it. About that time Lane's mom came out to check on the boys. “Are you two having fun?” she asked. They both nodded. She bent down and checked each boy's diaper. “You two are both wet and messy,” she announced. She had them stand up and brushed the sand off their legs. She led them up to Lane's nursery and changed their diapers. Bobby was relieved to get out of the messy diaper. Lane, however, didn't really care.

After the diaper change, Lane's mom sent the boys back outside with a bottle for each. After finishing the bottles they occupied themselves until dark. Lane's mom called them in and sat them down for dinner. This time Lane got to sit in the real highchair. Bobby was perfectly content to sit in the improvised highchair. Lane's mom fed them at the same time. Bobby hoped it would be the last time he was fed baby food. Bobby ate everything he was given, though some of it wasn't so tasty. After dinner Lane's mom checked their diapers. She thought they'd be okay until bedtime so she sent them to the playroom. The boys toddled down the hall and into the playroom. Lane shut the door allowing it to lock behind them. Again they wanted to play video games. Lane picked out Super Mario Sunshine and they began playing. They had to take turns since it was only single player.

A little ways into the third level Bobby felt his legs getting wet. He looked down and saw that his diaper was leaking. He had just finished peeing so there was nothing he could do to stop the leaking. He stood up to keep his diaper from leaking on the floor but pee started running down his legs. Lane noticed bobby standing up and looking at his legs. “What's wrong?” Lane asked. “My diaper's leaking.” Bobby said. “Eww, we need to tell mommy.” Lane said. He stood up and waddled over to the baby monitor. Lane paged his mom while Bobby tried to keep his diaper from leaking any more. While bobby stood there losing the battle, Lane's mom came in to see what the problem was. “Bobby's diaper is leaking.” Lane announced. “Uh oh we better get you changed.” she said. She put her hand on his back to guide him out of the room. Bobby was reluctant to walk for fear of his diaper leaking even more. Lane's mom didn't want to pick Bobby up and get urine all over herself. She got bobby moving and guided him into the bathroom with Lane following. She helped Bobby into the bathtub and pulled down his plastic pants. “Uh oh.” Lane said as his mom helped Bobby out of the plastic pants. “What's wrong?” she asked turning around. She immediately saw the trail of pee running down Lane's right leg. “Well I guess I shouldn't have let you two go so long without a diaper change.” she said helping Lane into the tub. She unpinned one side of Bobby's diaper and allowed it to slide down the opposite leg.

Lane's mom left Bobby standing naked and removed Lane's diaper in the same manner. “Just stay put and I'll be right back.” she said. She quickly returned with two Pampers™. She had them step out of the tub then stuffed the diapers between each boy's legs. The placed their hands on their crotch and butt then instructed them to hold the diapers in place. She began filling the tub and adding bubbles to the water. Bobby was embarrassed that she thought he needed protection for such a short period. But he was shocked when he involuntarily began peeing in the diaper. He was even more embarrassed that he really needed the protection. Lane's mom saw Bobby's red face then looked down and saw the yellow spot in the middle of his diaper. “Boys tend to pee when they hear water running.” she explained. She pulled the wet diapers from each boys crotch and helped them into the bathtub. “You two sit and play for awhile, I'll come back to get you later.” she said.

Lane and Bobby sat in the tub and played with the tub toys and the bubbles. They covered as much of their bodies with bubbles as they could. After awhile Bobby started to wonder what was taking Lane's mom so long to come back and wash them. By the time she did come back most of the bubbles were gone. All that was left was a thin layer floating on top of the bathwater and some on Lane and Bobby’s heads. Lane's mom had the boys stand up and began draining the water. “That's it?” Bobby asked. “IT? You've been in here for a half-hour!” she said. She filled a large cup with warm water and rinsed the boys off. “I mean, you’re not going to wash us?” he asked. “No, you had a bath just this morning. You just needed to be rinsed off. I let you two play because you only had an hour ’til bedtime.” she said wrapping a towel around Lane. She carried Lane to the nursery and laid him on the changing table then went to get Bobby. “When are we going to tell Lane?” Bobby asked as she picked him up. “We'll tell him tomorrow.” she replied.

Lane's mom laid Bobby next to Lane on the changing table and dried them off. She took her time giving them the baby lotion massage, going over their bodies twice and using almost twice as much lotion as usual. She let them dry off a little before rubbing baby powder over the lotion. When she finished she saw that she had put them both to sleep. She decided that they could go to bed early and carefully put their diapers on without waking them up. She picked out two pairs of red-footed sleepers. She managed to get them on Lane and Bobby without waking them then laid them in the crib. She put their pacifiers in their mouths and raised the side of the crib.

The next morning Lane and Bobby woke up to their stomachs growling. Bobby was more surprised than Lane that they were in the crib and dressed. “I'm hungry.” Lane said. “Me too.” Bobby replied. They laid there and talked a little while waiting for Lane's mom to come and get them. Bobby could tell that his diaper was soaked. He was also nervous about telling Lane that he was going to stop wearing diapers today. Lane's mom came in to check on them. “You two are up early.” she mentioned. “I'm hungry.” Lane said. “That's not surprising since you missed your bedtime bottle last night. I was going to give it to you, but you both fell asleep.” she explained. She decided to get them fed before changing their diapers. She helped Bobby out of the crib then picked Lane up. She carried Lane and led Bobby downstairs to the kitchen. She sat Lane in the highchair. But instead of having Bobby sit in the improvised highchair she had him sit in a regular chair. Lane didn't notice anything unusual until Bobby got a bowl of cereal instead of baby food. Lane's mom still fed Bobby while she also fed Lane.

After breakfast Lane's mom carried Lane and led Bobby back up to the nursery. She laid them on the changing table and stripped bobby to his diapers. She changed Lane's diaper then removed Bobby's diaper and cleaned him up. “Okay we have something to tell you.” she said. Lane thought it had something to do with bobby's breakfast that morning. “Bobby's going back to big boy underwear.” she said. “Why, don't you like diapers.” Lane asked. “Not really, I can't stand pooping in my pants.” Bobby said. “We'll still be friends won't we?” Lane asked. “Of course we will. I just won't be wearing diapers. It will be just like before.” Bobby promised. “OK.” Lane replied. Both Lane's mom and Bobby were surprised how well Lane was taking it. She grabbed a pair of Pull-Ups out of Lane's dresser drawer. “Hey that's not big boy underwear.” Lane pointed out. “I know, we have to make sure bobby's potty trained before he goes back to big boy underwear.” his mom explained.

Lane's mom slipped the Pull-Up over Bobby's feet then slid it up his legs. Bobby automatically raised up when it got to his upper thighs. “I guess I could have had you stand up for that, just force of habit.” she said. “I don't mind.” Bobby said. She pulled one of Lane's old shirts out of a drawer and put it on Bobby. She also grabbed a pair of socks and slipped them over his feet. Bobby notice that the shirt barely covered the top of the Pull-Up even though he was sitting down. “Are you sure this shirt's big enough?” Bobby asked. “I want it short so I can see if your stars are missing.” she said. She stood Bobby on the floor and he saw that the shirt didn't cover any of the Pull-Up. Lane's mom led them to the playroom and instructed Bobby to go to the bathroom as soon as he felt the need to. She left the door open so exit on his own as quickly as possible.

Lane and Bobby settled down to play Nintendo. This time they picked Hot Wheels Turbo Racing. Bobby was slightly better than Lane but no longer had to let him win. Lane was satisfied with winning only one less race that Bobby. Lane looked at Bobby's Pull-Up and exclaimed, “Hey, your stars are missing!” Bobby looked down and realized he had an accident and needed a new Pull-Up. He got up and went to the nursery. He found a clean Pull-Up and slipped the wet one off. He was facing away from the door and didn't see Lane's mom enter. “What do you think your doing?” she asked. Bobby jumped about a foot in the air and ripped the new Pull-Up. “I was changing.” Bobby said after he calmed down. “Why didn't you tell me you had an accident?” she asked. “I thought I could change myself.” he said. “Well apparently not, you were going to put another Pull-Up on without even cleaning yourself up.” she said. Bobby realized his mistake and apologized. “That's not the only problem. I need to know when you have an accident so I can tell how you're doing.” she explained. She picked him up and laid him on the changing table. “You need to be careful with these. The sides are made to rip.” She said pulling it off his ankle. She grabbed a baby wipe and cleaned him off. “I think I need to pee.” Bobby said as he was stepping into a new Pull-Up. He Pulled it up as quickly as he could.

He ran to towards the bathroom but started wetting himself as soon as he got through the door. He stopped in his tracks knowing that he didn't make it to the toilet. He sadly walked back to the nursery to Lane's mom. “How far did you get?” she said after seeing his stars missing. “I got to the bathroom door then it started coming out.” she said almost ready to cry. “You would have made it if you weren't getting changed.” she reassured him. She ripped the sides of the Pull-Up then pulled it out like a diaper. She wiped him again then gave him another Pull-Up. Bobby stepped into it then went back to the playroom. “What took you so long?” Lane asked as Bobby came in. “I had another accident.” Bobby replied. “Maybe you should go back to diapers.” Lane suggested. “No, I'll be fine.” Bobby said.

Two hours later Bobby felt his legs getting wet. He looked down and saw that his pull-up was leaking. “Oh man!” Bobby whined. He got up and looked at the puddle on the carpet. “You really should, go back to diapers.” Lane said. Bobby ignored Lane and went to find Lane's mom. “Again?” she asked seeing the pull-up sagging between Bobby's legs. Bobby didn't answer and followed her into the nursery. “When did you have the accident?” she asked as she took the pull-up off and cleaned him up. “I don't know.” he answered. She stood him up and gave him a new pull-up. “Then how did you know you had an accident?” she inquired. “The pull-up started leaking.” Bobby said discouraged. “That's alright you'll get better.” she reassured him. She led him back to the playroom where Lane was still playing the video game. “Have you two been playing video games the whole time?” she asked. They both nodded. “Well there's your problem. You're paying too much attention to the video game and not enough attention to you potty training. You two need to do something less intense, so Bobby can pay more attention to his potty needs.” she told them. Lane didn't object since he was starting to get tired of the video game.

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