Getting fixed!

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Getting fixed!

2008-05-17 17:45:04

Part 1

Dr. Sheriden ushered us into her office. "Oh Robert, I can't tell you how happy I am that you have finally confided in us. You've made Diane so happy, and we think so much of her here. We intend to do the very best for both of you. Has the procedure been explained to you?"

"Yes, but I am still not sure I understand, are you really sure that I will HAVE to wear diapers from now on?"

"Robert I garentee you, when the valve is in place nothing you can do will keep you from wetting your pants. As for the procedure you will be awake the whole time and we will be happy to explain it to you! Do you have any questions?" Dr. Sheriden seemed quite pleased with herself.

"Will it... will it hurt much?" I was terribly excited, I had been leaking come into my pants all morning but I was still scared.

"Robert, we wouldn't do anything that would hurt you, you won't feel a thing, just a slight fullness. Diane have you decided which valve you want used?"

"Yes Dr. Sheriden, I would like him fitted with the SPR-HF valve set to 8 out of 10 please." Diane said smiling at me.

"A good choice, I think I can see why!", Dr. Sheriden said to Diane.

I wouldn't know till later that there were about 6 different valves that could be installed, each with its own unique function. (more on this later) The SPR-HF valve, or the sudden pressure release valve was designed to open at a certain preset pressure. In my case, the valve would be set to open when my bladder was approximately 8/10s full. It would remain open till the contents of my bladder had been emptied. HF, refered to the speed with which it would empty, with HF meaning high flow or emptying as rapidly as possible. Diane chose that valve over the others for several reasons. First, as she mentioned, she wanted me to be her diaper husband, not baby. That meant regular sex! Thats not possible with the some of the other valves which allow the bladder to constantly empty. Secondly, set at 8 out of 10 that meant that when my bladder did empty, there would be a large amount of fluid to contend with. In addition, since it would come out very rapidly because of the HF setting, it meant that I would always have to wear a rather thick diaper. That was a thought that pleased Diane no end! Lastly, because my bladder would not be full when it released, I would have no "warning" signs that it was about to happen and therefore could not make arrangments to be near a bathroom. That combined with the fact that I could not easily force the valve open by squeezing my muscles meant I was hopelessly dependent upon the use of diapers as long as the valve was in place.

"Robert, there are some forms you will have to sign before we begin the procedure. They're routine and needn't worry you", Dr. Sheriden said as she took several papers from her desk. "Just sign on the line on each paper."

"What am I signing? Shouldn't I read them first?" I said.

"There's no need Robert, I've discussed them with Diane already and she knows all about them, don't worry about them Robert, just sign. It's alright."

Dr. Sheriden had spent a great deal of time discussing them with Diane. I would find out later that the forms I was about to sign would change my life forever stripping me of most of my legal rights and assigning them to Diane and the Institute. One of the forms was my consent to an experimental procedure for correcting my "incontinence problem". Little did I know that my medical record would show that the procedure had failed and as a result it was recommended I wear diapers for the rest of my life. The second documment was a request for an extended "sick leave" from my current job to recover from and "an accident" I suffered at home. It was that accident that gave me my "incontinence problem" in the first place. Another documment gave Diane my "legal custody" as a result of my being disabled by the accident. What that meant was that Diane could now decide what was "best for me" and have control of any "treatments, hospitalization, or procedures" which she saw as helping my condition. The last was a commitment paper to the Institute for as long a period of time as be required to correct my "incontinence problem". Since my problem would be permanent, that would be quite a long time!. So unknowingly, I signed my life away to Diane and the Institute. My life would never be the same, but then in retrosect, I would not have it any other way. I was about to be "infantilized" and as such be permanently dependent upon diapers.

"Good, now all that is taken care of",Dr. Sheriden said as she picked up the papers I had just signed. "You can be assured we will see to all your needs, won't we Diane" she said as she winked at Diane.

After she collected the papers she went to a nearby file cabin, unlocked it, filed the papers and relocked it. "There, they will be safe here and we can process the forms this afternoon. Well, there's no reason we can't get started with the procedure. It won't take long once you are preped." Dr. Sheriden went to a counter in the office and returned with two paper cups, one containing three pills and the other water. "Here Robert, take these. When was the last time he wet his pants?" she asked Diane. "Well, I changed him about 3 hr. ago. I don't know if he has wet since". Diane reached over, put her hand inside my rubber pants and said "No he's still dry now, I suspect he'll have to go soon."

"Ok, Robert try to hold it till we are ready. Have you cleaned out his bottom today?", Dr. Sheriden asked.

"No not yet, I thought you might want to check so I waited."

"Robert, will you wait outside in the other room a minute. We'll, go to the procedure room in just a minute." Dr. Sheriden said as she pushed the intercom button. "Ann, would you please keep an eye on Robert for a few minutes till we come out".

"Certainly Dr. Sheriden, do you want me to nurse him? I'd love to, he's so cute." Ann replied.

Diane quickly shook her head no! Like most "expectant" mothers Diane was becoming jelous and wanted to reserve that pleasure for herself! "No Ann, that's ok just talk to him for a minute till we take him down to the procedure room." With that Ann came into the office and ushered me out.

"Well, Diane the moment is almost here! Are you excited to finally be getting your diaper husband."

"Doc, I can't tell you how wonderful it is, our love life is fantastic!"

"No need to tell me Diane, remember I have Timmy!", Dr. Sheriden replied with a pleasent, faraway look in her eye. Timmy was Dr. Sheriden's diaper husband and had been for 10 years. Timmy was the first "convert" the Institute had made. Her relationship with Timmy and the wonderful benefits it had brought her were what had convinced Dr. Sheriden to use her medical talents to help other maternalists realize their dreams. It was because of her marvalous diaper marriage to Timmy that Dr. Sheriden had contacted Mrs. Agatha Marc and they had started the Institute (more on the founding of the Institute in a future story).

"Has he asked about his future or how he is going to deal with things as a full time pants-wetter?"

"No, Doc and it worries me alittle. I really don't think he realizes what it means. I'm sure he doesn't realize that he can't go back to his normal life and job. Suppose he doesn't like it and wants to be normalized again? I really worry about it." Diane said figeting nervously in her chair.

"Don't worry Diane, we had the Psychology department look over all his records. They assure me that this is what he wants and that it's the best thing for him. Besides he's signed all the papers and legally can't get out. Remember it's all carefully laid out. The committee wouldn't have agreed to allow him to be fixed if they weren't sure he'd be happy forever here with you. You "expectent mothers" are all alike! You worry too much! We won't let him go now Diane. So lets go and see to the birth of your diaper husband.

With that Diane and Dr. Sheriden went into the outer office.

"Ann, will you process the paper work as soon as possible?" Dr. Sheriden said.

"Certainly, Dr. Sheriden" she replied.

"Good luck Diane" Ann said somewhat coldly to Diane. "Expectent mothers, what a pain. They're always so jealous! I just hope that I can get her place in the store. It's not fair, I've been here 4 years and still don't have my diaper baby yet! Maybe the committee will approve my request to "take" Tommy and have him reborn (more on this in another story).

"Everything will be ready in 30 minutes Dr. Sheriden".

"Thats good Ann, Thank you. Oh, by the way, why don't you start the paperwork for your transfer to the Store?"

"The Store?!?! Do you mean it? That's great...I mean certainly Dr. Sheriden, thank you, thank you very much!!"

"That's ok Ann, you deserve it!" Dr. Sheriden said smiling.

"Ah,, good luck to you Ann!" Diane said with a slight smirk.

"Oh, Diane, thank you, I'm sorry I was so, ....well....really, good luck to you and congratulations, he's so cute, I hope I find one like that.

I missed all this. At that point in time I was trying to figure out why I felt so sleeply and silly. Everything seemed so funny. "Diane, I feel strange. And I really need to go to the bathroom!" I said.

"That's ok precious, you're supposed to feel that way. You can wet soon! Just wait abit" Diane said taking my head to her breast and pulling me close.

"Well, we better get started then! Lets go to the procedure room and get your Robert fixed up right for you!" Dr Sheriden said while helping me to my feet.

I felt so funny that both Dr. Sheriden and Diane had to support me under the arms. "After this you'll take care of me and change me and make sure I have to wear diapers and, and, and make me wear diapers..." I started to babble to Diane.

"Yes dear, you can count on it. I'll be taking very good care of you from now on. You won't need anything. Everything will be fine. I'll make sure you always are wearing diapers, big thick, soft, bulkly diapers. Won't that be nice?". At that point we stopped in front of a door down the corridor.

"From this point on Robert I want you to be on your best behavior! We have a lot to do and we need your fullest cooperation." Dr. Sheriden admonished.

"Yes ma'am, I understand, and after this Diane will take care of me and diaper me and change me and take care of me and make me wet and will always force me to wear diapers and make me wet and....."

"Yes Robert, now don't worry, everything is going to be just fine. Right Diane."

"Diane, did I tell you that I love to wear diapers and to wet diapers and that you are one of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and that I love you and that I want you to always make me wear diapers, even when I don't want to and that I love it when you change me and that you are the only woman I have ever had such wonderful love making with and...."

"Goodness you are talkative Robert. Well, you'll have to be quiet now when we go into the procedure room so that we can think about what we are doing.

"Yes ma'am" I replied, "I still feel very funny, and I really have to go potty, soon."

"Can I get some of that stuff to take with me?? He has never talked so much, let alone tell me all of this. I need about 20 lbs!" Diane joked to Dr. Sheriden.

"Well, we can give you some for special occasions but don't use it much. Here we are Robert, very soon you can go potty. Now be a good boy and go with Kathy and Monica. They have to get you ready."

We were now in the protocol room and as Kathy and Monica in essence carried me to what looked like a large shower stall, I had a chance to look around. The room was brightly lighted with a large and very strangely designed chair in the middle of the room. The walls were covered with a very pretty nursery print paper. There were two other woman in white nurses outfits laying objects on a small table near the base of the chair. I was taken to the shower stall and placed on a padded bench.

"Ok Robert, we have to get you ready for your procedure. That means we have to clean you everywhich way but loose. Have you pottied lately, heh?" Kathy asked me.

"Well, no Dr. Sheriden asked me not to and do you know I love Diane, the pretty woman over there, she makes me wear diapers and I love her and my diapers, I have to wear them cause I wet my pants, well I have to wet them now but soon it will all be natural, and I can't wait, ... I have to potty very bad and I love Diane and I love to wet my diapers, rubber panties really are great....." I kept rambling on.

"My, my aren't you the talker. Are you sure you didn't use too much Dr. Sheriden?" Kathy teased. "Ok Robert, we're going to take your diaper off but we want you to wait to wet, do you understand?

"Yes ma'am". They striped me down and lead me to the shower stall.

"Diane, does he potty in his pants?"

"No, we don't do that, we don't like mess" Diane replied.

"Ok, we won't diaper him then. Now Robert, we have to clean up your bottem. We need to do a very good job so we're going to do it two ways. Now bend over, grab that bar and spread your legs like a good boy."

"Are you going to put something up my bottem?" I asked excitedly.

"Thats right now spread your legs and relax." Kathy pulled on a long pair of rubber gloves and picked up some vaseline. "Diane, have you had him on adult food or baby food?"

"Adult food, but I've been cleaning out his bottem every morning", she replied.

"Ok, we better check for solid stool first". With that she began smoothing vaseline around my rectum. They she coated one of the gloves fingers with vaseline and gently inserted it into my rectum.

"Oh, that feels nice. What are you doing? I have to wet soon. Oh, oh I'm going to potty, careful, I can't hold it much longer careful, careful."

"That's ok Robert, just relax and let it come out. I'm going to take it away, its ok, now relax". And with that I pottied in her hand. Quite abit I might add. "How much have you been feeding him?" Kathy continued teasing Diane.

"Ok, Robert, I guess that takes care of the big stuff, now we need to flush you out alittle, so you can straighten up for a second." Kathy then moved to the wall and removed the nossle of a small hose. Monica placed a thick plastic pad on the floor of the shower. Kathy then attacted a second, smaller piece of tubing to the hose and proceeded to liberally lubricate it with vaseline. "Ok, Robert, please assume the enema position on the pad." Robert we have to make very certain that you are completely cleaned out. That means that we have to put the washing tube up very high in your bottom. It's well lubricated and will go in smoothly but you have to relax. Do you understand?"

"Yes, you're going to give me a high colonic enema right?" I said with a rather stupid smile on my face.

"Why yes Robert how did you know that?" Kathy said while looking at Dr. Sheriden.

"Ah,.. he will know quite a bit about it I would imagine." Dr. Sheriden replied.

"Yes I do, like the kinds of drugs you've been using and the feelings I am having, they're very nice by the way, and I even have some better ideas!" I said so proud of myself.

"That's wonderful Robert, I was hoping you would. Yes, we were hoping you would." She said and added to Diane "See, I told you he would be very valuable to us!"

"Now Robert, why don't you just cooperate with us and we'll have you fixed up in no time. That way you can start work in the laboratory very soon, ok?"

"Yes, Dr. Sheriden, I will" I said drunkenly.

"Ok Robert assume the enema position on that pad please" Then Kathy and Monica securely fixed my wrists and ankles to the pad with velco strips. There I was, hunched over the plastic pad with my bottem sticking straight up into the air. I has terriblly embarrassed but excited!

"Now relax Robert, you'll feel it moving up inside you so just relax and take it all in." Kathy then began slowly to push the enema tube up my bottem. She kept inserting it while Monica continued to lubricate it. Finally, all eight feet of it was firmly positioned up my bottom. There now that wasn't so bad was it?"

"No, that feels very nice! Thank you Kathy."

"Well, you're welcome Robert, my aren't you the polite one. Now, we have to inflate the balloon so that you don't wash out too quickly. You'll feel a slight pressure, ok?"

"Yes ma'am, I'm ready".

Part 2

I could hear the short strokes of the pump as she inflated the rectal seal. It consisted of a balloon about 4 inches long and 2 inches in diameter with ridges on the outside. Once inflated, the seal would keep the hose and mess contained in my bottom till Kathy decided to release it. The pressure of the balloon inflating was terribly sensual, and I could sense myself becoming very exited but to my surprize I did not get an erection.

"There, thats snug. Now just relax and enjoy it." She said as she slowly adjusted the water flow.

I could feel the water flow slowly into my bottem and savored the sensual feeling. The snug balloon kept it all inside slowly filling me up.

"Ok, I think that's enough, now just stay in that position for a moment Robert till we are sure everything is loosened up properly."

Meanwhile Diane and Dr. Sheriden were discussing what was going to happen during the protocol. "This is the valve Diane, notice how small it is? It took a great deal of research to produce these things. Every condition was analyzed and planned for. We can simulate just about any type of diaper condition from continual leakage to the sudden flow your Robert is going to have. Installation is easy and the "baby" can't mess with it once its in place like the old cathethers we used to use. Even better, once its in place there this nothing they can do to prevent the effects from happening. It's perfect! Now if we could just find a way to fit every man with one the world would be a much better place (more on this when the origin of the Institute story is published)." Dr. Sheriden mused.

"Will there be much pain, I mean really. That might make him have second thoughts. I don't want him hurt, I just want him "fixed". Diane was concerned that the transition to a diaper husband might not go as easy if being fixed incured the necessity of pain.

"Diane, we've planned this all very carefully. Believe me, he won't even know it's happened. Suddenly, from this afternoon on, he will be a true diaper wearer, or even better, diaper needer! Right now all the paperwork is being processed and by the time the protocol is over and you take your new diaper husband home, he'll be legally yours too! Now stop worrying and enjoy this. I get a very subtle and sinful pleasure from putting a man back into his best condition. You're very lucky Diane, he's a nice one and more than willing. You two will be very happy with us. And your diaper designs will make thousands of mothers of our "babies" very happy. I just hope that we can make more of our maternalists as happy as you. So many mothers and so few willing babies! Well, as soon as our biology department finishes their work on the "Incon project" we'll all be happier (more one this in a future story). The men of the world will never know what happened to them!

"Ok Robert, I think thats enough time," Kathy said as they undid the velcro straps. "Diane you might want to come over here for this." Diane and Dr. Sheriden moved over to the shower stall. "Now Robert stand on the grid right there.. yes thats right, now we are going to release the collar. Just relax and let things happen."

"But I'm so full I'll mess all over things." I could feel the heaviness of the water trying to force its way out. I knew I was terribly full of mess. But still, as excited as I was I was not getting an erection.

"No you won't Robert, thats why you're in the stall, now relax". I heard a hiss of air and the balloon was rapidly deflated and expelled. It was rapidly followed by tremendous amount of waterery mess! "That's it Robert, just relax and let it all out, doesn't it feel good?" Diane said. Once the flow stopped both Kathy and Monica used other hoses and warm water to wash me up and clean off the remainder of the mess.

"Now that was very good Robert, and you haven`t wet yet either" Kathy said. "Theres just one more thing to do before we get you fixed." At that point Kathy picked up a pink disposible diaper from the table. "Now just lean against the wall and lets get this on you." I did as I was told and with Kathy applying the tapes on one side and Monica the other the diaper was soon on and snugly tightened. "Ok, Robert now we want you to wet, and wet as much as you can, alright?"

"I'll try, its just hard in front of so many people." Normally, with a bladder that full it would have been very easy to wet my pants, but again the inhibition of having someone watch me was strong. I pressed and pressed and finally it let loose. The diaper was quickly flooded and the excess started running down my legs. Then a funny thing happened. I felt the fluid remaining in the diaper being rapidly adsorbed and becoming a funny kind of jelly like goo. It expanded inside the diaper and begain to get very warm. Kathy came over to me and began to rub the front of the diaper.

"We want to make sure this gets all over! That's a good boy. Now just stand there and be good the best is yet to come." Kathy said. She continued to rub the goo around inside my diaper. It felt warm but nice. Kind of like having your pants filled with warm, sticky jello. I spread my legs so she could rub it all over my diaper area. While she was doing that Monica set a bucket in front of me which seemed to contain more of the jelly like substance.

"Ok Robert, now we need to do the same to the rest of you." Kathy said as she and Monica began pulling on heavy rubber gloves. "Now just stand still." Then she and Monica started smearing the gooly substance all over my body starting at my feet and working their way up to my neck. "Ok, we'll just stop there. Now just keep standing still." I could feel the jelly start up warm up just as it had in my diaper. At that point Diane came over to me.

"Oh, Robert you are being so good. I'm so proud of you! In just a little while you'll be just fine and we can go home. I have something very special for you. I've been working on it for the last few days."

By this time, althought I still felt light headed and silly, I had become less talkative and just alittle sleeply. "Ok Diane, what happens now? This is kind of fun!

"Ok Robert," Kathy said, "its time to see what you're new 'look' looks like. Diane, I'm sure you'll like it". Then she took a hose from the wall and began to wash the jelly off. Then I finally got the idea, because with the jelly went all my body hair. When she finished I was as bare as the day I was born. "You look great Robert, now let's see what the rest of you looks like." she said as she started to remove the diaper. It fell heavily to the shower floor rapidly followed by the jelly it had kept contained to my diaper region. She finished up by washing me up down there and then stopped. Then the woman all stepped back to admire the result.

"That's fantastic!" Diane exclaimed. "Completely clean, he'll be so much easier to keep clean now! I can't believe the job that stuff does.

I looked down at that point. I couldn't believe it either. All my pubic hair was gone, in fact all my body hair was gone.

"Oh Robert, you look prescious!" she continued, "How long will it last?"

"Well, with this new formulation, and if you rub a special lotion on him every day, it should be permenent", replied Dr. Sheriden. "It will also keep his skin nice and baby soft. Well, it's time to start the procedure. Come on Diane let's stand over here while Cindy and Beth do their stuff.

Ok, girls lets do it!".

At that point the two woman dressed in nurses uniforms each took an arm and led me to the chair. It was like a big dentists chair, well padded and comfortable. There were two differences I quickly noted however. First at about every part imaginable there were velcro straps. Secondly, the chair was made so the once the legs had been secured, they could be moved apart. Cindy got me seated in the chair and made sure I was comfortable. Then she and Beth rapidly connected the velcro straps totally imobilizing me in the chair.

"Now don't worry Rob, the straps are just to keep you from moving during the procedure. Certain parts of it are very delicate and we don't want you wiggling around. Do you understand?" Cindy told me.

"Yes ma'am, but I still feel very strange. You're not going to hurt me are you?" I asked.

"Of course not Rob, you are very precious to us! So just stay put an don't worry."

At that point Beth sliped a little mask over my nose which had two gum rubber tubes running to it.

"What's that Diane," asked anxiously.

"Don't worry Diane it's just nitrous oxide" I said.

"That's right Rob, very good!" Dr. Sheriden said.

"It's alright Diane, we keep it there just incase the baby gets upset. That way we can quickly tranquilize them and get the procedure completed. Trust us there's nothing we haven't considered. Now I tell you what I will tell you about the procedure as it goes along so you will know what's going on." Dr. Sheriden told Diane.

"The first thing that will happen is they will prepare the urethra for insertion of the catheters. Right now Cathy is rubbing a swab dipped in disinfectent and a local anesthetic around the tip of the penis. Once the area is clean she will slowly work a new swab gently into the opening of the urethra. You do remember that the urethra is the channel that urine flows down from the bladder to the penis don't you?" Dr. Sheriden asked.

"Of course Doc, I've been studying the procedure for quite some time" answered Diane.

"I should've known as much. Ok now she is working the swab up the opening. In a second the tip and entry should be numb enough to add the lubricant." Dr. Sheriden continued.

"Now you let me know if I hurt you Rob, Ok?" Cindy asked.

"Yes ma'am"

"Good boy, you're going to like this, and when it's over you're going to be a very good boy. You'll do all the things your mommie wants you to! I bet you'll just wet up a storm. By the way Diane, I love your new design for a discipline diaper. My Johnnie loves them, and it does wonderful things for our sex life if you know what I mean" Cindy winked at Diane.

"Ok Rob, you're going to feel some stuff move back up the other way for a sec. It should be kind of cool and feel nice" Cindy continued.

Then Cindy picked up a large syringe from the table. It had a very funny needle with a little ball the size of a large BB on the end.

"That's the lubricating solution," explained Dr. Sheriden. "It serves three very usefull purposes. First, it lubricates the urethra so that the catheters will move smoothly. Secondly, it acts as a antibiotic to kill germs and last, it completely numbs the passage so that the baby won't feel a thing. Cindy will move the ball a few mm into the urethra and very slowly force the lubricant up the passage. When done properly the baby feels nothing during the rest of the procedure. That way they aren't scared if the valve needs changing or you decide on a new one." Dr. Sheriden explained.

"Does that also make it easier when the baby wants them removed" Diane asked, already knowing the answer.

Dr. Sheriden flashed her a wicked smile. "You know as well as I do that once a baby has been 'fixed' and returned to his proper place that the valve is never removed. Maybe changed or serviced, but NEVER removed. Besides, after about 2 months it wouldn't do any good. The urethra addapts to the valve creating space. The muscles atrophy and will never work the same again. The baby will always need diapers. It just gets a little messy. So it's best that the valve remains in place so that we can still control their wetting cycles and styles. Mommie always knows best Diane, you should know that!"

"Thats all I wanted to know" said Diane returing Dr. Sheriden's wicked smile.

They both looked down to see Cindy just finishing loading the lubricant into my urethra. She removed the ball and looked up at me. "Very good, Rob, now see that didn't hurt at all. We'll going to let that do it's thing for a bit. In the mean time I have a little present for you since you've been so good."

At that point Beth moved the mask on my face and I heard the rush of gas. I inhaled the nitrous oxide heavily. It made me feel great, and very excited. I had alreadly figured out that they had given me medication to prevent erections. However, even flacid I was still being incredibly stimulated sexually. On the fourth breath it all came together so to speak.

"Good news Diane" said Cindy, "he just had a termendous orgasm. That's a good sign. None of the ones that come are ever unhappy about the valve. I suspect we'll see more of the same as we go on."

Well, they were right. I loved the whole thing. In addition, I couldn't feel a thing in my penis.

"Well, we are ready to continue. You do want us to continue don't you Rob?"

"Yes, yesss please. Oh Diane thank you very much.

"Ok, Rob now just relax, we're going to put something inside you" Cindy continued.

"That's the guide catheter. One of the major problems with using cathethers is the damage caused to the urethra by taking them in and out. We eliminate that possiblility by only putting in one and moving the others trough it. The other cathethers and the valve will be moved up inside it." Dr. Sheriden explained.

Cathy slowly slid the guide cathether in, I felt absolutely nothing. However, the sight of the tube moving inside me excited me more. Finally, my prayers were being answered. I couldn't stop the procedure even if I wanted to! I had another orgasm.

"Did you see that, what'd I tell you. What a good boy you are Rob. There we are almost there. Now lets get ready incase you have anything there to wet." With that Cathy pushed the cathether the rest of the way into my bladder. There was a short stream of urine from the end. That's good Rob, now you're empty for awhile! "Ok lets get the guide cathether lubed and put your control valve in hey?" Cathy attached another syringe to the end of the guide cathether and filled it slowly full of same lubbricant. I could feel the tube swell slightly in side me.

"Nothing I can do, no way to stop you! I'm helpless. I'll HAVE to wear diapers. Oh no, what will I do, always having to put on diapers and wet and be changed..." I rambled on.

"Thats a good sign Diane. He's already psyching himself into it. I'll bet you don't have any adjustment problems. You won't have to worry about displining this one!"

"What, do you think I made up all those disclipline pants and diapers for nothing" Diane said with mock anger. "He better well misbehave. I entend to use several break in techniques anyway. Have you seen my latest design with the little metal locks on them?"

"Oh don't worry, they all misbehave for attention" said Dr. Sheriden.

"If you two don't mind, I'm getting excited and I have to finish this procedure, you do want me to go on, don't you Rob?" asked Cindy.

"Oh yes please fix me, I want to wear diapers!" I rambled on, feeling the full effects of the nitrous oxide.

"Ok, then lets fix your bladder up a little." Another cathether was inserted into the first and moved up into my bladder. Suddenly I could feel a pressure akin to 'having to go' in my bladder.

"Is that the foam?" Diane asked.

"Yes, we put it in the bladder to take up space and neutralize the urine for a few days. It expands in the bladder and hardens slightly. When urine comes in contact with it, it will neutralize the acidity and disolve, releasing lubricant, local anesthetic and antibiotics for several days. That reduces the discomfort of having the guide cathether in place to almost nothing. All these precautions makes valve insertion totally painless." Dr. Sheriden explained.

"Almost done Rob, now we just put the valve in and we'll be done" Cindy said.

The valve was attached to a long cable with a device on the end which looked like one of those retrevial tools used to pick up small things from hard to get to places. I had one at home to pick up small electronics parts when I inevitibley dropped them behind my work desk. The valve itself was a small tube of plastic and metal about two inchs long and 1/4 inch in diameter. On one end was some plastic that looked like flower petals and on the other end a very small plastic cage that looked like those used to protect light bulbs.

"Ok Diane, lets see how much studying you have been doing. Why don't you explain the next part of the procedure to us!" Dr. Sheriden smiled.

"Alright, the valve and valve insertion cable will be lubricated and put inside the insertion cathether. The insertion cathether has a sheeth at the end which will keep the two placement ends compressed. Then the insertion cathether, with the valve inside, will be slid up the guide cathether. When it gets in position at the exit point on the bladder, with the rear placement end in the bladder, the insertion cathether will be very slowly withdrawn while the insertion tool will hold the valve inplace. Once the insertion cathether sleve moves past the placement end, the end will expand. Upon expansion it looks like a flower. This part keeps the valve from being expelled. Then the insertion cathether will be removed further till it passes the other placement end. Once past the placement cage will expand to a small cage. This part keeps the valve from moving back up into the bladder. The valve at this point is locked into position and can not move either way, in or out. The rest is easy. The insertion tool will be released from the valve and withdrawn. Then the insertion cathether is removed. Finally the guide cathether is removed and there you have it. A good little 'fixed' baby. Nothing they can do can effect the way the valve will work. When it says release, it releases. Nothing stops till the bladder is empty. Then I have my baby boy."

"You really have been studying, haven't you! Very good! That's all there is to it. Very simple. In fact, we are working on a device that will allow all mothers to perform the procedure at home at their leisure. Won't that be nice. Just think, you could have alot of fun with straights too. Just imagine, you get a man drunk enough to pass out. Once he does, a mother installs the kit and valve. The man wakes up in a wet bed with permenent need to wear diapers. With the right psychology, almost any man could be broken to the diaper. Oh, well, thats way in the future. As it stands now we still just do it here and only with the permission of the board." sighed Dr. Sheriden.

By this time Cindy had just finished performing all the steps Diane had outlined. I was fixed. That was it!

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