Foster Friends

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Foster Friends

2008-05-17 17:45:04

Chapter 1

My name is Brian and this is a story about my adventures with a very unusual family. It began when my family moved from Minnesota to Maryland because my father got a new job. I was not happy about moving, naturally, because I had to move away from my old friends. But anyway, we were here and I had to “make the best of it,” as my parents told me. I was an only child and my first weeks in my new home were lonely. I knew that there were other kids in the neighborhood, but I had never moved before and did not know how to approach them.

Then came my first day at my new school. I was twelve years old and in 7th grade. The first thing my homeroom teacher did was to ask who was new to the area. I reluctantly raised my hand along with one other boy. We were asked where we came from and I said I came from Minnesota. The other boy, whose name was John, said that he came from a town about 50 miles away. Finding neither of us very talkative, the teacher proceeded to the usual school talk of where we were supposed to be when, what was allowed and what wasn’t, and other mundane things.

I had Math first, and then Science and the next period was Gym. I went and found my locker, and John was right next to me. “Hi, John,” I said, deciding to try to be sociable. “Hi, Brian,” John said. I stripped off my clothes and started putting on my Gym shorts. John stripped, too. Then I saw that he was wearing a diaper! Suddenly I found myself with a boner, which was quite noticeable through my shorts. One of the other kids noticed John’s diaper too and said, loudly, “Kid’s wearing a diaper over here!” Immediately every kid in the locker room showed up for a peek. John stood up and looked at them, and then put on his gym shorts. He didn’t look the least bit embarrassed.

We played touch football, and a bunch of the kids decided that John’s diapered butt was fair game. Still, John was good, and not many kids managed to touch him anywhere. After the game we hit the locker rooms again for showers. We all stripped and John un-taped his diaper, which was pretty soggy looking, but not messy. He rolled it up and put it in the trash, and we headed for the showers. When we were done and dry, John took a clean diaper out of his locker and tried to put it on. He seemed to be having trouble with it, though so I said, “Can I help you with that, John?” “Sure, why not? Thanks.” I got his diaper nice and tight and then we both finished dressing.

Lunch was next and I asked John to join me. On our way to lunch, two boys, named Matt and Vince, confronted John. “Hey, Diaper Boy! Let us feel your diapered butt!”

John turned and faced the two boys. I turned around and stood next to John. “Brian, let me handle these guys by myself, please,” He said. I stepped away and the two boys stepped closer to John. One of the boys lunged at John, but John easily sidestepped him. Then both boys lunged together, but with a combination of weight shifting and leg action, both of them ended up on the floor. John held out his hand to help one of them up. “No hard feelings,” John said. Just because a guy wears diapers, doesn’t make him a wuss.” The wide-eyed bullies turned and left.

“That was pretty fancy footwork, John,” a voice said behind us. We turned and saw Coach Davidson coming toward us.

“I would have stopped that fight, but you seemed to the situation under control. I am starting a soccer team on Saturdays and I bet you would be good at the game. If you are interested, show up this Saturday at 10:00 AM. You, too, Brian,” the coach said.

“That sounds like fun!” John said. “We’ll ask our parents.”

I decided to ask my parents if I could invite John over after school or on the weekend. I asked John for his phone number and gave him mine.

“Did you make any new friends today?” my Mom asked.

“Yes, I met a really nice guy and he’s new around here too. Could I ask him to come over after school tomorrow?”

“I don’t see why not,” my Mom replied.

I phoned John and asked him if he could come over, but he asked me if I could come to his house instead. I asked my Mom and she said that was fine with her, and so the next day after school I got off the bus at John’s house. John led me to his back yard and I saw three diapered boys playing. There was a girl of about thirteen sitting on bench reading. A friendly looking lady came out of the house with a tray full of lemonade.

“That’s my Foster Mom, Mrs., Olson,” He said. My foster father is still at work. The kids are my foster brothers and my foster parents daughter, Sue. Come on. I’ll introduce you to everybody.”

John introduced me to his foster mother, his sister, Sue, and his brothers, Josh, Pete, and Joey. Josh was eleven years old, Pete was nine, and Joey was seven.

“We have a big brother, too, but he went to college this fall. He’s eighteen years old!”

He told me that Sue, and his brother, Steve, were his foster parents’ natural children. When Steve was injured in a car accident, at the age of eleven, he became incontinent and needed to wear diapers all the time. After taking care of Steve, the Olson’s decided to become foster parents and take care of other kids who wore diapers.

I felt a little out of place, since I was the only boy who was not in diapers.

“We’ll make an exception of you today,” John said, “but boys in this house are not permitted to use the toilet. Of course, if you are willing, we would be happy to have Sue put a diaper on you.”

I didn’t know if he was joking or not. We all played touch football for a while. The Olson’s had a big yard with a high fence and so the boys played in just their diapers while I played in my gym shorts.

“You boys are due for a change!” Sue called out.

We all went in the house. The boys shared two bedrooms. John and Josh had one room and Pete and Joey had the other. Mrs. Olson herded Pete and Joey into their room and Sue led John and Josh into theirs. I wondered if I should wait outside, but John told me to come on in.

I watched as Sue changed Josh and then John. They both obviously enjoyed her attentions! When she was done she said, “And what about the “new boy?” “We can’t have him running around like that!”

“How about it Brian? Want to give it a try? It is really fun!”

“Er, would I have to tell my Mom?”

“Only if you want to. It wouldn’t be doing anything wrong,” Sue said.

By this time, I was really excited and wanted to be put in a diaper like the other boys.

“Okay. I’ll try it!” I said.

I lay down on the bed and let Sue pull down my pants. They she rubbed baby oil on me. Wow! That felt good. Then she powdered me and put a really thick cloth diaper over my really hard erection. Next she slipped some plastic pants on me. They were clear plastic, and you could see the tent shape of the diaper where my erection was.

“We had better take care of these before we do anything else,” said John pointing to his own erection.

The three of us all lay down on a big blanket and he and Josh began rubbing the front of their diapers. I followed their lead, and after a while there were satisfied sighs all around. The inside of my diaper felt wet and sticky.

“You look good in that diaper, Brian,” John said. “Of course, the fun part is using it!”

“You mean I get to actually use the diaper?” I asked.

“Sure! That is what diapers are for!” Josh said.

“Do you feel as if you have to pee?” John asked.

“Now that you mention it, I do. I thought I was going to have to unpin the diaper.”

“Good. Since you haven’t wet a diaper in a long time, you will have some inhibitions about it. I’ll take you into the bathroom, but instead of taking your diaper off, just stand over the toilet and pretend you are peeing in it. Only, you will wet your diaper instead!”

We went into the bathroom and there was a pink toilet seat with “NO BOYS!” painted on it. We lifted the lid and I stood there trying to get my bladder to relax. Then John turned on the water faucet. That helped and soon I was flooding my first diaper since toddler-hood! It felt heavenly!

“How is it that you all wear diapers?” I asked John later.

“We each have a different reason. I had a bad injury to my bladder and lost one kidney. That left me incontinent.”

“Was it a car accident?” I asked.

“No,” John said, and did not elaborate so I left it at that.

“Josh had a bad injury to his rectum and couldn’t hold his poop anymore,” said John. Some of us are incontinent for urine only, but we all poop in our diapers as well as wetting them. This is a Diaper Foster Home, after all. No boys use the toilet here, except for Mr. Olson.”

My Mom had made me promise to do my homework at John’s house before I came home, so we all began working. We had some history pages to read on Ancient Egypt, which was one of my favorite subjects. I soared through it, while I could see that John had to keep looking up answers to the questions. I was halfway through my math assignment when John finished the history, but he quickly caught up to me when he started his math homework so we were both done at about the same time.

It was almost time for me to go home. My diaper was thoroughly soaked! Still, I hated to take it off.

“Sue should take it off you anyway. She likes doing that,” John said. He called Sue and asked her to un-diaper me.

“Okay,” she said, but it is going to feel really strange to not re-diaper him!”

I lived only a few blocks away and John and Josh walked back to my house with me. They were fully clothed now, of course! It was almost dinnertime so they didn’t come into my house with me. I hoped that I would get to spend a lot of time with my new “Foster Friends.”

Chapter 2


“I smell baby powder,” my Mom said.

“Oh, that’s me,” I said. “John has a high bar in his backyard and we put baby powder on our hands to keep from getting blisters.”

“Oh,” my Mom said. “I hope that you saved enough time to finish your homework!”

“It’s all done, Mom. It was fun having a buddy in the same grade to do it with.”

“That’s good,” she said. “I want you to have John over here next so I can meet him. Does he have brothers or sisters?”

“Oh, yeah. He has one sister and three brothers—actually four brothers but one is in college.”

“Well, that is a pretty big family! Maybe we will have them all over for a cookout sometime.”

Actually, I preferred to go over to John’s house so I could wear diapers. I kept remembering how good my diaper had felt today, and just the thought kept making me hard. I went up to my room and jerked off before dinner.

My Dad came home and he wanted to know about my new buddy. I didn’t say anything about the diapers, but I did casually mention that he lived in a foster home.

“He lives in a foster home?” my father exclaimed. “I wonder why. Usually foster homes are for orphans or children who have been seriously abused. Has he said anything about his real parents?”

“No, not a word,” I said. “I figure that he will tell me when he is ready.”

“That’s right,” my Dad said. “The subject might be painful for him. I am sure that he is a good boy or you would not like him so much. You are a good judge of friends.”

The next day John came over to my house. He stopped at his house first and changed to a fresh disposable diaper. I suggested that he skip the baby powder! He stuffed another diaper in his backpack just in case.

I introduced John to my Mom and I could tell that she liked him right away

I took John up to my room and showed him my video games. I thought that he would like my blood and guts karate game, but he said that he didn’t care much for that type of game. After I got to know him better, I understood why. He really liked my football program, though and also my flight simulator. He was able to land the planes easily after about ten minutes of practice. I still crashed most of the time and it was my game!

After about 45 minutes of play, we had to do homework. John really had an easy time with math. He explained some of the problems to me. We were still studying Ancient Egypt in history and I helped him with that.

At about 5:00 it was time for John to go home. My father was home, and even though John’s house was only a few blocks away, he insisted on driving him home. I came along. I was afraid that my father would pump John about his real parents, but he just asked John if he was enjoying his new school and which team he thought would win the Super Bowl this year, and stuff like that.

“He seems like a very nice boy,” my father said. “Whatever happened to him, he is sure not carrying a chip on his shoulder about it.”

The rest of the week passed with John and I alternating visits at each other’s house. Since we seemed to be good study partners, our parents had no objection to having us see each other after school. I did find that my homework sessions were much more enjoyable in a diaper. On Friday, I got to spend the night at John’s house! After we ate dinner, we finished our homework to get it out of the way. Then I felt as if I had to poop. “Hey, John, I have to poop. Should I take the diaper off and use the toilet, or use the diaper?”

“Use the diaper, of course! We all do. I am getting ready to take a dump myself. The timing is perfect, too, because we will need a change before bedtime.”

I started to poop in the diaper, and I got a really big erection. I looked over at John and I could tell he was loading his diaper, too.

“Wow!” I said. “This feels weird, but kind of neat. I am really hard!”

John put his arms around me and pressed the fronts of our diapers together. Then he guided me down onto the blanket on the floor, and got on top of me.

“Time for some “Diaper Humping,” he said.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“This,” he said, as he moved up and down against my diaper-covered penis. John and I came at almost the same time.

“That was awesome!” I said.

Sue removed our messy diapers before bedtime, and John and I took a shower together. We soaped each other all over and got pretty excited again.

After we were dry, Sue oiled and powdered us and put us each in an even thicker diaper. This one made it hard to walk normally.

“These are extra-thick nighttime diapers,” Sue told me.

John and I each had a sleeping bag so we could sleep together and Josh could sleep in his bunk bed. We zipped the two bags together and slipped inside. I couldn’t believe that I was going to be permitted and even expected to wet my diaper while I slept.

“Wet it some before you go to sleep and that will make you more likely to actually wet in your sleep,” said John.

I did as he said, but I still didn’t wet in my sleep. John said that it might take awhile before I could do it. I did wet it fully when I woke up, so I went down for breakfast in a very soggy, heavy diaper, just like the other boys.

Soccer try-outs were starting at 10:00 so we ate and got changed into disposable diapers. My parents were going to be there, but I knew my diaper wouldn’t show under my baggy soccer pants, and I planned to take the diaper off before I went home with my parents.

There were a lot of seventh grade boys there. Some were from our school and some were from another school nearby. A lot of cuts would have to be made to form the team. To my surprise, Matt and Vince were there, too.

The coach assigned players to simulate two teams and had us play against each other. John was a natural, and I was not too bad myself. At one point, John had the ball and was on his way to the goal line, when Matt and Vince ran up behind him and they both grabbed his pants and pulled them down. Everyone could see John’s diaper. He didn’t look embarrassed, though. He calmly pulled up his pants and waited to see what the coach would do. Coach Davidson came out onto the field, and told Matt and Vince that they were cut.

“You can’t cut me!” said Matt. “My father is one of the sponsors for the team!”

“Sorry, but you can’t buy your way onto this soccer team,” Coach Davidson said.

“Aside from the fact that you fouled another player, your soccer skills are no where near up to the level I expect from members of this team.”

Matt and Vince walked off the field and I saw them talking to a man who must have been Matt’s father. I saw him go over to Coach Davidson and I could see that Matt’s Dad was yelling at him. The coach remained calm and just shook his head at the man.

We were out there for several hours and finally the team was formed. Both John and I were on it! We hit the showers, and I disposed of my diaper.

“You didn’t tell us that John has to wear diapers,” my father said.

“I know,” I said. “I wanted to wait until you saw what a neat guy he his.”

“Do you know the reason for it?” my Mom asked.

“Well, I just know that he had a bad injury to his bladder and one of his kidneys,” I said.

“That would do it, all right,” my father said. “He sure handled it well when those creeps pulled down his shorts! I’m glad the coach kicked them off the team!”

“I am too,” I said, “only I hope that doesn’t cause us to be short of money for the team. Matt’s father was one of the sponsors.”

“Well, we’ll just have to make up the money somehow. The coach may find another sponsor, or we could have a fund-raiser,” my Mom said.

Sure enough, all the soccer Moms had a meeting the next day about raising money for the team. They decided to set up a popcorn and lemonade stand at every game, and also to make up tins of caramel corn for us to sell to our neighbors. Also, the local sporting goods store offered to sponsor our team and they gave us free uniforms and a ball for each player to use for practicing. Instead of hiring a bus for away games, it was decided that we would use car pools.

.We practiced on Fridays after school, and played games with other teams on Saturdays. We won most of our games.

I was really glad now that we had moved! I spent every other day at John’s house and on the other days, he came to my house. I had never had such a good friend before! Getting to wear diapers at Johns house was really great! I wished that I could wear them all the time like he did, of course, but part-time was a lot better than nothing!

“It must be terrible to have to wear diapers all the time,” my Mom said one evening.

“Oh, John doesn’t mind,” I said, feeling a little guilty about my secret. “All the boys at John’s house wear diapers.”

“You must feel a little out of place when you are there, then,” my Mom said.

I wondered if I dared to tell her that I wore diapers when I was there.

“Well, once I tried one out just to see how it felt,” I admitted.

My Mom did not look as shocked as I thought she would. She said,

“Well, how did it feel?”

“To tell the truth, it felt pretty cool,” I said truthfully.

“Boys!” she said. “That’s why boys are so hard to toilet train. They just like wearing diapers!” she laughed. “When you were a little boy and I was trying to toilet train you, I put you in underwear, and you kept coming up to me and saying, “Want diaper, Mommy.””

I was tempted to ask her if I could wear diapers all the time, but I figured that I had better quit while I was ahead. I didn’t want to jeopardize my relationship with John.

I had so much fun at John’s house! I looked forward to being diapered by Sue, and being diaper-humped by John. Sometimes all of us boys would get in a pile and wrestle, and hump. Then we would sometimes have a vote on who had the grossest diaper! Then we had a game called “Diaper Ball,” where a player would stuff a rubber ball inside his diaper and run bases. Everybody would go after him and try to get the ball out of his diaper. Then the one who got the ball would stuff it in his diaper, and so on, until everybody was too exhausted or laughing too hard to continue.

Of course, we had to spend a lot of time on homework, too. We had to keep a B average to stay on the coach’s Saturday soccer team. Since I was really good at history and English, and John was great at math and science, we each managed to keep a B+ average.

Chapter 3

One day in early November, John was not at school. I figured that he had a cold or something and I stopped at his house after school to see how he was feeling. There was a police car out in front of the house! I didn’t know whether to go up to the door or not, but I was so worried that I finally went and knocked. Mrs. Olson opened the door. She looked as white as a ghost!

“John has been kidnapped! His father escaped from prison and broke into the boys’ bedroom last night. He chloroformed Josh and John and then took John away with him!”

I think I turned as white as Mrs. Olson. I called my Mom and told her what had happened, and I stayed at the Olson’s house for a while hoping that there would be some word of John. Finally, I went home. Mrs. Olson told me that John’s father was a very violent man and had been responsible for John’s bladder and kidney injuries.

“If John’s father hated him enough to hurt him that badly, why would he come and kidnap him?” I asked my Dad.

“Sometimes even very abusive parents have attachments to their children. Also, he may blame John for his imprisonment and want to get even. Either way, John is in grave danger. I just hope he can manage to escape,” my Dad said.

John woke up with a splitting headache. He felt disoriented and when he opened his eyes everything was dark. He reached for the lamp over his bed, but his hand hit what felt like the ceiling. Then he realized that he was not in his bed. He heard an engine running and soon he realized that he was in the trunk of a car. His father! That must be it! Panic gripped him. His hands and legs were tied, and he had tape over his mouth. He felt around in the trunk and found a small flashlight. He managed to switch it on and he examined the inside of the trunk. He was hoping to find a knife, but the only tools were a tire jack and a lug wrench. The lug wrench had a pry handle on one side. “If only I can pop the trunk!” John thought. Just then he felt the car slow down and stop. John hid the flashlight and the lug wrench under some rags. Then he pretended to still be asleep.

“Wake up you stinkin’, pissy freak. I need to get some sleep and I don’t want you smothering in there. That would be too easy a death for you after what you did to me!” John’s father hissed.

They were in a wooded area with no houses or other buildings in sight. John’s father lifted him out of the trunk and carried him to a tree. Then he tied John up around the tree.

John’s nighttime diaper was completely drenched. He didn’t feel like pooping in it because he was really scared “poopless”.

John’s father was eating some chips, but he didn’t offer any to John. He also didn’t give him anything to drink.

“I don’t want you pooping in your pants, so you don’t get any food. You won’t pee so much if I don’t give you anything to drink. After a few days when we get far away from here I may feed you, if I feel like it. If you weren’t such a little slob and used the toilet like a normal kid, it would be different.”

“You’re the reason I wet my pants. I don’t have any choice!” John said.

“What have I told you about back-talk?” said John’s father, who then punched him in his mouth.

John’s father curled up in a sleeping bag and went to sleep. John just lay against the tree miserably.

“If he puts me back in the trunk, maybe I can escape,” thought John.

After several hours, John’s father woke up. He put John back in the trunk and started the car. As soon as they started to move, John got out the flashlight and lug wrench and started working on the trunk latch. It took a couple of hours, but finally he had it unlocked. They were traveling too fast for John to jump out, though.

“What if he stops and comes back here and finds the lock sprung?” John thought.

He thought about hitting him with the tire iron. He wondered if he could bring himself to kill his father. He didn’t like the idea of killing anyone, and although his father had been brutal to him, he could not say that he wanted him dead. Still, if he didn’t kill his father, then his father might kill him. All of this was going through his mind when he felt the car slow again. The car stopped and he waited. His father did not come back to the trunk. John lifted the lid a little bit and looked out. They were parked at a convenience store. His father had gone inside. Quickly, John opened the lid and rolled out. He was still tied up, but he was able to roll under a truck that was parked next to the car. Then he peeked out from under the truck and noted the license plate number of his father’s car. John could always memorize numbers really easily and this really paid off now. John just hoped that his father left before the driver of the truck.

John’s father walked out with some groceries and got in the car. Without checking the trunk, he drove off. When he was out of sight, John went to a phone booth and dialed 911. Within a few minutes three patrol cars pulled up. John told them the license number of the car and the direction that his father had taken. Two of the cars went off in pursuit and the other took John back to his home. The Olson family was ecstatic. Mr. Olson called me and my parents brought me right over there.

After John was almost hugged to death, Mrs. Olson took him into the bathroom and bathed him. He usually just took showers, but she seemed to want to mother him a bit more now. Then he was put in clean cloth diapers and plastic pants. She took him to the kitchen and made pancakes and sausage for everybody.

After about an hour the phone rang. John’s father had led the police on a high-speed chase. Finally, his car had gone over a cliff. John’s father was dead.

“He probably thought I was still in the car,” said John. “He wouldn’t have cared.”

Even with the shock of his father’s death, John was so relieved at being home safe that we had a good celebration. My parents understood that I would not be parted from John today and I was allowed to stay home from school with him. He needed the time to recover and everybody thought that having his best friend by his side would help. It was a Friday and so that gave us a long weekend together. This was my longest period so far to be in diapers full-time.

“I wet my diaper!” I said on Saturday morning.

“Well, of course you did. What of it?” asked John with a laugh.

“You don’t understand, John. I did it in my sleep!”

“Wow! That’s great! You are getting to be a real diaper boy!”

“Yeah!” I said. Just thinking about it was making me really hard.

“Uh, John, are you well enough to—you know?”

“To hump my favorite diaper boy? Sure! Nothing could keep me from that!”

He got on top of me and began moving his hips against me. Then he stopped. He reached down and unpinned my diaper and slid it down to my knees. Then he did the same to his diaper.

“I want to be a little closer to you this morning,” John said.

Soon we were moving against each other with a passion that we had never had before. We both came, and then we embraced each other. John kissed me.

“You mean so much to me, Brian. “

“Same to you, John. I don’t know what I would have done if anything had happened to you.”

We put our diapers back on and went down to breakfast. Mrs. Olson and Sue had made a feast for everybody. We had bacon, eggs, pancakes, and cornbread. On top of the pan of cornbread they had used pieces of bacon to spell, “Welcome Home, John!”

The whole weekend was a big celebration! We played games in the yard, went out for hot dogs and ice cream, and rented three movies! We did have to catch up on our homework on Sunday, but John and I were so happy to be together that we even enjoyed that!

On Sunday night after dinner, I went home. I had been in diapers full time for almost three entire days. That night, I wet my bed.

“Um, Mom, I had a little accident in my bed last night,” I said, hanging my head.

“Oh, dear. Did you wet your bed?”

“Yes, I did,” I said.

She looked me in the eye and asked,” Brian, have you been wearing diapers at John’s house?”

“Yes, Mom,” I answered truthfully.

She thought for a minute and then said, “Well, I know that you want to be like John and his brothers, so I guess that it is natural for you to want to wear diapers with them. I don’t know about letting you wear diapers to school, but would you like to wear diapers the rest of the time like John?”

“Can I?” I asked incredulously.

“Well, I will talk to your father about it and if he agrees, then you may wear diapers. ”

“Gee, Mom! You’re great!” I said.

My father took a little convincing, but in the end, he understood that I wanted to be like my friends, and he agreed that wearing diapers was, after all, a harmless “sport.”

I could hardly wait to tell John and the other Olson’s!

Chapter 4

The school was buzzing with the news of John’s abduction and escape! Very little had been written in the paper and to protect his privacy, John’s name had been omitted. Nevertheless, everyone knew about it, and the story had been embellished and exaggerated. Fellow students cornered me in the hallway with questions like, “Did John really kill his father with a chainsaw?” One favorite mis-version was that John had gotten out of the car and stolen the truck. Then he had led his father on a high-speed chase in which he had finally rammed his father’s car and forced him off the cliff! When we were given a composition assignment in English, I suggested to John that he write a story about what really happened.

After school I went with John to his house. After John had been changed, and I was properly diapered, I told him about my mother agreeing to let me wear diapers all the time, except for school. John was ecstatic!

“I can give you some almost new cloth diapers,” he said. “We have tons of them. We have a lot more disposables than we need, too, so if my Mom says it’s okay, we could give you some of those. We get them all free and they are really good ones. They are better than the ones they sell in the drug store.”

Then we each set to work on our English compositions. I wrote mine about moving to a new town and being very lonely until I unexpectedly made a wonderful friend. John wrote the true story of his abduction by his father, including a short background on his life with his father prior to being placed in the Olson’s foster home.

While I was at John’s house my mother called to speak to Mrs. Olson about my diapers. She wanted to find out the best kind to buy.

“Oh, I can give you some of ours if you don’t mind used ones. We have a ton of them. I can give you some cloth for day and night, and if you want some disposables I can give you a box of those to try,” Mrs. Olson said.

“That would be great! We plan to use mostly cloth since Brian will not be using them for school. Could I come over and get them?”

“Sure! Why don’t I have Brian call you when he is ready to come home and you can get him and the diapers at the same time,” Mrs. Olson said.

Later my Mom came to get me, and the diapers. After thanking Mrs. Olson, we went home. When my father saw me in my cloth diaper he said, “I think that we had better get you some bigger jeans to go with those diapers. They do puff you out a bit!”

When it was bedtime, my Mom came up to give me the first diaper change that she had done since I was a baby. I pulled down my jeans and got up on my bed.

“You had better let me put this changing pad down that Mrs. Olson gave me.”

So I got up while my Mom put the changing pad on my bed. Then I lay down and she un-pinned my soggy diaper. She took a clean nighttime diaper out of the bag that Mrs. Olson had given her and slid it under my behind. Then she sprinkled baby powder on me. I was very hard and a little embarrassed by it.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said. “The same thing happened when you were a baby.”

When the diaper was pinned on tightly, she slipped a clean pair of plastic pants on me. Then I went to bed. I put my thumb in my mouth and went to sleep happily. My diaper was wet in the morning.

My Mom came in to check my diaper and asked, “Did you wet your diaper in your sleep or while you were awake?”

“I wet it in my sleep,” I said.

“I think that it is lucky we decided to put you in diapers. You are apparently starting to need them,” she said.

I took a shower and got ready for school. I was starting to feel naked when I didn’t have a diaper on. The rest of the week I was in diapers full time except for school.

I had pooped in my diapers at John’s house, but not yet at my own. I was anxious about it, I think, because I didn’t have a BM for several days. Then on Friday night after dinner, I was watching TV at home and all of a sudden I had to go bad.

“Mom, I have to poop,” I said.

“Well, do it in your diaper, silly. That is what they are for,” she said.

So I did. I felt myself grow hard as I loaded my diaper. The plastic pants held in most of the smell, but not all.

“I think we have a little stinker in the room,” my Dad said.

“Come up and let me change you for bed,” my Mom said.

She unpinned my messy diaper and wiped me with some large size baby wipes. Then I was taken into the bathroom where my Mom sprayed me off with the shower hose. It was almost bedtime so she put me in my thick nighttime diaper. I felt great!

Chapter 5

Christmas came and we had a two-week vacation from school. My mother’s sister Martha was coming to visit with her husband, David and her two boys, Peter, 6 and Wesley, 4. They arrived two days before Christmas. They all piled out of their mini-van and I helped with the luggage. I was in my thick cloth diapers and looked like a real diaper boy. As I was carrying Aunt Martha’s suitcase to her room, I heard her whisper to my mother.

“Is Brian wearing diapers?”

“Yes, Martha. He is wearing diapers.” My mother replied simply.

“Well, er, is he sick or something?” my Aunt pressed.

“No. He isn’t sick, and it really isn’t any concern of yours, Martha.”

“Well, I was just concerned. That’s all. I didn’t mean to pry,” she sputtered.

“That’s okay, Martha. I know you didn’t,” my Mom said gently.

Later, I saw Peter and Wesley staring at my pants. Then Peter said,

“Are you wearing diapers?”

“Yep,” I replied.

“Wow! How come you get to wear diapers? You are a big kid,” Peter said.

“Well, my Mom and Dad let me wear diapers,” I replied.

That night Peter wet his bed. His mother said, “Petey, I thought you had quit doing that. I am going to have to go get you some Goodnites!”

That afternoon I was playing with Peter and Wesley when Wesley wet his pants.

“Now, what is going on?” Aunt Martha said. “Wesley, you haven’t wet your pants in more than six months!”

Later on that day, Peter pooped in his pants. That night they both wet their beds.

After a couple of days of this, Peter and Wesley were back in pull-ups full time!

“I just hope that I can get them back out of diapers when we get home,” Aunt Martha said to my Mom. “I know it is because they see Brian wearing diapers.”

I asked for permission to take Peter and Wesley to see the Olson family and Aunt Martha said it was okay.

“Wow!” said Peter. “Are all those kids wearing diapers?”

“Yep. They are a “Diaper Foster Family,” I said. “Since you are wearing diapers, too, you guys should fit right in.”

We had a good time. When Peter and Wesley’s pull-ups were soaked, they wanted to be put in cloth diapers and plastic pants like the rest of us wore. Mrs. Olson obliged, since she had all sizes.

“Gee, I wish our Mommy would buy us some of these neat diapers,” said little Wesley.

“Rots of ruck!” said Peter. When we get home she is going to take away our pull-ups, even.”

“Well, maybe if you just keep wetting, she will let you keep wearing them,” I said.

“I guess so,” said Peter. “I just hope we don’t get spankings and stuff.”

Before we left, Peter and Wesley were changed back into pull-ups. They were sad to have to give up their cloth diapers, but glad to at least be able to wear diapers.

It was Christmas Eve and the little ones were contemplating a visit from Santa. The local fire department had a volunteer who dressed up as Santa Claus every year and delivered presents. The presents had been delivered to the fire station in advance.

None of the children complained that Santa didn’t come down the chimney! He just showed up in a fire truck with a few “elves” and everybody was happy!

Santa delivered Peter and Wesley’s presents along with the ones my parents had bought for me. I knew that the Olson’s were also on the list of stops. The Olson’s did not have much money to spare, but Mrs. Olson was very creative, and Mr. Olson was handy, so I knew they would have some nice presents.

Christmas morning came. We all woke up early because we were anxious to open our gifts. Peter and Wesley got cars and airplanes and kept insisting that I play with them. I told them I wanted to open my own presents first! I got a video game that I had been wanting all year. Also, I got a pair of blue jeans that would fit over my diapers! I got a book about Egyptology that had lots of pictures and looked really great. I gave my Mom and Dad a DVD that I knew they would like and they did.

Later I went over to the Olson’s to wish them a Merry Christmas and to bring presents. I got a really good deal on a used Play station from a classmate who was getting a newer model for Christmas. He even through in a couple of games that he had gotten tired of. I made it my gift to all the boys. That about took care of my shopping budget! John answered the door and he had on a new maroon sweatshirt that had a logo on it that said “Olson Clan” with a picture of a boy in diapers playing football. I knew that Mrs. Olson had designed and made the logo and put it on the shirt. It looked great! I saw that each of the boys was wearing one. They also got a new football and each boy got a tool kit and a wood project kit that Mr. Olson made. The tools were all real adult tools. Mr. Olson said that it was crazy to give a boy a little hammer and expect him to be able to pound a nail.

I gave the boys my gift and Mrs. Olson had one for me. It was a sweatshirt just like the one the other boys had on. She said she asked my mother if she should put “Olson Friend” instead, and my Mom said that “Olson Clan” was better because we were all like family. John gave me a book on Ancient Greece that he found in the bargain section of the bookstore. I loved it!

After we had opened our presents, we went out to play football with the new ball and our new sweatshirts. It was a great day!

I went home for Christmas dinner. Then we all got ready for bed. I got a diaper change and Peter and Wesley got one, too. Aunt Martha, Uncle David and the boys were leaving the next morning. I wondered if Peter and Wesley would be allowed to stay in diapers when they got home.

Soon it would be a new year. I hoped that it would be as pleasant as the last. I was happier than I had ever been. I had great friends and I was getting to wear diapers again! I never would have dreamed that this would ever happen. I knew that I was a lucky guy!

That’s all for now. Look for some more of our adventures in “Foster Friends II” at a later date.

The End

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