Double Diapers

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Double Diapers

2008-05-17 17:45:04

Author: Pawy

Summary: Boys life of Free pampers and friends with diapers and daily living.

The Word Toddled = To walk with legs apart, flat footed like a infant child learning to walk for the first time.

I don't mind that I have to wear diapers. I know most other kids my age don't wear them but they just don't understand how good wearing a diaper is. I am 10 years old now but it started when I was 7. My mum won a Pampers competition. She won 5 years of free Pampers diapers. They rang up mum and asked what size she would need I know she had to think about it for a minute as I was a only child and mum couldn't pass up the chance to collect on her winnings, so she asked what the largest size was; they said size 6. So she said, "Size 6 Pampers Cruisers, please."

A few days later I got home from school and there was two large boxers in the lounge room with Pampers on the side I didn't think much of it and went out to play for a while. A hour later mum called me in for dinner and we had hamburgers, my favourite after dinner. I went to watch TV until mum said she wanted to talk to me about something, so she sat down next to me and said that she had won the competition and seeing how she had so many diapers available, and the fact that dad was gone and she couldn't have another child, she wanted me to be her little toddler boy once again. I said, "but I am a big boy now, mum." She said that I was only seven years old and I was very small for my age and was still wearing size T4 clothes. She then said that being her little boy will be great fun. I wouldn't have to go to school and I could go shopping with her again during the day and play at the park and so on. I said, "sure mum, lets do it."

Mum said, "great, let's go shopping and get some new clothes and equipment to look after you." We drove to our local shopping center, and to my surprise mum put me in the play centre with free babysitting. This was okay, but I hadn't gone there for so long as it was mainly for toddlers because the parents didn't want to drag them around shopping. I had a good time and played on all the swings and slides and played a few games with the other littler boys there. I could see that they wore their diapers and didn't worry about them at all, like they were not even there. I was the only one that wasn't diapered and felt a left out but knew it would soon be fixed. I asked a boy what his name was and he said, "Tim". I said, "hello, Tim, my name is Kiefer." I said, "I am 7; how old are you?" He said, "I am 4." I said, "Do you like wearing diapers still?" He said, "Yeah, they are the best" in his little toddler voice, and then to my surprise, pulled down his pants and showed me his whole diaper. I smiled and said, "I am going to start wearing diapers soon, too." He smiled at me and said, "make sure that I only wear Pampers or Huggies because the other ones didn't feel very nice." I smiled and we kept playing for a while.

About 2 hours later my mum picked me up and we walked out to the car. I looked in the back of the car and it was full of boxes and bags. She really did a lot of shopping for me. We got back home and mum said I could go out and play for a while and she would set up everything and get my room ready. I ran off to go play. I met my friend Paul, who lived a couple of houses down and we played in his tree house for a while and then played his Xbox. The phone rang and it was my mother tracking me down for me to come home for dinner. I said bye and raced home.

I got home and saw a high chair at the table and it looked really nice with Pooh bear print all over it and padding all over it and a big tray at the front. Mum came from behind me and picked me up and placed me in the high chair and pulled the tray in and did the straps up around my chest and over my shoulders. She then tied a bib around my neck and placed my dinner on my tray and gave me a soft toddler spoon to eat it all. It was steak and vegi night, but she had mushed all mine into a mushy pile of goo. I started to feed my self but because it was all goo and running. Some ended up all over my face and bib and all over the high chair. Mum was happy to see that I had eaten it all she then picked me up and wiped down my face and undid my straps around me and let me out of the high chair. She put me on her hip and carried me to the bathroom and she ran the water for the bath and started to undress me I said mum I can do it. She said little boys get looked after they don't have to look after themselves. I smiled and said, "Oh yeah, okay." When I was fully undressed mum turned the water off and made sure it wasn't too hot for me and then got out a little seat for the bath and picked me up and placed me in the baby bath seat. She placed the little strap around my waist and said for me to play with these toys and she would be back to check on me. I couldn't move much because the seat made sure I couldn't bend over and drown. I sat there and played with the toys for a while and played with all the rubber duckies and toys she had left for me. Mum came in and got a new Huggies baby bath cloth out and washed me all over. I smelled great, just like a baby. She rinsed me off and took me out of the bath seat and dried me off. She wrapped the towel around me and placed me on her hip and carried me to my bedroom.

To my shock my room had been changed totally around my bed and my games and toys where all gone and there was a change table, crib, baby toys and Pooh bear all over the walls. She asked me if I liked my room I said yes mum it looks great.

She laid me on the change table and took the towel off me and placed a strap around my waist so I wouldn't fall off the change table. She went to the bottom of the change table and got out a Pampers Cruiser for me and placed it under my bottom. She then got some baby oil out and started to rub it all over me. It took a while but she totally covered me with it and rubbed it all in nicely. She powered my penis and pulled the Pampers up tight. She then got out a pair of blue plastic pants with pooh bear on the back and slid them up my feat and over my diaper. She then went to my cupboard and looked in there for a minute and came out with a cotton Pooh bear footed sleeper. She put it on me and did the zipper up to my neck and sat me up.

She said, "how do you feel, my little angel?" I looked down and I was so cute and the diaper felt fantastic better than I thought it would and the oil made all my skin feel soft and had a really nice smell to it.

I said, "Mum, I love it! I feel really nice and I look very cute." I looked to down at the bulge coming from under my pyjamas where the thickness of the diaper was making my pyjamas thicker. Mum picked me up from the change table and placed me on the ground I could feel the pyjamas cover me from neck to toe it was so soft and warm.

I walked off with mum to the lounge room and noticed the thick diaper between my legs I had to walk with my legs apart a little because I wasn't used to have so much soft thick padding between my legs. Mum smiled at me walked like a toddler into the lounge room and turned the TV on, it was then I noticed a playpen in the corner of the room with a heap of toys in it.

Mum come over and picked me up and placed me into the playpen and it was so fun because there was so many toys in there to play with or I could watch TV. An hour later my mum picked me up and took me to my room and placed me on the change table and undid the zip from my sleeper I asked, "What are you doing now, mum?" She said she was checking my diaper to see if it was wet. I said, "no, mum, I didn't do any wee yet." But she told me that little boys don't always know when then wee or not. I smiled and she stuck her finger in my diaper to find it was dry.

She did the zip up on my sleeper and placed a bib around my neck and placed me in my crib for the first time. It was so soft I couldn't believe it, but I knew I would have to get used to looking at bars next to my bed now. Mum then pulled the side rail up and handed me a warm bottle of milk to put it in my mouth. That's why I am wearing a bib now. I thought to my self and mum then pulled the string on my mobile above my head and made all the lights go and all the cows and sheep spin around. I smiled as mum said goodnight and I thought to myself, "Why did I ever grow up? This is great." I was looking at the mobile as I was sucking on the bottle.

The next thing I knew mum was putting the side rail down on my crib and she picked me up and took me to the kitchen she sat me in my high chair and strapped me in tight. She placed some breakfast mush in front of me and tied my bib around my neck. I ate all my breakfast up and mum then passed me a sippy cup of juice and I finished that off as well. She wiped my face down and took me out of the high chair and said, "let's get your bum changed." She carried me to my room and placed me on my change table, she took off my pyjamas and said, "oh dear, you wet through your diaper and plastic pants and all over your pyjamas, little man." I said, "sorry, mommy. I didn't know I wet last night." I thought, "Hang on. I don't remember needed to go to the toilet last night." She said, "Well, my little boy looks like its double diapers for you." I didn't mind. I just thought I would wear more of them. Boy, did I get that wrong! She took off my diaper and got a baby wipe out and wiped my penis and bottom all over. She then placed a fresh, dry Pampers and it was so nice to have that area all dry again. She then ripped, to my surprise, the outer lining of the Pampers diaper I had on and then got another out and placed it over the top. She smiled at me and said, "that will keep you dry." She then asked what I wanted to wear today, Bob the builder or Thomas, or Pooh bear or Blue's Clues. I had to think for minute because I didn't usually care about what I wore. I said "Blue Clues, mummy, please." She then got out of my cupboard some clothes for me and started to dress me. She put a short little pair of light blue shorts on me and a short little T-shirt with blue all over it and some socks and sandals. I looked at myself and I looked just like a little toddler would look thick diapers sticking out of my shorts and all I reached over to mummy and gave her a big cuddle and said, "I love you mummy."

She picked me up off the change table and placed me on the floor but after one set I noticed I couldn't walk properly. The little Blue Clues sandals I had on were solid and wouldn't let me feet bend, so I had to walk flat footed and the huge thickness of the Pampers between my legs I had to make sure I kept my legs far apart while I walked.

I feel over a few times walking to the lounge room while mum stood back and took pictures of me trying to walk like a small baby taking his first steps. But then I thought that is me learning how to walk with my new diapers and new shoes. Mum picked me up and said, "Well done, my little man, and placed me in my play pen."

It was okay sitting down. I could just keep my legs apart and not worry about the huge diaper I was wearing. After an hour my mummy picked me up and told me we, "We're going for a drive." She placed me on her hip and out to the car. I looked in the car and there was a baby seat in the back. She opened the door to the car and placed me down on the seat. I looked around while mum was adjusting all the straps for the first time. It was a Fisher Price car seat and it was really comfortable with padding and headrests and straps to make sure I was safe. She adjusted all the straps around me and did up the top buckle to make sure the straps didn't fall down over my shoulders. She got in the car and drove off. I was looking at my new car seat and was amazed at how cute I looked and I had never been this comfortable riding in the car before. But before I knew it I was asleep.

Mum woke me up with her unclicking all my buckles that was pushing on my diaper and the buckle on my chest. We walked away from the car with me waddling and still falling over. I looked down and noticed I was now outside dressed as a little toddler with diaper sticking out the top of my shorts and with my huge diaper butt. I fell over again and hurt my knee and started to cry I don't know why really but I felt I had, too.

Mum picked me up and carried me back to the car cleaned up my knee and gave it a kiss to make me feel all better. She then got some webbing out of the car and placed it around my chest and over my shoulders. She then made it all tight around me and attached a leash to the back clips on me. Mum helped me down from the car and we walked off again, but this time when I fell over again. She stopped me by the leash before I hit the ground and helped me back up. I thought, "Wow, the harness is really nice. I won't fall over and I wont ever lose mummy again." We got to a small office and was shown straight inside. To my surprise it was a dentist. My mummy talked to the dentist for a moment and then he came in and said, "Hello, Kiefer. I am just going to put something in your mouth now and it won't hurt at all. I smiled and said okay.

The man looked in my mouth and then got a plastic looking device and placed it in my mouth and used some glue that smelled really smelly and stuck it there. He said all finished and handed me a lollipop and helped me down from the chair.

We walked off to the car again and I wanted to eat the lollipop and asked mum to open it but to my surprise I couldn't speak properly I couldn't sound out all words and some not at all. I said, "tummy op my ollie." I then thought I really do sound like a toddler now. My mummy took the lolly and opened it for me and said, "my little man, you now have a device in your mouth to make sure you talk like a little toddler learning to speak would talk." I smiled and said, "fanks ummy" and she passed me the lollipop. I put in my mouth and noticed I couldn't suck on it properly and I was dribbling it all down my chin and over my shirt. Mum placed me in my soft comfy car seat again and strapped me in tight. She looked at me and said, "oh dear, you need a bib, little man," and tied a Blue Clues bib around my neck while I finished my lollypop.

Soon we arrived at our local park and she helped me out of my seat and attached the leash to the back of my harness and led me to the swings. She then unclipped the leash to the back of me and let me go play. I ran over to play and saw a whole bunch of toddler there to play with. But I fell over running twice on the way there.

I was soon playing in the sand with another boy he didn't even say anything about my diapers or clothes I was so happy to be mummy's little boy and played with all the boys and girls there for a while, until mummy came over and attached the leash and made me stand up and walk with her. I started to cry because I didn't want to go I wanted to stay and play in the sand longer. She then reached in her purse and pulled out a pacifier. I hadn't seen one of those for ages and placed it in my mouth. I went quite while I sucked on the pacifier that was not in my mouth and it felt so soothing to be sucking in it rather than crying. After being strapped in my car seat mummy drove to the shops again.

I tried to tell her I wanted to play in the little boys play area but she couldn't understand what I said and she told me not to worry she will keep me happy. After she got me out of my car seat and attached my harness she walked me into the shopping centre and we headed towards the toddler play area and I ran towards it only to be held back by mummy and the leash. She unclipped my leash and let me go play with the other toddlers and told the lady in charge to use the leash if I got into any trouble. I ran over and tripped once on the way to the slid and had fun playing when I saw Tim being dropped off. I ran over to say hello to Tim but I fell over again I wish I could get used to walking like a toddler but I suppose toddlers just fall down a lot.

I said, "hello, Tim." He smiled and said, "hello, Kiefer." He looked down and said, "wow, you are a little boy like me now, and you got big diapers on, too." I said, "yes mummy, make me wear thick diapers because I a bigger boy." But I just remember he wouldn't understand what I was talking about because everything I said turned out funny.

But he answered, "You look cute in Blue's Clues. I love him, too. I said, "Can you understand me?" He said yes. I said, "Wow, you can understand toddler talk." He smiled and we went to play over on the swings for a while. It was when I sat down on the swing I suddenly felt my diaper getting wet and heavy and realised I was wetting it without knowing or being able to stop it. I felt relieved to be empty and the diaper still kept me dry but felt a little thicker and heaver.

After an hour I felt I had to wet again and could feel the diaper getting thicker and warm all over my penis and bum. I loved not stopped my play time to go use to potty. When mum picked me up I felt myself going wee again in my diaper I had lost count but I knew my diaper was wet because I had wet it so many times and it had puffed up everywhere and was a lot thicker than when it was dry and I had to walk even slower because of the increased thickness of it between my legs. My smiled at me and lay me on the ground in front of Tim and pulled down my shorts and said, "Wow, that's one very wet diaper, my little man, and started to untape my Pampers and clean me up and taped two dry Pampers on me and pulled my shorts up and attached my leash.

I said goodbye to Tim and he gave me a big, cuddly goodbye and said, "stay wet, my friend." Mum led me to the car and strapped me in tight. Before I knew it I was being awakened up by mum and we where at a pool centre.

I don't know why I kept falling asleep but I think because the car seat was so soft and with my diaper I knew I had nothing to worry about. Mummy took me out of my seat attached my leash and walked over to the pool centre we walked over to the little toddler pool and mummy laid me on my back and took my clothes off and put a Huggies little swim diaper on me and let me go play in the pool. I found a few other toddlers in the pool and started to play with them one of the boys came over and told me that he didn't wear diapers because he was a big boy and I shouldn't wear a diaper because I was a big boy, too. I said, "You are a silly little boy because using the potty takes too long and I don't have to stop playing." He smiled and ran off to his mommy and I could hear him say, "mummy, I want to wear diapers again like that boy."

It was great fun playing at the pool and mummy soon got me out and changed me into some dry pampers and my clothes. Mummy drove me home and helped me out of the car and took my harness off me and I said I don't want to take it off mummy ill keep falling over and hurting myself. She told me to go and play with my friends in the street. I toddled off to Paul's place and remembered that I was a toddler now and Paul didn't know yet. I stopped and had to think what I was going to tell him because he might tell my other friends, too.

I decided I would just tell him the truth that I was happier being a toddler now. I got to Paul's place and his mum opened the door and said, "hello, Kiefer, don't you look cute today?" I smiled and walked inside but to my surprise she stopped me and pulled the back of my diaper and looked in it and said, "oh good, no messes," and let me go. I thought it was very strange for her to be checking my bottom to see that I had not made any poo in my diaper but I suppose little boys that wear diapers need to have them checked for messes. I found Paul in his bedroom playing his Xbox and sat down next to him and watched while he played. A little while he let me have a go and handed me the controller it was then he looked at me and saw my clothes and diapers sticking out of my shorts. He said, "Why are you dressed like a toddler?" I said, "So I don't have to worry about going to the toilet and worry about anything. My mummy does it all for me now she does everything I want. It's great you should try it."

I said, "Yeah, but diapers are for babies." I said, "well, why do I still fit into a Pampers if they're only for babies?" He then asked me what is it like to wear diapers and to mess in them. I said, "Paul, it's great. I don't have to worry about the toilet ever. My mummy changes my bum. I don't even have to ask and I can keep playing and don't stop, and toilets are yucky. Have you seen those public toilets that have pee all over them, and poo? They're yucky! I'd rather keep my diapers."

He said, "but why are you wearing little toddler clothes for them?" I said, "since I started wearing diapers again my mummy has been treating me like a toddler; that's why I talk funny and its great, too. Mummy feeds me, puts me in and out of the car and carries me and washes me."

Paul said, "Do you think my mum would let me wear diapers again like you?" I said, "Paul, I don't know, but maybe you should ask her; she might say yes or no."

Paul ran over to speak to his mum and I toddled behind him the best I could without falling over. Paul's mum said, "Sure, Paul, give me a little bit of time to organize it."

We went back to Paul's room and kept playing the Xbox for a little while until his mummy came in and said that we were both going back to my house while she went out and got Paul's new clothes and furniture. Paul and I walked back to my house and he saw me fall over and asked if I was okay. I said, "Yeah, I am okay. I am still getting used to walking like a little boy has to." He helped me up and said, "I like Blue's Clues, too."

We walked in my front door and mummy came over and said, "hello, my little man. Come and get your diaper changed, Kiefer, and Paul can watch." Mum picked me up and took me to my room with Paul. who followed. I was put down on the change table when Paul said, "Wow, you have a cool room now." Mum pulled my shorts down and took off my wet diaper and placed two fresh Pampers on me and picked me up and left my shorts on the ground. Mummy then looked at Paul and said, "Come and get your diaper on, Paul." He looked scared for a minute and said, "No, it's okay. My mummy has gone to get me some now." My mummy said that she had spoken with her and said to diaper me for the first time to get used to it as soon as possible. She then picked Paul up and laid him on my change table and placed the strap over his chest. She pulled down his shorts and Spiderman undies and threw them in the bin. He looked over and said, "Why are you throwing my shorts and undies in the bin?" She smiled and said, "Well, you're not wearing undies anymore. You are wearing diapers now and those shorts are for big boys, not a little toddler like you." She got two of my Pampers out and put them under his bum and applied some powder and started to pull both the diapers up and did the tapes up tight over his tummy. Paul looked down to see his legs being forced apart by the thick pampers he was wearing and smiled and said, "Thanks I love Elmo (there was a Elmo on the front of the Pampers Cruiser)." Mummy helped him down onto the floor and he fell straight over and giggled. He got up on his hands and knees and said, "I know what you mean now about having to learn to walk like a toddler." He then said what pants can he wear and my mummy said, "Don't worry about pants. Toddlers don't worry about them. You have cute Elmo diapers on and your mummy has gone out to buy you some new clothes now." She told us both to go play in the backyard for a while until Paul's mummy got back. Paul crawled with my to the back yard and we stopped at the sandpit to play.

Paul kept looking at his new diaper he had on and looking at his bottom and would reach down and feel the soft diaper that he was wearing. I said, "Pauly, leave your diaper alone and help me dig this hole." He smiled and we played with my trucks and diggers for ages. Paul said that he needed to pee really bad. He said, "I need to use the toilet." I said, "No Pauly, use your diaper, you silly boy. You cant keep holding it until you need to go like you used to. You just go all the time, and whenever you want you got a diaper on all the time and that's what it's there for." I could see that he was relieved and was filling his diaper.

A little while later Paul's mummy came to pick him up and came out to the back yard to find him and said, "Well, well, well, my boy, don't you look so cute in your new diddies." He smiled to her and got up to go to her and fell over flat on his face. He gave a little giggle and his mummy picked him up. Paul said goodbye and he would try and see me tomorrow and his mummy said, "Don't worry, Kiefer, Paul is coming over in the morning to play with you because he doesn't have to go to school now, either."

I walked back inside as Paul was carried out to his mummy's car and I could see through the front window that he was being strapped in to a baby seat like mine. Mummy yelled out that it was dinner time. I toddled in to the kitchen and mum picked me up and placed me in my high chair. I didn't like what mummy made for dinner so I decided to make it look like I was eating it. I just put it all over my face and bib and all over the high chair and floor. Mummy saw what I was doing and got a fresh plate of food and started to feed me instead of me putting to spoon in my mouth. She did it for me. I tried to close my mouth but she all ways found a way to get me to open it, but a lot more ended up over my face and bib. It was great fun, but I made a huge mess. Mummy finished feeding me and handed me a bottle of warm milk. She said that if I can't eat all my dinner I had to have some milk as well and if I didn't drink it she would feed it to me as well. She walked off and I could hear the bath running. I tried to get out of the high chair and moved around as much as I could. I was strapped down and the tray was pushed in too tight. I started to drink the bottle of milk but it tasted funny. so I threw it away and remember that mummy would try and feed me now. but I could go get the bottle again. so I was stuck sitting in my high chair waiting for her to come back. I heard the bath water stop and she came back and said, "Where is your bottle, little man?" I pointed and said, "There, but it was yucky and didn't want it." She got a cloth and cleaned my face but my clothes and bib was still a big mess. She then unstrapped me from my high chair picked me up and sat me on her lap in the lounge room and nursed my like a baby and stuck the bottle in my mouth I didn't want to drink it because it tasted so funny, but knew I didn't have much of a choice now.

I relaxed and started to drink as fast as I could but the bottle made things go very slow. After I had finished the bottle mummy took me to the bathroom and stripped off my clothes and diapers and strapped me in the baby bath seat. She left me to play a while so I did and had some great time sinking as many toys as I could.

Mummy came back and dried me off and took me to my room and diapered and put my footed Pooh sleeper on me and placed me in my crib and soon I was asleep.

It was morning and mummy was picking me up out of my cot and I found the usual pacifier in my mouth. She took off my soaked diapers and cleaned me all up and powdered me and double diapered me as usual. She then asked, "What do you want to wear today?" I thought for a moment and said, "Thomas The Tank Engine, please, mummy."

She then went over to the cupboard and pulled out my clothes for me to wear. She started by pulling up some light blue tights up my legs and they had little pictures of Thomas all over them and then she put and Thomas t-shirt over my head, but to my surprise she joined it together with snaps under my diaper and over my shoulder.

She then pulled up a pair of short alls with a big picture of Thomas on the front and back and fed it through some loops so the straps wouldn't fall down over my shoulders. I looked down and could see I had snaps up the middle of my legs and she finished me off by putting toddler style Velcro sandals on my feet she helped me down. Once again I couldn't walk properly but I did look really cute and very comfortable. After breakfast mummy cleaned me up and placed me in my playpen for a while.

Soon Paul came over and was lead into the lounge room with a leash and harness like mine. He was walking worse than I was but he was wearing a cute Bob the Builder shirt with a big picture of Bob on the front and a big puffy pair of white plastic pants, Bob the Builder sandals. His mum took off his leash off and placed him in the playpen with me and he sat down next to me. I said, "hello, Paul." He smiled and gave me a big cuddle and said, "thanks, my little friend, for helping me be a little boy again. I am having so much fun, I love it." I looked at his diaper and it was huge, a lot bigger than mine. I asked Paul what was with his diaper and he said his mummy didn't like disposables and used cloth instead but she had put 4 layers on him, but he said he could wet a lot and not have to get changed all the time. His mummy left and we played with all the toys for a while until my mummy told me that we were going to go to the beach. Mummy picked us both up out of the playpen and attached a leash to the back of harnesses and lead us out to the car. Paul said, "I love my harness. It stops me falling over and I won't get lost anymore and I hate getting lost." I said, "Yeah mine has saved me from falling over heaps." Mummy led us out to the car and Paul's car seat was in the car next to mine. I was strapped in tight and Paul was strapped into his seat. He had a nice baby style seat made by Cosco. He had nice pads over his shoulders and pads around the clips pushing on his diaper. Mummy drove us to the beach while Paul and I played with some toys and talked to each other.

When we got to the beach mummy walked us out with our leashes connected to us and we found a nice spot on the sand and put down a big towel. Mummy started to take off my short alls and shirt and carefully pulled down my Thomas tights. She took my diaper off and put a Little Swimmer on me. She then took Paul out of his thick cloth diapers and put a Little Swimmer on him, too. Mummy then put a float vest and Paul and I and told us to go play. We had so much fun that day playing in the waves and building sand castles. It was late afternoon when mummy put our diapers and clothes back on us and took us to the car. We dropped Paul at his house and I gave him a big cuddle goodbye and he gave me a friendly kiss on my cheek. Mummy then drove me home and fed me some dinner in my high chair and soon took me to bed in some fresh diapers and my Pooh sleeper.

The next day mummy woke me up and took me to the change table put two Pampers diapers on me and asked what I wanted to wear today. I said, "Today I want to wear Pooh Bear. She smiled and got my clothes and fitted a Pooh bear onsie on me and some sandals and put my harness over my shoulders and around my chest. She helped me down off the change table. I said, "mummy, I got no pants." She said it was okay that my cute little diapers were covered by my shirt. I smiled as she picked me up and put me into my playpen to play. Soon mummy came over and told me that today I would start day care with Paul. I don't remember day care so I wasn't really worried about it. Mummy picked me up and placed me in the car in my car seat and we drove to Paul's house. Paul's mummy strapped him in his car seat and soon arrived at the day care centre.

Mummy attached our leashes and walked us into the day care centre Paul was still falling down a lot and was wearing a cute Thomas over alls with his thick cloth diapers. I fell down once but Paul fell down three times I was so lucky to be wearing the harness; otherwise I would have kept hurting my knees. Inside the day care centre there where toddlers everywhere. Mummy kissed us both goodbye and took our leashes off and gave them to the carers. Paul and I played with the Lego and all the other boys there. We made heaps of friends there but I made a new best friend who was Sam he was 8 yrs old a little bit older than me but he still wore diapers, too. There was about 5 boys my age there still in diapers and there was one boy there called Tyler who was 10 yrs old and still in diapers and cute toddler clothes. We went to the day care centre every weekday. I am 10 years old now but I don't wear Pampers. I wear Attends small and at night I wear two Attends so I don't leak. I still go to the day care centre and still get treated like a little boy. Mummy still calls me her little man and I still talk and walk like a little toddler. Old people always have trouble trying to work out what I am saying, but I didn't mind because all my friends and toddlers always knew what I was saying. I love my diapers and want to wear them forever. I've had the best childhood any one could want I've always had a lot of fun I don't have to worry about anything I don't have to use no stupid toilet.


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