Diapered And Spanked

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Diapered And Spanked

2008-05-17 17:40:18

Summary: 17 year old is caught in diapers and spanked by mom--true story

My Name is Jason and I'm 21 now--about 4 years ago, I had a scary but great experience in diapers. Like a lot of kids I wet the bed and wore a diaper till adolescence, then stopped. But unlike a lot, I liked the experience, and got a hold of some big cloth diapers and plastic pants, which I sneaked on to bed quite often.

No one knew, and I was careful, till that holiday morning when I woke up late, still diapered. Mom came in to wake me up, saying she needed my help that day to prepare for her tea party, and pulled my covers back. At first, she thought it was just undies that I was wearing, something she disapproved of- supposed to wear pj's. Then she looked again, and felt the plastic pants! I was horrified, and she looked first shocked, then angry.

She ordered me out of bed, and told me to go eat. I sheepishly said okay, and started to put on some pants, but she just "no pants, just your diaper-now go eat."

I started to protest, but she just swatted my behind and said "go". Now I knew I was in trouble, but I had no idea how much. By now I had to pee, but did not dare go anywhere except to the kitchen, and soon my diaper was soaked. To my horror, my older sister was in the kitchen, and when she saw my diaper, she started to laugh. When I swore at her, my mom came in, took another couple of swats to my diapered bum, and laid out the rules for the day. No pants for the day, and no bathroom. Both my room and the bathroom doors were locked.

So there I was, 17 years old, stuck with no pants, wearing only a diaper and PJ top, in full view of my sister, and being told by mom that that was how I would stay. I started to panic and protest but mom was firm. "You want diapers young man, you've got them--and that's how you'll stay." She then said she had to go out for a bit, and I was to tidy up for her guests, who were arriving in a couple of hours. As my sister got ready to go, she said she wished she could stay and watch the day unfold, but could not, and with a touch to my behind said "Oh--baby needs a dry diaper want me to change you?" and laughed. I was so angry but could do nothing about it.

I figured I had better do what mom told me, so I cleaned up, and then went to the den to watch some TV, and wait for mom. Before long, she returned and got busy getting ready for her party. I did not even have time to screw up the courage to face her and ask if I could change when the bell rang. They were arriving! Now I really panicked, and went down to the den again, hoping I could hide till they left. By now my diaper was very wet and saggy, but what could I do? As they arrived, one by one, I panicked more and more. Suddenly, mom was in the den with a NEW DIAPER!

As mom and I stood there, me 17 and wearing a soaking diaper, her angry and holding a new diaper for me to wear, the whole situation started to sink in, and while it was a rush, I was a bit scared. She obviously meant business, and with her friends in the house, the potential for embarrassment was huge, and about to turn quite real.

She then offered me a choice: Either stay in my obviously used diaper for all to see and go say hello to the guests, or change into the dry one, then say hello! "No way! I won't!" I shouted, but she then said "YES you will- again, you wanted to wear diapers, so now you are, and that's that." I will never forget those words. So I said "okay", and pulled down my diaper-pants, and took off the wet diaper. I was shaking with fear now, and putting on the diaper was not going well, so she told me, "lie down-- I'll do it." I complied, and in no time the new diaper was pinned at both sides, and because it was a very thick one, looked quite babyish.

As I stood and pulled up my diaper-pants, she got that angry look again, and said "Look at you--I can't believe it. 17 and back in diapers-- wait till your father sees this-- you won't sit for a week!" and took another smack at my bum. Now it had been a while since mom or dad had even talked of spanking me, (about 4 years) so I did not know what to think. But we did not speak of it then, as she now gave me another choice: Either stay in a pj top and diaper only, or put on the T-shirt she had brought with her. When she held it up, I saw that she had sewn a piece of material to the back that would pass between my legs, and snap to the front, pretty much like a baby's diaper shirt. I though for a second, and opted for the diaper-shirt, as I thought it would cove the diaper well enough. But after I had changed into it, I saw that it actually accentuated my diaper more, because it was quite snug around the bum and crotch.

But there was no going back, as she the took my arm and said, "let's go." I started to protest, but she just said not to make things worse, and I pictured me over her knee, and just said, "okay." When we got upstairs, at first the ladies, some quite a bit older than mom, just said hello, and I stammered "hello" back. But then they all started to realize how I was dressed--very thick diaper, plastic pants, and diaper shirt--and the just stared. I started to go, but mom held me there, and finally, a woman who never really liked me spoke. She said "A boy your age still in diapers-- one of my boys was a slow trainer, but not this bad," and sort of snickered, as did some of the others, probably out of nervousness.

At this point, I could not hold back. I said" It's none of your damn business what I wear, and I don't have to wear them. I do it because I..." and then I realized what I had pretty much just said. To which my mother then said "Jason was very naughty and is now living with the consequences." But she then said with obvious anger on her face, "but we have to go deal with his little tantrum-- excuse us for a few minutes." She led me away to the kitchen, and I knew what was waiting for me.

She went to the wall where a small cutting board, about as thick as a ping-pong paddle hung as a decoration. This was what they used on me as a paddle when I went over the knee as a child, so I had no doubts about the next few minutes as she sat down near me, and said, "you have just been so bad, I'm not waiting for your dad to come home 'Mummy' (as if talking to a toddler) will punish you now."

With that she undid the diaper shirt and pulled down the plastic pants around my knees, put me over her knee to paddle my diapered bum. I started to cry, as all the guests could hear the spanking, and said "I'm too old to spank! Stop!" but I guess the diaper sort of took care of that argument, and she kept on spanking. Spank, spank, spank went the paddle, all the while my bum now starting to hurt, even with the padding of the diaper. She kept on spanking for a long time, and I had time to imagine what I looked like, big diaper on and being spanked over my mother's knee, and felt so embarrassed, as everyone in the house knew I was being spanked.

I had been so scared that I even pooped my diaper, but mom did not care, as it was still in the diaper, and was going to keep me in diapers for a while any way. At the end, she stood me up, pulled up my diaper pants, and told me to now go and apologize to the guests, and to make sure I understood, took a couple more swats to my behind.

While mom was spanking me, she said a few things about growing up and not being such a baby, but as I was wearing a diaper while over her knee, and struggling and crying with every spank, I guess I sounded a lot like a baby. With my bum very sore, ( I had forgotten how much a spanking could hurt) and my pride wounded, I had half thought she might be finished with her diaper punishment, but I was wrong. When she pulled up my diaper pants, and told me to go apologize, I knew she meant this to last.

I did go in and say I was sorry, and then finally the guests left. But mom told me to go stand in the corner for a while, and wait for her to come back with another diaper. I could not believe she was going to change me again, but she was. Just then, my sister walked in, WITH A FRIEND! As they giggled and made fun of me, I started to cry again, and could not hold my tongue, and started to swear at them, just as mom came back with a clean diaper. She heard everything I had said, and asked " have you learned nothing?" She then changed me (after they had left the room, at least) and said " I thought one spanking would be enough" loudly enough for them to hear in the other room. So how my sister and her friend saw me in diapers and knew I had gotten a spanking at age 17.

She stopped for a minute, and said " I guess you will stay this way for the weekend(it was Thursday, the start of a 4 day weekend), and finally let me put some pants on as I would go to the store with her for "supplies". We went and bought enough cloth for several thick diapers, as well as some large plastic pants. It was all embarrassing, as she would say things like, "these ought to fit you well" in front of the clerks.

When we got home, she then said "now I'm going to teach you not to be so rude and difficult, and with that led me to the kitchen again, and with the two girls right there, pulled my pants down, exposing yet again my diapered bum, and pulled me across her knee, and started to lecture me before the 2nd spanking in one day began. This time I tried not to cry, but with each spank, the whole thing got to me, and as I kicked and screamed, the tears started. This time she spanked me a long time and quite hard.

So that was how I was diapered and spanked at age 17.

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