Cindy's Diaper Punishment

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Cindy's Diaper Punishment

2008-05-17 17:40:18

by firmly2

Nurse Riley

One day in Cindy's forth month at BRS, she was lying in the infirmary bed in just her panties waiting for Nurse Adams to give her her morning enema. Suddenly, a strange nurse entered, carrying the familiar basin of water, syringe, and vaseline. Startled by this intruder, Cindy demanded to know where Nurse Adams was.

"She's off on vacation this week, Cindy, and I'm Nurse Riley, her replacement. Now be a good girl while I give you your enema." In a foolish moment of pique, a sleepy Cindy let out her frustration.

"No, I won't let you, I won't. I want Nurse Adams to do that and no one else."

"Young lady, I'm only going to ask you one more time. Are you going to take your enema like a good girl or am I going to have to do things my way?"

Though Cindy could hear the edge in her voice, she got even angrier. Before she quite realized what she was doing, she yelled,


"Very well, young lady. Since you insist on being a brat, I have a little surprise for girls who refuse to take their enemas. Ruthie, could you please come in here. I'm going to need your assistance."

Immediately Cindy realized she had made a mistake and told Nurse Riley she was ready to take her enema.

"I'm sorry, young lady. But you already had your second chance. Now you're going to come with me right now into the examination room."

Before Cindy could do anything, Nurse Riley yanked back the covers, pinched her ear, and pulled her out of bed. By then, the other nurse, Ruth Denning, had arrived and together they marched the struggling girl out into the hall and down into a nearby examination room.

After making her pee in a chamber pot, the nurses then took Cindy down the hall into the punishment room where five teachers were sitting on the sofas and chairs by the fireplace drinking coffee, reading newspapers, and chatting. They looked up with interest as Cindy was buckled face down over one of the padded benches, her bottom facing in their direction. After tightening a broad strap around her waist, Nurse Riley and Nurse secured her hands and feet with smaller straps. Once Cindy was completely immobile, Nurse Denning pulled her panties down below her cheeks while Nurse Riley opened a nearby cabinet and got out a little jar. Cindy watched while she removed three, small, whitish-grey plugs about two inches long. Nurse Riley then approached her from behind and parted her cheeks before sliding the little plugs deep inside her and pulling her panties back up. Though Cindy didn't know what had happened, she had just received her first suppositories.

Nurse Riley then replaced the little jar in the cabinet and opened a drawer in a dresser against the wall. Inside were many pairs of latex panties which she went through one by one. Eventually she selected a pair of clear plastic panties and laid them out on a table near Cindy. Next, she opened a desk drawer and removed a broad, flat hairbrush. As soon as she saw it, Cindy began crying hot tears and begging to take her normal enema.

"Young lady, you had your chance and you passed it up. You should know by now we mean what we say here at BRS. I think one of Nurse Riley's special 'wet panty' paddlings will make that clear enough."

With that, she filled a small bowl with water from the nearby sink, dipped a small sponge in it, and wet Cindy's panties thoroughly in back until they clung transparently to her cheeks. Only then did she finally start paddling her.


"Young lady, after this morning, you are going to obey me whenever I ask you to do anything, whether it's time for your morning enemas or anything else."



Though she was now sobbing loudly, Cindy promised she would obey her and do everything she asked right away. Nurse Riley's only response was to wet her panties down further and continue spanking the youngster for the next five minutes, pausing every so often to wet her down again. With the door to the punishment room open, everyone in the infirmirary could hear that a naughty girl was learning a good lesson. Gradually, other teachers arrived for their morning coffee, settling down in chairs behind Cindy where her red cheeks were very much on display through her wet panties.

By the time Nurse Riley finished paddling Cindy, her bottom glowed deep red and she was sobbing like a baby. With one more dose of warm water applied to her panties, Nurse Riley loosened the straps holding down her legs and slipped the plastic pants up her legs and over her hot bottom. She smiled with satisfaction as she noted how the latex panties fitted just as snugly as Cindy's panties without any wrinkles.

Up until then, Cindy didn't understand why she was wearing wet panties and plastic panties. She was too busy crying her eyes out from her recent paddling. Only after another five minutes did Cindy suddenly realize she needed to defecate. Se begged Nurse Riley to let her use the toilet but she just laughed and said,

"Cindy, this is part of your punishment. You'll be allowed toliet privileges tomorrow, providing you take your morning enema properly. For now, you're going to learn what happens to little girls who are not old enough to use the potty."

"Please, Nurse Riley .... I promise I'll be good in the morning from now on ... please ... I have to go real bad ... please let me up ... please..."

Cindy's pleas continued in that vein for another five minutes while the triple suppository gradually overcame her desparate attempts at self-control. She was also terribly ashamed that so many of the BRS staff members and nurses seemed to be in the punishment room at that moment. Eventually, she noticed a hush had fallen over the room and she twisted her head to see all eyes on her bottom.

"Noooo Nurse Riley ... nooo .... noooo .. OHHHHH NNOOOOOOOOO ... look what you made me do .. OOOOHHHH NOOOOOOOO ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

By then, the suppositories had taken effect and Cindy had made a large bowel movement in her panties. Only then did she realize all this had been planned. But the worse was yet to come. Nurse Riley picked up the paddle and asked,

"Are you ready for the rest of your paddling, Cindy?"

"Nooooo," Cindy wailed hopelessly as Nurse Riley began paddling her directly on the seat of her tight, clear, latex panties. Though she spanked gently to avoid damaging the plastic pants, the punishment was far more humiliating by spreading Cindy's poopie all over her bottom cheeks. At that point, the other women stopped talking and just watched with evident fascination. When that second paddling ended, Cindy was a broken, sobbing little girl, promising to do anything.

Over the next half hour, the staff gradually finished their coffee and filed out one or two at a time to head for the classrooms. As they passed Cindy, each woman picked up the paddle and spanked or massaged her latex panties while calling her names like "potty pants" and "big baby". Nurse Riley then returned and unclamped the bench from the floor and wheeled it out into the hallway outside Cindy's room where she stayed for three and a half hours until lunchtime. During that time, most of the school's teachers came by as did four of Cindy's schoolmates who were being taken to the punishment room for spankings between classes. All of them saw Cindy lying over the spanking bench and assumed she had pooped her panties during a spanking.

Only at noon o'clock did Nurse Riley finally undo Cindy and put her on the metal examination table in the nurse's office where she removed her plastic pants and messy panties and cleaned her up. She then took her into the bathroom and gave her a bath before putting her back in jammies. Afterwards, she fed her lunch in her room with a reminder spanking before putting her to bed for an afternoon nap. Needless to say, it was the first and the last time Cindy ever refused a morning enema from any nurse.

Final Month Program

As Cindy's six month term came to an end, the pace of her spankings picked up. For the last month of any girl's stay, BRS used a program of multiple daily spankings and other rituals. Any girl in her final month was sent to the infirmary for the entire time with a special spanking chart hanging on a hook in her room. Generally, there were four to five girls in the "final month" program at any given time. In Cindy's last month, she was one of five.

In this special period, no two consequetive spankings were ever given by the same teacher or nurse. This reinforced a proper sense of obedience. The wake-up spanking came first, at 7:30 every morning. It was always given by one of the two duty nurses and was always followed by good, soapy enema. Then it was time for good breakfast which all the "last month" girls ate together in the punishment room. After breakfast and a bath came the second spanking of the day, usually given by the other duty nurse. After the nurse dried Cindy off, she marched her back into her room with just a towel wrapped around her waist, took her towel away, put her over her lap, and spanked her bottom until she was crying vigorously for the second time that morning. With five girls in the special program and only two bathtubs, it usually took an hour to bathe and spank all five girls. The worst part for Cindy was sitting in the tub being washed with the sound of a classmate crying her way through a good spanking in one of the nearby rooms. The girls who were bathed and spanked in the second round were usually crying well before their baths were finished.

After their second morning spankings, all "last month" girls were dressed in a tee shirt, panties, and a very short skirt and sent to a special classoom in the rear of the infirmirary. With one change in the normal routine, they did their normal school lessons until lunch. Any child caught making a mistake or not doing her work properly was spanked by the teacher in front of the whole class. And no matter how hard they tried to do their work properly, the teacher invariably found a good reason to spank each child once in front of the other girls before the morning class ended.

Once a teacher found some spelling, punctuation, or mathematics error in the workbooks, she pulled the trembling youngster from her seat and escorted her to the front of the class and told her to stand still. Then she moved her chair out from her desk and placed it off to the side, in full view of the other school desks. By that point, the youngster in question was usually crying. It was then a simple procedure to sit down, tug the child's panties down to mid thigh and put her over her lap with her bottom facing the class. All spankings in the last month were fairly long, most lasting five to ten minutes. At some point, the teacher often found it necessary to move the child between her legs to hold her in place for the remainder of the punishment. And any pupil who tried to reach back and cover up with her hands soon found them secured in front with a silk handkerchief and an extra five minutes added to her spanking.

After lunch, "last month" girls were taken to their private rooms in the infirmirary by the duty nurses and put into jammies for an afternoon nap. All girls were well spanked through the rear flap of their jammies before being put to bed. Once again, it was always hard for Cindy to hear her neighbors being spanked as she waited in her room for the nurse to come undress her and put om her jammies for her nap.

The use of spankings just before regular naps and bedtimes was not accidental. The staff at BRS knew how effective bedtime spankings were in regressing rebellious teenagers to a state of obedient, well-behaved little girls. For the same reason, no girl in her last month was allowed to dress or undress herself or to use the potty unsupervised. After making a poopie, each girl had to stand up while nurse bend her under her arm and wiped her thoroughly with toilet paper.

Finally, all girls had to wear special infant sleepwear at naptime or bedtime. This consisted of a pair of pink or baby blue, one piece, footed jammies with a flap in the back secured with snaps which could be easily taken down for bedtime spankings. Once a fifteen year girl was dressed in her jammies knowing she was about to be put over her nurse's knee and then put to bed, she tended to feel and act much younger than she really was. And that was exactly why the jammies were so helpful. The whole purpose of the "last month" program was to overwhelm the girls with a sense of childish helplessness and dependency to counter any thoughts of rebellion they might feel as their release approached. The last thing the staff needed was girls who returned to bad behavior once they were released. Dressing them as toddlers at bedtime and giving multiple spankings during the day was all part of a program designed to reduce them to complete docility and obedience in their last month.

All bedtime spankings in the final month were preceded by rectal temperatures. On the bedside table, the nurses left out an open jar of Vaseline with a theremometer stuck in it. And every morning, one girl was selected on a rotating basis to spend the morning lying on the table in the nurse's examination room, a belt around her waist keeping her firnly in place. Instead of dressing her after the second spanking and sending her to the special class, the "morning girl" as she was called was left in her jammies and put on the nurse's table. His jammy flap was then lowered and she was thermometered and left there for the rest of the morning while teachers and nurses passed in and out on business or walked by the open door and looked in. Many stopped to chat with the morning girl and to ask if she was learning a good lesson. The worst part was being a "morning girl" when a group of apprentice nurses came by on a guided tour of the facilties or when the director of BRS came by with a propective juvenile delinquent and her mother with a warning tour of what to expect if her behavior didn't improve immediately. On one of the days when Cindy was the morning girl, Nurse Adams brought her pretty seventeen-year old daughter, Susan, to work in the school library since she had to take her to the doctors during lunch. While Cindy was lying there on the examination table with a thermometer in her red bottom, she heard a strange, younger voice talking with Nurse Adams. And she face grew as red as her bottom when the two women entered the examination room itself and continued chatting before the strange younger voice finally said,

"Mom, who's this girl? She must be new to BSR in the last six months."

"Oh, that's Cindy Wilson, Susie. As you can see, she's in her last month and she's our 'morning girl' today."

"She's awfully cute, isn't she, Mom?"

"I suppose you could say that, Susie ... yes ... I suppose she is cute, especially in those pink jammies. She's also quite naughty and just had her morning spanking a half hour ago."

"Oh, I wish I had come by a little earlier, I would have loved to have seen that. How's her temp, Mom?"

"I don't know, sweetheat, probably normal. Why don't you check it?"

"Sure Mom, I'd love to help out."

As Cindy groaned in embarrassment, Susan pried her cheeks open and pulled the thermometer out before checking it and pronouncing her free of any fever."

"Should I put it back in, Mom," she asked.

"Yes, please, dearie ... we keep morning girls well thermometered all morning just so they realize what little girls they still are. Thank you ... that's right."

Cindy groaned again as she felt Susan Adam's fingers prying open her clenched cheeks and sliding the thermometer in place again, her hand lingering on her bottom for a few seconds. And she breathed an audible sigh of relief as Susan Adams left to go back to the library where she spent the rest of the morning studying.

Some girls in the "final month" program regressed so much with their regular spankings, jammies, and rectal temps that they started wetting the bed. In such cases, the staff isolated the child in a special nursery wing of the infirmary with round the clock diapers and plastic pants and all potty priviledges cancelled. Though Cindy never wet, one of the five girls in her "final month" program did toward the end of the first week and spent the rest of the month in round the clock diapers. It was easy to tell because she was always dressed in special jammies with snaps along the legs and the crotch. She also had a thick diaper bulge under her jammies and made a lound rustling noise as she walked. And she had a very red face when she was led into the morning class. "Diaper girls" as they were usually called, were led everywhere by hand by a nurse or teacher.

And although Cindy didn't know it, "diaper girls" were never given the usual morning enema. Instead, they were given two suppositories just before the morning class. This meant they invariably messed their diapers sometime in the first hour or two of class. And this was their special punishment, something which was far more embarrassing than classroom spankings. The worst part was that no diaper girl could cover up what was happening. Seated in the front, she invariably grew restless as she fought to control herself. In the first week, they even called additional attention to their plight by whispering pleas to the teacher to use the potty. Of course, no such permission was ever granted. In the end, they lost the battle and messed themselves in front of the other "last month" girls. Of course, it was impossible for a diaper girl sitting in her desk to defecate without raising herself up slightly. If the teacher saw that this was happening, she hauled the unfortunate child over her desk while she grunted and soiled herself in front of everyone. Afterwards, the teacher slid her down hard onto her chair. The girl's red face said it all as she tried to concentrate on her schoolwork while sitting in a messy diaper. To make matters worse, no messy diaper girl was ever taken out for a change right away. The teacher always waited for a good hour or more and then she began by asking the fragrant lass embarassing questions.

"Did you mess your diapers again, Beth? It certainly smells like it? Beth, I'm speaking to you? Answer me right now unless you want Nurse Riley to come in and change you right here on my desk? Did you make a poopie in your baby diapers, Beth"

After the unhappy child admitted the truth, the teacher always ordered the girl to the front of the classroom where she took down her rear flap so that her diapers were visible to the rest of the class. Invariably, diaper girls wore semi-transparent baby pants in grey or pink so that their messy state was visible to all. They were then scolded further at the front of the class.

"Are you ever going to learn to control yourself like a big girl or do we need to keep you here at BRS for another six months in diapers and baby pants?"

Finally, she rang a buzzer and summoned a nurse. When the nurse arrived, the teacher would announce,

"Thank you for coming, Nurse Riley. I'm afraid we have a girl who messed her diapers again just like a big baby. It's clear she's going to need round the clock diapers for the rest of the month. Would you be kind enough to take this 'potty pants' to the nursery and change her diaper and bring her back for the rest of her lesson."

Any diaper girl also came to all afternoon classes, though without suppositories. She was also checked for a wet diaper ever hour by the teacher on duty. The tracher would order her up to the front desk and tell her she needed to check her baby diapers. This involved bending the child over her knee, letting down the jammy flap in back and slipping her finger under the crotch of the plastic panties. As always, there were many comments about little girls still needing to wear diapers because they wet themselves. Since diaper girls had no toilet priviledges and had lots of juice all day, they were usually wet by three or four o'clock. Once again, a buzzer was rung and a nurse came in to lead the wet child out to the nursuery, her sagging wet diapers and plastic pants rustling and crackling under her jammies with every step.

During Cindy's "last month" program, one inmate in her final month began wetting her bed and was quickly turned into a diaper girl. By the end of the first week and a half, she regressed so much that she began wetting and soiling herself regularly on her own so they no suppositories were needed. Because she was changed four or five times a day, she eventually came to class without a sleeper in just a tee shirt, diapers, and plastic pants. By the end of the final month, she was even sucking her thumb in public. After she went home, everyone said her parents continued to keep her in diapers every night and round the clock on weekends.

For most girls, the sleeper jammies and ritual nap and bedtime spankings were enough to transform even the most rebellious teens into placid little girls. Most managed to avoid the humiliation of "diaper punishment". Though Cindy and the others always protested and cried when they returned from lunch or dinner and saw their jammies laid out on the bed waiting for them, they had long since given up any real resistance as their nurse or teacher undressed them and changed them into their sleepers. Gradually, they came to equate bedtime with jammies and spankings. If they were lucky, the nurse might sit down in the rocking chair found in each room and lift the well-spanked girl in her cozy sleeper into her lap and rock her until she grew sleepy before putting her to bed.

The staff at BRS understood well how the warm, soft cloth used in the jammies and the womb-like enclosure created an intensely physical sense of security and tranquility which many girls came to associate with the larger routine of regular spankings, afternoon naps, and early bedtimes. Thus it was not uncommon during the final month for many girls to begin sucking their thumbs at jammy time. Some even kept their thumbs in their mouths while they were crying their way through a spanking. Even those who put up a brave front often put their thumbs in their mouths once they were being rocked in a nurse's lap after a spanking or when the lights went out as they lay in their warm beds.

In the final month, afternoon naps were also followed with a wake-up spanking not unlike the morning spanking. As always, it was given by a different staff member. The last spanking of the day came at bedtime. For most girls, the bedtime panking was followed by a long cream rub to reinforce the child's sense that all of theiur spankings came out of maternal love and were a normal and necessary part of any loving household. It was during bedtime cream rubs that Cindy began sucking her thumb.

As a follow-up to the "final month" program, the staff at BSR recommended that parents use regular spankings three or four times a week at the beginning to make sure there the lessons learned at BRS carried over when the child returned to her real home. All parents were also advised to consider using spankings as the primary form of discipline right up through the end of high school. For those attending community colleges and living at home, some parents even continued spankings well into the college years.

By the time Cindy's six months in reform school ended, she really was a completely transformed teenager. Though Mrs. Wilson noted she seemed somewhat more immature, she was now such a good girl that she didn't really care. She no longer hung out with a bad crowd after school. She finished her homework every night and got straight As. And she kept her room spotless. And on those inevitable occasions when she did misbehave, Mrs. Wilson found she could easily put her over her lap just as Miss Hopkins had promised. All she had to do was frown at her and tell her she would deal with her at bedtime and she would pout and say,

"Yes, Mommy".

When she spanked her at bedtime, she never resisted when she lowered her pyjamas nor or put her across her lap. And that problem always disappeared once her spanking got underway. Indeed, Cindy quickly turned into a crying little girl begging Mommy not to spank her so hard and promising to be good in the future. And while diapers were never needed, Cindy's mother replaced Cindy's nighties with sleepers.

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