Back in Diapers

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Back in Diapers

2008-05-17 17:26:33


Authors note: This is a true story to the best of my ability to recall events from my early childhood. I clearly remember most of the events just as they are related here. However, in cases where my memory is not clear or there are gaps in what I know to be true, I have relied on a combination of logic and intuition to fill them in. I will leave it to the reader's imagination to decide for themselves what is real and what is imaginary. My story begins on a warm, sunny morning

Chapter 1

"It looks like we need to get out three diapers this morning," my mother said, looking at me standing in the door of my baby brother's nursery; "one for Tommy and two to put on Stevie." She looked me straight in the eye and told me, "Go back to your room while I change the baby; I'll be in to diaper you in a jiffy."

I went back to my room and didn't have long to wait. She came briskly into my room, stripped off my pajamas and laid out two folded diapers on my bed. As she lifted me up and lay me down on top of the diapers she said, "First we put the baby on the diapers." And as she pulled them up between my legs she added,"Then we put the diapers on the baby!" As she pinned my diapers snug over my left hip she looked down at me and said, "It looks like mommy has two babies now." Then she pinned the left side of my diapers snug and tight over my right hip.

Next she lifted me off the bed and took me by the hand and led me over to the full-length mirror on the closet door. "Just look at you - Mommy's little diaperboy!" And there I was, reflected in the mirror wearing nothing but two snow white baby diapers.

Mommy took me downstairs and put me in the playpen where she had left my baby brother, then lifted him into the high chair. "You will have to play by yourself, Stevie; the big baby will have to wait while I feed the little baby." She laughed at chatted with my baby brother as she gave him a bottle with one hand and thumbed through a mail order catalog with the other.

Before long Mrs. Thompson, our next-door neighbor, bustled in through the back door. She came by for coffee almost every morning, so she no longer bothered to knock. As she passed the playpen she gave me a startled look, then laughed and said to my Mom, "Don't tell me you have two in diapers now." Mom knew that the neighbor's boy, a good deal younger than me had been out of diapers for months. She sighed, then shrugged her shoulders and chuckled. "Who knows, the little one may be out of diapers before Stevie is!"

"Would you mind feeding Stevie," Mom asked her friend. "Not at all," she said reaching into the cupboard where she knew my favorite cereal was kept. "Oh, no," said Mom; "I want to remind Stevie what being a baby is really like; give him this." She handed Mrs. Thompson two jars of baby food, one of strained carrots and one of strained peas.

"OK, whatever you say," she said and pulled up a chair next to the playpen. "Come on over here and get some breakfast, Steven." I wished she would call me by my full name, but waddled over and stood by the rail of the playpen an she began to spoon the baby food into my mouth. I didn't care for the texture but the flavor wasn't bad. It was pretty clear even to me that it would do no good to complain.

As she fed me the second jar of baby food I began to fidget and soon the warmth of a freshly wet diaper began to seep between my legs and the dampness soaked through and spread across the front of my diapers. "Uh, oh," laughed Mrs. Thompson, "I can see why Stevie's back in diapers!"

"Would you mind changing him," asked my Mom, "I need to clean up here." Mrs Thompson lifted me out of the playpen and said, "Not at all; I think I still remember how to do this!"

"Put him on the potty chair first", Mommy called; "at least he can still mane not to mess himself." So Mrs. Thompson lay me on the floor and took off my wet diapers, then put me on the potty chair until I had performed. "Alright, Steven, lets get dry diapers on you," she said after she cleaned me up.

This time I was taken into the nursery to be diapered. She dropped the soggy diapers in the pail and folded together two fresh diapers. "Up we go", she said as she lifted me by my ankles and slid the dry diapers under me. "Don't forget to put him in double diapers," Mom called from the kitchen.

"I know," Mrs Thompson called back and pinned the diapers on even more tightly than my Mom had. "Where are his baby pants,' she called to my Mom.

"Top right drawer," Mom called back; "I hope they fit."

"Let's try these," said Mrs. Thompson as she slid a pair of baby pants over my ankles and up my legs. But as she lifted my ankles again and tried to tug them over my diapers it was clear they would be too tight. "Hmmm, maybe the snap-ons will be better," she muttered, rummaging in the drawer. Once again she lifted me by the ankles and slid the baby pants under me. The top two snaps closed easily, but the bottom one just wouldn't stay closed.

"I did the best I could with his baby pants," Mrs Thompson said as she brought me back into the kitchen, "but they're just too small."

"I was afraid they would be," Mom replied, " so I have been going through the catalog to see what they have and look what I found!" She pointed to a listing of diapers and baby pants in the baby goods section of the catalog. Mrs. Thompson read aloud, "Extra large vinyl baby pants - for the big baby who is still in diapers."

"That's my Stevie," Mom exclaimed, patting me on the head. "Would you mind watching my little baby, while I take the big one shopping? I think I'ld better get some extra diapers, too - maybe some of those extra thick day/night diapers." Mrs. Thompson laughed and said, "I'll be glad to watch the little one; take your time."

"Okay then, diaperboy," Mommy said to me. "Lets get a t-shirt on you and be on our way. Its plenty warm outside so you don't need anything more; lets let everyone see how cute you look in those diapers. Besides, it will be easier to try on those big baby baby pants this way! I hope the store has the items from the catalog - you're going to need them!

Chapter 2

Authors note: This is a true story to the best of my ability to recall events from my early childhood. I clearly remember most of the events just as they are related here. However, in cases where my memory is not clear or there are gaps in what I know to be true, I have relied on a combination of logic and intuition to fill them in. I will leave it to the reader's imagination to decide for themselves what is real and what is imaginary. At the end of Chapter one my mother was getting ready to take me shopping for extra large baby pants and more diapers.

"Okay then, diaperboy," Mommy said to me. "Lets get a t-shirt on you and be on our way. Its plenty warm outside so you don't need anything more; lets let everyone see how cute you look in those diapers. Besides, it will be easier to try on those big baby baby pants this way! I hope the store has the items from the catalog - you're going to need them!

My mom put me in the car and fastened the seat belt (this was before car seats were required for children), got behind the wheel and we set off for the catalog store. Throughout the ride, she reminded me that I was now a baby again. "Just look at you in those diapers - just like your baby brother! I can just imagine what the ladies at the store will say when they see that you are still in diapers!" she said.

In town, she parked the car and got me out. "We'll walk from here, Stevie - its only about a block and a half. Then she took my hand and led me down the sidewalk. As I reached up to take her hand, my t-shirt rode up and completely exposed my double diapers. "Come along, diaperboy; times a-wasting," she exclaimed, ignoring the looks of strangers passing by who paused to stare.

At the store, we headed for the baby department. When we arrived, mom lifted me up and sat me on the counter. "The saleslady looked at me for a moment then asked my mother, "How may I help you today?" Mommy got out the page she had torn from the catalog and asked "Do you have these extra larger baby pants in stock - the ones for big babies who are still in diapers? As you can see, my big baby is exactly that, aren't you Stevie?"

"Yes, Mommy" I whispered. "Yes what" my mom asked; "tell the nice lady what you are wearing!" "Yes, I am wearing diapers," I whispered. "Louder, baby, so the lady can hear you," mommy said sternly. "Yes, I am wearing diapers," I said in a louder voice.

"That's right," mommy said, "and who wears diapers?" I fidgeted and finally said "Babies wear diapers, mommy." She patted me on the head and said to the sales lady, I'd like to see the extra large baby pants in both pull-on for my big baby to wear at night - he'll be wearing three diapers at night - and snap-on for when he is double diapered during the day."

"Let me see what we have in the storeroom," the saleslady said. "He is kind of big to be in diapers," she added with a chuckle. When she returned she had several pairs each of snap-on and pull on baby pants. "Here we are," she said smiling at my mom; "would you like to try them on him?"

"Of course!" mom exclaimed and lay me down on the counter like it was the changing table at home. She unsnapped the baby pants that Mrs. Thompson had barely gotten over my diapers and then lifted me by the ankles just as she did when diapering my baby brother and slid the baby pants out from under me. With equal ease she slid the larger baby pants under my bottom and lowered me onto them.

"Snap, snap, snap," she laughed as she snapped them up one side. "Come on, Stevie," she laughed; "you remember the 'snap snap' game". Mom had always liked for me to call out "snap" each time she closed a snap on my baby pants. "Yes, mommy," I said softly. "OK, then, she said, "here we go." And I had to join her saying "Snap, snap, snap", as she fastened the baby pants on the other side then stood me up on the counter and tucked the baby pants in around the edges of my diapers. "Perfect fit with room to grow!" she said; "now lets try the pull-ons.

Unfortunately for me, I wet my diapers before she could lay me down and take off the snap-on baby pants. "Uh oh - looks like Stevie has been a little baby again and wet his diapers," she said when she took off my baby pants. "We might as well try the pull-ons before we change him." With that she slid the pull-on baby pants over my feet and pulled them up to my knees. Then she stood me up and pulled the new baby pants up over my wet diapers.

"They fit just fine," mommy told the sales lady; "I'll take three pair of each. We can just leave the pull-ons on Stevie until we can change his diapers." With that she lifted me off the counter and said, "Now lets find my big baby some nice new diapers to wear!" She led me over to where packages of diapers were stacked and, after studying the choices said "Those prefold day nd night diapers are just the thing for you, Stevie; but I think they may be a little small; I'm going to get you some flat diapers, too; I can fold those to fit you perfectly!"

Back at the sales counter, my mom asked "Do you mind if I change his diapers right here while you ring up our purchases?" The sales lady hesitated then said "The ladies lounge for employees is just around the corner - why don't you change his diapers in there; there may be several people in there on their breaks. Oh, and you might want to use this changing pad that was returned earlier today."

"That will be fine," mommy said and led me off to the ladies lounge. "Won't they be surprised to see what a big baby you are, Stevie." The sales lady was right; about a half dozen women were drinking coffee and chatting in the lounge. As my mom lay down the changing pad she said to the ladies, "Stevie has wet his diapers: I hope you don't mind if I change them here." Several of the ladies spoke at once and said, "That's fine," or "Go right ahead."

She opened the package of flat diapers and folded two of them together and then opened the day and night diapers and added two of them to the stack. "Four diapers?" asked one of the ladies watching me get my diapers change. "Just for now," said my mom, "he usually gets by with three diapers at night and two during the day". Then she lay me down on the changing pad and slid my new baby pants off and unpinned my soggy diapers. When she had dried me off and powdered me, she lifted my legs by the ankles and slid the stack of dry diapers under me.

"First we put the baby on the diapers" she said, repeating the expression she had used when diapering me earlier that morning; "then we put the diapers on the baby!" she said as she pinned them snugly around me. As mommy finished diapering me another of the ladies watching asked, "Isn't he a little too old to be in diapers?"

Mommy laughed and said, "That's for sure, this big baby is four and two months; I think his baby brother will be out of diapers before he is!" "My, my", was all the other lady could think of to say, as mommy snapped on a new pair of baby pants over my diapers. She just shook her head when mommy and me both exclaimed "snap, snap, snap" as she put on my baby pants

Back at the sales counter, the lady who waited on us said, "Here you go ma'am," and handed my mom two shopping bags with the four packages of new diapers in one and my five new pairs of baby pants in the other. Mom paid for our purchases and took me by the hands for the walk back to the car.

Chapter 3

Authors note: This is a true story to the best of my ability to recall events from my early childhood. The first two chapters told of the day my mother put me back in diapers. What follows is my recollection of events that took place during the time I remained in diapers - until it was time for me to start school. My memories of the things my mom did are clear, but I don't recall with any certainty when they took place or how old I was at the time. We lived in a warm climate, so mom left me in just diapers and baby pants most of the time. It didn't take the neighbors long to get accustomed to the idea that I still wore diapers. Even my friends eventually got tired of making jokes about it. But mom never gave up on teasing me for remaining in diapers as long as I did. One of her favorite things was to diaper me in front of guests. It happened often, but I recall one evening in particular and that is where my story resumes.

"It's diaper time, Stevie," my mother called to me from the living room where she and my father were playing cards with several of their friends. "Go upstairs and get mommy three of your diapers and don't forget your baby pants and diaper pins!" I knew what was coming; mom loved to change my diapers with other people watching and tell them what a big baby I was.

I went up to the nursery and got the diapers, pins and baby pants. My little brother was out of diapers by now, but my mom kept the nursery as it was. She often showed the room to her friends and reminded them that although my brother was wearing big boy clothes, I was still in diapers. Sometimes when she was diapering me in front of her friends, she changed my diapers on the nursery changing table.

I slowly took the diapers, pins and baby pants down to living room. Mommy folded the diapers together and lay them on the floor with the diaper pins and baby pants. "Come here, Stevie; let mommy see if you've wet your diapers." If I was wearing pants she pulled them part way down, otherwise she just unsnapped one side of my baby pants. Of course, my diapers were almost always wet. When she found me in soggy diapers. Mom would say, "Stevie, tell everyone what you have done." Then I had to tell her friends "I wet my diapers."

"That's right," mommy said; "he wet his diapers like a little baby! It's a good thing we have three diapers for my big baby to wear tonight!" Then she lay me down on the floor, unsnapped my baby pants and unpinned my diapers. "Just look how wet you are!" mommy would exclaim, then say to her friends, "That's why I have to double diaper Stevie all day and put him in triple diapers at night!".

"Up we go, she would say, lifting me by the ankles like an infant then sliding the wet diapers out from under me. She would dry me, the lift me by the ankles again and slide the stack of dry diapers under me. I had quickly learned what would happen next. "First we put the baby on the diapers," she would say as she lowered me onto the thick stack of soft white diapers. Then as she pulled my diapers snug and pinned them on me she added, "Then we put the diapers on the baby!"

Once she had my diapers on, she slid my pull-on baby pants over my ankles and up to my knees. "Baby wear pull-ons at night, because he is a heavy wetter", mommy would explain - as if most of her friends didn't already know!

"OK, Stevie, put these soggy diapers in your diaper pail and get your jimmies on", she instructed me, "then come down and say good night." I waddled from the room in my thick night time diapers and did as I was told.

.What I didn't realize until I was somewhat older was that mom had found some stick-on lettering at a craft store and added descriptive comments across the front and back of my baby pants. It wasn't until my older sister, who could read, told me that I learned that one pair of baby pants read "Still in Diapers". Others read "Mommy's Diaperboy" and "I wet my diapers" and "Big Baby Stevie". Whenever I turned my back to mommy's friends they could read one of her inscriptions on my baby pants! Those inscriptions were among the first things I earned to read and I am pretty sure that "diaper" was the first word I recognized!

On other occasions, when her friends stopped by during the day, I would be put in the playpen my little brother no longer used, or mom would have her friend change my diapers and put me down for a nap in the crib she kept in the nursery. I no longer fir in the high chair, but up to the time I started school, if there was someone else around as often as not she fed me baby food or a baby bottle.

On one occasion mommy took me to the baby photographer at the mall. As I recall, he didn't work from a studio, but was set up out in a high traffic area on one of the walkways where passersby could see him working - and the babies he was photographing. Naturally, mom wanted to pose me in just my diapers and baby pants. (Years later I found a print of me sitting there in bulging diapers and snap-on baby pants that read "Mommy's Diaperboy".) "He may be big, but he's still just a baby," mommy told the photographer. "I want pictures in his baby pants, then some in nothing but his diapers.

Several times people passing by stopped to watch. They would politely ask if wasn't a little big to be in diapers or just stare. Mommy took it all in stride often agreeing and telling strangers, "Oh, yes, h is a big baby; in fact his little brother is out of diapers, but I still have one baby in the house!".

On another occasion, mommy was changing my diapers at the park and realized she only had one dry diaper so she asked a neighbor who had just changed her baby boy if she could borrow a diaper from her. The neighbor said, "Oh dear - all I have is the one I just took off Bradley." Mom said, "Well he didn't seem very wet; Stevie can finish soaking Bradley's diaper!" The neighbor was surprised but agreed and mommy put the baby's damp diaper inside my diaper as a soaker. "One diaper just isn't enough for Stevie," mommy explained; "even a damp second diaper is better than none."

Chapter 4

Authors note: This is a true story to the best of my ability to recall events from my early childhood. The first three chapters told of the day my mother put me back in diapers and the events that followed. Recently my older sister, Roberta better known as Robbie, recalled some things that I had forgotten (or perhaps repressed). The following account is her recollections told from my perspective.

My big sister, Robbie, and her two best friends were at the age where young girls become interested in babysitting. Mom had agreed to help out by teaching them some of the basics – and although I was five at the time, I was still in diapers so she used me as her demonstration baby.

"OK, girls,” she said, “the most fundamental skill you need to master is diapering – and I have just the baby to help you learn. Stevie come with me and your sister and her friends and lets get you into some dry diapers.” She took me by the hand and led me into the nursery, with my sister and her friends right behind us. Although my younger brother was out of diapers by now she kept the nursery as it was and liked to diaper me on the changing table.

The weather was warm so all I was wearing was my double diapers and snap-on baby pants. Mom picked me up and laid me on the changing table. “Stevie is bigger than the babies you will be sitting, but we diaper him the same way you will diaper smaller babies,” she said as she unsnapped my baby pants and unpinned my diapers. “Such a soggy baby,” she chuckled as my sister and her friends giggled.

“Lift the baby by his ankles like this,” she said, grasping my ankles and raising them until my bottom lifted enough for her to slide my sodden diapers and baby pants out from under me. “Set the diapers and baby pants aside for now, you will want to rinse the diapers before you put them in the diaper pail,” Mom instructed.

“Next we get the baby clean and dry,” she continued, wiping me carefully with the corner of a dry diaper. “Now, the babies you sit will probably only need to wear one diaper at a time, so here is what you do,” Mom went on. She got out a diaper from the wicker binunder the changing table and showed the girls how to fold it to fit. “Of course, you will fold your babies’ diapers smaller than this one.”

Next she raised my bottom up again and slid the diaper under me, then lowered me onto my diaper. “It’s a good idea to keep the diaper pins stuck in a bar of soap, like this,” Mom said pointing out the bar of ivory soap in a dish on the dresser next to the changing table; “they slide more easily through the diaper fabric and make pinning the diapers on much easier.”

Once she had shown them how to pin my diaper securely and with the head of the pin toward the back. She said “OK, Robbie,” now you change your brother’s diaper.” And after she had diapered me, Mom let each of her friends change my diaper, then said, “Now, some babies need an extra diaper at night, and Stevie wears an extra diaper all day. Since I may decide to ask you to babysit this little one, you will need to learn to double and triple diaper him because our Stevie is a heavy wetter – aren’t you Stevie?”

When I didn’t reply she asked again, sternly, “Aren’t you, Stevie?” I finally whispered “Yes, Mommy.”

“Yes, what, baby? And speak up!” Mom instructed.

“Yes, baby is a heavy wetter,” I said.

“Much better!” Mom laughed. “Now we will practice double diapering with pull-on baby pants.” Mom proceeded to show the girls how to fold double diapers together and they took turns pinning the diapers on me and pulling on my baby pants with the inscription “Still in Diapers” on the back and “Stevie wets his DIAPERS” on the front.

“Now”, Mom said after they had all put me in two diapers, “if you are going to babysit Stevie at night, you need to know how to triple diaper him – that’s right, Stevie has to wear three diapers at night!” And once again she showed them how to fold three cloth diapers together in a thick soft stack, then lifted me by the ankles and slid them under me and pinned them on. And, of course, my sister and each of her friends took turns folding three diapers together and pinning them on me.

Once the lesson in diapering was complete, Mom took me – still in triple diapers – and Robbie and her friends down to the kitchen to demonstrate bottle feeding and burping. Each of the girls prepared a bottle of baby formula, fed it to me, and burped me like an infant after I had drained the bottle. Of course, by the time the last girl had fed and burped me I had soaked my diapers.

“OK,” Mom said, “this time you are on your own to change Stevie’s diapers. You need to decide how many diapers he will wear and whether to put him in pull-on or snap-on baby pants – or just leave him in his diapers. Baby is less likely to get diaper rash without the baby pants, but needs baby pants to keep other clothing dry.”

The girls decided to triple diaper me and leave the baby pants off since it was warm and I didn’t really need any other clothing. Under Mom’s watchful eye they put me on the changing tale and removed my wet diapers, cleaned and dried me, then put me into three diapers. “Very good, girls!” Mom exclaimed, “you have learned your lessons well! For your first paying job, you may take Stevie to the park to play while I get some things done here.”

She handed Robbie my diaper bag and said, “Everything baby Stevie will need is right in here – have fun!”

Robbie took me by one hand, her friend Diane took me by the other, the third girl, Melissa, carried my diaper bag and we headed out the door and down the street. The girls took every opportunity to show me off to the neighbors as an example of their abilities as babysitters.

Mrs. Corchran around the corner said, “My, my; how many diapers did you put on the poor boy?” My sister answered, “Mom says Stevie is a heavy wetter so we put three diapers on him.” Melissa added, “we know how to do double diapers and single diapers, too.” And Diane noted, “We can also make bottles and feed and burp him!” Mrs. Corchran just chuckled and observed “he will certainly be a very heavy wetter once he gets all those diapers wet!”

Further down the street, Mrs. Betts asked, “Isn’t he too old to be in diapers?” My sister spoke up and said, “Our little brother is already out of diapers, but Stevie still wets his, so Mom says he’s the family baby now!” I just blushed.

As we walked along to the park several blocks from home neighbors and strangers mostly either just stared at me in my triple diapers and three babysitters. Some smirked or laughed and pointed at the sight of such a big baby who was still in diapers. My sister and her friends ignored them and chattered away about what they would do when we got to the park.

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