Baby Me

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Baby Me

2005-06-01 00:00:00

Written by Baby Brrr

I initially wrote Baby Me as a two part story, but after several years I got creative and added the next installation. Baby Me is currently a work in progress. If you have any suggestions on themes or scenarios that you think would be fun to read about in a future part of Baby Me, please get in touch!

Part One

I woke up with a comfortable bulk between my legs... and whilst I was in familiar surroundings, it took a few moments for me to remember I was wearing an extra thick cloth nappy... and the wide crotch was responsible for me not being able to close my legs properly. I don't normally wear such a thick nappy to bed - but from time to time I enjoy the extra bulk.

As I tried to roll over and get out of bed I found my wrists were bound to the side of the bed - not tight enough to hurt... but enough to prevent me from reaching my nappy and to ensure I couldn't get out of bed without being released. Just as I was coming to grips with this unexpected predicament, I heard the door to my bedroom being opened.

My heart stopped beating for a moment as I ran through all kinds of scenarios in my head... then a familiar head popped around the half opened door and smiled as he saw I'd woken up.

"Well... I see you've discovered my little birthday treat" John said as he walked in holding a plate of cereal and what looked like a bottle of milk. "You said last night that you didn't like the idea of being another year older... so I came up with this."

As I opened my mouth to ask him what was going on, I realised a sense of numbness in my tongue, and all I managed was a mumble as I dribbled a little from the corner of my mouth. As I paniced and tried to sit up, my body was suddenly brought short and I slumped back to the bed. My wrists ached a little from the sudden jarring I'd delivered them... and it became clear to me that without some help, I was going to be unable to get out of bed.

As John moved to the side of the bed he couldn't help let out a smug chuckle as he settled on a stool at my side. I looked up at his face as he set the bowl and bottle aside and turned his attention to me again.

"Don't try to say anything... not like anyone would be able to understand you anyway" he said as he reached over and wiped the dribble from my chin and tied a big terry cloth bib around my neck.

"I have given you a local anaesthetic a few minutes ago that prevents you from having any feeling in your lips and tongue. You will find that it's possible to gurgle and mumble... but until it wears off you'll have the vocabulary of a 1 year old. Kinda fitting don't you think?"

At the sudden look of panic in my eyes, John placed his hand on my forehead and reassured me by saying that it was only temporary and that within 6 hours everything would be fine again. I started to struggle a bit and began to explain that I had to go to work... that I had important meetings to attend... but he just smiled condescendingly at me and let me struggle and dribble for a while.

"I've phoned your work and told them you have migraine - and not to expect you in today... so there is nothing to worry about. I'll stay here and look after you... and until I say so, you aren't going anywhere. Now calm down and lets have a look at that nappy shall we?" he said as he pulled back the covers and started to remove my plastic pants.

Since there was little else I could do, I tried to relax and watched on in silence as he slipped my changing pad under me and began to remove the pins holding everything together.

I had told John about my fascination with nappies a while ago... it had just come out in conversation one evening when he was over cooking dinner. I never imagined in my wildest fantasies that he'd be standing over me and changing me... nobody had done that to me since I was a baby.

"Oh dear!", he exclaimed as he opened the front of my nappy and discovered that I had an embarrassing erection - due entirely to his presence. "Well, lets get this nappy off first shall we... I don't want my little baby boy to get a nappy rash now do I?" he asked.

As he slipped off the cloth nappy and carefully placed it on top of the plastic pants beside him, I saw him reach over and grab the baby wipes that I kept on the table beside my bed.

It didn't take very long before he was carefully wiping me dry... sliding between my legs and around my bottom making sure that I was clean all over. He reached for another baby wipe and began wiping around my cock... and as I lay back and sighed at all these new sensations, he slowly started to wipe up and down the length of my shaft.

When he reached the top, he paused a moment before moving over the head and began his descent to the base. Fast enough that I remained rock hard... slow enough that I remained completely frustrated.

"I see that baby likes to have his little soldier played with... pity you won't be able to play with it yourself though. I guess I'll have to help you won't I?" asked John in that cooing voice as he stopped his ministrations.

As I glanced down I saw he'd moved to the end of the bed and as he stood up again noticed he had a fresh nappy and pair of plastic pants in his hands. As he returned and lay out the dry nappy I realised that he had no intention of helping me at all. He slid the nappy under my bottom and pulled the front up sharply between my legs.

The sudden pressure was enough that I grunted slightly, but he ignored my efforts at communication and pinned the sides tight before sliding the fresh plastic pants up my legs and settling them comfortably around my thick nappy. I tried to close my legs a little, but the tightness and the bulk of the nappy were such that I just got more frustrated.

"Now... let's have something to eat shall we? You must be hungry after all that struggling" he said with a grin on his face. As he returned to his stool and reached for the plate I'd seen him put down earlier, I tried to sit up... but he gently shook his head and leaned over to wipe a little more dribble off my chin with the end of the bib.

Part Two

John lowered a baby sized feeding spoon into the bowl, carefully wiped the excess off and then lifted it to my mouth. I was hungry, and I was beginning to get into the swing of things, so I opened my mouth to let him feed me. Every second or third mouthful, John purposefully smeared or spilt some of the oatmeal down my chin.

After I'd eaten most of the bowl, John put down the bowl and took out a small camera! He started taking a couple of photos of me lying in the bed, with a large towelling bib around my neck and oatmeal smeared liberally around my face!!!

"Ommpf grruooo" I managed to exclaim as he happily clicked several from the bottom of the bed showing me clearly lying there in just a nappy and plastic pants.

"Well, well... that did cause a reaction didn't it?!" commented John as he put the camera away and sat back down beside me again. "I've decided that it would be nice to keep a record of you as a baby boy." he explained.

One part of my mind was absolutley livid that he had taken such liberties, and unbelieving of the situation he had placed me in. My body was completely turned on by this behaviour, and ached for him to release me from my nappy and pay some extra special attention to my "soldier". I was confused, and yet comforted by the knowledge that I didn't have a say in what was happening... I was indeed as helpless as a baby in deciding my fate.

"You must be hungry," John announced as he almost forced the baby bottle of warm milk into my mouth. He held it tilted slightly as I slowly suckled. After a few minutes I had finished the whole bottle and focussed my eyes on John again as he set the baby bottle aside and began to wipe my face and take things away.

"Now don't you cause any problems, and stay right there." he said as he left the room. I was hardly going to be making anything let alone trouble strapped in as I was!

Slowly I woke up to see John smiling down at me. I couldn't remember actually falling asleep... it must have been the warm milk or something. It was almost midday by the look of the light outside. As I tried to say something, I discovered that I was still incapable of adult communication, and I felt a slow stirring in my nappy as I again relived my current situation.

"I see little baby has decided to wake up and say hello again." cooed John as he slowly pulled down the bedclothes ("When had they been pulled over me?" I wondered to myself) and moved toward the foot of the bed.

John continued to speak in baby talk as he pulled down my plastic pants and unpinned my nappy. "Oh my, it looks like you you've been busy!" he commented as he reached for the baby wipes and set to wiping me dry again. It somehow felt different down below and I glanced down enough to see that I had no pubic hair growing there anymore!

John noticed me looking and smiled as he went on to explain how he'd sedated me using the baby bottle and warm milk, and that while I was "sleeping like a baby" he had seen to it that I actually looked the part. John had shaved my public area, bottom, chest and under my arms completely clear! As he finished his explaination he slowly dragged his hand down my clear chest and ended up fondling my smooth balls. I was so turned on by all this attention, that I would do almost anything at that stage for John to bring me to climax and release the tension that had built.

As quickly as it had started, it ended. John released his grip and begin to put a new nappy under my bottom. As he pinned the last side in place, he deftly reached down and tugged my plastic pants back into place.

"Now, if you are a good boy you can come downstairs and play" John announced, "but if you don't want to play, you can stay here and sleep for a while". As if I was in any fit state to pretend I didn't want all this! I nodded my head in agreement and watched as a smile crept over John's face.

Once my arm restraints had been released, John helped me into a cute blue onesie which he then proceeded to pull down and over my plastic covered nappy. As he leant down to secure the crotch snaps of the onesie, he slipped a pacifier into my mouth and smiled.

Part Three

John lead me down the stairs, holding my hand firmly. As I placed one foot in front of the other, I couldn't help but feel the bulkiness of the nappy pushing against my inner thighs and making me want to waddle. The feeling of warmth and the pressure around my waist and crotch was very comforting.

As we entered the living room, I saw that John had made a few changes... all my furniture had been pushed back toward the walls to make more room. In the middle of the room were two large boxes, both wrapped in birthday gift wrapping paper and tied with large blue bows!

"Now, while you were asleep, I arranged for these to be delivered here - I hope you don't mind, birthday boy" John informed me as he squeezed my hand and lead me to the middle of the room.

I was overwhelmed that John would have bought me anything for my birthday - let alone put me in a nappy and treated me like a baby. As I waddled over to the presents, I thought about how much I was enjoying myself and squeezed John's hand in return.

John let my hand go and I quietly sat down on the floor as he opened the first box and handed it to me. The box was full of white paper packaging and it took me a moment to fish around inside looking for the elusive gift. As my hand grasped something in the box, John started opening the second box.

It was a teddy bear! As I pulled the teddy out of the box, most of the packaging followed... forming a pile of paper all about me. I don't know what I was expecting, but suddenly John had finished opening the second box and was putting up a play pen around me. As I started to give my new teddy a cuddle, John finished with the play pen and as the door closed with a click, I was surrounded by wooden bars as I sat there on the floor.

John gathered the empty boxes and tidied up the mess about me, then reached over the bars and ruffled my hair. "You stay here and be a good little boy. I don't want to see you out of your play pen when I come back." he warned. With that, he turned on the stereo, pressed the play button and then left the room.

The music was very relaxing, and as I looked around myself, everything seemed so much bigger than usual. The bars around the playpen prevented me from "escaping" (although I knew it would be easy to lift the whole thing and crawl underneath) and the thick nappy I was wearing was pushing my legs apart. It was much more comfortable to lie on my back with my knees spread out than to sit "like a grown-up" on the floor. As I lay back I hugged my teddy and held him to me in a firm grip.

Whilst I lay there looking up at the ceiling with the playpen clearly visible about me, I started to listen to the music. My nappy was still dry, but it was firmly wrapped about me and was pleasantly warm. I was thinking through the events of the day and secretly wished that it would never end. I enjoyed all the attention that John was showing me, and I liked the fact that he had taken such a dominant role caring for me. As I slowly drifted into a day dream, I accepted that being a baby again was a lot more enjoyable than being a grown-up.

"Wake up sleepyhead" said John as he opened the playpen and knelt down beside me. I opened my eyes somewhat in a daze and took a moment to remember where I was. When I saw John beside me and noticed the playpen bars about me I smiled. "Looks like baby had a little accident while he was sleeping" commented John as he reached down the front of my nappy. "Isn't it lucky you were wearing a nappy and plastic pants? We wouldn't want you to make a mess on the carpet."

I was suddenly much more alert as I realised he was referring to my soaking wet nappy. How did that happen? More importantly, when did it happen I thought to myself. As I started to get up, John casually pushed me back to the floor again and began pulling my plastic pants down to my ankles. "Can't have baby getting a nappy rash, can we?" John asked as he continued to remove the pins from my nappy and pull it open. I shivered a little, partly at the sudden cold on my newly shaved crotch, and partly at his deft touch.

John expertly removed the wet nappy and gave me a pat on the tummy as he stood up and told me to stay where I was. I continued to wait for John to get back, and took the opportunity to have a closer look at my teddy bear. He was a light brown colour, very fluffy and I liked how he appeared to smile at me. It was while I was inspecting him that John returned with a large bag and placed it beside me.

"Here we are, then" he said as he reached into the bag and took out a changing mat and slid it under me. John then produced a large disposable nappy from the bag before demanding I lift my bum into the air. As soon as he had slid it beneath me, he unfolded a smaller baby nappy and included that as a soaker. Within moments he was rubbing baby lotion into my raised bottom and then adding baby powder to dry off my crotch.

Very soon he had finished taping the sides of the disposable. He then pulled the plastic pants up and adjusted the leg openings so they were leak-proof. "All done", he said as he put the baby powder, lotion and baby wipes back into the large bag. "Now time to get you out and about before dinner time young man", he continued.

I wasn't paying too much attention to what John was doing, I was more interested in the bulky feeling that wearing a disposable nappy was causing me. It was tight about my sides and bulky in the middle - pressing firmly against my crotch. I wriggled a little as I felt the baby lotion against the baby nappy being used as a soaker and breathed deeply the smell of baby powder.

"Up you get now," encouraged John as he came over to me and put out a hand. He helped me stand up and I found it easy to walk as long as I kept my feet widely spaced. John held my hand and led me over to the table where he had a small pile of clothes waiting. "Arms up," he commanded as he placed first one, then the other of my hands through a shirt. As he pulled my head through the opening, I realised it wasn't a normal shirt but a onesie with snaps at the crotch. John reached behind me, pulled the back of the onesie through and snapped the onesie into place over my nappy and plastic pants.

As John held some trousers low to the ground, I stepped into the legs and he pulled them up to my waist. Surprisingly they were a good fit, even over the bulk of my nappy. John then continued to pull them up and I realised that I was being put into a short sleeved overall. As the shoulder straps were attached to the front of the overalls, John knelt down and slid my feet into some very childish looking shoes.

"There you are," he admired as he stepped back, "You look so cute in your new baby clothes". I was smiling as he led me into the hallway and toward a large chair. "In you get now," he demanded as he stood in front of me and eased me backwards into it. I wasn't too sure what John had in mind, but he had obviously gone to great lengths to get an adult sized baby stroller and I wasn't going to stop him as he started buckling me in.

As if he knew what I was thinking, John finished with a click and wheeled me back into the living room. "Just a moment," he began as he picked up my teddy bear and handed it to me. He then went back to the kitchen and returned with a full bottle of baby formula and a pacifier. He attached the pacifier to one of the straps on my overalls and popped the bottle in my mouth. As I held on to teddy with one hand, I gripped the baby bottle with the other and closed my eyes as I suckled.

John put the large nappy bag under the stroller and started to wheel me towards the front door. As if through a haze, I started to panic. If John took me outside, people would see me! Somehow it didn't seem like such a big deal though as I kept drinking from the baby bottle.

"Now, I don't want you to make a fuss. We're going out for a walk in the park, and you will behave like a good little boy." said John in a commanding voice. I bobbed my head as I felt my eyes droop a little. John took the baby bottle from me, popped the pacifier into my mouth and brushed my cheeks a little as I slowly drifted asleep... safe in the knowledge that I was secured in the stroller and that John would look after me.

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